The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 2
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TUB T1AKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIA^, THURSDAY, 8BPTBMBER JO, 1036 Value Features from the new BOYS' SHOP TIM'S QFFiCiftL CORDS 1 O5 JL 0 Tim nav» you rnn (rent tht»e rough lind they'll like it. Thnt'n wliy he put lii& officiil O. K. on th»m GRiDDER JR. WOOL TROUSERS I'opulnr with Pic Enters. Plcntcd mod«li in iittrntlively pnttctned woolens. Good looking and very »tiinly PETE CftMPUS JACKETS Mnde with npnffr front, rnglnn itlfcvcn, in plnm melton (II. .S. navy uses n). Colorn .. mnroon. blue, brown, niivy. TIM'S OFFICIAL SWEATERS !».* Consnck Slip-Oim, rnnde of pure wool wou- tfil... fnncy buck. »ule rmchei. Zipper inckcl. Molinir finiith with Innrv hnclt. Crew neck Slip-On in clever new Iweed pntterni. . . . . TiM'S OFFICIAL SCHOOL SHOES 05 Gtmn lent her 01 call nkiii in Muck or brown. Propetly styled K> they won't pinch your loei DOGHOUSE SCHOOL SOX 2V mul 33i- rilibeil top ulnx socb in oridht MiipinRi nnd pntlernt. A ichool »peci«l. . . TiM"S SHIRT SPECIAL Colorful pnttems nnd white. The pnttern •lures Imve the button down collar. Worth lots more ihnn thin price. . . Tim's Official SHIRTS & SHORTS Shorts mode of »irons broadcloth with bfllloon tent nnd rlitttic sidoo. Fnncy piit- rorns nnd plum rolorn. Shim ol ribbrd rotton. . ... 25" DOUBLE PRONG BELTS C You'll want one ol tlicie to wem with vow cords. Mnde of Muck or lirown lentliei.. . Suede Cossack JACKETS Drown or him k srlottrd nurdc iKiithcn mgf gk ff Mndc coimnrk ttyle with tide inuklcs nnd "^^*rt^ military bottom 99 ^ TUM N S WEftTE R S ETS Cont ol pure worsted wind with Canty back nnd ilrt'vdtM pullnvor will) rtCw neck in contrnMinn »trtpui|is Very new Conference Jr. Suits Double breasted models in bj owns, jjrcys and blues, all mndc with sport back. You'll sure look your best m a Corilcrencc Jr. 13 1-mRRV COFFEE Fresno * BakcrsHdd Kern Oil Fields Weekly Review **•* * * * *•*•* * * * Recent Developments Summarized W KLLH pumping 800 barrels of hniivy (iriido dully from it, depth of only 1008 feet arc theoretically ponslblu In the iifw shallow ttrna j oprnr-d by AsHOflatod oil Company I north of Lout Hills. i After crimplntlng : pumper In Inn uppe ! Mniul for ,'12-1 hnrrrln i rlalf'd went well. •KHy .JOHN CUAWKOHDJ- HH Initial purl of tho dully, Asso- nhcnd lo complete) a 'Williamson No. 3, In Mm lower part of tin) HIIinn /ono for produciion of 4BO lutrrr-ls dully. Tho significant fo.uturo IH I lint operatorn pnrowitnrorl no water liptwoon tho upper find Inttir purtH of iho formation, nnd thorn upt-inn In bo no r«a- HOII why tho onllro ssono ahouldn't ho thrown opfin lo production In AHMOclatfld'H next. Art Mason, In hln story of tho ( new completion n.ppnarlritf In The i Iliilipi-Hftald (.'ullforrilun several days j ago, rcporlod thiil both sands tiro j In tho liXchegoln formation, yielding oil of 111 gravity, ' Aflrr drilling six \vlldrut tvplls In Hln NoiitlieiiMlcrn Up of tint viilloy, Kosorva Oil ami OIIH Com- PIIM.V scums lo IIIIVP coino flimcr I linn (it iiny limn yet In cnlnlillNli" IMK e.xl.ileneo of mi oil fluid there. Although opomlorM »ro having '•nn.«d(l(<rn.hli« trouble with siind, tho well IH mild to hiiv flowed 't'i gravity oil nl (hi- rate of 150 biirrpl.1 dully for n whorl time. Hand from •I -I 'I ft lo .M7'l feet IH open to produc- I loll. Honolulu fill Pnrporutlun, which h«'iTlofon> IIIIH coiii'lii"il UN | Hid" inrilvliv to ihu Hound Moun'"In Meld, now IH r-xpundlliK Into lln I'n-ioli-r fluid, (in HOPlloii S, '.'.k -7. whiTp Mi" eiiinpdiiv lioldw a ll'i'i-neM', r\x In KU|IK; U|i for n ui-ll lo In. ill-Ill.M| illiiKoiinlly off. Hi'lllnif AiiH'rleiin |.;xplonitlun Coni- pnny'ti piiiMper, N'o. Hi. Of more Hum piiNNlni; IntereNt li the iiimiiimeenu.tif Mint H M | ( . erNfleld Juiilur CII||PKU IN lustl- liillnu n (Mo-yciir cotirm) In oil li'chniiloK.v, Tlii^ oil IndiiHlry moro Hum ovor lirforo demiinilM Inilned IIHMI. Tho j iln.Mi of iitliln« oil out of tin. Around I with u plcli mul Nliovel nnd H. liiicKut ] lor ri|iilpmcni i>i|iinll.v ermle) arn | M"oe. \'lrnnilly nil new nlrlkPH of Itiiportiincc lodiiy nrr nl grciil I di'ptli«, eoiM|i||riiiing drilling nnd I produi'tloii *|iroliliMnM to no i-xloiil j iiiidrciiincd of |,y I),,, IndtiHtry'H ploiicerii. Tin- Junliir rollrgo r'linncit |>n ex| pei-ird to luril oil! peli-olfuim ongl- ] ni'i-i-M lii two yoiini limp, but the i ni-w 1'oiirnc in n ,u,.