The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 6
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, , . THE BAKERSFJELD CALIFORNJAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 BE STOOY T Buflonwillow Department to: Resume Activities at Its Thtirsthiy Meet Buying °l canned |?IM»|H will lie the project for Hi'- fli-Hl full meet- Ing of the Huttdiiwlllow I'lirni Hum" Dopartnienl in l» h'^lil Thnrsdiiy mornlnp at 11 ,;KI o'clock nt th" hornn of Mrs. .Idlin lllHliop A polliicli lunclii'on will \>" held ni noon. Domtliv WllklnMon, fnrm i dcnifiuwtriillon iiricnl, "'III lend Ihe domfiiiNl nitlon \vlili I In- MMHlHlniiee of Ml-H. Wllwnn |ili-lc-» IIFKI MI-M. John' Thomson, proj«-i i Ii mlcrn The npi- ; clnl produi I in 11. fludli-d ulll l"i | nsp-'ir/iKUN KJII-11 i«-nl"r IH Mliiilvlng^ a dlffen nl iiroilui t nl Ihc ni<'cMn^'M ' for thin inonlli iih.I Ihe pooled onnclii- | Klon-i will !'<• n"iil lo i-ncli center In j a letter. : At tin' liiiMlni" Jiic'ilinir. elr-rllon of (ifflcei-H IMI Mi'- >'iii- will h" held. PI:in« will nli<' I"- ninde for the or- Ki\nl7.Miloii of n inini linii'iiii choriiM. General Aid to Hold First Fall Meet Thursday __ t •JVTEMBEUH of the (k-noral Aid "'^ Society of First I'rnHbytcrian Chtircli will hold their first fall ineetinK Tluirwlay nf^crnoon at 2 o'clock in WcNlmiiiHtcr hnll of the church. Due lo the rcHlitnntlon of two inomlHTH of the boiirel, Mrs. II. H. DC- Lncy, prpnltlcnl nnd MrH. U. C. llrown, Hfcrrtnry, election will ho held to fill vnennrleM. Tlionr In rhnr){(! nrc HHkiiiR « full attend- mice. Mr*. J. l«. llnwldtiN, vice- preHident, will conduct the HCH- nion. Mrn. Corn >iuiKli. IHH' rni-d from N nto.M NORTH KemiKh nnd M|HM I l Mnpl" Ml rent, liuv Henlll» \vln'r« i- r<>- thny III llll> Himilll'T. MlHM ICf'OUKll IH cnrolli'il nl tli«' Hiitnmor HPMHlon ' (i the inilvrrHlly. Kti roulu lioiim tlcy ilxlifd n'lallvcH In I'orlliirnl i Irl'inli' In Onliliinil. MlHM' K'-'niKli I" 'i" liiHlriiflnr In Ilii- KMK- j Hull fl»pii.rlin'int nl Ilii! local lilRli ! FELLOWS COUPLE OFFIOPARLEY Lewises lo Allciul American Legion Convention ris Slide Delegates n;i,l/nVH, Bepl. tt.— Mr. and MI-H. f'.ordoM I.pwln nf Fnllnwn urn leaving for ("li'Vfliiml Kutiirflay to attend (.lie i iKlll'-rntll Hill lolllil ArnTlrail l,f'Kl"H (•iiMVi-Mtlnri an (lolcKUf'H from the. Do- imrtini'iil of I'nllfortilii. ThlH t« til'! Corn-Ill ypnr III" two luiv KIIIIO to 111" niitlniiiil K"lli<?rlnK IIH di'lcf-iiU-H and IN th" fifth they luivo 111 tr'll'l»'ll. They went to t'orllnnrl In IB!t2, <')i!riiK<> In 1933. Mluml In 10.14 iuid HI. 1,'HilH In KKIiV Wlillu nu-riy they will vlHlt Mr. Lewlfi' blrllljilnro In TeiuienHPO, tn'lll({ KW. n month it 11 rw I her. Traveler to South America Finds Country Progressive AT COTTAOIC ItOMriTAI. M. T, UffUolt of DnHiillH Auto Itn- ( Hliop IH l.'OMVIllCHI'llIK Hi '''itl.'ltfO I lnM|illiil r Knrit.'i Hiu liai'.'i. South America 1» now what. •• California was 40 years ago aa an Industrial frontier Is tho opinion of Arthur H. Karpe, local Implement dealer, who has Just returned from an 18,000'mllo Joiirnny. 