The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 11
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•:>:>.:';;-' t: • -^r^^^^^^ •••'•"•-•.•• ''• ; ---- - --. -* i >j , f . r' I'- THE BAHfiKSFlELD CALIFORNIA??, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 t l L...I n>' Jf M. •-Hv MAKING TENNIS SOLE INTEREST j Arithmetic Chance Held § by Team but It Is Slim Prospect Uy LESLIE A VERY rt/n<fcrf Prc«« Leaned Wire) TVTEW YORK, Sept 9. — The Chi^* cago White Sox, regarded by preseason forecasters as one of the weakest clubs in the American League, was the only team in the league today with even a mathematical hope of catching the New .York Yankees Ju the 1936 chase to the pennant. i But that single arithmetical ray of sunshine is in the realm of miracles, Jimmy Dykes' gallant Sox would have to win all the rest of their 17 games while tho Yanks wfiuld havo to lose* their remaining 18 for tho Chicagoans even to gain a tie with tho New Yorkers. Tho White Sox yesterday obliterated tho Tigers' lost mathematical possibility of tying the Yanks when tho defeated the Bengals. 7 to 5, which broke the deadlock for second placo In tho only game played. The possibility of a "nickel \yorld series," so-called because the subway fare to either the Polo Grounds or Yankee Stadium is 5 cents, depends upon the New York Giants' ability to stand off the invasions of the St. Louis Cardinals and tho Chicago Cubs this week end. The Giants haVo five games to play with those two clubs, both noted for "last ditch" drives, and their flve-gamo lead could be wiped out in those contests. Fancy Tailspiu It was only two years ago that the Giants held a 7-gamo load at this stage of the season and blew It In one of the fanciest tallsplns ever recorded, while tho Cards rushed on to the pennant and tho world championship. Last year It was the Cubs' 21-game winning streak that took all tho wind out of tho Giants' sails. Two factors, however, aro In favor of tho New Yorkers. Manager B1M Terry has had bitter ex perl- onco In that double doso of slumps and should know best how to remedy It. Also, neither of tho challengers has shown tho least dlspo- sitlqn to stage a whlrwlnd finish. Tho Cards' one-man pitching staff— Dizzy Dean—has Jost Its last two starts, and the Cubs' superior mid- season twirling has bogged down unbelievably. Lust Homo Stand The Giants opened their last home stand against tho westerners today, having a two-game series with the Reds, two with the Cubs and three with the Cards, which likely will tell the story of the 1936 National League pennant race. Tho schedule favors the Giants, who have 13 of their remaining 21 games at the Polo Grounds, whilo both the Cards and Cubs spend tho majority of their remaining time on the road. The two challengers also have R!X gnmnn left to play each other, which probably will result in a cut-throat competition that will nllow the Giants to coast to the pennant. San Diego Takes • Over Coast Lead (t'niled Press Leased Wire) San Dingo was undisputed leader of tho league today. Tho Portly nd BcavcrH wore knocked out of a Uo for flrnt plnco by tlio Seattle IndlanH in tho only gamo played yesterday and as a result tho Puclrcn became the now pace setters. Seattle, occupying third place, trimmed Portland 3 to 2 in a free- hittmg ffumo. Barrett and L-lska each gave 12 hits, but Barrett stopped the scoring In the fifth and Liska didn't apply the brakes until the Blxth, when tho Indians scored tho winning run. ^Portland's defeat broke the deadlock and left San