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Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio • Page 13

Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio • Page 13

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:

AKRON EVENING TIMES PAGE THIRTEEN WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1919. i omorrow Woman Billy Loose Old- Sunday" Arrives; Shell Time Gospel Against Devil i 'm a On rthe 6th of November, in 614, Omar 1., the second caliph after Mahomet, was (lssns.lniited. He carried forward tho new Mahometan religion with great cuccesR; 36.000 towns and villages fell to his sword, and the Alexandrian library and hosts of Christian churches were te- troyed. Four hundred mosques were built by Omar and the ancient canal between the Nile and the Ked Sea was restored. In 1622. on tho 6th of November, King James issued an extraordinary edict prohibiting "interloping and im in to of a Old-fashioned gospel, administered lollypops or sugar-coated pills, will be preached at the Akron Armory, Nov. 9 to 17. Mrs. Aimee Semple McPherson, famous "Woman Billy Sunday" has come to convert Akron. McPherson- predicts that Akron will have a "bonfire "People are hungry for the old-fashioned doctrines. That is proved by the hundreds who throng to the altar when it is preached. "War has, and unrefreshed, with a dull, heavy head, often amounting to headache, to feel low-spirited and "blue" are symptoms of self-poisoning by food poisons, notneu-tralized or eliminated by bowels, liver and made people more earnest The world has been sobered and men and women are, ready to receive the' the evangelist told an Evening Times reporter today. Mrs. McPherson came to Akron yesterday from Holdredge, where she- held revival services ttt- tenaea oy the people irom is states. During the last 11 years Mrs. Mc Pherson has held revival services i not only all over the United States but in Canada, England and China. When 17 years old she was converted lr figfiSLLnn. kidneys acting in harmony. Mfra lismm: BeechamVP r- .1 by an evangelist whom she later married. Since- that time she has preached with signal success in every state in the union but refuses to give any estimate of the number of converts she has made, preferring to help to remove the cause of this trouble. ly and safely, but also let the "roll-call" be kept "up-there" as she puts it-. Drives Across Continent. 1 Last fall Mrs. McPherson drove her own car from New York to Los An geles, her home, stopping along the to preach to soldiers in canton- jnents and farmhands in country and distributing tracts. Mrs. Mc-herson is accompanied on this trip her mother, Mrs. Minnie Kennedy. Sold hj druggists throughout tho world. In boxes 10c.t 5c. iwiwwuiiii- lliiliuilli I in ii Bfty I. in 7 Potatoes and Apples Will have a car load soon of Michigan potatoes' and Northern Spy 'apples in Cuyahoga Palls. Watch for notice in this paper of car arriving. Lowest prices. J. A. CAMPBELL. Stand by the Merchants Who Stand by You I I .11 11 er son, Koir, ana aaugnter, KODerta, in. Los Angeles. Special attention will bo directed igainst liquor, dancing and kindred rfvils in Akron, Mrs. McPherson says. She does not agree with the modern church practice of introducing movies, dance halls and billiard tables Into religion. "How many dances does it take to savo a soul?" she asks. Look Out, Mephisto. Theatres, dance halls, cabarets. flirting, immodest dress and lonliness are listed by Mrs. McPherson as the Ichief evils to be found in the modern 'city. Mrs. McPherson will open her cam paign at the Pentecostal church, 20 E. Cedar at 2:45 this afternoon. Evening services at 7:45 and after noon services at 2:45 will continue this week at the Pentecostal church. On Nov. 9, Mrs. McPherson will begin speaking at the armory. The seat ing