The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 16
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•THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFORNIA**, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. Rough Mat Tilts Ordered Renewed Here Tonight THREATS IN U. S. NATIONAL AMATEUR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP Strclich and Miller lo Resume Wild Baltic of Last Meeting W HUSTLING principal to battlo horo tonight on tho loral mat nt tlio HakprHflflld Arnna will rn- now two among the roughest mutclif'H f-vor soon lioro, according to Muck, Muehnnan, promotor, a»sorting tlio commission has ordered tho four grapple™ to nottlo wide opon Irwueu loft nftnr tho Innt card offered hero. Fights with tlio refnrnp, uso of ' Btools, illrgal lioldH and general tactics of ilui sort to mnho a gorilla pause, n.ll almraolo.rlzotl tho Hhow In thlH city. Tonight. Abln Freeman nml Nick I,ut7, will wrostlo In one-half of tho double main ovont with no tlmo lltnlt. Lotiln Miller, from Rono, Novadn,, nnd Ktovo fltrelich will appear again In tho dllifr half of tho itinln event. There will bn no lime limit to chock tho endeavors of lh« parllclpnrils In this affair. Toimh (In Hcfnn-fw Hopkins or Rutherford will referee thcfi" rimlchi'N and their its nlgnini.'nt In nnytliltiK l>vil n i<imp. They will probably work iilmoHt H.H hard as the wrestlers thin evonlng. Thought tint ImlllKnroncn of tlm t\vu feature eventH IH imch us to make the nrdlnnry wrestling mulch Bnern like an nrt. flub mooting hy Comparison, thn fact that a flrwl ClaHH opening (!V«;nl him IKVII HC|HM| Illed Hhould not ho overlooked. Kast. Opponent I lobby <"'olnmn, one of Uio fastest light henvleH In Iho business and X'al McClli. und oilier top fifth! tier- former will npprar In tlm ilo-mln- Mtfi opriK'i- nlatud for H:.'IO o'clm'k thlH even In)?. I,A8KY IH FATIIKIt LOH ANdKLKH, Kept. 10. (A.I'.) Arl Lawky, heavyweight boxer from Mlnnonpolls, IH this father of a now- born [i-pound girl. Hi! hoard ilui IIOWH In a hospital room whrrn ho IH recovering from (in oyn operation. Mm. Lanky, non- fined In another hospital, In "doing nicely," nurses wild. SERIA WINS BATTLE HERE BY KNOCKOUT V/TAtmiCIO 8BR1A won Ills third "•*• local kayoe In a row here last Ight when he stopped Qcorgo E. roodman in the second round of iieir scheduled 10-round feature out. As the second frame neared finish, Seria pumped a bolo Ight hook Into one of Qoodman's Idneys, dropping the Los Angeles nan for the count. Maurlclo up- eared to have the round all his own vay. Hitting with his peculiar off- mlance punches, ho drovo tho south- rn fighter from pillar to post. Tho first round of tho fight was ,lso Serla's. Tho flashy Filipino nluesd few of his shots as he worked ho slower moving Goodman Into orners. With George on tho spot, Maurlclo bombarded his head with •Ights and lefts. During the short time tho match asted, Goodman pegged desperately >ut for the most part In vain. His )unchcs wore usually loo slow lo do more than nick tho weaving In- ander. Phil McQullllan won over Lloyd Smith by way of a technical knockout in the third round of their semi International Ball Play Nowjn Action Tlm linfffilo Illiions and tho Unltl morn < irlolKN were, off to n IK-IK! Mtnrl Iniliiy In Ihn Intnrnnl lonal Leagut! playolfs for Iho guvi-mor'n cup. Tin' ISISil pennant winning IIIHUIIM blanked the Newark Jlcui-n, third- place finishers, t! to 0, In HIM open Ing gaum of Iho cup play-offs al llnffalo IHHI night. Thn Orioles opened their four-nut. of-Huvi'ii series wllh a -I -'I victory over tho Kochestor llrd \Vlii|tn In 10 innings. League