The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 15
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THE BAKERP1ELD CAWPORNlAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 Noting gain This Fa • **^ ' ' Senato For Sala—Auiomoblles For Salt— Furnituri ^g^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u^b^d^^^^^^^k^^^^^^^^b^^^^k^^Mfe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^P^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BEAUTIFUL $90 walnut vanity, $40; walnut chant, -cedar lined, 46 inches lonff by 16V6 inched deep. $20; »panel ffft» heating: atove for Uvlntf room, antique braaa finish,after 6 p. m. . O Am— B-piocft living room set, dining- room table, ran h«atorn, flrcpiaco sot and mattrosa. phdn« 35 Business Cards ^ ^^^, ^^^h__^^^L ^^^^k^^^^h_i__^^^k ^^^^^ ^^&^_^^^^_ ^^^^__^^^k__^^^^k__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k__^^^^__^^^^kii^^^kii^^^^^b_^^^^ki_J^b__^^^^Hii^^^^k^^^^^kii^H^^h^^^^^^^^^l^hii^^^^^ ^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Q^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^r^^^^^^r^^ L, W, HUNT, QEOLOQIST Pitrolium and Mining Enflntftr 1712 OhMttr Avinui Phon» SB3 2823 Twentieth . Phone 103& Where Cars Are Properly Reconditioned, and Displayed LOOK FOR THE3 YELLOW FRONT Do Soto Airflow sedan 1936 Chevrolet Master 2-dr. 1984 Plymouth 2-dr. sedan .1932 Bulck trunk sedan .1933 Chevrolet 6 w. sedan 1933 Pa Soto 0 w. sedan 1934 Willys 7? sedan 1932 Ford Modot B sedan Ford Victoria 1931 Chevrolet coach 3980 Oldsmobilo sedan 1930 Chevrolet coupe THIS $1045 $626 $405 1931 $475 $395 $345 $345 $295 $295 usn FuuNiTunK SPECIALS Ttonertl BroA, closet bed $7.95 Baby bed, cane paneled Jfi.QS fi-po. breakffljit ael, hardwood *7.fir» 3-pc. overatfd. bed davenp. not SBB.BO 3-pc. enameled bedroom set $14,95 3-po, noborti Bros, livlni room ^ sot, runt tapvatry, like now $45.00 2-pc. Karpen livlnr room set, green tapestry, like new $39.50 Many Other Big Bat-faina POPRh FURNITtJRE KXCHANQ1S ArdlKzl^Olcese Bldff. 63» Sumner St. JUit west of Baker. Phone 1841 fi2 Radios. Musical Instruments and Call LAUNDRY SERVICE Strvtoi Untscilud— Th»( ti Our ftlwt T*n DtfftriM *tr»le«i • Z»r(o OflorUii Dry OITIZENS LAUNDRY 0 llrttti Phani 251 SAMC-«Bue(!Cher trumpet oano In good uhape, $16 cash. aflfifi Kast Seventh street. PHO 082 62 HKO SALES AND SERVICE 10,10 Dodgo touring sedan $845 1986 Plymouth touring sedan $835 10114 Buick 8-67 sedan $746 1932 Chevrolet coupe $2U5 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 62 Fruits and Vegetable* BLUE PAMSON plumw, lug, 7Bc: SalO- way fr«fBtono peaoh«H. B5c HP; White Uftalh nnd Georgia cling*, 30a and 45c; table grapes, Drandto'n Stand. 2600 block. Tftrrucc Way... FOH SAWS—While pearlies for canning, BOe lug:, whtlfl they last; bring nonlftiners. 3718 Jowett Lane. Phone S1.07-U. JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC AOOOUNTANT (NCOMK TAX SCRVtCC, AUDITS. 5Y8TEMJ 205*6 ProfiMlontl Phont 45BI PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Mlnttttnth «nd C Btntti t, C. Ptyni J, Bruot Ptyn* Fred sedan, clean n-i 0-1034 Willys KOdan, low miles $315 Ford 1-ton truck, HucKrttell, only $85 C. O. nOUT.AHH, gOTTI AND U S4 trade J928 Chevrolet coach, rubber and pood condition, for equity in later car. Phono 8743-J-2. ask for BUI. 35 For Sale — Miscellaneous KOH SAT-,T3--Wlnc kcg» and barrels. Minlni? machinery, nrCBBures, conveyors, noreeiiH, elevatorB, ffrliBleys, nilno shaftlnff, C-lnoh pipe. 514 _ Thirtieth. _ 30 COTTON trailer, now rubber, ?30. AVest end Bello, Olldale, n. S. Vest. _ 35 •\VIHLK they last, four 3-balo trailers, JSO.OO each. Three 5-bale trailers, $80.00 each. One l-i bale trailer. * $45.00. Good rubber, paint ana hltcheH. Beaver's Bargain Mar- ket.i^Ofi Chester. GOOD canning pears. fiOo luff, while they lawt. 1104 It street, In renr. after 4 p. m. 04 CANNING PMACHBS J-.cmon clinffK, now ready. Will Iftsl only few days. Come pick your- Helf, 85c lug. Brandt Uanch, Harry Carlnn, 1 mllo nant of T^imont. 37 FREESTONE poaches. Merrill ranch, Rio Bravo. No Sunday ealeg. NEW lUmondn (1B30 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton, 1109 Stook- ton street, Bakernfifttd. 44 Poultry and livestock FOH BATjF — Fancy Palomino saddle mare, 7 yoarw old. Rocond houso we»t of Graaley Bchnol. Thoron Totton. 