The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 27, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 11
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Announcement* Classified Adrerttaln* column* of Tht Bakerifleld Cftltfornltn clou nroroptly «t 10 o'clock each morning for *11 one- column ad*. Two-column or larger ids matt be placed the day before publication. Phona 7-7631. 1-14-tf UBrive'Ei for rent—Truck*, i Ickups. trailer*. Parker'*, Eighth and Union avenue. Phone J-»9«. 1-21-tf Al,b kind* of weight* and widths of oan- va*. Canvas good* mad* tn order at Hornung'*, not Nln«te*nth atreet. 1-l-tf REFUNDS on each classified advertisement* which have been canceled before the expiration date must b* called tor WITH CASH RECEIPTS within nn* month from date of cancellation. The Bakeritlcld Californian. 1-21-tf FIRST UN ITT TEMPLE—All Unity nn- Ice* available, Complete «tor,k publication*. Subscriptions taken. Noon silence dally. Its Southern hotel. Phone 8-892«. 6< AND NOTARY PUBLIC •t 111- "Eye" street. Phone 1-0653. 9-U-tf BARRELS—Iron barrels, cans, pails for Karbage, trash, feed, incinerators: \voorl barrels. 14. Chester avenue. Call £-80:15 or 4-4S:s ,, Lost-—Found—-Strayed IF ANYONE has seen the blue, medium size Jver-Johnson tricycle belonging at 1015 Twenty-first street, and returns It, • Renerous reward will be given. M any Informal ion l« civen aiding in Its recovery, a reward nlflo will he given. Np Questions will be asked. Phone 8-8271. 03 LOST—Red Persian cat. male"; answers to "Puss"; In vicinity of Bernard slreet • nd Alta Vista Drive. I'hone 4-4677. Reward. 62 LOST—Silver identification bracelet. "Dorla Burgett" cngrnved on front. Troop 114 and dtite on back. Reward. 1200 Madison. Phone 3-L'7^7. 60 LOST—Red cloth puree, containing money, ration books, car keys and driver's license and personals. Finder pleace <*all_2-_3:y>4 J f.O WILL, THE LADV who picked up cameo pin. In Bust Bnkersficld ration board, on September HO. please return it, nmi claim reWHi'd. Vedell Beauty Shop, 21P5 Mies. Phone 3-1003. • r.l LOST, STRAYED or stolon from Fairgrounds, brown and white Pinto marc, 5 years old, branded /4x, brand sllRhtly blotted. Last Been at Bakersfield Fairgrounds at about 3:30 p. m. Sunday. Any one seeing or knowing 1 about this mare contact the sheriff's office, Bakersfield, at once. 51 LOST—Brown leather billfold contnininK operator'a license. A RHR bonk, special gan book and tire-Inspection slip. Finder Write 6-1 Washington slreet, Oildale, or call 2-0347. fit LOST—Saturday. September 1(1. In downtown Bakersfield, picture of young man. Gold frame, wilh Austin label in lower fighthand corner. Write Boi 104. _>li;Klttrk-k. Calif. M LOST—Seven-months-old Guernsey heifer calf. Brown and while marking*. I'hone 2-7442. T.O LARflK black and while, male cat. black spot upper lip. Vicinity Seventeenth mid "Kye" streets. Reward. Phone _ 2-3836 al'ler 5 p. in. 5_4 WILL party finding lady's purse in Yellow Cab. Tuesday, vicinity S. P. depot. fleaae return to Yellow Cab office. No questions asked Liberal reward. Personal* HEMORRHOID SUFFERERS — No hoe- pltallzatlon nor loss of time. No surgery nor Injection*. New. *afe, palnles* method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Dr. T.. R. Pennlngton, D. C.. *ulte S. Profession*,', building. Phone 8-«100. J-6-tf 8ACRO-IMAC LESIONS, low back pain*. arthrltli, constipation and prostate disorder* corrected. Dr. D. U. Parish. D. C., 40V Haberfelde building. Phone 9-iK32. 3-9-tf B. D. McBrlde Detective Agency, room 110, Hay bunding Bakenfield Licensed and bonded. Confidential Investltstlon. Phone 2-2800 or 8-6659 »-7-tf I WILL not be responsible for any bills contracted by anyone other than mvself after September 26. 1944. J. A. Boultine- houee. P. O. HOT SIS. Oildale, Calif. SO WHO OWES YOU? f for nccounlfl, notes nnd Judgments. Commercial Business Tlureau, G. H. Slack, manager. 15-1 Twentieth street. phone 7-7584. 74 WILL NOT be responsible for any bills contracted before September 26, 1944. at Blade Lunch Stand. Mrs. C. C. Chauran. IfiOl ilount Vernon. 60 WILL. NOT be responsible for any debts olher than my own. after September 2f>, ]!I44. Jack O. Burnett. 907 Chester aven u e. 61 LADIES' STEAM CABINET bath. 1012 Union avenue. Cull me about my get- acquainted special this week. Phone It-0560. If no answer call 2-4587. 63 EFFECTIVE! September 2fi. my advertisement of June 1. 1944. I* canceled. (Signed) John Glachino, 715 Case street. fit Financial S. (or INCOME] TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NEEDS NECESSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobile* Truck* Furniture Farm Equlpt. Galary •TAID FOR On NOT" Ton may itlll borrow (or mi lone at IS month*. Private Bale* of Automobile*. Truck* and Furniture Financed 100% LOCALLY OWNED Trad* with local people who understand local condition*. W. J. (Bill) Bergman Maurice St. Clalr IBth and Cheater Opp. Montgomery Ward Phone **l7t( Appointment* Made 9-1-tf A MONTH REPAYS »100 LOAN TN FULL IN 12 MONTHS. NO CO-SIGNERS. s $2510 $lf mad.- on salary, furniture, *ntos (no Insurance needed i to office einplnyppa, *killc-d and unskillMl industrial wnik- et-8. r-ivil sprvice employepa, business excc-ulives, el<\ Privato. Prnmi>t. Como In. write or phone first—when approved pick up cash. You utit full amount of loan. Privute snlex of aulomohiles and furniture financed. Naliou-wlde i.'rodit Cards issued And honorpd heie. 340 Pill Bnitdine (Under thp big Coca-Cola tik'n) 1JOS Eiiihtecnlh StrcPt W. Vcrhaag. Jlfir. Phone fi-fi.!'^ EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cart for Thirty Day* lUpay IT02 60—Total Cost ONLY $2.60 If Tou Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Montbe to Pay Only Tou Have to Sit n— No Co-alcnere AUTOMOBILE. FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobllee and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY J300 Chaete. Telephone B-84I1 1-21-tf I AH mteretted In borroirln* 15000 on food Income property and. a biulnM*. K £-int*r«*t*d phon* 1-1211. •! Financial 1IONET TO LOAN Lent Urn. all typ* .'arm loin*. 4Vt per cent Intereit. No commission to borrower. .1. K. WARREN REALTT CO. TULARK THEATER BtHLDINO TULARE. CALIF. PHONE US »-4-tf Auto Furniture Truck Salary PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3337 9-16-tf •twin*** Opportunities FOR SALE—Restaurant. Has best repu tallon and dolnz excellent business. Located In rich and busy orange belt. Seating capacity. 63. Price J10.000, 16000 down. Write Box 349-M, The Californian. 62 WKLL-STOCKED AND WELL-EQUIPPED STORE AND SERVICE STATION. WITH 3 PUMPS. DOING A VERY GOOD BUSINESS: THE ONLY STORE AND MEAT MARKET IN TOWN. ALSO WELL- FURNISHED APARTMENT; BOTH STORE AND APARTMENT AIR COOLED. ELK HILLS MKBCANT1LK. TUPMAX. PHONE 1203. TUPMAN. 60 FOUNTAIN LUNCH for sale. Best spot in town. Net monthly Income 1500-U.OO Fill price J1400. Call 2-3503 after 6:30 p. m G: FOR LEASE—Modern, fully equipped service station. Ideal for volume merchandising of automotive supplies and com plete auto service. Gllmore Oil Com pany. Phono 2-3686. 50 Transportation—Buses rnne MEALS AND PILLOWS Lowest F*re» to All Point* ALL-AMERICAN BOS LINE INC. Chester Bill* L,. Bal Phone I-3<88 l-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Pbone 2-0472 3-6-tf LADY and two children dewiie ride to T.'xnikHiia. Texas, or vicinity, with lady or couple. Can drive. Dorothy Alont.'. phone L'-SCOl. BO Contractors and Builders GENERAL hulldinj remodeling and repair hy licensed contractor. Free estimates Call 3-1571. .1. F. Hubble. 53 Occupational Services HAVE your car glazed In ths mod ern way. A emooth. long-lasting finish done by an expert. The coal is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Also steam cleaning and car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-6457 FIRESTONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf FOR GENERAL contract anr! repair work, phone 1-0876. 6! BRAKES RELINBD AND ADJUSTED WRIGHT'S BRAKE! SHOP Hwy. 99 it Circle Mohawk Corner Jack Wrlfhf. Prop. Phone J-8101 68 TRUCK HATILINQ—Anythln*-. any time, anywhere. Furniture moving a specialty. Phone 2-H225 Whllle Morehead, 108 Decatur *treet. Olldale. 63 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Ches ter, Oildale. Phone 2-8914. 66 WE DO TREE topplni, removing; fence building, team work, plowing, general work: just work; have truck. Phone 6-674Q. 69 TREE SERVICE CO Pruning. Shaping. Topping Also Tree* Taken Out B. Parker Free Estlmaline 1807 H Stieet Phone 2-3H9 BEST plumbing service. The best costs les«. Repair and leinndelinc; liltle jobs set first attention. County license. Phone ' GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR M. S. Dru?y, phone L'-G.'iOO. Spray or brush. Home or industrial. Estimates free. 71 HAVE YOI'R PAINTING done in Bond weather, insidu and out. Phone 2-ie.':9. 60 BRICK WORK, new and repair. No loh too small. Barbecue pils a specialty. Phone 7-78S8. 60 ALUMINUM roofs sprayed; also alalna Call A. G. Wlllingham. painting contractor, for reasonable prices. 2-8683 6-4 Pacific street. 52 WE PULL and repair domestic and agricultural pumps, sand wells, rlc. Pete Lee. phon* 2-7048. Route No. t. Box 264-A. 60 NOTICE FARMERS — Largest gypsum speading equipment In valley. Make your appointmenl now. Approximately ISO tone daily spread. Most accurate tons per acre spread. It will pay you to remember this phone number, 6-6551. 50 WANTED—Tree toppins. pruning or removing tree*. Ktght years experience here In Bakernfield. R. E. Nixon, phone 2-1M-M. 63 REFRIGERATORS ovprhHtiled. We also move them. 3i8 Washington, Olldale. Phonp 2-7878. 53 rece L. G PruniiiK Shaping Topping Taking trees out Free estimates Floyd Phone 6-6674 53 Careful, expert work at reasonable prices. Have your brakes inspected every 5000 miles. No charge for this service. Firestone Stores Twenty-fourth and Chester 9-27-tf VACUUM sweepers, hair dryers, irons, lipiit pads, loiiHtcrs. motors, everything olt'ctrica 1 rppaiied. Money-hack firnaran- t.'o. Will pick up and deliver. Huntley's Appliance Service and Repair, 917 Water KU-i'i'l. Phono E-4J7(K 12, 10X90 BLACK GOLD, STITCHED CANVAS BELTS liT'/i O52. DUCK, r PIPE and SUPPLY CO. ;i37a KAST SLAUSON AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, JEFFERSON 2275 H«lp WanUd—M»l« EXPERIENCED TIRK MAN. GOOD SALARY. EXCELLENT I'OSTWAR OP- I'llR'n'MTY. KIIIESTONE STORES. TWENTV-rOURTH AND CHEST ion .•VVI-JNTE. 8-:i(|.ir w"\NT"r-Tir AT iTxT'Toi .UTTOAIOHILE MEi'HANUr. PI-: I!.\IA.\K.NT WORK; Till 1 WACES. AI'I'LV HAK ER-A DA MS 1'UNTIAC UARAUE, i'701 CHESTER. fi-22-i r MAN FOR STEADY WORK IN LAUNDRY. THE BAKERSFIELD LAUNDRY ASSOCIATION, CORNER OF NINETEENTH AND S. 50 NEEDED AT ONCE—Kuril it ure rrfinialipr. A!*o upllolstoi cr. TopnuU-h wiiB. 1 !? for l.Minotch worknu-n. C. N. JohiiKton Shops. 1000 Kiglileenlh Klreet. 