The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 12
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BAKERSFIELD CALTFORNUN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, Iflto, EDUCATIONAL * HUMOROUS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON THROUGH OBSERVATIONS OP THE MOONS OP JOPITCR, IT FIRST WAS LEARNED THAT THE PASSAGE OF LIGHT THROUGH SPACE IS NOT INSTANTANBOUS. TWO ENGLISH WORDS, FACETIOUS AND ABSTEMIOUS, CONTAIN ALL OF THE VOWCLS IN THEIR RICSHT ORDGR./ OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS fi TAP ROOT or THE GIANT SEQUOIA TREE DISAPPEARS AFTER THE EIGHTH VEAQL/ f- CAU6HT, WHUT ; I DM? THAT, BUT I GUE52> t 7AKEW DPP THESS HAND-ME-DOWM R*MTft REST- THE WORRY WART. ^ I; . HJt II NL« iitnVICI, INC u. s »t. oir. SIDE GLANCES Rv GEORGE CLARK OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE MY WORD/ MADE M6 T^ESI'DEWT OP "TMe. OWLS' CLUB/ fiBUWT AROUKJP HERE, Sl6W, MA30*> WE N1APE YT UkiAMlMOUSf ' MAW'WHO-COULD TH' £LiyB \SPIL1HJG CAM PUMP W , IT IS IklPEED A MONOftTOBE ELECTED TO SUCH EXALTED E<SAD,t AM MOVED BV SUCH AN SMOWEK OP COKiPIDEWCE •POPULAWV' BOX. LAST KJI6V-VT, A "FLEW OUT Bt<3 HOOT OP THE OWLS THE GUMPS Caught in the Act I "llu'n at tlic itiont dangeroUN nut-. SlnndH up in hln hlj(h clmlr and rrnwlM up ttu< Ntalrn." THE T1NYM1TES Hy HAL COCFIRAN "imp ~ s'LON<<r, 'BROTHER"PEAR—EAT YOUR SUPPER WHILE I'M OUT-VTS PRACTICALLY A BANQUET TONICjHT- A WHOLE CAN OF BEAN SOUP- AND-HA-HA- DON'T FORQET— BEWARE QF THE NOW WE CAN EAT, PAL ^*^-r»i-^ i«r^i| r rV**" I OU WON'T \ MIND A LITTLE WATER IN THE SOUP- / MAKES IT STRETCH • — FARTHER Y'KNOW r^ Ret. U. 8, Pit. Off.: yrttM. 1»M. b>, bu[n-N. Y. NmlSyndlutt. IM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hurray! ! By MARTIN Ef\RV.V TVAN'b £*&$& t(&% ^ v.^V/:>'. '*4?f ^L ; r ii' ^ V-4 VOO ttOO '. ** t L 1»1« BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. I<MtECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Silent Partner ".V'i IIIUH KM our li.ii i.iiiiuln rlplii lii'i'i', wy'll lii"'| lluliimij II,'\,M illtAU tilt 010IIV. THIN COLOB lilt IMCtUlU) ll'IMllr. bv Bnil-nl A 1 ' 1 - "' ll " 1 '""I"" foul, n ii'fit f,.,,r. anil lliM will I.. „ I,. MK llu.r. * » lli'-n> (ilioiiU'il "Well wn'il 1 'CHUCK I|H> fort |* (,,,,,,1 ,,,,,1 i.lnnii; " l)pnt runtliuii, \vlili nn.m I.nil u ur , , . "I linuw inir li.u h will on A linlf nn linur pnnmil li> nn.l flii'ii tlirutiKli. nn ninlliT uluil ihr i.ih"rn Hi.. TlnMntlrH WKI-C ll.'l.liii \\lim iln> <lo. Wli\'. 1 . nul.I Ilium MiowlinlU Illlli. l ; :i.\ilinn Iml ,i ||.,I I,,-I n mil fur lie.inn. 