The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 7
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MELD CALFORNlN, EDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 Motirtlieht Murder III •-.V.*v*pf L mi& aiOrlous music, punctuated by one of th<5 oddest detective* rtiyateriea ovor"written-^the murder of a tdhor before 20,000 people In the famous Hollywood Bowl—"theso are the highlights of the screen's first operatic detective story, Metro-Qoldwyn-May- er's "Moonlight Murder*" opening today at the Virginia theater. Suspicion falls on opera stars and others as Chester Morris, In the role of the detective, copes with the mystery, aided by his sweetheart as played by Madge Evans. Leo Carillo,. Robert McWade, Dun* can Renaldo, Benita Hume, Frank Mctiugh, H. B. Warner, J. Carrol Naish and Grant Mitchell are In the cast. Completing the double bill is "Hero Come Trouble," a story of hijlnks and hilarity on the high seas, with Paul Kelly, Arline Judge. Mona Barrie, Sammy Cohen and a largo cast. Tf-rr DOOfcS OPEN 6:45 n*4 rrrp- ii HELD OViR ENDS TOMORROW ( i th p«a Scandal Tilt ;.i - m ^^N^^^t^^f^Br HMLOR • - "\r ALSO Fiy Wrty. Chwter Morrti In "THEY MET IN A TAXI 11 Betty Boop Ctrtoon—N«wi BANK ON BEING THERE FRIDAY NIGHT •ON SCREEN IT'S •UT NICEl POWELL ^LOMBARD M&t. & .'.•-i ALICE BRADY QAIL PATRIC tt*** ALSO lit I ^t iAi 9%^jn Com&kome; "'MARY BO LAND JULIE HAYDON DONALD WOODS CARTOON AND NEWS HURRY! You Have Just 2 More Days to See Shirley TEMPLE "THE POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL" Joe E. BROWN "EARTHWORM TRACTORS" •—^^^ Mickey Mouse "ON ICE 23'' COMTiWUOUi I-3O TO It: >O I GINIA Open 12-11 m and 10o TODAY and THURSDAY , Two Big Features Chester MORRIS, Madge EVANS Leo CARRILLO, Frank MoHUQH "MOONLIGHT MURDER" L Paul KELLY, Arline JUDGE In HI Jinks and Hilarity "HERE COMES TROUBLE 11 i Comedy, News and Novelty FJft. tan DA rvl • • I • ••• -v^^ EAT HERBERT MARSHALL A. I . -ft' * ^ GERTRUDE MICHAEl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ r ^ ^^^^ rw ^ • ' ^^^^^ ^ ^ll • r tone Bag is AY HAHTOM PATR rtoon Act •ws ***•!. «h * " - •'*•- >. ,r± I - . ,- V '- IN ORLD AT NILE Teater resents HELD OVER , ' 1 ' .: j;> ^ s t ^ i*V -, - •-. •v*>v: •^••'x - I - V • - -H ** ^-*—* -\ ' .\ * i n n " I Dick Powell and Joan Bloiulell 'T'HEY'RB "that way" in private •*-Hfe, but Blck Powell and Joan • • Blondell are deadly enemies in the • gayest and merriest comedy romance ever to bit the screen, "Stage Struck," which cornea to the Nile theater tomorrow 1 night for Its world premiere showing on a new double feature program with "Two Fisted Gentlemen," featuring James Dunn and Juno Clay worth. Others in the cast of "Stage Struck," include Warren William, Frank McHugh, Jeanne Madden, Carol Hughes and the Yacht Club Boys. Radio Programs Tonight KGO-KPO—National BrOAdfitstlno Company—SupDllei progrtmi to: KFI, KECA, KF3D, KGW, KEX, KOMO, KHQ. KJR. KQA. KOA, KQHt, KDYL. KQIR, KTAR. KFRC-CB8—Don Ut and Columbli—Suppllti pro cm mi to: KHJ, KQ8. KD8. KM1, HOW, KFBK, KERN. KOL. KVI, K8L, KOIN. KEPY. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. KERN—Uoj'at Texans. KNX—Dlck Tracy; C:1G, Maurice's Orchestra. NBC network—Army Hand Concert W8X AT—Uecordings; 5:15, Mac Himself. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KERN and network—Camel Caravan. KNX—5:46. Jack Armstrong. NBC network—Marshall's Mavericks. W6XAT—Recordings. Performance* PHcw: 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KERN and network—Camel Car- avnn. KNX—Musical; f»:lfi, Now.s, NRC network—Vour lilt faradn. W6XAT—News KlaHhen; C.:15, Dinner Concert to ii:45. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KERN—March of Time: 6:45, Hnppy Dnyji. NBC network—Your Hit Parade. KNX—Tonic Tunes; ti:45. Melodic Varlfttieft. W6XAI—(1:45. Sketches In Melody. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m, KERN and network—Republican National Committee; 7:15. Renfrew of tho Mounted. KNX — Klmer Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Drury I^ano'n Orchestra. NBC network—Amon *n' Andy; 7:15, Liiim and Abnor. W6XAI—Eb and Zob; 7:15, World Dances. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KBRN and network—Laugh with Ken Murray. KNX—Tho Newlyweds; 7:45, King Cowboy, NBC network—Winning tho West. WtfXAl—Quartette; 7:4R, Cecil and Sally. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN and network — Waring's PennsylVanlaim. NBC network—Town Hall Tonight. W6XAI—Hollywood on Parade; 8;lfi. Frank, Watanabc. 8:30 to 9tOO p. m, and. network—Dick Stabile and Orchestra; 8:45, Corner Stone Philosopher. NX—Musical program. NBC network—Towh Hall Tonight. WCXAI—Homo Folks; 8:45, Hits and Encores. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KERN and network—Old Age RP- volvlnfr Piinfl; flilfi, Carl Schrei- hor and Orchfistrn. NBC network—King's Jesters; 0:tr». Gentlomon of Rhythm. WCXAI—News Flashes; 9:15, Out of the Past, to 9:45. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KEHN and network—Jan Garhcr's Orchestra, NHC network—Sterling Young's Orchestra. KNX—Tho Crockett Family. WCXAI—9:46, Ryhthm and Ho- mance. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN—World in Review; 10:10, Jimmy Dorsoy and Orchestra. NBC network—News. W6XAI—All Request Program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WGXAI—All RequoHt Program. SERIES 151 OUT TURKEY, Texas, Sept. 9. (U. P.) Gordon Vineyard and, his wife might have doubts an to whether or not they aro behind tho eljjht ball. On the eighth day of the eighth month, at S o'clock, an S-pomul boy, their eighth son, was born. The long awaited Warner Brothers production of "Anthony Adverse," filmed from t-Tervcy Allen'B cyolopean novel, which boaata of 3,000,000 reader?* comes to tho Nile theater screen today, with Frederic March in the stellar role and Olivia doHavlland playing the feminine lead* In Ha panoramic story sweep through five countries and three continenta, the magnitude of its 131 sets, the plctureBqueneBs of its backgrounds, tho gigantic scale on which It was produced and the vast number of talented players in Us cast, "Anthony Adverse'* surpasses any picture filmed by Warner Brothers and is sold by those who have seen the preview to bo tho most pretentious piece of entertainment over attempted in Hollywood. Th cast Is tremendous and la remarkable- for the number of talented players, there being 98 speaking parts, with 2650 bit players and extras appearing. Besides March and Miss del-Iavllund, some of iho more important players arc Edmund Qwenn, Anita 1-ouisc, Louis Hayward. Claude nainfl, Steffi Buna, George Stone, dale Sondergaard, Billy Mauch, "Donald Woods, Aklm Tamlroff, Ralph Morgan, Henry O'Neill, Vedro do Cordoba and Luis Alberni. Tickets for tonight's performance n)ay still be secured at the Nllo theater box office. All seats are reserved. The last performance will bo given at 8:20. • Children Invited to Theater Free IQach year just before school opened, the kiddles of Hakorsfleld onjoy u froi> theater party with Penury Company as their host. Tickets arc obtained from either of Penney's two Bnkersfield stores. A bang-up program la presented, with a "root in', loot In', shoot in'," western, and a number of popular animated cartoons. This year, as usual, this show will he given at tho Fox theater, Saturday, September 12, at 10 a. m. Hoys and girls of Bakorsflold aro cordially invited to got their free tickets and see the show. W^MMi^VB«to Restraining Order Out Against Firm Mflsocfrtter! Prf»9 Leased \\'ircj LOS ANOELKS, Sept.. 9.—Federal District .Tud&o Paul .1. McCormlck issued a temporary restraining ordrr against tho Lindsay Fruit Distributors, Inc., Robert Oreenberg, president, upon complaint of AAA officials that tho comjuny had been shipping oranges In violation of tho marketing provisions of tho ftnieral AAA. Judge McCormlck sot Septein- j ber 17 as the date lor a hearing. Tho temporary restraining order will remain in effect until that tlmn. Chester Morris O WING to popular demand of many patrons who were out of town during tho holiday, Manager Frank Heller of tho Fox theater announces that, "Tho Oorgoous Hussy" with .loan Crawford, Lionel Barrymore, Franchot Tone, Robert Taylor, Melvyn Douglas and James Stewart will be hold over through Thursday. Also the second feature, "They Met in a Taxi" starring Chester Morris ami Fay Wray. will be held over Thxtr«day, and bank night will bo held Friday on tho ripening of "My Man Godfrey" with William Powell and Carole Lombard. Scrapping Lovers, Gr anada^ Comedy Joan Bennett and Gary Grant ptay the rotes of the iilwaya-acrapplnff, til- waya*maklng-up atveothearts In Wai- tor Wangor's dramatic comedy-romance, "Big Brown ISyes," adapted from the novel of the samo name, which Is showing «U the Granada theater today only. H'« a story of a wisecracking manicurist who sees nil nnd knows all, ami of how she helps her boy friend, a detective, 1 solve a series of crimes that have ' baffled a city. Second feature on the double bill IM "The Golden Arrow," starring George Brent and Betto Davis in Michael A Hen's famous story of titled fortune hunters and American girls. Additional Work Projects Okayed PROLONGS VISIT RUSSIA PLANTS TEA ,-; Prcat l.votcd Wire} WASHINGTON. Sept. 9. — One hundred, forty additional public works administration projects, involving 45 per cent grants totaling $4,865,142, were approved today by President Hoosovelt. Indicating that the President had modified bin previous requirement that relief labor ho usod exclusively. MOSCOW. Sept. 0. (U. P.