The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 14
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THE BAKER8PIELD CAUFORMAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1088 Lutheran Group Plans Ice Cream Social on Friday DELEGATES STOREEATURED Announcement Tea Announcing the 'date California Spirit Theme of Admission Day Observance A thront? of loyal Callfornlans glltliprcd Wednesday night at the north end of tho courthouso whern oxnrclsoM worn conducted by K\ Tpjon Parlor, Native Daughters of tho Cloldan West and HaUnrsflcId Parlor, Natlvo Sons, In connection with tho prosontatlon of a bear flag to Kern county. TntorcnUitB Address Providing much hlstorlnal Information on tho narly days and drawing ft comparison between Mexico today OH sbo saw It this summer and tho pioneer times In this state, Mrs. Clrucn Horrls was thn speaker of tho occasion. Sho sketched tho history of the malting of thn Tlenr Flag, telling of Its bolng fashioned of white muslin, and red flannel with a star and KrlMly hear painted upon It along with in Inscription "Tho Callforylnn Tle.publle." Hho cloaed her welF ro- oolvnd address with a picture at tho td on /'«( "Jiner Schilling Baking Powder •jV/TEMBiSRS of St. John'H Lutheran Church nrc nponHorlnn an Ice cream Hoclnl to )m Riven on the lawn of the church, Twentieth nnd C gtrcet«, Friday ovenlntf at 8 o'clock. The social In one of n NcrlcM to be Klven during the course of the year for the benefit of the church. The program for Frlclny cvenliiK will consist of vocal and Instrumental Helcctlonw npd community . Committees In charge Include: RcfrcHJimcntH, Fred Rutherford nnd Avll Ciirlnon; decorntloiiN, ChnrlcH JuhtiHon; program, Charles Mcurer. The public IH invited. Lackawanna Council Sponsors Card Fete l.acUiiwnnna Council, Degree (if Porahonttis finlert/iltifd nl a card party Tuesday nlKht ui W. O. W. hull. Prljwm worn won by Mesdarnns T,nna Wilson, Klla Hlariton and Kalliorlm> O'Mrlf'ii iinil Mesnrii. l''runk VVIIiion, Allmrt Moon und .1. II. .Inrrnll. Mrs. C. C. Miller won a draw prize. Mrs. Marlu Finn WIIH tlm ho«t(<SM. Tho next party will bo hold Monday evening at 8 o'eloek nl Mrs. Finn's hornn on Polls nvnniio with Mrs. Finn find Mrs. Noll Us Htnlth no cohont esses. -«_»>. .— Senior League Will Assenible_at Party Tho Honlnr League Oroup of First Methodist Cliiiroh will entertain nl a pnrty at thn hornrt at Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Mrf'ornme, fllfi Oleander avu- nun, Friday evening. flumes will bo played. Minn Mn\itll" Halter In In general charge of arrangements, See How Much STEWflRT WflRNER Uovely Nuptial Ceremony to He Held Tonight'at First Presbyterian Church Uniting two prominent Ban .Too- qiiln vallfiy families, wedding vows will bn lnItrn this evening at 8:30 o'clock at First Presbyterian Church by Minn Marlon Virginia Colm, dn tighter of MrH. "Wllllain Wallace Colrn find Ibn Into Mr. Colm, arid rtoberi. JamBB Mien, tho win of Mr. and \frn, Olarftfico Klen of Ilanford. Tho ring servlco will ba roiul by tho Uovcrond John Murdoch, pastor of tho churott, before 200 gtiestB. Ilrldnl AHenflarils Miss Colm will bo attended by MlMS Mlrlnrn r.'utu-r of Han Fran- elw.o, mil Id of honor, and tho Misses Ulllim M<:Narnara, Mary Welch, PiisiKlniui; Hotly Mlnturn, Fresno; land Mm. JoMopli Altlnrl, HerUMoy. Mr. I lien nun solfeted a« MM beat num. Joseph I). Altlprl, Berkeley; iinlii>rs will li<) Jtobort nonnon, Hobort Itullstiauk, Ktniiloy Nloson and Lo- liind Itlco, nil of Ilanford. William V. Colrn, brother of tho brldci, will glvi> bor In marrlngo. Woddlng miislM will bn played by Mm. J'oarl M. Hniltb, organist. Itccppllon I'liinncd Mrs. Colin will prnHldo ovor a reception at thn family rowldnnco, 2201 ttodrir nlrnot, preceding Iho departure of thn couplu for a motor rip. Tho recaption will bo for mem- IOI-H nf tbi bridal party, out of town guests und a few Intimate friends. Popular Hindi-ill, ho