7-21-tf fr DERRICKMEN AND ROTART HELPERS NEEDED; STEADY WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. APPLY BETWEEN AND 3:30 P. M. 10:30 A. M. RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION 666 HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. 9-26-tf EXPERIENCED «ho* M l**l*dr or *al*a- Writ* BOJ O-l.t. TH* man want*0 Calltornian. EXPERIENCKD di*owa*n*i. .dl*'i Caf*. II fourtk l-i-tf "rr«*V Halp Wantad—Mala Halp Wantad—Mala RICHMOND, CALIF. Boilermakers Boilermaker Trainees Boilermaker Helpers Punch, Shear and Pressmen Slabmen Slabmen Trainees Slabmen Helpers Welders Welding Students Welder Trainees Shipfitters Shlpfitter Trainees Shlpfitter Helpers Stape Riggers Electricians Electrician Helpers Electrician Trainees • Riveters Riveter Trainees Truck Helpers Chippcrs Chipper Trainees Riggers Rigger Trainees Caulkers Burners Burner Trainees Pipefitters Pipefitter Trainees Sheet Metal Workers Sheet Metal Trainees Sheet Metal Students Flangers Flanger Trainees Drillers A. B. S. Welders Machinists Machinist Helpers Warehousemen Laborers See Kaiser Representative MR. A. P. HOFFMAN United States Employment Service 1300 Seventeenth Street Priority Referral and Availability Certificate Required AT TAFT OILERS FOR GAS ENGINE COMPRESSORS PLANT—MALE DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHA:NMAN—MALE M lQ)<nill7ATWM"flAl]/f]] A Ir 1 ^WdTKr/^/rfi BMcrsnciQi — AIL wusc® HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE Av, APPLY TO: 1 p if> o TELEPHONE TAFT, 464 TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 67 BY' STANDARD OK CALIFORNIA EXPERIENCE NOT ESSENTIAL SEE REPRESENTATIVE AT U. S3. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. BAKEKSFIELD, MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK. Availability Certificate Required 54 EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR FURNITURE STORE. ONE CAPABLE OF TAKING FULL CHARGE. TOP WAGES. WRITE, GIVING EXPERIENCE. BOX S-42, THE CALIFORNIAN. 9-22-tf WANTED—Experienced tire man. Good salary. Taft Recap Tire Shop, 720 Center, Taft. 62 WANTED tractor mechanic*. Plum* 4-4617 Twenty-fourth. »9 Highway. 60 DRIVER-SALESMAN FOR LAUNDRT ROUTE. APPLY BAKERSFIKLD LAUNDRT ASSOCIATION, CORNER OF NINETEENTH AND S. 60 NEh)DBD to help maintain transportation, auto and truck mechanic* and body men. Full tloi* work. Motor <:*nt«r. Bulck, Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer. Se* Backman, Twenty-**cond and Chsater. g-18-tf WANTED—An Individual who 1* Interested In working for a permanent company a* janitor: adequate salary. Must b* able to furnish references and birth certificate. Call 4-4681. l-7-tf 3oiler rooot helper* and laborer*. Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Availability certificate required. 50 rt'AXTED—Auto painter's helper, expert- enco unnecessary. Also body and fender man. Good wages. Calhoun's Body and Pnlnt Shop, 1211 Chester, '•ear. Phone :-84:'7. 61 TRUCK SERV1CK MAN, tires, baltery and lubrication: no experience necessary': bring availability certificate. Two miles south on 99, Oilfield Trucking Company. 54 BOY OR MAN wanted to wash dishes and help at soda fountain; alraight day shift. Apply Mifhener'a Drive-in, Eighteenth and_«^ 6J WANTED—Janitor. Must be active and reliable. Inqtilrj mechanical office, The Bakersfield Californian. 9-26-tf TRCCKS WANTKD to haul hands to work. See C. L. Johnson, 19 Milham Drive. Phone 2-7149. 6_1 HELP WANTKD—Truck drivers and helpers. McMahnn's Furniture Company. lOinhleenth and H. 9-26-tf !OUPLE wanted. Man to do general raneh work. Wife in eook for two people. Write Fred Billies, Calienlf. Calif. Walkers Basin. 63 ,VANTEI>—Experienced aulo mechanic, c.ood hours mul pay, in tin eMuenliHl job. Hand tools Hnd H VH tlHbllil v c-itifltate n.H-e-Miary. See .Mr. Reed. Kitchrn-Itoyd Motor Company. ^1'20 Chcalur avenue. li-SJi-tf THE AVTOMOBILK CLUB ot Southern CiiliforniH often* permanent position to man over 38 or l-O or 4-F: liberal salary to start, tritlnlng wilh pay. vocation. Liberal employe benefils. Bright postwar future. Mr. Snuffen, phone 6-6731. Bakersfiald branch 2731 M streel. 9-L'6-tf HKLP WANTKD—Metal worker!*, metal worker helpefH, wood workern, auto iHi.lies: Avood workers, furniiur.'. C. N. .InhiiHton Works, 1000 Eighleenth. I'hone 4-4708. G-21-tf A'ANTED — TRLTI-C AND AUTO 41K- CHAN1CS. APPLY SOITTHER.V GA- .HAHE. TWENTY-FIRST AND I STREETS. 12-31-lt BELLMAN—Mu*t b* o»*r 11. Apply Hot* Padr*. 1-1-tf WANTED—Oil field workers, roustabouts, rotary helper*, firemen, « end 7-day work week schedule*. Phone J-8461. Tidewater Associated Oil Co. 61 N for funeral and ambulance work, experience not neceeaary. Flickinger- DiEler Chapel, 1227 Che»ter. 8-11-tf SHIPPING CLERK for green fruit pack- Ing house office. Mult be able to type, keep shipping record* and do general office work. Pbone 4-4011. 9-15-tf WANTED—Trimmer to operate •!••• and upholstery department In large repali •hop. See Backman at Motor Center. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-16-tl WANTED—Family mnn to operate oil lease. Submit experience, age, references, full details by letter to Box R-67u. The Ca llfornian. WANTED — Boy with work permit or man too old to flsrht to h°lp In wash room. Family Scrvio» LiUin.hy. Phone 6-64H5. evening 3-m:!, WANTED—Kin ay and brush I'hone 2-0839 after 3:30. . 61 ptiintt-rH r,3 WANTED—Wringer man. No ex Iierience necessary. Citizens Laun dry, 931 Sixteenth street. 