35 FOn SAI-I3— Rhode Island Uocla, I?arred Rock and White T laying hens. $1 each. 2418 street. Telephone 4726-M. DOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Director! and Ambultnoa Service i too Truxtun Avtnu« ( M N Itrot Phon» 167 LHdy AtUndinl ther Pets DITID cage and atand, $1.05, keetf, Pfic. Shrubs. 2fio. All kinds of rare birds and AiippllPH. Pets wanted. Frso dolivory. H24 Third. Phone 5S88-J. Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous \VANTl r >D — Two hoiiscfl lo ho Harry Dodlen. Houte 3, Box 233- A, BskersfleM, California. prices paid for bottles, rags, Iron and other Junk, Phono 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt uorvlre. 420 Kant Nineteenth. - 7-0-38-tf WANTISD—Old Burlap and rnRB. Buy- Ing bottUs and olhei* Junk. Cull 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Sumner street. <M5-tf srNGKH electric portable, Treadle, $10. White electric connole, HHo new. $40.50. Wxpert repairing. ParU. 1700 K street. Phone 6330. BO NOTIC15 — Bradford's Poultry and Babbitry wlnhos to announco that fl.fter the befflnninB" of wchool, service mubt be limited to after school hours and Saturday. Orders will be taken at any time during we days, delivery to be made after o'olock. Open Saturday from 6 to fl. Bradford Urolhorn. FOU SAMO— Real values, one 1929 Chevrolet aport coupft. good rendition. $150, $125 cash. One Dalton combination cash register and adding machine, $06. One Winchester 38-55, ffood deer rifle, $20. Call •1868-W. 80 OKAY horse for sale, marc, 5 years old. Call at Uoute 3, Box 2S4. Legal Notices LINCOLN, Nob., Sept, George W. Xorrts, veteran HepubUoan Independent, today be came a candidate for re-election with j | FINANCIAL LETTER tho filing In the secretary of state's offipe ot a petition bearing 40,504 signature* on his behalf. j. A. HOGtB & COMPANY The petitions were filed by James! M*mb»r§ New York Stack At or around yesterday's high prior* arable offers wore met by tho market and the resistance proportionately heavUr, Volume WHS almont us larxc AH yesterday but. tho selling and profit-taking reunited in Hetlwck In thn nveragoa about equivalent to yea- terday'n tftttnv. Currently the steels, motbr«, aeccs- orlwt and merchandising jdmrpn i»rn receiving tho woat attention nnd will continue to load the market into new ground, Tho next threw to four Nhniitd prove qulto nrofllablo those with holding* of Rood IKHUAK. h <»r, from th* medium term n»- poot good policy neem« to dtotntit iho taking of wofltn during the ntranRth remaining the rent of thl* month. S»lo of tho above mentioned Untie* on •trenicth remaining the r«»t of thiw month. Snl<* of the ahnve mentioned on strength i» NUKgeited nn the of n wetback aomntlmr during October and November. Koftrcumula* tion of relnventment of thowa fund* liberated can probably bo mndo About l>ooembor 16 for the normal Hpring rally. M'hoot was reactionary today, losing about half a rent per bunhol. Torn wan Meady as far an th* diHtant option* are concerned Inu current tjeptfinber option lost ground under liquidating pressure. Cotton found continuing atremgth Prfts leased }\irej from yiHiln'day'a markot stimulated NI3W YOHK. Sept. 9.—A leak in by a strong wjmt mnrkai. Ueforn IU «oollng system f creed tho German <»« rloHe. however, hedging: prrssur* flyln, boat Aeolua to turn back ^M- Z^l^^X toward the Azores oarly today after rttty W |th prTcen closing a fow poinu It had completed 000 miles of il» undor yesterday, projected transatlantic flight to Port Washington. N. Y., via Bermuda, Pan-American, Airways was advised by radio from tho piano. The 10-ton monoplane with a crew of four aboard was catapulted by n comprossed air cylinder from tho baiio ship Hchwabenlaml i^oar Horiii at 1!:'J1 a. in. today Urtiluh time (0:21 p. in., eastern standard tlmo) Iwwt nltfhl on thn flrwt U»K of the attempted flight. Legion to March in Monster Fete L A. PRODUCE MARKET K. lAwrencCi Lincoln editor, chairman of a bipartisan Norrls-for- senator committee. Only 1000 signature^ are needed. Since Nebraska laws do not require Norrla' acceptance of the petitions, ho automatically became a can- dictate. Although he Is 75 years old and 1ms expressed a desire to retire, his friends In Nebraska arc confident he will make the race. A nominal Republican throughout his career, he will go into the campaign with Democratic support rang* intf up to T'roHtdent Hoowvolt, who publicly endorsed tho movement to re-elect Norrls. Ilia opponents will be Kobcrt U. Simmons of Lincoln, the Republican nominee, and Terry Carpenter of Saottsbluff, the Democratic nominee. Both arc former congressmen from Hcoltabluff. ^_ Projected Flight Foiled by Mishap Mi* ntfdffrf Trrs* Lttatci! MM re.) T-0» ANOKt-KS, Sftpt. 