Diego in tho driver*8 scat in the league as the S5-y^v:^^^4 P • • K L • _ _ _ I _ _ "^ * 1^ iv:-^;-:v;-K-X'V'^i : x ; v~»iV>:w>*o>:':->»:v-*.!'»:',' ••>: vX$.,-. iV * ±*\ ""^v»L>'*w ACE OF GIANT PITCHERS i n Defeat College Players by Score of 12-2 in New York Bur- Kan- Between matches in the national single championships at Forest Hills, Jj. I., Donald Budge (left), American ace, and Fred Perry, Great Britain's Davis cup star, get together in tho stands. They prove that tennis Is their Bole Interest by discussing the merit of tennis shoes that Perry Inspects closely. Athletics Row Is On Over Brundage (United Press Leased Wire) HOUSTON. Texas, Sept. 9.—A heated Internal row flared in tho ranks of the Amateur Athletic Union today with J. H. Raffcrty, head of tho Gulf Association of the A. A. U., threatening legal action against Avery Bnindage, national president. Kafferty charged Brundage was attempting to transfer the national A. A. U. conventHn from Houston to "his homo city of Chicago." Tho convention IH scheduled for December 4, D and G. The Gulf Association chief said i Brundage's action was "unprecedented" and ace.uHed tho latter of "underhanded" means. "We will go to the courts for a restraining order against tho transfer." Kafferty nald. Kafferty uald he had received u letter signed by Daniel J. Ferris, New York, secretary-treasurer of the National A. A. U.. requesting a vote by dlstrlctH on tho proposed change before October 10, Kafferty said he had been pledged support by A. A. U. officials In Dallas, Now Orleans, Salt 1-ako City, Baltimore and Jersey city. AUTO PILOT CRASHES LOS ANGELKS, Sept. 9. (A. P.)— Brice Morris, Fresno pilot, crashed off the south turn and tore down 25 feet of fence, but he escaped Herlous injury as Bill Betteridgo roared out to win the 4(Map feature of tho Atlantic Speedway Midget program last night. i Morris finally landed a few feet from the grandstand after his sensational crack-up. The time of Betteridge's victory was 11 minutes 3^.G seconds. Bob "Waro was second, Johnny Kelrn third and Mutt D'Armore fourth. In tho Helmet .dash, Betteridgo also nosed out AVare over the three- lap distance In 50.7 seconds. Auto Speed Mark Broken for Hour (Vnited Prcts Lcated Wire) r BONNEVILL13 SALT FLATS, Utah, Sept. 9.—John Cobb of England smashed tho world's one-hour automobile speed record today in tn unheralded run on the BonnevlHo salt flats. Tho jovial, round-faced Londoner flashed his trim Napler-Hallton racing car around a 12-inllc oval on tho wide salt beds at an average speed of 1C7.690 ;mUes an hour, breaking tho former mark of 162.53, established early In July by his countryman, Captain Oeorgo E. T. JCyston, also of London. Hy PAUL MICKKL.SON AuocUted Treii Sporta Writer YORK, Sept. fl.—Dab nott, former pride of the aas prairies, and big Ed Danowski, who used to carry tho mull for Ford ham, havo taken care of the college-professional football argument for 1936. With their Now York Giant mates opening the door for them, the two flashy baclttleld hands applied the clincher to the pro side of the argument before 30.660 fans at the Polo grounds last night by defeating tho College All-Stars. 