The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 14
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^^^p™^C^'T^F^lP^^H^rr^J*^' •>' r « THE BAKERSPIBLD CALIFORNIA**, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER §, 10M ANY DAY OF THE WEEK IS A GOOD DAY TO RUN A CLASSIFIED AD; WHY NOT TRY ONE TOMORROW? SSsSCSSS^^SiJsSsisSZS^S^S^^^ Special Announcement* At, ROBERTS, cement contractor. Work Aon?, reasonably. Phone 6840. 87 Financial Help Wanted—Salesman HAVE yon any old riot hen nr bonne hold poods to donate Ihnl ml»ht be repaired, cleaneil and passed over to worthy poor ni rout? Please notify The OoorUvlfl SnlvnRe, I.Wi JTivnntlpHi fitri'et. Teh-phone 750-M. SUE Mrs. Johnson. 1.104 Qulncy, for your Frontier clay costume. Will also decornte men'** lulls. Oel order In early. Phone 43!>(i-'vy. A.TTKNTION' llnve yon no home prldn? Self-reppert will not permit humpy, lnif.lty oM-iMtuffed cushions 111 the Inline Helnomber Jones, phone 47r,«, spe'.-lnlUi-R In rorrert cushion flllliiR. overstuffed furniture repairing. upliolslerlriR. c-halr roverliiK I'll F.nst Twenty jflrst_ street. [>•'• •rri.AitF. ror.NTVH FINANCE COMPANY ("ominunllv Aii'-ilon Snln every I'll- .„,.., , < 11 i.'u'r lei) A vtr ntifiMT.- •>• 1 dny at io a. m.. at .Supervisor F.l- MOO UIKSIKR AVIO. I HOM-, ^2 Holt's ranch. IIIM east nf Tuliiin! County hospital. Tulnre,. l-lrmir j your livestock, mnchlnerv. too|« und household (,-oods Hood snetlon serv Ice und host advertiser! r,n.le In the. valley. S 1C Nolund, auctioneer Wrfty Hertholf imuuiK" r Phone , 2Gf!. "Tiilnre. 38 tilj-A ROUND Balestnitn for grnts' furnlnhlPK store, shoes; window trlmrnlnR, etc. AddreBH Box T-100. The fallrnrnlttn. Bfl Situations Wanted—Male n,[, exrhanne work for Klectrlclan or carpenter. H9 Wood- riiv.' ulreel. OlMiiln. 30 Vflcatlon FnnrlH Avullabla MONEY AT ONCE NO RED TAPIC XO KMIlAHnASSINf, IVVK8TIOATIONS < otirlfous and Confldenllnl A -I CAUPKNTMIl, painter ami paperhanger Kxceptlonnlly reasonable; flrtv nr contniet. I'honi 4(i5*i-W. O cook, Rood haker, wnntd work. Write llox r.a. 'flie f'allfor- nlnn. 35 CAIU'IO.VTIOU work; (rood local ref- erenrn. Phone 40JH-W, MII)ri|,F,-AfllOJ) man wants work <areinl<er Mrnall ruiH-h, poultry or Kimlen; bonrd. rooni, wngf'H. Frank Hi, linen. 010 Mi I.. Phone 23ri9. 7-lfl Hfl-lf F.XI'F.ItT JapaneHo nnrdener work l)av, month or fontntft. 2205 K utreet. " Phone IHiS. _G4 Situations Wanted — Female Sample, j Vour ! To salaried pooplo on jtiot your ArnniK<!(I ImtrimlliUnly NO ICMIIAHIIAKRINO INVKSTIOATION MA IKON FITTI" l-T.oi'KS und suits on di«. Inspection i-iirdlalli 1 Invited dny and, evening, Sepi.-miicr 7 to 10. Snh-s I Indies wanted. Kvn llnrrls, 1710 F street. ^-' i MATTltFSS renovntlric nr,r1 relmlhl ; Intf, 12.00 New u.uttrepsef niu'li' to , ordiir Furniture mntiufii" tiirlnjr, upiiolnlerltu: and reflnli hlriK Mend t Furniture rmnpaiiv r.Ofi I'n-t Nineteenth street Ph'.ne l!ltr>._ 54. I'OI'I I,All PIANO, iModf-rn. nipl'l. thorough Vnw I'nMer mi-tin"! I,en-,, sonn In vonr hoi'i*. 'I. I'harlotin _Pil-. i Phriin- 11 F Tl r.! . fNVMM'ICATF Hie lionefltM of Inter-' mil Hlithlm;' Si-lnnflflr, ndoiless. ' pillules*. IK.** li'.-.M All wn-<ie Mini t<.i i-iin In- T-I-I-II A h.,nnfli!i' illnir minis !•' in.'ld'- "f i "iir Inl-f-H.Mnal trai'i. The <aiisf> of Mi 1 ;;, of all all- IIU'llls lie In Ill" Ini'Kc Inlenlit.eft fie .-Iran iif-lile, 11 s 'veil nt oiitsldi- .Sin Ii - unill I IMIMI n'i < onpi Ipa i'on hrniiirrhu|d». pruHlule in.ulni--- rheumii t IHMI. a'-tlimn. Uhlnrw ih-u-ii^.- and oilier nllineniH respond uiu,,K lexult'i. 1.', to S.'i inillnn- of pur.' 