The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 13
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BERRY-WAGNER TEAM WIN EVENT THRILLING CONTEST STADIUM By MARVIN The team-tag main event last night at Strelich stadium was a match that wrestling: fans will remember for a long while. Wild Tied Berry and George Wagner downed Danny F McShain and An tone Leone in a two-out-of-three-fall bout, which furnished one breath-taking thrill after •another. v Starting out with remarkable ypeed, the Wild Man Barry cut loose with all of his tricks and wrestling holds on Danny McShain, which in turn caused iVIcHhain to call for lielp from his mate Antone Leone. Fairness, up to this point, was the main object of Berry and Wagner but it soon came to a standstill when both Leone and McShain climbed into the ring against Wagner. This just didn't go with Berry, who promptly came to the rescue of his partner, after Wagner had injured his leg on the ropes. Berry soon became weary from tangling with his two opponents, and he -tagged Wagner, who had rested considerably. McShain's speed was too *• much for Wagner and his bad leg. This accounted for the speedy key- lock hold which McShain applied on Wagner, taking the fall for the Leone-McShaln toam in 5:50, * Not waiting for the bell to open the next round, the "Wild Man Berry went on the rampage, battling both Leone and McShain at the same time. Wagner soon came to Berry's aid and all four men engaged in a free-for-all, with Referee Bull Montana having his hands full wntching all of the contestants. The referee soon got Wagner and Leone out of the ring, which left Berry and McShain tangling in 1he center of the ..mat. Berry, the quicker of the two, caught his scared opponent, in a FERGUSON body press, giving the round to Wagner and Berry in 6:04. With a fall apiece, the teams entered the ring for the, final decision. The Berry-Wagner team soon put Leone out of commission when they caught him in his corner and twisted his leg -around the pole- supports. McShain was the only able man left in their team, and he was game despite the overwhelming advantage of Berry and Wagner. To the fans' delight, Berry and Wagner taking turns, put McShan through a series of flying mayers, which developed into a body press by "Wagner, ending the fall in 8:37. The semi-windup bont was mostly a hair-pulling contest, with Joe Ferona doing the pulling. Ferona lost the two-out-of-three bout to Johnnie Melas. Ferona took the first exciting fall with a step-over toe hold, ending it In 12:35. "With the fans cheering him on, Melas came back and took two consecutive falls, the first one with a crotch hold and then a body press in 3:55. The second fall was called in 6:20, due to unnecessary roughness on the part of Ferona. Whoever said the boys from Texas ai'en't tough are badly mistaken, for Dandy Davis, a b'oy from "Deep In the Heart of," proved this point very convincingly when he took I^eo Orable in the two-out-of-three fall preliminary match. The first fall was chalked up to Davis in 10:47 when he caught Orahle in a body press after a sling shot off the ropes. Orable took the second fall with a reverse leg Nelson in 5:50, but dropped the final fall to Davis in 10:46 when he fell victim to a back- breaker body press. TAILORED TO MEASURE Men and \\fomen YOU CHOOSE THE STYLE AND THE CLOTH FROM A MOST COMPLETE SHOWING ESTAB. 1906 MAKE YOUR SELECTION NOW FOR DELIVERY AT ANY LATER DATE WE GUARANTEE TO PLEASE! 