The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 10
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OKNIAN, WEDNESDAY Professional Fighters Featured at Arena Here ^••^ .. * . -. — * A. ii ', i • " i~ McQuillinn and Smilh to Appear in Second of Card's Features NO SULKING IN SULKY CHASE I K 1 KATtilOH will fly InnlKhl In tho [>rHfldd nrcna wbon tlnmn two little milt burnern, MliurlHo Rorla and George Goodman tiiiiBln in tbo niiiln ovont. Tlio flywoigrhtn am Hlnlod to RO 1.0 rotindH or loan, heading u enrd of five llKhlH which will bn opened (it 8:30 o'rlork. Sorlu, u finally little brown man from Mnnlla, IB a ranking boxnr In the flyweight ranks of tho I'li.ulfla rrwHi lit presanl nnd hn« a formidable siring of kmx lionlH. (ienrgn Ooridmnn, n. T.o.i AngfllAH product who has fought Dmlo, Unno nml Itaplnnim, gimrantOPH to put Minirlelo Ihroiiffh hi* pure*, flerln IHUI two UnoeldHilH In two lorn I NlnrtH to |I|H i'rr»d|t Riid IH looking for tnnrn. The Filipino boy probnbly hns the lfirj(*!it following nmoiiK his countrymen tn IhlH rtlwlrM of nny Inland- fl-M I hill IlllVe rome here In roi'l'Mt. yeurn. II" miilien n hnblt of vlnlt Ing llin rnnr;h(iH whom tho I'Mllpliian work nml In now on Hpnnklnif turmi with neurly every Kl'"t MI ple.kcr In this purl uf tin: Hun ,loni|iiln. \V>ltrrwel|jlit Kculurn Lloyd Hinlth of Main Htrwil will rlnuli with I'hll Mcgnllllun of l,on Angelas In the Hpml-wlndup, Thin fight IH Kelirirtulrd for four rounds, Until prlivlpnlH nro weltcrwHRhtu Voting Hliliy rif Diiliino IH signed to rifflu Billy Moycr, n toiiBb 120- pounder from MIS AriKdnit. Oilier KlffhlH l)nn Htlllnn of lx>B Angrlos will moot IQddlo Nolan, another JJolnno Imy. Doth of these biitllem weigh In ut ICO pounds.. Tommy Mnblana. of Manila itrnl 'MlUn Oronmldo of I/on Angnlm will open tho program. Spanish Commander in Bombing Denial (Annnrtnlfil I'rrm t,r.nttii It'lrr) WAHIUNOTON, |).—Unnornl Krum'lioo Franco, leadnr of tho K uanlsh liiHiirgnnl f(iroun, notlflnd the. .American consul ut, Hovlllo, thnt II. wa HpoMdlblo n rebe.l piano nltnmpl- pfi to bomb the deiitroyiir Iviini) on AiiKUNt no, but thnl he him no definite Information Hint one of bin aircraft wnn Involved. Replying to thii American protPHt, the rebel gpnernllsidinn fortimlly Mated that ii n IriviiNtliciitlon bud illii- cloNBil no Information that any rxhul Iilnne him "uomtnltltul an ml of UK- KrnsNlon ngalnsl any deslro.vor of iinolhnr nnllon." 'MISTliK MANNINd. now 20, J lookn on InipilrlnKly im (trny- hound, Hnlh 1'nlln up, nmrH tlifi flnlhh linn In one of hlM rcoord- wrecltlnit fodlN. Nolo how IS. J. Itiilior'M Klunl Bray Irntlur bold* liln public-, nroyliound, holding u niiirU of I:B7',4 for a mllo In 00111- lo petition, thin fall IH exported lowor tho world record r (linn, 1:5« ->i, ORlabllHbod by 1'utor Manning In I01!2. Les Kienholz Opens His Seventh Year as Mentor Hopt. 0.—Often tlio argu- coinoii up an to what. pnnl- (Ion on IL football lanm IN Iho moot Importiint. Tho average fan would Immediately -cunt bio ballot for tin) quarterback, but lo many a roach | [ tho probloin of producing n nnnplo of rout InokloH IH inoro than Just. a nlgbtinarn. Los Klonlinlr,, who talieg ovnrlbo conchlim Job nt tbo Tuft. Junior I'nl |e|{" for the nevpnlb year next wi'eli, may find hlmnelf In mieh n Hpot minim a couple nf renl (IK kirn (irnil uatlnn and i'll«llp|llly have lalu-n dip lain Hliin llnirniK", Wnlter Aii'lerNiin, linle lluey ami llronl Hafai'JIliM from I la/il yrur'H ehib. However, Klenholr. did n<'l feel no badly nboiit Ilm