'i ,11 in '.cuti r nFiril I,.'in M what Ii I- IM IIIIVH n n,,- mid HI! Intertill! nill-.-s.lHe ,\" I' llhiiill our Vitamin Mlnrinl Tli"rnliv, Nil- j tnre'M inelluxl ,r( i.-Morlnir lh»-i Klnndulnr --\M'-in to not niali•>-. It IfUes you pep' | io, i.ii» .1 [| iinil Klnanor i '"Icmiin. Chlropi actor". I OK. Ftilt .SAI.K Fnr !27,fiOO 00 well fur- WAN'TICH - Sewli.K (o do, hand hemmed slIpH, nlifhllcN, etc, $1.00 ein h. Plnln BewliiK very reiiBonahle. I22H Cln-'Ster Phire. Phono 54HI-.I. For Rent—Apartments j For Sale—Improved Property TW6-ROOM mortem apartment for r«nt with halh. Call In • rear 1122 Tnixtun avenue, APAHTMIW'r Btrfint. for rent. 2124 B ONIO don bio apartment, close In. By the Clock Tower. Kverythlntf fur- nlHho'l. Ohentcr Avenue, '_ 1(178 (Thjsste.r *i v ?]' U(!l ?Wanted to Rent—Houses WANTI5D to rent, 3-hedroom, modern holme, c.lone. In. Tele,phon» 3139-J. 200B fl street. WANT1SD— To IfaRe, modern five or nlx-Toom unfurnished house. Phono 8(133. Lcnve n« * fiiK e.. 35 WANT to rent 2 or 3-hedroom fur- nlfihed hou«e, walking dlstrtnoe. town. Write T3ox 710, Tho Calt- fornlnn. WANTtSD to rent apartment or small fiirnlnhnd houno, hy mlddln-aged couple; prefer ooutnwedl part of tow_n._ V23_K "treeI. WANTJ5D—To rent unfurnished, hy permanent tenant, duplex, both Hides, two eoiirtB, or 3-bedroom houno. Phone 67fi». 3ft 201 Hnhorfoldu IlulldlnK Phono M8 ! 7 23 If! Business Opportunities l.neiil hlKh school graduate wishes po- i-ltlon IIH salen i : |erk or tiHHlstant In iloctor'n office. UnferiuiceH. 10IR I ureol. phone 74K-W. Ml liDIilO- A'IKI) woman wnnln work In dny or hour. Plionii 1 IfiS-W-X. I't'PII/H de.slrnd hy conipetiint lady for for(M )r)f) |) nhorthand, typInK rlanH. Will accept few uveriliift fitudantfi. i'hiine_ fitti;i-w. f'APAItlvIO \voinnn wishes cooking In prlvatn or inotherleN-i home.. Phono fi7-l1-\V. Ui^7 Twiuily-fourth. _ VOHNU woiuiin v\antH work. Phono OWNKR- flood euro taken of 4-5- room furnished IIOUHO to rent, hy permanurit tvnant. Throe In family. _ ""* f '83. The niillfornlan. _ 3« HTKADV renter wants two or rnoro bedroom house before September 2fl. IlnferciiucB. No children. W*nnaaan 34 BUY!! Don't rent. Small four- room h on HO, Olldale, $2000, terms. Floyd Dunlap, Houthern Hotel. Phone 1121 or 4313. 34 FOH 8AI.K—five-room houne, corner lot, 3 bedroorna, newly painted In- Hide. Can «lvo Immediate possession. Phone 6911. 34 F'OH HAMS—Five-room house on Third street. Can jflvo Immediate possession. Will (flvo terms to ault buyer. Phono «811. U SIOVKN-HOOM home located Ju«t outside city limits In Southwest part on large lot, with lovely shade trees. LarKe well-arranged rooms. Reasonably priced at K'7fiO on terms of JtOOO cash, balance monthly. 13. H. r'lare, Professional building. Phono 1626. 34 GOOD now house, largo lot outside city, near Kern General. Price $1400. Will take lot trade In as part payment. Phone 1517-W. 13, K, Iden, with Frank Day. FIVE acres fine, level, cultivated land In frostloss belt. Plenty water. Included oil, Price only J2UOO. Frank Day, 1614 Eighteenth. houso wanted, 2 or 3 hedrooniN Houlhwest. part of town preferred. Call 3033-W. Ho_ 1 lalile and permanent. _ SB WANTIflU to rent 3 or 4-roorn partly modern hotmn In or near llakors- fleld, hy October 1. Will pay six months' rent In advance. Write flux, Tho California!!. 34 TimER-UOOM houso and hath room. 100xl30-foot lot. Rio Vista tract. Priced JI2GO, $150 cash, balance $2G monthly. Kranlt Day, 1614 Elgh- teetith. FOR SALIS—A safe Investment; $2800 buys neat five-room houso, completely furnished, easy walk- Ing distance. Home or splendid rental. Kelly & Son. 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 303. 