35 45 55 Headquarters for Commercial Uniforms for All Trades POSTMEN MILKMEN FIREMEN POLICEMEN ARMY OFFICERS NAVAL OFFICERS TRUCKMEN BUS DRIVERS Weill's Men's Store 1315 Nineteenth Street Home of Nationally Advertised Brands Adam and Dunlap Hals B. V. D. Sportswear Wembley Ties Block Sportswear Yan Huesen Shirts and Sportswear £afcer*fidb CaHforntan Thursday, September 28, 1944 Seals Lead Angels by One-Game Margin By United Press Manager Lefty O*Doul's underdog San Francisco Seals today hold a one-game lead in Hie finals of the Governor's Cup Pacific Coast League playoffs after blanking the pennant- winning Los Angeles Angels, 4-0, in the opening game of the playoffs, Wednesday night, at San Francisco. Bob Joyce held the Angels to eight scattered hits ,'is his teammates rapped out nine plus two fly balls that counted against Don Osborn. The Seals first run came in the opening frame when Hank Steinbaeher lined a single off Osborn's glove, went to third on Gus Suhr's double to right and came home on Ben Guintini's infield out. Grid Teams Vie Tomorrow Night With the biff football tilt ulocl for tomorrow ni^ht on Griffith field, the Blue and "White squads are bein^ put through a lipiit workout this evening keeping their muscles limber and checking- on both defensive and offensive plays. Judging by this week's scrimmages both teams look up to par, and tomorrow night's game should be a close contest with the Blues just a little the favorites, due to the first string Injuries of the AYhitos. This game will be preceded by a preliminary tilt with the lightweight elevens of the Blue and "VYhite squads battling it out in a speedy i-ontest. Kick-off time will be six- Thirty and the varsity teams will follow immediately at 8:15 p. m. TIGERS SHUT OUT ATHLETICS, 4-0 NEW YOUK. Sopt. 2«. (UP.)—Tho Detroit Tigers took a precious one- game lead over the St. IxHiis Browns in the American League today, while the New York Yankees still run-sod thrir mathomatical pennant hopes three games off the pace with only four left to piny. Detroit picked up tho margin by winning 4 to 0 over the Philadelphia Athletics behind Hal Xowhnuser's five-hit shutout. It was his twenty- eighth victory and sixth shutout. The Browns lost 4 to I to tho Boston Rod Sox in the mud and rain at St. Louis last nfirht, with the game being delayer! more than six hours because of tho weather. Originally scheduled as a day gamp, it was on] led off and rescheduled for a night contoHt. Georgo "Woods, a sol- dom used Boston pitcher, came out of obscurity to turn in a four-hit victory over the Browns. The Yankees defeated the Chicago White Sox 7 to 'J clinching the victory for Rnokip Floyd Bevens with a four-run rally in tho seventh. Clyde King, fresh from the Class B Piedmont League, accomplished what **ome American League pitcher will be hoping to do next week when he provided the Brooklyn Dodgers with a Ii to 2 victory over the Champion St. L/OUJH Cards, He. yielded only one earned run—a home by George Kurowski, TELEVISION SITE SACRAMENTO, .Sept. L'S. (UP)— The summit of Mount Diablo has been found to bo "the only suitable" location for a television transmitting station which would servo northern California, J. TT. Covington, executive secretary of the State Division of Parks, divulged today. AiiH\vor 1o Previous Puzzle GOVERNOR HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured governor, Leverett — 10 Area measure 12 Symbol for silver 13 Genus of true olives 14 New Guinea port 15 Symbol for nickel 16 Music note 17 Perished 18 Bear 20 Mimic 22 Most unusual 25 Legal point 26 Low haunts 28 Dispatch 29 Symbol for iron 30 Part of "be" 32 Road (ab.) 33 Provide with food 36 Hat-catching dog 39 Tip 40 Hawksbill turtle 11 Air corps (ab.) 43 Exist 44 Like 45 Harem rooms 47 Three ways (comb, form) 49 Emissaries 51 Revoke 53 Golf device 54 Any 55 Narrow inlet 57 Age 58 Pint (ab.) 59 He the