8.— Sun Jonquln valley R«ed- c, bPBt 2c, «mnll*r 1 tf Ulblors J^-SVc, l-ady T«1n- 3o; local a,nd Sun Joaquln valley toknys fair color 2©2Ur, fulr Kucnndldn mu»^at» 8c. Ventura county muscntB 2CT2Vin Ib. t*iuic«! Hanin M«rla nnd Ouada- lupw dry pack 4*<. $2,0<H?2,2t>, best orata, poorer I1.KOCM.7&; 5-dogen |I.60flil.7B; 8un l^ula Oblapo 4s, $1.85 POULTRY, BUTTER, EQQS 48. S2.2ftff2,3f>; 5s, ll.71ifll.fl&: Salinas 4*«, !l.6F>$!.7&: KR, ll.ftftfl'l.fiO orate. Potatoes: Oregon ru suets, V. H. No. 1, |3.<lfitfMlO owl., U. S, N'o. », |I.M; Santa Maria rusHota. U, S. No. 1, trood Htot-kton Wltte.nnnln nrldes. fair IS.OOttS.OS. choice $1.55® small $1.2M.M.HO cwi.: Ohino, valley mul Santa Maria white rose, $2.40Sf2.50 rwt. Liocal dark colored Italian orfd Q5075r, yellow crookneck oQctfP l.flO IUB; white summer 75$1.00, best S1.lft01.95, ordinary 40#50«; Arroyo (iranae I •> l\ I 1 V |] $£.4fi; $2.20, P#, Trr*j» Lrated U'fre) T.OS ANGELES. Sept. ».— Butter Kxtrns, »7Hc. Prime flrnOi, 34Hc. Stnndardn, 34o. Undergrade, 33Ho. Eggi (C«ndled) Clcan extraw, 32c; light dirty 30o; rlean standard*, 2Bc; light dirty utanrtnrdP, 25c; oheekd, >fic, Aledhim— Clean extras, £5Hr; light dirty pxtraM. 2ftr; rlotui RtandnnlJ*. 2io; light dirty Htandard*. 2.V: dieokH, 22c. Hniall — Clean extras. IRo, light dirty trft*. 17«*. Case count Poultry leghorns. 2 l * to 't l * Profit-Takers Cause Shake in Showings Although Mart Retains Level 22c pounds. dark colored Italian lug. Tomatoes: Ventura rount> nnd ponderous nnd Caplstrano pon* roans 4-&H, POrtftl.OO lug; fi-r.». $1.00 1.8ft; 6-611, 7tc; ManU MsrU and ladalupft niarlfflobes 6-&«, fi-(t», $1.00 l.lfi; Sun Diego county stones &-5R, fl.OO; Inral Htul Orange rounty ^tonek 4-fts, AOCT66c; B-6«, 40c; over 3 V » and to 4 pnundit. 14o. U*;«horns, over 4 pounds. Ific. colored. 3Vt to 4 pounds. 20c. rolorod. 4 pound B and up. C3e, over 1 and up to 1H pounds, 260. Urnl1«rH, over 1 Vi and tip to 2H pounds. 20c. Fry»r», l.effhorns. over 2',4 and up to 3 pounds, ifto, Kry«rs. oolored, 2V« and up to 3 1 4 pounds, 17c. Kryerfl, colored, over 3<- ( and up to 4 pounds, 18c. uoastern. soft hone, Hnrred Rix,»k», over 4 poundH and tip, 'JOr. Hon^tor«. Hnft bono, othor than n&rred Uock«, over 4 poundH and up, IVaohoa: Yucalpa Hal*H from cold pound 54« Old Or. TREASURY REPORT , 70-80s Hlbortnw 60» 3 UTS He. 70s Jonqtiln vallfy Snlways 8 4S-60fl 60» Into i San unde Old dxu-ks, lit:. op. 44 pounds, Me. rounty Kalwayv HA I*TC— Three milk goalw, rhrap. Corner Ticrnota unO Kranols street, or phone B7B3-M. FOR SALE—Box of small ffirls' clothing, «izo 1-3 years, clean and in excellent condition. Phono 6646-M. 35 FOR SAUJ5— Plymouth Rook 5% months old. J. "\V. i:>oddp, first house on Union nvonue. Casa l^oina Anres. Phone a27B-.T. _ FOH SAI^O— 400 White Leghorn laying hens; heavy strain. All or any amount. 80c each. Chicken shop, Twenty-fourth and M streets. Phono 34 NO. 1000 4 corrtmon DBWCIOUS fryers. UedH. Hattery milk. fed. "Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, juicy. DreBHftd, delivered. 121 McCord, Phono (t057-J. 37 1.25 " HICDWOOn 8IPING ® $20 Ix* to 1x10, S4S Finish, 1x4 KI.OOHJNG. $29 1x4 "IS" Klin Price) T, * Q $10-00 House Paint, nil colors, g^j 2-0x3-0 Sash, l H. Qlazod Redwood Posts, 3x4-0' ea SHIJs'GIjKS, 3JUNDLK 75c I.,KS8 G% CASIf DISC. Twelve Milllgn Foot 101 Barffalna 101 BABY CHICKB— YftB, folks, we now have HftclB, Hncks, UeirhnrnH from our fine Northern California and Orofron flocXa, Place your ord«r« now. ChlokH are scarce and the fall run will he short, Rlverview Hatchery. Old Fresno bichwa Phone 41561J. NOTICE City of Bakeriflald Civil Service Com. mission for the Polloe Department NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVKN that compelltlvo examination for Iho position of IJeutemint of Police of the BakersflPld Police Pepartment will be held at 1:00 p. m., September 16, 1936, at Flr« House Number 1, at Twentieth and K BtroeU, BaUerMflold. California. Only