30 , in lAKDIMI IIMF.MJ': lean'- und fur nii.hlhK^. Mi 1,1.111 dern. I0\'nry thliiff : H"eH. im liiillnii FrlKldnln-. Htur : i-iniKe, sli-nni lnlilii, l.-e |,o>. i-h-i trie ; v^niiliei .'inil liMiinr, pljiiio, i-aillo. !l , oiupldi- In-ill <i'itn nulli-H, Im luillliK linen, i-hiilri,. Inlile, etc. Id-lit on j 1'iiildlnK, r'fi |M .r niuntli I'rli-e , S!,;.ii no, i i4sh liennls Ili-nl KMnle,, HOK iinliei slieet phone IMdfi-\V. _ :iTi ; I ei|iil|iiiu<nl In ' ,|ciMit<ed for wine j eel l.lvlnif l|liai'te|ti In sep i liullilliiK Oi-ound ii-nl f.'" , In I 'life Iti.K III. \VllHi-o :if, Unit 2«. ("!eoif;e Mm Phone V\'l X Krn Ilk llornlir.hl rheinl, al I 1 7114 ic MTHF.rrr AHSA YINVI I l|.' (IllKH AmilvslH of OIK Water. Hell* If aloi y ALL-AMl'HICAN Itun l.lnen Fto,, menln liitllns V-'l Mt Louis I2fi, ChlraCd J2!> I'^or T-enel-VHt InllM phone Kern Foiintnln l.unrh. «M:i-W 34 LOST- I4lnrl< mid white Fox Tortler V'elnille, uunueln Io rilllll" of Tlddle lie \VlnKr.. Itclill-n !,I7 Went Tlili J^ei.nlli llewjiril :ill '. LOST -Pah ImlyH while ulovwi Io coi-lilall i-O', m nf Pmlre hotel. Hun ! jrlliv lli-ivnnt Phone 4!Hi III LOHT- One fiMiialn HprlnRiir Hpunlel pup, {i-monlliH-idil. Mtmvn and white tnnililni,'. Answer to name of "CJiieiin." Hcwnrd i'iill .lay How. I Onh Street (inn cry. Phoiu. II7'J .14 ' nhdii-d npnilnienl hoimo, only five MMtlelll. Tile present Inrcime fnilll Hie proprriv will i-ii-in-il II! per no Investment. A hetter price ul|l lif* considered on n 100 pnr cent CIIM|I I pavinenl Ill-lull lufi,|-iiialliiii will Im furnished l,v phonlnK I.IMI HH dpl'i "IITI'NITV UHiier rellreji l.ark'e Reiiern) ninri-liiindlse Mtori- In • ihiivuiK ciiMimiinll v doliiK H ( >,id 1>iiH ' 'ni-«s stuck cimninin of iji orerleii, Imnlaate, fiirm linpleiiienl h dry |!M,,,|,I. |.-i. i|i.||'. erlen. el, \\lll In : '• ol, i ni,,. || whl'li ninoiin'H Io n|i ]'IOI I, I;, 111 IHKI III! |.-|xli|i,.f. niul ••i|iltpliienl |-i-iiM,iiiihh- I.OIIK lean.' ill low lent on modern In Irli Imllil liiK I IOH HI i| '•; u holn, ]n<. H ill If Personals AIH'KH thin date. Heptonihci- 0, l!i;in. I will not in. ri.nponnlhln for liny I.Ill" runt i nrl ed l>>- nnyono othi'i tluin inysrlf (SlKiicill U 1 -!!!. Alll.en SHI WANTIlli In- wnrld'H famonn arllut, H. rei pon-.Oil,, pernon to leiuli to 1 t|;*y llin\lilliin f^leel Riillnr. Free. iy neu ami p'ipuliii method Mtnte mfi-i-eiicei. In rind letii-r. |in« ;3.-|, »K'INii IM i ililnhoniii Septemher !IN, run Ink'- line.- puHi»enneiM Hee me III Fnlmi Poiilliy Kill Niirlli I'hi-ti ' t.T Ml Cllll I'l.'li, Civil Heivlre UMIIH. Uluily I'nnlnetl '•llllfornlu Pnrlflr Insllllltn JlTI'll Wlhdilrn. I,ON AliK"le» .'IV Help Wanted—Male WANTIOli Man In In lie n\er pinlnir. enlulilli'h<>il fi'ml pHHlurtn hiisl IH-BH, iiervli Init renlauiunlii anil n'i"('iy ftolcM Stnnll iiipllul for Inyeiilniy noeddd, will \\alt fm I'lil.uh, I'l i> IIIIMi WANTI'll) Kxprrlonroil K||IIM iiulnH- men Fiitnlly Shin- Hlntr III WAN'TI'in A 1 oliH'tilrliin; Hloiidy ciiiplnyiiioiil. Apply a:U7 CliPHti-r iivnniio. Ilocdn llHlli'iy ,\i K|ci-| rlc I-IAVI.Vi; hoiiuht Tedrow'n Fountain IiUlnli. will nnt |.i> 1 |'H|M>||' ll.l.. (1,1 llli>- I'llhi i "i,l I ii' I r«l liefnli- Si-|ilcln her S. pi.1i; iSiimrili IPA liiiMI 1 "/ 1>:\ I'lOIIII'.NCI'Ml r!l-|\ei fur dry rleilli tin; mule Altmrlh ,. i.ff,., In | lulu .'liii piirly Wille The I'nllfornhin. Mot 10 Ii, (| iv Inn full ilftalln Mf oxpeil enrn alnl i ef(ireui'(v Munt he liirul irnn III AFTF.II this dale will nut In- Seplemlinr 7, 111,111. for nny , lliiV To curry morning pnper rmilo Mnlie persiiiiiil nppllciil Ion An |;cli-'- \''.