state of Massachusetts VERTICAL 1 Dish of green vegetables 2 Gaping 3 Fox 4 Hodgepodge 5 Requires 6 More sorrowful 7 Morindin dye 8 Endure 9 Permit 10 English queen 11 Disencumbers 19 Rugged mountain crest 21 Half-em 23 Conclude 24 South Dakota CAMACAN DOUGLAS (ab.) 27 Satiates 29 Transportation charge 31 Encountered 33 Taxi 34 Early English (ab.) 35 Royal Navy (ab.) 36 Red Cross (ab.) 37 Rough lava 38 Retinue 41 Late American humorist 42 Horse's gait 45 Giant king of Bashan / 46 Rear of a vessel 47 Snare 48 Lease 49 Exchange premium 50 Oceans 52 Unit of work 56 Average (ab ) TEA GARDEN Mixed Fruit JELL? * A delicious combination of flavors—apple,Concord grape, plum—clear, sparkling! Made the old-fashioned way with natural juices and pure sugar. "AMERICA UNLIMITED" .. .was"plotted" on the draughting boards of American industry...first for "all-out" conversion to war, now turning this country's engineering genius to designs for a finer postwar Prosperity! ii i /--'- • • i • M i •raw* in CM Aii0«f« by ACMC MEWING CO &v6ff^3^ Twenty-tilth Stnwt. Bakertftrld, California <••" - •**••'. ;•* :,•>-. • ' •. - r ." f -. •*:•• : -s "«#• - '^:^.<^v&m . -. ^ 2S* &^$f&m&!®&: :£ •$* -• • '* ^' ••'••••'&m&*6&&. ' •..•••»& -rt**<^.**-L^&<-xg&*-. • . '. ...-,. A* , . - v ,v.v, ^ 0*"** # '•> ^w/.*-fr*^ '* V,1', ' I -\< SLIGHT FAVORITES—The Blue team from Bakersfield High School will open the 1014 football season on Griffith Field, at S:15 p. m. tomorrow night, going in the game with a little edge on their opponents, tho Whites. The Blue eleven is coached by Dwight Griffith, J. B. (Cap) Hai'alson ami George Williamson, who will put into action the famous T-J'ormation. This is tho probable lineup: Lino. in't to right: re, Lyman Schecl; rt, Lelarid Simmons; rg, Carl Stut/man; Ig, Harry Poor; e. Don Beaver; It, Art Adimis; le, Allen Lewis. Backfield, q, Richard Roth; rh, Jim Robinson: t', Mike (lomhns; Hi, Jim Beck. Possible, exceptions will be Ronald Hatchings at guard instead of Poor, Norman Stancil at the end spot in place of School, and Gallardo at tackle in place of Adams. NEW FALL HIT* OF PARADE 20 M ow! Doors Opon 6:45 TENNIS TITLIST ASSISTS KERN An echo oC Louise Snow's representation of Kern county in the eastern tennis matches reached the Kern County Chamber of Commerce this week with communications marvelling at the size, beauty and flavor of Kern county grapes. The 17-year-old tennis player was a special envoy of the County Chamber of Commerce and mnde known the resources of the county as she distributed ten boxes of Kern county's choicest grapes at the various tennis matches and court clubs. AN a courtesy to the youthful player and on attractive manner of publicizing 1 Kern's resources, the County Chamber of Commerce had ten boxes of grapes shipped to Miss Snow at the eastern tennis clubs. The players reported to directors this week that the majority of players sharing the fruit declared they had not seen such beautiful grapes before and had never eaten them. "Almost everyone, players, hostesses, and officials would ask, 'Where in the world did those grapes come from?'-," said Miss Snow today. Harry W. Taylor of Philadelphia wrote the chamber of commerce, say- liiK in part: "During the latter part of August, here in Philadelphia, a tennis tournament was held for the girls' and \vomens* middle Atlantic states grass court championship. Miss Louise Snow of Bakersfield represented the west and did an excellent job; she made many friends here through her manner on the court as well as because of her ability to play. She also received honorable mention for her court manners. May we see her again in 1945. "During the matches I had the