The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 8
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^^>k^^i*!W,ia**i*<»*t«««*--» THE JJAKERSP1ELD CAL1PORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBEtt B, J036 Primary Returns Follow Tendency iVonllnunl I'rom I'age Onf) Secretary Swanson Reveals i Now Naval Vessels to • Be Constructed I.ATK llt : M WASHINGTON, Sept. II. (A. I'.) . SiM'relnr}' iSwiiii.siin HSHcrted lodiiy (lull Jnpiinese plans lo retain !.">,• 50H (nun of nvcr-iiK'" MiliinnrliiM i would Involve "n violation" of the lyoiiiloii IIHVII) Irenly. if ntlnl I'I-IKII hrntnt \\irn WAHIIINIITON. Hrpt. II.— -fliiiih for two new t'nitcd Stnli'H battle Hlllpn haw been enmpleleil Illltl Illl mcdlitti! construction IH possible, Sec rctar.v of the Nnvy Clnililr A. Hwilli- BOH revealed today HwiuiMon fiilil the navy department IB nwalllnn only n HlKiial from I'rcKl donl Uoowvfll lo K<> ahead wllh til" 1 two now rii|>ltiil HhlpH which II In anticipated the I'nlted HtntPH navy will lay down within Iho next, yeat \Vai»hlnj, r ton nnd Lnndoti naviil treat!"* prolilhll Hi' 1 Hliirl 'if con Hlructlon mi thcHe whip." before Jan- unry 1. KwaiiHon said no doelMnn ban been reached ri'tfnrdlUK ""' N '*'' "? *•'"* (Tuns wlil'-h the new Iml t lenhlpH will I'lirry. I'mlcr trrnif of tin niivnl treaty ulirncd nl Ixiinloii eurller thl« , jpiir. Ill" HlRiiiilory powern muy , Jointly n(,"n"' I" limit th' 1 enllbri' of oiijilt.-il chip unn" to I •! Im-hfR. The power-it have niilll April I, IIIHT, lo iln-ldf on ||I|N 'incHtlon. If .lapan nn<l ilreal lirltaln <ln mil vote to limit Hie iiillhrt 1 of the KIIIIH on thrlr Rblp» '" I 1 ' Inr-hPH, the prolmlill lly" IH t liii I Ihe new A riierlrnli Hhlpn will he luinefl wllh lli-lneh Kunn, Hwimfion na 111 II' all naval limitation by trt-nl.v RDCH by the hoard, however, II IN rvnn p'lHnlbb 1 thnl th" Ainerlrnn KlilpH may ho nrmrd with IS Inch fir 30-lni'h «iiriH. SwiinHtm wilil thin Kovernmenl iilmi woH renervlnK 'U'rl^lon reKiirdlnK .lupiin'H phin to retain IMKin IHMH of over-ni?e MiibrnarlneH whli-h under tliu London Ireaty Hhoiild be ncrapixnl be fore. 1 I*eci riibi-r III, Iti.lil. WOMAN TIC IKS HI'ICIKK. OAKLAND. Sept l> (I 1 . I') MrH. "Wlnlfivtl I Hi vie. I,!;. iliuiKhter Ill-law of tho late John 1, Mavle. former tnnyuf of (Killland, WIIH recovering lo. day from an attempt ul Miilclde by KIIH In the Idtehen of hfr apartment here. I'ollce Hiild idio blamed her act on 111 health and denpundency over the death of her hiiHhamV Hartley appeared to have won the Hcpubllran ffiibortmtorliil nomination. Colorado—Governor Ifldwln C. Johnson rolled up a larptn lead ovc-r Konner Governor William K. Hwont ' to be the apparent t'cmocrft tin nomlnc-i- C</r senator. Thn wlnnnr will ntipfif- Raymond 1.. Hnutrr, HI-- piihllcun and Townwnd pennlon ad- vocaI e. Arizona Making hl» appeal to votTH a dofniiHo of the state mi Ion tiix which hi' foHtered, i lovnrnor It. II Moeur wrnt down I" apparent defeat In Ihe I iem'»-r»t !