The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 9
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-• _ *• l. . J • .- - , , - L - -.' ' - :-\ -•' ' -. -' • 4 : f i L '- , ' ' -- • .-- - ."-•-*( -^K. B^ILV, . n > L . * - - -i t '• i ;~t T . -'- - i --•- ' "-n . -' '- T- '. »'"* 1 • • - ••• i v- '- 1 --' V- : ,-'."; ? :- rr^V^Vi.v;^i^Ft ; i - This editor! section contains latest local news, world sports a thrilling aerial and news general interest. * • Classifi vertising columns Bakersfield California! promptly at It o'cloc Phone 31 The lose every , .. Vi -*-i-j .. i LOCAL SECTION BAKBRSPIELD, CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 PAGES 9 TO 16 # r - -. . r J, -' -^ COTTON PIOKIN H1936 IK CHITSHlffl More Than 200 Growers of San Joaquin at Fresno Meeting IG CROP FORESEEN Price Is Above 12 Cents; Another Market Rise Is Anticipated M ORI3 than 200 cotton farmers from every producing county i* in. San Jouquin valley yesterday set the cotton picking wage for 1936 at $1 per 100 pounds, a 10-cent in- cre#se over last year's rate, in a meeting at the office of the San Joaquin Farm Labor Bureau in Fresno, yCpproximately 97 per cent of the cottdn acreage in the valley wa« represented at tho meeting, Frank Pal- rneras, manager of the labor bureau, said In a telephone conversation to* day. The labor bureau does not set the rate, which is determined by the farmers in a meeting each fall, but endeavors to supply labor where needed. Record \V»ge California's rate this j'ear is believed the highest In the world, Mr, Palm eras said. Cotton farmers of tho valley are happy over the prospect of n good year, the exceptional yields expected being- matched by good prices. Quotations soared yesterday when tho Federal Department of Agriculture released a September 1 crop estimate 600,000 bales lower than the last report. December cotton reached 12.27 cents, tho highest this year having been 12.78. Increase I'oHsible C. C. Selden, manager of the California Cotton Co-operative Association, said today that the New Orleans office of tho American association telegraphed him a further rise may bo anticipated. The amount of hedges wjll tend to hold the market down temporarily, b\u whon these are disposed of there should be higher quotations, if tho government's lower crop estimate proves correct. There is some opinion that 11,121,000 bales predicted is too low an estimate, ho said. The federal forecast listed California's crop condition at 97 per cent of normal as compared with 59.1 percent for the nation. California acreage wan greatly increased this year and the San Joaquin valley enjoys a normal average production of more than 600 pounds to the acre, contrasted with a national average of about 180 pounds. t4»bor Sufficient 4t is too*early to estimate whether there is sufficient labor in San Joaquin valley for the cotton harvest, Mr. Palmeras paid from Fresno today, but, he is certain there is sufficient labor in the state. Much labor will be released from tho grapes, tho Santa Clara prune orchards, the hop fields of Santa Clara and Santa Uosa valleys, and the tomato fields before the cotton harvest is at Us peak. Tho Kern County Farm Bureau meanwhile is proceeding with plans for Ita third annual cotton picking contest, to bo held this year at Arvln some time in October. Forrest Frlck has been named chairman this year. Commi ss on Frontier atro EN1ERIAINMEN1 LAW UPHELD Councilmen Vote to Retain Authority to Control Music, Dancing ^ "* "^* A motion to reponl city ordinance 482 governing places of entertainment, made by Councilman Ka- mliiBkl and seconded by Councilman Smith, failed last night In the city council, Mayor