Leaders Hie Literary l)l|(e»t Ueiitlnt I'oll broHdcdiit Goodvenr, NHC Illue Network Our prices on tlM PathHndtr »Urt it CENTER TRACTION BLOWOUT PROTECTED IN EVERY PLY TOUCH, THICK, LONG MILEAGE TREADS TOP VALUE - ASK US TO DEMONSTRATE Britishers Tops for Tennis Title Mimorlii/ril I'rem t,r.ate<l Wlra) AMISItlCAN Hal i INK—Avorlll, Indians, .374; ApplliiK, Wllltn Hox, .372. ItmiH Oohrlg, Vunkoen, IH"; (Icth- rlnuer, Tlgwrs, l!10. UIIDH ballpil In—(lehrlfr, Yanl(eefl, 1.17; Tro«ky, liidlimn, i:ifi. HUM—Avorlll, IndlanH, 207; deli- rliiKer. 'I'lgerH, "ii.'l. liotildeft -Walker. TlicerM, 61; Onh- rlnifer, T|J?ITH, 4H. TrlploM -Dl MaifKlo, VankooN and AviM-lll, IndliiliH, Ui. llume riiiiii--(l'<hrlK, V'anlieeH, 44; lleil HIIX. 117. ii liiiHi'M l.nry, Mrownii. HO; I'owell. Vlllllier-H. 'i'i, I'lli liliiK lladley, Yanknoii, 13-4; , YnnUeeH, IH-0. NATIONAL IliiltltiK I 1 . Wnnor, I'lratoB. .«U8; MiMlivluk, (.'nrdliirilM, ..'Ifill. IlimB—,1. Martin, CHrdlnalu, 112; Oil, (llaiilH, HIK. hatted In Medwlck. Cardl- j nalB, 1^7; (Ml, (lliintM, \'i'.'. | Illtn — f.ledwlcli, Cardhmln, Iinfl; rnian, Cubn, 10". ioidile»- Medvvlcli. f'ardlnnl'i. fi5; I I leriniin, I 'Him, M . Triplet! Meihvlrli, ('iirdlnnl'i, ''u- inllll, I'hlllleii imil 'liHolman, Iteilx, in. Home i-nnn --Otl, illaiitM, III); Her- lleen, 2!l. Htnlen lniHtm--.1, Martin. ('iinllnnlH, SI; H. Martin, CiirdlnalH, 17. I'llehliiM lluhhell, (llanln, 'J'MJ; Krmu-h, ('Him, IH.«. College Gridders Open 1936 Season rren l,r.aic<t Wire) KOKRHT HILLS, N. Y., Hept. 10.— Any ntjinher of experts attending tho ooniblned U. H. man'n and women's titnnln rhiimplonHhlps wero nurlously rcekonliiK today wllh tho prospect of both titles being carried abroad to ICnglnnd by Fred Terry and pretty Katiiorlne Htammers, respectively. Tho BrltlHlierH loomed ominously over thn few American survivors. M|HH Hlammers, If form holds truo, will trii'ot defending tltlo holder Helen Hull .lneoliH In the neml-flnals In what should amount to I ho onl- ntundlng mntrh of tho women's chiirnplonslilp. lleforo tlilH meeting can tako pliico, MIsH today must on- KHI;O (liisdlo HaeKoner. promising now star In tho tonnls flrmntnonl 'from'Knn Kranolsi-o. With lior in- I Juniil rlKht thimib Htlll hnnda I M|HH JarubH IH expected to vanquish ! her coast rival, but a nlrtiggla Is j cxpeeled. • Miss Htammers, who hiui mado Iwo I prnvloiisly nnsun'ossful bids for tin: ; cliiimplonHhlp held tho past four years by M|HH .Itieohs, firmly planted | herself In th« thick of tho fight, by her nmashlng llin'O-Hot comiuost ol jtho formld.'ibli* Carolln Hiibcook of j LOH Angnlns yesterday. ; In tlio olhor woman's qimrter-flna | mittiih today tho youthful Dorothy May Hulton I'lundy of .Santa Monica Calif., i'iiKaK»s Helen T'ederson o Htumford, Conn., tho lone eastern raproHonttillvo and a resourceful an tiiKonlst. Mlns nuncly has Iwon her aided us u certain "comor" and her Htoe.k Jumped noveral points when England Leads World in Number of Men Ready to Bet on Any Old Subject T ONDON, •*- J By IFKNRY AIcLKMORB! United 1'rtu Stiff Carrnvonilent Sept. 10.