52 Help Wanted—Female SALESWOMAN PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT. ENTEI,. LENT WAGES FOR EXPERIENCED READY-TO-WEAR SALESWOMAN. ABBOTT'S DRESS SHOP ir.HMK NINETEENTH 61 HO1SERY MENDERS—Experienced or In", experienced. Splendid ouponunily for POBiwar employment. Piiid while learning if Inexperienced. Write Box 684-1!. __'rh.e_ _C5!i£ 0 _™lfi"_: 6 2 WANTED—Fountain help, also Irny girl. Larry'a Drive-in. Eikihu-cnlh and O streets. ^ F.1 WANTED—Typist and stenographer. Apply Acme Finance, Twon- ty-fifth and Chester. 9-25-tf WOMEN to elean and polish cars, highest wages pa i.i. See Mr. Alomba at Ed Rose Service. Twenty-first and I alieets. KITCHEN HELP wanted at Highland Park Cafe. 1907 North Chester, phone 2-0445. 61 WANTED—Waitress al Yuen Tung Cafe. 902 Eighteenth; reliable, experience not STENOGRAPHER wanted for wholesale paper company: permanent position. 142B P strcei. 51 TWO women truck drivers for work in Elk Hills territory Apply Johnson and Dunn Trucking Com pany, 330 Asher street. Taft. 60 EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, man or woman, Pernifinenl position. Excellent wage*. Valley Furniture Company. Twenty-fourth ami Chester. 6i WOMAN to t-ome to an. I take t-are of 1-year-old girl while mother works. _ I'bone 2-18'JK Hfu-r » p. m. _ 61 WANTED— STENOGRAPHER" io 7 - HOL'R WEEK. GIVE 13XPERI ENCE AND TELEPHONE NO. WRITE BOX 50K-K, THE CAM- 58 THREE salesgirls for retail stationery store. Some selling experience nccta- Hary. Apply Valley Of I Ice and School E'lUlpmcn' Company 1621 Nineteenth street. 60 Halp Wantad—Famala Halp Wantad—Famala HAVE OPENING FOR WOMAN WITH OFFICE AND TTP1NG EXPERIENCE. MUST BE PERMANENT. TWENTT-F:FTH JLND CHESTER 49 Halp Wantad—Famala WANTED—White maids. See housekeeper. Hotel Padr*. l-15-tf TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street 6-29-tf ^ to wait on trade in chain liouor slores; Intetcstina work, pood .«nlnrv to sta,rl. Applv Sherrvs, l:il)9 Nineteenth street, or 960 Baker. &3 WA.VTEi)—ExperienrfM rook nn.l hnn<."- kr-pper. No liinnclrv. Hood nni;r.«. l.ivo In. Three rhildriMi. J-;i:iU7 or i.ill _ •'" '•"*'•':" EiBhtrenMi st i. 5n EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN FOR MEN'S ri'RNISHINC.S AND SHOES GOOD SALARY, PERMANENT POSITION. APPLY MANAf;KR EASTERN. 13-9 NINETEENTH STREET. 9-14-tf EXPERIENCED WOMEN'S READT-TO- WEAK ALTKRATION HANDS. THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FUR RKMODELINO AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEAD? WORK. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN. 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. 9-14 - 1 f o" ____ _ C.IRL WANTED at_ SIM!! Union. __ BEAUTY OPERATOR with maniiBer experience wanted at once. Phone 6-6'.)94 _ _ 61 ASSISTANT VI-:RV Ai"i'i;.\i'Ti\'r-: S.M.AUV. FINK nrroirri MTV I-MR nuicirr <;im_, V.MTH KNOWI.KDCK OF UOOKKEliP- 1NCJ AND SHliRTHAND. ARBOTT'S nill-'.SS HHi'ip lolli-lS NINETEENTH BTUEliT . 3t ENROLL NOW for shorthand and IVPIIIB classes, day and evening*. Kern S. hool of Commerce, George Hay buildinc. Phone 1'-47I4. 53 WANTED—Maid for holel wotk. Call _-d!»»: 6H Clinic's IIEI.I'ER on ran.h. Man and wife preferred; man to work and ranch Phone 2-411:11. so WANTED—Part-time bookkeeper, 4 or 6 hours a day. Call Wesley F. Waldon. --- Snut'.i Union avenue. M WANTED—A white maid at the Bilford _ J"" l :i__ _ S J O'UIC and housekeeper wauled. phone WANTED—Woman for fountain work. _ I.ii. key's._lSis_ls. J 5; EXPERIENCED presser. Apply in person. S. k W. cleaners, -UO Kentucky. No phone calls. 51 WOMAN colleclor for West Bakersficld. Apply in person. The Californian office !i-.7-tf L.M'NDRY help wanted. Apply Ht Sam Wvod Laundry, l.'ilfi Eighteenth street r.5 EXPERIENCED diBhwash.-r. Short hours, evening shift. Miller's Cafe, 111. South r.-t SAI.ESOIRL WANTED FOR GAR- DEN DEPARTMENT. GIRL WITH KNOWLEDGE OF PLANTS AND FLOWERS PRE- FERRED. MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPAN1T, TWENTY- FIFTH AND CHESTER. 62 FOUNTAIN AND I_UNCHEON~- ETTE waitresses. Full or part time. Good salary, meal, uniforms furnished. 7 1 ,. working hours, no Sunday or night work. Apply to manager. J. J. Newberry Company, 15-18 Nineteenth street. 51 Halp Wantad—Salasman SALESMAN WANTED—Mc.Mahnn's Furniture Company. Eighteenlh and H. 9-.ii-tf Situation* Wantad—Mala WE CLEAN kitchen*. Ho hour: *l*o blind*, window*; floor by floor. Lerko Cleaner*. Pbone 1-74(1 before I. *fl«r 6. 87 CALL David V. Thompson for general gardening hedge pruning and floor wax- Ing; 25. yeara' experience. Call from 6 p. m. to » p. m. Phone 2-4IHJ 1 . 60 FOR REMODELING and carpenter work, WANTED — Hard work; hours moan little after 4 u. in.; would prefer trucking. Pluiiia a-.ftOu alter 6 p. in. WOULD like Enod proposition for diversified farming; especially iiiiereitrd in polaloc:.; own c-oinplele eciuipnu.'nt, _(l yeat'H 1 experience fanning, cap.-thle of takiiiK lull charge. Box 6:if)-K. The CaltforniH n. 53 Tor Hant—Mltcallanaeua WHEEL CHAIRS, hospltsl bed* with Innerspring mnttress.'s: walkers, rubber sheeting: everything for sick room. Fold- Ing chairs. Phono 7-74S9 or 1-OOS7. H-3-tf gafaergfttlb Californian W.-n.sday, Sep.tmper n, 1W ] ] Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous For Sal*—Improved Property WANTKD— '-I.. !•»• " n.-l , .\NTEIi .1 e r - ., .' HUM r :. IP. l;t'C« house traiVr tn '•" 1h» 13"! E'!.«--.n tl-.^n N,-.. •'•.__ ">] !'. ff.v* or e.'< f-t'.T I-:IIT|'-;-H for «o!;« nr'.-f "i n rl. W11 • fni M ,.tn. n I I'OTKNTIAL, KKVK.M'K $:'>~i'~i, I; I MKI'MSIT UKQrHlKD. $_•:,. dcifi, 1' $inoti MONTH RKNTAT... roruTKsy TO BI:OKF.I:S. KOU I'Airneruvi'.s PHONI-: 7-7;.