Wilson rusting the deciding vote. Fred S. Boden, Alfred Slemon and J. H. Gist voted no and H. J. Sollern yes, along with Smith and KnminHki. Behind M"r. Kamlnakl's motion for i a repealing ordinance was a dispute among residents In the neigh- hood of the Royal Cafe, 1001 Eighteenth street, BOITUS petitioning the council for a denial of a permit to provide dancing and entertainers, while other supported C. O. Graham, proprietor. The council last Monday night denied the permit after several weeks of consideration. Mr. Kaininski said the ordinance \vorHs unfairly. Mr, Slemon said that although he voted against It originally', he 1ms since como to believe It Is the only control the city has over night clubs. The council accepted the low hid of the Cousins Tractor Company for a road disc to cost $1802.11. It will be used In smoothing rough streets such as H street. Opperman & Company won a contract to build a canal siphon under Brink Drive for $1500. Union Cemetery la a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, which means that all Income goett into the L Cemetery treasury. It Is conducted 'or the ben* eflt of the public and not for individual profit. 40% of the sales of this Cemetery goea into the Perpetual Care Fund to inaure r Perpetual Care f Office at the Cemetery Telephone 2237 Ed Murdoch, local cotton grower, returned yesterday from a summer spent In the mountains, In much better health ninco his illness of last spring and 16 pounds heavier. On KYtoay Mr. Murdoch, A, C. Armbruster and Dave Three wit will leave on a 10-day hunting trip Into the Sierra. Mrs. Murdoch ia duo back Saturday from Santa Cruz. where she has been visiting relatives for throo weeks. WHIP8TOCK CASt MEM Local Students Capture First Sweepstakes in Five Major Groups WIN MANY SECONDS 111 '' » Kern Exhibits at Great Fair Entered Against Finest in State New- momborn will bo inducted Into tho Llona Club at (ho opening: fall meeting. a "tag dinner to be held »t 7:15 o'clock Kriday evening In 151 Tojon hotel, according to Howard Finch, president. Uoy JUattlmorc. Otto Oaley and 8. Bertrand nro the committee In chrtrgo. Now rnonibcrH are Marvin Thoroughgood. Or. Jack AT. Nicholson, Carroll Wllllamc*, Harold Tuber and Jack AtcCuen, Davo Chernia. entertainment committee chairman of Frank K, Keynoltia poHl, American Ix*glon, (H preparing a Burprlflu for t,ho weekly meeting of tho poHt at 8 o'clock tomorrow night in Ixiglon hall. He hns Informed Adjutant Ralph T.-. Patrick It 18 a deep and very dark secret. Mr, and Mrs. Thomas \V. McMa- nua have returned from San Francisco where they attended the inheritance tax appraiser** conference and from Sacramento where they attended the mate fair as the gueatM of Ray RJIey state controller. MTB. LaBlba Malou la ill at her home, 2415 Nlles «treet. She may now receive vlHitort*. phyalclana report. Report Huge Stock at Monument Sale The largeat atock of monuments In the San Joaquin valley i* now on aale. according to £M Helm, at hta yard at Eighth and Baker etreetn. AH typea and ftizea are obtainable at let* .than ]wbo)e0al$..coat »nd the .flneat exampi<*« of the craXt arc included in the atock, ho said. judging Btill incomplete in the high school division of tho California state fair at Sacramento, students of Kern County Unton High School already have clinched first sweepstakes in five classes and second sweepstakes in two others according to a communication received today from George Gurr, director of the K. C. U. H. 3. exhibit. Sweepstakes awards, first in machine shop, forge, crafts, auto shop nnd welding and second In art and woodshop, came ns result of a total of 72 first prizes and 76 