The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, September 10, 1936
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M 'i ',- • •* f ft- iv, ~v i -^ --, V .r i . l .L -- : • ---; :. - V- r * • -.-." J~- ,' 7', ' " ^ -' - '•?- -' ', - ,.<-' J *. i'1 i '' "V I' •' "' - j'> 1 ,?' - -.* . , ' - •- '••:•.••..-'•••- t. f - * -T. *'• i" "' f-ltl L J i-' I?' >J > •-:-•?••-•.'•.>.•,.•- ; .'.-.' .v,. -;•,> •'-'V.^A,:-' v^-^ h , •^ _ - - T r - ^-T^ .* J_ L * . J i • ' 'J! . - t COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE -•'' --••-'- - 1 i» .• •. . , 1 '- ' • ' 1 - • , - . •< /.''-.''W-* 11 - ,v v >. -.. •. I THE LEADING NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUtN VALLEY FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT VOL. XLVI 24 PAGES BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1936 TWO SECTIONS No. 35 REBELS REFUSE Women and Children Are in Fortress Held by , L Rebel Soldiers ASKS FOR PRIEST ,1500 arr leaded Building Besieged by Government _ *.. LATE BULLETIN . WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, (U. P.) American warships today were ordered withdrawn from Spain to nearby Kuropean ports. Secretary of State Cordell Hull announced that the orders had been issued by tho navy department, after consultation with the state department, and would become effective immediately. m Hull said the ships would withdraw from Spanish waters to nearby ports of other nations and would not return to Spain except upon specific Instructions to call ut one or another of the Spanish forts to evacuate destitute Americans or other American nationals who wish to leave. By JAMBS 0. OI.DFD3L.D (Copyrlfbt, 1936. br Anocl&ted 'T^OLEDO, Spain,; •"-supreme courage" and Icy calm, Colonel Jose Mascarron, .commander of voluntarily Imprisoned Rebels in the besieged Alcazar, refused a government demand to surrender today,. • : --ir'v.v'' ,"'" •• ••• - '•••. , ,"With General Bhnillo Mola (Rebel leader) at the gates of Madrid, you will be the ones to surrender," Mascarron told a blindfolded Socialist officer who walked into the Jlebol camp to present tho ultimatum. With the curt phrase; "Whatever befalls me and my men aboil befall "us all," Mascarron dismissed a fur(Continued on Twcnty-threeJ ' • • L. A. Man Admits He Killed His Wife (Aaaocfatitt Prcs* Lea ted Wire) I.OS ANQEL.ES. Sept. 10.— A 45- year-old ateam fitter admitted ho shot and killed his 34-year-old estranged wife and then fired a bullet through his eye "because we wanted to die together," Detective Lieutenant George Hill reported today. Arthur Johnson, the steam fitter, was booked on suspicion of murdering Mrs. Edna Johnson after her body was found yesterday behind a signboard. Detective Hill said Johnson waited for his wife, a hotef chambermaid, -on her return from work and walked several blocks with her before asking her to step behind a signboard with him. A bullet entered her head from the rear. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PAGE ALTA VISTA—LINCOLN MARKET 10 A, A P. MARKET 8 BAKERSFIELD ORQOCRY CO M BARNCTT TIRE COMPANY > 18 BATLE9&* WAA *•»•-»•* ••••••**«*****-»l^ BROCK. MALCOLM, CO 3,17 BROWN-BOYO MOTOR CO 4 BURKE. J. C.. U CO FFCC* HARRY **t**«*****«+ 2 COLE BROS. CIRCUS tfi FOX CALIFORNIA l& FOX THEATER U toALLAHER'ft MARKET & OEN8LER-LEE 4. 14 GOODRICH ftlLVCRTOWN .............17 GRANADA THEATER ,«..,. 