\ innlniM-, I'.Ixhteent h nud .14 . IiHKSSMAKINn. nllnrntlons, will i-fiiiiii to \ntir hoiine. I7im Tnixtun nvenile Phone i!IM-M. HIOI.I.MII.K colored Inily wlfihes piift- Iline \Mirk, hy thn hour. Washing. Ironlnu and IIOUHII cleanliiK- Phono rifl4R-.l MXPIOKIKNCIOri hoiisekenper wanlH poslllon In motherli'NH home Fond of children. HeforenceN. Phoii" <15^. 3fi IIKI.IAIII.I-: hlirh Mi-hool (flrl will takn can- of f-hlldri-n nlKhlii ami nfler noon/,- rim) Michl housework rhenp. I'liMin- . -n.MI I (Oil KlRhth Ktrnel. KXPKItlKNi'KM HleniiRrnpher wants HIi-ni'Kt-iiphic po.-illlon or general office niii-li. Would Mil.- In li-iirn In- i.urnnce m leKiil HlnnuKraphy. Phone '.'127 W. 34 K\' PFItl I'-Ni '|0|> woinitn wants Iniin- ill \ In do ut home \\'lll cull for nnd dellvMi- pin 1.11,2-H HOT, . Twenty Mernnd. Itll M''I'S1-;K l';i-;i'l')l(. unlncumhered, middle n«i-d, \v;in^ hoiiseworU. ranch (OMlilntj Wlllhti: to RO iiny place, M !l..dif<-|.i. Nt .Iniiinii h.iiel _ .1, r , ll'iMI-: I.M'NIim V\'-ir| ( culled for. ilelHeie.l I-'pi-chvl inleH Io fa in Illcn. MemlliiK fr.-e ;:'iii., K iitn-i-t Aioimd ch.-lf, on HlKhwny tl'J. Phono 11 I K ' !, 1 For Rent—Rooms ^ Foil rtl-IN'T Slee|ilnit room, dose to, 1'iiih, heat nnd Iml water In room: i nr npni c };i on a week. "007 Tw enllelh. Foil IIKNT Ijirire hedroom. con \iMilent In luith. outFifdn nntrnnce, three hloi-liN from Ini'ilnesfi district, ion Tnixtun. FltMNT I-MMIII for rent ? I " r.fl n month. :m:':. i^ f ,tr.-el Foil IIKNT l,nri(i n villh luilli. (Mirun- If ilc-ilieil [,1'f, ,\ K.-ntucliy , i-11.-i-1. i F< ill IIKNT Nice loom Phonn M.1II-W Full IIKNT Two Imely li-illi.Mmn In moilein Inm Inn,, tn IIIIM lln,. I III) I ireiion Hired .'111 W VNTIll >- HIM.111 with hiilhi-i.oiii pi I \ Ill'lVcn Illl'l »ihail\- tililc- to pill-U n.-n fncinrv hulli irulh-r I'rUatn ,•1,11111,.,. lueferred Phone iis:il H4 UOII.M f,. f i,.nl ullh KiiniKii. r.OS K lli|f nil -el 34 For Rent—Rooms With Board Wanted to Rent—Farm Land .,. ,^~.,^_«^—...«^ j WANTRD niflNT—SO acres for cotton, j cash or crop rent, Iloul" I, Box 30. Arvlti. Cnllf. .7. Wljuon JJaan. M ' Wanted to Rent, Miscellaneous BBAUTIFUIj homo on Oleander avenue. Must be sold. Shown hy appointment only. 6 rooms and norv- Ico porch downstairs, 8 lovely bedrooms and sleeping porch upstairs. Beautiful yard. Price $7500.00. If you are looking for u real home this Is It. For appointment call Loyd fiands, The Robinson Agency, 1026 1'hester avenim. 35 LOVKLY fi-room homo In Sunset Park. Thoroughly reconditioned. Beautiful lawn and shade trees. Near high school. Terms to responsible parly. Elmer F. Karpc,-1M7 F.lshteenth street. 9-8-tf For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sate—Automobiles '34 BU1CK 60 COUPE $895 '34 BUICK 40 SEDAN $746 '30 BUICK 60 SEDAN $295 '35 STUDKBAKBIl SEDAN $986 '34 NASH SEDAN $695 '34 HUDSON SEDAN $026 '35 CHRYSLER COUPE $745 '35 PLYMOUTH PJ COUPE $645 '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $496 '85 CHEV. SPT. SEDAN $695 '85 CHEVROLET COACH $645 '34 CHEVROLET COUPE $.495 '35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $635 '84 PLYMOUTH COUPE $495 '34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $526 '35 FORD V-8 COUPE $505 '34 FORD V-8 SEDAN $495 '31 FORD A SEDAN $295 '31 PACKARD SEDAN '30 PACKARD SEDAN '29 LINCOLN SEDAN '31 PONTIAC SEDAN '29 NASH SEDAN '34 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $486 '35 PONTIAC SEDAN $695 $445 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $545 $305 '34 DODGE SEDAN $695 $326 '35 CHEVROLET TRUCK $725 $196 '34 FORD V-8 TRUCK $626 $325 '30 CHEVROLET TRUCK $150 '35 OLDSMOBILE TR, SED. $825 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SBD $645 '35 pLDSMOBILB 8 COUPE $765 '33 PLYMOUTH COUPE $395 '31 DE SOTO COUPE $246 '32 FORD DLX FORDOR $366. '36 CHEVROLET TR. SED. $746 '34 NASH SEDAN $695 '31 BUICK SEDAN $385 '30 HUDSON SEDAN $226 '29 GRAHAM SEDAN $245 '29 GARDNER SEDA,N $245 '31 FORD TUDOR $286 '29 OAKLAND SEDAN $186 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $195 BETWEEN 8 A. M. AND 6 P. M. PHONE 6300 FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS WANTl'IH—Pny storaifo for auto near ; Houlhern Pacific depot, fjox 01, The 1 f'allfornliin. 