The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on March 3, 1914 · Page 5
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 5

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1914
Page 5
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'AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 3, 1914. yoHios GLANCE CANTON A little brown dog threw the court room of Judge Robert Day Into confusion when It Bud-dealy entered during the trial of a case, and after running among tba spectators' seats, leaped upon the judge's bench. Charles Alexander, court bailiff, ran to the bench, and grabbed the animal, which turned nn Hi nnrt hit him In the hand. The judge did not know the bailiff had been bitten and chlded Alexander for being rough. MANSFIELD Mrs. Theodore M"-leska, 21, picked up the wrong can when starting a nre ana pourea gasoline on the Are. There was an explosion and she was burned from head to foot. She died several hours later. ' CONKEATIT One man here is dead, one seriously 111 and over a dozen are recovering from the effects of drinking wood alchohol. The men, section hands, found the alchp-hol leaking from a car in the Nickel Plate yards. They proceeded t' catch it and drink it. Joe Bigas died eoon after from the effects. CANTON William F. Zerbe, manager of the Harnett hotel, ami a member of the City Council until January 1, is out of the city, Prosecutor H. C. Pontius said Monday, and for that reason the county was forced to delay until the next term of courl its case against William A. McCrea, ' owner of the Barnett and manufac turer. McCrea is accused of main taining a place where liquor was sold on Sunday. ' The arrest of McCrea followed a raid on the Barnett, In which a number of men are alleged to have been found drinking In a room on the second floor, Zerbe U a material witness, Prosecutor Pon tius says. TOLEDO Based on charges that most public dance halls in Toledo are breeding places for social vice, 2 'delegation of ministers from the To- ledo Pastor's union .will call oil Mayor Keller and petition for a rigid Investigation. An Inquiry into tbo advisability of municipal dance halls TOURING WORLD ON L THEIR HONEYMOON f . . -....vv Mrs. J. A. Wittman. Now touring In the United States re Mr. and Mrs, J. A. Wittman of Australia. Wittmar. started out eighteen years ago to dig a fortune out of the gold fields in the most desolate part of Australia. A few months ago he quit, having made his pile. Then he hunted around and found the girl whose picture appears above. They were married and are now touring the world on their honeymoon. also is asked. Women here Inspire! the petition. It Is suggested the proposed new city charter provide city control of all night amusements on a no-profit plan. Mayor Keller declared he would give the ministers' committee all the aid he can. CONNEAUT A fish story, the first of the season, but a true one. "Billle" Batchelor and Walter Goldsmith caught 38 pickerel and bullheads Saturday in a small pond near the harbor. The fish which ran up into this pond from the creek in thn Winter were wedged In an air-hole. The two men broke the ice and haul- ed them out by hand. SANDUSKY The plant of the Sandusky Auto Parts & Motor Truck company offered for sale, under an order of the United States court in bankruptcy proceedings, was bid In by James J. Dauch, president or tna Hlnde & Dauch company, this city, for $78,000. It was appraised at $126,600. Attorney Neff of Cleveland, representing creditors in Cleve land and elsewhere, protested the sale on the ground that Mr. Dauch a blanket bid prevented a separate sale of real estate at a higher price than it brought. Mr. Dauoh expects to use the plant to manufacture tractors