attractive young bride-elect, though a nnllvn daughter of Haera- mnnio, ba« lived In UnkersflHd tho groiilrr part of her life, rncnlvlriK rrnit'li of hur early education In tho ocnl HuhoolM. Him wnH graduated 'com Cantllloja sehool for girls In Palo Alto, and wan a member of thn •jirlrig graduating class at thn University of California. Hho In Idnntl- find with tlm PI Beta I'hl aororlty, i nd wan aBBoi.'latod wllh thn Pry ton- nan, Torch and Hhlnld and groups nl tho Ihinfonl Mr. Jtloo Is a inombor of an old and pronilnnnl Ilanford fumlly. Ho illnndod Mnnlo Junior Cnllegn and was Knidualiid from lli« Unlvomlty of California whom ho wan a mom* Mr of HlKnm Nu fratornlty. Iln la Idontlflcd with blH futhnr In tbn Itlco •(McurlllnH, a riniinro company In IIiiMford. Thn coupln will llvn In tho vallny city whoru thoy bavo built a now homo. (liii'HiH will )>H prosont tonight (tioittlnuetl mi Gives for Only »- •"' .95 *•<* DAVID E. URNER 1925 "Eye" Street Phone 1280 ;.'"/)» Permanent Waves! Individually Designed Complete to the Last Detail! $195 $295 $500 Mr, atid Mrs. Gordon I/owls of. Follows who will loavn Haturrtny for Cleveland to attend tho eight- ocnth national'' American T^oglon i;onvnnllon tin dol"gnt(>H from tho department of California. Bethany Class to Convene Friday Bethany C!IIHH of First Baptist Church will meet at tho church at 1! o'clock Friday afternoon. Mrs. II. 11. Up-own will prvsldu. STAI.IN IJICHT HICI MOKCOW, Hftpt. 10. (U. P.)--Htnlln Is ono of tho moMt widely trunslulcd Hiillioni In the world. Th SQUARE e very atest wrist watch COPY $52.50 OF A MODEL Shampoo, Rinse nnd Finger Wave Finger wave, Arch or Manicure.. EXPERT BLEACHING, TINTING AND DYEING Soft Water Used Exclusively LEROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON 1721) Nineteenth Street Phone 5005 NO MONEY DOWN • 50c A WEEK I-'ASKION'S i.Aiiisr is the smartly styled SQUARU Wrist Watch! Ouslcr-Lec i« the first to show one at a low price! Guaran teed jeweled movement; "stick" dial, black cord bracelet! Two days at J9.8). NO MONHV DOWN. SOc a week I No mail or phone orders, Open an account! No interest or extras. 1R08 N1NKTKBNTU 8TK1SET Open tSVifiirrfap livening* GUITARS Small Payment! PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY IttU Nlnotponth HI. Violin Instructions Given in Your Home by MAX BAYLESS llakcnllcld'a Succciiful Teacher \~-oe Appointment* Call Studio 1506 Alia VUla Drive IMIONH HJJ.J Judd's Marvel Shoppe Marks Ten Hi Birthday; Style -Trends Reviewed Celebrating tho tenth annlveroary of the store, marking the return of Miss .lessio It. -McMtthan from her semi-annual trip to eastern markets and Hlgnulb.tng the advent of better times, Judd's Marvel neady-to-Wear Bhoppo, 1625 Nineteenth street, Is announcing a special sale Of fall and winter merchandise. In a decade tho stora has expanded to four times Ita original size and has Increased Its stock, volume of business and staff proportionately. Three years ago tho present locution was selected and two oars later the quarters wore remod- led. It Is now one of the show ilanos among shops of Its kind In ho valley. Miss McMahan has ound tho Kern county public ro- pon»lvo and acknowledges her in- Jcbtedness for Its friendly patron- Brilliant Kevues Geared to the spirit of good limes, ipeelaeular stylo shows wore fea- urcd In thn cast, und the more ex- •liislvo houses were reopened to nue.t tho dc'inand for bolter mer- Imndlso, Miss McMahan reports. Tho British coronation Influence s to be seen In regal fur trimmings ind hats with ostrich plumes; tho iplrll of unrest In Europe is ro- lected In design, cut, color and rim of garments. There is a defl- ilto tnllllnry flair, oven In. evening and braids, military trim- and bands abound. The swing iiovemont In suits, coats and also Is to be observed. Skirts iro definitely shorter. Even dinner Iressos may graze tho ankle. Accessories Score Never have accessories been more