16 HARRISON'S CLOTHIERS 16 HELM. £0 IS HOGLE & CO.. \. A 23 HOPPER MACHINE WORKS.... a HUFF. JOHN R ft IGA STORES ft JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES 9 KIMBALL & STONE 14 LE ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON 14 MANDARIN. THE It MARKET SPOT 10 NATIONAL MARKET | NILE THEATER ,..., U OWt DRUG CO , 4 PEKIN HERB CO 9 PENNEY. 4. C., COMPANY. U PHILLIPS MUSIC CO 14 PBCSTON, DON C .....,,...,. 7 REX TH EAT En .«..»»...»•••••. ***i*«4< IV RI ALTO THEATER ..*••****•••» .*•....(• SAVE.MOR* DRUG | SAfEWAY STORES 8 8. J. L, A. P. CORP 16 SECURITY MARKET ,.,.» SMITH. RALPH U GROCERY 10 .SOUTHERN PACIFIC , & ST. FRANCIS CAFE 7 SUN KONG HERB CO 7 UNION AVE. DANCE PAVILION U UNION CEMETERY .....U,M URNER. OAVI E., ,....* 14 VALLEY AUTOMOBILE CO ^ 3 VALLEY MUSIC STORE..... 14 VIRGINIA THEATER WASHINGTON MARKET WHELOON'-'S MARKET ... WICKERSHAM'* JEWELRY WITHAM * BOOTH...,,,., "X," DR. •V - * *. # * REPUBLIC HAS A CORNER IN KINGS (Associated Fret* Lcatcd V IENNA, Sept. 10. —Austria, nominally a republic, was all but overrun by kings today. Vacationing Edward of England, wearing a soft hat decorated with a chamois beard, shot partridges In Vienna forest. His luck was reported good. Citizens of Innsbruck were surprised by a visit from Leopold of Belgium. He came down from his mountain cabin to buy supplies and went back to climb another peak. At Woerther-See, former King Alfonso of Spain was golfing. Prince Francis of Lichtenstein was In Vienna, transacting business concerning his principality on the Swiss border. 212 Rescued as Excursion Goes Down After Collision With Liner in Boston Port mm MEET T Seventy-five Will Attend Closed Session to Be Held Tomorrow (Attoclatcd Prets Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 10.— Called into session to chart their course in the \ preaidential campaign, a number of liberal, leaders converged on Chicago • , -\ > ' - ^ *-'•" -.>-.-•-*..% pr^-^ . v . , w, today. Senator Robert La Follette, Wla- cbnalh Profifrefisive and one of" the ef^ht sponsors of the parley, announced 76 of the 140 persona invited had signified their intention of attending: the closed meeting tomorrow at a loop hotel, Sources close to La Follotto said many of tho participants had backed President Roosevelt In 1032 although tho call for the impending conference specified nnp. port for no particular presidential candidate. "We did not intend this to be a convention," the senator said. "It is a conference and we want everyone there to feel free to tulle. ]<\>r that reason tho conference will bo open only to those who have been invited." j La Follette forces supported Alfred j . Smith in 1928 and Mr. Roosevelt in 1932. Joining La Folletto in calling the Chicago meeting wore: Mayor F. H. LaGuardia. of New York; U. S. Senator Elmer Benson, Minnesota Farmer-Laborlte; U, S. Senator George Karris, Nebraska Independent Republican; Edward Keating, editor of Labor; IT. S. Senator Homer T. Bone, Washington Democrat; A. A. Berlo, Br., New York, and Frank P. Walsh, chairman of tho New York Stnto power authority. Bonds' Exemption Lost When Cashed • Tex tile, Mela J Workers Lead Strike Scheme to Gain Ends 70,000 ARE IN DISPUTE Dock Strike at Le Havre Settled and Men Are Now at Work (United Prena Leaned Wire} PARIS, Sept. 10.