12 to 2, the largest margin of triumph since the College- Pro series started tWo years ago. As their All-Star rivals fumbled away precious chances and outsmarted themselves with costly maneuvers, Oanowski twtco threw unerring passes to Burnett for tho winning touchdowns. The All-Stars, favored because of their seven-all tie against the Detroit Lions, 1935 National League champions, at Chicago lawt week, spent most of their time In Giant; territory. They easily outplayed the professionals but fumbles, mental! lapses and a superior Ulan I line' spelled defeat. | Seor« Safety ; Instead of the four or five touch- \ downs they might have scored they' had to be content with a second j period safety, tallied when Wayne \ Mlllner. former Notre Dame end, blocked Tony Sarausky's punt, tho ball caroming through tho end j zone. j Furious and Fruitless j So furious and yet fruitless wns the All-Star attack that on separate sallies they reached tho Giants' ST.. 25, 23, 18, 13. 8 and even 3-yurd llnea without pushing tho ball over. Tlie big chance offered when Millner blocked and recovered Danow- skl'fl punt on tho Ulatit 20 in the third period. They ploughed through i BABCOCK, STAMMERS FEATURED TODAY IN FOREST HILLS PLAY ! i By STUART CAMEKON , Un.'tm t'rn$ Sport* Editor MILLS, X. Y., Sept. 9.—They camo down to the leveling stage in the national men's and women's tennis championships today with three of four matches scheduled rated strictly even contests. Show piece of the day was in the feminine division, where two of the girls were slated for an international match. U was raven-haired Caro- lln ttnbcock against fair Kay Stammers. Tho content pits the' girl who savod tho Wightman cup for America against one of tho English disappointments in that series. Miss Babcock has shown some of tho beat form of he.r career in this tournament while Miss Stammers' play on this side has been a vast Improvement ever the form shown nt Wimbledon and other English competitions. Tho other scheduled women's match is an All-CalKornia affair, with Alice Marble playing Graeyn "\Vheolor. They are seeded third and ntxth. respectively, which means Miss Marblo, returned to the Kansas Racer Is Winner for Fair Press Leaned M'tre > SACHAM1CXTO Sept. 0.--J. IV Reynolds. Kansas City. Mo., turf- man, made n successful foray into California racing circles yesterday when his r.rutt Mci'omns carried ; Van Uyi» of Philadelphia in the only J^L ^A ^b _^ A ^ j A A ^k _ ^— ^£ ^_ ^f wars ii ft or a year's layoff because of illm-ss. Is the favorite. Urnnt of Atlanta plays John off tho Occidental stake, $2000 for It-year-old pacers, in tho main r-vent nt tho California Slnlo Kulr. potentially close match of tho men's Hide. iJrant, seeded al No. 2. would be an overwhelming favorite except Tho Missouri horno won tho first i for tht* fart Van Hyn right now IM of thv best tennis of two boats and filnrod second In tho third beat to carry off the lion's sharp of tho rich purse. Hint-It < "berry was second. Stolllte, ownod by 11, C. Johnwon of \v Infield. Kan., won tho $iiu L':LMt trot In straight heat* with <"ulu mot Fearless second. llo\v Carl lluhbelt holds Ills serewball. Budge Tired From Too Much Tennis Lee Ramage Is Victor in his long un<l brilliant Perry Has Sot-l p K«»urth maU'h of tho day is a j--f.t up. Fred IVn-v of Ijigiund, almost a mire thing for thr title, i* 1'layinff Henry rulloy of California Nobody txpeeta Cull-y to win even one j^t-t. Don Huilgo is glvmir his followers KOIUO oomorn. H,- seem« just a bit fagged after c, playing tour which started haek last spring. Ho was rarried to four S*MH ye**t»*rdjiy bcfoiv <!«-ne Smith. fellow \TaUfor- His Tilt Against Rowsey T OS JL.J it. \\ ire) AXGJCL10S, Sept. 9. • Loo i under tho punishment without a trip Kainagc. San Diego's ro.Juvo- lo tno <*»"vns. Hln hem round \vn* niitod heavyweight, bounded over another hurdlo in bin coinoback DIAMOND DUST (\tmocintrd Prcx* Lemed Wire) Zeke Bonura. \Vblto Sox—Ills double and single drove In three run« in 7-5 win over Tigers. - . . .. T — f - - . . — » . - „ .. , ^, ,-.