— Ounce for ounce (or would It ho nearer to say pound for pound) the English are the biggest gambling suckers in tho world. They'll hot on anything, bo It their woathor, which is highly uncertain, to greyhounds at outlaw, which Is ovon moro so. The aclual figures on what this nation spondn a yenr In betting will never bo known, but a hint as to what fun- laHll<! mini It miiHt bo Is gained from tho flint that between $15,000,000 and »ao,000,000 a week Is wagered on football alone. And tho football season Isn't a brief one. It runs for eight long months, which means that before tho loaguo schodiilos are completed In April, England's citizens will havo wagered Momethlng like $100,000,000 on Iho sport. Hi-King on football IB done through pools, of which there are moro than 100 varlctloH operating In London alone. The English pools bear only a faint resemblance to our football pools, which aro Illegal and operated In haphazard, catch as catch can fashion. They work on tho namo prlnclplo, namely, that the sucker must pick so many winners or trloa Mho olImliuitiHl the favored I \ «*i>oliiiflil 1'rfKii Itfiltnl Wlrf) KAN FHANC1BOO, Hopt. 10. Col lego football players began and packing Iho pigskin Inl today ati practlco opened al 1(1 I'aclflc Count confercncn schools and othors "frozen out" by tho team round robin, 'kllntt ami Nlgiml ilrlllH wore tho chief business fur a week or so I before contract work III KCI linnmgo mid urn'•Hue Raines. Thn rii-Hi con- MIIIO In Hcplonilier "'i, when <>rc|;i>n SInti' plays I'nlverslly of Southern California nl I.OM Angeles. 1'nlverslly of \Vaiihlnglon has already hoen ne|cclod as "tho team to liDtU" because uf an ImprcMslvn array of returning veturans. nthcr iichoolii glfteil with M'tn liicludo 1'nl- vcrtiliy of California at Los AIIK«'|«H ami l'nl\ ri'flty of Oregon I'llONK STATIONS I'l.ANNKK .SACHAMKXTO, sept. 10. IA. p t :ml' Kelly, ntate director of public uurks, tin Id today his depart mont M*M'|KH of "I lelephonn HIM- lliHiM acrouM tho Han l^ranelticoOalt- land buy hrldgo to faclllttito the op- of the vuMt span and cuntrol HI m.ilor tnil'l'le, I-'alfroy Fahyan In Iho first round. Hosldos Iho Jacobs-Raegonor and Hundy • Pedorson quartor - final matrhes, tho remainder of today's i program was filled with man's punting, j 1|Unr t m ..|-|nnl mecllngs hotweon Don IHudgo and John McUlannUl and Ortgory Mangln and Franklo Harker. Perry and Hryan M. (Bllsy) Oranl. Jr.. of Atlanta, Oa., gained their senil-ritiHl bracket yesterday, tho llrlton smothflrlng Henry Culloy of Santa Harbara. Calif., In straight nets, and Grant taking Ihn mwisurw of lhf> voteriui Johnny Van Hyn In lour nets. ON THE MAT STANDINGS ( \ttoctatfit I'rrt* l,r.anf<t WirrJ LOS ANOKLKS,—Otis Koiiiien- lierff. 210, Hoston, defeated llowtird ('iinlonwlno, lown, 210. rOUTLANI), On«.—Pnvo Levin, 200, HriKililyn, defeated Smidor Sziibo, 'Jin, llungnr)'. SAN LUIS OIUSI'O, fiillf.— YuUon diilie iliicliMiin, 15H, Alaolia, di'feated .Sammy Kolion, I5H, New YiirU. COAST LEAGUE Won Lost Pot Portland 93 77 .54; San Diego 92 78 .B41 Hoattle 91 78 .G3B Oakland 89 79 ,fi30 Mission Sfi S3 .! Los Angeles 83 8& .-I'.!Han Francisco 80 00 .-17 Sacramunto C5 107 ,37,v Yesterday's Itesulls Snn Francisco, fl-3: Ran IMcgo, 0-2 Portliind. S-3; Kealle, 7-1. Hricramento. 7-2; Oakland, 0-3. Los Angoles, n-B^ Mission, 4-1. (•ames Todiiy Mission at Los Angeles. Han IMogo at .San Francisco. Oakland at Hacrnim'nto, Henttlo at Port In ml. bvt wlndup. During tho second frama, Phil opened up a long gash over Lloyd's loft eye. Despite frantlo ' patching efforts of Smith's seconds between rounds, the cut opened again soon after the start of, tho third and Lloyd's face again becamo a gory mess. ' Moycr Scored Kayoe Billy Mayor knocked out Young Baby In the fourth round with a flurry of punches during one of tho many skirmishes. Billy had the Delano Babe bouncing on his heels la the second round after a rough left- handed attack to tho head. Young Baby came back with a strong attack In the third but was in no shape to stand the gaff in the fatal fourth frame. Stllliut-Xolan Draw Dan Stlllan and Eddie Nolan fought to a draw after four rounds, Eddie clowned during the early part of the show until tho found Dan was a dangerous opponent and not to bo taken lightly. Tommy Sablna won a decision over Mike Oramaldo in tho curtain raiser. This was a free-swinging af-' fair from the start. AMATEURS READY TO PLAY FOR GOLF CUP .VMKUICAN New Vurli USAfil'K AVon Lost 02 40 OhU'iiKo ............. 