|, | M t|,,, rigiii j illreetlon iiml a roHpoiuir to the con: Hlniil di'iiinnd for "pnidlenl iiduuii- Hon." l'roH|ii!i"tM for i'oniiin-reln.1 rtro- dueiioii ill Iliiriiudnll (.Ml i'onipuny'H uiiipnHl \vrll north i.r Iho Mountain Vli'W Mi.Id, Nlghluirt No. I on nee lion III, :in L".i. in-., foimldnrfil e\e,.|. lent n;i n-diilt of the C'orlng nf ::0 fei-i of nil Hiind. Tim H.MI Is Ineiited on liroptTly uf |.'. A NlgliliiTt. ; dll iirnilurMiMi a I National (ill | ( 'imipniM 'H Slniidnrd No. Z nl Kein i (''unit npurli'd frmii ::n in li,n line: ri'lM ilalh I'ollowlni; deepening (if ||u. VM'II liy In I IVi-l. I II goi'N wltlioiil Nnylnjt that the ! eoinimnv l.'i lilnluiliiK lo deepen i oilier \M'||M rnni|ileli.d In Ihi. top | mind only. No. ;| In next In lino r ( ,r [ I'nlon i )|| ('nnipnny IH proMpoi't- , Ing for n northwent extension nl' the llnlier-1 It-over riiull In ItH No. Ill \vell. reeently Hpudded 111 Iho noulli- emu (imirter of Hfcllon '.IN. L'7-2S. BUDGET TERMS otaatCAR NEEDS Hepubllo I'ntroleuni, after a layoff of several wholes, Is resuming activity at Kern Front. Htrassburgor No. II, punched down In eight days, Is ready to go on production. Shell IH rnrlng nliend again In Its Necoml \vcll In Din nc.w Ten Ned Inn field after Killing an nln.'ll on wafer Nliudiff nt 77flO fecit. Tills well IH expected In give Ihn first real Informatloii nit to prolwblii capacity of the field. It IH too early yet, perhapn, to re- allzn full Import of Ihn Hupcrlnr Court ilcclNion this wi'tok In Iho fnmnd Kern "whlpntocU" I-IIHC, In which I'aclflc Western Oil Company WIIH granlod a $70,000 judgment against Horn Oil Company and others, Tlui haltln may yol bo -car- rl«d to thn Hlalo Hiiprcnii! Court. OIH) thing BPnniH certain, how- over—that therfi'H millions of dollars worth of litigation browing In the certain purls of tho ntulr>, where parcels of land half a. mllo from the proven productive nrpii« havo blossomed out wllh beautiful oil \VP|!H duo to tlio art of Urn slant-driller. Attention Turned to Elkhorn Valley Pushed Into the actlvo column again by thr«i proppcU* ftftor a period of quietness, JBIIthorn valley Irt tho mouniulnM back of Marlfiopa, In receiving tho attention of oil scouts. Sam Khodes Is reported tear- Ing down tho old dor-rink over the Trav-KI wildcat on section 7, 32-22, and erecting a. larger one. It Is tho Intention lo Install a gttsollnfi-drlvcn rotary utid fflvo tho hole another tout. tJoijth l« 2207 feet In tho Bantu Margarita formation and 29 gravity oil IH mild to bo standing 145 feet from tho top. H. VV. MaoBurnay'fl Huntlngton Crude Oil Company Is building derrick lo drill on the Phelpw anticline. KOcUlon 23, half a mllo from tho old Kmerlck holo which Klruok oil show- IngH. United Foreign Oil Company him resumed drilling Us wildcat. No. 1 on Mention 2, 32-21, and Is down 15(0 foot. KKKNK 2 COMI'LETKD PolenllalllloH in tho revived Wil- llama area back of Toil., are exemplified by tho completion of Union Oil Company'H Kectie No. 2, section 22, 32.2:1, In tho second mind for BOO burrclB imr day at a rig nlrnost louohlnij Knene No. 1, an old well which IH still pumping from tho top mind. Production IHHUOS from 1C92- 200fi tool. OIL AGREEMENTS Kern Fidelity Company and Oeorgre Haborfelde to I., ,U Burtch—Leftss dated August 20, 1936, one-eighth royalty. 46-day drlilltitr claus*. portion wont half of northeast quarter, section 28, 29-27. Mary 73. Cobb to ICslly & Son, Limited—Lease dated 8»pUmber 4, 1930, one-eighth royalty, 3-year drilling clause, lots 102, 103, 104, 114, Seventh Home Extension Colony. .Kelly & Son, Limited, to Tho Po- miloiim Corporation—Assignment of above. 