-rj ANT) ?-Sli :."_>. Wanted to Rent—Rooms Income located In be»t rental <Jl*tr1'!t. E sht nni-s. nearly n*w. with tiled root a-v1 n!,.e,v furnished never * vacancy. Th,. is it.illy one of th* verr b**t court* i in town. Income 1465 per month. Priced ar t4'..500. A.-lohe on east side: two bedroom*, nlc* room over garag*: yard *11 fenced- Only l.iSiO. WILLARD 1C. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phon* J-1551 Situation* Wanted—Female PUBLIC vtenographcr desires work In own office. 1812 "Eye" *treet. Phone 2-0653. 9-14-tf SERVICEMAN'S wire will cure for children In exrhanRc for room arid kltrhfn privileges lor aelf and husliund. I'hone 7-7691, e_xtenalon _226. _ 60 XPERIENCED girl wanm day work hy Ihc holt.-. Phone 2-'.i.Vlli. 51 ALTERATIONS wnnte.l. Pi i. e reasonable, work guaranteed. Cilll 8-M7B hefnre 9 a. m. or after 6 p. m., or on .Sunday. 61 COLORED irlrl wants dny work. 76c hour Phone 2-05<ti. ____ _ ill! WANTED— -Hy cxpcrn-n- ntl wunian. ronrts or apurtmenls to niunii^n. Capnl.le full cllnri;.j. Rpferenr.'H. Write or cull 1 .'! I fl Beale avenue, Hukersl ield. Mrs. \\'cr- <I T R.SIO will rare for <*onval<-m-pnt or In- 'aliil in my hoirip. Phone :i-12'i:» i". 1 HOrSEKEEPErt or maid. pennnn»ni work. Two in faiiiilv. c,n hoio.- ntKhis or Nliiy on pla'.t'. Xtrp r<mtn. hfitli .'011- liet-'llMK. ClooU WH»it-.s. i'hon'j 2-d';rti;. For Rent-^Room» ROOM with private |MI!I foi ci.'iuleinan: room HII.I HOOIP [.ay Tor nnnvc-Miiif pii.inf every olher niglil. Apply l'j;S Nnu-ii-iMiih ^t I '-•<'!. !)•;.'i; If FI'IINIKUKD bedronin with or without kiu-hpii prl\'ih-KlN. to b'hool tca.h.-i .n wiirkiini Ktrl. pn-fcralily. 2olii (;liinpu- Drivo. HighlHiid .Miinnr. i ''HONT hcdrootn, i.iivute tnttann.-, and .-IOHO In town. 22-1 I-; sti,..i TOl'N'G mother. 9-year-oUl danchter de sire ronrn hoard in private home Prefer mui.lle-aBed couple. Must be in Floose- j \\ \ veil S.II..K .iistri. i. Some care of child. | j 1 work niehts. will help with housework three days H week to cover part of ev- pence's. Call --j;;S'.' only if inleresleu. I'SKI) r'l:K\VAIl 1NVKR TTRKS— 7."'i.\.'". T.'.o\:ti. 7 iiiixlT ANI> « 00 >!'••. A vi 1.1, i-AY TOP pi act:. PHu.VK j-o^lL'. 5!) WA \TEI> - M or s ii,, h tii-n' h saw wilh t'.'i'-s ;. ii'.n. .mi) il- in, h .1'i.nter. .Pholie THRKR DKSPKRATK nrhool teai-hem want apartment or rooms. Phone ti-6o7S after 4 o'clock. 62 Wanted to Rent—Houses PERMANENT AND RELIABLH COUPLE DESIRE Kl'RNISHKD HOrSE. AI'AKT- MENT OK ni'PLEX: NO C1IILDUEN' Oil PETS. PHONE 5-59iil. EXTENSION _« '•'• -_ 60 NEW OWNER Nlles Point Drive Inn needs f». 6 or 7-rooni unfurnished house nt _om-e. Phone :-7Slu, 62 UR(;KXT—Need 1 or "-bedroom furnished lioiiHe, by couple wilh (wo nice sc-huul-aKc gii'ls. Permanent. Kofprpm'os. Phono S-SliSi. WANTED BY COHPLE. furnished or unfurnished 2-bedroom house: local reference^ ]^hone_jS-54ji4. 61 EMPLOYED couple will pay thiee months rent in n.lvnnce for furnished iipai tment or hnnse. \\'nle Box E-:;St>. The C'ali- f.iniiaii. r>() Wanted to Buy—Property LIST your property with us. Fair trea m*nt. quick sctlon. Twenty yeart' ex perlenre. Taylor * Taylor. 1660 Che ter_«^enu»__P_hone 8-859 3. I CASH and quick action when yo want to sell your borne or ranch No deal too large or small. Buyer waiting Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-t PKRMANKNT ITS U'O to CH Hiibcock ,1cm with ex.-Hle.nt rcf- d nf home; will KUHi':in- giioil ca:i>. I'hone Mrs. a Book Slure, ^-tiii4j, o:- 1'TRNISIIED or unfurnished house 0 HP;. 11 ment. ono or LUO hei1room«; ilu-e adults. Permanent. Phoi. COTPLE wilh two small children will care for children or worker's home in ex chaiiRc for living qumteri. Call 2-80:17 bet \ve.-n ii and 7 p. m. fi 1 No charge for renting or Bending preferred people to rent your homes, apartment§ or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquln Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tf EMPLOYED couple, no children, prema- nent; small furnished house. fall Mr*. Hill HI :-473i. after 5 p. m 2-8:17. Not over $40. so WANTKD—Permanent home or apartment. What have you lor I'hone l'-47H. furnished 5-fonm Prefer went nide. iiuin and wife? SMALL fnrniuhed house or apartment wanted by reliable middle aged couple. Hnx 4.i9-lv, The Californian. 60 TWO or three-bedroom house, unfurnished, clone in or near hus line, by elderly couple. No children, no pets. Permanent. Write Box A-397. The California n. 110 A SMALL furnished house or apartment. _ Phone 2-884:1. 51 ADl'LT COUPI.K wants 1 or J-hetlronm unfurnished house or apartment. No children. Good cure guaranteed. Local references if do.«irt-d. Forced to move by halt? of property. Phone :.'-9"f;:\ 53 THREE MONTHS' KENT IN ADVANCI'I. IJROENT. PERMANENT PKTROLKl'M KXCINKUrt Ml'ST HAVE 2 OF II-BKH- nooM rxFrrtxtHiiKD HOI'SF. HY oirrouBiK M. HEST CARE rsi'ARAN- TKED. WILL LEASE. I'HONE ^-7j:ln. VKI1V I'RGIOXT—Will gome ono plpuse rent a 'iJ-bf'droom homn to a t'iiinily in or about BaktM-tsfield. J-lavo two children, will pay up tu $,"iO a month. \ViIl Ki\'o best <ii' care. Please phone 3-047ti or call at I!H1 Twont.v-l'irst stroot. WANTED TO KENT—Vnfurnlshed house, duplex. Permanent; references; will pay six months ren 1 . in advance. IMinne MI.NTKH instill, tor and wife have lived eif-'hl. mouths in room. Would take excellent care, of apartment or houne. Have nary chi.-k nor child. Call . r .