members of iho Bakerafteld Police Department having throe yearn' experience RB regular paid poaco officers and . who >iuvo served on the Bakorsflelc! Police jiepariment for not lees thnn one year Immediately preceding the date of the examination are eHg-lble. All itppllcatlonH nuiHt ho on fllo with tho CommisKlon by not later than 2 o'olock noon. Hoptemnnr 12 f 1H36. Further Information UH to appllca- ionB «nd flcopu of examination may bo Reourcd from tb« Hi*oreiary of the Police Civil Service Commission. City Hall. IJakt-i-Hfiold, Oallfonm. CU50RG15 K. lIUfniKS, Chairman, Civil Service CornmlHslon. August 29 to September 11, Incl. Grand Jury Asked for Indictments CLEVELAND, Bopt. 0.—Califar- nlu's delotfntlon to the American Lo- gion convention, opening hero September 22, will march fourth in monster parado stuircd dnrintr tho cuUv bratlon. PoHltion in tho parade, which will include 00,000 legionnaire*. IH deter- inlned by tho percentage of 1936 members enrolled In relation to the Ktutc's IxiHlc ijuota. Arizona was flrMt for tho sovonth ronsoeuUvo yi»o.r. followed by KJurJdu nnd Ne- vudo. B mfn . WAHHINUTUN, flout. ».—The pnfil- tion of tho trnRHury Hpptrmbor R; He- rolpts $15,5I^ ( «1T.27; expondlturo*. 133.- i i rociMpln for tlio month, jr>.- 77S.7I2.1S; receipt* for tho finrnl y*»nr <Hlnr«> July 1). $700,f»7M!M.OS; expenditure*. IU1M28.&60.98. Including $fl*7,«44,00».0« of emergency oxrem." of pxp< i nfHt\jrpK, debt, $n;i,8tM,lK4,4l1,28. a no- of $l ( 9ir>.SCEi.60 under tb« pr«- vtnuN day; gold UH.ictH, $10,7gK,H79,- 7HO.Q7. I oral furry 8eo<1!Ing* 00)* SO<T60<*, 70« 40^f dOo. S0*f SOjt 3S»*; 1'iHli klhitrtan In lound, Iniftlicl baitkot 2-in. 75; locftl l'hiUlp» rilnffn Ing; Sun Jcnquin valley Curry 4Sc 3^c, 60s KH. "'OH 2 pound. IVnru: Lnke rounty VtHrtlettn pound, Hnuxller 2\br; I'tarurvlUo Mttlpm-k Hartleitd AlM- vnll^y ainallor 2V,u; Santa Wlnipr NelU 2^8 '-in, pound. YuculpH and Hftn San ilnaquln viillev K«tn*yn cold ator- »K« 2U i( u 5c pound. Hun joaquln val- loy nuinNonH iltflilUc, Hui'toMN So, 202 rounl Jlnrdy I rtumn: ^ Young tom turl*r>N. Ki ivnuuis i to iR pound.". 1?(. Young hen turkeys, ov«r 18 pounds. 20. \ Han twrkayn, 9 pounds mid up. 20c, Old torn turkoyB, 14.. Old hun tvirk^yn. Me. flqiiAba, undor 11 poutiilf*. pet doaon. S *^- Hqunbs. II pound*, per dor.*»n and UP, 2«o. Cajons, nntUr T pound*. 2«« l '• poundJi itnd up. 2Sc. No 1 while :i l b to 4 M* h I8c. No l mixntl c* UnbbltR, puuiuU, Unbbits. KllbllltB. No. 1. n),l «, /'rr*j» Ltated Wire) i;\V YORK. Sepl. 9.—"WUh profit tnknrs a bit more tnslatent. the HtocU, market today struggled to keep its balance. While recent leaders backed up substantially under realizing pressure, a few steel, merchandise and specialty isaues managed to edge forward. The activity, near the fourth hour, was about on a par with that of yesterday. The n«ws from abroad hncl its cloudy aspect* but the domestic economic picture still maintained iU bright appearance. Grains wore mixed, as were bonds; Cotton futures, although ahead mod? oralely. foiled to display their of Tuesday. up fractions to a point or so Otis Kteel. Youngstown ancl Tube, Republic Steel, Al- Storos. Woolworlh. .1. C. Penney. Ameriran Tolephon**. Uaiilio. V)U Tom, Northern Tacific, Biuld M&nu* i rapturing. Kelvinator, Johns-Man; vlllr nnri Corn Protlucla. i 1'oun ns mui'h wcrv I*. W. SieeU ' Urthloh^ni. rjenerul Motom. Chryu- j lor. Myniguin«ry Ward, Soars Hoc! buck. Douglas Aircraft. Boeing, \\>Htern I'nion, Anaconda, Kenne- 1 roll. Aiuorlcan Can. Santa Fe, Xe\v 1 York Central. StKithrrn Pacific, Venn»yl\ania. lnt*M-u;i-tloiial NickcK | lx)p\v's antl Htandiinl Oils of New Jersey and California. NNo ; NEW YORK CLOSE FOREIGN EXCHANGE LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Yuratpa Kronch 2H «i So ; *; I'ft»"K«i Kldnran 3 hu»ho) liankci Italian prunen ANNOl'NCKU NEW YOHK, Kept. », (U. P. Tlu» United HtaiOM Llnon made public today bUlM rocHved for a new KiHtor KbIp for tho Manhattan and the "Washington. Tin* Now York Shipbuilding Company bid $12,995,000. Th* Federal Khipbuilding Company offered to build an improved Washington typo ship for $JO,600,000. (United Preti Lrnurd \\'irr) l.O.S ANOK1.KS. Sept. 9.