mportant. $01110 of the revues modeled them exclusively, masking other parts of tho wardrobe with a urge canvas. At inst Intelligence really domln ales, the mode! No longer is tho fashionable woman a slave to ono rend. It is a bl-polar season. Tho well dressed woman may yield to ilgh crown or flattened sailor. Man Huh suit or botrlmmed ensemble. I'Mtted reefer and coachman coat or box swagger coat or capo. She may select a. seventeenth century style gown or tailored shlrtwalster—gored iklrt or trig panels. Or she may ue Intrigued by tho padded peplum, with Its trend toward tho bustle— uirl turn her back on crowds! More over shi) may choose ono, two, three or four pleco outfits. Cartridge pleats are, smart and broad should ers continue to have their place in tho vogue of tho day. full SlilrtH l.ovoly music to tho fabric people IN tin! fact Unit skirts are full. Popular materials include wool sheer, tweeds, nubby silks and spaced MataloRao. Ulack is tho dominant color; stripes and plaids am favored. Bright birds and feathers on huts enliven the dark gar menls. .Styles are higher—crowns of hats, skirts, necklines! Furs are no longer considered luxury wear. They are light and captivating, giving winter warmII nnd Blende.i'ness, and aro in good tasto any I lino and anywhere. Tim store now features coats sultH, bloimen, drensRH, knit wear millinery, fur coats and a full Junior department. Police Say Know Kidnaper of Tot (AitHidalftt I'ri'im Leaned U'frrJ DKTltOIT. Sept. 10.—Acting Olllel of Dotectlvot* Wllllum J. Collins an nounced at noon today that "wo know the Identity and whereabout of the kidnaper of Marry Browc, am expect to closo In on him movnon tarlly." Collins said tho man slept las night In U tourist camp in Ohio and that ho loft tnirly this morning telling the proprietor of tho cam] (hat "1'vo got to got this—kid bacl to Detroit. rlRht, away." The "O-iniMillvold Urowo baby dls nppnnmd Saturday from Iho purl here where his mtuill brothers luu taken him in his perambulator. —i •» • «. • Rename Governor for Third Perioc (.(«>orl(i/((< I'rrft 7-ciUfd ICASTKHN VUINT, Conn., Sopt to. — l''or tho fourth mieootmtvo tlau a record unparalleled In iln> party history In Cimnoetlout, Clovenio \Vllliur Ii. Cross was re'nomhmtod ti d:i>' by tho Democratic slate 001 ventlnn, Tho only member of his party eve to occupy tho governor's uhnlr fo three consecutive times, tho 7H-yeai old chief executive, was ronomlnato by acelaniiitlon. Treasury Offering- Is Oversubscribe! (Amatlattd Prttn !<ran?il wire I SVASIUN'OTON. Sopt, 10.— »«vl Ing an earlier ostlmatb, Secretary M urgent hn it reported today that a trims\iry offering of |400,000,000 of L'O-L'il year 2% per cent bonds had beon oversubscribed 13 times. Morgcnthuu told hU ipress conference thin was shown on Iho ba«la of almost-eompletod tabulations, Asked whetlior this was a record overHubscrlptlon Morgenthau replied; "1 think so— -It Is also my lucky number." For Ralph Kellers Mrs, Kalph C. tellers entertained at a party for her son Ralph, who will leave this week for Whittler College, Tuesday evening at tho family home, 62B I street. * Jolly gamoH were played, with prizes going to Miss Barbara Per- mentor and Bill Chorn. WllllH Webb won a consolation award. A. color scheme of lavender and gold was used In decorations, Tlio hostess was assisted by her daughter, Ml«s. Isabel and by Miss ean Roneh, ' Knjoylng'tho evening were Mr. nd Mrs. Ralph Kellers, Mrs. A. \V. tench. M Isses— Mary Jean Newman Tucker • Marilyn White Kltmbeth York Barbara Per- Jean Rench monter Grace iTershoy Kula Purtlo Irene Wilson Isabel Zellers , Mildred Kearns Virginia Tucker Krma Ware Magdalene Messrs.