--, t , ,, — „ ,,..„.,(-,„,. * , » J ,» V I t I to tho enemy 8-yunl stripe. Hut. trail with ft 10-round decision ovov with u touchdown in wight, they Frank Howsey, Powder Ulvor. Mont. suddenly changed their tactics for a lateral pluming game and Btoppod cold, Pros Win Kdge T>a«t nlftht'M victory gave tho professionals n cU'ur odgo over tbo All- Stars in five KiuncH playod. two of which havo boon won by tho pros as against on*; IOHR and two tins. Heavier and factor, Uantago wore i scored repeatedly with left jab* i and jolting right crosses as How- ! HVV failed lo display bin UHual • punch la**t nlRht. , Tho Montnnan'M farr wns flit about t bo oyi'H mid mouth by a ; steady rain of blo\\H, but ho stood un the third when u rlK'ht Htung Ham- airo niul earned him a draw. KumaKo, In the bout rnndttlon •o Jof I,on IK .«topped )ilm IrtNt r. woltfhrd 100. 17 poundH tnoro than Km\ Key. *\ -hlu^fchu: ln\-t\ ywolnht from Tulwi, OKl:i , -Jot) pound Halph Car- lu-nler. Moppfd Jai k Srott, 100. l,os AiiKfl'*.' 1 Nt'Krn, in (In- UrM round of thrlr six -round Hcml-wlndup. In II!H • li-but hrrr. t'MrjH'tili-i 1 lltMircil Scott for a nltifcouitl ami bad him In :i bad way. I and GIRL ATHLETE Cincinnati Reds Taft Slates Fast i Are Buying Ivory i Battles for Mat HORIZONTAL 1,61 Who is the girl in.the picture? 12 White poplar. 13 Ethical. 14 Browned bread. 15 Woolly. 10 Smooth. 17 Sleigh. 19 Musical note. 21 Dung beetles. 26 To spoil. 30 Rigorous. 31 She is U.S.A. Answer to Previous Puzzle DOCTOR STANDINGS t 32 Northeas 33 Perched. 35 Jewel. 36 Above. 37 Court. champion _, _ ... least, 51 P«rticle. COAST LEAGUE A Von L*ost Diego Portland 70 • * Seattle 91 Oakland 89 Mission S5 Los An gel en S3 San Francsico 78 Sacramento CG 77 7S 83 85 00 105 53 Disfigures. 54 Mexican pine 55 Christmas carol. 38 Sent onward. 56 She recently 41 Therefore, 43 Brooch. 44 Wrath. 45 Period. 47 One who ices. 49 To guide. won a title. 57 She is now champion 9 Verbal. in two 10 To mitigate. VERTICAL 1 Wearing no hat. 2 Tree. 3 Thin. 4 Otherwise. 5 Mesh of lace. 7 Wine vessel, 8 Peruses. countries. /ll Heavy hammers. IS Restricted. 18 Preacher. 20 Set down as items. 22 Penny. 23 Hail, 24 Musical note. 25 To carry. 27 Within. 28 God o£ the sky. 29 Points. 34 To move jerkily. 35 Accosts. 37 To ascend. 38 In front of. 39 Mars (combining form). 40 Accomplishing 42 Gems. 43 Kairy. 46 Implement. 48 Auto. 49 Cry of distress 50 Portuguese coin. 52 Golf device. (Axitnelated Press Lratrd \\'ire) • CINCINNATI. Sept. !». — Tbo i'lii- clnnati Itedn unnonnrod today I ho _ , . t _ I* & F P ft ftfl 4 I J* 1 tit inircbtifio ol $5f),ooo worth "f htiHol.mll \ "Ivory" from Nashville, of the South | ern AsHoclatl«ui, arid the aciju1«tt|(in for $20,000 of Kddlp Joost. third Imso. man i>f tho Hun JOrnnclsco Mlnnlonff. ProHldont 1'owol ('rotOey, Jr.. of tlm HodH Mild tlui Jooht dual Involved cosh and five playern, yet not iloHlKnniod. .looHt. ouly IP. will leave tomorrow night by alrplann to Join tljo 'n tin 1 miHt. Vho Nftwbvllle plnyoi'H involved in the deal wore John Van Uor Mo»-r. strikeout pitching tirtlRt: Jon Dwyor, TAKT. Sept. !». - K«-niurlnK a main i-vcMit «nd another |>n»- llmlnai-y bout, that t-ould K" in top billing ll.Ni-ll'. th' 1 tt" M) AnuM'Iriin l/i l - Kl<m \\i\n an aiiK' 1 '! anolh'M worlcs of bot mulches fur 1 h<> locnl art-nn this evening. Sharing hmiurH on tho cnnl an» n qunrtnr o i IJ|PHHIMK prrfornifrH In Jimmy Kotl, tho former Alabama foot hull'*!', (.lout! Moor*-, t hi> -Irop- d* 1 luxe; Samttn Kohon. tin- i siroiitf man and l>avo Ui\v- Iho Sail Kalvf < 'Uy boy u ho •d I .ortl I<aiih(lo\\ no lanl wi't'U. J jitt miM-tM Moon-, A\ bile lieyi i;ctH a lo'iulu'iiMnm* 1 ! 