The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 27, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 12
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] 2 Wednesday, September 27, 1944 fcfje Jiabrrftficlb Calif ornifln For Sal*— Improved Property | For Sato — Improved , Property rr * m l*~ $13,000.00 MODERN three-bedroom home only seven years old. Located in south•» west section In attractive neighborhood. Three bedrooms, two i baths, two-car garage, patio, furnace and cooler. This home Is of better than averaee quality construction, built under F. H. A. supervision, and has mcny attractive features. We will show by appointment if you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. IS03 H street Phone 2-8946 THRKE-FOrnTHS of nr, ai re or Die finest a. 2-bcdmoiu mod'Tii home. < ntn- plelely furnished, incliid'iiff ye-iothm bl'nds. nips nnd p^ds. refnKernloi «ml table-top *tove. vine a new 'Imil.le frarawe. and new chi-ken hon^. nil :>r JM!'>0. Pomestir utilities and water piu« exiia. frfp d't'h water, and an oiihaid of frli't and nut tier*. Sunprt Park—A fine, ertra liu^r r-hert- ronm h"nie i'l '.he b'-M rl'Vt'.' ], mi term*. Floor furnace, haidwnod floors, 5>lalJ phower and 1 ilr. Aita Yisfn Trart— A C'-b^di^nm i-min". 5 years old. ?n t l>tr.p cornhtjnn. Inside nnd out. E.\::a ;.-tr«-? l-n n nd dout.le Karate. Vt-nctMii hHnd*. SC'H'O, lorinp arranged. Fi«»l W. UriM.y •:«?. Hfmvrr Bn l.lii,t- !Phr.Mo ^'-il'i;.',; eveninc" :M 1-I - T.O FOR SA1/K—A HO.ME IX STOCKDALE. CORNER LOT, FACING GOLF COURSE. TWO-STORY, SIX ROOMS. TWO KVntS, WITH SERVANTS ROOM ATTACHED. BALCONV DECK AND SCREENED TERRACE. AVITIf BLOWER-TYPE FURNACE AXD COOLER. ROCK WOOL LVSI MOTION. A REALLY HEAI.'TIFIM, HOME. l.MMKniATE POSSESSION. CALL FOIL APPOINTMENT. PHONE 2-7-tifl. OR .S-S4^3. CESCAXSO PARK ADniTKiX — Modern. 1-hedromn lioiite. traraye attached. Five years old. like new. Plenty of shade, liearini; fruit treos. Priced for iinirU sale. Sec it «t 2715 S,e\ier avenue, same a* Monterey, 1 block south of Horace Mann School. f>l On Kant Side—I-'ive-room homt floor* I hrnuchoul. livitiK i-otim 1-t \ :'1, lovely kivhm. Hnuse in excellent t-nn- dlUon. Itnnierliate possession. J.'ifioO full price, But>stantial down payment. Riverview. near bus line—Fiye-room home, excellent condition. very nice tiled kitchen; fenced yurd. r';tn Rive imnie- dinte possession. $niT,0 full price, nbuut S1500 down, $1'0 a month. East Erundaso—Lot with 75-foot frontage, all fenced. Four-room hous«, nice llvinc room and kitchen. Total price S2350. aubstantial down payment. El Camino Park—Lovely, completely furnished 6-room home, two bedrooms nnd den. double fireplace. Two-car parase. Well landscaped lot. Full price $10,500. Good, substantial down payment. Inside City—Five-room home, hardwood floors throughout, fireplace, other dandy features. Two blocks from bus line. Tard In excellent condition. Full price I5S50. some lei me. Immedinte poase«- • ion. EABt Bakerafield—Lovely 5-ronm home on corner lot, excellent condition. Hardwood floors throuEhout. Lovely yard. Furnished. J8450, on terms. Eureka street, near Baker—Five-room stucco home with basement, about 6 years old. Excellent condition. Home chicken equipment. 15200. about KOOO down. Ten-room note), completely furniMird nnd carpeted. Ideal for couple ilcsuinc home find income. Now ehowms excellent return. 131ft "Eye" Street MODERX Al'TO Cul'RT ON !»!> UIG1IAVAY Thfrteen units, 20 trailer spaces. Good income. Call at ol'lice I'm- appointment. nnd jiarticulars. Phonos 7-7,'i-iB and 'J-Si;:'L'. Fort SALE—Two.bed mom home. <l imUs fouth on 89 HiKhwuy. Some I mil. n.os. phade trees, laun. jrnludmjr some tvitni- ture. ll'.'OO down, lialarne SL'IIHl at JlTi per montb. At l.tfrksliii e Trail, fouiih boupei on A< L oiiia Mif-i'l. [,:' FOR SALE—On Alia Vista Drive, comer, 63x150, 3-bcdroorn house, living room, dlninfr room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to $9250. $3250 down. J. J. Consani. Phone 9-9614. 9-lS-tf Attractive 2-bedioom home in California A\enue Tract. Kirepliirc. dual furnace, moling duels anil cooler. Meal floor plan, lo\c|y kitchen and bath, separate stall shower, large double Karate, fenced yard. $77:,0. Modern 2-hedroom lioine in Park, Karape attached, corner <-up- boards in dining room, step-saving kitchen, nice lenced yard; K n "d location on JJuuKlats street. JISOU. THnEE-BI-:nROO.\r home in Call- fornia Avenue Tract. Two baths, fireplace, all lat^e rooms, $HOUU. Mrs. McGidre 1662 Chester Avenue. I'hnne 4"17^1 KiA'» rrntu In. consiHt ink" nf two lien rly new duplexes bHrdwoor) rinniw an«l iliuu- f urnact-B, H!) \\nh i cl'i ij;ri a turn ami well furnishr*); ;i )>o ji l-ln'ilrnmii house, f urniHbfcc,. foi' 1.1 2. ('00, on terms. Fillninre HUVJ?I—A iinm!/ in-Hily new :Mu><1- ronm hnnie. Vcrtfi \i\r\ IthnUt*. cti i ula- lion fiiepluce in liviiij: rouui. \t>t t;n,\;;;ui feet: srapop, f rufi nini chicken equipment. True H;'<on. un terms. Terrace "Way-—Two houM'S on In TBO lot; both furuishfd, have ni- M rcfi :K- *ratora. Kent cue, 1: vo in i lie other. $650". lennj". tfwo houBPJ on lai so cncncr J<>t Noil h Baker Bireei; a ^ <-i y n n •- O-i (»nm nnd a 3-rnoin ovrr pai ;i ge, smaller on" 1 nr- nlulled. 5 i;o(if) (io\\ n, tn TUB f-n balan«-f. Truxtun—9(>fi b!o, k, a IIH-- I'Ulr l-bt'ij- I'oom furnished home, i fi-oini;inine(l. lor S^tTfiO: terms. five nearlv n^w 1-ltr»1i p nojn <nu*|y. all furnished, rent nig lor J J1 J. r>t> pi i month. $H'»00. if rinc. 30 ft'TGS—Kruitvnle. Ten Jutos m;nie -4^0 •auk* Bp'.ids thii yea., t wo K-md \v ».