The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 4
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Friday, September 29, 1944 Our Fifth Anniversary and Birthday Creed This month murks (ho advent of my sixth milestone in thf business life of the rify. In rominernorntion of (his event \vo feel ohli- Kater] (o extend thanks and appreciation to our friends and patrons in the \\onN of our creed as expressed herewith: hen foods nr* Nrarre ami rrrv fr\r P nrn the fit ore Hint'* rood for BiTflfm* thp "<'ollpK4» Shoo'*'* frmlitton of fcf rvirp unit M v|o Milken ? mi r rrtntiririA « Kit us very much \\urth u hilr. WP'TP huntrd nriil purrha^rd nil 01 IT the mil ion To kcrp ynu ^tippliod for nt Icnut the duration. So ivhm Tictorr i* our nnil lore nf ppnrt* wp hoorl, Itrmi'inbrr H UHK tlx* "<'O||PBP Shop" who helped your wartime nped. — Kllrn Merkrr. College Shop 2010 Chester Red Cross Work of Woman'sClub Told Numlirr of dross in ys ! ni:i(lc, Imurs of work donated .tml ItiinnlirT >if workers voluntc-priiiir s^r\ i<'f' w^i'o coinblrit'Ml In R f|UfU't.c'rly i n P'irt suliniittrrl todav by Mrs. Nor- 1, l'ola"k.v, Ilrd Cross rhiiiniuin : for Tl.'iUfrsl'iold \V(iinun'M Club. I Mi'.". Pollnsky nlso ivportrd thnt HIP iii-w hoiiiH » ro 1" tn 4 on i \S'ci]nesil:i>-s. but (lint credit is Kiwri j \\'oni;in'.s Club fur moinlipra \voi k- I inc: nt ;iny tiniR during tho \v(>ck. i Tlio (|iiot:i prr month for Hnkcrs: field i liapti r is ii."i,iMni bandages and i :\ Rood record esjieclally in vip\v <il tbc piiinnicr vac'iitlon \vas made dui 1 inv: .Tune. .Inly and August. Tlie total surgical dicsslngs for tbe thrcp .nonths niimlicrpd l, r p.L'i;7: tbo lioiir.", 3 if.'!'; and the workers. l.'iS. The nnniber of workers per month aveniRod Till. The club's i nirnilicrsliip no\v exceeds ,">5'i and I.MIF. I'nllasliy is IIOIUIIK: for a Ron- ; PI otis response during ilio fall and \ "'inter. TEN JOIN JEWISH T ATMEETING PLANS BEING MADE FOR TEA FETING NEWCOMERS HAPPENINGS IN SOCIETY T1al»ersl ii-ld P.'nai H'rith women ronvened tut' UK> first meeting of the' ('.ill at li'nal .Iai-ol) M,ci;il hall at. which time i <l new innniliers were admitted to tile organization. Those ueli'iiinej wi.'i-e .Miss Klleen Culif-n. •Mrs. \'. .). naskfll. Mrs. Pauline Kern], Airs, .h-nne Sissnii, Airs. Knso .Mi-ndeloif. Mrs. Harry Kisenstdii, -Mrs. Gloria lloseii, Mrs. Ida filubc-- maii, Mrs. Shirley ])oui<h and Mrs. Tick. ('. Krause and "Lord, He Our I Ma us u r-j'e f- in mil; ]' 11, to greet new ted fi.r a tea • evening, < )<•• COLDS Relieve misery direct -without "doalng?' 111 M li ii V . A I la nuei i icl announced tor a fiance, (i< tobcr US, at Rakei sl'ield Inn. The latter will be a benefit function, the money to he used for ll'nal I'.'rith \\ar service fund which finances many non-sec lariau war pro icci s. Mrs. Henry Kfigcr, nominal ing committee chairman, named Mrs. liavid I lav is and Mrs. Robert Strauss to assist on her committee, leeled to fill uncompleted .Maliotf. MI ardian. Mrs. i larry Stan- West's Largest Jewelers • 17 Stores to Serve You! UKLIIUE Sells more DIAMONDS than any firm in the West 1434 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfield DR. DAYMAN'S SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL Bakersfield's Newest Small Animal Hospital Medical and Surgical Treatment Kind, Individual Attention 2007 Niles Street Phone 2-0675 Nord-Funk Riles .Miss Salome Xord and Arnold Funk were united in marriage recently in the, Bakersl'iold Mennonile • 'hurdi, tho donliln ring ceremony I.' ing performed by tlie Reverend The altar was beautiful with baskets of white and purple asters and white candles. Mrs. John P.ese played Die wedding march and other appropriate numbers. The Reverend .bdin K'liouer sang a solo. "Jesus, Wonderful Friend." and Mrs Oscar I'crgmaii, Mrs. .1. .Mrs. Frank Xord, Companion.'