1 ID Kohou. R)HKST HU.KS. X. Y., Sept. 0.- Tbo old American tboory that you'vo pot to be a champion to bo at all Important throatenH to end Donald HudK'p'w hopes of Buccot'dlnK AVilmor Allison ua American aliiKlen ruler. The I'L'^-ear-oUi l.Talll aoapor. fighting for a cause - to keep I "red Perry of lCn« land from bocomlnu: the, first for- to win the title three UIWH- ln bi! wilting from Ihe proH- of the ia»U. on what ho'» ?»ho\\ n to dul»> in tho MiiKloH champlonsblp. to have lont much of tho a (MM) racy in bin ordinarily ! (UK driven and his all -around ! i court K'MH-ralship appenrt* wtinttiiK. • iup of that be looks worried. ! In the early Map;rs of eutupeti- ( 'Dial appraisal \\:'»H ^ olceil l>y \ olh**r tluiii I'err?'. ' ui's a Nuell Uiil and 1 don't , Know \\ hy the public NO ems u> feel 1 be H K*ot to win thin lime." said Perry. "It'H willy to become alarmed. Take I II from mo. Don Is K ( 'hitf to win tho \ tillo. maybe not (bin yt-ar and per-i F hup« not tir-xt yejir, but ntvue time In the not dtatam future he's going to win." here'« another angle tn tho oann the ('jilltdrnla rod-head tliat is •Ivlnis Ci.uiHldenible circulation, llin sudden re vernal In form. IN credited b> home tn NO\on uiontbii uf contlnuouH play. Helen \\in> 'Uhoruis..' yost.-rday ., play ran without sp.-i'Inl iru'ldent. Pn.»bably the must noteworthy nveni wa« tht Hiraight-Hot victory of defending ;<'hnmpton U«-l*»n J a robs over Mrs. y- « Virginia Johnson of Urookline. M.isa patriotic Helen IB mil'ferlng from n Imdly -sprained thumb, hvirt when she fell during practice Sunday . It's her playing thumb and is swollen half again it.s normal size. "I really think it feels bettf-r today." MI«H Jacobs suld this morning. "Anywny 1 don't havn to play today and maybe tt will be all right* tomorrow. All 1 am really worried about is that people may think I'm trying lo an alibi." (Mi tlmi Chicago Bears Win Oklahoma Grid Tilt tl'nited Prcns Lrnsed U irr J OKLAHOMA (MTV. okla.. Sept. t'. n ft fc m he (?h|eugo Hears today wore back In Htrlde xvlth n 14 to 0 victory over the Oklahoma All-Stars here last night. Thr Hears scared on ;i lateral from Ma-terson to Kim/.anl In tho first ijuarter and Nugtirnkl t-ruckod the middle for another touchdown in tlie fier-md. The Hears lost to a team of Texan all -Ma pa the pr<?\ IOIIH night. a is LOl <;UHAN SAN KKAN'MS daring be wouldn't unleHH the ^ orld'H at stake, Tiunniy l*oiiKhnm declined an offer of $;;:,, ooo and I'Ti*, per rent of j;ate reeciplrt ti.» fljzht Jo«lift roll Nr'gro. In 1'hlladelphla tober U 1 . The Philadelphia!) said lit.; offer SHORT AVI) SWKKT STOCKTON. Sept, 0. (A. P>— It took Henry ArmHtrong-. Los Angeles Ne^ro claimant to the world's featherweight rhampluntihip. Just 1 mhuiie anil r.S .'ieoomlif tt» knock out l»ommy i:iu\7.on. Killplno. in a sched- I JOH WoU'e. wlnt Is do\\ n In t he outfielder nnd leading bitter of t be preliminary for being upnet hy Houlliorn AHNorlntlon with a -HSU Moore lant week will take on < 'bar- < WHH made yenterdny by Promoter average; .lunum P. Outlaw, third , ley (:arr, who WHH UKeulne thrown ; Max Iloff. houghrun IM trultilng baseman, and John Peacock, catcher, i by l,olt. though It WHH not In tht all of Nnnhvlllf*. , nnluro of nn i here for lilit bout In Oakland Sep I tember Hi with Hay ImpelHUoro. Ann«u-4»nir left-jublx»d bis oppo nent off baluneo and cracked him down \\lib a ri^bt to tbc jaw la«t nlgbt. Tlie defeat was tho first for ( l;\n/.on sluc»* bo came from the '_'_ y:-: .