The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1946
Page 5
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_ SATURDAY, MARCH'!), 10-10 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION -.i.p.4 Mn* •Ktnatu MO Mr ate nattM M MatM a ** MM IM awnmMXlM k> mu w MMJ Muun* ft.. «u MM »• ..< kUM For So/* 8«v Beans from 1'edi-' greed S«ed. Crockett 1 Wrijrht, Manila, or call I Jess Homer, lilylheville Phone :UC7. ;i-!)-pk-3-2;5 'ni'^j™"" 1 "- ' " '^"^ '' "!"v"l rV "• H "' or *'"' nnn«r. lij.-l.ti. U.l, l ii.. '.mM.'.'r, 1 ' I" 1 '!,?;;..', '"IK!",?,"! ;;">!_ .1 M't ..I Mitl \vlin-U. H-pi U (i roQm residence. Price $.'),500. H. C. CAMPJJB1.1, I Of fife 120 S. Second. i Klmijf.r.l sire luliy ),(.,|. ;„ flco ||» nt < l"0m!ntnn, I'tione ~0fi^ • 1940 U\t<U(,n. I'm. W -. ,-n j Sl'i'l: inj fixture! n( Wooil'j Cat,; ].u\. PHOTOSTATS-r,c( O'Steeni rw »^A£* t " t \" £?« 5» j make a plioloMulk- copy of I Sin ^.T' ^"TTrl""" 1 , li: ' V!i **"•• or I your discharge, marriage li- •" '•'•'• —'• -'-"'' • :;r • --' s "'" cense anil other imporlanl papers—Quick Service. O'STKKN'S STUDIO I'hone :i208 115 \V. Main . *. ,7V "'' " . :i prlco -Vlt;, j,,,. arr.-. T.. r ,n,. |li|i, 1 l;y 1,,-ice, COIIKIJ- niiul. 2 s,,,,l| ] loUK1! s. tJinll barn, imsum.. l.'nn tivo i.niiLc- dJiiU- II.ISSPSSL,,,!. Kce l.nllirr dray. «,.!. HI. 7-,,k-IO " >T . .'iaiii.' Fvf K0afn 1 «^-ck-3-21 m.,1,, imv,.,.^,,,,;,,, „,„„,. , :l( ,~:,— \ Postal Card Pictures. '^ 2 I>oz. I ""^'"i'-- $1.35. !>(«. $2.00. No ap-.; I "'"»r,i7'i',"",]o'"-'' n n l oi' 1 w" v- " i[h B ." 1 "- 1 ' point mtnl needed. • — '• —-"- s p '''' > O'STKRN'S STUDIO Phone ;i2(IS 115 W. Mair 3-7-Ck-3-21 | tilrhi-n privilrves." 817 (j iiTiVas nw'bi' 10a X. Franklin" ys-i FRAMES Made to Order. Let '.^^7^.. ,, hon , M38 ,'^,'u us frame your discharge, igo~atrei t nr>a'~—,',,„ ,.„ '— diploma and olher import-] ^ Jjam« •« ...:u. »—'•,>.'..,, I0ll .^r_ s ' ant papers. Any size or. ' J " ,- «iiv pupvib. >\ny sixe or • — -.*.-«.* n -shape. O'vSfeen's Studio,'Room s for men. Harry Phone 320S. 3-71-ck-3-2l[_AMcins._ 4-pk-3-14 [jlnnls. [{tjls(-:noro TI'J L'IJk-l3 ServicM ji^y's,."Lakc'sr' 115 "" " 74 i'.' v £' r ° A " ( >'P CS better dressmaking. izr^-^r^r^rzrz^:, ftlrs - She «- r " d - M^WS Hotel < 3-7-pk-3-M Five rjinin i,n<l liall, ]i,,,, f< . i,, C5cc ]]mt wsiiteiiHal ilistriol. I'.ir sal,. l,y , «r. Wr.le Ilui (1.M11, c> Courier N Bal.y chick,. ,|i[ f , poultry :IILI| jioultiy f L .,.,l s ('h.-.^l-r 1 l.nvi«_ l'.,nltry. .11:1 "K. M ; ,i,i. 7.pV:.| ; l ' :«. all lyi.cs rr]>!iiri>i]. Will ••• .inil i(,'liv(-r rlnctis cfldi S:U- rdriv. (),„, ». rr k sorv ^,. W riii- llnv '- I.- f>. cln CnnriiT X*-\v« j^Hi-tf •4 room house ? IH)0. IVisseKsioii nl one.. •' "•<"" I"""'': arid t .,, n ,| ,..,„,,„. I.IA.-M..M,,,, ,„ 2 ,,. n , k ., i t ;,.,. rw , „„„ fr, ^Jily. ii.iinteiJ. 