3G . USED CAR DEPT. 2112 Chester Avenue Phone 423 USED CAR DEPT. ISth and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second and "Eye" Phone 420 56 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Improved Property HAf'HIFIf'K-—flood four-room house, i breakfast nook, hardwood floors, ! Hied sink, automatic healer, garage, ] 1 cement floor; near cur line. Price, i I $2250. Terms. \V. F. Bray, 1414 1 : Hev('nleenlh streot. Phono 157 IMMKPIATIO poHse.shlon. brand new building '.'.CittM, nullalilo for grocery nr other IniHlneMH; thre^-room living (|iiarlers In connection, shower, au- tnmallc Mater healer, Iwn KaHOItno immpH ivlth I'dO-HalUm tanlci*. Lot Ili0x2o0. will accommodate in rah in'i. nn main highway, C|OHO to town I'rl. 1 ,. $:!fion. Terms. \V. F. Hi-ny. MM Seventeenth street. Plume K,7. THrUSK-BRDIlOOM homo, immediate possession; also throe-bedroom hotiHo on acre. , Five-room home, Immediate possession. S. Elwood, M>23 I street. Phono 6837. 3£ I HIGH school district; throe bedroom; house; priced for quick sale at $3000 on terms $500 cash, balance monthly, j K. II. Clare, Professional building. I Phono Ifi2«. 34 i For Sale—Automobiles NOW IS THE TIME AND MONEY SAVING OPPORTUNITY! For Sale—Unimproved Land FOR SALE—2H acres of good land. U mile from city limits on Bell Terrace Way, $1500, easy terms. Ke,, Me.ll May, 1524 Eighteenth street. 35 fl'iliin nil I.'NIilOltPIlH'Icn. Six-room modern home nod 7 room duplex. 1! hulhs, nil on corner lot, 7C, hy l,',0. , SlileNalliH and curh In. Income ISO no per month We are author , Ixed to H(d| all for Iho unheanl^ 1 price of fl 150.00 cash. If. <'. T^ ( '. loan on halancc. l)oiinls [teal lOHlnte. !HI8 Bakar street. Phono 21115 - W. 35 ! Fnlt HAI/K- New, modern, 5 -room j hounc with double Riling,' North- i ciiMl corner of liny A Wells street, Highland Park. Will he. finished, In nhinil one week owner helms traiiHfrrred. Jr.Oii down, balance like lent Inquire 7lf, Pacific stree.t for , lir.\ and Infiirmallnn. HO T\\'i i acren with ll-room. modern i hnuhc, lininedliito posHeHSion. Small down payment, balance monthly j Phone fiHIW-W. Ar, i FIVK HIIOM liou*c~hriilKhiand Park . linoieillate poMseNNlon. $1!00 will handle. 3-17 lll«liland Drive. _ _:if, | l''"ll .SAI.I'I- -lOiiKllHh home, (i rooms i «llh hreiikfust room. Ijeautlfully i liunhicjiped yiiril. shiiilo and fruit Iree;- Owner lea\lll(; city. Attractive terms. ;',n| t'hc.itci 1 avenue,, 8ti ( For Sale— City Lots FOR SALE— 214 acres, cdgo of city; finest of ooll; both city and Kern Island water; Ras, lights; $2260; tornm. Kelly & Son, 1712 i aventio. Phone H63. 36 ! AFTER 23 YEARS PIONEER AUTOMOBILE MAN WILL LEAVE BUSINESS FIELD IMIOMINRNT Nineteenth Htreet Inml- I IIOBB corner between Union and linker, 7rixlfiO, an Ideal location, I worth HOOO. Out-of-town owner will j HHorlfloo for {2500. AV V. llray, 1-114 j _ Seventeenth Btreel. Phono 157. ; IF VUi: rONTKMPLATM BUILD- ! INI! A IIOMK. KKK 31. F. SMITH AMOUT LCJTS IN TAMFOHNIA AVION'FK I'AKK TRATT, SIXIC I fiOxlM FEF.T. HPKCIAI. PUICKH IF YOU HFII>n AT ONCK. SK10 TIIF.SF I,i)TS NOW. CAM, II. F. HM1TU, PHONIC 118. 