The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 12
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,„• % .' * ^ / *• ' * " fHE BAKER8HELD CALIPOKNlAN, THURSDAY, 10, 1996 3— Wasco Aid Plans Bazaar at Unruh Home on Friday Mrs. Lucinda Turr Is Feted | on Birllulny; Potlnck Is ! Planned by Chili ifflieclal tii TliK Callfuriiinn i MA.RK.'OI J A. Ho|)t. HI .Miirlrnpu | chapter <>. K. S. hi.'lil KM c>ppiiln« ; meollHK in Hi'! MiiNonlr Triiipln j TuomJuy i.-vpiilriK with Mr«. UiiNHli'! C. litimicll. worthy matron, innl Cliarloa Mowrr, worthy piitrnn. In j i-lmrg'-. Mr*. Until HUH*, ili-piily grati'l inutruii. WIIH n KIII'HI of Ilic evening, otln'r BIH-HIH Incliidcil David Urlbbln worthy iirilrnii of Tuft clmpliT. mid Milton KOHH, piitrnn of Tuft chiiptrr. I'VllluWlnK till) iHIBlllCSH HI'HHloll. I'l- frcshlivntfl woro wrvoil :il IHMK tablew In tliu fonnciuH liiill, dfi-omii-d with viiNcfl of vurlrolon-il cut f low ITS- In n color Hr.'hiMni- of pink mid Kr'"'n. Mrs. l,tic,lndii Tnrr WIIH li-iulcroil :i beautifully dororntod lilrlluliiy i-nU'-. , During the Hi'rvliiK of fri-fHlnm-ntH rcportw of viiniilotiH WITI- Hindi' hy ; Mr. mid MrH. HOHH mid Mr lirllildn, of Tuft; Mr mul MrH. i 'liurli'H ]>u\vi-r, Mr. mid Mi;«. Jmiii-s Ddiklnn, ; Mr-i. ' May U'lilto. MCM KathliMMi (,'ruwfonl mid oilier." ! MrH Hontrlri' Howin iinnonni'od '• thn potluck dlnm-r to tii; iflvpn by I Ijifl AmlgiiH rlub on \\ViliinHiluy, i Hnplf nilii'i It!, mill ri'nijnHlPil nil ' nifinburti I" !»• pri'HiMit to lutnlut with I!,-- Hi-wliiK for thn Im/jiiir to In: held by thr rlub on Ontnhur 10. The r<>- fri'Hlimi'iil rommlltcn for llic i-vc > l>itiK Inrhidnd Mi'HiljinirH SIIH|I> i Rrnllh. rhnlrniiin: i'pi-11 HOKUM. Mln nlo BiillliRli. Mnttlii llnrklrroiid mid i I/en Marie- SPIITH. Tim ri % rronhimMilii I roinmtt t.w riH mmonni'i'd by MrH. ; KtiBHr-ll lor tlin ii'-xt moistlMK In I rlmlf'H MrH. l.mirn Wiillcrn. <'hulr ! man, with MrH. Kdnii Htiirhurli mid j anil Monny Klilil. ; W ASCO, Sept. 10.<n hfi l.nlrl P'rlrli A hn/Biir IH in be held Friday evening nl the John Unruh home, where many kinds of handwork and nprons will be on sale by members of the Cicrmnn HnptlMt l/iidlt-M Aid mul the KingN DniiKlitiTN. MTH. W. (J. Kraft IH president of the Ladien Aid nnd MrH. Al Corrcll Is preHldcnt of the KlnjtH DaiiKhtcrH. The public IM Invited to attend. Homemade Ice cream it ml cuke will be served durlnjf the cvcnlni;. On the Air K(iO-KI'f) — Nulloml Rromtnmtlna Coni' piny—Duppllei proffrimi to: KTI. KtCA. KfSD, K(IW. K(X, KOMO, KMQ, Kin. K(!A, KOA. KOHL. KDVt. K(lln. KTAR KrRB-CBS—Omi L« ind Coliimtili—Sup- plln pmomml to: KIU, KflS. KD8, KM/, KliW. KFRK, KrnN, KOL. KVI. KSL. KOIM. KBfY. If COPIED McFnrlnnd Family Visits DioimoH nnd Historic Spots of Nolioir (Hlicolal la Tlif Oalt/nmlttttJ McKAUIjANW. Wept. 10.