1'Jllco." W.'il ll-|ik-l:i 1 19:1 4-,| ( , 1941 -) <Jiii, Tall (jir, OhUutnliil «'lnn l.i •J.-;t'J aftc .Alfalfa Kay anil inuk- arawn farm ir.ipl'i" merits. 'IV.Ii.prmuu :t:t W \ r.-uUiis _Sf....|y. .M,... ' ' ' ' |.|,k.j1l' Italitiit piiniinr*-. Title a linslie] Hcpl fur (luvi-i>rH anil t-»r,!,'n. f, 12 .V. lull Kt . , Kuliliil rar 1 hnclKi; l',i tun. Irurk, 4.1 nil)il(.| Hay Whiti'. -riiunc .llirt. ' 1 1 Stalk ciitlcrH— '2 row }ipavr iluty tviie. All veldrd BlEi-l conslrnrlion lilytlic- vlllo Mndiino S!iO|i. ' 27"i-k-lt ae KoniJ Jprsey Milrh cow. Jack Glass, cock. K. Franklin St. 2ri.pli.-J] 11 'Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ok-tf fiOO Uvo weeks old chicks. Feed, feeders, fouats. Hig lot of b;iby chicks next week. Hlylhcville Grain Elevator Feed Store. Nor In Fourth, phone 2112. 3-9-ck-13 Nice building lot for business on South Division. 27 f(. frontajte on Highway; 3.11 fl. deep. Also has ;i <l room house. Price 35250. H C CAiMPKKL],. I'hone -M(i or 2930. . 3-8-|)k-]5 U[.rifflit piano. GcioiJ condition. r,20 N. .Sixtli. }'linne -ti'jo. 5-|>l;-12 doughnul machine, fully equipped. Sec K. L. Trotler, Cifv Super market, 109 W.'Main. Klrrlric vvelilor. 200 amp Holan driven. 111.111,11,^1 ,1,1 traitor IV.n'lii nciv. Ki-aily In K n. Hlvthi-villr line H!ni|). 07., WASMIN'O M.VCIIINKS .<p 'nirril. \Vh<>n parts urn v« iiiaiiiifftciiire tl.nn. -verliiuili-il on KBA tlrivcn i« ninv in rhargp of Illis .K'pa »n<l "ill lis B lnJ t<, service I,, eunlnmcri. Klytlieville .Machine I..UV.V MOWKRS '-• •->." r-'i-.ii jioned anil repair<il. L:icli lil:iUc is iir.Tisiim K rouii<! on uiir faelory inc'thoil inarliine, llrinif J'nurs in now anil avoid the rnsli. while yV'-...' tRve a , ln . r> ^? stock of parts. We[25 srrvice. 1 make- meal, cliicjitii rJit ills" ernslie.J feed. Lorntril on tlerliy t,in I.ot on .South .Second. Wanted to Dent Hy workins rniMite—:l rnnm furr>l<.lij,l jq.anin.Mi!. 1' ^Sst, I or 5 room nnfnrnislK.l !ionsr,~in or Illytbeville. Must j lllvc ,„.„„„. nent iikire in thirty ilays riiinii- 1'!>TO i>r 89S. r> or J mom unftirnishej house, t'hone A fonir'Irtr- ire crc.-inl ]ilrlr>r r'liiipn^ counter fritter v.-illi lianlrtii>r. prnsinp c.ibincls. latlos. ctuiirn all ncrcRMiry nnij.nirnt. rr'if>'<\ ri H. Jj. Ki^ii,-. ,\T;iniln. Ar>;. 19|ik-: Furniklio.1 n|inrtinrnl. Fmplnyre of Swift anil Co. iVrin«nen:ty located. 1'lionis --SiLjL'H r _ 0 _P m -_ J -_ W - "iBSer«. NOTICK OF AUMINISTKATION On February 25, 1946, letters testamentary upon the estate of Martin Walter Lewis, deceased, were granted to the undersigned. Addie Josie Lewis, whose address is Route J, Purngounci, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit the same to the executrix, properly authenticated, within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in sucli estate. Dated this the 2 day of March, ADDIE JOS1E LEWIS, Executrix. CIniide F. Cooiwr Attorney Tor Executrix. _ 3J4-11-18. A total of 81 stolen automobile's were recovered in January by the Arkansas Itigliway patrol! Latest mode] General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hubbarrl Furniture Co. ' 2-6-ck-tC 1-1939 4-ilfior I'lyinoiilh Rcdnn. 