71 H4 WiiKhlnglon ......... 73 t>5 | Dotrult .............. 12 lifi ! Cleveland ........... 71 tit! j Morton .............. 70 (ill Si, l.unlH ............ 4'J K-I Phlliiili-lphla ........ 4S s!> Pel. .fif.7 ..MIC, 0 cash in on his Investment, bore tho resemblance ends. Tho Kngllah pools are highly legal n tho first place. Parliament saw ti hat last year when, after storm; ebateH, they wero brought undo ho protective wings of the law. I Hn't much of a secret why pool wore legalized. Tho government' •ovenno tako on postage money or lers Is a highly wortb while sum n tho second placo, Kngllsh poo' nro conducted exactly llko tho big Mislnesses that Ihoy are. Tlio offices of tho bigger operators would :to credit lo a Hteel corporation. They have beautifully appointed reception halls, clerical staffs of hundreds and morning-coated off!- clalH. They advertise extensively In ill periodicals and have scores of agentH working In all parts of tho country. It was brought out during Parliament's debates .on the subject that ono of the bigger pools took In between a half million and a million dollars a week. Under the law, operators are allowed to make 10 per cent of tho gross. This 10 per cent constitutes clear profit, for overhead expenses do not have to comn out of this. It is taken from tho remaining 90 per cent. What IH left. usually about 80 per cent of tho gross, Is divided among tho winners. Pools are not exclusive, but aimed at tho moRsea and bets as small ns two pennies aro gladly accepted. As a result, no ono is overlooked, not even children with candy money. Assorted Gambling Pools aro of all sorts. Homo fur nlsh a list of BO or moro games with returns depending on the number of winners chocked. Others list only 10 or 15 games and they pay off at a higher rate, as only tho tightest and closest contests are included Still otluM-s work on some sort ol point system whereby the picking ol homo teams Is good for ono point visiting teams two points, tins throe points. In all cases ties count RS a loss and as tics aro much moro com mon hi ICnprllsh football than In the American gamo, the rhancos o picking 10 winners from n list con talnlng as many an 50 games an very slight. | Surlier Literature 1 One outgrowth of the pools I I football form (Owls which aro sup ! posod to aid bolters In their selec I lions. These are mild ovorywhori | and the English go for them just a I avidly as American race track suck I ers fur lout nhcots, ARDEN CITY, L. I., Sept. 10.— Tho second best golfer In the 1935 national amateur golf championship, handsome, fair-haired Walter Emery of Oklahoma City, thinks ho won't even bo close to this year's championship starting Monday. "I was just a flash In tho pan," he announced today. "I Just happened lo havo a good week last year. I've never hit tho ball llko that since," Tho boy who played bulldog with Lawson Little in last year's final seemed moro Interested in the fate of Charllo Yates of Atlanta, Walker cup teammate who arrived with a sprained ankle nnd a perplexing story. Yates was reticent on bow he got tho sprained ankle. Emery took great delight in telling about It. He said they were playing at tho National golf links Sunday and Yates' play was varying between bad and very bad. Finally they came to a water