second prizes won by tho Bakersfleld students Individually. Wins Throe Firsts Myrtle Green headod (he Hst of individual winners with three firsts in the crafts division. Articles exhibited by the K. C. U. H. S, boys and girls are those completed by the student^ during .the Bchool year 1935-36 and are entered In competition with exhibits from othor schools throughout California. Following IB a summary of the prize winners: Korge—Firsts, Bob PfalzRraf, Herbert Hnlls (2», Billy Pfalagraf. Ku- gone Goodman, Franklin Mulhnll (2). Warren Henry, Herbert Mnlouf (2), Karl Thurber (2), nnd Ernest Hardln. Second**, David Hulme. Hilly Pfalzgraf, Ted Uhler, Richard Ueed. Kugonti Ponton (2), Kugene Hardin. Paul Jenke. Hoy Daman, Paul Bradford, Ernest Hardin. Robert Dyer, Leo Ilaro, Guy Allen, 13u- gone Goodman. Other Winner* Machine Bhop — FlrHts, Ocorgo Uhler. .Too A vile* (2), Jack kedwidge (2), Robert Mahln. Irvln TJronnan (2). ISdwln Batsch, Wlllard Files, Nile HodKboon, Ted Uhler, Jasper McCoy, Peto Cantleny. Seconds, Hobcrt Burns, James Doll, Harry Hork, Harry Aubrey. Floyd Hart. Jack Hardlson. Bill Jones, Kugeno filcola, Charles JohnBon, "Wayne Morelock, Jasper McCoy. George* (f'lngras. Jay Welbo. Kugcno Cool and Charles Johnson. Crafts—Firsts, JOleanor Cameron. Myrtle Green (3), Virginia Margraves, Edna Goodrich, Richard Bangle, Jean Holman (2), Peter GIlll. Dorothy Hand (2), Francis Jackson, Guy Walhern. June Baldwin, Francis Fletcher, Hoi- Us Bertrand nnd Ronalyn Janowski. Becomlfl. Dorothy Harmon, Ruth Mann, Rosemary floater, T^orntne Reavers (2). John HerHhoy, Dorothy Hand, tilcanor Squires, Eleanor Cameron, Richard Hertz (2). Franctw Fletcher. Grace Hershey. Richard Rangle and Irene Hancock, Shop Experts Auto shop—Flrutfl, Mike TsltakU, Pal Holland. Jimmy Hutton, TCddle McCormac, Joe Chnven, Berl FUlnknrd, l^iwronce Carter and Dick I511edge. Kecomta. Arthur Kills. Frank HUH(soil. Don Pylr, Jimmy Fanucchi, Harold Baldwin and Ham White. AVelding—Flr^ln, Gregory Mo»ke, Mesko. 13d wit rd Mlneiner, Donald Klnwrr, l£ugem* SlroJa, John AVood, Iceland Scoflold and Harry Morlkawa. Kf»condfi, Floyd Hart, Donald Hare, Glen Kborhtirdt, Albert Darling, I'aul Valdpy,. Art—FlrstB. lOd Compton. Melba Bryant. Ktta Rood (2), Eileen MorrJa, Ruth Olrlck. Seconds, Marjorio W liken. l^olB Shay, John AVataon and Lloyd Tripp. Many Winners AVoodahop—KirNin, John Hemjiey, JOG Afendeburu. Bill Burlando and BoettU-r Belbort. 8ocon<U, Earl Snow, Thurman Morley, Arthur tieonre VnJoH, Hani ficofjold. Davenport. Albert Kijukl, Vincent Yancey, Maurice Etcheverry. Urcel Scealea, ttrvlii Smith, John Herahey und Earl LighUicr. Friedrick A. Losche Is Claimed by Death Traffic ickers Locks COURT ACTION MM M E. C. Enimons Is Elected Chairman of Central Committee Here FOR ACCOUNTING ALSO SUCCEEDS GEO. HAY Herbert Evans Secrelnrv and Charles E. VUtei Is Treasurer 30 YOUTHS MAY FILE AS E C. EMMONS, mayor of Taft, Opening for Large Freshman Group in Company F Is • Announced by Chief Thirty high school freshmen may .lutn Company F. California 11. H. Cadet CorpM thlH fall, aw there art* vacancleH to that numbor, It WHB announced today. Firnt Lieutenant Percy Bliss of tho reserve corpn heads tho company. Of floors Include Glcnwood Griffith, captain of tho company, and Park Ixnvla and Robert HammeU, lieutenants. Formation of a Junior collage unit IB under dlRcuHsion. Activities Include a military ball in tho boys' frymnnftlum. encampment at national guard training camp ut San LuiH Oblspo. field trips to ntudy scouting, pairollng, musketry and kindred mibjecU, exhibition drill, firing of .22 rlfloH in National Hiflo Association matches and firing of 30-06 