1 small 2-rnir (rector u-illi |ilanlr>r9 cultivator. hreakinr plo.-. miil.ll,. buster anil disc. I'Mono 2010 or 015. 8-ck-lf We have several 41 and 42 Model cars to trade for .18, 39, or 40 Models. f - I'HII,U!»S- MOTOR CO Walnat at 5(h, niytheville Ark. 2-9-ck-3-0 Seed Oiils, Oklahoma Alfalfa seed, Lcspodeza, Hybrid se«d, Corn, & U. S. Approved Uaby Chicks. I,. K. ASHCRAFT CO. !):i 3-5-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching;. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway " _ Wanted To Buy K;LBURN TWINS G.lf The best Button Scnkc at U» ArkMo State Line Pbene »Z7 RADIO SERVICE J»st Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main SI. nah«s, fryers, A whs and ge«se. Ktylheville Grain & EK- V? tor * 1 «ed Store, North Fourth, phone 2112. 3-0-ck-lS through W. J. Pollard Phillips Will Pay You the TOP CASH PRICE The present Used Car Mar ket will never be higher. Sell NOW and get the TOP Dollar for Your Car at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut st Fifth - Blythevtlle, Arkansas _ TeL 46S Political Announcements TJi« Courier N«w« tm» been authorlwd to .unnouneo UM follow, ing CBiitlld.!*., wbjtrt to the Dt'mocrHtlo primary- SHr.Krrr AND COUJECTOB JACK FINLET ROBINSON WILLIAM HKimYMAN COUNTY JIIOGB QENK K. BRADLEY ROLAND OREEN fur I) Iflll F<ir,l |>ieli-ii|i wllli rnt- ion l)i>il, 10:17 Kurd linlor (..r ,-i lute nnilel rar in A-l aha|if. 1'liniu' 7iii >r wrilc liov 111 !>lyih..vllle 7 |ik 1 1 Read Courier News Want Ads. While You Wait j H»U Cleaned and Blacked ti 39 Mlnnt* Serrie* '•• The John's Shop ^ 503 W. Main 81 § RADIO REPAIR i and 2 day Service on any make or morlel Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihon Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 So. First St. LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW.' Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 Soulh First Street Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up hz?d Battery Eliminators Change your Battery Radio In Eieciric For Only $16.50 CITY RADIO REPAIR «4 But ftteln Phone zwi Attention Tractor Owners! We nave the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Phone 828 419 West Main Street RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (An Types Except Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES CBnk 5U Main, Rljrthtville, Art, Phone ^^^^•^•^•^^•••^•••••.aiiiiHI v Yourxor may still have to last nou a Long Time . . . You're well advised to keep a sharp eye on rhe condition of the car you're driving. New cars won't be plentiful for sometime. So it's just prudent