— John Hershey Ralph Ware Norman Crlder Robert Tucker Bill Chorn Fred Miller Kenneth Rich Clarence Morely James Carter Wesley York Donald Suydam Lyle York Willis Webb Ralph Xellors liocftnillhs Home Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shoesmlth re- urncd last week end from the south vhere Mr. Shoesmllh has boon en- oiled. In an education course at tho nlverslty for five Weeks. Miss Ruth Russell of San Joso ar- Ived yesterday from Monterey and i a house guest In the Shoesmlth ome. Miss Russell Is to. bo a eacher In tho local school system. rlage of Miss Eleanor Pasquinl and Henry Banducct as^October 25 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Mrs. Frank Pasqulrtl entertained at a t6a at her homo on Eighteenth street recently. The announcement was disclosed oh cards attached to dainty corsages of pompon asters, tied with silver ribbon. These were passed by little Miss Marilyn Noriega from a silver basket. Mrs. Gerald Rldeaux and Mrs. Joseph Consanl presided over the tea table, appointed In a color scheme of white and silver. They were assisted by Mrs. Oran Sholar; the girls, who served were the Misses Kdna Degan, Virgo Smith and Eleanor Banduccl. The table was centered with a white receptacle containing white pompon asters, while carnations and larkspur, and was illuminated by white 'tapers In silver holders. Tho bride-elect was a Delta Delta Delta pledge last year at Stanford University. Among those attending were: Mesdames — P T A II o llo jOio "PO FORMULATE plans and actlv- A Hies for tho ensuing year, Mrs. '. O. Durant, president of Emerson s . T. A., Is announcing a meeting of ho executive board of tho oasocla- Ion. Tho session will convene tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In i-oom 8 of ho 13merson School. J. TJ. Compton, new principal of ho school, will be In attendance. 4 « * FRATERNAL Kern Lodge Meeting Kern Lodge No. 202, I. O. O. F., will moot In regular session Friday light. Tho Initiatory degree will bo conferred upon a clasH of candidates, llefreshmonts will be served after the meeting. All Odd Fellows arc Invited. C. A. Saint Is tho noble rand. • Juveniles Meeting Juveniles of tho Degree of Honor, Protective Association will moot Sat- irday afternoon at " o'clock at tho no mo of Mrs. Minnie Jacobs, juvenile director, 2630 C! street. Officers nro asking u full attendance. Refreshments will bo served. La Efllrcllu Club La Hstrolla Club will meet at tho homo of Mrs. J. L. Sullivan, 1522 Boole iivonuc, for a business session Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock". « » • If tho hydrogen in a teaspoonful of water Is converted Into helium, about 100.000 kilowatt hours of energy, or $10,000 worth of electrical current, Is set free. V. Bel knap IxnilH Lemucchl J. Belluomlnl A. Pierruccl Frank Noriega J. Raffettl A. 1'asqulnl Atlases— Gertrude Anderson Dee Weldon 3'eggy Follansbee Irene Dean Dolores Massey Charlotte Walter Frances McOuIre (Santa Barbara) Phyllis Kltpsletn Claire Clerou Rachaol Rankln Veda Brlte Mary McNanmra Babs Flelsher Lenore Landsborough Ruth AValtor Patricia Owen (Murlcopn.) Clydd Barbeaux .Louis Banduccl Gerald Rldoaux Joseph Consanl W. Rosenhall A. Cartlpassl Pete Pasquinl. Beth McFadyen Marjorle Clark Bern Ice Steward Kleanor Smith Mary Smith • Kvelyn Pyles Erma Gale Morrla (San Fernando) Barbara Thrasher Barbara Mulr Barbara Martin .Tane Brown Yolanda Pasqulnl Molly O'Brien (Long Beach) Alice Banduccl Alice Ilankln Louise Wardwell Nonla Lwnucchi Jaquo Oliver Mildred Cuneo Rose Pierruccl Miss Wilnia Wagoner Elefeted National Vice-President of Theta Tou Theta • » Miss Wllma Wagroner,' past president , of the local chapter, was installed as national vice-president when Theta Tau Theta sorority held Its annual conclave In Sacramento September 5, 8 and 7. Plans were furthered for holding the national conclave here In September of next year.-' •'.'.'•, !'' v . ..,- .'