The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 11
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PALE ow me llir rate way nniversary nW*l<CD AMBHL BREWING CO Young Folk Home From Conference Young 1 people of First anrl Pt, Mark's Methodist churches who attended a banquet of the Calitornia ^lethodist Youth Conference Friday night at Hotel Claremont. Berkeley, are now home. Klght hundred people attended from California, conference, sharing the installation ceremony and evening of informal folk dnncinpr. Present from here wnre Mrs. Pauline Davis, counselor for St. Mark's Methodist Youth Fellowship; Miss Virginia I-Ieim forth and Miss Phyllis Ginpery, of St. Mark's Church, and John AYhite, president of First Methodist Church Youth Fellowship. Mr. \Yhite presented a report Sunday and the others will review the gathering in early October. AT FIRST' SIGN OF A USE CoId J Preparationa. as directed SMITH'S FARMERS MARKET BEST FOR LESS THIRD AND CHESTER Friday, Saturday, September 29, 30 PEARS Fancy Large Ripe BartlcUs. SPECIAL SPECIAL—LUG $1.39 CAULIFLOWER Large Size, Fresh Pic-keel, Snowballs. SPECIAL—EACH APPLES New Crop Uellefleur. Perfect for Pies or Sauce—SPECIAL STRING BEANS Crisp, Snappy Kenturky Wonder Stringless Beans—SPECIAL UTTER Pure, Fresh Creamery, in Quarter Pound Squares. SPECIAL—POUND LIBBY'S PEAS q New Park, Lililiy's Sweet, Tender Garden Peas. No. 2 Cans—SPECIAL HILLS BROS. COFFEE Famous Red Can. Packed in Vacuum Parked Jars. SPECIAL—POUND LAUNDRY SOAP * Blue Mottled Soap, Made by White King. LARGE BARS—SPECIAL CUCUMBER PICKLES Libby's Fresh Curumber, Whole Pickles. No. Glass Jar—SPECIAL F ROAST Rump, Seven Bone or Churk SPECIAL—POUND FRYERS Fresh Dressed. Young Colored Fryers. SPECIAL—roi;M> OILING Fresh Cut Rih or Plate Boiling Beef. SPECIAL—POUND LUNCH MEAT Assorted Lunch Meat, Sliced for Sandwiches. SPECIAL—POUND « High School P. T. A. Sponsors Campaign Plans are now complete for the membership campaign nf the Parent-Tea cher Association of Bakersfield Hiuh School beginning this work. Membership blanks and at tractive announcfmonts were sent home Tuesday to parents via students enrolled in freshman social science and sophomore Kni;lish classes. A feature of the membership drive will center around the first football game of the season at Griffith Field Friday, when f*0 cents credit toward the price of admission will be Riven to members of the Ili^'h School and Junior College P. T. A. upon presentation of membership cards at the box office. Interested persons may join the P. T. A. at the Rate and apply the 50 cent membership fee lo the general admission charge of 74 cents. w Thursdoy, September 28, 1944 ®fje Calif or niatt Community Dance to Be Held by P. T. A. "Lakeside P. T. A. is sponsoring a community dance Sat unlay evening in the school, proceeds to go to the cod liver oil fund. Music will be provided by the Smith orchestra from Button willow, dancing beginning at J> p. m. The committee in charge is comprised of Mesdames Billy Denny, Coy Daffern, Joe Kepler, Fred Banducci, Klmo Destefani, Millard Sanford, AV. B. Mcf'ahe. Bert Uarzelli, and riifford Xaehary. i CAMPAIGN OPKNS—Jlembers of the P. T. A. of Bakersfield High School are concentrating on the membership campaign which opened this week. Pictured above is K. Ben Evans, district librarian of the Kern County T'nion High School district, negotiating- purchase of P. T. A. membership from Mrs. E. S. Pickett, membership chairman, (right) as Mrs. Jt. B. Hutcheson, P. T. A. president, smiles approval. t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Point-free with WILSON 1 i i i i i i i i i i i i i i B. W. R. S. Continues Work for Refugees The British War Relief Society of America will nieot Friday at 1 p. m. in Memorial hall, room lf>. continuing: work on garments for refugee infants. Anyone wishinp to include gifts in this Christmas consignment is urged to leave the articles with any member of the society between til* 1 hours of " j). in. and 4 p. m. during the meeting. ilrs. Percy C. Cooke, chairman, announces that the request has been received from New York (o compile the names of those who have received merit badges for their work in order that they may be placed on the honor roll now being prepared for Hriiain. Past members who are eligible for this honor are requested to get in touch with