* Thn l,ride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Xord. of this city. ! She is a native of Bakersnold and j was graduated from Hakersfield High School in the class of 11)44. Mr. ! Funk is (he sou of Mr. and Mrs! ; Jacob K. Funk, of Shafter. Following the ceremony. n •••ecep- j lion uas held iu tin- basement, of tin' church, where a host of friends i of the couple gathered. Tbe ball ; was decorated with flowers and i streamers, purple and white pre! dominating. A program was pre- i si-nti'd by Doris Kliewer and Clar- eii.-e Xikkel. u ho played an accordion rliiet: Marianna. Stidernian, a j reading, and a song liy the trio, I which had sung at the wedding. | climaxed by M short, talk by the Re.v- | i/rcnd .1. I). \\'iebe, of I'.oscdale. j Following t he reception, the couple if a trip In Sacramento. Fpon return they will niaki- their on a ranch in the Greclcy her wedding the bride wore a. satin .and lace gown made leg-ii'-iiiiittnii sleeves and long Her veil \\as long, fastened crown with a coronet of seed left f' t heir home ill- t |-ii (•'•or \\ h i 11 • \\ it 11 11 :i in. at i In ] ie:i rls. The little flower gill. Rebecca T.CO Xord. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank \ord. \\as their only atlend- She wore pink maninisette n. pink bow in her hair and carried a pink basket of rose petals. + * * I^i.vclle Shower Mrs, Van Wallis. 71."i Lake street, was hostess at a. layette shower in i.oiior o'' Mr.-. R. .M. Gnusolus, the former -Miss I.ois Kellogg, of this city. Mrs. Gimsoliis has been away from this city for the last year and a half. Since her marriage to Lieutenant R. M. Gunsolns, she has been living in SI. Simons Island, (la. Lieutenant and Mrs. Gunsolus motored here earlier this month, the lieutenant returning to his base shortly thereafter, while the guest of honor remains with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Kellogg, ] 11 S Pacific. At the shower parly gifts were won by Mrs. Stanley AVillis. Mrs. Lewis Micks and Miss TCdna Kellogg. Gills were presented tho honoree from a miniature airplane. A large YOU CAN'T BUY morn in aspirin than tho assurnnco of quality and purify guaranteed when you buy St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at 10f. Demand St. Joseph Aspirin. I Miss Lorraine Anderson and Miss Charlotte Rutherford in chaVge of decorations, it was announced. At the last meeting of the chapter held at the El Tejon hotel, the date for the rummage sale was set aa Oc- toher 16-17. . Members are: — Plioto tiy AiituiHlseu VVKD HERE—Recently married in this city were Miss Salome .\ord. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. (i. Xord. and Arnold Funk so» of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob K Funk of Shafler. Their only at tendant was little Rebecca Le( Xord, who acted as flower girl The young people will make theii home in the tireeley district. stork guarded a table where other gilts were placed. Refreshments were served. Those attending were: Koll.'l ( .SlllllVitl] SI.CMI '-r Sewiill Ciii i Myers riarein e Kulihley I.IIV.I Sl.uil-y Willis .liilin Will.* 1'illll.MM .Ml,.|l-l,t llaiuld liiilim.n Stella Miiy l.'-wis K.-iil Sniitli^ Knnicp X'iebe Itin h i ';i lin.-r .Mi.rriH licc.-er I-M Kllelm lieldiii Slolccher M i.ifie Betty .hi ' Hollo KelloBB H. rlha Sullivan bin-i.l Mills J'cri >• Mills l-'ram i« I.CP ^V. S. Dndenhnff Walla' •• lirannock l.ewi^ Kil 1<S .Mildred Me Unit (lei-a Id i ",.i mcs liem-K.