regulation army rifles. Plane Now Ready for Sierra Trips Transport Pilot Frank Don Cnrloa. with ono of the most powerful planes in the county, IB now ready to take/ sportatuen Into the fastnesses of tho Sierra for deer hunt- Ing and f lulling tripH. Tho four- place Cessna, equipped with ft 330 horsepower supercharged, motor en- peclally adapted to fa«t flying and high altitude performance, haw junt been completely overhauled and checked to the laut detail In preparation for charter trlpK. Deer hunterH and fltthermen ar<* already preparing to fly In to Mon- ache and Tunnel meadown districts high in tho Sierra and difficult of access through any othor method of travel. H IB possible for sportsmen to fly Into Home of tho "finest deer country" In tho west within a period of an hour and a half, according to Mr, Don Carlos. For every three pasHnngern transported Into the deer hunting and fishing areas, 200 pounds of baggage in tho allowance. * As additional safety devices for night flying the plane han boon equipped with powerful landing and running lights and flares as well a« blind flying Instrument*. T^iis fast phiiH! Is available for charter trips and IH operated by thn Hush Flying Mervice. Tho Kern county airport Is headquarters. Choy Company to was yesterday elected chairman of tho Democratic Central Commit- tec for Kern county. Herbert Evans was elected secretary and Charlcfl 30. Ba«r, treasurer. Mr. Emmone succeeds Goorgo Hay, who for many years served ns chairman of the committee. The election meeting was held at tho courthouse yesterday while the board of supervisors WBH Rooking legal advlco from tho dlfitrict attorney to datnrmine Just what men hud been elected to 1 the Httpxibliean Ontrnl commlUoo, confunlon arising ov*»r tho numorouM \vrlto-inn »in«l Initialed doBlgnatloim of candidates, By tltatrletn th« l>emorr»ll« Central eommltloempn am HH follow: Flrnt dlBtrlct—W. B. Allon. UTOII- iml Faylon, li. K. Hlrndtoy. Hncoml district—F. A. t'aaaady. G. F. Hughes, AV. II. Jones, A. A. Far rar, C. K. Wukofield, Jr. Third district—O. K. Gann. A. G. \Vilbur, Krod Brown, C. A. Moroloch, J. T. Wliigato and W. J. Callagy. Fourth rtifftrlrl—F.. C. ICnunons. Ollle Tacher. DujrJpn niffwnJIng. Ilorhort Kvann. Philip Hmliinovlch. Fifth distrU-t— r. 13. Haor, V II. J. .). McMillan. APTIYITY 245,578 J UDGMENT for $76.000 tn favor of the Pacific Western Oil Company aRHinat tho Born Of! Company, Sam Rprnsteln and H. M. Drunwin as PEG LEG BA TIL ROAD CONT (iriffilh C.ompany of L. A. Widen Slato Highway to Southward to City Officials to AttendJBig Meet Tho annual convention of thn Jveogue of California Municipalities, T T ^ of which ftakereifip.lil i« n member, bponed today In Hantn Monica. City Councilman Fr<»d s. Hodnn. Walter Kumlnnkl and Harry H. Smith arc planning to attend during tho week, as are City Manttgfi* Fred S. Nighbert and City Clerk Vnnro A'an Hlpor, Tho latter Is vacatiutilng with Mrs. Van lilpor In tho south- land. B. V. Huruin, assistant city Attorney, may ulao attend, Tim league Is mipportetl by the dues of mnmber cities ami works for their benefit through legislative and legal channels. At the annual convention expert* on phases <>f city administration arc brought from all over iho United States lo leetimj. i s Contract for tho widening of 11.7 mllos of pavement on Union avenuo from drove ntrt'Ot sotith to ttrecnfleld wu« awarded today by the staU* to tho (irlfftth ConipHny of KOH Angoles on a bid of $'Mri.57N. Tho i-ompany han been ongugeil on tho Uldge ruul". tho hij»t section of which won recently o]>enod, and constriit-tlon hero Is ex- jiecled to be Mttrtod soon. The Job includeN ihn wtdo.nluK of l?nlon avenue to four lanes from <.ti'(»v« Hlrret, til Uin iMlerHeHlon of Vnlon rind Molden Htal« avenues. Honih to Hrvnulngt* Kuiio. Tills will be financed from tho cUy'n quartop cent Hluiro of tho gtiK tax fund. 1-Yom Hruntlnge hano south a thr«M*-luii« highway will !