<• K r 'Vernor whip content beliife It. (' .Stanford, former superior JU'lKe. In 111" He. puhllciin Kuhernal'ii'lnl conlcHt. former Governor TlmmiiM I'limiilu'll wnn londlriK Vermont HepuhllciinN will count on Lieutenant-Governor George I). Allc-n to conllnuo unbroken the pnrty'n rernrd of "•IcclliiK the Kovornor V\'lth only n few volcH TiilHHlnK Alken had a il'HHj loud over hl« neari-Hl rival, Colonel Nel- Bfin Jackson, for Din Hepubllciin nomlniLllon. Suspect Arrested in Hit-Run Case Cf'n</ni /'ri»» l.intnl It In / HAN rUANCISCO. Hept 9.— fli'd-H of flewli Hlin-k to the xinnHhcd riidlntor of an aulomoblle (OI|M\ li'd III Ilir IIITI'Ht Of Jl'HH A. HflMH, llf!- lleyed by potli-e lo be I lie bit-run driver who caimed Hie denlh of an unlili'iitlfl'd mini IIINI nli;lii Tlie man wan wtruck by n Kpeed- Intr molorlM In dowlnwn Han Kran- rlnco. Imrleil ;in fe«-t and h-ft dead LaliT pnllre dliicovered the pur- Hall}' NinnHhed cai- wllh pleccH nl human f'loHh adhering to || I'ollce Bald ItoHii wan Idenliried IIM owner of tho car. Ttorm X^IIH hold on u char«c of ni-i;llKcnl homicide The victim was doMcilbi-d MH about '12 yearH old rind woll-dreHHcd. Lemke Declines Challenge to Debate With Socialist CULTURE IS Ohio Officials Ohjcct lo "Unjust" Picture of Crime Drama rlinilrit I'rrtii t,eam:il WlrtJ COMJMMMH. onio. «c«pt. ».—The Htate liivlnlon of Kllin censorship today had under consideration the showing of Die production, "Don't Turn 'Km Loose," after 15 welfare of fit-lain voted unanlrnourdy ngalnst i-elenHlng tho film lo Ohio exhibitors. A decision on thn film, depleting acilvltloH of a corrupt parolo board, will be announced soon, Hoy Helchel- dr-rfer, hi'iid of Die coiiHorwhlp dlvl- idiin. wild today The pli.'turo waft produced by U !<•(). "The plot tint iihould not bo exhibited In iihlo born use It will cast unjiiMl reflectlonH on th'^ nlato boa.r-i] of parole," ,\tr« Margaret Allman, dlpi-clor of UK- welfare department, mild In the film, n woman l« hired to appear boloro iho parole board mom- heiM and rnnke an emollomil aptiou) for an applicant She producoM a bain. n.lHo hh-c-d fur Die occaHlon, to inaKe the preHonlntlon of her rano moi-e appcalliiK- "Hin'h n picture would give cltlxoim or Ohio the ImproMHlon thai frlcndH and relnllvcH of appllcanln are per- rnlllod to nppear before our hoard of parole, which IH not true. The very fact (bill I» welfare officials, Inclnd- ln« Warden .lamen \Voodard of the Ohio penitentiary. voted against Miowlng nf tin- film, mal<»H II evident Dial Iho picture Hhoiild be rejected," Mm. Allman Hiild Hept. 0,.-.Jl«pro8enta,- ^ tlvn William hnrnko of North Dakota, Union party candidate for prcHldent, today declined a chal- li»nKO to dfllmto Issued by Norrnnn TliomM, HfK'lallut standard bearer. l^mltn'n ropty, made public dur- Inff a vlBll. to national cn.mpO.lgn lipodqunrlcrx whllo ftn rout.o to j Mlfhiffan for addroiw(!H at Flint and i Del roll, followH: j "Voiir tn|p(irrnin, whlnh you made j publl(.', apparently for publlrlty pur- j r<o«fii, rcoolvod. V"ii iiHUed tno to; dftbatr- you. Nfy tlmn In otherwise j Ofciipled, oHprclally ulncn you anr] • your f'ornnide Ilrowd'M- (Karl Brow- ! dor, C'ornmunlHt rundldnte), aro both ! glvlnR aid and comfort to Jlrn Far- I loy'H (.