The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 8, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Monday, April 8, 1963
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T'*«* t "T""**' V, , *", t Pomonan Sets Fredonia, Spring j • ;• '-."• . • JL - O Hill Are Winners . By LA'.UR PHILLIPS Fredonia High School won the Glass A trophy, and Spring Hill was the Class B winner in the Ottawa Relays here Saturday. The big annual event on Cook Field, Ottawa University, was spread over two days this year, Lawrence High School winning the Class AA trophy on Friday. ; Nine records were broken Saturday, four in Class A and five in Class B. Class A records broken were in the javelin, pole vault, broad jump and medley relay events. In Class B new records were established -in the 880-yard relay, 880-yard run, medley relay, pole vault and mile relay. An outstanding Class A performer was Dennis Brown, Herington High School. Brown set new records in the pole vault and broad jump. Brown's mark in the pole vault was 12 feet, 6 inches. The previous record was 12 feet, 4 inches set -by Nephew of Haskell in 1955. His record in the broad jump was 22 feet, 7% inches. The previous record was 21 feet, 6V4 inches, set by Hug, of Hoi- ton in 1962. The new javelin record was set by Town, of Eureka. He had a toss of 181 feet, 10 inches. The previous record was 178 feet, 6 inches, by Williams of Immaculata in 1962. Neodesha set the new medley relay mark of 3:48.5. The previous record was 3:49.8, set by Haskell in 1957. In Class B, Mike Michaud of Clyde High School, set a new record of 1:58.4 in the 880-yard run. He broke the record of 2:03.2, set by Jay of Gardner in 1953. Frontenac broke the 880-yard relay record, the time being 1:38.4. Previous record was 1:- 3C.8, set by Leon High in 1955. Leroy set a new medley relay mark of 3:52.4 in Class B. The previous record was 3:54.8, set by Peabody in 1959. A Franklin County boy, Roger Shoemaker, of Pomona, set • new Class B pole vault mark of 12 feet, 2% inches. The previous record was 11 feet, 9 % inches, by Lewis of Onaga in 1953. In the mile relay, the new Class B mark was set by Frontenac, the time being 3:40.6. The previous record was 3:40.8 by Blue Mound in 1955. Class A schools finished in this order: Fredonia, 39'/2 points; Baxter Springs, 30; Immaculate, 22»/fc Herington, 22; St. Joseph, 10; Eureka, 17; Effingham, 15; Neodesha, 13; Hiawatha, 12; Garnett, 8; Bonner Springs, 6; Paola, 6; Osawatomie, 5; Burlington, 3; Yates Center, 3; and Maur Hill, 1. Class B schools finished in this order: Spring Hill, 18 points; Blue Mound, \W*, Oswego, 15; Hamilton, 14'/ 2 ; Perry, 14; Frontenac, ^3; Holton, 12; Alma, 10; LeRoy, 10; Clyde, 7; Horton, 7; Quenemo, 7; LaCygne, 6; Arma, 5; Burlingame, 5; Gardner, 5; LeCompton, 5; Madison, 5; Parker, 5; Williamsburg, 5; Pomona, 5; Baldwin, 4; Carbondale, Workman Top Scorer NEW YORK (AP)—By the margin of five points Barry Kramer, of New York University, failed to beat out Nick Workman of Seton Hall for the 1963 national collegiate basketball scoring championship. Final statistics released Saturday by the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau show Workman won the title with a 29.5 average on 650 points in 22 games. Kramer, an All-America, finished with a 29.3 on 675 points in 23 games. Bill Green of Colorado State U. finished third at 28.2, Gary Bradds of Ohio State fourth at 28.0 and Bill Bradley of Princeton fifth 27... Houston's Lyle Harger led in field goal percentage with .656; Tommy Boyer of Arkansas in free throws with .913 and Paul Silas Creighton in rebounds, 20. 