hole and Yates hit his ball into the lake. Ho triod another. It also landed in tho water. Then tho club followed the two balls. "Jt began to get serious and Charlo needed that club," Emery said 'There was nobody around so Yates vent In after tho club. After three STATE BAB TO MEET CORONADO, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— The ninth annual mooting of the California State Bar Association will be bold here September 30-October 3. SALE Of Young Men's SUITS for Fall $11?85 ' (Copyright, rnitwl I'rwi) Other Slxvi In Proportion Barnett Tire Company Locally Owned and Managed 2130 Chester Avenue Phone 360 Veslorday'H N. u V.>rk. ll-U'; Cl.-vcland, \\UNhliiKtun. 11; Itotrult. I. chit-UK", il; HoHtun. I!. I'hll.idi-lphlii-st. Louis, niln liami'H Todny ItiiHiun nt t.'hlcuMo. No\v York nt Cleveland. I'hlladflphlu ut 8t. l.,oulH. Washington nt Detroit. SOFTUAIX 1'LAY I C1IICACO, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— Tho I Imperial Valley, Calif., 'Softball team j will nifft Charlotte, N*. (.'., In the ' flrnt round of tho national champion', ship tMimminonl hero Saturday. Tho j California team Books the tltlo held by Toledo, NATIONAL LKAG11S Won New York ........... 83 St. Louis ............ 77 Chicago ........ ..... 77 Pittsburgh .......... 72 Cincinnati .......... (IS llostnn ......... .... 02 Brooklyn ....... .... 50 I'htlMloIphla ...... 45 Iti'Mllls St. Loiiln. ;>: llonton, 1. NVvv York, 4-2; Cincinnati citlcngo, 10-4; Philadelphia, Itruoklyn, 8:_PUtsbWH;h. 7 tinntCK Todu.v PidMuirgh HI Hrwiklyn t'bielnmut at Xosv York. Chicago at Philadelphia. 81. Louis ut Huston. The MAJOR LEAGUE Fall Shirts, $1.15 Just received, a large assortment of now fall shirts and priced thorn very low at $1.10. They are very colorful and smartly patterned. Flno quality through and through. You'll want several at this tow price, $1.16. Where can you equal this selection of suits at such a low price? These quality suits were made to sell for much more. They are of the latest styles and patterns. Sizes range from 34 to 42. Tf you buy your suit now you will save enough to help buy your fall furnishings. Rugger Shoes the best (n their class $3.95, They have everything-^style, sturdlness and class. You'll like them. SEE OUU WINDOWS Frontier Days means "dreas up" and Harrison's is the place to buy your Frontier Days "Dress Up" clothes. As always, we lead the field In what's new and 'correct for such eventful days. Shirts from $1.65. Ten-gallon Hats from $1.95. Lori's Dress-Up Pants, $1,76. Hat Bauds, Belts, Neckerchiefs. RIDE 'EM COWBOY! HARRISON'S 1618 Nineteenth Street NEXT TO THE HUNT FURNITURE COMPANY or four dives he came up with it. Then he started running around to get dry and fell in a bunker. That's how he got tho sprained ankle." Yates Is Limping Yates, limping badly, gave up try-*. Ing to play after a few holes yesterday. Another casualty Is Jack Hunger of Dallas, who cut two fingers in a friendly wrestling match. With the British Walker cup players and a number of other stars arriving at Garden City today, interest centered on the pairings for tho first round, which the experts agreed somewhat favored players. In the third quarter of the draw. j Goodman Favored Johnny Goodman, 1033 national open champion, is favored to come through in the first quarter, though Jess Sweetser, 1922 tltleholder,-* Johnny Lehman of Chicago, Rudy Knepper of New York, Francis Ouimet, Brookllno, Mass., champion In 1914 and 1931, and Prank Stra- facl, Brooklyn's former national public links champion, are in the same section.

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