—UvcMnek. llogn, IfiO, fdow, few HHlf»M in tn 15c lower; early top $11.TG; bulk unsold. Cat do, 700, hnlilovti'ff, S4S. row* Htondy to lfn' hl»hpr; othor O|»NMPH Htondy; irnnd Hfflu fed «tr>ptj* $s,St.; f«w frtRPTH $fi.?5; few heifers |7 00; $4,7K^)5.Tf»; putter Knid bullH lo $0.00. CalvcK, •; Rood ycnlcrn SP.fiO, liffht at iiruund $7.00 7.M). Inrludlnii OOH ; plnin OWMH IIHHI lun\bN quoted n round $!>.00. LOS ANGELES HAY t Ann*ciQtcrt NK\V VUUK. Srpt. Stock - /f.'tillrd /'rr** Leaded Wire) Ni:\V YOHK, Bopt. 9. - Foreign Baltimore «t Ohio t -own 4. 2,"i f 100; billed (food i I 18c AUCTION Community sale. Thursday, September 10, 10 a. m. Five miles south of Bakernfleld on Union avenue. Poultry, fcogH, plg«y sows, qalven, hproo, work or ride; 2 and 4 -wheel trailers, furniture, beds. Bring what you have to sell. W. K. Osborn, auctioneer. Phone 18-F-2. 34 2100 J3. 38th St, 2100 ADamft 1571. 87 LADY'S muskrat Jacket, practically new; very reasonable. 1820 D, apart- men* No. 1. Legal Notices No. 1 USED grain baps for mllo, each In lots of 1000 or more, Alfalfa seed. Cane mojA«se« in drums. Prlcen rapidly advancing:. Buy now, San Joaqufn Grain Co., Fourteenth and D ntreets. Phone 886. 9-B-tf jar«, whlio they last, washed, auartH 24c and Q4c dozen; pints 10o and 29o doxen; vlaases, lOo dozen. 717 Sumner .street. Q-13-tf FOU 8ALIS—Very reaaonable, several outgrown dresses. Size 14 to JR. AlBo ahoee, narrow widths. 520 J3 Btreet. 35 20-OAUOK. rtouhlo barrel Bhotgun. Chenp. at Terrace Way and Stephens a-vV- nue. j_ 35 KOW you can buy Standard comput- ififf Bcalew, nioat tfrindurs at 10% down, $10 a m^ntif. Kr^ezor cattea, ceuntem, barn, ptoalu, uteain (dblaa, ClHspU'arr, dlPhoa and nllverware. We carry complete lino wtore, res- Uurant and beer fixture*. 2019 Chester avenue. 35 USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1012 L STREET BAKGA1NS IN MEN'S SUQHTLY USED CLOTHING. SUITS, SHOES, ETC, 64 NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, TO CON. SUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. . Notice U hereby ifiven that the Board of Supervisors of Kern County will meet at their room* In the County Court Hfiuae, City of DaUera- field. County of Kern, State of California, at 11:00 o'olook a. m., Monday, September H, 1086, for the pur • t>oio of consummating the purchaetf from C. U Taylor and Ola n, Taylor, his wife. Raymond (3. Taylor and Wirt) WASHINGTON, Sept. 9.-~The federal Grand Jury was asked today to return indictments charging contempt of the Senate against six officiate of tho Hallway Audit and Inspection Company, Incorporated. The company officers were cited by the LuKollotto committee, investigating labor dlHputes practices, for failure to answer a commlttoo summons. Leslie C. Garnett, district attorney, made tho appeal to the Granrl Jury for indictments against W. W. Groves, president of the company; W. Boono Groves, L. Douglas HIce, J. C. Hoyer, James 15. Blair and Robert F. Judge. Fly Storm Flags, Southern Waters Prt*9 Leantd Wire) KOS ANHKLKS. Knpt. S. - - Hay. (» b. I*HH Angi'lofl, PIT t«m: bnrlay, HH.OOff 14.00. oiM«. JH.OOVi IT. 00 Alfalfa, dollvrred Uynes CH 1C1 M'tnlo S No. 1, fjxlru If-wfy. no offer. n s. Nt». i. |K>.r»o$i ut oo. r H. Nn 2. loufy. 111 Ml; t' S No. 2. JU.&O. Krlo Urent N«»rtht-rn MlllicjlH t ' pound, 5.05 s *, up .000*», -• Kngtand, HO-day bill -rat*. r»-0''. up ('OS. Canada, dollar. 17 41 h Urn, .07X7 im. Holtra. i;>'rmait.v. mark " * Ni-w YnrU (\-ntrnl. riiotnc. V I I ' " * T • * 1 * T Huly. . "it off r»f». np. 0000 Ilollnnd. guilder. ,t577»i. up .0011- Spa hi, pc-Mi-ro. u mi noted. krona. .3fiOS. up .OOOK \ , : • t'nton ' h • • Industrial* Norwuv, kroiu 1 , D^nniArk. Uroiu*. Japan. >IMI. ^i«,M .0002. Off 0001. up » *«n > i > * 178 « - * CHICAGO GRAIN 1'iitfniHlnr TrncMor Call 1990-R or «ee Koy (?OPP I Dora HVi^S ^ fty l° r A hl 5 ,y lfn ,» fo f th ° — -- -* «---.---* v *' I sum of $1*00.00, of the following hereinafter described rctU properly, lo- Wlti The west half of Villa t/>t 4fl of Drury'9 Addition in the County of Kern, State of Callfornm. BB per map recorded Marcjh 18, 1907, In Book 1, paffe 101 of Maps In the office of the County Recorder of said County, «if- ooptlnff therefrom the south 75 feet; and also excepting therefrom a wtrlp 80 feet wJdo on the north and west Bides thereof reserved for public roads. Said property Is to be used for public purpoBow, lo-wlti for Hospital FOU UJ5NT mtvcr* Mears nsio. concrete Lumber Co, Phone 44 _____ ( Any and all peruonH interested In th* matter may appear at the above mentioned lime and place, nnd be heard. Paled August 19, 1936. R 13. SMITH. Clerk of the Bourd. Aucubt n to tieutember u. inc. BAN DIROO, Sept. 9.