172B CHESTER AVFNl'F.. .1-1 ALL MAKES AND MODELS AT GIVE-AWAY PRICES NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED LOWEST TERMS TRADES ACCEPTED ACT NOW USED CAR DEPARTMENT 2229 CHESTER AVENUE. OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS. 62 For Sale—Automobiles i For Sale—Automobiles J600 and up buys a r,0-foot lot In Alta Vlptn, the muni desirable residence district In HakeTBflcld. UeHtrlctnd j a.s to race, hulldliiK conta, location of home*, etc. Wo miiko tho price, you make the terms. Taylor A Taylor, IflCO Choster Avo. Phono 712. 8-27-tf dehtH conlriicied li\ nnyonc nlliei \\ \ NTIOI' lOlderly miin for KIIIdeiilii(; than myself (SlKn-ili Idihunl Met- nn.l ,-hori<ii; Niunll »uu<i nnd houiie llox- !i:l Il-l \v Ii. Stoic. Shaftri I'nllf Plione v '- :n Hl ; FF .V. Kl.ll-:\'l:ll luivn dUin.lved lln I pannemhlp. Will not he i ehponMhln I WANT \\'DIUv" N'KIOli IIKI.I" un. ,,-!,-. I hy oilier | Male m female I'nlltlUSt) Clans "A" for it l Signed) fhl-ls Kllever ill Financial v menl Aiteni-y IH Plan' \Vhy I'ftJ- Mnlf' Thf'e payment! lnehid<- A 1.1, ihanjes You K*cel\t. \ nn l'i,v Monllilv II»0 Tl" i,ii i.., i;i i,,in,th<i 1200 in 1 , *'.> tor Id n Hi,. JSon V" vi H innnilK t'ri'po! I innii 11- ijvirh fm nthur iini-'iiniM Qul'"ll ' ' '"iifldei.tlnl 1 N,, m hiniiKrH 1 \'() KAI.AUY AH.'U'l'.'MFN'TH l.uaith nr • 'Mil I in' tit I ftl lui lu llOflillJUUl^ll Ji \L-ll W 1414 8«iventPKiith Mirei Plionr, <«« Fr«e 1'iirklng I'M Tejon (iuiitKit . r.j ANY A.MOl'NT I.HANKf) UN YOt'll IKH'SKIIOM) REPAY IN SICM1 MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS SKK I 1 ;' lloFNF.KM'.l'IPI'lll WANTF.M I Mil of town lOxpel Icnced with chllilien III : Hoom nnd honrd fao slnrl Will In , K'Vlrw Frhhu Write Uo\ 11 ji) Th. riillfornlnn I:.\|'|:||||:NI-|:|I K li-l. over 3D, general honne\( 01 It siii^ nights Must he iliinnii i -led IIS Flower. 3.1 WANTKl) Kxiiiirli'iirtnl Hlinn nali'H •• liulliH- li'iimlly KluiK Hloro :i I \VA\Ti;|i SlfmiKiuphKi- MIIMI hiltn 1 lillil le^al ,,»p,., | Pn , r \Vlll.- slat IllK esperlen,,, aiul niihll \ e\| li-il WVIIi- Hin 41,. Tin- Cnllfoi nlao ?. | , N'KAK hliih hcliool. nice room ndjoln 1)1(1 hltlll. MlltMllle fo| M, hool tencher. nNo coot hi^emeiit roniii. adlolnlliK hath, ntlllahle for iln>- Mleeperii. iij-| i ill-mulct, or phoni- Hi iii.M nnd honrd, j:i.'i moiiih. f!i on \icr \ie<-k M-iils. lU.c: Hnndiiy din IK-HI. .Mi. IMI;, I'allfornhi uvrnim. : Phone i,!ul| ;i., For Rent—Houses Fun HUNT SU room, uiKfurnlshe.l house, I mlhi south of Hi -nndiiHfl nil Ual( tilieel |-'rec unlcr, leleph,,,,,, ail,| i-lorll-h-Hv for IlKht-l ln»! $3T. per lliolilh See Mcll May, I !•'.'I l-:i|jhleenih HI reel phono MY.I Full HI-'.NT l''ui-iiivlie,i 4 room imUH" ' with I.iilh anil rlocii-1.- ri-fi Icerntoi . . \\ ollld Illle |M e\, IniUKO fur II,Mm lillil i _l'M,,iil Sill Lincoln i |o|i|:i!N ,-o|iaKc, fiirulMied. KH«. IlKlit. wnler In,-lulled Uutes hy week or moiiih I'm n,l l.-ie Moior Inn. four inlle" MMIII h on I' nlon mith. Fi'FII-HooM ho JHI per month li"ime. IIII-KC l JIX per month. fornla avenue , .Four nice hits, Just out of city, In- cludiiiK corner. |27[i. Wiirron'-lloa- KIIII, K07 Maker. u.xn, $700: J2fiO down. Five room plastered ,i. $170(1. $300 rash, Two lots on r'nll- clone to Union, $300. ! ' HAI.I^HMI N I .Hi-Re i.liiiinl.-nlloti rr ^VIlnlilR II,. expunnli-ip pro K iuni hni, openlnim tur n fi.« neul ii|>penr<nK • nd ll|!|:re«f.l\ e m»n An npporlu n II \- In tnnlir inil nnincv In Iho ill reel tn 1|u- ri'in-nini-i fit-lit \'., t,. \CMmenl reuulled Mr, \|, III,,,!