-!!N, n L' - o Ct-rnojn hnnif i'0< ni y *>!' ' h i- ken equipment, all kinds cil f;trmine tocis. including two tt a- rnj s. 1 'm liade for pi open v ; n 1 own "i 1 mi tei m^. 10 acres—All hi i-nItn'Ht MMI. j^tM ivcst of Frtntva IP Si; h cm I. Sma II hr)L,hc t'.vo •rood we.IB. Tiade CIJUH> lor home in lown. m ai;ir-a on Bfile T»M'.e. Two pond hoii^ej*. fi ujt, iik-niy of water. $12.0(i". J. T. <Fy> ^'i.'k-'r, K;»*.O Clifslrr • Phono 2-01:S'j; cvenmBo ^-.'iSliS or ^-64''o Montebello. Calif.. 9 niiles e:ist of Ltis ...Angelet.. One 3-bcdi-oom house, iirtnl- ,,. ; wood lloore, new roof, also one 6-ruum ^,. bouse, papered, hardwood floor*, all on .•value lot. Both are clear, will trade for .^.property here. BUh School — Near West High and Olean- M jSer atreet. One slucco duplex, both M jlldev furnished; also another etucco 'bouse on same lot, fronting on same atreet. $8000, terms. " J. T. (By) Wicker 1660 Chester Phone 2-0239, Even i tigs 2-:i8ii. r i B 0 YWO-BEDROOM house, block from bus line. Furnace, Venetian blinds, fireplace, sprinkling; system. Partly fur- Dished or Ulifurniahed. Phone 4-462(1. ___ S3 SALE— By administrator to clear up , Mtmte, 2-bedroom modern houme. l>n< '•'! _y*r<J. trult tree*. On Chester Place. 1'ljun- ^P-UtS. •venlnK* 3.1183. __ '„>, VOR BALE-— By owner, 6-room house on *<*W* of ground, cow Jot, chicken enuii>- ""TOfnt. strawbrtrle*, outside building* •A bargain. Phone 2-4024. _ i 0 L "~" J 'D PARlf BUYERS WANTED— HAVEN'T WHAT TOU WANT. IT. »AN JOAQUIN WARD 1IOODT. 1812 EAST BAK ERF-FIELD — Tn-o-bpdroom hanie. This h' me in well constructed. \rry clean, rrifk word insulated, real fitep]a(e, hardwood floors, plenty fit ttle. Ids of (iirboard and rloset space, corner lot bach yard fenced, double gala c e. SfiT.'.o. SOI'THWMST—Two-bedrnnm home, com- I'letelv furnished, Inrated on a nice coi- lier int. J^IMic dr)\vn NORTHEAST— Twn-bcdroom bome and n 1-hedronm hom»>; bo:!i houses are well ronM rucled. ali la test modern (unven- ieti'-es; tbe l-hedroom completely fur- nisbed. JSfion. FTiriMNIT i-OFRT — Completely fnr- msliod; Burner lot. > 1 L'.'ixl .T.'i— 'livome t'.Ki pt-r month. Net prii.e >r>500. K'Oiju dov n. EAST BAKKHFFIEI.D — Tivo-bedroom bnme. nliiorn nnd plaster const nil ! inn. bnrdM-ood flf)oi*i. tile dutin. et--., n!''e bnsftii"n:: lot sn\U2, plenty of fruit and bei t len, ) * _0(t. 70 ACRES, one-half mllp north of Weodpatch store on Weodpatc-h JliRlnvay. Old lintisp, (,'otid w poi-foct snil; in ;ilfnlfa nnd cotton rioiv. Cnii havp poBSPK.uion Jan Jiary 1, ir<4.">. Price $1M,000. OIIP half cash, lialance easy terms; one- half mineral?. .Don't let this one K''> axvuy. l-'lmer Martin, phonp 'J-!U!14. '.'JO Haheifelde Building, . nnn i! rn^nt ovr ".-tar pjinie". and ^ .hr.lrnniii I;',tnc un IMIP Int. ilusir in r-n Ti'ixl'Mi aviiilr. f iirnislift with Knuii f'ii luttii o. linultt* 1 now JIS.' per mould I'M. p SK'.OOO, j:>IH>0 down. J7f> per mom h. Twi,-lM-(lrnnni hemp n rid 1-bpfironm linnic "ii l.-iit-c l"l. 6i;«lfiU. 'Hi Sterling lto;id. 1'ii'p J400U. J^;r,o down, balance ensv t f I Ml*. Two bpdrnom home nn KiKhtb sli-ppt; li;ird- llnciTS throughout. Pi»e 14300. NtlTIH' tC'Illlf. T\* i' iKMlrrxmi home on Hay Flrr-pl !n llich- land J'ftiK: home IIIIH lniK«: rnomn find In HI K""d ctdulition; ]arut> lot. Price JH];",!!; laltps .snbfl;) nl ia 1 (imvn. Tbi cp-iicdi- ,(,in IMJIIIP rut .^diith t'hrptpr nve- nnc. dimplel r-lv fnrnislicd; home in K*)od oindiilon. l'n(-p J.'iOl'ii. leiuif. Two-hi-dronm home in " ':. I i t'ornia Avntle T. Mt. Living mom 14\'Jil. dining loom 12\KI n:'-e kit'-ll blflikl'usl mom. two nn" SI/L- bMihonms. lialh \\ilb Hhowi o\»r t'llt. MM-vi''<. I'Miili. ba Pcliif-tlt. VflH'- liati hlimlH, tuo floor riirmici'K, luf- l-la-f. 101 k v ool niMil.-i t ion, 1,,-auliriil Mini, (umplr-olv lai.clK. ain-.(I. H.-nnliful I'l.'ivar lurli-l'iip. all toi HI.JPIHI. 01 ^'li iniiKMlci- yi>l! : nn nut iinnslit-il. A hoiiip > on v, .11 lo\ e i O ou n. Phone 2-!i:"H 220 llnherfi-lde HmldiMir OIL DAI. K -Twii-l'r'clrnori. holnp. HI"I crnrvl I'l'i'li. niinwfr liiilii. cnrnpr Inl, douhl« l K»r:iKe. liniiil Icn-il I inn. $2750. t!2.',(P _iln\vii _Plmm' Mr»^_\Viiniork ; _2 :; 644ri._ M Oll.DALP-:- h'tn.'Ti. two b'-ilromnx. liinil- v.-iiml flmns. tile rii-iiin. dual floor fur- li.-i- f. nll.-uiinii phiHIi'ifd fininup. c-onli'r. Inn k >:nd ri'iiri'il. noncl Inr-aiinii. . lone In; J4Uoci. J'lmne IJ-MU. .Mrs Warnuc-k. I.l'HO — Twn-hfilronm nuxiM n luiuse, 4 >'>:irs old. Iwo hlo<'k* norlii of Niies and SiciiMiK, thud huune south side of _ .Mii.-h.'ll. _ _ ____ __ ______ r,:i i;ol,l>K\ STATK TRACT— Two licdronms. ItviMK ronin l-)xl!l, dimltc. InlM of 1il»\ !M!ioij ||;ts the ))!<i>Ht yard, fprnpd. with fruit triTs. KrerythlnK In lust cblHH roMdition. Kiiwt Hakfi *i iclii — T\vo beilrooniH nnd H!POM- JIIK poiih, in I-KP kitilifii fjnd dining nxim. I 1 n'l'lii' «'; has cxlr.-i KlaHHpd-nt ;IIK| HI i ,'t-Hrd Hlct'iMiiK hulltiinK in yard: 1011- fooi iroiitHKc on Nih-N Nti-fi.t. (inly :i't |I|II'-|.-N from S. P. HhnpH: $. r i2"iil. SIMHI '|IA\II. Vaid has so\cial \t\K cilrUB fruit tn''-s. An cX'illMlt inx'CSt IIH-II! . 'J'iirer- l<iui I hs ol an ai re o!' the finest soil. ii '2 lirdiiHjln modi i n iioinp, fi}|np]«>li>1\' J n rnihlifd. iniiinlin^ ^ l r|]»>tlan blinds. rimFi and pads. r •<>' riyi al or and taMr-top Hlovo. plus n lu-\v dcillile calais'e nnd nr.