>«» provided. Olher highway tuintracts let by the slate today were as follow**: grading and paving 10 miles of Coast route between K;in JOMO nnd CoyoU*. $263,494; Knullng and surfnclng 1.7 miles of tho >OpHt-of-lbo-Hlerra highway Houth of Inyo-Mono county line, $20.- 21fi; Heal coating of Sacramento-Woodland river route. 4.1 mileH. $ 17,07ft. Landon Will Dash to Portland Today defendants, and an accounting for $8?,505.P3 for oil alleged to have been extracted from tho ground through an alleged "whtpstocking" practice Involving tho plaintiff's oil. have been ordered hero by Superior Judge R. B. I^amhert. Judge Lambert has also issued a permanent restraining ordor against the defendants to enjoin them from operating throe wolU contiguous to tho plaintiffs property in the Poso district. This Judgment IH hold by oil men<> jto be, ono of tho most Important in oil lltlKuttou in California as U sets ( precedent against assorted "whip- stocking" nr tho process of drilling : wells from the surface of barren oil property and at an angle or off- net in Huch a manner as to tap oil under tho surface boundaries of othor Mucceftflful operators. Slanted Holes Borton. ivtrlnl A Cnnron sucoe.jw- fully represented iho plalnilfffi In thin action and presented expert tow- tlmony here to the effect that tho defendants, through whlpntock drill- i Ing at an angle, drovo their- wells from 280 to 400 feet outside of tho property of tho IMclflr \Vei*ti»rn Oil j That deputieH of Sheriff \\\\\\ thnt th«w factH were • Champnens are etostnp In on the In Hurvoy* ordered hy Judgo, 1|f ,^ r ,. bnm]Il fl|Kl |||fl ttM|atantf aaslHtantH. who Ktaged an old-went highway robbery on the Tehachapl Saturday morninp. was believed rot-tutu today with report lhat Identity of tin? holdup inon had definltvly fstiib 4 One Announcement that deputy tff.s now know "who they arc \\\K for" ciimc isimullaneouffb report that "Peg Log" I0<! 40. of Arvln, arrested lai* 1 b.v Deputy, rtolAiid Rjirb^ai; nnd • pertur Jlrn Hrndy of the ctty police is m> longer considered Authorities Sav Identitv *• % of Three Robbers Is Known Dcfinilclv InhlHting notion hero In connection with nllotfoil \vhlDNtorkinf? prat*- llt-M-fl, a Kern county Ctrand Jury returned un indlrtment for ^rand theft of oil. A iU»muvver sv»« inter- on th*» Ki-nuiulN that tho fact A did not crmfMHuto a rrltne or public offiMine. Tin- ileinurrer was HiiHUtlniMl in thn Superior Coiirt. An appeal waw luken from this demurrer mul the 1-Mntrict Court of A|)|u»filH rovorsed ihl« judgment hold- InK that tho IntUuinmnt charged it public yffenHo. Defendant Olos One of tho defendants died after having boon IndU-tod. Tbo Indictment wa-H ulllnmtoly (JlhinihMc.l on the Ki'iiimlM of ItiKUfftrteut i*vide,ncA* and civil urtion waw InHtltuted. Thi* civil oaNe, accnrdlnK to Morton. I'elrlnl A Conron wa« IKIWI»*I on tho Appellate Court dooUion. the civil hearing made to .srnlt; and purported antfle« «f UK* <1 wollB aflsertedly tapping thu oil Hup- ply of ihi* plaintiffH \ver*< IntnMuoed »« welJ ofl largo Hfiilo nmpw and hug** pbotograpliH. 