>—Ton i ]>\VA officlalH said 70 per cent of the haa been planted thl« year In Ka- j workman would bo takon from relief ziikhstnn as an experiment. rolls. Shirley temple engagement of the three attractions at the Fox California has been extended one day. This program now ends Thursday instead of Wednesday. That leaves Just two morn days to see Shirley Temple In her darlingest picture "The Poor Little Klch Girl," Jon 13. Brown in his funniest picture "Karthworm Tractors" and the most hilarious Mickey Mouse cartoon to date "On Ice." Metrotono News completes the program. NKBH LOTS OK HELP LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, (A. P. When 3-year-old Lynn Jackson's foot caught In a storm drain open* Ing, it took six city firemen 30 minutes to get him free again. They had to chisel through concrete. Motor Vehicle Department Urges Legalization of ^ Timing Devices ^^^_^^_ " '" ^**^^^^^^^^^^™*^^^^^^^^^^™* f (Associated PrcAa Lcawl Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 9,—A drive to legalize "speed traps,*' now outlawed by California law. will be started when the Legislature convenes next January, Ray Tngela, director of the motor vehicle "department, announced. This step is necessary. Ing-els believes, because a large number of tho worst violators of speed laws got away from pursuing traffic officers by outdistancing thorn- A practical way to stop dangerous speeding would be to Install au* tomatic timing devices and check the drivers over a measured course, Ingels said. Under auch a plan the course would be marked at each end wilh large signs informing motorists that their speeds were being checked. "I can't see how there could any objection to that," he added. - t- • t- ^ 4-H CHAMPION ROSBBUKG, Ore.. Sept. 9. (U. P.) . John Alexander, S3, claims the dis- ! Unction of being the oldest 4-H Club 1 loader In the United Slates. Elastic r- * ' L ft* J- Five Baby Shirley Dolls Are Offered ssay Contest brand new Shirley Temple dolls' aro waiting to bo legally adopted by five IHtlo children In BakerMfiold. These dolls will bo on display at tho Kox, Nile or California theaters, all dresHOd up In a real Frontier Paya outfit, and the imago of Shirley Temple. To win one, hero's all there IH to do. Write nn opsuy of FiO \vordn or less on "Why I Would Like to Go to the LOH Angeles County Fair," and turn it In at tho Fox, Nile of California theater bofor« September 10. Tho three best en- says will receive* Shirley Tomplo dolls. Two others will be given away when tho throe winners announced at the first meeting of thfi Fox Mickey Mouse flub at the Fox theater on Saturday morning, September 2C. The contest IP open to all llttlo girls and boys between tho agos of 0 ami 12, provided they are not members of the families who are employes of the Low Angeles county fair or the Fox *" * i. - - TOMORROW 7 and 9 p. m. WORLD PREMIERE First Showing ANYWHERE of the Latest Smash Warner Bros. Musical ITIONS NOW BEING ouls an occm good slurl in duncin EDDIE GARRETT DANCE STUDIO IOCS in TUNEFUL TRIUMPH! ENR tun Atte oys JAMEB'DUNN PLUS "TWO-FISTED DEHTLEMAH" OEHTLIN » Comad Friday KTA COC THRU '- \ - ' ! J; '. h ' '• • - ,> .;•:•.., "- . i - ^-' ( . ^ » ' ,-Vrt, '*!.-, - i ' '. r - - ;> . , \ ",- Boys Ladies PURS New fall styles In pouch and underarm bogs in fall colorn. Nleply fitted. Full out denim Jeans .with part waist. . . BUca 6 to 16. Special Special resses forced CAPS BOYS Girls Mohair SS SHIRTS Sets Twin Popular mohair twin «*ts, slipover and coat to match Kail colors. AH red drosH shirts in solid color« cy imuorws. Soft, nonwlli and of Kent r«. Full cut praahrunk. H to 17. oys ress Felt Hats Men's ecal Ladles Taffeta Slips ton mixed and whip- pants for work and e»B woar. Well tailored d full cut. All pedal 34 to 44, . Kino quality rayon taffeta trimmed. . . Poach and pink. Special . . . nte ra Iffo We OOL Nat DAY ust Satis Br.»klllf r - msu your cm w being taken n 1C SSES LIMITE Ites * Saturday 10 a. m. Sept. 12 at the Fox Theater A Complimentary tlck*l will b* flv»n at Ptnn»r'i lo any child ol school 090 accompanied by a dull. .•f i- t M.i-x 1 -'.^' •A : .ii-&-. v --V-: ^Mite-; i• '?•: *< i. ' - -;.',*• i . - •>- - I- i-.t..-v-- .^-AV' "'•• .-.. t . . . - -*. -* -1 •-* - - 'f/'RO* r .-•> '--il ^ ' riT-.' .** - A

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