The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1951 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1951
Page 18
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BLIHH.HLUE (ARK.) OOUHTCT. MEW1 Our i»«rdin§ Hwcc with Moj. HoopUj OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams LEARNED TO DRIVE WAIT TILL Wfc-THINK Political Announcements •ubjwt v> Municipal slection November i, 1951 DAM A. BI/DDOFTT B. B. JACKSON HENDERSON . For AMmsuui Ftnt Ward . J. P. BROWNSOK JfOMER WILSON Tfclri War* L. Q. NASH f«r AMerau Fowih Wwrd MOORE lor *ian«r? Don't get Mtjrn's Brad le your Irlend, Bub k>»( It a trtasure Ana wth.8<T«, you pleasuri. ^ Lcx^t for m; seal on th« end ' FOR SALE lferta, 11 Ivek I* M •r reen<*r<*4l AIM BtMlu chui|r tenant CMI m t*r (TM OSCIOLA TH.I fc CULVERT CO. Pb«M mi NO SURVIVORS ftZZ ByWIUHENRV rHK TrORii j. *«**« ••« •<*rtr •*•»». >• tMKBgtd I 10 thr tf»1h with *laf.M«y wkllke; rmmm*1 •»*» e«vt North Star. ** IBdlji» Mvd xxn I COULD oo( lollow Slatemeyer. for neither ot my nandf nad rsurvived the pressures of his [Strength with enough force left to grip the blade properly 1 could not risk losing the knife by striking at him. even though hie left arm dangled uselessly. Then u 1 watched hlra approaching 1 saw something. A little thing, the kind upon whicb battles turn. Just before he began to move In. the fingers on his left hand, the "useless" one. flexed, unnexed. then flexed again. My mind jumped. Either that dangling arm had been a ruse all along or he had just gotten back u«e ot K. At any rate he was play- tnt it as a ruse now. not knowing I wa« otj to the game. When we were six feet apart Slatemeyer erupted into motion. 1 saw his Jaw muscles twitch a hair m< an tart ant before he leaned and I released my whole power toward my one objective, hij "useless" left arm. The knife came sliding from his good right into his bad left hand a light-flash before my teeth buried themselves in the bones ot his left wrist. The heavy bowie knife thudded into the dust beneath us The guess had paid off. He had tried .the Sioux hand-shift. Had I not seen the fingers of that left hand flex themselves before his leap, the broad blade would have been resting in my vitals, not dust We went rolling over and over he snarling and grunting as he sought crazily for my knife-arm. Surging upward I managed to bridge my body enough to free my left arm. Flinging this upward 1 OBTUtMTlt) r/ KIA ttlWCt, IHC ed the Knife from my pinioned right, lust before Slatcmeyer's jroping paw closed over it My head was buried OD his right shoulder so that i Vookei) over it and down his bark Looping the eft arm clear, around behind his lead. 1 struck, burying the blade lilt-deep in the ' muscles of bis right shoulder, ripping downward and deeply from *houlder-point to elbow The white bone showed sfcken- ingly u i felt the arm go Limp, allowing me to roll free I think he wa» ki shock those last moments, for he was not a man jut a white-faced, slavering, staring-eyed brute Giant that he was, le had taken three gaping wounds. of which either o* the first two would have killed an ordinary man _ He had been suffering tn- lense pain and heavy blood loss for 14 minutes I stepping inside his blind groping then, whipping the lean Length of the Toledo blade into him as I came in. A shudder ran over the big body and. as I stepped quickly away from it. it slid slowly to knees in the dust. t stood over him, motionless. while a thousand Oglala joined me in the payment at a respect o< silence to this strange, fearless man. Not a Sioux there but knew he had seen a warrior die. REPAIR SERVICE A11 ip»U»c«i: rcfrlferaUn, rrecwn, rm>(», a«4 waiken. Kadt»« aad mil) appllaaecm. All nr mrk !• p>ar«BtM4. Adams Appliance Co. I did what I had to do working quickly wHh Yellow Bird's thin knife. Coming to my feet I faced the Sioux. A low swelling "H'gun H'sun!" swept their ranks, dying away into the night as I steppec across the circle toward Star. "Receive my offering," I intone,. harshly, and snapping the upraisec knife blade downward and lor. ward. I Bung Slatemeyer's hear into the center of the flr* before her. Coming to her fe«t, Star held me with ner ejf*. la a voice hardly CHRISTMAS CARDS The same special prices advertised In Memphis stores. 