- liefiue III M ni The I. II I'rlcn Mn-ciinlili, i i,ni|iany. "^n Nlmlo.nili Mreet, ;| - CASOLINK ALLEY FOH HI'^NT Six room furnished, sntiiirlmii home, luinlwood floors, Hie ilinlulioiiid flri-pliice, lawn nnd ihudn. I'II.K. in MOilO. adults, no pels piioiic :!;iSi"i-H ; Foil Ilir.NT I'hiee room liounn and KnniRe Partly furnlnhed. l.lEht, i Ki\> nnd Mnlei paid. J25. 190> B \\OI.,|K.«. Olldiile. Al>o|ii-: hiiusx tor rent, }lfi month. "aiei pniil Imiiilrn u t Sulphur Spiln K .. Hunch |,.,|f i n ||,. ivesl of ^ Moil \ . nuil n hl« h \vu \ 3;' t SIX-I'NIT court, very new, flno val- unhli> lot. closn In. Incnmn )22. r i moiiih. Total prlcn f|2,000. Sun I .lohrndofer, I72. f i Chenter. WK IIAVK Just listed one uf tho now- onl and flnesl himies In Hakersfleld, hnlll Just IOIIR enouKh to have yard I'eanilfully landscaped mid developed Stucco. t ||p roofed house, thoroughly Insulated, nnver got ovnr s:! thin -nininier, hnnemenl with unit henilnm system; y Inrue bedrooinn, one of which Is arranged for maid with Hhowor and toilet r.onneotlnK:. Main hntb hns tllo floof and all ' kinds of other tlln work. Completely, expensively und beautifully furnished, IncludtiiR Knind piano. | Poiilile Karaite, lot 9tixlil5 In a very j hlirb class district. $10,750; terms". I Immediate possession Howard Ntr-h ! _ ois, in<\ ___. n-8-tf 1 UNl'Sl'AI. bariraln In a B-room, ; modern home. Close In. Good location. Hardwood floors throughout Tlln sink, uutoirmtlc hodter, InrK" hnnenient. This Is a real place at , n real price Owner li>nv(n B this •. week and will jmorlflce for quick sale. $. r iOO down handles Buy this , for Investment It \ v ||l pay ' Itself out. See tlili at onc-e. Prlco Stan- ' SAi'HIFU'K: fi-room modern house, beautiful shnihH, troi'S, fine locn tton. JL'OOO, J.v.o down. $26 month Trmle for mmller place. linkers- field Ideally. ::51[i K street. Phone •'!"•' 9-l-tf FINANCINU avallahle. extra lar B o : oulHldo restricted lot, small house permlsBlhle. JR25, $10 down, $2 week. Balce.mfleld Realty. 2016 K. Phone ' _ 7M__ g-2«-tf For Sale—Improved Farms 80-ACI1Fj Improved ranch; yood cotton and alfalfa land with Kern Inland water rlfc-htn; clone to south city limits. $175 per acre, one-fourth I canh required. E. H. Clare, Profcs- ' Hlonal InilldliiK. ,14 For Exchange—Property EXCHANGE — 16-aore Tarm; good five-room honso; flno soil and water condition. Take oast side or edge of city improrod property. Kolly & Son. 1712 Cheater avenue. Phono 383. 30 WILL exchange two 60-foot loin, corner location. Two minutes from town for lot close In or part down payment on omall house. Phone M06-J. 34 EXCHANGE 10 apron located Planio, KardtMi, good well water, for property In or near KakernfleM. Also ' good ,'i-room house and lot located at A,venal, would exohaiiBO for Bak- | erafleld property. H. W. Cirayson, j 100S Thirty-first street, Oakorafleld. 3-1 19S6 UI.15 1935 1935 1934 1934 1934 1934 1935 1932 1931 1931 1931 1931 1931 1930 1929 1929 1929 1929 WITH A REAL GUARANTEE FORD TOUR. SEDAN $695 FORD DLX. CP., RADIO f625 FORD TRUCK SPCL. $796 FORD DLX. COUPE $595 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 FORD COUPE ?475 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 TERRAPLAN13 COUPE $446 CIIEV. MAS. TG. COACH $595 FoRD CPE., RENEWED $325 FORD VICTORIA RNWD $295 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 FORD, TUDOR. R'N'W'D $285 PLYMOUTH COACH $295 FORD TRUCK FORD COUPK FORD TOURING FORD COUPK DE SOTO SEDAN FORD TUDOR MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP ' 1931 Bulck dlx sedan 6 ww $365 ; 1933 Bulck dlx sedan, 6 vrw $485 11932 Ford sport coupe $335 I 1932 Ford standard coupo $335 11934 Ford dlx cpe, am. whls. $485 ! 