'IMU..I | mi, i'i. ( .|||i(j III." u frlKiiillv Uu.'c 'I'll''" ""I "«• I" Hi'' olll'T (I'll 'Til.' f'lKllllnH llllM l>, , Tl IM'M lltlll iTl'Ml hn.'li. ' \\ i n|... ilimu ll^f.| l.i.Hi Fiiilm, I (lilnU, liim .Inn.. HIM iin.l If yii'i U.lnli >.,.ii.. HI.IIIU In win, |;ruiiil You'll frl n.. |.|n,•,. |.y fliilil Ilif! nii\- in..11, no "lint • Ilii- 'n-ii'*" Mill, HV.. furl llllllll'IM "Illuiv ^ ' > i, I.u.I our fltlln mill II'M I u I'lni No« . li.i'n .lu'.i , i,,..h ihi. furi'i '!"»" Ami tluii r. ulmi Hi,i Tlnli'H Tin n linn nil,I «'(.i, Dtini'v "iv, "Tin 1 l.i 1 I in on huu H||)I|II.I| *i\Mi\' l-'nii ij.tiily iij ml him iinil i *. liiinii-il. "uli. whnt ii i ru'.i lilil " f • * 11. M floiilli.K In the un(,it, ni.\v. ait.l v, i> lu'lnt It'llll tl llnnil, HotlH>hu\\'. A i 1 'hi nn linn .(uliitMl lilin Whnt it lUI.IH ll.olllll^ -llHlll." \Vlinl> volli'il. ' Nliu win-it- | > '"i in ' Tluil l.'li will not fl.inl M.I \ I'" .Mifi »:lv,« IIH Unu un.l \\.. \\U| liit Mm out of your »uil |illi;lit " Inii'i v up," pool 1'unrj ri Inl i . air (or tliin Kurt of rli|i> Tlu- «iu«r In too i-ulil, or I woultl Kliullv Hwlin lo you ; "I'll nit until you tin,I i\ plun, uiul '. " ' "I tlRllt UN ll«lll I OHM. I'll! ; "in ill'.I. though, Viiimt! | rtiin'i i'i: v Iml \ tin >-un i|o " I'LL ADMIT, v rt)U CAMT HAVE AS MUCH RJN STUI7/IWQ AS ^ttoU CAW OW A VACATION, BLTT >t3U MAVE TO HAVE AW EDUCATIOWJF MDU WAMT ID SUCCEEP' ^\ UOOK IMTD L- (f THIS— )L ,, SURE! LJOOK AT FRECK.... HE HAS TO KKEP UP , HIS STTUDIES/TO PLAY ) OW THE FOOTBALL J TEAM, AMD NVHAT \ \AA3ULD SHAC»ySIDE J HIGH DO V/rTHOUT \ HIM / PHOOEY....TbU DOWT WEED AM EDJCATIOW TO V/IW A FOOTBALL GAME /.' FLUWK OUT CAHT EVESI PLAY FOOTBALL .' viu« »r Kc»itiivict INC T. M. Kto u. ». rAt orr. REMEMBER THREE YEARS AGO,WHEM YOU GUYS VERE WORRIED ABOUT THE GAME WITH MILFDRD? WELL,X MADE FT EASY R^U AWD I'M OWLY IWTHE FOURTH GRADE <N J,. By BLOSSER •••••Mi SURE ! WHO DO i THIWK rr WAS WHO GAVE THEIR STAR PLAYER THE MEASLES 2 v. , t j siS'ii T^vii w£ •/•fiuro S :*< •%& WRIGLEY PERFECT GUM THE BUNGLE FAMILY Electrified Neighbors By HARRY J. TUTHILL Ah here comes the economy expert upstairs who grabs my paper every time he " passes this door. Be ready with uour stuff, ) Doodle, and...ah here ha is..bending down for the paper. f Don't be chicken-hear ted, Doodle, jibout him. Put everything ...Bent down to MX my [Hal More of this shoe-laces as I passed Mastery stuN- Bundle's door. The next\jhat meltdd my good trombone, eh* thing I knew, Mozart. I busted \

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