luiittn, lii-criuiiii he had riffUrtMl upon iiuliifr n couple nf NO Ml UDKIt KRIBMON'I', '>hlo, Hcpt. H. (V. P.) TnviiNtltriitlon Into a "myntory irritvn" ciidi-il when Coroner I). W. 1'hllo iinrinuncnd thai I ho nmnH of balr found In tho j;rnvo wail pl« brliilli-M. WlldeiitN nl Now It iieeiim Unit be will IMIVO to i pluyM filllbuuli, Wlptalna |ool( eltiiiwh«re. IIM flllberl I'OWIIH. i rblb. out for Spud IlardBr'H Hantu. liar- burn Ht/ilu eleven. KoiiMler Ifalc, a Inlt'irman, liendu the llnl. Ho nIoiiK with Jniik Trotter front tho Krosli will bii K'lard eandlilnteH, whllo ICnrl ui'K nnd HpotM Hlpclnr, ox.f.'on- will bn out for taclilu and full- niel< Job, rcHpectlvcly. Among I bo Krlddnrn oxpocted to report lo HIM HimiiulliiK al U. C. I,. A. nro Jlny Hlurd"viint, ("ougar half- hiiclt nnil MnrHlinl Loll, end. Welfjhl IK whnl both of theHD boyn Imlc. Hlurrinvnnt, who IIIIM npred, may dn- velop Into a K""d ntlllly back, an be en n nl'io PIIKH mid UlHi Hub I'yln'H, prop football ami tllirll nee, will I'llNl IllM lot. wllb th" Hlnnl'oril KriiNh thin neiLHini. He will nlun lie benrd from when triu'li MOU- HOD i-iillH around. Arl I'nrpenter, renervo <'oii({nr Kunril, will turn out (ur tho Hun .IOHIJ Hlntn vnrnlty. llln brotluir, who I bin year'n RING ECHOES I'mit Leaned Wirel I,OS ANUKMCS.— I-c,c lluitmge, 190, Hun Diego, Cullf., oulpolnlril Frank Howney, 178, I'owdcr Hlvcr, Mont., (10). NKW YOIIK.— Holly HKHii, Itroolilyn, linoclicd out Itnlph Cbunff, lfi;i, New OrleniiH, (7); Harry riiilminio, IIMI'v, New York, knocked out Al ItuHni, ID", Nwwiirli, N. J., m. ICM/AIIICTII, N. .(.--Danny Koplillcli, Mo, New Ynrk, oui pnlnlod Si-aborn Asbli-y, Iliiyuiiiid, (II). 1 17, TI5ST RACKAMI'INTO Hept. 9. (f. VlMltoi-H in Ihu California stato fair thin week arc uolng to bitvo a chanco to HCU! what borsopower really IH. YOUR REDIT IS GOOD AT ALL GOODRICH' SILVERTOWN STORK caplnln of thn lli.'lft Mull team, In en rolled nl HI. Mary's, whlln I'Viink Orloff, pftrhapn bolter luiown for blH ImI'll fiblllly, hail ea»t bis lot with i Hun .lone Hliile mid Tiny I litrlranfl. ' i Urloff now WflnliM '.!lf> poiinilM anil | him yet to Hc-e bis elHhlcenlh birth : I (lav. Howiui IH about '.!<> iinutidii ! IlKhlor. Thoy would bavn IIPIMI very 1 handy to bavn around. (•own ut Hnnlii llnrhiiru Mliilo n \ i|iii"'tf)l of former local boys will b" TO BUY YOU DON'T NEED CASH Goodrich SAFEIY Silvertown It IH mild thai Oscar Van Horn, who played HIMIKI real ball for I.UH KU'iihol/. al rluhl half lust season, will continue his studying and foot- I'lilllliK wllb llmVmi! Ci'hanlnls at i'nl I'nly. \'iin Ilurn IH nuiJurlliR In iini'liMillui'c harry Hlordan, wbn was forced to lay (nit last noiiyon with a back Injury, In expei'teil to hnlp nut Kienno Hluli;. lln will nock a Job HIIIOIIK tho endn. One of tho uventM announced Imrnn pulllnw control. Is a Lutz, Freeman, Slrelich and Miller Ordered to Show Again IVTICK LUTZ, tho ex-lifeguard from •*•* Venice, will moot Wlldman Able Freeman, 225-pound mat villain from Now York City, In tho main event at tho Bakeraflold arena tomorrow night, This match, like the Homl-wlndup Is a review of the feature bouta of last week. Lost Thursday, Able and Nick staged a brawl that nearly stole tho show. 1-oulo Mlllor and Stevo Strollch a,I»o put on a I'oiighhouwe and both bouts wore ordered roniatphecl by tho state mlflHlon, according to Buck Buchanan. Nick, a big, powerful man weighing 210 pounds, swung on the third man In tho ring following a 32-mln- uto Horlmriuigo wllb Abln. Hopkins or Hutborford will bo In the ring