—Metal workers at Doual went on strike todaj*, bringing the national total of workers now demanding concessions from their employers to around 70,000, Partly influenced by political dissension over the government's policy toward the Spanish leftists and partly by their own working conditions, workers in many parts of the country were making new demands. In Dome 'caaoH they have taken over factories and refuse to leave. Thirty thousand textile workers in the Lille, Koubaix and TourcolnR districts quit work and are occupying factories, following a dispute with employers over apecific application of labor agreements tlmt settled their recent .strike, . ; Numerous fctrlkefl'/liavo been reported In .the last few days in other sections of the pountry. In Mitrfioilles the entire tnetallur* gioal dndtiBtry* involving- 80 plant*, has been tied up. Five thousand metal workers at Genoble have been on strike since fContinued on Page. Twenty-three) Three Companions on Night Ride Meld Following Fatal Plunge Lented B OSTON, Sopi. 10. uhir rescue of VIS WHEW ME MURDCA CULT- Muot'fofrcf Prca* Leased The- Hpceiac- 15S» pleasure- bent passengers and 53 t' re. \varn en whoso excursion bout wink Into fos- ahroudcKl Boston harbor brought praise for cool seamanship today — and at the same liino an InvvfUga- , Uon by the federal steamboat In- j BpecUon service. i The ntcnincr Romance, returning I from A trip to Capo Cod, sank 20 minutes after a collision with the Manhattan-bound Hnor New York tore a holo In her port »ldo last night. In those 20 minutes was enacted I one of the most Htirring dramas of this historic harbor. To many, Jt Beamed that a major sea catastropho was averted — only a day after the second anntventary of the Morro Castle tragedy. SMIE LIST BY AUTHORITI NEW I FOR IGATIONS Koos-c vel t Sy in pa th izcrs Reported Victors in Five Elections MAINE VOTE MONDAY Arizona Governor Loses Fight to Ret n in His Job Next Term /VIM* ' • "•' ' "*»"^ •• ••• !•!•.•• •! • II I I ..•-«» • il • ll^._. MS 10 HANG press Lea ted Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 10.— Voter- ana* bonus bonds lose their exemption from civil attachment when they are converted into cash. Superior Judge Fletcher Bowron held today. His decision, directly opposite in principle to two municipal court ruling* recently, was givnn in the case of AIvo- Scott, whoso $350 security bond was attached by the County Charities Department. Scott, World War veteran, cashed his bonus bonds to cover the security bond after ho was convicted of failure to provide. The $8GO was to be returned to him if he moved to Kansas City, his former homo, with his wife and five children. Tho Charities Department later filed its attachment In a suit to collect $2,600 from Scott on the claim his family was supported by the county for three years. Los Angeles Has Two Fair Prizes * * . »«**4«tf»•*» » ***••••««•« t* OAKLAND, Sept. 10.— LOB Angeles county representatives carried home today two of tho principal trophies won in California's eighty* sixth birthday party. The southern county won first prize for the best float in a three* hour parade and the Los Angeles sheriff's mounted posse won first prize for tho large HI and best appearing mounted unit.' The 40 members of the poi»«e all wore mounted on Arabian homes, whoso saddle* and brldlea were richly trimmed willi silver. Police estimated that 300,000 vtelt- pns ' ,att«ndl the celebration held hore !*r?*9 Leased Wirtj LOS ANQKLES, Sept. lO.