•nndl'lnte for Iho prCHld'-ncy. j "I rt'dpf-f.'ifully BiiKRPSt Hint you Bet your principal to dobnte me. If ' you ran K"t Iho I'roHldf-nt to debate | mo then J arn Hiire that you and j your friend Urowder could HlaRO a ' Hldo Hhnw arid debate Home CIUGH- i tloriH botwnen youi'HelveH. fA itur.late.d frent Lcated Wire) "In this great slriigglo that you have seen fit to and comfort to one of the Wall Street candidates, t am sighting both of the coupon clipper candidates and expect to defeat them, Jjernke said In an Interview that Governor Alf M, I^nndon, Itepubll- can candidate, "has good reason to go to Maine—I was there last week." The Kansas governor announced last night he would make a quick trip to tho New Knglund state to clone the state campaign Saturday. "In Iho four meetings wo rreld In Mnlne," f,emke said, "both Demo i regret Monthly Farm Survey Shows give aid Ca] j fornia Districts Are Making Money (United Pre»n Leaitt W(rc) 1,O8 ANO13U5H, Sept. O.—The depression Is ending this year aa far as California agriculture Is concerned, the Santa .Fe railroad monthly farm survey said today, So far this year tho state has had a few bumper cropw and no failures, and prices are, tending to rise, said the railroad. Tho citrus Industry has expert* i nnccd satisfactory Valencia orange cratln and Republican loaders agreed i Prices all season, lemon prices have that wo had the largest meetings over held In their respective cities." The, North Dakota congressman nee used Chairman Farley of tho Democratic national committee of "subsidizing farm leaders and some labor lenders." New Professor at , San Jose College ph an II nilril I'rrm l.riim-il II IM / MAN .lOHl 1 ',, II. |)r-. j, W i Mart- flwynn. former head of S !<Yanel(ico'n (ichool Hyntcrm, haM hi appointed profertftor nl' education Han .lone Hlnle CiilleKe, Dr. T. \V M Uuurrele, preMldenl of the collet;", nounced today Owynn will replace Dr Ceorite Freelmid. who reHlKned beiiiiuie H. II" WIIM Hllperllllemtellt Kun C'rnnclHro HehoolH from IlK'll (i\vynn, who \vlll aHMiini' 1 bin now ilillli-» Scplcmber '.'. I . MiiliHl limed I'or Kreeland durliiK Die lalter'M Illni-nii liml winter to Meet on Friday Morning MemherH nf the < 111 In' llnnteHfi i luh of the local hli:h HI hool will mi-ct l r rlday mornhiK at h o'clock Inrilciid of l''rlday evenloi; an prevlmiHly nn nrnmced The piirpoHe of the mi-el lo arranK" fur a welcnmi 1 lo the rreHhnicii I;|I|H and new win j df'lllH. llliMll^HrH H r>' helllK IIHnlK l|ei| to help thn new e,lrlH tiecmne orl fMited mi (he campiiM nnd lurrn ar tiualntam ei< PKACKITI, i'i( KKTIM; KAI.INAK, Hept. U. (A. I' I I'oaceful pIckclliiK eontlniieil today In Die Klrlko of li-lluco lilmmoiM and pai IK-IK al 7(i Hln da In the Ha- M \\'II|NOIIV|||O area. Vnltilon <;*nl«ri Hi * in nn Inilept Imtlil wommt tir« < hnoihig I'AKA MOUN1 ', ',l«|> n. wIrK liiu'» ' ill Wlngi nml Beouiiful EFFICIENT Strike Expensive to Salinas, Avers fl iit/i 1 // I'l'fn* t.ftlHt'tl H trr^ HAI.INAH, Sept. II.