The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 3
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H <- I- .1 - I , n h f I ' •- - L ,vv, ,. U' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. 1936 J. ^. feller, $3000; $6000; John $5000; Alfred Ann Archbold Liberty League Pours Cash Into Republican Cause, Say Democrats 1 •• i "'•"•• |i '• i (United Press Leafed Wire) ' NEW YORK, Sept. 10.—Tho Democratic national committee said today campaign contributions of moro than $60,000 to tho Republican cause In Maine were* made by members of the American liberty League. The committee said Its assertion was based on figures revealed by the Senate campaign expenditures committee after an examination of the books of the treasurer of the Republican committee in Maine. Tho Senate committee's figures, as released by the Democratic committee, ohowed tho following contributions: Pierre S. Dupont, $5000; Lamott Dupont, $5000; Ireneo Dupont, $5100; Henry B. Dupont, $2500; A. Felix Dupont, $5000; Abby A. Rocke- John D. Rockefeller, D. Rockefeller, Jr., P. Sloan, Jr., $5000; $2500; John D. Archbold, $2600; J. P. Morgan, $5000; A. Atwater Kent, $1000; W. H. White, Republican candidate for senator, $2000 and Senator Frederick Hale, $1000. "Apparently Governor Landon Is not the only outsider going Into Maine to rededIcato tho state to the causo of good government," charged Senator Lewis Schwellenbach of Washington, member of the Senate committee on campaign expenditures, "When he arrives there Saturday, be will find that the Liberty .League has already, covered the field. All tho governor has contributed Is a speecft." New Whole Wheat Cereal on Market Bakersfleld has been selected as a test market for the introduction of "Huskies," a new ready-to-eat wholo •wheat cereal, according to D. K "Walko, San Francisco, General Foods sales manager for this territory. Huskies will bo Introduced In an 'extensive advertising campaign in leading newspapers In the chosen markets. First of this series of ads, which features nationally famous and locally prominent sports stars "such as Frankie Friseh, Matty Bell, Helene Madison and Buster Crabbe, appears today In The Bakersfleld Californlun. "General Foods feels," nays Walke, "that tho time is ripe for the aggressive promotion of worthwhile new products. We arc confident that actual market tests of Huskies in Bakersfleld will confirm tho favorable results obtained in our laboratories and in preliminary tests among hundreds of housewives." Huskies is the most recent addition to the 39-year-old Post cereal line comprising Drape-Nuts, Post Toast- ies, Post's 40 Per Cent Bran Flakes, Post's "Whole Bran and Grape-Nuta Flakes.* . " ' Automoble ages Boosted by Sales FLINT, Mich., Sept. 10.— -The effect on pay rolls of one of tho most successful years In the history of tho Bulck Motor Company woe summarized today by Harold H. Curtice, president, in a statistical survey of tho company's employment and wage H. rolls covering the 12 months ending July 31. The survey shows that during tho year total pay rolls mounted to $24,153,000, an increase of more than $9.000,000 over the corresponding 1934-35 period. This was a gain of 59.8 per cent. Average employment over the same period was 13,G(il men as against an average during the 32 months ending July 31, 1035, of 9320. These comparative totals show a gain of 4232 or 45.8 per cent. In each month of the 1938-model year, a total of more than $2,000,000 was put In the pay envelopes of the Bulck employes, an average of $753,000 more than they received In the previous year. With pay rolls Increasing 59.8 per cent as against a gain of 45.3 per cent in employment, each employe averaged 10 per cent more in earnings than in tho previous year. "Such were the benefits accruing to Bulck workmen as a direct result of the substantially expanded business of the company during the past year," President Curtice said. "Employment was maintained at steady high levels throughout the year with peaks In the output in the last quarter of 1935 and In the spring quarter of this year. " WIC SAFETY TOPIC OF CLASS Police Attend School Northwestern University in Fall Announce (United Prtt» Lcated Wire) BVANSTON, 111., Sept. 10.—Police will go to school at Northwestern University this fall. A new course offered by the traffic safety Institute opens In October. All the atmosphere of university work will attend thin traffic study, with from flvo to 10 fellowships avail able for officers ranking highest in local and regional examinations, Further atmosphere is lent by'tho fact that Evanston, homo of tho university, is termed "America's safest city." The scientific crime detection laboratory will bo available for the students, with emphasis on traffic accidents. Officers winning fellowships will participate In setting up accident prevention bureaus in ono or more cities. According to tho Police Chiefs News letter, Increased attention la being paid traffic problems. A course at the University of Alabama tills summer graduates 79 police officers, who represented every southern Hlato but two. A course Bponsored by tho Harvard Bureau for Street Traffic Research and tho International Association-of Chiefs of Police had an advanced enrollment of more than 75 officers. Weather Forecast Once Simple Job BOSTON, Sept. 10.