—Scores of inff craft were bolievoit to Uo in danger today a* a hurricane Btruok off the T^ower California count, UOO mileH nouth of San Dicffo. On the nlert for dUtrope HlKnuU. tho coaut guard Intercepted u garbltad radio mesBage lost night, but from what portion* of thft call that were decipherable, It appeared to have been w?nt from a point 720 rnllca northwest of here. Coast K»nrd bout a were instructed to dlBrcgrard it. Coast ifuardsimm thera BUffKOBted Homeone WRI* "playing w practical joke." ^_ Plan Last Rites STOCKIIOLDKHS APPHOVK N f K\V YOHK »ppl. 8. (A. J> HtoclcholdorH of H, K. Goodrich Corn- puny today approvod tho director*' plan for recapitalization ami recluHHl- flcatlon of • iho company's capital (structure In order to clear away accumulated dividends on ihe $7 cumulative preferred Block and pavo tbo way for future common dividends. IIKAK APPLICATION SAN QUKNTJN PIllHON. Hepl. 0. (U. 1*.)—The Hlutn board of prison terms nnd parolee will conaldor tho parole upplloutlon of Krancla .loaeph Kcnnoy, convicted of murder from ]-OM Angolett county, It wan announced today. The application will lx» acted upon next month. K. C, MAN IIKM) SAN tiOSK, Hfpt. «. (I.:. I*.V-llMiu*y Hengftfitobealt, WFA tnnpoctor and former KHIIHUH C^ity Hiocli broker, wa» hold in jail hero today on Brand thoft ohargen from the eaatern city. His application for rolei&Mo on a writ of habeas corpus wa» denied In Bupo- rlor Court ycwterduy. DHAW8 JAIL TI5KM COHONA. Sept. 0. (A, 1'.)—Prod "Wurdon, 4^, quewtlon**d Jji^t wp«k In connection with the IXuili Mulr nlaylncr at Jwt .Iollo> beyan a '10-day jail Bontenco today on conviction of vagrancy. Wtirden told police he was In T-o» An^clefl at Ihe time Miss Mulr, Y. W, C. A. H*rcr*>Uiry, was attacked and killed August 31. KKTt'KN WITH BODY SAN JOKI5, Kept. ». (U. P.>—Pop* uty sheriff N returned hei-e today with th« body of Oeorffct Merrltt, 31- yeuT'Oiil HHII ,lo«o rancher, who was vhot and killed In <he Hamilton mountninH by u friend who mistook him for n daor. Pmx* l,rn*vtf \\'4rt I Sept, 9.— t^H*h whoHt, No. 1 mlxml $l.J4'ir; No. fl mixed, H.lPi. forn, No. 3 mixed. $1,13; No. 1 yellow. $U34M.J:P,T,; No, No. 2 white, i 4' L A. PRODUCE MARKET t '$> • » f"iii-n 2 • yellow. $1.271*. T«f»S Sun 1.11. Out*, (Mitsldr wi'lijht. white. 4flf; No. 2 whit**, 4ft <Hi- xvpight; No. 2 white, 444ir; whit**, 49ifT44^r. No rye. 1.41 ; feed. 70ff>flG malting, $1.10, nominal. No, 1 outwide N n, ,1, HnrUy, . | nominal; J.ctinwi AN(3Ki.KH, Sr-pt Mi'atH 2\i<n L' pooror l-ndy Pinifpr* CV^IiHc. HOP 1 **<*, Knt-ondhlo MiinrntH I ral Miinntu 2flil2Viit\ poorer poorly colorful TtdinyN 2(«|2\ic, local Conrordv a^tllto; NuhttlUiN .Hr lh. uro; Suhttt Martu inn] (tu dry purl* 4n $3 » i rnltv henl $2 Jl .f)0«ij 1.7f.. Uornpoo Han Uuiw Obinpo 4s |l,7f> • i < * First Nationitl Film "A" KU»otrl« 1-41 • < • * 1 1 t.K U 47 no < ' * . . Huct <!not1y<'ftr Tlrft A ' - NK\\ VOHli IUIIWOW8 AUIANY, N Y,, Hop* 9. (A, P Now York Btait» todny b*»rn>\ved $55.* OOO.oOrt to flnancu **uiorB* i ncy relief tit iho lout»wt tnicrt^t cost it has eve** hail to pay for money borrowed on bonds. The ontlre block was* taken hy ;» syndicate hoa«le<l fjy th« N'a- tlonal i'ity Hank of Now York City, and thn cunt to the state was per cent. ItuMier * H. & Tisl OVERNMENT BONDS Mntugornery \Vunl North Anmrlr.ui . , . I'lirlflr On* l-:ir«Mrlc Hadto t'orimmtlon . Stif • I 4 Ib.. Vurnlpu l«t, KIHrrlM.. I NM Pr?»* J.ratftl \V YOUK. Sept. P.—rioblng IT. H I l.*y 70M 2 from 4N KM, 3H. 43-40. 108,27. 44-54, 114.U. 40-43 Juno, 108,11. 41-4.1 Mairli, lOfUS 41, 109.11. H * mmml • ',. 10S.1&. io7.;», 4ft.48, 100.7. fil-ftft. 10f'.15. lo WHVK l HI ic r-iiipiui.i, i^n , .. .j * 2H«(:U'; Halrf* from i^ninn i H, onltimry 3<i4Hr. , rmUv i ,'urry H«»dllnrH. OOH , tvir , wrt ^ Ix-Nt Antolnpo vul- tl Niornu^, Mu*(lluin '. Jou<uiln vnlloy Hiil- i ••tor 3i\ a-lny«r 2c i , ! m * ''arl'oii I • * * lr .., lftf . I 1 1 ^ I I * * * , • * * * • • • * • ! ! No. Sun Joiuniin vnHi-y t ' c, 70» »Hr; I'lali Klbi- I, 2-in. ntlnlinuni Jl.flO^l 7fi t. 1 ^i*iu. minimum )1.3Hi 3Viti'3%«' Hi. laiKc WiiHhin luf)u r.i.uc. ])>, n: H»n Jnaijuln vtilU-y K-'l |b Jim-tort* Metals » t Anarondii Ifetlilchrtn M lnt«riuit'iimul • * H 3n, 3*. 