tbla llmo to koop tho mat mantodona In lino, Lotilo Mlllnr and Hlevo fUreHch aro limbering up tholr bent undercover holds and axpronRloiis of terror, ft-iir, iingur and pain for (he .scinl-wlndup. KcgurdlcHH of whatever histrionics inny be used In this bout, It should hi) a wild one. Lant I linn th«K« boy.t mot, Lauln clouted Htnvti wllb ii hnavy stool to nettle nil differences in thn last fall, It ended the bout but to Louie's iimiuciiK'nlH, cither simulated or real, Hlevo'H band was raised, BITHUHO of tho many disputes aa to whom thin bout Khould have boon given, It hofl been ordurod hold ugnln. Of course, billing an opponent with a Btool IH not ref?ardod aa quite "cricket" In the bent, of aport circles but then tho Incident occurred out- uldo of the ring wlieru mayhem Is the liludo. Card's Openers I'at Mcfllll of Long B«ach and tt •on of Krln, will opon the card with Hobby Culermui of HI. J.oulH. Hoth boys aro regarddd as being among tho boat in tlio buulnosH tit their weigh In. ^ ^ ^ INTKKNATIONAIj HASKBALL, Hl'KKAM), N. y., Hept. i). (U. !'.>— Tiny for Iho governor's cup, 0111- blfinntlc of Inlornallonal Loaguo luiwlitill supremacy, opuns tonight In llnffnlo nnil Rochester with tho first plum Hun'alij Hlwona engaging tho Newark Hears ntul the Hochostor Knl Wlngn nioctliiK tho IJultlmoro Ul'loll'.M. Hoehi'Kter. deadlocked for second pliu'o with Newark at Iho ond of tho regular playing season, won tho position night In a play-off gamo by clofoailnif Iho Hears, 5 to 2, LOUISE SETS NEW WOMEN'S MARK Acclaim Legions ON THE MAT WI1H OOIDIN FU HOW OUT MOUCIION BATTERIES CAR RADIOS HOME RADIOS f I afloi'l'i/rrf /'re*! f<ni*rit U In 1 ' |l. MiUy'H "(''orelun \Vltll Ilir^ll (Milll lll|{HMl.N III' Itiilo-Amerleitiui from mirth nml timilli Ainerlen relumed toilu\ from, Hi" Klliloptun \Viir nnil wnri) in eoriltil n huru'N woleoiiii' i The lii-nn/.inl tiiildlrni niiii'e.lind , I IhiotiHli ehiuirliiK orovvilH from iho, riillrotul Million to I'lii/.xu \'i'h«-/.la | I wluiru I'nnnler MiiHHollnl, frum u luilonny, ex^endoil hlti iirm to them' j III Illll C'uHelHl HllllltO. : The Iroup will I in illunluirtieil from j | llin iiiinv mi.I rnlumed lo their nt I I npiHitlve coiintrliiH. ; i \itnrlalrit l*rf»» rented \Vlrt) I'ltOVinKNCC!, It, 1.—Sal vii- lurc llnlbo, llnly, defeated Cowboy lluuhcs, OlilahiMnii, one full. I'OHTI.AND. Maine. — Cliucli Monlami, 178, Del roll, defeated Dlcli Cimtello, 175, llallflU, N. H., I\\-ii falls out of three. SAN IHJ':<)0.--l>avo |,«vlu. 108, Ilioolilyu, ilefentoil Hunnny Sieln, Slfl. New York. SAN KHANCISCO.—(ins Son- uciilierc, '.M>l, Itoslon, dufeiilcil Dr. |i'r«<d MeyerH, ^011, TWENTY-FIRST AND PHONE 7J3 Proposed Track Is Observatory Steel Tararet of Protest Heady for Moving I, ON I'lulntn owniTH IIM» I, nil tad ll'lid) ANdKI.MH, Hepl 0 Coin by inliiltilerN nnil |iri'i>t?i'ty ngaliiHt DHiubllHliinanl of n r hnrm 1 riu-n tmcli mi tbe mil of Vniiien \vero iiiinnldiir«iil by the e|ty I'liinnliiK ri'Hiinlh.ilon tudny 'I'b'i llullywunil Turf I'lub. Hninled liornilNNlini by llui rilute mcliiK oom mlNHinM in orei't n $l.'J[iii,ono ilium. bun iit'lird n mine vnrliiiu'ii to peniill h\illdli>H <>n u IHOiicn- M||I Hnveriil )irn|iti| ly luvncri iiHimrliHl «inili| be (le|iierl»teil In the .l IHMM! i ,\mini'liilril I'rtm heaieil 11'lro.l I,HK ANOIOI.I'JH., Hopt. 0. Wtoel fur llin world'n turnout observatory la ri'iiily fur nlilpm«iU lo llin Pulomur niuuiitiilii iiltu In Hun Dli'ifu counly when roiiiln nre flnlthod next \vocU. tin: niiiiHifiielnrers Nuld lodtiy. Approxlmutuly JldO.OOO worth