Mrs. E. K. Barber, 1501! BaUer street. Mrs. Laura DcWitt James will be hostess at the tea hour. I MEAT FLAVOR i I I I I I I I I A blend of rich meat juices and vegetable flavors. Use B-V for making good brown gravy. . . tasty sauces, fuli-bodied soups. For extra meat flavor, add it to casseroles, stuffings, stews, aspics, meat pies, etc. Grand for glazing steaks,chops and roasts. Makes a delicious, nourishing drink, cold, as well as hoc "" I I I I I I I I I I SEE YOUR I I MARY ARDEN CHAPTER Mary Arden Chapter, Shakespeare Study Club, will meet at the home of Mrs. Earl Shaw, 2S2G Elm wood Drive, Friday at 9 a. m. I DEALER NOW t i i i i FOR BEEF RECIPES I I I I BY 1700 AUTHORITIES! Ye* fa t National Polly Nurses,Dietici&asandHome Economists gare oatmeal twice as many "votes" as all other hot cereals combined or all cold cereals combined! Serve delitioua hot Quaker Oats daily! •••I* STANDARD Prof alth FLY Sure death to household insect pests: Pleasant to uie and stainless; STANDARD OP CALIFORNIA KILLS 'EM DEAD —flies, ants, moths, spiders, silverfish, mosquitoes wish t will b d friends that w ready to serve you again Thursday, September 28. As in the past, we are featuring nationally known merchandise. selected meats. garden fresh produce and a complete liquor department. Eighteenth Street, 1221 Bakersfield Phone 2-2990 Espee Club Giving Benefit Dance Soon To finance Christmas gifts to bo sent overseas to former Southern Pacific employes and for relatives in service abroad of present em- ployes Southern Pa rifle t'lub will sponsor iis second annual benefit fiance Saturday nitfht of this week. The event will be tfiven in the Palm loom of Llukersfield inn from 10 p. m. to 1 a. m. The public is cordially invited. Music will be provided by Les Foster's orchesira. P T A NOTES JL * Jl » UL J\ • A.^1 X-/ 1L JL-rf L-7 The Mountain View P. T. A. will hold a box social in the patio of the primary building Friday at 7:30 p. m. Boxes will be divided into three age groups and pri/r-s will be awarded in each group for the prettiest box, th.-; most original and the most comical. 3 lot cjfff»c will be served by the P. T. A. The community is cordially invited. Annual membership tea of the Standard School Parent-Teacher Association will be held at 'A p. m. Friday, it was announced today by Mrs. T. A. Sand, publicity manager. The tea, which will be sponsored by the P. T. A. room mothers, will be under the general supervision of Mrs. Elmer Cornish. Highlighting the occasion will be a marionette skit by the room mothers. Mrs. Sand sadi that the membership drive will last from October 2 to October 13 inclusive. trie* roco Yes, waffles, biscuits,.muffins, pan* cakes, breads of every kind all taste better when you spread them thick with Durkee's Troco Margarine. Durkee's Troco Margarine is made by an improved process that churns the pure, nutritious vegetable oils right in with the fresh pasteurized skim milk. *1I foods - IN thorn and ON thom Moit popv!or"y*or 'round" d«s««rt LOW Alwoyi pur* oncf flavor in 2 minutts, •och pockagt. fl«oM YOU mok« a famous r«cip«i your grocer miem •35 Str«t Froncltco Rectal Soreness G«t Relief New Easy Way — Sit In Comfort Pro! arm on Rectal i« a quick, dependable reliever of itching, painful rectal sorenesa — ay mp to ma which may also accompany plica and hemorrhoids. Brings toothing •enac of comfort upon contact, forma pro. teeting film over a ore area, helps deatror infectious germi, aid Nature heal up raw, broken tiaaues. No oil — no greaa* to stain clothing. Sold on money back guarantee. Get thft modern relief today . . . ask for PROLARMON RECTAL AT OWL DRUG STORE* CITRON BROCKS Expert and Guaranteed Watch Repairing A. W. S. Plan "Kid" Party for Friday 7 : 'inal preparations m-.* ifincr mad* 1 fnr Th" A.^sni'i.iicd ^\"mncM Stinlent^' "kid pii'l\" at Hak^rsfji'l'l .lnni'>r !