— Mr. nnd Mrs. II. J. Ituntlry and their family, MIKH Phyllis, Hurry and Bllllo, aro homo after enjoying a 2200 mllu trip by train anil a BIOO inlln trip In thnlr now automobllo which they purchased nl, Detroit. After leaving (hoy entered Canada and I ho Lake Ki-lo drive to Nl- Couple Observes Long Anniversary WASCO, Sept. 10,— -Tlio twenty- fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mr/i, James .Little Was cclabrated lost Kunduy with a family gathering which Included all their children and tho family of Mrs. Owendolln Mack- lln. Mr. and Mrs. Little nhd Mr, rind Mrs. A, C. Maiiklln were mitrrlod at n. doublo wedding coromony at ford, Canada, September 0, Covers wnrn Inld for a celebration dinner Hnndny at the Llltlo homo for Mr. and MI-H. Jar;l< Mttln of Culver City, Malcolm LIUlo of Los An- Kf-los, Kennnth, Douglas, Keith, Al- Ilwtor and Hetty Jano Llttlo and Mrs, Ownndolln Miicklln, Gordon Macklln, Ttugh Mackltn nnd Ownudolln Mat-kiln. Spectacle Planned for, Anzac Festival (United rreit twteit Wire) HYDNJ3Y, N. 8. W; Sept, 10,—The landing of the Anmcs at Oalltpoll may bo re-enacted In Sydney. That Is one of the spectacular, displays being considered for the celebration In 1038 of tho fifteenth anniversary of tho founding of Australia. Part of Hydney harbor bears a striking resemblanco to Gaba 1'opo,. flal- Ilpoll, u.|id would lend Itself to such a spectacle, with warships In tho h'rtr- bar protending to bombard the height. 4 < » GKT8 1118 H15 A US MONTIC13LLO, Utah, Sept. 10. (U. I'.j—Hoy MusNClman, San ,'Juan county veteran trapper, Is one of tho hist who makes a profession of trapping bears. Ho recently completed a two-month hunt In which ho got two largo upeclmens. British Soldiers to Learn Japanese (United I'rett Lentetl \Vlrr) SINGAPORE, Sept. 10.—More British officers of the army, navy, air force and police must learn Japanese, authorities here have decided. In tho past these services, have depended;upon Japanese subjects to act as Interpreters, and on the fact that a large number of Japanese speak' English fluently. Although moro than 4000 Japanese "are living In Singapore, and a special department of tho political police Is responsible for their good conduct, there Is -onl • yono police officer In thfc city who speaks Japanese. A staff of Japanese Interpreters ',1s also employed. Buck's Lake Open Now for Fishing fAniocfaferf Prebt LMntA Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 10.—Under terms of an order issued today by Governor Merrlam, Buck's Lake, Plumas county, has been opened to fishing at all times, Including the month of October, when It previously had been closed, All streams flowing Into the:lake, however,'-,are to remain closed to fishing as they were before trie order, opening Buck's Lake. The lake, It was'said at the .department of natural resources, Is noted for trout fishing. , *> i » CORONATION COSTS LONDON, Sept. .10. (U. P.)~Tho robes which British peers and peer- esses'will wear at the coronation of King Edward next year will cost nearly a million dollars—robes $426 each and coron.ets $30. Man Gets Reprieve While Case Opened: (United Pre»i Leated Vflrt) HELENA, Mont., Sept. 10.