2',4 per cent overriding royalty. John Siemens ot ux to Bank of America—Assignment benefits from oil IOBBO to Hancock Oil Company on northwest quarter of northwest quarter of section .10, 29-28, excepting l-32nd portion oil, etc. •••" • * i» Perseus 1 Begun as Union Outpost At the north end of Kern Front field Union Oil Company 'has spud- ded Perseus No. I on section 11, 28-27, In an attempt to extend production a quarter of a mile. The Kern Klver oil zone "Is estimated to Ho at 1900 feet. In the early days of the field this area was condemned, but since that time oil well tools and .methocjp have improved to such an extent that production may be secured at locations where formerly it would havo boon p.ractlcally Impossible. Premier Scene of Oil Drilling Spurt Earmarks of a small 'drilling boom are beginning to appear at the south end of Premier field where at present one lone pumper Is producing, a mile south of the main field. Rig Builder N. B. Hannah Is erecting a 98-foot wooden derrick for William O. DeKooh of Los Angeles In the northeast end of section 17, 28-27, offsetting American Exploration Company's pumper lying In the northwest corner of section 16. Callowell Construction Company Is about, finished erecting a 122-foot McKllntlc-Marshall steel derrick for Honolulu Oil Corporation's offset In tho southeast corner of section 8. No work has yet been done on the fourth location about this corner which Is held by Standard Oil Company, One quarter of a mile south. Italo Petroleum Corporation Is starting coring at 2460 feet In No. 33. 4 « » , BODY SENT HOME LONG BEACH, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— The body of L. C. Faulkner, Jr., 22. killed In a parachute Jump at the National Air Races, was sent today to his father In Big Spring, Texas, for burial. Ho was fatally Injured Friday when his 'chute failed to open and he dropped 200 feet. An Inquest verdict of accidental death was returned yesterday. G.P;ProjectHits Kern Front Fault The fault at tho eastern edge of Kern Front field has been struck In General Petroleum Corporation's' Wetmbre 10, /section 14, 2S-.27, but by plugging back the faulted portion of the oil zone, a good commercial well haa been secured gauging 126 barrels, net, per day. Gravity of the crude Is 14 and the water out of the gross output Is 15 per cent. The hole was drilled to 2025 feet, plugged to 193(1 and 10%-lnch casing- cemented at 1750. This Is the first well on a mllo of undrlllod locations along tho east lino of the section which have not boon drilled because of the suspected fault. Western Gulf Oil Find Is Rumored Rumors of a.deep oil strike, at 8500 feet by Western Gulf OH Company's wildcat 25 miles north of CoaUnga, cannot be confirmed as no Informa' tton of tho cores la being given out. The well Is called Southern Pacific Land Company No. 3-and It is situated in Fresno county on section 3, 17-15 In front of a long outcrop of Miocene rock called Monocline Ridge. This Is the third well the company has drilled in the area. j Largest nunirnl mimufnctiirn nnrt r«. j pull' plnnt In the Sun Joncpdn ValUy. HOPPER MACHINE WORKS. Inc. i Office nnd Shop I | 2315 M Strut Phone 29 | | Supply Store Flohlng Tools | Tanks to Order Belting Jobber* of Acetylene and Oxygon | Machine Work j Forging. Foundry, Boiler Work» Manufacturers of Portable Oil Well Hoists and Rotarlos BRAKES REUINED Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores, Ino. Otteiter at Twonty.fourth Strut Phone 4080 .00 Reward! i Will lin tin Id by Iho umiiliCiti-hirt'i' • for titir Cum UltKAT CIIKISTO ! I'MKK rOHTriVK Corn Cure imiuuit i AUo fciuovim \VHrts and | N.» 1I5(> at Snvi'-Aldro Oruv u, Twentlolli mul (.'hi'ult'r moie Age njoy no increase in cost! Old Quaker g/ves you a barrel of quality in every bottle. ,, and it doesn't take a barrel of money T TKRK'S big news about Amcr- half again as much mellowing age ica's biggest-selling whiskey. Old Quaker's honcst-to-goodness smoothness in the past has won for it many million friends. And now Old Quaker gives you even more as it ever had before! To those who know Old Quaker, this added richness gained by 18 months in the wood is ^ bonus of quality on quality. Mind you, not one single for your money than ever before— penny has been added to the price! 90 PROOF TOS) STRAIGHT WHISKEY,,.AS YOU PREFER IN BOURBON OR RYE •RAND COPYRIGHT 1936, THE OLD QUAKJ5R CO LAWRENCEBimG, INT), C..

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