45-47. 104.1ft. 48*&l, 103. r.i-54. Federal Farm 47, 4p, 104.1. r i i Mortgage n*. Homa Own«ri Lo»n , ion.87. 42-44, 102.4. for Dr. Bullard BIRTHS 4« IllOf lUJHUol ItRH Idaho Um It'.-vo 111. MrHt lot i ul u lit it- KUtiiin*-!' $1,0001.15 IUK, h»M fl.2&. fulr 7£ rolored Miillitn fl.004fi.2r>, Tobacco and Sugar H * AtllPI ICKII \VcRt«Tn f j * \ ou -\ t 10"i a««i llRht tUllti f»lr Oils Nnm:y lit,, Ki-rn J«r EATH moderate tonus »orn Nn. un<l I'urto 1IKN80K— To Mr. unrt Mr«. Di*n««l llvnuon. WftHco. a dmtdht' i r, IJnda Joyce, Hnnicinb^r 4 ni Kern Gen- oral Hospital. —.- r - -— f HAMIHIi^—To Mr. and Mm. l-'ran- olnoo Ham ire?.. I>fluno, u daufichlrr, I0v». Hvptembor 4 ut K«rn Owncral Nancy Mullf nncl JN>rto Artropn I*ot-to HIcunK HI Bc»orl oratiffo • Bounty 1'orlu an>» flr Hi : l,ocu| and Urann« county Ulc I'hlllliJft Slinll t'nl'in . HlAndnnl nf t'allfot hi;i of N*w J*r* Vucuum 7ri«fthfcc TUlcwRUr A»»'n Auburn Motor? Molort G6v ft;.ii C«! ; I'oudirronati ftx5n 7r.f|!»0f, poorer (V01* Vnniurn <'oqnty ; titpVrnl Motor« f.jtf.H S.ViUl.OO, Ox nurd 3S «7 Mul or* Mr*. William i diiugh- at NOTICE TO BIDDERS PUK&—Paotory samples. l f ur c,oatn, jankotn. foxes, collar*. Muga stock. Furs remodeled. "Tho House of JQQO Fur purirainB." Uow's "Wbolt-twill t>e. roc*iv«d \ty th« Hoard of salfc Fyre, J83 Kearney, Sun Kran- Tru«l<«8 of Om ulo Uravo School clsco. 8-10-tf Notice is hereby fflv_en that bid* roc*iv«d b PKU1T JARS-^Quarts, S4p; pints, l»c. "Wo also buy r%gn, boitlss, junk of all kinds. Phone 1788 fpr nick-up wag:on. 132 33ast Twenty-first street. For Sale-^Furniture USED OFFICE FURNITURE Mahogany roll top desk $86.00 luv, filing cabinet. 15 drwrs $12,00 Seo. bookcase, four »ection» MftUogany of£ice Cigar canto, 6 feet $12,00 ft. $10.95 M.&O HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, cor. Ifith and N streets, PhoriB 341 FOR BALB— JSIsctrio washtr, $23,60, l^irRip wood stove. $14* Chea used rug. Krus« Furniture, 809 SIMMONS bed upringu and cotton J9.00. ICitoh*n cabinet, IV c. A. romUtnatlon phonogrsph. DAVIS FUUNI 2105 <:h««t«r Avenue. District at tho school hoiinu of said pjstrloi at Ulo Bruvo, Kern County, California, until 7 P. M., Thursday. 8etH*ml>er,lOth. 1936, bids to T bP directed to the uttenUpu of the HlorU of th« Hoard, for the purchase of one HChool bun, HpeHflmiUoitH UH follown: Kor a 42 to SO-pa.»HOiiK»r bus. Other roqiilrpmentJi to conform to Htatc Highway Patrol specifications. The Board qf Truwteea reservoti th« right to reject any or all bids. Bids to be opened at the school hou»« at 7;30 P. M., Monday. September 10th, 1936. BOA HP 0V TRU&TKJCt, RIO TiRAVO SCHOOI, I>|8TniCT. F. J. HCHfftHLMANN. Clerk, it-9. l.en»Qd Wire) I.OK ANGISLICS, Sept. ».—Medical planned today thu )a«t for Dr. Frank U. dullard, 76, former prOHldont of the Southern California Modtoal ANNOolutlon. A tonaher at th« Urtlverplly of Southern California in 1SUO and the University of California at I»» Angeles yenn later, Doctor Bullnrd died at hlA home lu»t night of a cm-ebral iieniorrhagv. Ho leaves )I|M widow, a tluughtor. Mm. Ht»len Irish' of lx>« Ang«l*»H. and ft broilmr, Dr. Charlfl« llullard of King City.' LAST KITKH TOMOKUOW KLAND. Htpt. n, <t f . r.) ~ rltc» for Alfred Lnlluin, vico-pn?(«l dent of tho 15wM Huy Munlrlpu rtilllirR Dl«lr1cl, wh<> dlrnl Monday night after a major operation, will be hold h«?ir UIUHHTOW >DAV To Mf. nnd Aday. Houtc 2, Host ter. Nornm Jean. Kern (Jpnerul linniiltnl j> n» n tr+^^** -^ •*-»-H VArnilAN—To Mr. nnd Mr« Italplt VauHhan. Shuft^r, ft 8*m. Hitlph U''no, SiMMvmbcr fi wt K<-rn ijci TloHp ' :X| ' H 7fi«' hi«r *** r. S, No. l Oregon HUH$2.50 rwr; Htooitton WUconsIn fiiir $2; «ood J2 1 runlt<*n HI»HIT H^riring. EquipmcnU n Car Foundry . AtntTh-un I.oroinol ivy, , . * • • *«•!•* "a -.1 fi NEW I'\VA I'KOJKCTH WAKHINOTON, s»-j>t. i». (A. One hiindrocl twenty-HOvon IJPW pub- , lit: workH projects, drawing for tho l firwl tlmo upon iho $300.000,000 nmUo available l>y the hint Congrvwi*, wvn* uppn>vdd today by Presid'-nt Hoont*- vwlt. o Mr. nnd Mr* Alvin Kill Arvln, u dauithtpt, Jo>-« Jan« r H«p t*Mnl»«r * at Kern Ocncml lion pitttt, \Vittftrnnloiih: I,oc«l and Han -'en- uln vHllr-y iru<'U InadN. per ion, Klondike* anrl »trlp«>», HO-SL'-ll*. i»vumg«- fl) fj( 10, orctttionrtl load fit, Mtmll muV ordinary $44f6. Ktowart \Vurnn' « * * * * V t Selected group of METAL and t COTTON FUTURES WATHON ..... To \Vat*nn, ] S«pt*«inl*«r Mr. nnd A1r« nt K«*ru Hiicy a win, HOH- RALS MINING Stocks ft 1 ! 