—-Will-' lam Clarence Gates, convicted Slayer now Incarcerated In the county jail ati'.Mimoula, won't have to worry about what la going to happen when his seventh reprieve expires Septeny He'has been notified already that, he will be granted an eighth stay- The announcement woa made by Governor Elmer Itolt so that the condemned man would not nave, to undergo the anxiety of "walling out hla present reprieve until the last moment. , The governor plans <t further study of the trial- records In which Gates was sentenced to hang for the slaying of Paul A. Read, federal prohibition agent. ' .__ KKItN \VilXAI 5:00 to Ituynl 6:30 p. m. fxnim. hiKH: ti;i: Mm- orlc- :lfi Jean ('owan, NIIC nelwi runtriilln. B:30 to fliOO p. m. KKItN Tn lie iilinoiinred. \Vil.\AI Itei-nrillnRN. .Vlli' network Pinner roneiirt. 0:00 to flulO p. m. KI'MIN To lie annnlllK'ftd. K.NX-•• World Dnii'-en; 0:15, News. WBXAI New'.i 1'liiMieN; I!: IB, filn- IK«I- Ci,in-erl to 11:41. NIK' network—lloli linrnii' Munlo Hall. 0:30 to 7iOO p. m. KICIIN and network Murrli of 'I'lnie. ii:4."i, Hperry Klmir Mnle ChoriiH I'arade. KNX .Innen lloyn. I! 41,. Minim WiiXAl •(• Hi, Hkiilrlien In Melody. NIIC network Murdi Hull. 7iOO to 7:.10 p. m. KKItN und nut work - William Hard. Speaker. 7 15. Itenfrcw of the Moiiiited, KNX -Klnier <!oen Hollywood; 7 Iti. Tenor mul I in-heHita, UTiXAl Kl> and '/.n\>; 7: Hi. World Danri'M. NIK' network -Ainim 'n' 7:H>, Hhowlioal. 7:M to BlOO p. m. KIOIIN and network—Jay K and Ori'lienlru. KNX- Newlywcdn, 7 .|r,, ('<iwlioy, WflXAl -- Uiililtinff-.liin 7:'iri, Cei'll and Bally. NBC network Hhnw lloal H;00 to 8:30 p. in. KKIIN and network —( Miarhe net und '»ri'lioHtra. KNX CallhiK All Cai-M. WfiXAI -Hollywood nn I'urade. H Id, Krank Walanalie NIK' nntwnrh—-Hlinw I lout; H lu, Hlnndiird Hynipliony lioin. B:30 to 11:00 p. in. KI'/HN und nntwoik I'limdnif I'll rade; h:4d, Cornet- Hlorn I'lillun- opher. KNX Uirry I.eiVn ( irrheiitrii WIIXAI Hoinn I'^lkii; H 1!., llll« mid I'ini'.ori'N. NIIC nelwiirk Ktandnrd Hyin- phony Hour. 0:00 lo OiM p. rn. KKItN nnd network Molill M»K» •/.Inn of Hie Air. KNX NIIWN; |i:lfi. Whldden'H Or- 'Andy; King erce, llai : Tlu-lr Illii'irnry Included many 1 : pliicos of historical find romantic In- I leri'St, Irn-liidliiK Toronto anil Cal- | i landor. They enjoyed seeing tho : I Olonnn riulnttl|>)uls and talked With 1 , Mr. l.Hiiniic, falhfr of tho children. > Tliry di-siTlbii th(f children IIH bi'hiK Just (iff adornblH an tho III-PBS him | pli'lurcd tlicin. ! \'hll ('Miniilii's ShrlnrM In Tiinuilci they vlHlird the mil- vprslty, f >lil l''or( New V'urU nnd nl ; n.l. Oltawn. I'anada's capllal, visited j thr Piirllamcnt bulldlngH und the. j Metnnrlnl liulldliiK. In Montreal, j they vlwlted I ho Not n 1 Dunns Cut .he- ' ilrnl, HI. Joseph Hhrlno and Mt. | Hnynl. I'VillowIng tho Kt. l.nwronce ! rlvt-r, Hie parly went to Qiieliei', ! Which they llenfrlhe liH lielllff one n| I the iiimil liilereHtlllg ellleH of thej entire trip. Here lln-y vlolleil the! I'liilnn of Abraham. I'rovlneliil build- , IngH, the (.'Itailel, Dtifferln Tnrrace, '• MoMtinoroncy l^nllH and tho Hhi Ine j of HI. A niH? iluHeaupro. CroMHliiK thu HI. Lawrence river i nl Cjunbcc by ferry they molorvd to j