\v rim ki-ii IKIIISC. all for JS4.MI. lidin-sl n- ntililM'8 a nil \\ali-r P!UH rxtia fir'i« dilih ivaii'r, and an oniianl (»f fruit and nut II I-I-K. Sun^.'t Park— A line, pxlra larfp 2-licil- IDOIII lnini'< in tile I<I>H| disliiit. on ti'iniH. I'l ..... ' tin n ..... liardwc.nd flours, stall slm\< ri lim l I ili>. Alia \"ihta '!'iail--A Mirdrnom llomr. B > ra I s olil in lii'top condition, iilmdp nn>l HIM 1'Alia lali;r> lot and dniililp naraRp. Venetian blindH. JtiOUO, tt.'i IIIH amniKcd. l-'real W. lliirvny '.Mi:'. l!rn«i-r I'.nildinf T'lione I 1 CM.O. KVMIIIIKS !M1 IS r,I Rp\ in ml Aci'c-H—Two-a i ro r« tich, " -hprl- i ni tin lion if in u i iu(l rondit KIM , POD IP n I - f;t I f;i, f T M tf 11 r OH n tid chicken e(juip- n n'ii!. :f 1'tiOO d own. Sou l Invent— -Tlire* 1 - hed ronm hnme, rinse In nn iJi undaKo I ,ii m> n oar Olrji tidor ; I a rise loi. 1 mi.f (M) ( 1'rniitHKo. $:';"> 00 down. Soul hu I'M —1 ,a r KC !'-( nu'n homo on rornor }•>(, i ](inc to miirUcls and 1 runsporlalion. ,\o\v hcniK used us HitPi' sepnrafp npar(- jiH-nts nil li pond inromo. $ 1500 do\\'n. TM 11 -• -H ieh H< Imnl luni'h room, pood OH(H)>11 H lied husiiH'^H I.ji IKO huildins u it h livinc qwntcrs and plenty of (ujuipmont. $ .'iTilUP rHONK S-l^in nRPTDENCE 2-56TR SMAl.t/ owner occnpiprl homo. Kast Tlak- eiHficld, near .Mount Vernon School. Total price $:7(iO. LIvinK room, hi'd- looni. kitclien. iiath nnd service por( Ii. jr. Ii I) cash will handle. Kliner F. KMIPP. l.'il T_ KiKhleelHh. ll-STi-tf Ol I.I IA 1^1';—Two-hedrnoni bolide, by o\\-ner. }:lSV,'i, $1S7."> down. Inimediale possession. Thonn 1'.14:M. r.l For Sale—Lots JICIMKSITIOS—In northwest pail of rilv in the finest district, in Hontluvest pint of cit\, With i mpl ovenicnt M In. Also sc\-e[-al lie;uit ifnl parcels in Atl:t Vista Tiait. I'lices are rujljt now to invest tot imMwar hmliiniK. I''rcal A\ - . l]:ir- \ry. L'li:t Hio\\er building:. Piiune L'-K'f.O: evrirnu- L'-IHIl. .',(] For Sale—Improved Farms 1440 ACHES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch; S40 acres of farm hind, baliince era'/ing. Very good improvoincnis, best one-man hog and entile setup in California. 415 ACItKS of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, pood house and lots of water, best of alfnlfn, cotton or vegetable land. 760 ACKHS near Last Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil lanvl. A H. Karpe. TKN' ACP.KS wiih well and farm machinery ; nice 2-hedioimi home. Call owner. J''OR SAI.I 1 ' — Ten acres on corner of Pioneer and usv,ell Koad. ohl house, pumping I'lant and cement piped. Price JTOtMl. teims. Call l-'iank Simon with Kellv A 3^0 ACr;i';.S improved ranch in "Weed- pati-h area. .Ml under cultivation, two good \vells; largi 1 H-bedroorn homo in exi.'ellent condition. E\i I'llent alfalfa, cotton or corn land. .Trice $L.'uO per acre. ^ minerals. Terms. IL'U ACHES 1" I'ixlev. 00 acres in Thompson grapes, I'T in alfalfa, lialance ucneral rarmlng. Fine soil. three, pumping plants. vied house. You can borrow $-0.(.".in limn an easlern insurance company on this ranch. Price $40,000. Terms. ;iL'n Ai'llKS choice soil, suitable for potuloes. Atinut 10 miles sntilli of Ihe \Veed 1'ateh store. i_!ood well. This land is open for 5-year lease. 41111 ai'ri'H open lor lease. Lantl nliotit it mili-s south of \\'eed i'alch slide. This land is gnod ))otato land ami has shallow water conditions. This land is open for development lease. I 1IAVK several oilier fine ranches fur sale in Tulare county. If in- ttM-i-Mied come in anil 1 will give you the details. IClmer Martin, ^•!U94. L'L'O Haberfekle bulldiilB. n.i HOI'THWKST—:.i in res of fine Harden Kail. 13 HMCH in nlfalfa aiul 1- ncres in tot ion. C.ood well and pump. l-'rt e diuh water. Two and H drill miles from Clock Towr. 10 ACHK.S of Kood land unrter cultivation, good well with pump, ditch \YEIU-I. ulso C'ily water. sa« and liKhts. A'anety of fiuit trees. UMTIPS and sinpes. Unud h^rn and outbinidintiu und farm equipment, ineludinK "80 Etisoline tank find Mimp. HUH li-room bome with large tooniB, L>oubie Karage. $10.600. TWKNTV Di'i-en alfalfa, just ready to cut. s-n u-'ll show bow wi'll this ground j' tlili"^; lartre barn, could be turned into niilUmK barn; corrals; well-binlt Hh« f"' d bnii.«(-. - hirken equipment; team, irn- li!«.ni''nt^ ;tnd ;i portd country hnnip l^ntly lurnislifd. See thi« for an Hwfull K<>od t'uv. \\';ll take small hame n lii*:e lot. h.ilf aci,. or acie Tind sum ra«h as dou n payrn'-nt. Klwood's, 11*^ " Oil and Mining Phone 2-7SG4 1671 Chester Avenun IMHlOVIin JtANCH NKAJi WAHl'O OHP Hfx-tluu or fine level hind, highly df- j \f]opc<!, J-Jafi vniftM. liujt. Hiid ^K'l arioa' i'P'-M tlinl yielded iifl'i Bm ke per wrrf. )-.x<-Mllrni IVHUT roiulitioiif. Iinnwdiaie I'tifHrHHhm nnd friceU right. Box »K»I-H, The Culifurrnitn. l*-ii7-Lf FOIl SALK OH LKASK—Round Mountain near pradiiLins xvelln; get in for quirk • liilliny: Si) arrcs. JIOO per acre. Bon -,:•', -H, The Califoiriian. For Exchange—Property li.N'CHANT.K — Four-year-old 4-hcdloom bome in Kiist Oiikland for Bakers! teld pifjpr-riy. Phone cannon. 