The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 4
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THE tlAKERSFfELD CAUFORN1AN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1938 Ex-Health Chief Sent to Asylum (VnUtt Pfttt Ltatea H'(rr) SAN LUIS OBTSPO, Bopt. 10.—Dr. Harold B, Morrison, formerly health director of San Matoo county, wan committed to tho Agncw Institution on an Insanity warrant August 12, court records raven loci today. Tho committment was ordered by JudBO T. A. Norton hero on tcntl- mony that Morrison left, hln homo In Morro Hay with a nbotgun tclllnir hl« wife ho was golnc to "ftot children" In t>os AnKoloB. JIo WIIH arroHtfd In £OB AnRrloK nnd brotiRht bno.U for a hearing:. .»« » — Hollister Taxes Cut by Officials! NOVA SCOTIA GREETS SKY PILOT I HOJ-.MHTI5R. Hrpt. 10.—Tho tnx rnln for Holllmcr WIIH HI a tridny ! at $1.20. 2 cents lcs» than lust yr>itr. Tho itHBi'siied viiliintlnn nf tho rlly was placed nt. morn than * 10,000,00.), fi per cent le.xs thnn hint ynr. Officials announcud this dcrruns<> WHH tho result of the possibility of an ad valorem tax. W ITH a small pati-h of adhesive, tape upon her forehead boor- Ing wllriegH to hor narrow «HCUP« from MarlouN Injury, Mrs, Hrryl Mark ham—first avlatrlx «v«r to fly alono nero*H tho Atluntlo from miHt to wt!»»i---poses nt Halifax with I'crtnl'-r Angus K MaelJonald of Nova Hcotla, Hhn was c-n roiit.o to New York, the projcctoil goal of her flight, after a forced landing In a muddy field near Louisburg, N. B, Chain Store Tax Debatedby Pair , Sopt. 10.— Floyd Taylor ot Han J'Vaiicliieo, Boo.retary ot Uio Anil-Monopoly I,«nguo. clolmtotl with N, M, 1'arwjnfl, Oukdftln farrnr-r, on tho chain Bloro Inltlntlvo meaaurn, No. 22, which will bo on the No- vomber ballot, Tuomlay night at tho Wnst Hlclo Orammar Hchool. Tho deluilo wn» nnoriBorwl by tho Me- Farlnnrt OrntiKo «nd William Ifmm- wall, Jc., of McKarland, presided. Tlipro warn no Judgun. Mr. Taylor presenter) argumentfi allowing a trnnd toward jnonopollMIc control of I ho nr»cim«>« of lift;, wlilfli hn chiirnctnrl/.'.'d mi dan«r>roiiH, anil doclnrnd tho lux j"i««ed by tho IftM XxifflHlaturo IM Junt. Mr. Par. «onn MContod iho Idou of a monopoly, and rnntundod that tho tax Is very UllJUHt. HAH ciii iUM'. H<-pt. 10. fir. P.)~ Qticnn'H hoHpltal Iinro hau lon« boaotod of behiK tho only hospital In tho IJnltod Klalcm founded hy a klnff and tiuopii, hut director* aro moro tellounl about a Hltm over tho mator- nlty ward which reads: "No Children THIS OWL COUPON AND BOX JEAN LA VERNE 200 CLEANSING TISSUES and 1 Bar Fracy Soap Soft, absorbent lla«ui>« in dainty boudoir tlnU --and fragrant Krncj bath Honp— n big lone cak"! Value! Patrician Mb. Pressing Iron NOW ONLY ..... Sturdy electric Iron, with K " ttrantrod heat I.HE element. Will give long, sat- iHftirtorj service. Thursday, Friday, Saturday MOO Nineteenth Street, BukersHeld Mimt hnr« ronpon. Void sfter 8«!pt. 1* j - -mm OWL LEADS IN PRICE! I'lnt ("rynliil flna WITCH HAZEL I'lnt MINERAL OIL ',4 Pint Exr«ll»>nl CA8TOR OIL 7c 29c !4c round 1'owdcred BORIC ACID •J or.. Healing CAMPHORATED OIL iMrlba. Medicinal EPSOM SALT I9c lie -.••* 9c 4-or Aromntir CASCARA 6AGHADA 12c I'lnt Vitamin Kleh COD LIVER OIL Robert Fulton a Leader in Steam Navigation In 1807 Robert Kulton's paddlewheel xtoamboiti. the "Cler- monl," made IIH first trip between Now York and Albany-— 150 mllen In n2 hours—marking the hrnlnnlng of *ueccnsfnl nteatri nitvlgatlon THE OWL a Leader in Modern Drugstore Retailing Todixy The Owl leads In string to thn public true values—pure ft r u K » - -fresh merchandise of highest nunlllx—at lowest possible prlcoc! Ix>vel.v Swccl Malted Milk CHOCOLATE ^ «%.