-r.a::o. _:".; WANTED—A nice house, or apartment, furnished or partly furnished. Perma- nelll. dependable couplo; hllHhand discharged from service, no childern or pets t'an tfive references, Call :l-t-'t.7T. f>2 WANTED — Two-hedrot>m unfurnished house, three in family; permanent, ref- ei-emes. Phnne_:!-l 7M. .'. 1 WANTED TO RENT—Hy a permanent couplo vllh 4-weekt>-old Imhy. 1-l.eUio.nn hoiiHe, fui-nishe.l. NeilKen Pump Com- pany.Phone r.-. r »193. i.L' WANTED TO KENT—Two-bedroom house, three, adults, no children, no pets. Call 2-?i8»4 and apk for Jtianita. 1.1 UHOENT—Two-hedroom furnished house.. 2 children. IIRCS 3 anil I'j; i-\rcllent upkeep Kuaniniced; would sisn year's lease. Phone r.-.sui:7. fin TWO-HEDKOfi.M IIOUKD wanK-d for family with 1! children: permanent residents. Phone 5-5^'OU. House nc'-d'.-d very badlv. PKI;MANK.\T CIVILIAN WANTS 2-BHDROOM HOl'SK, I'TRX- isifKD OR TTXFI;RXISHI : :D, 6 MONTHS KRXT IN ADVANC'K. RIOKKUEXCKS GIVEX, CAhl, T^T.V.M. r,« ilV WU'E just presented me with n haliy -son. 1 would like to present her uilh a furnished IIOUHO or apartment Present home heintf sold. 1 am a private at Mmler. No other chlldieii. Hesl of care. I'a.l Private Myers. :t-07S:t. ':\ SELL.INQ HOME OR FARM PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NO NECESSARY. HAVE BUYER WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AQEN CIES. EDWARD W. MOODT, 181 "EYE" STREET. 6-15-t Wn need more llstlnrs. List TO..T home. farm, ranch or Income with ROTDSTTJN A LANCASTER ISli H Strtst Phone 8-8639 B-S- XEKD listings tor cash buyer* on lar» and small homes, acre homes, farm and incums property. Elwond'i, 192 "Eye." ( List your property with us for quick, courteous results. Homes—Income—Ranches Chester N Beard Phone 6-6D09 Bill Allan, Associate WE NKED properly to nell. have buyer u ait inc. quick action guaranteed. Ca Wn:ker, phone :-Oi.19. 1660 Cheat* avenue. WANT to huy. restaurant, on 99 H way. I'hone ;t-l'7Hli. fi \VANTICD to huy from ou-ner. good 2 it-room house. Phone L'-6L'91. fi DEWEY A. HORTON If you have a home, small improve acreage, or farm land for eale CALL 2-5379 1704 K Street 7 For Sal*—Improved Proper! OILDALE—Nearly new 2-bedroom horn ni.e living room, dinette and kitchen wit lots of nice tile. Underground sprlnklin system and yard all fenced. Close t schools and market; 14600. 12000 down. HIGHLAND PARK—One of the latest 3-hed room stucco homes. Larvre living room and bedrooms, all carpeted with broa( loom. Two double floor furnaces, theremo statically controlled: two baths with lot of tile, steel Venetian hllnds throuirhou Heauiiful klichen and dining room: doubl Karaite; HOOO down. LOVELY country home, completely fur nlshed. Beautifully landscaped. Lare assortment of fruit tree* and berries K STREET—Five-room home, hardwoo floors, nice living and dining rooms, tw bedrooms, kitchen and bath: I42o0. 1160 down. CLOSE IN—Nice home, completely fur nished with all good furniture. Lara: basement with heating unit ducted to eac room ; $6750. HARDING STREET—Five-room home. Im medial*' possession. Has 2 rentals in rea that are completely furnished, with I come of 130 monlhlv. Corner lol» wit 1 Tin-foot frontage; *6950. llon(t down. EAST BAKKUSFIKLD—Nearlv now stuec home. 1 bedrooms and den. complete! furnished with cood furniture. In.Minlin washing machine, refrigerator snd tabl top stove : Jfi'inO. H STREET—Nice 5-room home, right I town, 14150. 1671 Chester Avenue Phone 5-755 9-22-1 CAS.V I.OMA — Five-room modern hotiso only ahuut f. years uld. on n of fe.rti!« soil. Plenty of tile, nice hath K.KI.I si/e.i rooms. Double garaK* .hnken equipment; excellent water con GOOD plastered house. three sleepin roomy, on mm acre of ex. client sarde s.Ml. Doulilrt Karase, plenty of fruit thi. ken equipment. Can he purchasec with reason.'ihle. down payment. HM1HLAND PARK—Five-room 2-bedronm home, hardwood floors, lots of til KaraEe; nice yard. Lot 60x150. J-1750 — Five-room home near Jefferson School. Two bedrooms and sleeping pun h, basement, larage. fruit an shade. CJood lot. LOJ11TA VERDE—Almost new :-bedroom house, completely and well furnished Double earnie. fenced yard. FHA pay menls about 137 a month. $.1800—Five-room hou^e on Pacific nen Kern General llospiti]. Two bedrooms saraud, fruit, chicken equipment. SOCT1IWEST DISTRICT — 5-room home two bedrooms, sleeping- porch and base ment. Thi« house is not new but in very mod condition. Walking distunes or downtown. Substantial down psy ment. E. C. L'ffert. 901 Nile*. Phone S-71BS 9-1-t Wanted to Rent—Apartments COl'PLE desires to rent furnished apartment or home; permanently located BakerBftetit: ian give Kood references, have no children or pots. Will pay top i»t ice for plitce properly located and appointed. -' a !Li' : '_Z p -!"'J hotel, room ritil r,2 WANTED TO nP:NT— Furnished house or apiirtmenl; adults: near bus. Phone 2-JjS»:i. _ _ ______ f.o WANTED— Furnished 3-rooni npiu-t- inpnt for two tiuiet and reliable working girls. Jlust be close to bus line. Call 3-0750 bi-tweon 8 a. in. and 5 p. m., 2-4854 after f> p._ m. _ iJO SINfJI.E tirl wants aiiartment or small house. Perrnui'(.-nt. No pets. Muni be nice or don't call. Won't shure. Days ' " '* ' '• : '' ; ' • " " r ' :] •' ' 6 3 LOVELY two-bedroom homo, newly; lot 100x^09. Full price $."")JOU, (inly $1750 down. This is ono of the cleanest, pretties |i|:n-o.s we have seen Cor somo time Possession any time. Kindig Healty Company. Phonp 4-4S."i|. 51 7U4 El Tejon Twn-lji'droiii homo, (iu-l'iiut fi-ontaKP Now vu.-ant. A good buy at S-tiJH Phniie 4-4x."il. HI 1-'UI{ SAL!