- SallniiH valley IM loNliiK approximately JTfi.OMd dally through a Hlrlke of lettuce pIckei-H, dial-Ion S. HrooliM, Hccrolnry of Iho G rn wor-Hhlppor Vegetable AHHOC|II- Don ol' Ccnlial < 'nIll'm nln, cxtlmaled today S|"'nl(lni; al a liinrlioon i lub mccl (UK vi'Mlordii v, MIIIO)(H Niilrl bo bud re.iHon lo liellevo III,- Mlrlkl'. U'lllcll vvorkcrH called u lockout after IMJII- truil ni'Knt fa I IOIIH failed, \V.'IH part of a Male-wide plan lo fimter a number of labor illfricullli-H ariiund licloher I In i 'allfornla. I'll ItoiM refiiMed to report for work lawl I'YIday. Hlnce then. lettucn Hlii-d--i In lliln lop nee growing area ha ve been Mini! do^'ii. Man to Purchase Thousand Simians (I nllfil 1'rfm l,ca*cil H'lt-r) .SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 9. Laurence M, Sllboi-Hleln, 23, of San Francisco, arrived here today, on rout" lo Houih china, Malaya and Horneo for Die purpoNo of buying, among oilier thing", 1000 monkeys. Hllberstoln said he wild buying the monkoyn and 10,000 tropical fish and r>(ioo birds for American mti- KouniM and y.ooH. llo claimed tho monkeys were Die easiest to catch but the hardest to keep IIH they ofton escape aboard «hlpH and run up the main mantH, requiring several days to roc-upturn. POPCORN JIA/ARD HT. FHANCIH, Kan., Sept. 9. (\'. P.(—(Oven MO prosaic: u. ta.«k as making popcorn Is dangerous, Ralph Moberly learned. Ho was knocdced unconscious and received painful face and head Injuries when the gns tattle on a popcorn machine exploded. ranged even better, and Indications are the new navel crop wilt be normal though smaller than 1934-35, according to the survey. , California deciduous crops are about the same as last year, the survey said, with Increases In apricots, peaches pears and plums and den-eases In almonds, apples, grapes, prunes and walnuts. IMggest gain is In poaches and greatest, loss In prunes and grapes. The grape crop wus estimated at. 1,0-12,000 tons compared to 2,11M,000 In 193C. Tho slate's wheat crop la estimated at 10,120,000 bushels against last year's H,654,000. Ocean Fog Aid to MaUbu Fighters (Continued Prom J'age One) did Peak ridge and towards the residential area in nearby canyons. Last Stand Additional workers then were summoned as fire wardens prepared to make a "last stand" attempt to turn the blaze along the state highway but the wind began lessening. Previously residents In the path of the flro were ordered to evacuate when prospects of halting the blaze appeared dim. One death was attributed Indirectly to the fire as Nick Meltta, 23- year-old cafe worker, died of a heart attack after being overcome by smoke. The area where the flro la burning was burned over last year In a blaze that threatened the homes of motion picture stars at Mallbu beach. The present blaze, while only a few miles from the beach area, has not headed directly for the fashionable suburb. «-•-» LIKE FATHER LIKE SON LITCHFIEnD, 111., Sept. 9. (U. K) A father and son have been presidents of the local school board anil the high school board, respectively, for 10 years, Dr. G. A. Sinter, Hr., the father, and Dr. O. A. Slhler, Jr., the son, both are physicians, and both graduated from the same medical college. Thin Mnn With Scarred Lip Spught in Disappearance of Detroit Baby (<{»iinctaltd Prctit Leaned Wire) OI5TUOIT, Sept. 9.