4-4.'i):i. r>3 For Sale—Trailers RRADY Cash for Your Trailer. Trailers sold on easy payment plan, \Ve finance our own contracts. AIcLEAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue 8-I3-tf Ftifl SAI.F;---Mouse trailer, factory built, lie box, two moves, lots of billlt-lns. tjii-Kitllon water tank. Hlecps four. Priced In sell. Immire at 324 lioodmun street. _ RakeiHfleld r, I 1941 FAt'TOrtV-HriLT. J 3 feet, butane Move, varinim bnikff*. exicllcnt tiren. Kl'-cps twn. iiOT \Viiodrow avenue. Oil- _d»lc. ,-,3 Foil SALK—Stilnly Imilt trniler, double bfd, (lollies ( lohct nnd cupboards, i PH r liilobcn rompai l inf-nt. ilrawcrw. cup- Imards nnd foldniK table: 7-»allon WHI (oniaiiiiM. t\\o ixood prtnvar tires jind tubes, uf/.r «li('x|i:. Sec tu ll Pineda t e. JlMi. Also n,|,bit fiyeis. Inn ks. bred doeM and bntihew. ^L'T Doimlat* at i e _ HiKlilalnl I'ai k IS F<)( IT trailer bonne, sleeps four, h.v- (liaiihc InakeH. .S-|ilv tires, prii e Jl.' Tliirt .\-si\tb a nd Jewell l.ane. Full SALK or trade. J-wlieel «emi-l rn il Kour miles .sonlli of Ua k-i -sfteld 1 nion. Ciind condilion. Will take smaller ttailer. Foil SALK — Scliiill li-Hiler. 19.19. sleeps Idur; lias raime. i< e box and lots of closets; (rood lues. Full price J10UII _(ash. ^'.Tir, clins-U'*- avenue. Toll SALK—Two-wheel. 8-font inelal cov- eied nailer, made esppeially lor Kiape or loiutn workers: (amp slove, (nt and laldo. Slay on job. eav» hotel bills and travel expenses. K(>e|i dry. Apply 191'(I (J si reel. For Sale—Automobiles AUTOMOBILR AD COPY must, contain license number: tf out of Blnte license. f^a_te miiHl be Included In copy. 3-4-tf SELLI5R OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car? If so. just plume or drop by the ACME FINANCE COMPANY, opposite MonlBomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential service. W. .1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone C-079fi. 1-12-tf 1941 1'ackard «ix convertible. A-l tiros. A beauty. Only $1095. (IK:!746). 11 ANY MORE GOOD CARS AT ridll (lean 19::.'l Plymouth cnlipe for s-ale. liiMiil lues, iiidio: itoiid shape. Cash. • SF42IOI. I'all nt 4(l":i Jewell avenue. Itobert O. Hi own. ;,n OffPrs a large scloction of good cars priced at or brlow roiling. '•I 1 llori-nry Club Coiip« '•11 ]>od«f Business Cotipn Ml l.iiH'iiln Xopltyr Scilan Ml Chrysler Kd.viil Si-dun '•In J'acUard Super Sedan ",('.> Unenlii Xephyr Sedan ','!S Jlnic'k Special Sedan MX J'niitiac Scilan 'MS Olilsmobilo t! Sedan '.'17 J'unllitu C'onpo ",'<! I'lyniiiiitli Sedan ':17 \M Salle Sedan '.'!ti IK- Soto Sedan 'illi I'lynuiulh Sedan "Aa Dotlsfl .Sodan TRADKS TERMS Kl'lVI-JKN-BOYD MOTOR CO. If you wish to sell your car fur top price but can't properly show it, consign It with us We'll get you top cash. Come> ia and let us explain our plan. 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf fur most clean cars CLIFF C REN LEAF Twentieth nnd "Kye' ! streets Bakerstield, Plume 7-71177 1041 Clirysler Royal sedan, fluid drive, overdrive, prewar tires. A real buy at ceiling price 11114465), FS "t 50 TO SETTLE eafite. ISM Packard sedan M l-O-lu:u i. sood tires, clean and in food Blmpo. S. VV. Ben*. Route 6. Box 17S. PholleJNTCMl. 62 Tlll'i-K (HCJSBIO) and semi-trailer ( IU-:":M4 < .i). «l«o brown lijjht transmiHsion nnd I'lievrolet rear end. See at 4:tO £3nsl T\\ cut \ -f irsl t»treel. Tif) 1!>4_' L'-rtnor touring sedan (K) 11137 4-tloor tutiring sedan (S) CLIFF GR12KNLKAF Twt'inielh and "Eye streets 50 FOU SALK. lo (lear estate—One 1940 Hudson de luxy ii sedan t4.",A7l9L one l!i:ifi iJiidm 1 (impe ti itiBMS): one 1»;I6 Willys 4 sedan (IMiYTl'll; one 19.17 Willys upon coupe (!>Ali;,77K Phone 2-9210. Mr. A\'erji*._or_7^7ii7 1. coroner's ofi/ice. 50 WILL TK-U'K 1!>31 mo lei A (41N602) for l!i:i."i 10 1!':I7 model sedan. Pay cash difference. SOO Lincoln. Oildale, Aparl- iuent_2. Go 1H1! MERi-rRV 4-n sediin. radio, good tires. Tliia car i« in perfect condition tlnonghimt. Would like to trade for older model car. CSC1C41). 1924 Forrest _»i i eel. bet "'••••n_Il _anil__Olennder. 50 Fun SALK--194n iir.-luirscpowei- 157-inch .Ml l''oi(1 tinned cab. chudsls, equipped wuh KIX S.:T,xJO 10-ply tires, Urowne Lype (i ansnns^ion; 401) series Pinion axle: uilltiy .'Hi-loot semi-trailer, dtnil nxle. fl.iiiixL'O 10-ply tires. 6-inch block braises, vacuum and reserve tank, fi-foot solid body nailer, nseil 1*0 day**. Owner iiuillinir bllsinesH. l!al) (W4024). trailer (2ii^4i. Phone 2-64^4. D. A. Damiu. : r, o KOIl SALK—19211 model A Ford sedan c:7K4:ili. good tires and motor. See at 14W« Twe-nly-nlntli street. 63 FOR SALK—1040 Chevrolet pickup (Calif, "'141). with body. Priced reasonable. Sec- T. .1. Itankln, from 2 to 6 p. m.. _ at_7p,1_\Voodrow, Oildiile. SO FOIl SALE—1931 model A de luxe sedaii! 17-iii'-h wheels, s sood tires, 3 first Biade, 2 good third gritde, new top; paint snd motor In good condition. i7i.X647A i j t\:ne 2-0679. 60 Wanted to Buy—AutomebH>« | Wanted to Buy—Automobiles FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf For Sale—Automobiles Five Parkartls 1934 to 1H41 Models Five Buioks IflliT to J940 models Four Pontiafs 1!U6 to 1941 models Four Plymouths 19I!5 to 1941 models Five Lincoln Zephyrs 19.'!fi to in:!8 models Over 70 Cars in stock at or below ceiling prices CL1 FF GREENLEAF We Buy Cars Twentieth and "Rye" streets Biikersfielci Phone 7-7977 FOK SALK—19.1!) International I'j-ton Iruclt |41i:l-2l>5 Texas). 2-speed rear end. extra tanks, fiflh wheel, large rubher, new motor. Can be seen al 10:i KtiKt C'a [jfornia. 51 1930 ilODKL A Ford cabriolet. V-8 wheels, pickup bed. good rubber <3t.:i395). 1'hone 2 - 8.1S2. f, a FOR SALE by owner, 1933 Reo truck e(iuippcd with a power winch and a Hrown-Lipe transmission with a 2-ax!e semi-trailer (nm'8493); 2'i ton with S.LTi tires on iriick, 9.20 on trailer; $2000 will handle. Phone 4--IU47. If no answer. ( aU_L'-97 K". r> 1 l'j:tfi I-'ORD truck, new motor, good tires, cull 2-5:127. (c.M::.2) WILL TRADK 11)42 'i-tnn Chevrolet truck, A-l condition, stock, rack, (145070 Mo.), as part payment on home or older car. Carl Knrri.s, Crmvn City Auto Courts, ."