transportation insurance to keep your present car up to par. Our modern repair shop is fully equipped to handle your car troubles. Drive In Today WE NOW HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK OF TRACTOR TIRES AND TUBES We Buy and SeH Good Used Cars See Your Studebaker Deafer First CHAMBLIN SALES CO. DOYLE HKNDKR8ON CIRCUIT CLERK HARVEY MORRIS COIINTY COURT CLERK KLI7ARRTH BLYTHR COUNTY TRKASURF* DEL&A PURTL* STATE KKeKKSKNTATIVK AtJTJJE WORD R C. Fl.KKMAN l.KSUE "DUKIK" HPECK I >. H. AUTRV STATE SENATOR J. I.KE BEARDEN The following ore c»n<tldntes for 'ill"' In (|i e Hlylhpvilla Miinlcl|inl -Ifcllon t 0 1)« held April 2: CITY ATTORNEY I'KRCY A. WRIGHT <Por Re-election) HOWAHD N. MOOnK 1VARD ONK JKSSK M. WHITK AI.1IKRMAN WAKII TWO JODIE TJ. NABKRS Af.DKKMAN WAHI) TIIKKK CRAFrON TnSinc Lubricate PRESCRIPTOIIS FresbMt Stock Gnarwiteed Bat PrteM, Kirby Drug Stores When It's Refrigeration You Want Call In R O W E N ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 Itt-lll Booth Railroad fit • Commercial Frozen Food Looker Plants — Walk-in lioxes — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOITE. SERVICE- Phon. 2241 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member NatT Pert Control A«'n. 115 8. Third St. Phone Z15I Refrigerator Service OF ALT, KINDS— CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2018 or 2fi42 WASHING TWO WASH RACKS TWO Lubrication Departments FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE Texaco Gas and 6i»- 301 West Walnut "It P«y« to AdrertlM" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS si" 1 Tod»jrj E«quUlte Footwear require* euctlnf woninansnlp for proper repairs . . . The costUart ahow are repaired here. HflUTC ... JJtflLttY SHO£ SWOP 141"-W. M «.llsl ST. : ROTAL, f&C. lit N. bad «TRJr*T DON^KDWARDS OOBONA, AND RBaCHOTOH .-ORTABLRI 7OR SALE CONCRETE STORM SRVVER ALL 8IZK9 Cheeper Than BrM(« Linker OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT.CO, Fhoiw 691 ' OiewUi, Ark SERVICE See us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern tools and equipment can pat your car m>top condition..... We also have a paini and body shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car FOR CASH. T. I. SEXY MOTOR tXS Cmplrtt: Slock* of Farts For Chrfakr Ti^mctt ', I 121 E. Main I»|MM BOOTS AND IIKIl BUDDIES f AWX16HA XOU RODS i WHW NCAV \WLrSUSV,<b Thinking Oul l.oud BY EDGAR FRKCK1.KS AND HIS FRIKNDS /•" ~ ' ~~— ~ Fl&MO^l^E-B&E^^rlj&S^I^^ , I'rcrposilion BY'MEIIRTLL i-a.; i-.'~'-'- A '—^m ORDER. TO JUNIOR- FROM SMITL'H- IMG-. i HAD TO TELL. HIM HOW To LICK . 8ur I t-fAve TO PAV HECTOR A BUCK HE LETS I OUT to Get- A RED IKK SO 1 CAM F»*SM AvELL, HE OOE5WYD''OH. FOR _ .. HA.VE TO TAKE M OOOLA! OOP WAS Oi^JLY ;up WITH EveRV m- TAUKIMO WITH A, GIRL HE MEETS,^.FELLOW PASSEN6£ft

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