—Police redoubled their efforts today to find a "tall, thin man" with a scarred Up In tho search for a clue to explain the disappearance of 20-month-old Harry Hrowc from his perambulator In Clark Park Saturday. Deputy Chief of Detectives William Collins said authorities were virtually ready to rule out a possibility that the child may have been Injured through some mishap and hta body concealed In the vicinity. A woman told police she saw a tall, thin man run from the park with a baby In his arms while the older Browe boys, Charles, 0, and Edward, 7, were seeking their mlsttlng brother. The boys had described a man with a scar on his Up who, they said, was near when a woman gave them money to buy candy In a store some distance from tho park. Harry, they said, disappeared In their absence. The hunt for a childless woman who might have taken the baby continued, extending to other states. Bombs Explode in Coach and Station I < n«i,i-lull I VIKNNA \Vlllc|! pi, III'.. ia llxvii \ MI M I |i i I he Kellllllel ll K'lriK I'M\\iinl / • f i ntrit H In 1 1 •<"|il !i Two IMIIMI.M al I rllinii-il In i 'iiui lied III Vii-nmi M \vcnt i and lo n cnach ii"nr <K I'HHH liinlr;hl while nf l^tlKlllOll. Ill \'l"llllll, U.-IH \liillhiM an nai Hp An ompliivc In I|M< <t< luri'il. lull I here \\I\H no Iniporlance al I In 1 "hil \XIIM (in Immediate con necl litn bi-1 wct-ll eiic'- In X'li'iina am K hit; lOfhv ai >l M|IO nl Wllll Iho Npi>c|||||Ht. inann. v\lm rmlil lie the UlllK'M OIII-H planned aii"l her \ IM l.lll-l. 'in h uait In llllllMUe nf wlMllnli There IlldlcMlInn nl' ;] Ihe lUnn'M pri-H I III" "XplliHl. 7 ( i lulu ill "M a1<M I'l-oreHHOl- N, nn Sonoma Men to Be Arraigned Friday (I'nUnl I'rrm l.i'imnl \\'irr) '• HA NT A HOSA, Sept. 9.—Twelve | prominent Sonoma county IIUHIUI-HH I and profoHHlonal men, churned with! : kldnapliiK and anHunlt In connection with vigilante action UKaliiHl iiHNort-1 i oU riKllcalH, will bo arralKned In Su- ! ! perlor Court next I'Vlilay, It wan an- : ; nounced today. ' Dale of airalK'imonl waf not after | Hlalo Attorney (ioneral I' H \\'ebb | filed Informallnn In Supi'rlor Court >-eHlerda\'. rharKliiK tb' 1 ac"'UHed mi'ii wllh 1.1 Hoparalo criminal acls The acciiHod men are l'"rank Sllann , and I'^mni" I |i<>moHtcnc, I loiilflHburif : liiinkerH. Arthur MO-MO. driiKKl'H and pri'sldenl of III' 1 llealdHbur^: bi-r "if Coniinerco; \\'llllam CaMMel : berry. I IcalibiburK m-u-Hpaper inair. \\'llliain and Cieor){e Mahor, butch- orM. Sldn''\' I'ilphlc, raiicb"-r: I'Vodi-r IcH CnlriiH, Hocretary of the Mould*burn Chanib"-! 