—Pollcc questioned three companions of Mrs. Betty Meredith, 33, attractive,, auburn-haired widow, today after she was killed in a fali from tho automobile in which they rode at 4:10 a, in. The companions wero Mrs. B. B. Anderson, Charles Madden and Art Tholn. Madden told police Mrs. Meredith was riding in tho front seat with him and fell out of the oar. The officers said they learned Mrs. Meredith and Mrs. Anderson met tho ! men in a Santa Monica Boulevard j cafo last night and went to Chinatown. An urgunfent developed there, Mrs. Anderson said, and the four left to return to the cafo. Kn route, Mrs. Meredith fell from tho automobile. Mrs. O. D. lialstead of Pacific Palisades, sister of tho victim, said slie was certain Mrs. Meredith could not have committed suicide. Mrs. Hals ted said her sister's husband, Robert Meredith, employe of tho Uoodrlch Rubber Company at l>en- ver, Colo., died six years ago. San Diego Closes Big 1936 Exhibit (Anodalcd Pretm Leaned Wire) SAN D1KOO, Sept. 10.—San T>1- ego's biggest show, attended by 7.220,000 persons, becatno history today. At midnight, a bugler sounding taps on tho Palace of Fine Arts, rang down the curtain on the 193B-3G California Pacific International Exposition, As Hun Dfego thanked the world for the millions of fair vUUorn and their stimulation of thn state's business, workmen began clearing the grounds of lovely Balboa Park. Jt will b*j reopened to the public soon. Still to bo decided by city officials is the u»e which will be made of several large buildings which housed exhibits. The exposition's farewell party last night was attended by 62,000 who san* "Auld Lang Syne" and watched the huge lights atop th^e outdoor organ pavilion go out one by one. Name* of BOO oxpoftltion workers 'in a golden book were sealed into a fountain by President Frank O. Belcher. FIRE DAMAGES KMTTt JX>S AKO13LE8, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— Fire did damage estimated today at $2000 to the former studio of radio gallon. JCMTU, which had bcon coii- varied Into on office for the station. Re&Haired KBatber Not • • Moved by Judgment When Pronounced n (United Pffl*« Leased Wire) r ANGJ2LE8, Sept, 10.—Robert 8. James today was sentenced to be ^ hanged for the brutal "rattlesnake murder" of his seventh wifo, Mary. Tho red-haired ronieo barber was convicted of drowning his young blonde bride after first falling to kill her with tho bite of n rattlesnake. Charles Hope, cx-satlor now serving a life sentence, testified they strapped the woman, an expectant mother, to a kitchen table, and 1 James shoved her bare leg into a box containing a buzzing rattlesnake. She was bitten on one too but did not die quickly enough to suit James, HO he drowned her in a bathtub, Hope said. l A bridge of ladders was thrown from the liner New Turk to (he Komauce, Across It \vent a majority of the oxcuntlon boat's piiHHciiger*. Others were saved by flvi> lifeboats lowered by tho Nmv York. While the passengers and crew of tho Romance scrambled to safety iho New York kept her prow Jammed into tho sldo of the other craft. A moment after Captain Adalbert C. WlcUenH loft tho Hoinnnce tho ship plunged under the waves bow first, her whistle moaning. Today only the top of her superBtrucluro remained abovo water. CapUiIu Wlckena Ulnmelf nearly drowned. Ho was on tUWoboat when another raft slid off the Ttojrmnce on top of him. Wickenit and a sailor with hint wont .under but escaped. Five persons •.