-: hy OH ner, t.-io.'in Rtuc.n house all lit iKe rooms, in California Park Tract, a d.-ep lot. gooil neiehbot liocd close to .schools, store, hus line Cash tB.'.OO. BJ:I \' Ki,,.,-t. ;; IJl-'l-'U.'EH and wif" desire lunnsheil npait- inrnt or Miiall liuilse. .No rhildtf-n. no P'-ts; nn partl'-s. l-lxcftl'-tlt <are KUur.'l _t.-c-d. phiiiie_r,.:,.-,'io. _ nii^i r i.twj. 'Ell.MANEN'l' hi.sinuKK wnniiin needs ;!-ninin apartlnint. PhotM- H-S571 he- t\\-ecii R a. m. and 5 p. In. i, 1 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land For Rent—Houses I'ltAILEll nou.sp for rt'lit. $1.". per nionlh 2114 East. CHllfornU nvi-inn-, j 1 W A vi 1 ED '.i to :'"i| a-, I-M K,,.-,I| dfv.-i.ip.'d pnlalo lallil. Cux li:Mi-l!. Thu L'alil. i Wantvd to Rent, Miscellaneous WANTED- Hv exp.-i II-M. c.l wuman. > •[ or .-ipai I ulent it-lit 01 Iciihe. !:,-!'.-M.|H .-s. Win.: <r .-nil 1 ;l 1 !i llcale aveiitiu. Jl:s Weilinir. llliki-isfiel.l :,'• Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous For Rent—Apartment* WANTED—Employed Birl or woman to share apartment, «eparale h.'drooms. Close In. Wrile Box M-657, The Cah. forntan. r, 1 for Rant—Farm Land 'or Lease—SS acres fin* soil, Rosedale dUtrict: water furnished, 140 per acre. WILLARD E. BAKER 414 Seventeenth Phone _-or.r.5 for Rent—Miscellaneous UST receiver! a new ghlpment nf BINDER ELECTRIC SEWING MACHINES FOR RENTAL PURPOSES. Singer Sewing MachinoK, 162» Nineteenth. Phone 2-2431. 61 WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, •lectrio appliance*, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly OildaU Furniture 601 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4608 6-14-tf BROWK'S FURNITURB3 Formerly Roy White Furniture 2G20 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf DIAMONDS, witches snd old jewelry of any description; highest market prices paid in cash. f£*rl McEvov, precision watchmaker. Ill H*b*rf*ld* btiilrilnc. Phon* 5-5307. 11-30-tf A P'AMlLt with small child b»dly in need of alarm clock. Would tnyont with extra on* considtr i«liin« H7 Phon» 2-D332. il \A'ell.lora tetl hiiHiness .-orner nn well (CHV el.-.I bi.ulnvurd with UiO-font frontage lw.> w,.]l-l.uilt hi.usi-s "ii BiJo »tie«;t. one to live in. one to I.-IU. Acie home. lloaedn le. with comfortable nl.l.-i- house xvitti plenty of flonr apace fi.lnil.v. l.a>'inK lor lOCL' laysng hens. hi ic.lei- house. nice assortment M.iine mill tiees. Immediate ponies Clo.s- to Chester aveiri.. O.ldale. Tlllte. h...h..nrn oliler h.-nio «ith aonie good fur- tin in .-. Close I.I CIlCNllT liyelllie. Olld.lll.. Well- limit hollll- Will, lovely J.-ird. I'lin he. .... Veiled lulu ;i-bedromo ilolne or t.voapart- luenn that woiil.l hi IIIK rent ilni'liil i...nn iwn, we|l-bui| mid -n ex.-.-llfi.l .-i>n.l.!'.>n Double Ka i'.~" l''-;il lu. at,on l.n Soulheru I'a- i . I : • • l'i. I U s Till t-f-lle.h .mm I le <"l H.-e. 1;\- ini; 1.1.mi with (in-pi.n ,-. re.ii din nn l.-"in in. e M,-..-'| h,..In..mis. ii-ii-i and Intl. tl.-c-.. .buken . .pi |.nit-lit, b.t* nt *.b;.<t, s...> f(u st'meilnin: n:. a in sub- Urban tlen.-i.i! m,-I- hand «... and «| on hiiiliwav in locution. L.iiku •""i i.-ID morn bu.ldlnc with livnii; u:.,i lets Own water system, nice, fixttirvs. laii;« w,i!U-in l el't IKCI atur ' cun!ci». •I pump K;IH Htution. iitn. k is complete. Orf-wle beer license, ilil-paved pui-king st.a 1 '". All this on one acre in .enter of uood farmlni dmrat. Call tor complete informal T.n. 2'•( Acres. 2-b*»droom home, some chicken e.iuipment. own water well. Near Lamoni. Home and Income Three unit apartment hinise, c-iimplrt'lr fuinnhed RefriBer- at.n'ii, st.nes ar.d co.ileia. Three blocks from downtown. Term*. Duplex, furnished Four blorks from business section. Good local mn on nice corner lot. liainKe. fenced back }aid. Some terms. 1701 ]C Street FhoM T-T44I I- >P. PALE—Six-room, nearly n*w. modern home Urge garage. b*,ro. lot lOftr .ino: ssinft. terms, win sell completely furnished. IfMl 14-foot JUInlln* trailer in soon" cnnd-rion sleeps four. Inqulr* (!* out of Taft on B»ker«fl*Id Hl«h- TCay. 244 Cypress strut. Valley Acres. SO UNRESTP.ICTED—On corner lot. *tucco home, huiU in 1!)4I. Two hedrooin* and bath, linn* room and kitchen with til* » nk. j:,s;,o. IS71 Chester avenue. 51 In Sunset Park—A very suhBtantial S-bed- ronm home that ha* been reduced in nke. an the owner ts leavlnc town. Reo'ilres $:S77 to handle. In the 300 block on Knott street, • very pleasant. 2-hedroom home with Venetian, hardwood floors, floor furnace. weii-keit Iswn. This Is an excellent buy for $3100 down. In the California Park—An Immaculat* 2-bedroom home tvita a ipaolou*) d*n* nice living room and dinin** room, floor furnace and fireplac well-lard*c«p*d yard witn choice fruit* and flower*. Tms is an exceptional bom* and can be had for $3000 down. Another one in th* California Tract—Two bedrooms and a nice den on a l»r«« lot and this house I* completely furnl*n*d with the very best of high (rid* prewar furniture. Largt livtnr room witfc vall-tri-wnil carpels. Require* a *u»- •lantial down CHESTER N. PEARD 1R07 H STREET PHONE 6-5303 OR 2-4S2t t-53-tf FOR SALE. In Blast Bakersfield, nlc«ly furnished, spaciou* 2-bedroom hon*, hardwood floors, fireplaca; doubt* carage: lovely yard, fruit tree*, chicken*. Near schools, marktti and bus. 728 Lincoln street. §1 HOME and income in Oildal*. Two-b*d- room. owner occupied plus two rental*. furnished, and brlngMmr $55 p«r month. rri.e for all three is only $5250. half cash will handle. Elmtr F. Karpe. I.'