1935 Ford de luxe coupe $695 .1936 Ford dlx tr. Bed., latest $795 1936 Chevrolet trunk sedan $795 TERMS AND TRADES ! Opon Evenings and Sunday S TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER i Phono 6828 62 $295 $235 $165 $165 $195 $145 For Sals—Automobiles 16th and Cheater Opp. Courthouse Phono 701 Open Evenings 52 SELLING FOR LESS THAN $100 All good transportation. If you want a good used car for less money, see our selection. BAKERSFIELD USED CAR TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 62 USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned. Guaranteed BARNBTT TRACTOR CO. , 2130 Chester^ Ave. 7-30-tt! FOIt MA1.K—1930 He Soto coupo. cheap. In Rood condition. Call at 5401 Nile* street. Plymouth do luxe sedan J525 mi Chevrolet sedan $235 19.14 Ford coupe, radio }385 19S3 OldBmohlle touring sedan J395 These Cars Are Uke New. RARNETT'S CAR MARKET 1621 Eighteenth Street BAKERSFIELD MOTOR CO. ; 1936 Dodge trunk sedan $895 ;1936 Ford sedan $745 ; 1935 Plymouth trunk sedan $685 1934 Chevrolet sedan $535 Open Evenings and Sunday CORNER 20TH AND "EYE" Phone 1724 62 1935 Willys 77 sedan, 19.000 miles, good condition, private owner. Accept cheap cur In trade. Can arrange terms. Phone 39«. 37 The Eighteenth Hole 201 IIABEUFKl.nF, HUU)INii PHON 12 MB s 7 tf MONEY FOR SCHOOL KXPBNSKK Confidential service to nalimod people and housewlvea 816 Haborfeldo nidg. Phono 21*00 4-14-t/ \ TOOK )3,ll<|- STROKES PROM FRI<SCO TO NEBRASKA AMD THREE STROKES FROtv\ TmeRE HERE TO K16W -YORK. / MOW DID By KING '/ I AIR-MAI LED M^ GOLF BALL IM NEBRASKA AND THE MAIL PLANE MAKES THREE HOPS TO NEW VORK-*SO I COUNT THREE ON THAT. THAN1KS FOR A SWELL. RIDE FROM CHICAGO. NOW POST OFFICG FOR KAV MAIL. GOOD LOCK. ON A FINE USED CAR at the USED CAR LOT Just West of Fox Theater 14 models now on display from a 1928 Victory coupe at ?86.00 to a 1935 touring sedan at ?785. Several attractive coupes now on hand. A 1931 model at $265. Model As and V8a. For example a de luxe 1934 coupe with chrome air wheels at only $475. A 1931 model A coupe for |250. A 1929 model 65 sedan, newly painted, only $225; also a clean 1928 model 72 sedan for $176. Bulclca, Pontlacs, De Sotos, etc. BAKERSFII3LD OARAGE Used Car Lot, West of Fox Theater 35 FOR REAL VALUES 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $685 1935 Ford de luxe coupe $585 1935 Ford sedan $566 1929 Ford coach . $145 1928 Bulck coupe $125 1928 Bulck coach $125 1928 Buick sedan $125 1926 Chrysler sedan $35 1920 Chevrolet coach $82.50 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 831 62 House Trailers for sale or rent. BLUE RIBBON GARAGE 1916 Nineteenth street, Bakerafleld 38 1110 EIGHTEENTH STREET '36 Lincoln Zephyr sedan' $1295 '36 Buick 61 sedan $1095 '36 Buick 41 coupe $895 '36 Pontiac touring sedan ' $895 '36 Chev. town sedan $666 '36 Dodge trunk sedan $845 '36 Ford sedan, latest series $765 '36 Dodge 2-dr. trk. sod,, radio $695 '29 Buick sport coupe $145 Open Evenings and Sunday 62 HUDSON AND TERRAPLANU 1935 Hudson coupe $240 down 1936 Chev. coach, radio $185 down 1931 Auburn conv. coupe $100 down 1929 D6 Soto sedan $65 down 1934 Willys sedan $116 down 1934 Ford coach $156 down 1930 Nash sedan, radio $126 down j 1934 Hudson Redan $232 down 1 1932 Studebaker sedan $132 down 1931 Oakland sedan $95 down ! 1929 Hudson sedan $75 down { 1929 Chrysler sedan $75 down i 2220 CHESTER AVENUE i_ Phone 3966 48 " clean - y Cadillac cpe., look«, run* good $90 S u ^ nl 4 * ed - OK ev » r y w *y i" 1M «S!f h co * cl ?- ntw rubber; (teal $41 Will take diamond! in on c»r» DOUCJUASS USED CARS Twenty-fmirth and I. Phon* 8177-J "t Handlt Mr Own Pm.p«r" si *,»'

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