and automobile power plants ifithe sale is confirmed by the federal court. MARION Telling ten profession. ai gamblers they were worse than highwaymen because they robbed poor working men of their earnings, Mayor Don Brockett, after fining each $10, warned them if they wero caught again they would be punished to the limit. As a result of an early morning raid 18 were arrested, ten of whom pleaded guilty. The majority gave fictitious names. FINDLAY J. C. Edle, service department clerk, and Russell Morrison, safety department clerk, resign ed and were succeeded .- by Joseph Page and John A. Cheney, Democrats. A ruling by the state corneals- slon, that the service clerkship was not under civil service, but the other waB, was not learned by Morrison until after he resigned. Both Dem ocrats are Mayor Frey's appointees, the Republicans holding office be cause Democrats would not bring ac tion to oust them, ZANESVILLE In the faoe of a petition filed by well system advocates with 1,389 signatures asking for an initiative, council passed a resolution authorizing the service di rector to ask for plans and specifica tions for a mechanical filtration plant tor Zanesville. The state board of neaitn last month recommended ; a mechanical filter and gave council until May 1 to show it was complying witn tne order, council declared It an emergency measure, to preclude a referendum. Well advocates threaten court proceedings to restrain the Issue of bonds. If Editor Tells How D. D. D. Prescription Cured His Eczema Clergyman and Banker Also Write How They Secured Relief, Thanks to D. D. D. H. G. Hotchklss, Editor Echo, Prophet tstown, 111.: Remember, mlns was ozema of fifteen years standing. Now I am completely healed, after 4 bottles of 13. D. D. I have seen a case of 26 years standing cured. I have seen my own doctor cured of barber's itob, which he could not cure himself. F. R. Tesar. Banker, Hopklnton, Ia.t I treated with three doctors for sis months. They did me no good; my face and scalp were full of the disease. I applied D. IX D. Result my. face Is as smooth as a baby's. Rev. L. I. Downing. Pastor 5th Ave. Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, Va.: For fhre vnnrit I suffered, intensely so. I have at last found relief In D. D. D. I am no longer tortured completely cured. I have no hesitancy in acknowledging the great virtues of this specific The cures of D. D. D. are past belief. All drugglnts know and are glad to recommend this soothing, cooling liquid. Come to us and we will tell yod more about this remarkable remedy, and the efficient D. D. 1). Skin Soap. We offer the first full else bottle on the guarantee that unless It does as Is said, your money will be refunded. Tou alone to judge. Harper iJrug Stores, Akron; Wool sey and iiiaser, tsarDerion. aciv. D.D.D. Soap Keeps Your Skin Ha tthy The Ludicrously Funny Musical Comedy On the School Flay Grounds Wine Pretty Dresden Doll Girlies, One Funny Comedian.' It's the Biggest Laugh in Vaudeville. TRAVOTO The Mad Musician A Sensation Everywhere EARLE & BARTLETT Always a Riot Wherever They Play MILLER 8c VINCENT Some Boy Some Girl Some Songs RONALDO BROS. Graceful Acrobats in Feats Equilibristic EXTRA JAMES PERRY & CO. EXTRA -n-VTD i 1 la the Immensely Funny Comedy, f pyTTJ A fcXiKA ( REN0 AND RETURN" ) M1KA NEW T.EYTNrSTONT Pnhor T Whltmer, 58, postmaster at Thorn- vine, Ferry county, died of heart dis ease. TOLEDO A movement Is under way by friends of Representative Isaac R. Sherwood of this city to hav? him become a candidate for United States Senate before the Democratic state primaries next August. It la said that the subject has been broached to Representative Sherwood and he promises to give an answer in