The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 10
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THE BAICERSPIELD CALIFORNUN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1986 Young Farmers to Have Day at Fair (Ai.'ocialrd /Venn Leaned ~\V<rr) SACUAMKN'TO, Sopt. 10.—Future FarmorH of America convnrBed on tho Cnllfornla Mtato Fnlr today na the roconl-bri-aklnjf ovont sturtoil Its Sixth (lay. Blx hundred agricultural students from (iO hlph schools participate In nxorclsf.-s toduy. rllnmxcrt by award* to .11 nntnlfindlnB Ixiyn liy Governor Prank K. Mrrrlum. A million doHnrp worth of live- Btock will be nnrndeil, hut Mm- Weft, buxom inovlr urlri-WH. will not I'-n.l tho iirrioonfiliin. Minn Weal did not reply 10 nn Invltntlnn by dlrorto™ of I ho HvcHtorU division to lulu- pnrt In tin pnnide. niul Kn-d II. nixliy Of LOIIK Iti-iicli. director of tho dl- vision, fjfild he would not Jinvi- pi<r- milled It nnywny. McFARLAND TEACHERS RACK FROM SUMMER VACATIONS Sept, 10,— Many members of tho high school faculty enjoyed happy and profitable vacations. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flana- Kin went as far as Victoria, B. C. Miss Mario Louronzo attended tho University of California at Berkeley. She passed Home time, vacationing with her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Will- lain Hi. Clalr ut their homo at Nnpii. Mrs. St. Clalr will be romembnred as MI.-H Ivy Robinson. Who liloo enjoyed five weeks at homo with her parents at Han Undid. MIMH Alien Hrlgllo, with her parents and a friend, visited horn Hun- day and will return today, Miss Ann lln'rder l« expected to tirrlvn today and (ilso Mnry-Kllwibnth John- son, the new teacher from Fresno. Principal and Mrs, Hedge, with their small daughter Margaret Jane, on- Joyed a vacation In Santa Cm/.. They also had for their house guest tho former's mother, Mrs, W, L. Jlodgo of Washington. Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Allen have en- Joyed Bovnral short vacation trips. At present thuy are In tho north attending tho Kl.jtio fulr at Sacramento and visiting tholr won ruirt duughlor- In-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, at Georgetown. Mr. «nd Mrs. Jluntley \Vobb and their son have remained nt tholr Mo- Karland homo most of tin; llmi.', on- Joying short trips at various llmos. Ocll Bowman attended sumniur sea- slon Jit Knn Jofte HUlte ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone 5800 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 FREE DELIVERY Twentieth and L We Open From 7:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Dally and Sunday Baby Beef ROAST.... 111. 11 C WHITE CLOUD 4-lb. pkfl. SHORTENING . . 42 c CHUCK STEAK.Ib.ISc PICNIC HAM. . lb.21c WIENERS . . .Ib.ISc SAUERKRAUT . Ib.Gc SLICED REX BACON . . Ib. 32 c MACARONI or POTATO SALAD Ib. 15c VEAL ROAST art 15c PORK STEAK . . Ib. 23c LARGE COAST LETTUCE . . each 41 c CUCUMBERS . 5 for 5c TOMATOES. 5 Ibs. 19 c CHOICE STOCKTON Potatoes f:: 49c SUN-KIST LEMONS . . . doz. 19c LARGE UTAH CELERY 7c BANANAS . 4lb$.17c YAMS . . . Slbs.lOc BELLEFLEUR Apples 10 lb * 19c Box 59c YF.LOGREEN LIMES . . doz.ct.23c AMW/C4 Mb. Can .. 28c 2-lb. Can . 55c 3-lb. Can . 82c Pure Cane SUGAR 56c 10-lb, Cloth DEVILED MEAT . . 5 cans 19c CRISCO .3-lb. can 56c 6-lb. can $1.O5 JAM ... 2-lb. jar 25c SHREDDED WHEAT . . pkg. 101 c Del CORN, No. 2 can 11 i c CATSUP, Ig. hot. 11 Jc OVAL Monte CACHES .,., is j c SARDINES . 3 cans 25c No. i'l TOMATO OR MUSTARD ARMOUR'S TALL MILK . . . 6 cans 41 c CREAM FLAKE CRACKERS. 2Ibs.25c TOMATO SAUCE . . 5cansl7c DIAMOND WAX PAPER . . . 5c 40-ft. Rolls KELLOGG'S PEP AND RiceKrispies2pkgs.21c EGGS Large 33c Small . . 21c DOMINO MATCHES 2 cartons 15c FANCY No. :> CAN FAMOUS CHICKEN AND EGG NOODLES . jar 25c IORT HOWARP 3 ROLLS Claims Building Frescoes Wrong (A tuiietatad Prem //caned "Wire) CAMBRTDOK, Mass., Sept. 10.