pleasure of eating tho best grapes in my long life, and what a monder- ful sight it must be to see them growing. From the weight of those bunches, I would think they grew on trees. Whoever was responsible and so kind as to have those grapes sent to Philadelphia, 1 wish to thank heartily. Many others also enjoyed them." , Louise represented Bakersfield and Kern county at "Westchester Country Club at Rye, N". Y., for the Kastern Women's Grass Court championships, where she was put out in the finals by Shirley Fry of Akron, Ohio; at Nassau, Long Island, in the Eastern Junior Girls' Grass Court championship and won the singles and doubles; in the Junior Nationals at Philadelphia, where she reached the singles and doubles, and during the same week reached the finals In the Women's Middle- states championship. During the Junior Nationals she won one of the three sportsmanship awards presented this year. In the past it has been customary to choose one player, but this year three of the girls tied for the honor, so were all honored. Thin marked the first year that a California girl was selected for the sportsmanship award, and Barbara Scofleld of San Francisco and Miss Snow both brought honors to their home state. At Forest Hills, Miss Siiow played to the quarter finals in the Women's Nationals, and also had the distinction of playing in mixed doubles with Armando Vega, the champion tennis player of Mexico. The RakersfieUl girl, who is a "southpaw" playor, is the daughter or Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Snow, of H007 California avenue, and is now enrolled in her first year at Bakersfield Junior College. Jim Hardy May Not Start for Trojans LOS AXGKLES, Sopt. 28. Trojan Lett End Don Hardy couldn't take part in contact plays yesterday because of a bruised hip received in the University of California, Los An- Relcs, game last Saturday. It was announced that Dave Lloyd, a freshman from Los AnRoles Ilteh, will fill in for Hardy if he does not start apainnt College of the Pacific here next Saturday, Now you can be a Locomotive fireman About $220 base pay This is one of Southern Pacific's finest jobs—and normally not easy to get. Today, we have a few openings—no experience needed to start. After a couple of weeks or so or training you can qualify as a regular H. R. Fireman ... get right up there in the cab with the engineer and go places. (By the way, all Southern Pacific locomotives burn oil, not coal. No shoveling. Just turn a valve). No getting around It, this job has a bit of a thrill to it. It gets in your blood. You'll like S. P. men. Like knowing you're with a company whose biggest war job is still ahead—carrying war materials for the stepped up offensive against Japan. Railroad pass privileges. Fine pension plan. Medical services, A Job, men . . * a real Job! Look into this today. See or Write . W. MITCHELL 8* P. Station, Bakerafteld f or Sour Nearest 8. P. Agent HOW THEY STAND KUI1IC COAST rKA(il K m — Won Lus h'rniu isro ....................... 1 \\ n 1 's Kcsultn San Fraiu-iHi n, 4; l.ns An«*jl',js f 0. <iamo Tnnicht. Los AnK«'Io..s at San ]^r;iiu isi o, P- t. ,uiJU AMKKUAN Toam — \\'oii P<?lluit .......................... >*i Si . Lull is ........... . ........ , X .1 nv Vurk .................... v;[ K '. i .> 1 *. 'Vii tfiinl (Mnc ;IKU L! \ViishinKtnn Pot roit, -1 ; 'W York, lioston. 4 ; ^ \ SS * Hfsults rin];ir|»'!nh!:i. (I. 7; ('hh ,,R«,, ;. i; Wnslnnwti.ii. 4. ?t. Louis, 1. < Today sit ] I •> i; ..; i s U 'M Yin k at St. Lou;-. pliia a t < 'lovH;iml, at NATIONAL l.KAOIK Toam— Won L'^i St. Lou i* IM;( -17 Pittsburgh f- it < *i iir in inn i XT F.