.IT Eiuhleenth 9-8>-tf THREE-BEDROOM horn* on on* acre, Ju»t south of city. Hous* modern and ia good condition. Immediate poH***ioa. i'an he had on t>ayir»ent of only UTS') down and $3S per month. Total price $4400. DEAN R. HURLBT 411 Nineteenth Strtet DM 3-027* g-IS-tf IMMEDIATE: possession; l«avin« city; **1I 3-hedroom horn*. East Brundact. two baths, hardwood floor*, doubl* (irate. large extra sleeping or •torernom, lot Tnxl42 feet: $2909 cash to handl*. Iv«- ninicii only 2-6036. ftf A BEAUTIFUL. 2-bedroom house, 4 year* old. modern in every detail: th* b**t i* no belter; beautiful and costly furniture, KOI aeons rugs and the best (roomed lot, fully fenced, artistic; fit for any aristocrat and the price I* only $7500, ISJOt down or thereabouts. See it *oon. you will like It and the choice location. B. W. Bolen. iSS'A Wilson street, Olldale. 51 FlVK-noO.\r stucco house, almost new: living room 18x15, two «ood-*il* bedrooms with coolinv duct*, til* in bath and kitchen; entrance hall and **rvtc* room, Venetian blinds: lot 50xl»0 wlta lawn and enclosed rear yard, double enrage: in East Bakersfield. Poaae*- sinn soon Only J5950, about half down. SOI ITHWKST—Near Beal* Park, four large rooms with one bedroom and two enclosed s'eeplnf porches, aervlce perch. cement basement: on lot «Oll7J, with lovely lawn; chicken equipment. Foe- session soon. Price $49BO. 11*00 down. 16i!0 CHESTER AVENUE PHONE «-«£»« SO FOR SALE—Two-bedroom house: larce livincr room, large kitchen, tile *ink. nice bath, plenlv of shade; chicken pen, berry patch, (arage, basement, ale* lawn. See at 130 Klncald atreet. 81 Duplex in the heart of Alta Vista, Unfurnished Both sides vacant. Newly redecorated. Price 16500. Noriheast district—Two-*tory bom* with three bedrooms, den, ha**m*nt, *uq room, large living and d'nlng room* ana nice bieakfast room. Large corner lot with lots of fiuit trees: 1-car garag*. sprlnkltnK system, outdoor patio with hvthecue pit. Home ha* unit heat and cooler through duct*. Prlc* 114,000. One acre wl<h ni.'e 3-bedroom horn*. Hardwood floors, til* in kitchen and bath. floor furnace. Only three year* old. • Price 14850; requires $1550 f*r equity. Income or home with income. Two unit*. nicely furnished and well located between H street and Oleander. Downstairs I* rented for $55 and upstair* f..r HS. Ton can buy thl* for 15950. Reasonable down. Another income on Terrace Way. w*at ef 90 Highway. Both are furnl*h*d and have steady tenant*. Two nlc*, neat and comfortable home* on w*ll landscaped lot. Flic* 18350. < ucres with 450 bearing orange tr*<*. and nearly new 5-room home. Chicken e.tuipmenl for 1000 birds. Well loceted nbout 3 miles east, of town. Price $16 ooo, half cash. BOVDSTUN A LANCASTER HIT H Street Phone I-K39; after « call 1-1471 FOR HALE—Five-room stucco bungalow on corner lot. hardwood floors, til* link, real fireplace sarase. lots of *h*de. paved street, all in good condition: bu* ridu hy door; $3000. $1500 cash, balance approximately $45 per month Four-room home in Cine condition. East Hak-'rsfleld. on bus line, close to gre~ .er.v store and huch school: $3250. $1250 cash, balance $35 monthly. Call .Mel Hay or .Inn Jarvl* Phone : OS7S, Evenings 51 NtfW 2-bedioont home near Mount V*rnon School; n-.tached rarage. all in perfect condition: owner occupied. Total price $4000. term-. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 KiKhteent h. 9-25-tf SOUTH GATE One half acre, 2-bedroom home, $:H."0, terms. East Bakersfield, modern 2-bedroom home and income, $4!)r.O, terms. D. C. (Slim) Mi!""tt. Phone 8-89S6. 80 Bl r r THIS rent beater. Sx20 converted s.-honl bus. easily moved on truck, built- in . abinetf. tongue and croove tloor, inlaid linoleum, 1:90. or trade for anything sHlahle. Need cash. On Isabella TloHd, fdiit house south oC Nile*. F. l<enjTC;l V. 82 SIX-ROOM hoiis? on half acre. Fruit and shade. Good'on. Pew mile* east ..r town. JI400. Call :-7554 or Z-I947 it fie.' 7 P. m »J stor Trades N.'II.ME SPECIAL—This* nearly new boine.s with haidwood floors, full bath* with plenty of nle, Venetian blind*, tile M>nks one house has nice ba**m«nt, KaiaKf.4 jncl stoi'« rooms, all on large Undsiui'i'd lot. near bus and market*; h\e in one and hjun $S^ monthly income. A si.M! at. JT'K.'i. J1ROD down. t«5 iii.tiiihh. MI will trade for small house. .1' t: ONK-HKDF1OOM ric.MK. til* sink. H MHom -ie\v, on fenced corner lot, only J.'ii.-.ii. tr'.o down. I2S mniuhly. Will lake eoni.i trade. i.v THESK PROPERTIES phone 5-S334. evetimss 3-1170. 'iiW V.M-ANT. ONLT JU58 I>OWN'. sr\SET 1'AHK—Nearly new 2-bedroom h.inie, 'H i ),A livinx room with floor fur- n..'.-. iti.e dinins room, kitchen and bath with pleniy ..f tile, lots of built-in cup- ho.uds ami closets. Venetian blind*, large double garage with stature space, lovely la\vn, on nu* line, near schools and market, mid, I18JO down, balance 155 monthl" TWO :'mom cabins, furnished, en en* lot; live in one and rent th* other taf $^7.50 monthly: 11600, $100 down, balance J35 monthly, nt-R-nooM HOI-SB WITH *HOP n* REAR—1!375. (1004 down, 135 monthly on balance, or will take car la trad*. ON THESE PROPERTIES phoB* Mtl*. evening* :-i2». LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichol* , Jili K Street i-JT-U 2-bedi'Oom home, tlvinc room. dining ruotn, kitchen, nice breakfast mom, extra closets. BMt con- etrucUon. Good g*r<i<e. Lov«ly small yard with fin* trVW *n* «crubs. Pric« i.Phone 2-7680.

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