—Weather forecasting CO years ago was a bit simpler than it is today, Blue Hill Observatory records show. In 188C, to indicate rain, a red flag was hung from a polo atop tho observatory. If a- chilly spell was expected, a "cold wave" flag, white with a. black center, was displayed. Forecasts were first obtained at the observatory by sending box kites carrying instruments Into the upper air. A ate am windlass hauled them down. If you feel -tired - run-down -nervous - out of sorts T HERE is usually a definite reason for such complaints.. .so, now let's reason sensibly, Don't try to get well in a day.. .this is asking too much of Nature. Remember, she has certain natural processes that just cannot be hurried. 4 Therefore, if you are pale, tired, Jack a keen appetite, have lo»t weight and feel rundown...a frequent sign that your blood-cells are weak, with a tendency towards anemia—then do try in the simple, easy way so many millions approve—by starting a course of S.S.S. Blood Tonic to feel like yourself again. O s.s.s. Co. GLASS Automobiles, trucks, school etc. Installed while you waft. Shatter proof, plato and crystal sheet—the most complete auto glass shop in Balcerefleld with an expert glastt man In charge. No job too large, none too small. Let UB estimate your next Job. Valley Auto and Truck Wrecking Company Phone 6308 tSQ Xltieteftfitti Street ^ ~ T. ^^ . THE SPECIAL GIFT BOX m riP' w L v :>*. E-.*J * •'*- n V « -'* . m HIP it'J m Priced of *2.5O • containing small sizes of everything you mu»t have for a hurried yet completely satisfactory grooming.., ARDENA CLEANSING CREAM and SKIN TONIC to cleanse and cool, leaving the skin refreshed. \ VELVA CREAM MASK to tighten, refine and thus stimulate new beauty. A splendid treatment for fatigue lines. ORANGE SKIN CREAM for soothing afterwards. SCREEN AND STAGE FOUNDATION, a new lasting powder foundation, to be applied thinly and smoothly. ILLUSION and CAMEO POWDERS, to give you the "New Complexion", created by Elizabeth Arden. SUPERFINE TOOTH PASTE (Savon Kenott), refreshing and efficient...induces a healthy condition of the gums. ARDENA CLEANSING TISSUES, superfine, completely absorbent...perfect for the very sensitive skin. IA JOIE PERFUME, delicate, lilting, for a gay mood. The Special Gift Box is an ideal "fhonk-you" gift to your hostess in appreciation of her hospitality. MAIN AISLE Make this resolution - lor only in Pied Piper Shoes ~ean you get the benefit of important exclusive health and comfort advantages made possible by the Pied Piper Patented Process. PlfiD N« Rfer *• (Not* - offer in addition to superlative quality these patented health protecting features available in no other children's shoes at any price. - and we have all sizes and widths to fit Pied Piper Shoes properly. STREKT FLOOR SHOES H . >***'4 '1 * J *^^^^^^ ^^ n T l F^^iV^^ I- - , - • ' ' ' .*•--' . - » h . --'-."• •''? ,- : '-^*.- - - ' \- THE •'""•MOT ,V*M BEGINS AT BROCK'S •»' I'.'. ESS st Minute for Tardy pers We Again Emphasize ough The Best Cords for School There is nothing a mother can buy her hoy going to school that -\vill yield more in the \vay of service than Rough Rider Cords. They are well made, of fine quality corduroy. 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They're Full Fashioned Strong, sturdy lunch with half-pint vacuum Same set with pint box, complete bottle bottle, $1.25 HOUSEWARE6—DOWNSTAIRS Hand Made Porto Rlcan Handkerchiefs Large size and very attractive . . bright colors or white with colored appliqucd Here's a value you cannot hope to beat—strong, serviceable, sheer stockings that are ringless; 3- thread, 42-gauge, double picot top, deep garter welt, reinforced sole and heel. New shades including leather tan, cafe claire, debonair, saunter, jaunty and smoketone. Sizes 8Vi to 10Vs. 79c Pair, 3 Pairs $2.25 corners. HOSIERY—MAIN FLOOR A for 50c Squibb'* Hand Lotion... 3k Mum. Largo i ' 45c TRIMMINGS—MAIN FLOOR TOILETRIES—MAIN AISLE . t- • h. - *." , '.'-.' ;. . • * ' .'."''' - ^ -' " ' . • -.-- i - • '' .,- -• - -.- --.- .. i -,- , ..,• - -•••'-!. --',--• ^'* ' - ,.'•"'-< ".-•• .\-' - -J- * • ,i^, --l - - -'---., - h \J \- •- - •-•'-- -• - '- - ' ^. - - - ', - :^r- .--'X •:* 'J'z ^, 'L' :L •,, . >*•*;•„ ' I -'---.• r..-^ \\ •-''' -'-,-'-' •. ' --. -. i :;'.,'"v l t''^. •>'-;-•'--* ,--± *;•;>-- i* v --.-,-.. -\ ,-.' i ' •• .- .•- , --. ^_ . ' --.-r-i • ,.>•'•?*,#::. ,, ,; r- 1 ^ •-,,,, .,!-_., . , . , - - ; * i -' \ •..: -r-' ., * -', •' .- • ! f ' ' i , - - --1 -• -.' i

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