— Professor Kdward Hamuel Corwln, profoHHor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University told members of tho Harvard tercentenary conference of urtH und Bctencen of hid- torlcnl errors In carvings on the new .Supreme Court building In Washington, Tn tho course of his address on "The Constitution as Instrument and UM .Symbol" Professor Corwln Bald "u diinr.pnnr>l of tho now Su- premo Court building , . , pictures Chief Justine Mii.rHliu.ll us handing to Jimtlcn Htory tho former's opinion In Mnrbury VH. Mudlnon, al- IhotiRh thlH opinion was rendered some nine yen re prior to Htory's tip- liolntmont to the bench. . . ." A companion panel, ho said, do- plcts Kliiff John "signing Magna Charta, iillhough John probably could not write, rind at any rule the Urotit Hcnl, affixed by Cuncollor, was thought to nervo such occasions very ridof|imtely." Borough Mace Is Redeemed and to Be Regilded Now (United I'reit Itntet Wire) T ONDON, Sept, 10,-Thc 227- year-old borough mace of Gravesend, one of the moat beau* tlful In England and the only one which has ever found its way into a pawnshop, is to be regilded. In 1851 sheriff's office took the mace, the town's fire engine, 15 pairs of handcuffs and the mayor's and aldermen's robes, to pay corporation debts. Eventually the mace found Its way into the hands of a pawnbroker from whom it has been redeemed for $1556. OLD MONEY GOOD HONOLULU, Sept. 10. (U. P.>— Money Issued by the Hawaiian monarchy before tho Islands became a United States territory In 1000 may bo redeemed at face value, according to W. C. McOormgle, territorial treasurer—but It Is forth far more lo collectors. Find Skeleton of Man Buried Alive (Untied Pftui tjfaieil Vfirt) ROME, Sept. 10.—A mysterloiiM crime of hundreds of years ago was discovered when workmen were de- mollHhlng the 500-year-old Roman hostel known as the Albergo dell 'Orso. While one of the men wan breaking clown an Interior wall ho uncovered a brlcked-up patch. (Jotting his pickax, ho pulled down tho brickwork in one piece. A human skeleton stood staring at him, and before ho recovered from his surprise tho skeleton, with arms upraised, pitched forward as If to embrace him. It was then that his fellow workers heard hl« cry of horror, but by the time thai they had raised their fallen comrade tho skeleton had vanished, leaving only Jawbones and teeth and fragments of larger bones as evidence of Its existence. The blow of the fall and exposure to tho air had disintegrated tho bones. So far there IH no clue to tho Identity of tho wallod-up victim, except that ho had been a young man. GRflPEFRUIT . . ALTA BEER , , Scans 25 c SALUTE BEER 4 bottles 29 c \ THE MARKET SPOT PHONE 4221 Eighteenth and Union FREE PARKING BakersfieicTs Only 24-Hour Service Market Specials for Friday and Saturday, September 11,12,1936 Mtiskrats Barred in Placier County as Menace, Claim (Amoelatett Pres» Stated Wire) T{ OSEVILLE, Calif^ Sept. 10,x Muskrats arc considered a nuisance and a menace by Fred Clark, Placer county agricultural commissioner, who ordered two of the species killed when they had no claimant. When a man to whom two muskrats were consiged from Paterson, N. J H refused to receive them or pay the express charges, the express agent wanted to turn them over to the zoo but Clark ruled otherwise and now an amateur taxidermist has the skins. Need Pied Piper ;ih Japanese District' 1 ' YOKOHAMA,' Sept, 10.— A Piper is urgently needed in the nearby Haltorie district. An Invasion oE wild rats ha* caused vast clafnago and brought talk of renewed activity of the Ila* kono volcano. • ' • . There Is a superstition among the rural folk that rats multiply in th« vicinity of a volcano. Tho rut* have destroyed bamboo, cherry and orango trees, and pretec- tural authorities have decided on extra appropriations to fight the menace. Weather bureau officials attempted to calm tho fears of -'volcanic action by announcing that It would watch the situation, but thus far could se« no likelihood of nn eruption. 