> miles north on 99, after «:30 p. m. 51 FOR SALE—1934 master Chevrolet coupe, Kood condilion. $325 (87B724). See James Bone. 1 mile south V-i mile weal of But- touwlllow post office. 51 FOIl SALK—Clean 19:14 Plymouth deluxe coupe, reasonable. (Calif. 2141059.) 110 Kentucky, Apartment 6. Private owner. BO 1912 CHEVROLET, cab over (BK4890), 2-speed axle; 1941 Ford truck (BE4MR). He seen at 829 Broadway. Waflco. Calif. 53 TWO-TON business truck for sale. (Y4560). Phone 3-0248. 60 Is-TON pickup (OB9811), runs and looks K(Kid, good tire* Phone !)-950L 50 ONE 1938 6-cylinder Hudson coupe for sale, cheap. (3CG.14). Can he seen nt :!A2:!_lI__strcet._ojr_phone_2_-fl439. B3 ONK 1939 Chevrolet "-door coach for sale. Will consider trading. (222087 Okla.). Can he seen at 3iJ23 M street, or phone 2-11439. 63 Automotive Service, Parts WR CAN FAINT Your Car Immediately. G.MAC Budget Plan Cull for A. Carter FRKIl C SCHWEITZER OI.DSMOBILE DEALKR I'honc 5-391)7 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf COM!'LKTB body and fender repairing nlso fron: wheel alignment. Charles ViKstroin's Garace. 1520 Twenty-eighth •Sieet. Phone 2-7937. 4-12-tf GRANT piston rings last longer. Motor tuned up. creasing- and oiling: car stor- BBe Blue Ribbon Garate. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-16-tf FOR COMPLETE LUBRICATION' SERVICE, IS THE BEST "WAY TO KEEP THAT CAR PERFORMING AT ITS BEST, FOR THE 1)1" RATION. 52 Motorcycles and Bicycles TWO BICYCLES for sale. 24 and 26-Inch. Good condition. 240$ Nineteenth street. A tin run e n i_ 2. & 0 FOIt SALE—Two boys' bicycles, good con- dilion. South of Edison Highway on Fairfax lload, second house a(TOSH cana I. __PlHine_:MOStl. 51 FOR SALE—bill's laiKe bicycle, prewar. Kood condition. Phone 2-457:,. 51 For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures USED FURNITURE wanted. W« call «ny place in city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerlv Roy White FurnItur» Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tt SEWING MACHINES and vacuum cleaners repaired. We also buy machines. 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 63 FOR SALE—New and used mattresses: all kinds of furniture, radios void, traded and repaired. First class workmanship. J'umplvln ("enter Secondhand Store. On Taft Figrhway. 1'? miles west of Greenfield. 68 Rorkers with springs, $27.HO. B;il>y buggies, all-steel prewar construction, $14.95 and up. Blankets. A real buy nt $5.95. Our living room sets have full spring construction and beautiful covers, $154.50 and up. 27x54-inch throw rugs, all-wool pile. Formerly $10.95, now $G.85. Just received a large shipment of beautiful hussocks and slnig rugs. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chesler avenue, just one block south of courthouse. !>-J(i-44 BEAUTIFUL 5-plece walnut bedroom set with Innnrspring mattress and springs: 8-piece dining room set. 1617 Alta Vista Drive 61 GRAYBAR Ironer for sale. Call at 2612 O street. Phone 3-0796. 4i* FIVE ROOMS of furniture, including refrigerator, washer, sewing machine and vacuum cleaner. Also baby bed. Phone 3-0251!. fr> THREE-QUARTER rollaway bed with In- neispiing mattress; baby bed and mattress. Phone 2-6472. 2601 San Emliiio. Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. 8-11-tf WANT to buy. 1941-1942 privately owned car. in A-l condition. Must have good rubher and low mileage. Will pay top price in private transaction. No brokerage. Call Hotel El Tejon, room 301. 63 1942 OR 1941 MERCURY or other light car wanted for cash. Must be in A-l condition. Will pay top price. Phone 3-0212. 59 For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures FOR SALK—An 18-pio portable oven. Cull 2-321(1. 50 NEW ARRIVALS Direct from Factory 3-piece walnut waterfall bedroom set, extra large mirror 1139.95 3-piere lime oak bedroom set, very smart, modern design $149.95 6-piece walnut dining room set $ 94.95 8-piece bleached mahogany dining S-piece eastern oak dinette set i 69.95 Very beautiful winp, barrel and fireside chairs, unusual covers $ 59.95 2-piece custom made living- room group $225.00 Spring-rilled bed divans $ 55.00 "A Small Store Bulging with Values" A T/-S MITH FF RN IT r R K Eighteenth and L Phone 2-6277 53 COUCH, rocker, library table. 2-piece bedroom set, 3-piece breakfast set, 100-lb. ice box, typewriter. 1162 Flower. 61 FOR SALE—Overstuffed set, like new. J60. 105 Hughes street, Oildale. Phone 2-1869. 60 BABY BED, steel flpnnirs and mattress. In very good condition. $12.50. Also wooden baby cart. 429'.j Niles, Mrs. Dyer. 50 FOR SALE—Llvinic room eel. dinette set, bedroom set and O'Keefe * table-top stove. Phone 8-8468. 2528 Park Way. 62 DAVENPORT set. coffee table, flowered drapes. Jl'ir pairs: heavy kitchen utility table. Call 2-7554 or 2-1947 after 7 _J^__m^ 52 FOR SALE—One Montgomery Ward frigidaire. 331 Wilson Drive, in Riverview, or phone 6-6674. FOR SALE—Child's large size crib and mattress, good condition, $10 See 2327 Oregon street or phone 7-7228. 62 FOR SALE—High-oven gas stove, small radio, dining room set, rug. Phone 2-5922. 6'J OVERSTUFFED divan and chair, maple kneehole desk. maple drop-leaf arm table, walnut bed. Phone 2-1508 from 5 to R. 52 SILVER electric coffee percolator set with tray; electric toaster. Baby Ben clock, small ruBS, one Chinese; two packing trunks, one wardrobe, innerspring mnt-, antique mirrorfl, clothing, gold wristwatch. miscellaneous articles; green drapes, electric blanket. 