-t. n New York .................... «."» HoPton ....................... ... t'. j Brooklyn ...................... til ss .4117 a o leatlor, •Games Brooklyn. 3; .St. Louis, l'. CiniMnmUl. 8; New York, 1. i'himno, r>; Philndplphia. 3. Boston. 4; rittHburKU. 3. Onmp* Today Chicago at Bnsinn. St. .hnii is ut NVw Voi k. < % iiH'imi;it i at Hrnnklyn. at Philadelphia ('^. DIES.IN HOTEL BLA/K CORDELIA. Sept. 2S. (UPJ— Thomas J. Moore, SO, caretaker of the Martin hotel here, was burned to death early today, when a fire of undetermined origin completely destroyed tho three-story building. ^^— •—^B— ^^—^^— ••^^^^^B— ^^BMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMr (1) Lessens pain and Itching: <2) soothes irritated skin (3) puts protective coating of medicine over piles. Try thla triple-action remedy today for home use in minor rectal irritation and itching due to piles. Use as directed on package. Must please or money tyick. Ask your druggist for Rectal Qintment X'K- I DR. E. P. EDWARDS. D. 0. Health Restored by Modern Drugless Non-Surgical Methods in the Largest Most Modern Health Center m Kern County Food Allergy Basal Metabolism Physio-Therapy Colon Therapy Diet Correction Manipulation Complete X-Ray X-Ray Fluoroscope Bruin Changes Made for Week-End Tilt LOS ANTJELKS. Sept. LN. (,'?)— Couch Bahe llcirrell has disclosed throe changes in the VDiversity of Ciilit'ornia, T^os Angeles, Bruins' opening lineup for their game with the California Bears at Berkeley this week end. .lohrmy Roesch, star of the Bruins' mlly ngainst the Tn\i;\ns last Saturday, will go in at left halfback in place of .lack Boyd. Jerry Shipkey will bo at the full- hark spot, whore .Tack Byera started last Saturday, and Bob AY hoe lor will take a whirl at the leit end position occupied by Hank Shelter, llorroll said he is starting: the three navy trainees at these positions because they probably will be shipped out before U. C. L. A. plays California again November 11. i Last Time* Tonight GASLIGHT JAM SESSION" Starting; Tomorrow "GRAPES OF WRATH" "LOUISIANA HAYRIDE" Last Times Tonight "HOME IN INDIANA 91 "Ladies of Washington" Starting Tomorrow "GASLIGHT" "TRAIL TO GUNSIGHT" Last Tim** Tonight "EVE OF ST. MARK" "THEY LIVE IN FEAR" Starting Tomorrow "ADDRESS UNKNOWN" "STANDING ROOM ONLY" LET "Things Worth While Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home The Home of Quality. Style and Ufa ut y In Furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 • Quick Careful Convenient We Specialize in WHILE-YOU-WAIT SERVICE Complete Stocks of Leather and Rubber EXPERT CLEANING AND DYEING VICTORY SHOE SHOP Twentieth .Street; l-'rom i'Mim-er Mi-mnitile DR. E. P. EDWARDS, D. C 2728 Chester Avenue Phone 2-3570 BAKEKSHELD Open Datty at 12 Noon Star-tins Tomorrow RICHARD DIX in The Ghost Ship Gm An try, Snllty Birn«tt« In Ride, Ranger, Ride" Last Time* Today "THE SULLIVANS" "SAGEBRUSH LAW" llttll RUNAWAY lOVEf Now—-Ends Saturday THE STORY OF A TIMID GHOST! CharUf LAUGHTON Robert YOUNG Margaret O'BRIEN with William Gargan PLUS BOB CROSBY LAST DAY "Between Two Worlds" "Gildersleeve's Ghost" TOMORROW 1:3O Batty MUTTON Fred MacMURRAY Dorothy LAMOUR And the Angels Sing" Bud ABBOTT Lou COSTCLLO SOCIETY" '505 I9th St "/ , V.J.I i Show Starts Daily at 12 Noon Tomorrow Last Day "IT HAPPENED TOMORROW" "THE BUCK SWAN" "THUNDER IN THE CITY "Fuzzy Srtitt Down" J-h f ,\ m * ' ^ -.-.,. - -I I - fcn •''••$ ' - >•'-•• •>• •' ".:, t + ^_ h ri -*.'. * * - • I - ERSKIN HAWKINS nd His Orchestra TUESDAY October BARN Stine Road South of Brundag* I N and His Sensational s of Radio, Screen and Stage! DANCE OF THE Y£AR! Union Avenue Ballroom SAVE ''0-_ i' Advance Tickets Gmv ft >f

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