12-oz. Bottle CATSUP . . . . 2 for 15c Large Extras EGGS . doz.31c CRAB ..... Ige. can 17c MARGARINE . . . Ib, lOc Del Monte Red Sockeye, No. 1 Tall Can SALMON 161/ 2 C Patricia Asparagus Style, 2 Ib. Can String Beans . . 2 for 25c Banner MILK .... 4 tall cans 25c We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Pure Cane Sugar 10-lb. Cloth Bag Our Special Butter Second Quality.... I 2-lb. Can S & W Coffee 45c CORN FLAKES or POST TOASTIES Package. 5c Fluffo Compound S-lb. Pail MEAT SPECIALS SHOULDER STEAK . . . Ib. 17c STEAKS Sirloin or Rib pound 19c BEEF ROASTS Center Cuts . . Ib. 16c End Cuts . . . . Ib. 13c STEER BEEF SHORT RIBS . . Ib. 13c WIENERS, FRANKFURTERS, BOLOGNA . . . Ib. 16c CUDAHY'S '/a-lb. LAYERS BACON .... each 17c BRISKET BOILING BEEF . Ib. 9c ROASTS Rump Ib. 19c VEAL CUTS Crown Roast . . Ib. 21c Steaks Ib. 23c Breast Ib. 12c WHITE CLOUD SHORTENING .. Ib. lie COTTAGE CHEESE Ib. 6c LARGE DILL PICKLES ... 4 for lOc FANCY PORK CUTS PORK ROAST . . Ib. PORK STEAKS . . . Ib. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SPECIALS POTATOES STOCKTON BURBANK 25-lb. sack 39c FANCY CHERRY RHUBARB .7lbs. lOc SWEET SPANISH ONIONS . lOlbs. lOc SWEET JUICY ORANGES . 3 doz. 29 c FANCY WHITE CAULIFLOWER 2 or 15c FRESH PICKED EGGPLANT . FANCY YAMS, No. 1 . FANCY WRAPPED LEMONS . . FANCY UTAH CELERY . . . each Ic 6 Ibs. 15c 2doz.l9c . 2for5c APPLES BELLEFLEUR 10 lb». , . 15c box 49c SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY COCA COLA FOOD PRODUCTS SHOE PEG CORN No. 1 Can , lOc No. 2 Can lOc TOMATO JUICE 3 No. 1 Cans 25c 2 No. 2 Cans 19c SAUERKRAUT No. 1 Can.. 8c No. 2 Can lOc No. 2'/ 2 Can 12c PUMPKIN No. 2 Can 9 C No. 2</a Can 12c TOMATO SAUCE 6 Cans 25c PEACHES Sliced or Halves No. 1 Can lie No. 2y t Can 16c CANE SUGAR 10-lb. Cloth Bag 56c GOLDEN STATE BUTTER Flrsl Grade Pound 43c KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES 2 I'kgs I5c 6 for 25c Plus Deposit on Bottles Tap it! Drink it! Discard TapaCan DOG FOOD Kennel King 3 Cans 21c WHITE EAGLE SOAP CHIPS Large Package 31c VEGETABLES KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS 3 IDS 17c GREEN LIMA BEANS Pound 5c SPINACH 3 Bunches 5c UTAH CELERY Head Gc BELLEFLEUR APPLES 9 Ibs 25c Box 69c BELL PEPPERS 3 Ibs .lOc RADISHES 3 Bunches-... 5c TOMATOES 3 Ibs.. • 13c LOS ANGELES GREEN SWEET CORN 6 for 16c GREEN ASPARAGUS 3 Ibs. 19c MEATS SLICED BACON Armour's Star Mb. Pkg. 38c STEER BEEF POT ROAST Pound 17c CUBE STEAKS Pound 28c HENS •8V4-lb. Average Pound .23c MILK VEAL RIB CHOPS Pound • • • 25c COLORED FRYERS 2Vi to 4-lb. Average Pound * 3tc Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge —free Delivery grocer J ' ' • WASHINGTON MARKET PHONE 1083 1917-1919 L Street FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials Real Roasted PEANUT 14* BUTTER Ib. 1 "tw 2-lb. Jar 26o Victory DOG JM m. FOOD . .can *f 'JW Trupak Penwlck 1 O<» PEAS No. 2 can I W» Melroie Pure Strawberry OAf* Preserves 2-lb. jar wlltt ftlluAi* ThlntlA M MV? QLJPIMPC £ *artfi £9C Cider Aft VINEGAR qt. wW Del Monte 19 If* SPINACH.. .No. 2y t •••J'* DDUNPQ 5>.lh hrtv 1 M 4 G Van Camp's PORK and 1 A- BEANS No. 2(4 IUG Hlllt Bros. COFFEE. CJ|. Red Can, Ib. 28c; 2 Ibs. O"tB POT I A- ROAST Ib. 1 Aw CHUCK |Q A STEAK ..Ib. IwB PIG'S , O FEET W for SPARERIBS Ib. SAUERKRAUT — 1 VEAL STEAK Ib. Round Bone POT ROAST Ib BRAINS Ib. Colored FRYERS Ib. Fancy No. 1 *% Tomatoes V Ibs. LETTUCE— Large, Solid eac Green LIMA BEANS I Bellefleur APPLES— 10 Ibs., 18c box Potatoes— No. 1, 100 Ibs, $2.35 .... 85 Ibs lie IGc b 5c AA 20c 1 m I4c lOc Of* 4/C 1 A lOc ,h wC h Be 57c ^SlBJk ^••••Z I

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