of iitrtirtnriil Menl will ho imoil In build- Inn llin whcllor for a 'JOO-lneb tflo- hro|ie. whonii tnlrnir IH now bclnu pollHlieil lii u I'iiRtuiiMiu liilwrolory. Anl ronomers oxpeot In Illivo Uio In- Htniment In line by 11)40. Whether tho final ehucUup nhuwn I.inilMn Thiidon (rluht). former Oillfornlti uvlntrlx, won tlio Hen dlx trophy ruco, »bo sot, a now IriniBOontlnental spood reennl for PIPEFUL JIM DAY must be some Scotch •*• blood In Joe Coamat. Joe went hunting Labor day tn tbe Guy- amadlstrlat. He hud 20 cartridges. Today Joe has 10 cartridges and one fine Pacific buck that weighed 125 pounds dressed. Bang! went Joe's gun. Plop! wont the buck. On this basts Joo has ammunition left '(or 19 more seasons of hunting. Some of my fishing scouta say Hoy Woollomos Is one of the best fly fishermen In tho county. Got Ted Reese to show you his shotgun some time. It's a re- puater yet loads llko a piece of field artillery and delivers more footpounds of energy on the shoulder end than at the muzzle. Tommy Hart, former Bakersfield school boy and more recently a product of Fresno State, now a profosBlonal boxer, is credited with eight pro victories with" out a setback. Hart won the San Francisco Golden Gloves title for the 147-pound class In 1B82. More quail were killed In Fresno county than any other county In California last year, according to tho United Press. Los Ange- Ids county led all others In bit hunting, although Kern county might tvell dispute this "honor" If JackrabblU were counted. Fresno county ia also roported to have led In dove shooting. After a trip of Inspection to the Mulheur federal duck refuge in Oregon, George D. Nordenholt, state director of natural resources, suys there are twice as many ducks nesting at the refuge this year as last. Under tho new migratory bird treaty act California hunters will have DO days of duck shooting this fall, California's season is from November 1 to 80, Atlantic brant, redhead and canvasback ducks are protected. .Halting, use of live decoys and sink boxes are prohibited. A feminine scout sends In a brief dispatch; "Dr. Carl Moore proved his sportsmanship yesterday by shooting one dove. Too bad DOQ< to Fox was not there." Another well-known local doctor was all sot to go dove hunt- Ing the other afternoon but at the last moment had to remain on tbe job and assist a stork. Judge Raps L. A. Police in Court (Untied Prett Leaied Wire) BAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8.— Judge William Benman of tho U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, today had criticized sharply tho .Los Angeles pollco department for assertedly forcing an officer to repudiate an affidavit. Tho criticism camo as a result of tho hearing of the application of Bradford J. St. Charles, former I/OB Angeles policeman, who sought release on ball pending decision on his appeal from a conviction in bank robbery charges IS months ago. It was brought out at tho hearing that another officer had filed an affidavit recommendlnsr St. Charles' release on hall, and lator, at the In- stuno of tho department, repudiated It. "If tho pollco department Is preventing Its members from giving testimony, It In violating its fundamental duty to the courts," tho judge said, "in this case the police have CD Hod off a witness (or the appellant." Record Attendance Continues at Fair (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 9.