1C Xpert tentlniony wtu* given with respect to tho technique of directional drilling and th« aurvoy of well been sher- look- with jail, however, several other the police de- Flaming Gasoline Kills Mother, Son I i has a woodon similar \o iliHt <l«?j*crib^l by the holdup i-lctlnw. It \vitn found that he IH minus his U»ft limb, while the bandit was declared to havo been without )I!N right lofr. I>ePrle«t i* Htll! In on now pentllng In purtment. Slolmi Stop Sign n«|i\ity HhvHffs have traced the "Stop" »l K n used by tlm Tehachapl bandits ns ono which was taken from near Arvln on "White \Volf prade. Tho »ign, together with ropes strung ut^ross the road, were used by the highwaymen to halt their victims. Identity of the. bandits wan estab- It la reported, by persons who recognized the highwaymen through newspaper accounts and communicated with the sheriff's office. Legion Council to Pick New Leaders tCleotlon of offlcoi'H will bo conducted by the Kern county council of the American I*oglon in a meet inif at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon In Tehachupl. UelegHteft from Uundn- burg. Ti>huchaj>l. Wawco. Sh»fl«*r ( Follows. Tafi, MrFHrland. I Ma no unrj HrtkersflPld will bn proHont. John It. tHtiar of HakerNfMd IH the proKenl rounrll noininiindi-r and Mrs, I'jthel I^'wln of Fellow* IH president of tho round! auxiliary, which K\HO will rn**et. V^nlerlainmont >vUl - provided by tho Tehachnpl jxmt. Open Local Store Kern Man Reports Robbery at Park , Knn.. Sept. 9. nor Alf M. J^andon ruwheil propura- tloiin today—blw forty-ninth birthday -for u diuih to J'tirtland. Mulnn, where ho Mile) un Hdelroaw Saturday night will mark }\{H participation "In the first fighllnK repudiation" of the pollctofl of JVewltlrnl Housevell. "I am ROltiff to Maine," the Republican nominee mild In an nnex- poi'ter) ono-«e»iiffttro itntiouncr*tti(*rit "to help rodedlenio that utato to the ffovernnu'tii for which It hun h wtito'I atiU to p«rtlctpato Ja fl»*i«t flffbiliiff repudlntlon Ut tho polls* of the kind of Kovo.rnnient thin rouniry hurt hud for tho Iu«l yearn." I -UK ANUKLKH. Snpl. 9. —Tho crash of a truck Into thr roar of a HlnHod automobile brought flaming death today lu Mrs. Mario Holbrook and her 9-year-old son, I Tho gosollno tank of tho nutomohllo IgnlUMl. Mrs. dlrM In flennral Mospttul. perished In IMP flnmos. i band. Henry V'.. Holbrook, ney, was seriously burned. Th" accident orcurrod at San Fer nando road and hunkcrnhlm boule vard. • i Holbrook HolbrooU Hor son llor hus- nn attor- \ I Hull Says Note to Be Sent to Spain Louis Landucci Is Claimed by Death titltlrcHH will < Htato campufRii Ttjo in i Louis UuuHicci, 34. of 112R Six- sti-^Kt, a natlvo of BaU^rs- Hold, »Ho»i ut KfM>n*» early lortny fol- ^' *** 1 ^** WANIIINTITON. .Sept. 9. tary Hull Indicated today that ropr»*sontaiionH probably would be dlNpatchcd to both th* 1 Spanish prnmt»nt and rebel command Inff upon u satUfactor>* explanation of the Identity and mot I vex of an un- identlfUxl alrplano which attempted to bomb i he Amertcan destroyer Kiino <>n August 30. Although reprosenteU as being convinced lhat th*» attack on the dent royer wan a inistnke. Hull plainly Intlnmted at his press conference today that this government did not consider satisfactory lha replies to rotpstn . rtH*eivctl from either Malni*. Friedrick A. Louche, 67. a resident of California 16 years and In Bakera- field for the paat three weeka, died at hia home, at 2416 Hunaet avenue yesterday afternoon following a short Ulneju*. He IB survived by a widow, Mm. Kmma louche; a daughter, Mrs. Gladys PIxon, and a granddaughter, Eleanor Dlxon, all residing in BaU- erHflcld. F*uneral »er\1ooi! will tw conducted at FHcktnsrer-DIfirler chapel at 2:30 o'clock Thnrnday afl^rnoon. with the H<jy«rend Mr, Hal«ton offl- clatintf. Mrs, Frank Dlgier wlU be vocal Newest entry into tho local mercantile field IB Harry Choy & Company, whose Htore at 1308 Nineteenth wtreot will open for buwJnesM tomorrow. The store will carry a completo