•\veretaken to hospitals. "\Vc can thank the perfect discipline of the Romance's crew that wo arc alive today," Haiti Tolbert McKay of Milton, Mass., nn experienced yaclitflman. Others of the rescued echoed his state- mnnt. Tho New York turned bark to Bohton with the rescued. Her own pHMrnjcen* wore put n bo tin! a train for New York. The Now York's Haxh at fl:18 p. m.. (eastern standard time), had mobDJxed every coa*t guard nnd police boat In tho DOR ton area. The fog waa tho worst of the summer. CKNATOR Richard H. Russell, Jr., ^ u RooRevolt supporter, appeared today to have captured 344 of Oeor- igia's 400 unit votes in his contest | with Governor tiugoue >3. Tali inadge, a now donl opponent, for the Democratic gunatoria] nomlnu- Uou. on the bants of unofficial re- tuniH from that state's primary yesterday. Under Georgia law, candi* (Uitow are selected by county unit votes, a KyHlenrHlmllur to the toral eollogo in preuklmitlal eloc HuHfloll WUH lending nearly two to one in tho popular voting. l Prr*(t Leased Wife) TpRGSNO. Sopt, 10.—California's "perfect crime ring*'—a Hindu patriot- x Ism cult—today was believed responsible for the slaying of Arjan Singh. 65, a DOB Palos ranch worker, whoso name appears on a death list held by the district attorney's office here. Arjan's bashed body was found at a ranch house near here last night. His skull was broken, apparently by blows from an iron pipe found nearby, and his leg was broken, Indar Singh, a fellow worker, was taken into custody by Un- deruhoriff Jack Tarr, who held him on suspicion in Fresno county Jail. Tarr sutd Inrtar admitted attacking-^ Arjan, but pleaded self-defense, j Tarr and other authorities hero! said they bwUeved Arjan was a' "marked man" and had been doa- ; ignated for death by tho wierd' Hindu cull, which, state officer* be- ; Hove, already has claimed 35 victims. .Since 1926. whon Hindu killings b«- j occurrliiK concurrently with the i VARIES All LEADER Russia Takes Offense at Hitler's Colonial Plans as Told nienmvlitle, (o Maine, where both the Deinorratlc* niul tt4*pti)»Itrnu par- tle.H iniihterrd I heir forren for tli6 final drive JetuliiiK to Uie Mate elections Monday, Tim ttuitit content ceMters around (Governor Lnnin J. Hrann, DeinocrHt, and Senator Wflllace H. \Vlilte f Kitptibllrati, who are opponents for the seat Whit* .-now holds In the United States of larfiro numbers of Kast JndianB In (lie Sun Joaquln valley and Hucramento valley agricultural regions, county, Htate and federal authorities have been baffled by crimes which led thorn only to un«olved npy plotB, alien tunuggling, rellgloUK ami racial haimta, myotlc* oriental rites and deep root oil Hindu nationalism INHUCS which date back to tho "Uam affair." Ham Chandra, editor of a ttadar , Crt , , A . . . , (Independent*) party papor ana *ume ?° vfet *™*« ***** *? « mswer to 30 other pernotiK wore ohartrod with i Chancellor Adolf Hitlers caustic i plotting nn Indian involution, Uur-; comment on bolshevlsm and Jews the trial Chandra wait ctrcueuM | &t Nurnherg, Germany. out" his patriotic party \ Newspaper*! called the Nazi con- pockrUnff truutury mom y , ventton ''Hitler's traveling circus" ^ ^L A ^m — _ ^^^P /A is or in if ft Prr<* I.rasftt Wire) TP/IDENINX? breach in Rusao-Ger* man relations echoed in the of I F Sea Scouts Ship Comes Into Port Bas NATfONAL LEAGUE \YaMihiRton Governor Clarence U. Martin, candidate to aucceod hlm»elf, polled 128.0 H> votOH in 2266 proetnetn to 100,ii7(j votes cant for hJ« noait*sl rival for the Deinocratlo nomination, John C. Klcvennim of Seattle. Otto Otwe, ntatfj treusuivr and Tuwnnend leader, won third with &y,74ti. Conner Governor lloland 11. Hart- Icy won tho Republican nomination with 48,323. Tho Democriitie vote in Colorfldo'fl primary npprouchod tin till- time high, retuniH from all but 60 pro- cinctfi whiMvetl lixlay. Tho race between Governor I*. Johnnon and \\'iUium fcS. Hwcot former ffovernor, Car tho weimt poel bolUK vacated by I3d\vard CosUgan, dnsw the most votea 