-. FLAVOR 1 DC New till. Tin Jk.f I'Mly wholrKoinn—rn produeniR! Kiool lent »s u ideflp liulucnr. too! Pine for children nnd (rrown «pi. Pound Ottttr Qunllty Bicarbonate Soda. 2-0 U NCI'. Powdered Henna PACKAGE: 1000 Saccharin Tabs 9c >m "••' 9c 23c MILD AND MELLOW TO THE LAST INCHI Peerage Per fee to Ciffars ; c 5 DDxo(60-$l.1B A cool, oven-burning s tn n k <•. Of choice tohHCco — firm and full. Dr. West's Tooth Paste Double-Quick 19c 2 for 33c Free 2!lc Toothbrush With IMnl ISil-Ilt Antiseptic Solution 49c ; This Owl Coupon and % Good for A Cool Refreshing OWL Lime-Rickey Freeze R«f ular PrVc« 18m PMih tropical limn ln ri po Into thli r«fr««hlno, <nlrM quenching drlnkl Muff A«i'« Ihii coupon. Void AfUr 18 NEWI ROYAL PASTE or LIQUID FTX)OR WAX POUND SIZE OF EITHER _ OOPH fnrlhnr, R|T*K a moro >uf, liiHtlnp; finish. >B Ituoloutu oanlflr to cloun! SWIMMER ATHLETIC SUPPORTER ALL SIZES . Bnuic-flttluK- oomforUbln. Of freoh, long-Ufa clastic, prlroil nt The Owl. LIFEBUOY B. O. SOAP and LIFEBUOY SHAVE CREAM 25 c BOTH FOR Tho uhnva croum alono !• worth moru than the prlco you imy for both I Coupon Special: Screw Driver R»0. 15o Only With thin coupon. Haoht»t •tylo, pocket »lte, tmndy in home, office, garnsc. Coupon Told *H«r B«pL >'//<••: Out MOONBEAMS li »h(«|i«r«.l Ihnl of »ll the (rorfcoo* p«r- tM In Uili world, nan* ti u uttumln* M l(Diid'< Un Air Ktnb*um4 . . . A p»rhim« t nt*\ *> th» unren who w*»r* It, A* wmiinUe m tho p»lplt»Un« hMrU of lortri lh« moantlvht. Un Air Kml«uroi CMU M ^n DOOM Im N«w ivk. Now »l«o la • van* OMOO at ll.U. Hear JANE PROMAN lng N«wott M«lodl«§ In H*r Own InlmltAbl* Style On California's Hour Brotdott Evtry Monday • to 10 P. M. Ov«r KHJ Tour ho»t, Connd N»««l| D«T. Id Hrookuan'a OrchvitrtI And thn pick of Cultfornla'a Ulentt A oroirum yon will thoroufhly snjoy. UNION PAVIUON TO BE ENCLOSED Architect Charles II. Ulggiir'H drawing of thn popular Union Avenue plungo danco pavilion, which will bo enclosed for winter weather. T HIS Union Ave.nuo danco pa- mediately to enclose tho entire room, which will be second to .none vlllon will close Us summer danco pavilion for the fall and In the valley, according to 'L. B. season this Saturday evening With Bill Fleck and his orchestra completing bin engagement here. Construction work will start 1m- wlntor season, opening of which will be on October Z. Over $8000 will be expended to remodel and beautify tho ball- Nance and L. R. (Buck) Buchanan, proprietors, A new, exceptionally fine hardwood floor will complete the remodeling program. Pitchfork Stabs Youth in Tumble Sept. lO. — Arthur Childs 20, son of Mrs. Bertha Chllds of Ducor, was seriously Injured Wednesday afternoon at the Felix Illeck rannh between Hlchgrovc und Ducor while helping In the hay harvest at tho ranch. Ho was on top of the load of hay when he slipped, falling from the wagon upon a pitchfork, which plercod his body. Ho was rushod to tho local hospital, where X-rays were taken to do- termino the extent of his Injuries. Tho family IH well known here, tha father, tho lato Amos Chllds, being ono of tho pioneer farmers of thin district. Young Chlldo' grandparents, Mr. and Mr«. Samuel Craig, wcro also well-known pioneer farmers of tho district. Floridan Invites Needy to Colonize (United I'rcsi Lea»ed Vr'ire) LAKE CITY, I'-la., Sept. 10.—Fred P. Cone, who will become governor of Florida next year, has suggested to federal authorities a plan for transfer of drought-impoverished families to Florida. This state, In contrast with the midwest, has had an excess of rainfall this year. Cone believed tho stato would finance a sharo of tho expenso needed to permit midwest- em farmers to rehabilitate themselves In now surroundings. "Wo have millions of acres of Idlo land In Florida and I HOC no reanou why these unfortunate people should not bo advised of our resources," ho sold. New Ovmer Takes Over City Grocery Tho grocery department of tho Post Office Market opened thte week under tho proprietorship of Maurice Outhrio, formerly of Missouri. According to Mr. Oulhrle, the market IH newly restocked and re arranged for convenience to patrons lie also stated that this handy market would feature courteous service and quality merchandise low prices. Tho Stetson brothers wll continue to operate the moat department and tho Bellas brothers the vegetable with the cigar stand, bakery and fountain also managed aa In tho post. American Prison Group Says Will Expand Operations and Organization CHICAGO, Sept. 10.