7Io traveled 84 days by airplane, train, motor car, slearner, launch, truck and shay, through 10 countries. Ho was amazed at tho progremi and opportunity to he dlMcnrned In thn neighborhood continent. I load building and education am iruiklng rapid ft rides and tho rtnprcs- Hlon IH ffiHl, fading from memory, ho, observed. Sanitation IB marked thrniighoiit, ami HID people, especially men and women In buslnonH, are conspicuously coiirteoiiH and hospitable. A strong bid IH being made to triiirlftM. * Col Ion IH king In tho Argentine, the climate of which Is much like California, only more humid. One lnmdrc.ll gins have been erected recently. Coffee and banana plantations uboiind, anil cotton In being plunleil helween tho rows of coffee. in ROBIN HOOD SHOES Styles for the Pre- School Child I.onli at Iliohti clm-i>r llttlo Bhoi.ui wlih plonly cif room for ten growing IOIIH. JtiHl Illio hlK Hln ti«r'ti mill will (hunt) young- nlnrn hr proiiil . . . Try JilHt one pair. All Hhoos ilouhlo rlii'duiil by X llay. r „ $ 2 s WE FIT NARROW FEET BOYS Cheer These Shoes That Wear and Wear Thrnn cheers for itoniN HOODS, they're tho kind of fllioou boj« want. Liko your favor I to football team. All leather Robin llooiln stand undefeated for Hcrvlco. Now grultiH, tOiarliHkln tlpn, wing tlpH. Hum 1m H. Shoes to be proud of. Slzen I to 0. $|98 $745 Bring the Kiddies to SHERWOOD ~ The Most Unique Children's Department In the Entire West Kxpertly Fitted by Let Us Check Up on the Fit of Your Kiddies' Shoes llnnK your children fur a chi-cliup by X I! \Y. No obligation to you but wo want l" ln'lp tho chlklri'ii of our community to Miari Hchoul tinhuiiillrapiiod by Improper Nhoi'H. SIM> our uniiluntc ulioo fltt.or about jniir Ulddli'u' foot problems Shoes thai Fit We Fit The Hard-To-Fit High Styles With Low Heels for Smart, Dressy Teen-Ags Misses ll i- no UuiKcr iii'i'chKiii'y lo "i-liop llin town" to lluil iilniiH Int; iilylni for tlin junior inltis. in our nn«ut Hi'ltifilnii of lo\\ hiTlcil -ihoi-H you will Iliul tlio tnoni tlirlllltiK Ktyli-H In -ui'ili'!,, uruliiH nil'floH anil i.iiiootli l(>iilhi'i-s A trout iiuiiltH you at our Htoro. Si -"•i! to U) AAA to 1). $198 $^95 I 98 „ $ 3 YOUNG MEN ATTENTION! The Famous COLLEGIAN «nd STREAMLINE BERKELEY SQUARES NOW1 95 and SO85 3 All Leather •GRAYS •UUMBAS • BROWNS •WING TIPS • BLACKS •CUBAN HEELS • BLUES • GRAINS • SUEDES • 5 to 18—AA to E FREE TOYS Join the Robin Hood Club and fict Free Boys', Girls' Cowboy Boots $C95 5 Jiut Llk* D«d'i, 1 to »' 's, There Is much colonizing at present by tho Kngllah, Belgians, Italians, Japans and Hermann. Helps King Neptune ' Having crossed the equator four Union previously, Mr. Karpe was chosen for tho committee when King Noptuno's party was held aboard whip. Tho ball and carnival were particularly gay. Instead of leaving from thi! wont coast, tho travojer flow to Chicago, taking a Twentieth I'oiHury liner to Now York and boarding tho H. H. Pan America, a MuriHon liner, from Now York. In Itlo do Janeiro, Buenos Alron, Valparlso nnd Hao Paulo Mr. Karpe vlMlte.d headquarters of tho Intnrnu- llonul Harvester Company, which ha IUIH represented In Uakersflcld for 20 yearH, Kindnesses of officials of tho company In thono cities added greatly, to his enjoyment of t.ho trip. In UuonoM Aires, government officials from various lands wore negotiating for exchange of war prisoner*. A stop In Bermuda was followed by arrival In Hlo di; Janeiro which Mr. ICiirpn found one of the most beautiful cities vlsltud. Its harbor Is comparable to tho Golden Gate, Han Kranclsco, llo continued to Hao Paulo and HantoH, tho world's greatest coffee port, embarking from tho latter city on tho S. K. Asturlas for Montevideo, going from there to UuenoB Aires. KncountRrs Local Miss In UuenoM Aires at City hotel tho traveler encountered Alias Beatrice Allen of Uakorsflold who aluo was touring South Amorlcji. Mr. Kurpo spent Hcvorul days In HuenoM Aires, leaving by airplane for Hantlago. Cnllo. Ho flew over thf) AndoH In making tho