-' v. 1 L ,V.', .. -". :«.'^» .-- F' v, -:.' .•."^ -.«. * .•.*.• pennant week. chase started He final | ST. LKGEH STAKES DONCASTER. England. Sept. D. <A. P.)—William Woodward's American-owned Boswell today won the historic St. Loger stakes at a nillo and three-quarters. Boswcll is a 3-year-old brown uon of Bosworth-Flylng Gal 2nd. A. G. Smith's Kearlesa Fox was weconil and Mahmoud. winner of the Derby, was third. OXV TO MEXICO LOS ANGELES. Sept. 9. (A. P.>— A trip to Mexico City for a football gamo will bo the goal of Occidental Adders when they report for their first drill tomorrow. ^ Oxy has a date with the university of Mexico on October 10, entailing a 4060-mile Journey. Yesterday's KcsulLs Seattle, n; Portland. 'J. (Other teams traveling). Games Today Mission at Los Ang games tonight. Scvn Diego at San Francisco. Oakland at Sacramento. Seattle at Portland. SAYS THIS "ROLL-YOUR-OWNER" \-s. 1& • I » '-X. •-' r - ' -. - .4. :-v-: >' -f- .Vi two NATIONAL LEAGUK Won Lost New York St. IxuilH Chicago . «•«*•*••• 81 76 76 Pittsburgh 72 Cincinnati . Boston Brooklyn -. Philadelphia 67 02 55 44 5J 57 50 63 66 71 77 88 A FELLOW GET5 A LONGER, COOLER SMOKE WITH P. A. % MAKIN'5' 'l 1 ' + ' • < -*: r -f' ,• * f, . • -. -' »- V-' -. -"^i '. - -- -•, v • * A . *.^ ;y?* T - ' • .-.*: ' * . -L -I -* 1 .: Yesterday's Results No Brumes scheduled. Games Today Chicago ut Philadelphia header). Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at New York. St. Louis at Boston. idouble- Please... N " YOUR TASTE Please... YOUR POCKET AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost New York 90 46 Chicago 73 64 Detroit 72 Cleveland 71 Washington 72 Boston 70 St. Loula , 49 Philadelphia 48 65 64 68 84 89 Pet. .662 .533 .B2fi .526 .626 .607 .363 .350 i THE miLD CIGORETTE Ye»tcrday*» 'Chicago, 7; Detroit, 6. Only games scheduled Games Today Xew York at Cleveland header), > Philadelphia at 6t Louie Boston at C at Detroit have Altitude Ship au essna V - ' "I'VE BEEN ROLLING my own cigarettes for 11 years," stays Johnnie Williams, "and believe me J *11 have nothing but Prince Albert. It's BO easy to make smokes with—it's 'crimp cut.' Yes, sir. I slick to P. A." ROBERT BROMC gives his verdict on Prince Albert, aa follows: "P. A. Js chuck full of flavor from rich, ripe tobaccos/' be says. "It's mild and mellow." Roll P. A. yourself and hit the high road of smoke contentment 1 P. A. is a princely pipe tobacco too. 1 • ; '. > ft. J, ready deer season With reserv ow ere ment available capable -FT ^— Also, fast char (double- anywhere, anytim L I 3488 You favor Prince Albert or you've smoked 30 cigarettes on us Roil your*elf 30 twell cigarette* from Prioc« Albert. If you don't find them tho ftnett, u»tioAt roll-your^wn cigarette* you n ever smoked, return the pocket tin with the rest of the tobacco in it to ui at any time within a month from thU date, and we will refund full purchase price, plu» pottage. (Sim«d) R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY Winaton-Salem, North Carolina . i r.Lj THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE o u f-; c S .ereir 1- ••* tfll efP*fe*» AJbtrt -i 1 . L '. In - m - »•* :•-.:•[.* ' - *,<&+ H . ,k 1 ..: f,- ' - ' JV V

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