a few days, when he will visit this city. Coincident with this announcement, the same faction In the dlstric, Democracy Has mentioned Charley A. Thatcher, attorney, who was a candidate for the State Supreme court in 1912, for the place in congress. It s pointed out that General Sherwood's active career in congress has fitted him for the duties ot the senate. ' CARBON HILL In a scuffle with his wife over the possession ot a new revolver, Constable John Gears pull ed another revolver from his pocke and shot her in the stomach. Gears eayg the shooting was accidental. Physicians at a Neleonville hospital, where Mrs. Gears was taken, says she will die. KENTON Harry H. Wells, BIk Four brakeman, was struck by the lower timbers of the Columbus strida bridge here while standing on a car passing under the structure and was fatally injured. Surgeons say nil fckull is fractured and several bones in hlB face are broken. He is tho third recent accident victim of this bridge. Wells' wife and two chil dren live in Springfield. CONNEAUT With several deaths due indirectly to the cold, numerous accidents caused by blinding snow, a $5,000 fire loss and railroad trains and trolley lines hours behind time, this city began recovering from one of the worst bllzards in years. Rati' road trains entering the terminals here showed eight and ten cars with roofs blown off. Tonight. 15c, 25c, 50c, 75c MATINEE Wednesday matinee 1 r oe rn. 1DC 3C OUC Tilt! ICVMUST CARTOON SHOW OF TIIKM AM, OSCAR Sc ADOLPH WITH RICE AND CADY AND A DAXCE-MAD CHORUS OP PRA-NCING GIRI.IBS jiMX'r TUB SHEPHKRD OP THE HILLS" m I Mt i III in.. mi, ii in mi I' d'n wi mnl mn wrmr" iTTiwniii nni j. MOW PLAYING Mark E, Swan'. Stde-Sptltttiig Farce Comedy In 8 Merry Acta, BROWN'S IN TOWN Better Than "Charley'. Aunt." NEXT WEBK "The Lion and the Mouse." KatHaUMKM ITANLEY' FEATURE at the EMPRESS THEATER. "Grandmother's Lamp," is a real feature in three parts. The story deals with a grandmother's memories of long ago when she was young. It was war time; al' Italy struggling for freedom, Is In the field against the invaders. A young officer Is wounded In a flerca charge; he is brought to her uncle's house and grandma nurses him, and then her beautiful romance begin.. She finally marries the officer, but before this occurs, many thrilling incidents are pictured. How the title is derived is this: It Is grandmother's birthday anniversary, and the young folks have provided what they think will be a pleasant surprise by substituting a new electric lamp for the old oll.lamp on the table of her sitting room.'To their surprise, she asks that the old lamp be returned, and after this is done she tells them the history whicn makes the old lamp so dear to her. It had been used in the belfry of an old church tower to guide tha soldiers on that memorable night, many years before. This special feature will be shown on Wednesday and Thursday, March 4 th and 5th, at the Empress theater, this city. SRODBECK BUILDING, MAIN & EXCHANGE STS. Finest Dance Floor in the State Dancing Every Evening FROM 7:30 TO 11 P.M. Saturday Afternoon FROM 2 TO 5 P.M. Popular IParlc Flan 5c PER DANCE A baby food for baby chicks. Greatest advance in scientific chick feeding in the past century. Pratt's Baby Chick Food saves chicks, money, worry. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. For Bale by all first class dealers in Akron and vicinity. 3684. Adv. SPRING CRUISES ITALY & EGYPT THU1 RIVIERA via Madeira Gibraltar, Algiers Largest Steamer In the Trade "Celtic" MARCH 7 From NEW YORK BOSTON Canopic Mar. 14. Cretlc Apr. a. WEST INDIES PANAMA CANAL SOUTH AMERICA Newest Steamer to the Tropica "LAVRENnC CASTER CRUISE . APRIL 4. 