-'•••. Enjoy Party Delegates and members of Oakland, Sacramento, Bakersfleld and Fresno chapters were present. Mrs. Rao Redfern, local, chapter prcsl-' dent, and Mrs. Cloetls Armlstead attended OS' local delegates. The Misses Francos St. Clalr and Mar- jorle Marmaduke also were present. Prior to the regular business meeting a garden party was held , Saturday night. Swimming and dancing were enjoyed by members and their escorts. A dinner dance was enjoyed Sunday evening at which formal Installation of national officers was held. Editor Complimented Mrs. Walter Muller was complimented warmly for her efforts In editing the annual sorority year book for 1936. At a local meeting last evening plans for fall business, were submitted. An .active calendar is anticipated. The next ' regular business will 'beheld Wednesday, Hep- tember 1G at tho home of Miss Elizabeth McGinn, 2230 B street. Local Group Mrs. Carl Rummlch Is tho sorority mother. Members Include Mea- dames Cleotla Armlstead, Frances Bacheller, Ben Brundage, George. Premo, A. K. Nelson, Floyd Parish, Rao Redfern, Lloyd Richards, Frank Schamblln, Dick Strlcklln, Daughtry AVharton, Irving Burr, Walter Muller, Misses Verna Croson, Charlotte Cutshall, Irene De- 1 gan, Mary Helen Glasgow, Lllabcl Hancock, Marjorle Marmaduke, Elizabeth McGinn, Frances St. Glair, Annette O'Shaughnessy, Athene_ Stevenson, Reglna Stovenson, Wllma" Wagoner, Doris Walters, Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Painter. SORE STOMACHS DUE TO GASTRIC HYPERAaDITV Tender and inllamod, scorched by adds. Burning with pain, gnawing appo- Uto, but such o penalty paid lor gratifying it I What a picture! And howunnaceiury, thanks to VON'S PINK TABLETS Thli ptMcrlptlon it "net itiru to coat Irrllittd •nil (rtnuUltil iiirficm. to lOpthe Infltmid tlomnrh infinlirinM. to quell ptln >nd to qultt IIIIIIM. Wllh inch proKotlon Ntturi n«»flj Kitli th« htillni proem. Tlltet iliyi, tuuillr •nd rmi Knnw >ml f««l til thU hipponlu*. Aik •bout (u>»nu«. Not on nit at drug itorM. C>ll or Wrltt lor FREE BOOKLET "THE PROBLEM OF THE SUFFERER" LOB ANQELE8 VON CO., 368J-A Wlllhlrt Blvd.. L. A. Phone FEtl»r«l KM.—Adr We Have Several Modern Homes Just Being Completed Well Located—Beautiful Sec this three-bedroom dwelling at 1906 Dracena street, one block east of Oleander avenue. Also a four- bedroom house with two baths. J. C. BURKE Contractor and Owner, 1725 Chester Avenue Office Phone 118, Res. 1607-J SAf ELY RID YOU OF CORNS Dr. Scholl'i Zino-padi not only Initanlly relieve pain, itop ihoc friction and pre»- •ure. prevent tore toe« »ml blliteri and quickly, «nf«ly remove corn*- they »c- iu«lly prevent them coming buck I No other method ilve» you thli triple-action. D» Luit Or. Scholl'i Zino-mdi, fleth color, waterproof, 35<. St*naatd Whitt Or. Schotl'l Zino-padi, 35C box. D- r SchoHs« » 1'AY KK8TOKKU OAKLAND. Hept. 10.- (A, I'.) — l>'ull pay rcatorallon to Oakliind police offleors* and flrcmon and a timall Increaso to 600 other city em- pluyos WHS announxHHl today by City Managw John V. Hauler. The city iMiyroll will bo liuntuuiod $120.000 u yetu v by tl» v move. SOAPdiid OINTMENT Getting Up Nights Ifij-ou iu((er from CHttlntr Up Night*. Mervou*n«M, t«», l*»Jn«. Bwolttn Joint*, 1 •X)lM4nwM, }lMdkon»«. l-o»» of Pep, BUrn- i inir, smwtinjt. itohm» Acidity ai» to (unotlonul Kidney or Blttdder troubl**, trx tb« nectar 1 * «un-wit«<idi pr*«crlptloiv C>-»to» i8lM*t»x). Mu»l brln*- n»w vitality fin 41 hour*, and aaikify compUt«ly In i > i)«ya or monty bucX. Quaran ' KODAK JUNIOR A smart, fast-lens camera at a low price Only $13.50 buys the new, efficient Kodak Junior Six-20 with the fast f.0.3 lens. Its' compact enough to slip into your cont pocket—it's ready for a variety of good 214 by SVi-ineh snapshots when you waul them. Other models as low as $10. Come in and sec them. KBWBALL & STONE The Particular Druggist* Phone 63 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakersfleld, Calif. CROSLEY 1937 MODEL RADIOS on Display at HOWARD MONDAY'S APPLIANCE DEPT. VALLEY MUSIC STORE 1023 Nineteenth Street •-\ • K~ •" t: \ f '••, '. • ' '_' '?,*,•' j',' '.,,'•,',,;'" v< C- Vt -- ..& «'lt$

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