1 35,898. Johnwon won by n 2-to-J and German fund« puld him. tho trial shut « m) on Page TVenty N1IR MYSTERY Incoherent (Circus Follower Los Angeles Suspect in La Jollu Murder \ and observers feared serious couee- ! quonces might follow Insistent re- fufi&Ju of Germany and Russia to call off their vituperative attacks on ; each other. I Der Fuehrer's proclamation of an } economic program for Germany embracing return of Its war lost colonies stirred hostile reaction In other Kuropean capitals. Authoritative sources In Pans said France would refuse to yield any of KB mandates over former German \ At Boston — H. St. fxiuls ................. 3 BoBton .................. *J Batteries: Johnson. Halnes ser, J. Dean and OKrodowski Chaplin and Lopez. H. B 13. 0 & 1 Uybtt. York \l, At Cincinnati 7 New York 2 Batteries: Derringer and bard I; Gabler, Cuff man and CU80. At PJiiladolphla— H, Chicago n Philadelphia 2 H. 1C, 7 J «l t. f A««o0tfrfcd Prc9» trftiscd Wirt) SAN PEDRO, Calif., Sent. 30.— A two weeks' voyage aboard an ancient windjammer that Dtrotchod Into two months waa ended today wit!) tho return horo of tho full- rigged schooner Pacific Queon and her youthful crew of 29. Huffetod by tropical Vt.urrlctt.nen off thu Mexican coast, becalmed for day» w)illo provjsions ran low and forced to cull for aid four limes. Ui«; ancient Bulling 1 vessel finally ut- cepted a tow from u coaflt K" u ard cutter and camo Into port lawt night with her sails furled. Coast Guard Will Get Eight Boats Tho gubernatorial nomination race, won by Teller Amnionn, Don- r city attorney, over l.icuionatu- vor eny aiiornoy. over i.ioutonant- , ne i K hborH telephoned police that a Governor Hay 11. Talbol nnd Moses mun waa uct lnff strungoly. lit* said. 13. Hrnilh, oUructod !30.9Ui votes in | accordinK to officers, thai ho hitch- tho first 1472 of 1620 precincts to j hiked here from San Uleiro but de- l-o Temps, well-informed Parisian newspaper, expressed the opinion "no nation would rot use a just and »*quitabl« organization of th« European community on an equal footing but no nation, even the weak* ost. would consent to bow before a poaco Imposed by German foi-ce." Whitehall was silent but informed sources m lx)ndon Indicated tho door was not shut to negotiations over colonial issues. It was recalled, however, Neville Clmmberluln, chancellor of the exchequer, recently told Parliament I he British government was contemplating on change in the status of its possessions and mandates. report. Ammom*' plurality was 18,234, Tho peak Democratic primary voU» fuiuf two yearn ago when 131*,347 voles won? oast as Oovornor t Johnson won ronomlnutloti ovnr i John H. and H. <*. Her Court cratic t Man- i H. 8 7 1C. i a 1x-o and Ilarlnolt* Walters nnd fSnice. ul At Brooklyn— U. Pittsburgh 11 Brooklyn G Btitterle*; Hwlft and Tod«U II. 14 n i house. Jeffcoal, Winston and ^ " -Btr- { - t'rc«8 hraned HAN PKDHO, Hi>pl. 10.— patrol hoaU undor <-<.n iliroo Hun l*«»<lro yucdH f ^^ gufird Uxlay. Tho couwt ctuunl bcnplunp ban« Hun DJogro wMJ n*«*cJvfl o(io fift-f Hpotdcruh HA a 'Vrunh bout" mid another will engage In rvnciiQ work here. Tliu (,'UKtoinn Hcrviro \\-\\\ u«o two l at AMERICAN LEAGUE L At Detroit— R. Washington 2 Detroit D Batteries: New-Mom and Bridges and Hayworth. H. K. G 0 & 0 liogan; Ti6-fooi boatw, ono ut Honuhihi and th« other h«;re. an bcmrdlng launrhcH. With H spewl of 48 knoU. four 80- j torm. foot l>out« utll go on patrol duly out of Han Pedro a» replacement* tor tho prc-Kcnt nlowor 75-foot craft. Mi/?