109 East Kighlh. cabin No. 4. ALBATROSS Ice box, knee-hole desk, ivory bed set complete with Inneripring mattress and box springs, twin beds complete, chest of drawers, radio, dining ami living room set, Singer sewing machine, odd dressers. Call after 6 p. m. S53I Chester. FOR SALE—Prewar furniture and price. Living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. 203 East Seventh. Phone n-2264. For Sale—-Lumber Used Li WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-tf USED LUMBER—2i6. 2x». 1*10. 1x12 and heavier timber*. Wlncland Lumber Co. Phone 8-8108. 600 Norrl« Road. 9-11-tf IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE but wo do have quite a large supply of 1x6 and 1x12 sheeting at $49.50 a 1000 and n whole gang of 8-foot L'x4s at $44.75 a 1000 (no priority)— and it's Oregon pine, too. MR. FARMER! This is just the stuff for that shed you have been wanting. We also have a nice stock of paints. Outside White from $1,49 a gallon up, Shingle Stain, Paste, Boiled Oil, Cement, Roofing Paper, Mouldings, Doors and Windows, elc. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX Cut-Rate Lumber Yard 2200 Edison Highway 9-26-tf For Htjnt—Ml«e«ll«n«ou» FOR SALE—Davenport and chair, fork- ir\K chairs, sanitary couches, electric IKTcol»t»r». bufffit. L'OO-uallon aulonimic iron watering Hough; other things. App ly 19 i (I Q street. FOB. SALK—Prewar baby buggy, perfect condition, $35. i'lay pen. Ilka new, $15. Balhlnette. tt. After 6 p. m. call 2-4528 or call at 1200 El Bancho.' il For ••!•—Miscellaneous THK OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION ha* net dollars-and-centi ceiling prices on lined refrigerator*, washing machine*, vacuum cleaners, typewriter*, bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. These maximum prices apply to every seller, even to an individual selling his personal household effects. For Information concerning these and all other ceillnic prices, call the Bakem- fleld War Price arid Rationing Board. Phone 9-3419. 5-13-tf VACUUM CLEANER. Iron*, clock, and all •mail appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. 113 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf FOR SALE—Saxophone, vacuum cleaner*, fractional horsepower motors, left-hand nuls. etc. Call 7-7732. 60 GIRL'S COAT, size 12: man's gray suit, size 38. Fhone 6-6926. 50 LARGE COOLER, blower type. $80. Phone .1-!!fi27. ' 60 INLAID LINOLEUM CONGOLEUM CONGOLEUM RUGS Large selection at low prices DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue . 53 Hot Water Heaters 135 Laundry Trays $10 Fruit Jar 75c doz. Platform Scales Showcases Stools Ire Cream Maker Hpvernge Cooler Wooden Bowls Dishes Slock Pots Steam Tables Ht'ooma Mops Coolers Hundreds of other item*. Oswald's Restaurant Supply 716 Nineteenth Street Phone L'-9317 Flyinir and halsa model plane kit*, jeeps, trucks, tankx. ships fillings, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come in nnd look around. Kdwarti's Camera Kxrhnnge, 1609 Nineteenth street. s-:;-tf KKC'APPINO Brine yonr old tires to use for recapping. We use Ki'fide A rnhhet : 24-honr service. KK.NZI.NO'S SKUVICK Twentieth and K Streets S-5-lf FREB FRKE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It TourseK BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 3 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf BLUE tailored suit, size IB; black coat, fur collar, silverware, glassware, two windows, miscellaneous articles. 2 L street. Phone 2-5194. 60 FARMERS AND TRUCKERS WARDS OIL AND GREASE SALE ENDS SATURDAY. LAST CHAXOE TO GET YEAR'S LOWEST PRICES ON FINEST PENNSYLVANIA OIL, 56c PER GALLON. BEST CALIFORNIA OIL, 4nc PER GALLON IN 55-GALLON LOTS, PLUS FEDERAL TAX. SAVE ON GREASE, TOO. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 25TH AND CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7S71 52 FOR SALE—Hi-horsepower engine. $5. Phone 6-6254. FOR SALE — Vi-horsepower Fairbanks- Morse gas engine, $7.60. Phone 6-6254. FOR SALE—Bathtub and kitchen sink. 2200 South "Eye" street (in Southgate). FOR SALE—8-inch Delta rip saw and 4-inch jointer with 1-horsepower motor. Complete. JlOn. Call at 1401 Thirty- si x I hs t reet after 5 p. ro. ;> 2 CAST~IRON WOOD~GRATES FOR FIREPACE NOT RATIONED BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO. 2015 CHESTER AVENUE MAONECOIL In A-l condition, cheap. Phone 2-8382. 62 FAST. 17-foot Inboard boat with V-8, 85- horsepower motor. This boat is very new itnd in first class condition: two cockpit.; with red leather upholstery; with trailer and 6.00x16 tires. 14-foot boa. with 16-horsepower outboard motor. This boat Is all mahogany. 17-foot boat, 6-foot 10-inch beam, good family boat, double planking, safe for ocean, trailer with 6.00x16 tires. Row and sailboats. Cushions and paddles. Grease for outboard motors. CuKtom-bnili IS-foot x 6-foot 10-Inch inboard speedboat, Chrysler Marine motor, all maghoKany and most beautiful boat in tow. . Has very neat all-steel trailer with 6.60x16 tires. GAf.KY'S. 404 Bernard Street 61 TRUNK, extra large and well made, $25. 