•. with sinsinff. entertainment, and i -P fresh men ts hii;hliKht- iiti^ the iiroirram. which will he held Kriday fr»nn T to !) p. m. in the wornens' c;vmnasimn. ^ ^ Miss Dorothy IJiehe], presidt-nt of the orLranixat ion. nnnounred that 1'reshrnen. as the official truest? of snphniiiores. will be trrccipd with [is and animal cookies, while the program \\\\\ include community sin.yinu under direct inn of Miss Kay Md'attnon. who \\ill officiate at the piano. A poem by Miss Kloy Stork- ion, a dance, by Miss Kileen Mtilcahy. and some soups by. .Miss M.irbara Baldwin will complete the program. Special arrangements have been made for tlmse pirls living out of town to stay overnight at homes of pophornore women. Those in charge, of a r ran ^enienis for the affair are: Miss i>on>thy I >iebel. general chairman; Miss l-';iy Mri'annon. Barnes and refreshments: Miss Harbara \Val- i;u-e, program: Miss liena Kussell, in vita I ion: aiul Miss I'.onnie Winder, advert i>im;. At a recent meeting, several permanent chairmen were appointed to the cabinet. They included .Miss Teresa O'llarc. service chairman: Miss Keiia Russell, social chairman; and Miss Patricia. M illoy, recreational chairman. Miss Margaret Ix'vinsnn, dean of wuinen, is faculty adviser for the Associated "Women Si udents' group. Two Local Girls Enlist in WAVES UXRRA Packing to Be Done Tonight s? ra I n' Jowjsh NT- is p.Kkin^ ;u tides this ; H f M'n.ii J;n nh «t j-i'f -r I'M]* I'll ] t o*l nii'I I IHrihil Station Aflrnini t jt \\ ;r > . A i ni.H] n-1 St r;i u>^, ^ ]ri ir- 'JM. Much inn tor ia! has • omo in 1 1 m< M »• fan I"'- nsril. ;MH J ^h" 1 1 M brrumh t in All -. Si IM n<* > Tho » Mini in t I*H* in rha 3 HP O l*'<*l inns ini'l'itk'il ]>i <'Milrri? .-* nf t ho Jf\\ ish firir.i ni/;i M<*MS. Kift inilii* >n pmiiuN of H"t h incr, ( is n*'MMl*Mi fu t ho workers Now can be Beaten f WINTKB \\.\KORW5K A K n< K| W"< 11 s \ i i t is i h e 1 K i .-• i s o f j 'many a uhTs outdoor wardrobe, and j : fur informal wear enntr:i«tinGr skirts \ and jackets are often f a \ < rnwtea of Pin*Worm* have known for rrntnrtm, and many doctor* hnvr -imiKht a way to deal with thift dreadful r-r.«t that lives and srrowa inside th* human bnrly. Today, thanks to an important scientific ry, ti nrw a**d hifjhlw rfftetitv treat* is h^inp: hailH by mediral authorities* It is board on a rpmarkahlr dnjjr known jrrntinn vmlrt. This dniff w the vital ment in P-W, the n**w Pin-Worm tablet nr! hy tho laboratories of Dr. D* m* & Son, America's leading §pecialiatj in worm nwlictnes. P*\V makrfl it unnecessary for you or your rhild to Buffer in silence with th« rmharras^injr rrctal itch oauaed by Pin\Vorm-, or to take chancpa on the real ciistr'-s* thpy nftrn create* The small, eaay- to-takp P-W tabirt* act in a special way to destroy Pin-Worma. So watch for possible warning sfona surh a*: itrhinsr seat and nose, uneasy stomach,, -wettintf. nervous fidgeting. If ^ou sus* t Pin-WorniH. a*k ynur druggist for a kage of P-W and follow the simple directions carefully. It is na«y to remember :P«W for Pin»Worm«l Tinkers field c-m ( ribht ed t\\ o mure A V K enlist ments io\va rd« Keru county's qnuta when Miss Until A. \Vorhl, Uoute C. Mox CuT. and Miss Ksther C. Herder. 7'm h street, took the VTAYK oath last week at the procurement office in Los Angeles, having enlisted through the Bakersfield Navy recrnitiiiK station in the post office building. \Vonl has just been received that Hettie K. Davis and Kwiher (J. Hart, both local girls, have completed their WAV10 indoctrination training at Hunter College i in New York. \VAVU Davis will report to San Diego headquarters for further training and WAVK Hart to Oklahoma A. and M. College for yeoman training. Rl'MMAtiK SALK Ladies' Auxiliary to the Order of Railway Conductors is sponsoring a rummage sale Friday and Saturday at SIS Baker street, The doors will open at S a. in. St. Joseph ASPIRIN 1 ^ WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT wa «••• r** Large Savings in Women's Sizes 12 to 20 Your choice of soft woolens or new fall colors in this group, higher priced lines! durable worsteds, in Repriced from our Only 6 in This Group rokcn Sizes Hepriced in lime to replenish your fall wardrobe. Wools, rayon that are smartly styled in tweeds and solids. At a Budget-Appealing Price WOM COATS lU'priced from our higher-priced line. Assortment of styles that are precisely tailored to lit. New fall colors. Woo EPR MEN'S LT HATS $•€49 Fur felts for ciuluraiuT. Stvlo«l nv MEN'S ress hirts Here's economy right down your allev . . . and superb s'tyle too! Smooth weave, sanforized in 1914 fast colored patterns. Sixes H^-1 REPRICED! Young ens uits A suit yyitb a right around-the-calendar durability. A campus leader in style. Colors, brown and blues in rough weaves. Broken si/es. tt'f ?

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