6 per game. THE OTTAWA HERALD Monday, April 8, 1963 WELBORN'S ELECJBIC SERVICE CH 2-4332—1220 E. 7th 4; ;Cpttonwood "Falls, 4; Sabetha, 4;, Solomon, 4: Council Grdve, 3; Font ana, 3; Midway 'Denton, 3; Fairview, 2; McLough, 2; Mound City, 2; Harveyville, 2; Centre, 1; Northern Heights, 1; Roosevelt, 1; Scranton, 1; St. Paul 1. A number of fans who have watched the Ottawa Relays since the beginning 17 years ago, expressed the opinion that this year's event was the best yet. Orlis Cox, director of the big show agreed with this. He said he believes the event can be improved still more by combining Class AA and Class A in one day's program and Class B on the other day, making it a better-balanced two-day event. This year 103 schools were entered, and 68 of them were in Class B, making Saturday's program a bit top-heavy. Weather for the meet was perfect. The event is sponsored by Ottawa High School, Ottawa University and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, with Ottawa University athletes and a number of business and professional men serving as timers, judges and in other capacities. Dick Peters, director of athletics at Ottawa University, was the official starter, and Bill Frear and Bill Boucek, Ottawa University coaches, along with members of the Ottawa High School faculty helped. with the handling of events, announcing results and working in other parts of the big meet. CLASS A Javelin — 1. Town, Eureka. 8. Speaks, Fredonia. 3. earner, Immacu^ lata. 4. BlRnchi, Hiawatha. 5. Mura, Immaculate. 181 feet, 10 inches. (New record. Previous record, 178 feet, ( Inches, Williams, Immaculata, 1962). Pole Vault — 1. Brown, Herington. 2. Hoeltlng, St. Joseph. 3. O'Dell, Fredonia. 4. Tie, Nottingham of Hlawa' til a, DInnen of Maur Hill and McAsey, of Effingham. 1Z feet, 6 inches. (New record. Previous record, 12 feet, 4Va Inches, Nephew, Haskell, 1965). Hl»h Jump — 1. Tie, Murray of St. Joseph, Drewry of Neodesha, and McAsey of Effingham. 4. Tie, O'Dell of Fredonia and Kcrsten of Immaculata. 5 feet, 10% inches. 130-Yard High Hurdles — 1. Scheufler, Herington. 2. Westerman, Effingham. 3. -Lewis, Yates Center. 4. Hartegan, St. Joseph. 5. Cook, Eureka. 15.7 seconds. 100-Yard Dash — 1. C. Amos, Baxter Springs. 2. Meeks, Hiawatha. 3. O. Amos, Baxter Springs. 4. Carter, Garnett. 5. Wallace, Immaculata. 10.5 seconds. Mile Bun — 1. Whitman, Baxter Springs. 2. Wilson, Fredonia. 3. Meyers, Immaculata. 4. Perrier, Eureka. 5. Kohlenberg, Paola. 4:38.4. .. Shot Put — 1. Speaks, Fredonia. 2. Wiggins, Lyons. 3. Wallace, Fredonia. 4.' Meyer, Garnett. 5. Berry, Osawato- m)c. 48 feet, 1194 inches. Dliuui — 1. Wiggins, Lyons. Z. Speaks. Fredonia. 3 Blevins, Fredonia. 4. Meyer, Garnett. 5. Hashagen, St. Joseph. 138 feet, 11 inches. 880-Yard Relay — 1. Baxter Springs. (O. Amos, Bettega, Compton, C. Amos) 2. Osawatomte. 3. Fredonia. 4. Immaculata. 5. Neodesha. 1:35.3. 440-Yard Dash — 1. Notafraid, Haskell. 2. Meek, Hiawatha. 3. Evans, Paola. 4. Fulgum, Fredonia. 5. Bowyers, Bonner Springs. 53.3 seconds. 180-Yard Low Hurdles — 1. Kersten, Immaculata. 2. Town, Eureka. 3. Schefuler, Herington. 4. Hartegan, St. Joseph. 5. Jones, Bonner Springs. 20.9 seconds. Broad Jump — Brown, Herington. 3. Jones, Bonner Springs. 3. G. Amos, Baxter Springs. 4. Town, Eureka. 5. Kersten, Immaculata. 22 feet, 7% inches. (New record. 'Previous record, 21 feet, 6Vt inches, Hug, Holton, 1962). HHO-Yard Bun — 1. Murray, St. Joseph. 2. Smith, Effingham. 3. Hill, Eureka. 4. Agna, Paola. 5. Decker, Burlington. 2:04.7. Medley Belay — 1. Neodesha. (Cottrell, Jump, Berrlgan, Hubbard) 2. Fredonia. 3. Effingham. 4. Burlington. 5. Hasekll. 3:48.5. (New record. Previous record, 3:49.8, Haskell, 1957). 220-Yard Dash — 1. C. Amos, Baxter Springs. 2. D. Brown, Herington. 