trip and obtained many flno pictures. On his vacation altogether lie took 3000 feet of motion pictures also; flno films of the ISO foot Christ monument at Rio worn obtained. The airplane trip was on tho Pan American system; aviation Incidentally follows the lead of North America, Argentina having Just appropriated K'00,000 for North American ulrMilpit. In threo ports the passengers were unloaded In buHkelt* onto launches, It being linposslblu for tho liners to reach harbor. Kvcn tlilw method la Imposulblo In Btorrny weather. HtopM were made In Valparaiso, Antofagattta, Chili;, tho chief, nitrate and copper port of Chile, Mollendo, I'eru. Callao-Llma, Hallvarry, Peru; Talura, Peru; Guayaquil. Ecuador, Huenaventura, Colombia, Balboa, Puntarcnas, La Llbertad, San Jose do Quulemala, Mazutlan and Los Angeles. Legion Women to Hold Large Party Anticipated ua one of the year's liirgetit functions) of Frank S. Reynolds L'nlt, American Legion Auxiliary, a flvo hundred and bridge party IH planned for Wednesday evening, .September 111, at Legion hall. II' the evening la a warm one, tables and chairs will bo placed on tho spacious lawn adjoining tho hall. If not, tho hall will be appointed for play. Reservations should bo made with Mrs. ISarl Howe. Four prizes will bo presented In onch gamo and door awards will bo made. Committees Include: Refreshments, Mrs. Marvin Anglln; tables, Mr». Claude ISnyart; scores for bridge, MrH. William Kabct*; scores for five hundred, Mrs. frank Loustalot; lighting, Mrs. Pete Zydnor. Elvin Hicks Elected to Post of Vice-President for Nazarene Group IClvln Hicks was re-elected district vice-president at a convention of Nazarene Young People's Societies of Northern California, held In Polk hall In tho civic auditorium, San Kranclsco, recently. Mrs. Ivu 13welJ Hupp, daughter of tho Kovcrend and Mrs. 13. J. Kwell, local pastor of tho Nazarene Church, was re-elected district president. She liven In Watsonville. Heports were given of tho progress of the various societies of tho district. Tho southern zone of which Mr. Hicks is preHident, was given an award for having the largest attendance at rallies held during the year. At the close of the business session on Monday the group enjoyed a picnic at Golden Gate Park. The southern zone won a loving cup for finishing a baseball contest undefeated; the games were played following the luncheon. Attending tho throe-day convention from. Bakcrsfield besides Mr. •and Mrs. Hicks were Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Holcomb, the Reverend E. J. ICwell, Harvcl Bufflngton, Ruth Kllewer and Nathan 1-Cliewer. W. 0. W. Camp Will Initiate Neophytes Several candidates will be Initiated when BakerHfleld Camp No. 460, Woodmen of the World, meets in regular session Thursday evening at W. O. W. hall. Entertainment will follow with arrangements in charge of Mrs. Wanda L. Oleason. It. M. McLeod, John W. Ciumday and E. N. Blacker. The committee Is promising something Interesting; refreshments will be served In tho banquet hall. Schilling more flavor because it's toasted GUITARS ' Siniill 1'uyiuciils PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 1312 Nineteenth St. Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Strangers Wickersham Co. Nineteenth and "Eye" Street] GRUNOW Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phone 14*0 Kit Obeiter Avenue Oildale School Expects Big Growth; O^ens New Project AN AFTER-SCHOOL recreational'] •**• program of supervised play will bo set up at Standard School during the 10110-37 term, It was announced today by N. H. Farnhntti, district superintendent. The school'executive has' called the first teachers' staff mooting Friday morning at 0 o'clock, preliminary to the opening of school on next Monday. Ho anticipates an opening enrollment of more than 600 pupils, a flgur« that passes all previous records at the school. Many new homes and residents In Highland Park and Oildale will bo responsible for the growth, ho said. Auditorium Progresses The recreational program will be Introduced as a WF*A project. Supervised play will bo conducted for primary pupils from 2 to 3 o'clock every afternoon following the dismissal of regular classes and from 4 to C o'clock for the upper grade pupils. Games and arts and crafts will bo given. There will bo a woman attendant to have charge of the girls, It Is announced. Work on the new $105,000 auditorium Is going forward rapidly. According to reports sent In to the government, approximately 50 per cent of the construction has been completed with the date for completion set for January 26, 1937. A lighted baseball diamond has been Installed on the playgrounds during the summer and will be lit uso during the year. New Teachers Two new teachers are on the faculty: Miss Elizabeth Simpson of San Jose, who will take the 2B grade and assist in the orchestra, and Miss Hazel Lin.nclo from U. C. 1«. A., teacher of departmental art and 6A home room teacher. Mrs.'Katherlne Aslln, who has been on a year's leave of absence, Is returning to her duties a« teacher of the 4A grade. The remainder of the faculty iw as follows: Hest of Staff Mrs. O. C. Sclidtz, principal of. prl« mary building and teacher of IB grade; Rulon Keetch, director of, visual education, teacher of Uopart- mentaal mathematics and 7J3 homo room teacher; Mrs. Guynotr Kratka, 8A teacher and social studies seventh, and eighth grades, also girls' physical education; Miss Prances Bragg, departmental reading and 7A home room;. Mrs. Irene M. Frey, departmental English and 8B grade; Kenneth Thlenes, music and OB grade; Miss Anne Peterson, 5A; Mrs. Josephine Knowles, 5B; Miss Golda Rannells, 4B; Miss Qenevleve Wyatt, 2A; Miss Jennie Qarard, 3A; Mrs. Ocea. Bradford, 3B; Mlas Elizabeth Mullen, 1A, and Miss Ellen Bailey, kindergarten; Mrs. Stella Ting, domestic arts, and Arnold Teague, manual arts. Miss Margaret O'Neill Is the secretary. Aid Society Plans for Opening Meet Members of tho Women's Aid Society of First Methodist Church will hold their first meeting of fall Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Oechsli hall. Officers are asking a full attendance. New year books will bo discussed. Mrs. T. J. Clanln will lead devo- tlonals. Mrs. Alfred Slemon Is In charge of program. Mrs. C. B. Oulnn heads the hostess committee. Guests From South Honored at Events Charles Pollock, of Hollywood, camera man for Warner Brothers, and Miss Sarah Spring, of- Los Angeles, were guests of honor at a party given by Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Williams, 1230 Chester Place. They were guests at the home of Mrs. Spring. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Alexander, Mrs. Freda McCulIough, Jr., and Mlsa Lillian Spring. The group spent Sunday at Kern River Park, the visitors returning south from tho park. GRAND OPENING SMALL ADS — BIG VALUES Don't Fall to Visit Our New Store Tomorrow at 9 a. m. Ladies' Pure Silk Hose All New Colors and All Sizes MEN'S, LADIES' CHILDREN'S Part Wool $ | Sweaters I OPENING SPECIAL OPENING SPECIAL KOTEX.. 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