—A program aimed at Improving the prison sye- tern of tho United States waa shaped , today for tho approval ot the sixty. Blxth annual Congress ot the American Prison Association. As outlined by congrress officials, called .for: « 1. BxpanMlon of the association to Include a full time staff of secretaries and field workers. 2. Through the activities of this staff, Integration of tho work of all law enforcement and allied penal agencies on a scale heretofore Impossible. The recommendations were scheduled for submission next Monday, the second day of the conference here, by a committee headed by Sanford Bates, director of the federal bureau of prisons. Bates' committee was appointed at last year's congress at Atlanta, Oa. Mra. Blanche U La Du of St. Paul, Minn., president of tho association and a member of the committee, said expansion of the organization would: Permit development of a "definite program through consulting staff service In the several states and tho * uniting of police, peace officers and prison administrators In a concerted effort toward common alms. Permit greater activity In support- Ing needed legislation. Open a more efficient clearing house for Information of now Institution!), housing of prisoners, training of prison personnel. 4 « * Improvement Club Meeting Is Called MAIUCOPA, Sept. 10.—The first . fall meeting 1 of tho Maricopa "Woman's Improvement Club will be held In the club rooms next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock With Mrs. Kathryn Tregea, newly elected president, In charge. An active season for the club Is contemplated by tho now officers, and It Is their do-" slro that all members bo present on the opening date with suggestions regarding the year's work. Tour great new Rtckards... FOUR NEW LOW PRICES f ,, ' A -X f ' •• ''- ^ .41 For 1937, Packard presents the top-quality car in each of four price classes F OR 1937 Packard offers you tlio four greatest Packards over built. Each is tho leader of its price class. And cock sells for a new low price I The 1937 Packard Twelve is the finest car money cnn buy. It menu BO far ahead mechanically for 1937 that there simply is no other rnnko of car with which to compare it. Tho 1937 Packard Super-Eight succeeds both last year's Eight and Super-Eight, and brings td motorists n combination of mechanical advancements which promise to revolutionize fine-car motoring T/ifl 1937 Packard 120 is proof that a car can be a sensation three times m a row. This car, whose outstanding performance hua been the talk of the motoring world, is an even better car this year. And—out of Packard's 36 years of experience in building fine cars, now comes a brand-new Packard — The Packard Six. TJio greatest low-priced car America hat over seen Priced at $795, list at factory, the new Packard Six is a car that is destined to completely re-shape tho low-priced car picture! It brings to its field a combination of qualities that no cur of this price has ever possessed before— long mechanical Ufa combined ivith long style life. The Packard Six, and its brother Puckurdg, are now ready for you to see and drive. Come in ot your earliest convenience and let us demonstrate the tremeudous values these Packards offer this year. TUB BRAND-NEW PACKARD SIX *7 95 And. up, lift at factory, ttandard oecMtory group txtrm THE GREATER PACKARD 120 »945 AnA up, lUl at factory, tlttndard attaiorygnuf mxtr* THE NEW PACKARD SUTER-EIGHT *2335 And up, /in at factory THE ADVANCED PACKARD TVEUTB ®3420 And up. lUl olfactory Et*ry Tuttday nlfkt-.TBE PACKARD HOUR, Harrlng fnd Attain—tittC Rt4 JV.rtMi*. Coait «• Coatt, 9,30 S.D.S.T. BROWN-BOYD MOTOR CO. 2201 Chester Avenue .-/ V A" T-H /•; M / A' //' // " U //' A' .V a A'

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