3. Rlndt, Fredonia. 4. Carter, Garnett. 6. Meek, Hiawatha. 22.8 seconds. Mile Belay — 1. Immaculata. (Wallace, Dougherty, Axe, Kersten). 2. Baxter Springs. 3. Neodesha. 4. Hiawatha. 5. Haskell. 3:36.7. (Ties record set by Olathe In 1955.) CLASS B Shot Put — 1. Hurd, Perry. 2. Massey, Horton. 3. Randall, Blue Mount. 4. Arbogast, Mound City. 5. Stevens, Winchester. 49 feet, 2'/< inches. Dlieua — 1. Utermoehler, Anna 2. Dexter, Holton. 3. Kittle, Spring Hill. 4. Rodman, Perry. 5. Randall, Blue Mound. 135 feet, Vi inch. Broad Jump — 1. Kraft, Lecompton. 2. Kuder, Lane. 3. Bottiger, Midway Denton. 4. Hoover, Quenemo. 5. Fletcher, Holton. 20 feet, 9% Inches. no-Yard Hl e h Hurdles — 1. Wilcox, Parker. 2. Hoffman, Oswego. 3. Thiemann, Sabetha. 4. Harris, Hamilton. 5. Kolzoq, Centre. 16.1 seconds. 100-Yard Daih — 1. Rodman, Perry. 2. Griffin, Solomon. 3. Katzman, Frontenac. 4. Fields, LaCygne. 5. Brooks, Spring Hill. 10.7 seconds. Mile Bun — 1. Scharenberg, Blue Mound. 2. Varvel, LeRoy, 3. Velasquez, Gardner. 4. Buckley, WHUams- burg. 5. Havel, Clyde. 4:47.6. 880-Yard Belay — 1. Frontenac, (Ptchler, Bestlvo, Mussat, Klozman) 2 Oswego. 3. Tie, Hamilton and Blue Mound. 5. LeRoy. 1:36.4. (New record. Previous record, 1:38.8, Leon, 1956). 440-Yard Dash — 1. Hess, Alma. 3. Hatchcook, LaCygne. 3. Wlllard, Madison. 4. Brooks, Spring Hill. 5. Smith, Clyde. 54.0 seconds. 1811-Yard Low Hurdles — 1. Timmons, Spring Hill. 2. Thurmann, Sabetha. 3. Hoffman, Oswego. 4. Culver, Hamilton. 5. Hanis, Hamilton. 20.9 seconds. 8HO-Yard Bun — 1. Michaud, Clyde. 2. Grlndal, Carbondale. 3. Wright, Holton. 4. Cadue, McClouth. 5. Sowder, Hamilton. 1:58.4. (New record. Previous record, 2:03.2, Jay, Gardner, 1953). Javelin — 1. Masters, Burlingame. 2 Bell, Baldwin. 3. Keys, Council Grov e 4 Wlllard, Madison. 5. Gilbert, Northern Heights. 176 feet, 1 inch. Blfh Jump — 1. Hoover, Quenemo. 2. C'eaver, Cottonwood Falls. 3. Hittie, Spring Hill. 4. Harris, Hamilton. 5. Holllngshead, Roosevelt. 6 feet, 2 inches. Medley Belay — 1. LeRoy. (Huffman, Meats, Mattlngly, Crotts). 2. Holton. 3. Horton. 4. Gardner. 5. Scranton. 3:62.4. (New record. Previous record, 3:64.8 Peabody, 1959). Pole Vault — 1. Shoemaker, Pomona. 2. Nocholas, Hamilton. 3. Tie, Scott of Oswego, Meyer of Fairvlews, and Annis of Perry, 12 feet 2% inches, (New redord. Previous record, 11 feet, 8% inches, Lewis, Onaga, 18531. 320-Yard D»jh — 1. Hess, Alma, 3. Brooks, Spring Hill. 3. Baxter. Fontana. 4. Waxin, Oswego. 6. Massey, Tongauoxle. 33,5 seconds. Mile Belay — 1. Frontenac. (Plcli- ler, Restlvo Mussat, Klozman) 3. Blue Mound. 3, Williamsburg. 4. Harveyil- le. 5. Lane. 3:40.6. (New record. Previous record, 3:40.8, Blue Mound, 1955). Mark In TOP VAULTER — Pomona's Roger Shoemaker (left) who set new Class B pole vault record in Ottawa Relays, 12 feet two and five-eighths inches, is pictured with Williamsburg vaulter, Larry Miliken. (Herald Photos). '^vir^ ' HIGH JUMP WINNER — Quenemo's Joe Hoover (left) won Class B high jump with 6-foot, 2-inch leap, in Ottawa Relays. With Hoover is teammate Jim Gragg, only other Buffalo to enter Relays. BROAD JUMPER - Lane's Mike Kudar (left) is pictured with his coach, Clayton True, after placing second in Class B broad jump Saturday at Ottawa Relays. Mike also is a sprinter but didn't compete in sprinting events because of injury. FAST MILER — Wifflamsbnrg's Fred Buckley (second from right) is congratulated by teammates after placing fourth in Class B mile at Ottawa Relays. Shaking Fred's hand is his brother, Ted. At left is Phil Piersol. At right is Roger Cromwell. Williamsburg also placed third in mile relay. 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