- S. of mid Kay Thnrnfon C'DiKe Yalpntia J'itul rnnibs Howard Hiiker ^';in Xachery • filoria Valencia Martha I. PC M\ers P.' lllii.. (t'.ldillKS K.llla KelliiKB I'miuni Mcdinmiy Yelma Johnson t 'ami lie Pullivan • * • Phi Alpha Kappa A I "SO party will be held October L'-'i. the event being sponsored by the Phi Alpha Kappa .sorority. Mrs. II. II. Brumbaok will act as general chairman for the party and will be assisted by .Mrs. Dewey JJorton, decoration chairman, and Mrs. Donald Winlack. refreshment chairman. The annual province meeting of the Phi Alpha Kappa will he held October .!) at the Rakersfield Inn with •*>'• SEE JOEL MCCREA IN PARAMOUNT'S "THE GREAT MOMENT" Is this the day you top Joel McCrea? Joel McCrea (we warn you!) is a man who knows his coffee. But maybe you do, too! So hop right into M. J. B.'s popular Coffee Quiz game and get yourself a score. Then — and only then — check your score against Joel McCrea's. Correct answers are printed in quiz panel below. Q. The man who is believed to have first acquainted Americans with coffee was . ; : John Alden John Smith Ben Franklin Q* The French writer, Voltaire, drank how many cups of coffee daily? f~l twenty-five f"~l four I""] seventy-two Q* How many cups of full -flavor coffee can be made from a pound of vacuum -packed M. J. B. (using a tablespoonful per 6 oz. cup)? Q 40 cups Q 37 cups (""] 28 cups Q« The average yield per year of a coffee tree is..; D 6 *o 9 Ibs. D I to 4 Ibs. 20 to 30 Ibs. •ou can't buy finer, fresher coffee than M. J. B this we guarantee! You enjoy the full, rich flavor of M. J. B. at its fresh-blended best because we vacuum- pack every pound in glass (M. J. B. is sold no other way) and use the highest vacuum of any coffee. Try M. J. B.! Make your coffee with the same care you've used in tbe past... then you'll know — M.J.ff, (Joel McCrea answered 4 out of 4 questions correctly ... scored a clean sweep! Correct answers, in order, are! John Smith; seventy-two; 40 cups; I to 4 Ibs.) Poubl* your money back If you don't agree It's the finest coffee you ever tasted! f larpnce Morris II. H. nrtitiibai k Herman Hlenn Frankie Tlenslee Ilmiald Trwin Laivrence Montel K. M. Prnett Kimene HI afford Albert 3wi|lm Rturc Ward .hinitf*< Hnlin fionr-xe fhler I.arry Fllzpatrick ]\ent Krnser Dewey Hurt (in William Schullheis rialr Frnzpr Maxine Walmlh Willis Wolilj I I^orpo White Hay \\'imp honalrt Winluck .lohn YounK K^tineth Kilz- nut ri'-k Rohci-i Shearer Hnv Harper ritrr While I.oui« Suimhaugh K. I,. My mill .Snider T.oiralnc Andp BfMtpnnne <"!lll flrrnldinp HfRt Wllma Marsh Rose Marie Allen Katherine Slrnnff Slia roll Sniidgi-awi Knntce r.vr Kdna Overtoil Charlotte Rutherford At the Frrd Hills A layette shower was recently given by the Slipper Club ;it the home of Mrs. Fred Hill, HIS Tendon avenue, in hon,or of little Carla .Jo Cu.stellano. infant (laughter uf Mr. and Mrs. Fred Castpllano. Pink and blue asters wore used In the decorations , and refreshments were served, l-'rizes were won by Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Castelktno and Miss ([rare 11111. Those attending were: ^f,•^^d;^ Ill'-s—K .it erl 1'adfield I II : u ' ia ley I'lavKin .stewillil l-;.l\\ ;i i d ('in u-in Hi in i« I.emi. ker IMidlev I'aldwell < 'In yl on Ta \'lor l.awience \\'eill A. H. Wallacu 1'"i iink lOa riH Hen Miller \\ illiain C(.e l.'ai I Kluhli Albert KinK clil'tn-d Mailman M. McMahan I |e11 iv ('a i son .li.lin t iirUer Hill iv Iliii v.-v Itol.eil .M.-lvinley Aitbiii- (till .l.ihn lludpen l-]\\ci t S! e\ cs M.I t Ka ro- WiinrJ AKites Hull I 'liillde Unwell i li Kin Slenhjeu 1...V-..II Ball Waller Nornia nly Mlssos— Alia Reid rinlty Cnllina I.nieile MrLaUglllin Sitlilh l-'lel I'd Unu'e Hill VIIVB Bleiisoe Awnes Hall * * * Lelitia Chilt I.etitia <-'lub held a business meeting and a card party at the home of Mrs. Vermin Hell, 1">0!! King street, recently with prizes going to Mrs. Preston Price and Mrs. Byron Abbott with tbe draw prix.e to Mrs. Salvert Argain. Miss Shirley Bell was guest for the evening. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Arthur Chan ran. Those attending were: Mesdn nios— Pyrnn Abbott PreMon Pike nhman Arilmr ''h.'inrnn S.ilvel Ai-Ka.ii Mj inn Janxc Miss Shirley Hell Mac Miiy I.operena Women of the Moose to Meet in Hall Tonight 'Rnkcrsl'ielil Chapter Xo. 416, Women of the Moose, will meet tonight. at S p. m. in .Druids hall. Mrs. Xorma. McMahan, head of the organization, is requesting a full at- i tendance. At a recent meeting Mrs. Harold Broome and Mrs. Marie Slocum were in charge of the entertainment. Games were played with prizes going to the following members: Mrs. Carl Hoff, Mrs. A. I,. Kaoles and Mrs. Frank Greenough. W. R. C. CARD PARTY Woman's Relief Corp is announcing its fourth card party of a series Saturday night at 8 o'clock at Memorial hall. Five hundred will be played. Prizes will be given. Mrs, Kmily Roy is chairman of arrangements. S. P. Club Giving Benefit Saturday Plans nrn complete for Saturday night's second annual hpnpflt dance of Southern Pacific Club, to be held at Bakersfield Inn palm room to finance a fund to buy Christmas presents for S. P. men overseas with the armed* forces. I./PS Foster's orchestra will furnish music from in to ], according to the committee In charge, which is comprised of Mrs. Clalr Marchino, Mrs. Merrill Rix and Kenneth Armistcad. Tlic function Is open to the public. Y.L.I. HOLDS LETTER A letter has arrived for Mrs. Robert McCreary from Alaska. It was sent care of Catholic Women's Club and was placed In the box of Young Ladies Institute. Mrs. Carol Ozan- Ich, secretary, will hold • the letter for the remainder of this week before returning it. to its sender. Mrs. ozanich may be reached at 17l)fl Chester avenue. DRY-CLEAN Crepes require care to dry-clean properly. Besides being hurt by harsh handling during the solvent cleaning period, they-must be spotted skillfully to avoid visible effects and the treated areas "feathered out." viwtr STOMACH 9^r ^* • . j*s^i jjT^^ o* Never upset an upset stomach with overdoses of antacids or harsh physics. Be gentle with it. Take soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. Not a laxative. Not en antacid. It calms and soothes your upset stomach. Pleasant to the taste — children love it. Ask your druggist for PEPTO-BISMOL when your stomach is upset, A NORWICH PRODUCT END BODY ODOR FEAR THIS BETTER WAY Dust on new, fragrant, mildly medicated CUTICURA TALCUM after shower or bath. Absorbs perspiration. Deodorizes. You feel fresh and cool long afterlBuy today!Only 25*. "Hephziboh..." SAYS PEEf "HtphzlbohWhit* can't even let an echo have the last word." PEET SAYS: "The last word In granulated soaps is ... Pect's. You hear that echoed everywhere by women who say, 'I've never turned out such dazzling irliitn washes with so little work." The magic touch of those wonder-working suds gives you brighter colored things, whiter linens. Feet's is different! And it's just aa easy on your hands as on your clothes." PEET SAYSt "Makin' a niche for yourself doesn't necessarily mean chiselln'." PEET SAYS: "Well, Feet's sure has made a niche for itself in the washday world . . . thr«« times a* many women new uit it. And Feet's earned its place with those quick, thick suds — taking the work out of washday, making dishes shine and glassware gleam. Say—how about letting Feet's work for j/ouf" PEET'S SOAP The quick-sudsing granulated soap Alterations, Remodeling, Dressmaking, Tailoring Expertly Done, Moderate Prices RUBY HALL 17():{ K Street Apartment 5 LAST DAY TOMORROW Saturday, September 30 Still Time to Share in the Savings of Our Eighteenth Anniversary Event Eighteenth and "H" Streets Opposite Padre Hotel 1 We Prefer Your Charge Account

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