429'.4 Niles street. In rear. Mrs. Dyer. 60 KERN WERM FERM at 1920 Cherry street, suggests you take advantage of this grand fishing weather. My fish worms would tempt any fish. Phone 2- 4jt 3_L 60 B'OR SALE—Knotty building, 30x40, redwood sills and tongue and groove floor: frame building, can be moved. Shown by appointment. Phone 3-0873 between 8 a. in. and 5 p. m. 60 We now have for sale the very choicest strawberry plants, by dozen, 100, or 1000. Varieties, New Oregon, Blakemore, Filmore and Corvalis. M. P. Flickinger, 9HO Eighteenth. Phone 2-3451. S3 JUST RECEIVED A LARGE STOCK OF MANURE SPREADERS. IF YOU NEED ONE OF THESE, COME IN AND LET US HELP YOU APPLY FOR A RATION CERTIFICATE. GET YOURS NOW WHILE WE HAVE THEM IN STOCK. PRICED AT $235.95. WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVE. PHONE 7-7871 FOR SALE—.30 Remington Gamemaster rifle, with sheila. Call 8-1359. 62 DINETTE and bedroom furniture, boys' and girls' clothing. Call after 6 p. m.. phone 7-7447. 6j FOR SALE—Reconditioned lawn mowers. 908 K street. 62 FOR SALE—Building 16 feet x 32 feet: two steel fryer batteries, capacity 320 each; ono gas brooder, 600-chick capacity. Phone 7-7298, corner of Belle Terrace and El Sereno Drive. 63 FOR SALE—Bansinette-slze baby bed with mattress and steel springs; also round dining table. Call 3-1288. 2909 California avenue. 62 'A-HORSEPOWER 20-eallon electric pump; ^i-horsepower gasoline pump: 2',i-horsepower centrlfuBa) pump; 4 Mi -horsepower centrifugal pump. G. C. Townsend. Route 2. Box 55, Plans Road. 62 Singer portable electric sewing machine. 1609 West Eighth. 61 FOR SALE—Model caterpillar tractor. Call between 9 and 10. phone 2-1613. 63 FOR SALE—10x10 canvas, one 4-foot and one 10-foot ladder, 10 or 12 paint brushes, prewar and otherwise. $75. 2222 Arlington, East Bakeratleld. 61 WARDS HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF SUPPLIES FOR THE FARM ER USING HORSE DRAWN EQUIPMENT. A FEW OF THESE ITEMS ARE, HORSE COLLARS HARNESS, SINGLE-TREES AND DOUBLE - TREES COMPLETE ALL SELL AT WARDS USUAL LOW PRICE. WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVE. PHONE 7-7871 Bl DO TOUR OWN WELDING Tou can easily become an efficient welder with a G-R electric welder. Many sizes from 100 to 500 amperea capacity. Simple construction and low operating cost. These are int toy*, but heavy duty welders, suitable for lone and continuous operation. See them at Coualna Tractor Company. 424 Twenty-fourth street. 62 Singer and White electrics and treadles. We repair any make Hewing machines or vacuum cleat.ers. Work guaranteed. Hemstitching while you wait. 1609 West Elzhth. Phone 9-9437. 69 FOR fiALR—.30-0-6 rifle, scabbard: 2% power telescope sight, two boxes of shells. $75. 2715 San Emldio. -Phone S-18i>2. 62 ASSORTMENT of children'* clothes, size 8, and lady's clothes, size 16. Fhone 7-7U.2. DEER HUNTERS—30-30 Winchester carbine. (4 model, good a* new; 3'i boxes shells. Apply at 1108 Inyo atrett between ( and (:10 p. m. it For ••!•—^Miscellaneous WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick lervice. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co.. 913 Baker. Fhone 2-9278. 9-8-tf TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE! CLEROU TIRE COMPANT 1717 K STREET PHONE «-606» 2-29-tf 'Paris Liberated" and "Tanks Capture Guam" and other newareel*. 8-mm and 16-mm arenlc. adventure and gporti picture!. New cartoons. Little King. Donald Duck. Mickey Motile, etc. Edwardf-i Camera Exchange 1(09 Nineteenth. 9-19-tf GET YOUR rubber giampa from Bakera- fleld'i only rubber stamp company. Tou will be natlifled with Us prompt aervlce. Pncin. Inks, daterg ot all make:. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 69 kw and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 NOTICE J. * J. Electric Iron Shop (11 Nineteenth Street May hare heating elements to fit your iron. Corda and a few moton for sale. 69 BABY BUGGY—Deluxe, beautiful, almost new. 135. 612 Water street. 50 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Company. Phone 8-8581. 9-18-tf We have in atock and ready for ImmediRte delivery a large selection of hydraulic acrareri, hydraulic pumpa, valves and tractor adaptors— 6. 8 AXT) 10-FOOT BE GE SCRAPERS 3 Sizes of BE GE HYDRAULIC PUMPS BE G'S CONTROL VALVES FOR JOHN E>EERE TRACTORS COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY 421 Twenty-fourth Street Phone 6-6711 50 VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service snd Repairs, 91? Watn street. Phone 2-4570. 64 NOW IS THE TIME to fertilize before the ralr.n begin: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized: 16 per lo^d, delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9351. D4 ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring, 2-8970. Electrolux Corporation, 1831 Orange street. 86 WILL SELL, Keystone roping saddle. Round skirt, black. Phone 2-5141. 50 DECORATE your nome with mirrors. We specialize In morror* for mantels, walls and doors. Bakersfield Glass Company, 1716 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good atock rf leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf GOOD clean oat hay. 122.50 per ton, an long as it lasts. Phone 3-2078. 64 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts anl service. «'all Welll's service department. 6-6851. 7-B-tf ily VACOL1TE U fitted to correct my own Individual hearing loss. Clement Her- nhey. 2736 Center street. Phone 2-0571. 9-16-tf ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S SOI Jsiles Phone 3-1402 68 FERTILIZER AUTUMN'S HERE—RUMMER'S GONE PURCHASE NOW FOR FIELD OR LAWN Dairy and stable, 16 per load. Ed L. Akers. »20 Twenty-fifth street. Phone 2-3841. 