11 I XK\V YnilK. 8<-pt. Wiitl fui'th*r r» i tir«-d r iM*»<t at rliHpnl in I'lil i-«-i f»»r O llr*Ki(l w I>tini{hty-t,.*Ml- y*!«t«rituy. In P.H- NOTICC OF SALE SALE OF BANKRUPT OOODfl of uinPuiftiiCQ-lniRrnf, un- dertaktny equipment, caHk«m, household furniture, office furniture *hd'in- cidental*; may l»e seen at Bak«r*« Tranaftr * etomge, ?Ui Sixteenth BQUII'MKNT SAFK WA81I1NOTON, B«pt. 9. (A. Reporting that achoduled air llnea had one accident p*r 798, 16S mile* Of flylriff dOHn th« finst half of INTENTIONS TO WED Mr. and MI.N North Oheiitcr ut Kwrn ural iiTttd »i4*lllii^ off from l \VRB ruling around 12.24 uftfrooon rntirkbt with net o Mr. and Mt« Odrey ftobln*ioii» £5, mid fora »2, both of K — Juli H. Loud der* 7 Mtttfi hlty 1936 tho nureau of Air CommeroB i clnra)8 , YO ,, Nfl _ K A , ,,,,„„ J. _k- • _1 • «._ . • _ ^ • I • • A <• • Jim. Mmm\ mmmm ^^ *** Lf t f if - -fc- 1 . BA «« •••>'•>*•* _ _. * BaiJ loduy that error* of o^rattiiK i jn-r»onn*l aocQunud for 41 twr cent' of the accidents. For th« Hlx" montha, 4'.! acoldontu occurred on scheduled air llno«. were fatal. ttnd Vounjf, U, both of Uak* To Mr. and Mr*. K W. i, 1310 Kant Nlni»itt<»nth H daughter, Ntinry Murffarct, 4 at MlHM l-'iclso'M AJu- 'J5 lo 12 00, in thr mid- thr ut-riorut ^ of U to 1U Tho iniirlftt <*«»*!d lnl» in Hi* liu rcii«i:»i ll'iulduiion and ir, fuiurr« < lunlnR luurly **t*;udy, 4 to 14 li.*%v«-i ( N-iiib*-! , ii'.inai 12 il . lu-« i-ntiMT, 2 ,Il«[i 12 .in, Jummr), la.OH; Muuh, 2.0&« n,0*i, May, U,03, July. U' Hpot quiwt MiidullitK. K 60. Son Tiitu-ial KV i' June Hr«*okH , will l**' t'o hK ut lo I»VI«M k rhapvl. t c» for (ti, t?M3 Km-fMt u'lrd KrUiuy at Tuyno & of Thurvdiiy r*pcrt on eke mctil anJ iniatng induitryi 36 tnai\i4u»l CQf* jv'ralioni, U now avjiUble, t* the 1'ealurr ol' the itiue of tar Monthly Stock day a* orimliutlly Hevrn ;ul A .S. iKttiat will official.-, H ml liii«riu*»fu will ho in Huk«,-i>fJ«'Ul Turk aiuSytua! «tuJy covert silver, guU, *ttK Bid* will h« received upon or Tuesday. Sept, i$tn, ttt the office I s , S. t.ongoria, Tru«t«e, 1700 tttr««t, Bttkeritfleld. wild muni he wrHIng »nd «oo«mpanl»d by 1.IU. . . Sept. 4 and fi; Sept, i* and to of K In KU5CT NEW YOUK, Sept. 9. (A. Or. O, Earte Whllten of Oakland,! nfRllANK-OHU 55, fiml Creaton. Ira K. Uurb*i)U,; f.-'. GIT, 37, both of! U* r n 11 y i will head the National A**»o ,qf ChlropodUt* fpr tlio xiitng yc»t% Uf» wan cU*cttid at u convMntlon hore. Roy driffU. 8«, and Cecil J. II urn*, 17, both of Mo- javr 1UTMKP.QVBRTON — Willift^t Hatliff, SJ, Arvln, and ICdna .Uverton. 31, l»uk«r«fitid. — To Mr. ojid MIK. I McClure. £841 £«vi«r Mtreet. n H«pumb«r 6 ut MUt» nily Horn*. o.! i METALS MARKET 1,i:\VIS -\Viih U.*- H«'V*-rt*n<l t'miti.* rH»i* fur Mr*. ug!» Ulohtund war* ootidueiud at the |-'ir»t ii Chnrrh at ',':nc» .i\'!«vk (hlw K, Tim rwmaiha w«ro mkrn to Uuiifurd for intvrmttut. Pnm,- & Kou WWK in olmr«»> of Hrr J. A. HOGLE & CO. . i . 1m '1 B.I Mr, and Mr*. Jatue« Clif- Wall, 015 N *ireot, a «on. Clifford. AuKviwt 31 at MU» Maternity Homo, i s Dor*» n. both of and Mrn. W. it- dauthie (4**nri<ttrtt Pret* LtatMt NMCW yOHK. Hepl. ».—Copp*r qukl. rtrolyUr «i>oi Hnd ftitur« |»,7fli export |&,75«»,SO, Tin firm; nuoi nnd riwiruy |4M5«T4V>0: futur« $44.Sft» 44,95. ^tjnd *Utudy; «pot Ntw Vor« M-40^4.45; Kunt St, l^uin |4.4u. /Inc dull; lC*t«t Bi, Lout A »pot MIU) futur« $4.$6.' Iron, Aluminum, antimony, )tUHlnMni and T • n ete kMpinf roiiir JTTOCJC /-" i***i f 4 1 A*' ^ 1408 fi*vent«*ntti K40 - .' T . .- Bi vm? T Mat* lo> •' v -•:.'-'-, •.,•<' ? t.rffi i ' H. . I.' - f l F r. i - I* I -. ^ : I- • I - I F -! j- \ r - v/' t * -,- ; t. .1 I r-- • . • -..--,•;,>,'>';v^ .'. •-...•..'. * .(/'-^^^ ' ' '- iv : .-^ - f • ^v'x»Ai*/*; , -• » .- *v • ' f> --Ji; • •- >--"'•-'- i--^ ^JiWi ?•-•**- - .. • V, ?> *>*,'- if • • v , ---i. i-frV%''*^Sm ' v,y- . *«\ ••', '- -t.* '''•:**',**•"**'. -\^'\ :---' SgHi'i^B ' -~$*i'' - ;,'-i-, ^/V-,'--;^ 1 :/ ', ->.-': . ^'- : r^---^!^^^^ , ;.\->;.-:'^^-.'^ */'->,'-*!-> ,v;, ; :-v^ L - •*K/^y j *jT*A^™S3M

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