lino of clothing for men, women and children, u« well tut ncr<-w»orlP» of various Boris, and uponlal price rc- ductlona have been made to celebrate the opening. The new firm conalnta of Harry nnd 1-Awrence Choy. both of whom were Identified for nearly a decade with the former-City of Fuchau, for many years a leading retail firm of the city. Sandab Gridmen to egin Season Early Ueorge Williamson, coach of the Sandab football team announced late today that he btu* been given permtoaion to open preliminary workout* for his grid squad. Coach Williamson uakod today that hU prospective team memtfeprs turn out tomorrow afternoon al the high achool gymnasium at, 3 p. m, i^rid rncpive their nulls for flrBt worlc- J0UU, im Mwilon, first In tho land (hlfl yi-ar, falls «n Monday, Hop- 14. platform appearance* lr» MaHnaohuH*»tl« on Portland from Nww York t'lty. f^andon will leuvo Tnpoha tomorrow mother, Mrs. Annie Oransle, nn j Madrid or the rebel general, Francisco Franco. and mint. Mr. and Mrs. Dan tello, ami un*»lhor aunt, Mr«. Marl* AlVMo. all of )iakernfl*0d. 1 Tho lnnly In at Doughty-Oilhoun- i i I'ollce today were InvoHtlffatlng story of H F. Crowe. 7U' Nineteenth street, who ropnrtod hu wrtn hold uj> ' and roblx?d of $12 by two No^roeB In j Central I'ark l/uit nlffhl. Crowo. told police one of I he men Jabbed a biff revolver in bin rib« while the other (ook ^ut liln waHe*. removed thft money, then replaced the wallet In hl« j>ockot. "You keep walking and don't look back." one of the Negroea ordered him, Crowe «aid. Mrs. Sam Costello Hurt as Cars Crash Mm. Ham CoateHo, 1314 Nineteenth street, WOH Hllghtly Injured In an accident Involving automobile driven by Hay Archuletn, 30, of 310 Koat Tweniy-fir»t «iro«t, and Al J, O*Ix!04-y ( Star routo, t'allonlo, t lost night. The head-on collision oo- currctd 10 mlk*H oaut of Bakorefirld on iho Kdlson highway, according to offlcom of tho California Highway Patrol, • • Horsewoman Is Declared Suicide KAN DIKGO, Kept. y. — Hhot through the head, the body of Mr*. Jullua UuhenfltfM. 43. noted norm?woman, waa found tn her faahlonable suburban Chulu VUta homo Uut night. A 'J'J caliber automatic lay nrar by Uavu Oershon, deputy coroner, Haiti today it wan Hutcldd. HoatMifiHd, formerly general manager of the Agua CulienlQ re*ort, la u widely known Fred Young Dies on Shopping Trip Poit-mortem examination of the body of Kn»il Younw. of the I*a- Write hotel, who feM dead \vlil)o BhtippInK near Iho Intersection of H urul KlKht^enth Htrot*ts Io8t ove- nine, wna «chi>duled for this afternoon. The man IB bt'U«vod u> h^vo dl<»d tut n reiiult of a lu»art attack. The body i» nt Pay no A Son chapel. Stolen Well Tongs Discovered in Ditch Strange Mixture Is ' Blamed_for Illness Jack Wtlaon, 62, a trangtant. wua taken to Kern General Uoapltal in a •orloun condition laai night after h« ttSHf'rli-dly had drunk u mixture of' turi>entlno and lacquer thinner, lice HdJU thft man dirank tho «1 concoctloji in lieu of more drinkable forma of alcohol Two oil drilling tonga, valued at approximately $400, were found in the mill ditch near Ktifhth street laat nipht by Police* Inspector Hobert Knight, who KtUd thoy were the Conor* stolen from on« of Mohawk { OH Company's loa«^a In the Fruit- j vain field five months a#o, I t'nabln to veil th« t*quipm»nt. thej thief appRrvully had dvimpcd the i tongn in tho canal to get rid of them, police Bald. The oil tools wmx* found on u Up given by a Juvotxllo, hep LESS SO LE LES All Reduced DESIGN MAN CHOOSE HELM uonumtnts VKEli Phone ; ir. * - . . ' :-','!• - , - i i -, , - ' 4 . - ..* - -' •*' i'v i -.-''->/' • - 1 1 -

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