10 Days (145 and Up. c-N'YeA9er company All This Week- The March House Furnishing Sale We are prevared to give exceptional service in the furnishing of necessities for housekeeping in this enlarged House Furnishing Store LOWER FLOOR. . Many extraordinary inducements offered for the week. Big Values in Granite Ware A Stove Sale That Will Interest People With One to Buy A Saving of 20o to 25 OFF Regular Prices Three carloads take your choice of the kind of Stove you need and only pay 75 to 80 per cent, of its value. Gas Ranges SEVK STRAINERS 10c Like cut; something every kitchen requires; worth 20c. COVERED PAILS 34c. 4-qt. size. Just 100 to sell at 34c each. , TEAKETTLES (8 Sizes) No. 6 Size only 44c No. 7 Size only 52o No. 8 Size only 59c PRESERVING KETTLES 8 qt. Preserving Kettles 25c. 10 qt. Preserving Kettles 35c. 12 qt. Preserving Kettles 89c. RICE BOILERS 38o Quantity limited. LOT NO. 1 - Btew Pans Sauce Pans Pudding Pans Jelly Cake Pans 1-qt. Stew Kettles Mixing Spoons Soap Dishes , Skimmers Cake Turners 5c LOT NO. a , Sink Strainers Stew Kettles Granite Cups Covered Palls, Pie Pans Kettle Covers 10c BIG BARGAINS IN GRANITE DISH PANS No. 12 Granite Dish Pans 29c each. No. 17 Granite Dish Pans 39c each. No. 44 Granite Dish Pans 44c each. COFFEE POTS 38o Large granite coffee pots, like cut, only 38c. LOT NO. 3 Colanders Cake Pans . Preserving Kettles Milk Pans Basins 'Ti Kettle Covers 15c LOT NO. 4 Large Stew Kettles Mixing Bowls Dish Pans Sauce Pans Basins Pudding Pans Coffeepots Berlin Kettles 25c COLANDERS 16a. Large size Granite Oolandera, like cut; worth 26c L $19.00 Worth $2.T5. $12.75 $18.75 $22.75 $24.75 $23.75 $29.75 $44.75 Range Range Range Range Range Range Range $10.25 $15.00 $18.25 $19.75 $19.00 $23.75 $35.95 $23.75. Worth $29.75 Oil Stoves $3.50 Oil Stove $2.75 $3.75 Oil Stove $2.98 $3.98 Oil Stove $3.00 $4.50 Oil Stove $3.50 $5.98Oil Stove $4.50 GasHeating Stoves $ 1.25 Gas Heater $1.00 $ 1.49 Gas Heater $1.15 $ 2.25 Gas Heater $1.75 $ 4.98 Gas Heater $3.75 $ 5.98 Gas Heater $4.50 $ 7.50 Gas Heater $5.75 $10.75 Gas Heater $8.00 Coal Heaters Coal Ranges $ 9.75 $ 7.98 $ 7.50 $ 5.75 $11.75 $12.75 $13.75 $16.98 $19.75 Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater Coal Heater $ 7.25 $ 5.98 $ 5.75 $ 4.50 $ 8.75 $ 9.50 $10.25 $12.75 $14.75 6-hole Range, like cut, with warming oven; $07 34.75, at. .. I m I kJ worth $34.7 6-hole Range, with warming oven; worth OC $32.75, at 10.3 6-hole Range, with warming oven; worth $Q 1 ff $38.75, at D1 .UU The Manufacturer's Sale and Demonstration of GOLCONDA DIAMONDS Is proving of great interest to patrons. These gems are pure diamond cut, crystal while stones and conceded to be the nearest approach in hardness and durability to the genuine diamond on the market. The resemblance is marvelous. The latest high or low Tiffany, Belcher and Gypsy settings in cold filled rings from $1.00 to $3.00. Artistic designs in brooches, bar, lace and collar pina DOc to $3.00. New designs in Men's Scarf Pins, Shirt Studs, etc., 50c to $2.50. Tiffany mounted Ear Screws $1.00 to $3.00. Every piece in this collection is guaranteed. Rogers' Table Silver in the Popular OAK Pattern Specially Priced Tea Spoons 10c each. Dessert Spoons 20c each. Table Spoons 25c each. $4 set of Knives and Forks, 6 each, $2.98. 75c Cream Ladles 49c. 75c Cold Meat Forks 49o. $1.00 Gravy Ladles 69c. $1 Sugar Shell and Butter Knife 69c. ,VUv $1.25 Berry i Spoon 78c. $1.50 set of Orange Spoons, (six), 98c. $2.00 set of Butter Spreaders, (six), $1.59. $2.25 set of Salad Forks, (six), $1.69. 