capacity of the armory was one of the reasons which brot her to Akron. It makes little difference in what city she speaks if an audito rium large enough to contain her audiences can be found because people from cities thousands of miles distant come to hear her. Mrs. McPher. on is an independent evangelist, but comes to Akron under the auspices of the Pentecostal hurch of which Rev. C. A. McKlnney is pastor. II I 9 9 'vl III your home town a better place in which to live. Trade with the following reliable grocers. They are a part of this AIMEE SEMPLE MsPHERSON, EVANGELIST, Wise Buyers Will Purchase Their Christmas Presents Now: BEAUTY CHATS BV KDNA KEKT (OIUSES. trading Eng- On the 6th of November, in 1JS3, the first of the British "Orders in during the Napoleonic wars went into effect. The orders were establish a blockade against France by holding up the commerce neutral nations. British warships were to stop all -ships laden with supplies for France or for Frenc.e colonies and bring them into an English port for trial before an admiralty court. The effect of this arbitrary blockade was to nearly destroy American foreign commerce. On the 6th of November, in 1917. the state of New York at a general election adopted' Woman suffrage by vote of 646.0110 to r.55.000. the morninff tired 1 hey act gent very erfa-ciently. BUI a in is a Piatiibt Violinist Cellist Baritone Soprano disorderly land' 1 ins "It in doubt got her a (liainoiul. the always safe policy. HOOD'S JEWELERS OPTICIANS 33 SO. MAIN ST. METROPOLITAN BLG Dressmaker Gives Advice "I underwent n. surftlual operation tor grail stonis 5 years ago, was the hoiipitai. 4 weoks. For 1 year I Telt better, lint then my old rymp-tomB and pains returned, and I have suffered ever Bince. 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Market at. 1. J. McAleese, 851 Grant St. McClurg Rice, 124 E. Market st. McDonald W. Thornton W. C. McUlnley, 94 W. Market st Main St Provision Co, H. Margolls, 862 Johnstoj st Marquardt N. Howard St. Mars B. C. HicJtley, 1337 S. Main John Milford. .1207 S. Main F. 506 S. Arlington. E. D. Hlttio Slodel Food Stores Co, 863 W. Ex change st. More o. 1. McLedar Jenior, 440 Grant St. R. J. Morris, 820 N. Howard st. F. Mott 88 Broad st. Mutual Bros. Cash Groc, W. Ex change Locust George Neal, 993 S. Main st. F. J. C. Nelson, C43 E. Exchange st. Wm. Nold. 606 S. Main Chas. O'Nell. E43 Dayton Osborne Gaines, 74 Blttman St. F. D. Ott, 310 S. Arlington st. Papp Groc Co, 651 S. Main E. D. Pardee Son, Bowery Center II. R. Parker, 719 S. Arlington st R. F. Pemherton, 165 E. Thornton St. Peoples Groc, Prov. Co, 109 Frank st. D. A Purts. 808 Coburn K. J. Quigley D. Rufulovllz, Cor. 6th A Talbot B. Recht, C10 Washington C. W. Reeves John Relnecke, W. Cedar C. It. Replogle, 1426 Rpraguo C. A. Rice, 844 Carroll D. F. Richards, 2S6 Perkins B. Ridley, 1314 Curtis ave. M. Rothman, W. Thornton st Geo. C. Roush, 623 W. Thornton st. E. R. Howland. 458 Wooster ave. P. Salchak, 1198 1st ave. C. Sanders, H. Main St. If. Salem, 393 8. Maple Schecter A Rosenblum, Merrlman st I I i npRUE ECONOMY consists in getting full value. Any article which gives full value without premiums, needs no premiums to sell it. The same principle applies to AKRON, OHIO O. U. Aokerman, Wabash It Chestnut ts. Acme Cash Stores Bacon Emerson J. G. Authenreitli, 1058 Cella nve. Win. Axel CI. Bell, 1511 Kuglewuod C. L. Bullou Son, 105S Celia nve. Geo. Bei'hter, S83 Kliuff st. liv-clc Sons. H. J. Becker. 354 Wooster ave. Beekwith Downing. 369 Howe st. Albert Blechlln. 401 Grant st. Dis-hop Chamberlain, 517 N. Howard L. piura, IL'34 E. Market st. Beck SIS SS. Maple nve. Buwen Bierbaum, Manohester, Ril. Britseh Richards, 415 Wooster nve. Brown 645 Bowery st. Buckeye Cash Grocery. Forge Arch sts. 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