—For tho fourth consecutive day attendance t the state fair reached new heights ^hon on Tuesday 45,179 persons at ended Ihe exposition. Last ycat nly 25,613 atlonded Iho fourlh day f the fair. Attendance for Iho flrsl four days his year totalled 297,810 as com >arod with 204,713 during tho firs our days of tho 1985 fair. 4 • »' Los Angeles to Be Head Office, U. C. 1'rem leaned Wire) flUfly. Sept. 9. — Robert Gordon Sproul, president of the University of California, left for k Anselos today and transferred the administrative offices of the university lo tho University of California at l^os Angeles for an Indefinite po rlod. Ho said that he would spend tho greater part of the year In Los An- jjeles In order to acquaint himself wltli conditions there before appointing a successor to Provost 13r- nest 1). Moore, who retired in May. Provost Monroe K. Doutsch will bo In charge of tho Berkeley campus during Bproul's absence. - *_** State Employes May Be on Group (VniteA I'reis Lnaitd Wire.) SACRAMENTO. Bopt. O.—State employes who serve us members of central committees of political par ties aro not violating tho "Improper political activity" clause of tho clvl service law, In the opinion of, Jess Hesslon, deputy attorney general. Ilosslon said tho law dealt with employes using their offices for po jltlcal purposes or engaging In polltt cal activity on state lime, but did no prevent them from carrying on theli regular constitutional rights of fran chlsc. women flyers, making th<» flight across tho country lo tho 1-on An- Keics national ulr moon In 14 bourn f>l minutes -13 seconds, With hor IH bur flying companion, Ulnncho LD CHAVFKKt'K 1TOHTON, Kan., Hept. 0. (U. P. John licnry O'Nall, 8, reoentlj mado bis first solo automobile trip Playing Insido his fathoi-'s car, th youngster touched the starter, Th automobile traveled about E60 yard nnd ran Into a tree. A. bent fend* waa tho only damage. FMJMH SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9. (U. P.) Replacing an old wooden flume .vhloh has been In service since 908, (he Pacific Gas and Bleotrlc Company plans to blast an H-milo unnel through solid rock through bo Hlorra Nevada mountains In Tuo- umno county. ihamplin Retires 13 in Another of His Fine Mound Shows CHMLL OIL shut out Singer A. 0. 5 to 0 when Champlln, big Oil lurler, pitched two-hit ball on the 'alrgrounds last night. Champ retired 12 of the batters that faced ilm, three of his opponents reach- ng first, Heard and Contralto of Blnger went to the first sack on a pair of blnglos and Homer Smith, Athletla pitcher, loft home because of an error, • • Moyer and Lenlmrt were tho shell- artillery at Iho plato. Moyer got a lomu run In tho fifth and Lenhart BDwud np the game In tho seventh, with another circuit clout. Homer Smith pitched hla uuunl consistent tramo of ball but the Oil- era had too many hit tors for live younsman, Ho faced a learn of experienced and seasoned ballplayora, Those two clubs will tangle again Thursday night for tho .second game of their city flag series, The winner of the serins will be designated Softball elwmps of IJaltorsfleld and will receive a huge silver cup which it niny keep for a year. However, the Shells earned every one of tholr runn except tho first one when Scorekoopor Harris, throw- Ing- to second, heaved the applo almost over Iho lofl field fonco. The man on baso came homo during life scramble which rosulled. Telephone-Hopper -Irounced Peacock Dairy 11 lo 3 in a poiil-league tilt. Peacock tagged Xnerchcr, Ihe Telephone-Hopper chuoker four limes. The winners scored most of their 11 runs in tho fourth and fifth frames. Peacock scored onoa in the Ihlrd and again In tho fourth. Tonight's