40c Baby Spoons 29o. 35c Pickle Forks 23c. Rogers' Bros. Oak Pattern Silverware is beautifully finished in French gray background and fine die work. Novelties and Favors for St. Patrick's Day A splendid assortment of Crepe Paper novelties and favors for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Decorated Plates. Table Cloths. Place Cards. Shamrocks. Tally Cards. Greeting Cards. Booklets, etc Memo and Note Books 5c to 35c A notation of that engagement; or of a telephone number, or street address in one of these handy little hand bag memo books will save you a great deal of anxiety at some time or other. See them at the book counter. New Fiction The Red Emerald; Scott, $1.25. The Dark Hollow; Green, $135. Fine Feathers ; Walters, $1.25. A Big Sale of WHITE DINNERWARE at a Saving of a Fourth Buy one or as many pieces as you please. lc 15c 8c 6c 9c 10c 15c Individual Butter Dishes, each Sugar Bowla, at, each Creamer to match, each Spoon Trays, each . Cake Plates, each 8-inch Platters 10-inch Platters ............ 12-inch tyty Platters fcC 14-inch Platters ......... Oatmeal Dishes, dozen .......... Pickle Dishes, each 6- lnch Bakers, each 7- Inch Bakers, each 8 - inch Bakers, each 6- lnch Vegetable Dishes 7- inch Vegetable Dishes 29c ..40c 9c 8c 9c 14c 8c . 9 c Covered Vegetables Extra size Coffee Cups and Saucers, dozen....,, Bread and Butter Plates, dozen .......... Pie Plates, dozen .....m.. '.-.-.. Lunch Plates, dozen Breakfast Plates, dozen . . ....... , Dinner Plates . . .. ... ...... Coupe Sonp Plates, dozen Deep Soup Plates, dozen .......... 33c 79c 28c 37c 47c 55c 58c 55c 64c Wrong Glasses Are Worse Than None At All Frequently people will wear their glasses for years without taking the trouble to have their eyes examined at inter-, vals. Tho fact is the sight changes at certain periods, there, fore requiring an entirely different prescription. Tou may have noticed that your sight wag poor, bnt did you ever suspect that your glasses were at fault? Nine times out of ten it is the case. Examination of the eye without charge mads by a graduate Optometrist at our Optical Department. We never advise glasses un less they are necesary. Optical Dept. Main Floor. More SAMPLE Blankets at Savings Cotton Blankets and Wool Blankets from a FOTJETII to a THIRD less. All perfect, with the exception of some which show; slight soiL $1.50 Cotton Blankets ....... $3.00 Cotton Blankets $10.00 All Wool Blankete with very pretty colored borders $2.29 $3.50 Wool Blankets (12 pairs) $6.50 Gray Wool Blankets; pair $2.39 $4.29 $7.50 $1.00 COMFORTS, SILKOLINE COVERED, 79c. $6.00 AUTOMOBILE ROBES $3.75 Very pretty plaid designs. BEST SEWING MACHINE in the World On Terms That Amount to Less Than 15 Cents Per Day Teager's club plan is such that your payments are the same each week. Just one dollar per week for a few weeks, then the machine of your choice is yours. The sewing machine you choose will be delivered to your home on payment of $1.00. You can make your selection from our complete stock which consists of the best in either the Rotary or Bobbin machine, or the ordinary vibrating Shuttle type, as well as the world famous "The Free" sewing machine which has every good feature of all other makes of sewing machines. You will find here machines to suit every purse at prices ranging from $12.95 to $45.00, each machine fitted with complete set of latest attachments., Each club member will be supplied with one of the new automatic needle threaders with- out extra charge. This attachment makes yonr sewing machine absolutely self -threading, sold for all makes of sewing machines regularly for $1.00. The 'jsf-ii 'j-JlAAi vfet W S lift rt Mil M During this club sale we will sell the best quality brand nickel plated sewing machine needles at 14c per dozen. White Star Line. Broadway. N. T cffYe&Qer company J 1 or Local Aeeota.

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