63 BABY BUGGY, very good condition; bathi nette, prewar, $3.60; army officer's top coat, like new, «ize 40. Phone 2-8854. 61 FOR SALE—Two fan-type coolers. 135 each. Phone 2-7200. 61 EL.ECTRIC FENCE CONTROLLER, PRICED TO SAVE YOU UP TO 1-3 AT WARDS FARM STORE. LEGAL IN ALL STATES. STORM PROOF CASE. CONTROLLED SHOCK, SAFE BUT SURE. BATTERY OF 110 VOLT TYPE. AS LOW AS »16.95 AT WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVE. PHONE 7-7871 51 FOR SALE—400 amp. portable welding generator, A-l condition, ready to mount on truck or trailer. Phone 3-1377 for appointment. 53 23-JEWEL Waltham railroad watch, good conditlon. Phone 2-1370. 61 TWO WOOL dresses, wool suit, short fur jacket, silk dress, size 16, cheap. Phone 2-8123. 50 Sewing Machine Exchange 1218 Baker Street Singer and White consoles; stands and re- pa iring._Willtrade 6 3 WOOL RUST coat, fox collars J20: navy twill coat, 19, size 10. Phone 2-4379. 60 FOR SALE—A beautiful black skunk fur jacket, size 16. Never been worn. Reasonable, no tax. Phone 2-4316. 61 MAN'S double-breasted blue serge suit with i>in stripe, 36, 115. Fhone 2-5348. 60 For »•!•—Miscellaneous K-20 FARMALL, all rubber: good chape 2-row cultivator. A bargain. Phone 2-4063. 51 FOR SALE—Delta drill pies*, nulled for «j siir.iKe or machine shop. Inquire 2600 Nineteenth street after 5 p. m. 50 FORMAL, dresses, size 16. Reasonable price. Also hut: other articles. Call 6-6803. SO Radios, Musical Instruments FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radio*. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf RADIO REPAIRS ' Quick aerlvce. General Service Company. 313 Baker. Phone 2-9278 4-24-tt TOP PRICES paid for late model radios. Poston Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Hlghwaj. Phone 2-04118. 2-1-tf ' We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest cash prlco paid for new and used pianos. Phone 8-8981. »-12-tf CAR AERIALS for any make of car, 14.96 and up. Poston Radio corner of K street and 99 Highway. 9-1-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radios. Bakersfield Radio Pupply, 2808 Chester avenue. Phone 2-6160. 8-11-tf WILL PAY highest cash price for your piano. Call 8-8673. 1-26-tt KEKN MUSIC SHOP, 906 Baker. Musical Instalments, supplies and sheet music. We repiilv all musical Instruments; hows rehalred. 67 FOR SALE—Bonton wonder flute and music rack, cheap. Box M-399. The California^ 5_0 USED PIAXO BARGAINS—Good makes, reconditioned and guaranteed like new. Big stock, wide range of prices. Musicians, teachers, buyers who know piano value * are especially welcome. Lowest prices and easy terms. Free delivery. Phillips Music Company, 1610 Nineteenth Street. 58* ONK 8-tllbe Majestic oonRole radio, $35; one 7-tube tnhle model radio, $17. 134 Hopkins. Riverview. 61 SUPER OMs trumpet, case anil two miilea, SIL'5 cash. Like new. Phone 6-5236 or Cl416 Monterey street. S2 ANTIQUE rocevood square piano, matth- InK stool with needlepoint cover, J90. 2840 Arroyita. Phone. 6-C206. Cameras and Photography <•• 16-MM. Bell 4 Howe.l projector. 1125. . EdwardJ Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 9-19-tf FOR SALE—Unibex 8 mm. movie projector, Model PUS. Has had good care. Wayne Carter, phone 2155. McFarland. 51 Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAT CASH for typewriters, adding machines, checkwriters and cash registers. Lynch Typewriter Company, 1659 Chester avenue. «-29-tf Fruits and Vegetables $2.69 Full Lug. Bring your own container*. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tf 99c FOR FULL LUG Bring your own container!. Tho earn* kiftd of pearl w« bad lait year. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf CANNING PEARS—We have just received our last shipment of Tehachapi pears. These pears are the same high quality that all of our canning fruit has been. Price $1.39 per lug. We also have a limited quantity of field boxes. Price $2.50. This ad will run until we are out of pears. Please bring containers. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-09B1. 52 Large vineripened 89c FULL LUG Bring j'our own containers 1019 Baker Street. East Bakersfield. 9-25-tf. TEHACHAPI POTATOES—We no\f have some long, white and russet potatoes of commercial quality at this very low price of $3.49 pep sack. Now is the time to put away potatoes for winter. The potato season at Tehachapi is about over. Stock up now. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth & Union. Phona 3-0961. 8-23-tt I POLITICIAN ] HORIZONTAL 3 Sheltered side 1 Pictured 4 Brad screen ectress 5 Weapon and politician, 6 Noah's boat 7 Food dish Douglas 11 Native metal 12 Halo 13 Exist 14 Golf device 15 Writing fluids 16 For 17 Aluminum (symbol) 18 Hour (ab.) 20 Fleece 23 Rowing implements 27 Jewel 28 Trade mark 30 Each (ab.) 31 Iridium (symbol) 32 Give treatment 36 Joyous 39 Annum 40 Directs aim 41 Biblical pronoun 43 Per 44 Narrow inlet 47 Plateau SO Mimic Amiwrr to Previous Pum»le 8 Opening 9 Arrival (ab.) 10 New (prefix) 17 Every 19 Steal 20 Tired 21 On account (ab.) 22 Either 24 Measure of area 25 Egyptian sun god 26 Cuts 27 Domesticated animal 29 Arid 33 Electrical engineer (ab, 34 Rough lava 35 Attempt 36 Fodder 37 Three-toed sloth 38 Afternoon (ab.) 42 Send forth 43 Stable 44 Fish eggs 45 Sick ) 46 Late American humorist 48 Biblical name 49 Great Lakes' canal 50 High card 51 Golf term 52 Print measures 93 Ancient 84 Russian name 55 Part of (ear 56 She is an (pl.) VERTICAL 1 Torrid, 2 Before

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