Jncloiiitn, Auffimta nnd Portland, . Mnllie, where they hud thelf first i Kllmpne of thi) Atlantic ocean, then i to UoHton, MIIHH., where they vldltei) I the ItoNton Common, KrnnUlln Parh, ! The Old North Church, Paul I In- j vere'n home, the Mite ot the UoHton ] ten parly and of tho IViHloii IIKIH- i Mliere. A lining othi-T plncnH of Interns! viMltod \vero (.'umbrldgp, (Joncord ami I .cxliiKl'iii; I'tynioulh UocU at I'lymoiith, Masii., I'rovlilenco, H. I., New Haven, Conn., and Now York City. Hen \Vhlle . WflXAl NHWH I'-liiMlicN, l''ehoeii of HtUKn und Hc NIIC iHitn'orli Sliindurd plumy; H.-lfi. Hnllywiiod In 9. -IB. 1)1.10 lo 10:00 p. ni. KIOItN nnd iiKlwink .Inn (iarbnr Syin Tnlent WIIXAI- Hliylliin and Itmniiiieiv NIIC network Hollywood I'll rude, l*:-tti, Nlni'ly IIUVM In Tllnr. 10:00 to 10::IO p. in. 1C II! UN— World In Review, 10:10, Jlniiny Iioii«iiy and On-ln-hira. U'BXAI All Heipiff.t I'roRiiiin. 10:30 to tliOO p. m. KI'JHN und iiftworli Lurry Kent und Oi'i'licfiiia, WIIXAI All ll>.i|iii>Nl I'rnKi-ain, 11iOO to tti.10 p. m. KI'IIIN nnd niMwoi-k IMi:h Jin - i'i und ( H'chei.l rn. the f!oorn;n \ViiHlilllKtnn Mi'inorlnl brldK" from New York to i Trenton, New .lerm-y, they drove to I ; Phlladoltihln, I'enn., whore they vltdleil Indepenileni'n Hall, liolHy ItniiN' home, Convention Hull and' ninny other p|nr.i<M. They then drove I to Itn II Ini'iiv. Mn I'yliind. AnnupollH, land \ViinhliiKloii, I). ('. Here they j ! enjoyed V|M|||IIK |)n> Whlti; HOIIHU, i : \ViiNhlnKtoii Mon and the] Tomli of Hie Unknown Holdli'iv j They II!HO vlidled Ihn liunm of , OenrK" WiinhliiKt'in at Mount Ver- , , non, then drove to ChiirloltNvllle i I whoro thi-y vlHlted Monleelto, the | i honiii ol' Thulium .leffernon. They I drovo from Knoxvllle, and Ninth- i | vllle , throiiKh Knnliieky, Indiana, | lllliiiilH. and then to SI, l.onln. j when! I hey onjoyod nlKlit HnolriK and I ill li'lhlril Hie lniHeliiill KHIIIO of the' i Ml l.olilH CardlntilN and thn Ilimlon i Keen. 1 They returned via the noil thorn I route, throiitrh Oliliihomn, Now I Mexico, Texiiw and Arizona, visiting I for a few dnyii at Hiinta llnrlmni, j whom they were tlio gilcHt.H of rolil- 1 liven A NICKEL DRINK WORTH A DIME SlimVKK HATH I Oil I'KiS HYDNICV. N. K. \V., Mnpt. 10. (I!. IV) Cold Nhmvor luillin IIUVM l««rii In Htnllnd In U'linl urn liclli'Vctl In In! (he iiimil liiMirliniN |il« Hlyi'H In lhi> wnild. til lOinii I'liilMM. IT thn mil- iniil.M arc Ui'i'l iMxil In hoi went her, II IIIIH lii'i'ii fiiiiiiil Hull Ihcy fiillcn lu'lii-r. Get Rid of Ants and Roaches—Quick TII liMiilnh llii'Bo iioHtH In a hurry, Junl Hprlnldi- IIOII.ACII IK.TUHH Ihnli- IriillM irollowliiK Ihcin lit thnlr bur rowM If piiKHlljIn). uiul In craokH und IIIIIACII iniilu-H Hhorl work of In- DIM'! |n>MtH tlniuKli It IH Kuanuili'i'il Niifi' for human liolMK" and anlinaln. lli'Ht nl all II'M iiiloi-li'Hn III Handy Sifter CHUN -.V up nl nil Hrnc, (<ni- rro, Need SloreN and I'el Shops. —Adv. Buy. ETEH-ATOR PLAN 1936 KEIMATOR to own an amazing KASY TKUMS luiajjinc-vou can lute - KtlMiumt, the h»n.