1 of Commerce.. Kd\\ a rd W. JenUliiH. John rtarrl<-K. 1). II MadlHon and Thomn.s .1. Campion. — • « > SOriKTV TO MKMT Mi-inbel-H of tho I.iulli'H' Aid Hoctoty of Hi Jnhn'H l.uthoran Church will rcHiime iictlvltlcH after a Hummer re- CI-HM al Huolal hall of the church Tluu-Hday iifterniMin at ~ o'clocU Th"- hiiHioHHi-H will be Mrs. Troda Nor/. and .Mi-H. Herman I liix«iifiiH. imiiirn cli SI<:I:K in.IHIH /,oo n,\(KKHH Ti i|,l-;|n i. S" pi II 1C I'.I Tin- Toledo ' /ooli.Kleill Siiclely. which MilpporlM tin 'I'oleilo /,oo, him planned a campal|-.n to i-nll.'d IIHIII memhi-rH. DOCI'OK HAKI.ANII. S .latuoM HOCK. Ill \ rM|i-rda>' on a I I Illu I ,OH A IIKflo AUKKSTI'.I) "l>l. (I. il' I'.I Dr. was arroHtod lioro loloKruphlc warrant i. on cliarKOR of i-on r>plrac> In conned Ion \vII h an aHHcrteil Ml -wide Illegal operallon rliiK. I MH ball WIIH RO| al $'.'!>an. BUY or RENT Lowest Terms Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H CHINESE HERBS Relieve* chronic ailment* of all klndi. Male »nd female trouhlfa. $1.00 pen BOX PEKIN HERB CO. 20 Y»ir» In Biktriflild 1317 Twentieth Street, UpMalrn MAIN FLOOR SHOE DEPARTMENT WEILL'S WEILL'S Take a Leaf From Fashion's Notebook on BAGS AND PURSES mul choose Ihe ri^ht hag lo highlight your fall costumes. \Ve have them in all manner of ftisc.iimtinfj lines, designs, HI/.CS and colors. Priced From $1.00 to $10.95 This Week We Feature a Very Special BAG of Pig Grain Leather or Suede For the Uelurninn School Girl. Frame fl*-| s und Xippcrs In hlack, brown, now,, tP JL» NOW is the time of year lo buy vour winter supply of BLANKETS 'Buy on a budget plan— pay as you go! There'll be no cold toes this winter! And . best of all, there will , be no sudden imperative eall on your pockelbook WeilFs Justly Famous All-Wool WEARWELL BLANKETS "YOUR BEST BUY IN BLANKETS." Seven ^ P^Q Cf exquisite shades to choose from. Bound in ^n^ / t/O good quality, long wearing celanese ribbon. M 72x84 | Imported Holland Pure Wool Blanket LIGHT as a feather; AIRY as a pine-laden breeze; WARM as only wool can be. Something quite new in a woven pattern. Overcast binding; 72x8<J. $1O50 12 COTTON SHEET BLANKETS Thnl insure snug comfort for cold nights. In nil white. Splendid washers. 70x90. Part Wool Blankets In a good range! of assorted colors. A splendid value for Uiat "extra warmth" blanket. $995 More Than a "Buy"! SLEEPWELL SHEETS $100 1 Size 8lx«)9 A juslly celebrated sheet . . . specially priced. Hum! lorn hems, no starch filling, n sheet that will give maximum service. Sleepwell PILLOWCASES , A ..25c Of the same high quality as the s'hccts. favorite with homemakers A***** EVENT!! WEARWELL SHEETS "The Extra Cotton Means Extra Wear" 72x99 Double H leached to snowy whiteness. Taped Kclges give additional strength! No Starch Filling, they are all cotton! Handy Size Tab with space to date sheets. \Vearwell Washes Easier! * * * if * $125 1 An Unusual and Special Purchase of BATH SETS Set includes tufted mat and seat cover. They actually improve in appearance with repeated washings. Five lovely shades to choose from. fl* V 1 "DUNDEE" TOWELS They're Turkish of Course! While with Striped Colored Borders. 10 EACH!! 25 Dozen Cannon Turkish TOWELS 20x40 29 C Style Woven Stevens Cotton Bedspreads Fast color washable fancy weaves. Pre-shrunk. Good looking, long wearing. 86x 105. Conditioned Air—So Cool—So Clean— So Healthful—Not a Hay-Fever Sneeze in It! H a | gat ffl M -H ' f$£ ALWAYS COOL

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