« Jct«f*i»hlno Hocho, now an u«- Mccretary of tho trauury. Arironu M unlock. i*ullogA <loan, HtanfoM, former Kuptv judgr* ( hi-hJ tlio Uemo- i»«Hlonttl and gubortia- torlal uumlnnilona lodny, with only | pf . c!ocl hero today to'qu«iitlon"him ! a handful of VUIPB from I ueifday'n ! » • » ] primary Mill out. \ Stanford defeated Oovornor H. H. i Moeur, UOcliiK un «iir)y load and piling up d plurality of 12,747 In 417 complrto and 17 Incomplete proclncta of Hi** «t,Afo> 440. Tho volft: Stanford GJ,710; Moour 39,963, At tin* ln«i count M unlock lod Marlln T. Phoipir. Huperlor Court Judge and TownBendlte, by 2<18 vole*. Murdockr polled 18,811 vottta to Ph«Ip» 16 ( 3P3. Klev«n candldatca Nought the post which will b« vacated by CoiigrcKfiWoinan Itiabella C*reen\vay at tho end of the current /'r**« Ltttted Wirr > LOS ANGICL-KS. Sept. 10.—-Polico said a liuffo exclrcu» atrong man with poaeful baiula, l^oonard Ixsd- ford. ?8. whom they found running about tho mlddlo of a Htreet babbling Incoherently, W«M being questioned today In connection with the brutal HOX murder of Ruth Mulr at \A\ Jolla. lx>tlford was taken into custody at Sixth and Alamedu Htnnun after telephoned police that a ^ ; A south African spokesman, mor«- j over, threatened any effort to treat Africans "as pawns In the European game" would *be resisted, Authoritative t*?atfue of Nations man H an«wnr« were vuguo and ho ! aourceii irf Geneva viewed demand* would bo qucMtloni»ii further. Police > for territorial expansion aa a natural records nhowed. Captain Pat ton «ald, that Lx;dford nerved throe years of « 6-lo-JO year burglary «entence Im* In HutchhiHon, Kan,, in 1925. r hl» release lie travelled with a carnival «« n wrestler and "gtronflr mun." llocordu Hhowed he wan ar* rested liere on a drunk charge September 1. the day after Mlmi Mulr'v death. Han U1(»K'> pollen were ex- Uleg;^ nled knowledge of the murder. Captain T). 15. Pat ton mild the Will Hold Couple Until Film Shown (First game) At 8t. Loute— H. U. Philadelphia 13 10 8 t T ntiltt 7 b !• • ++t*J U i,W* •*«»t***i>**««*«* l O Batterlen: Archer. Gumpert and }Iaycm; Jakucl, Van Atta, Uebhardt, Klmbcrlln and Woman's Death Is i Accidental! J'r*»# Lcottil Wire) DAVKNPOHT, .Sept 10.—Thief of illrn Hum K«lly Maid today h« would hold Nobuzanu Taunura and Mi8» Yonlyo Yanari, Japanese couple arrented after taking plclur«a near the Hock Island. III.. arm*nal. "until I K»t a report on what tho picture* whow." Tnunura'a cumeru and film wero in tl»o hundu of fed cm I officials Colo- nol A. U. GIlleHpi*. commandant of conneuuenco of tho Tloich's tnenl but said the only course open to Germany IB through negotiations with the mandate powers, principally France and Gnjut Britain. tho pronouncement tvaa made yesterday, a front pagu editor* lal in O»«ervulorc Romano. Vatican organ, decried economic Nationalism. "No medieval period," It warned, "divided Kuropeun economy with such Indiiperable barriers. A foreign office spokesman Jn Toklo said Hitler's declaration would not move Japan from ita policy of retaining permanently the former German Islands in the equatorial Pacific which it rules now under gf Nations mandate. i Spain Says Rebel Plane Not Bomber tho umonal, «ald the film would be j day a rebel plane was not developed but declined to dJwcuiw the Tsununi and M1»H Van art. taken into custody by police yesterday. Ifl. 3 n At Cleveland— H. H. K. New York 4 13 1 Cleveland & 14 1 Batteries: Broaca, Wicker and Dickey; Alton and George. S. IV8KKKH PKKAin WAB1UNQTON, Sept. 16. (A, P.)