Tilt Al 7 o'clock lonlghl, Y. M. C. A. will langlo wllh 131 Pallo In a preliminary lo Iho oily railroad championship clash between Santa Fo and Southern Pacific. Southern Pacific has won tho first two tills bolwoen thoso two bitter rivals- of the ball diamonds. Miles labor will finish a great series ^hon ho hurls for tho Kalntn and Tarry ICnglo will pul Iho final lonch n Iho Ihreo-gamo del when he goes n tha mound for the Kspoes. SWIM RECORD through 5 mllai of 60-degrea water 3 houtn T minutes I) seconds, Frank Pi-Itch- ard ,of Buffalo, set a now record in tho Toronto marathon swim to defeat a fluid of 00 distance and sprint natators. Hero Prltohard Is shown climbing aboard thn finish lino float at tha end of his I.ake Ontario dip. UUCK UUUKILS, TWKNTY-KII'TH CENTURY A. D. Knocked Out Uy PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS AND FELL"BUT FOR £FFOf?T, / GOT SOMETHING UGH-BFFF: BUT 0\C) NOT Hit JOHN • DltUt CO »im. u n CAT or-r BINQER A. 0. All, H. H. K. nnlntto. 2b 3 0 1 0 'nwr. Ib Antleny, loir.l. cf Carter.rf.lf mltli. p ;«ily, 3I> ItiTU.lf.rf lolling, c ToUU 001 soon .1010 s o n o s o o o 2 o n o 2001 a o o 1 SHgLL OIL AJI. JL H. E. 4010 Mlllctl. rf t'liitle. M White, e Champlln, r Mayer, cf Cowing, II) H.WlilUUf 3 0 0 ft 0 0 311 3 0 a 0 2 3 n u i o 0 n 1 n 93 033 *- L«nllart, 3b 3 21 • . . ... .100 312 1 1 fi 71 Apartment House Managers Gather (Associated, Press Leased Wire) LOS ANCnSiaSH, Sept. O.—Threo lundred delegates of tho California Apartment House Association ro» ported today that rentals arc 00 per cent of capacity, equal to prodepres- Ion years, but income is still about 0 por cent under the prosperity Jotvk. . Proposed legislation, considered at ho association's convention included; A law making it possible for apartment house landlords to ovlct 1 tenant on C days' notice Instead of JO. A law allowing only persons who own real estate to vote on bond ssues. WRESTLING TOMORROW NIQHT 8:30 0'CIOOk Another Double Rematch by Order of Commission Bakersfleld Stadium Nineteenth and V Street* Pint Main Cwnt—Tw» Out »l Thr»« Ftlli N* Tlmi Limit. Abie Freeman Th» Dig Rough Jnvlih Boy ot Niw Ytrk Clt> •t 238 Poungi. vs, Nfok Lutz Thi Vinlei Lltijuird >l JIO P«un<». Nick LuU nn hi knewi lit otn b«»l Prti- mm and IIM oonoMtd <• wr««tlt »n * wdinir t*ki «ll k*ili. Heiklpl or R«th*rf«rd, Htftrt*. S«onH Miln E«tnt-Two Out «( Thr»« F«M( N< Tlini Unit. A Kimttih, Wlnnir T«k« All in* N« HtMl Fnm Luie Miller Tht Rough. Tough, Wild Armenian Rune. Nev., it 195 Poundi. vs, Steve Streiioh _ Th. Hollrwood (I )•« Ptundi. Sim it» II h« d.n't li««t Miller Ihll nut ihow ht mvir w»nU 1* igmo t» Biktittltlil •gain, intf wllh nv holdl birr«d lit W •• ai rough al Mllltr. A Clawlg Preliminary On* Fall, Thirty Mlnutl Tim* Limit. Bobby Colman Of St. Louli, Mo., at I70 ftardt. vs, Pat MoQIII Of Long Btaeh. Callt,. at 179 Poundi. Thli will ki a wrtitllng daiilo M than twf k«y» aro ralod «n»ng lh» knt In Iho kuilaw it thglr w»lihU. All Match,, Stontond by DliakUd Amrlaan Vttkrani «f World War. BakirtllaU Chaplw No. 24 Buck. Buchanan. M«l«k»ak»r PrtMtl RlnftMa, II.Ill BllMay, 71a Gtnoral AdmUiUn, t*>. Udl« and ChlKroii Ooouaylng Rln»»ldt Soati. Mo, Including Tax. Boat, on talc it JlB*y Bowtn't Saickar Par- Ur; QarroM aV •laakari (I Ta)*« Httall Whit. Marklc Barktr Sh*ii H. B. Oladdln Cigar (land; H. 0. Wwlkay Olgar Stara, *M Bl »lr,it; Way«ld« In*. pka*a Jl'.R.J. , Four C«rn«n. Wood Patch and 8, 4 B. Cigar itand. Talt, Fof B,»or»atiOM Pkfiio U) or

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