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With the words she raised the incred bufTalo-hitlc doll high above ler bead and filing it after the icart of the whiskey runner mxo he fire The little doll burned jrightly Tor a moment and was ;one. There was a long gasp from he watching Sioux, then silence Star stood defiantly her eyet weeping the ranks ol her tribes- people. A shadow fell between her nnd me. Craxy Horse stood be- ore us. Here was another ot those un- >re<iictable Indian instants, i had brought the heart ol her violatoi o their holy woman and this was right But jhe In turn nnd cast rom her the symbol ol her holiness, renouncing, in the passion of he act, her holy status. This might prove very much wrong Judging from the shocked mut- crings among the medicine men. :his tatter seemed very likely. "I respect them." called out Crazy Horse, unexpectedly. "It is our way of doing things." Art angry, sullen growl sprang up among the medicine men. • . • E war chiet continued, facing them challengingly. "That which was holy within her she has Rung after the heart of him who destroyed it In her She has already told me this on the sun ol her capture. Now that which is woman, remaining in her, she would bestow upon him who avenged her ! say this is right. Let them walk in peace." The scowls and. bitter denunciations of the medicine men were lost in the thundering shout which went up from the warriors. 'Hi.m-hun-hel L« them walk in peace." I leaped over the fire to Star's dais and she rose to meet me, casting from her shoulders as she did. the white elk rob* of the Wiyso Wakan. I swept her into my arms and together we made our way to my tipi through the milling, howling mass of warriors already beginning the celebration dance at tux nuptials. (To Be STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad li Ash Photic 6888 Vow Friendly Studehaker Dealer "Prices Are Born Here— And Raised Elsewhere" MO PIKI.FMCKAcr NAM€ OtTTHS WfU-.YOUieu. BUNNY •O STAY *4 a«5 AND W6 BSOWNS ANSWER;so rr.' WELL, WHERE JL KAY OO«- t, M, RfC- U. B.jPAT. Off. 'isii"B<"NE\ SERVICE. That's the boss's wife—I have to little makeup today think she believes I'm plain enough to b« his secretary! PIUSOUXA'S PO Ask (he Man Who Owns One BY AL VERMEER HALLELUJAH! J \OU MEAN YOU'RE TOSSING THEM INTO THE RUBBISH , NO! I'M TRADING ' TO JENNY LU FOR A BLIMCH OF ALL THEY DO IS CLUTTER UP MY ROOM! Keep Calm, Sport BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE •Lf~rf AMP I AZE AT 'iFFEKEMT EMt7$ CP WE SAME KACKET— '.'SOME TVWS XXJ AAI&HT SIVE ME SOWS IU6AS FOKMV 5TOWES. Can Cost You Money And the only way to know lust how fast you're going is to have «n accurate speedometer, v/e repair speedometers for all makes and models of cars and trucka. One day jervice T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ClU7»»eT-PlT»««tk DM 121 E. MtlB Pk.M FIRST SEE YOUR DOCTOR Then See Us! Fr«sh Prescriptions Expertly Prepared ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 1950 CHEVROLET FlcctTine 2-door Sedan. Bc-aull- fnl red car with radio and heat er. 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NOT AROUND I BUUCE SOOIEO SEM*tN 100KIU6 FOR JOB*I . WOT WE ARE! BGftRP. AFTER T^T...WELL«. HERE! THE Jk3 1* UP, AUD-/CAMT TO QUIT!! BUGS BUNNY Have a Chair ALLEY OOP Something 1o Think About BY V. T. HAML1N DO VOU ME AN THIS/ HECAN.VOUfi UNHEARD OF NO- I HtGHNEGS.ANO BODY. THIS LONG-1 IF HE STRIKES NOSED UPSTART, \TONHGHTA3HE CAN FOKCEMB.TH'V THREATENS. EMPEROR .TO VACATE \ HE WIU.I TH' THRONE? BUT I HAVE SOLDIERS \, TOO HAVENTI ? HUN • DKEDS OF THOUSANDS! / TK INCOMPARABLE LEGIONS OF ROME! WHERE ARE THEY? ANDHEBe 5THEARMV P HERE! ^C OF UfcTJTENANT i ^^^ csw-cont BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Slight Error BY EDGAR MARTIN

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