-^ The Southern Pacific Kallroad Company applied to the interstate com* mcroe commission today, for authority to abandon 8620.i ff«t of its Duart» branch In Ix>s Angeles county* . -J I h * ^ i ™-"s-j- --" ' ^* . ' .'4 ,- CdlifornU f4**oelated 7'rf»* Ltatcd Wire) HAN ? KHANCIHCO, 10.—Ac* ital drowning wan advanced by authortUcM an the probable cauBo of death of a 60-year-old M'ornan whoae body waa found today In the palace of fine arts lagoon. . Police, before recovering the body, reported the woman apparently had been bound and gagged. A acurf about the neck which covered the fat 4 e, coupled with gloves on the woman'* handa, prompted the report, police eald. A. V. Plnmnonf, deputy coroner, theorized the woman had been *trol- Ung along the la goon'n «tdge at dunk and toppled Into the * hallow pool, bly an a reiiulV o| a heart at* Murdoch will IM* opposed by George. L. liurgeKK. In the N»vembor general elpction. DurKeftft defeated Krank W.'lwitlmer for the Republican nomination. DfifiO to 2378. Thomafi IS. CamplK*!!, former pres- Ulent of the United Km ton civil aerv- ice board, won the Republican nomination for governor from Mayor John H. Udall of Phoenix, receiving . Taunuru «ald he storied the 4624 vote, to 31^ lor hU opponent. £°^$^^^^$ \ ture beside the Ml»fil««ipp| river with QaQHS»Fl 'fnt* RoKir ; ni< * Ar«ennl iNtand and u RatUioat in kJCal i/Il 1UI JLfCftUj j the background, linked States Com- i r*^~4-*~* i-— k riUi^. mlftKloner Albt^rl Block said that If vXJIllCrS Hi V/niO the a rse » al showed on the film they | may be protteowed for taking ple- (A*tQcittt«d Pre*t Ua*ed Wire) lur *«* of government property with PRTROIT. Sept. 10,-^H*arch for oul Authorization, twenty-months-old Harry Browe, who disappeared laut Maturday from ASKS INJUNCTION* a Detroit imrk. waa concentrated 1 I^>8 ANOBU28, Kept. 10, tA. P. along the Ohio etato linn today by Qrover Smith, operator of two Glen Michigan state police checking ihreo report*; of u man and a baby In an automobile in Uiat vicinity. Prf*« Lcatcd . BURGOS, Sept. 10.—The Insurgent Spanish government junta, following an Investigation, announced to- Tho baby disappeared from tho park flftpr two young brotheru hud taken him there tor aji diilo movie theaters, had applied to* day for an Injunction ugalnat picket* Ing by union project Ion Una. lie alleged the dlnpute aro«e from hia re* futtal to discharge two nonunion ptoyeA. ^ ble for ihe recent attempted bombing of the United States iti?stroyer Kane. Today'* announcement said the Investigation disclosed no rebel plane was in the vicinity of the Kane at the time of the incident. Rebel aviators, th« Junta declared, are under strict order* from t&e high command to "respect all for- flags and especially. a« in this when the colors flowu belong to a state which behavtrf in friendly and loyal manner toward the Nation* allat (rebel) movement." CONTRACT AWARDED WASHINGTON. Sept. 10. <A. P.) Award of a $70,127 contract to the Bo.uthweat Welding and Maniifactur> ing Co., Inc., Alhambra* Cailf., for t>l udge d lapo«al piping wus announced today by tho bureau. The piping will be lu the de&Utiiiff works at dam on the Colorado river. -V-: 'A' i. f Y''/'!^;,.' 1 ; .,.,:*_ 'a ' : '• I.- * i ,' L I -r - V ' L . I t- - '• ' j • -1 i ^ :, 1 < b^-. ^.-rv'i •*' J i u>'" 1 '--.'*" $ ^ ,?;''•: -:,i j _ j _ r ^ : --- • "•- ,-. *'t ' ''--. • . '- - > -- "^ I -^ I" i. -.- T f I- JP -'*_ - - r^t - : ~t • ' ~,*\ .:~i ,' . ' n - I* . -' H'. f , r 1 4

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