| s omf«t, nuui ronvcmeiiilr ilcni;iied rclii/<fiitoi you \ f evci Inj cvfs on — light away, witlwiii paving « IKIIIU ilown. You can (njoy n vmlumr JHulictind lo '""I monililv 01 weekly remittance or niaLuif! rmllruly rc|>eaicil MSIH \,u\. to our store to meet ihe imtallinrnti. You umply drop (> little as 15C a dav in flic luiuly hide Ninrr-Aioi lust 15c a day, and the Kelvinamr u paid (or altuoit be/ore you know it. Wliy, Kch m»ior s ecoiioniy will ».ve you that much money I So why wait any longcii 1 Come m *nd chooiejunr Kclvinator today. 20,000 Cubic Feet of Fresh Conditioned Per Minute Keeps You COOL AT i i m mfr m u m l£* i m m if** i u m &£** Lending an Ear to the ApPEAL of Our Buyers Have Stocked Those Garments and Accessories Redolent With. Vital Youth and Distinctive Style Which Is Young America at School! ! Those First Back-to-School Days ol' the Jr Hi and Hi-School Miss Call for DRESSES They niiufc tire really Fasliion Creations — of Washable Renee Crepe in Gcorgeous Full Colors. $2.99 Made to clolight the heart of any girl from size 12 up, WeilPs Is the Home of Snappy Togs Intent on Going Back to School A Smart Perky Little Outfit which is also very practical is the TWO-PIECE SUITIE Made of a really fine grade of Washable Suiting Fabric $1.98 A choice of plains, mixed and checks. Many Other Adorable Styles for Twixteens' and Sub Debs' Undies-on Balcony $1.00 .$1.69$1.00 79c SLIPS of Rayon. Moulded for the Young Lady of 11-13 or 15 SLIPS of Salin—Bias Cut. Lace Trim. Tea Rose. 11-13-15 SLIPS of Satin With Built Up Shoulders in Tea Rose and White. Sizes 2 to 0... SLIPS of Rayon. Sizes 7-14 SHORTS and BRIEFS, 2 to 14 and 11-13 and 15s No Real Schoolgirl Can Get Along Without Several WASH PRINTS And we're getting in special shipments of these cleverly styled Wash Dresses in dark tones suitable for early fall school days at $1.98 School Wardrobes Demand SKIRTS They uro. nut only snu\rt but the most wearable garment for all school Hges. We've several snappy stylos in WOOL CREPE and BOTANY FLANNEL in basket weaves, checks, stripes, plain colors and smart plaids. Youthful autumn tones and dark full shades. $2.98 «. $5.95 •CHIC IE6INS WITH FITTID STOCKINOS- .Artirafi PROPORTIONED STOCKIN 'You will relax and enjoy yountlf when you. wear Artcraft" Magic Fit Stockings in your corrtcf /eg s/ae. No need to be annoyed by short, taut stockings pulling at the garters or by sloppy stockings bunched at the top. Choose your right length and get a smarter, longer-wearing, more comfortable stocking. 10 Lovely New Shades^ . . All Weights' 3 Lengths: Short—• Average — Long <M OK Per Three d>0 OA tPl.OO Pair Pairs tPO.iJV This Season Especially, SWEATERS Have that college bred look and are scheduled lo major in popularity with one and all. $1.98 TO • Twin Sets • Coat Sweaters • High Jinks $4.98 •Pullovers •Sleeveless Vests •All Pall Tones And us a Close Companion to That Sports Sweater, Choose a Sport Blouse of Fine Quality Broadcloth. <J»-f Tailored mid Trim Looking $ JL. Other Blouses lo $2.98

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