The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 4
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THE BAKEUSFIELD CALIFORNlAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBEH 9, 1036 Young Folk of Wl'A F Eligible for Work to September 1 1 Annoiiiirf'MH'iil "f " lof'fll f''il">'iil projort In to) nmklriK ("I" uni'hi- ployed yuiiMK pciiplf liftwffn din • BK<>H dl' IS iiii'l '•'••' wriN rriiuli- tmliiv by Mien ManrnrH Hnuiih, Inriil mr porviHur nf III" N'YA Tim projcrt IH the fli'Ht in 'i nfi-li.!» thai IH ilcMRfiMl tf) »;lvi> K'll'if' 1 ' "':0ii|uilliin I" V"""K • mrn iiml woirH'ii mil nf n<'lit"fil ftll'l ceiling'' (irriipullori. Tho work will bCRln on Hopuiinher II Scvriil uthi-r project H M.I1I I" 1 liiUiH'hc'l In llic nt-ur future. Tho tuy iniililMK prnjprl IIUH linen n derided HtiiTi-nH In nlliiT rnninuinl tics ritul nf 'mil lino." iMiili In thu MitnlillHhliiK "f " i-iiininiinliy toy Jlhnirv «'li"r- rlilldfn IIP- ulili- to tiori'nv. in>H fur n period find return Ihoin fur c/i IP 1 1'. Minn llninrh wild lodiiy thai JUKI how tin' d'v (ifilci-i will lif wnrlii'il oul her" I" i»" vi-l iiinli-i'l'li'il. Al>pll''rill»n> from iii'iMlv VIHIIIH pr<d|ilr I'/HI I" 1 ni.'iilf nl Ilii' UI'A wHt'iii" I'ff'li'f hi ••"'"•I M ."li'ei'l. II I" nnnffuni 1 ' 'I Security Chapter Meets Thursday; First Fall Meet CECtllUTY Chapter No. m, ^ Order of the Eastern Stnr, will hold KM flrHl meeting nf fall Thursday evening at 8 o'clock nl the Masonic tomple. Mr«. Alan H, Pnrkor, worthy matron, and Arthur J. Wright, worthy patron, will pronldc over n short buftlncNM mcellmj. A so- rlnl hour with cnrdn nnd refreshments will follow. Officers nnd mernherM nro r«- (|iieslc(l lo BllfMtl and vlsilorH will he welcomed. MeetlnRH will lie held retrulfirly nit tin- second and fourth ThurH- dny evenings of every month. First Staff Meeting Slated on Tliumlriy; Ilertislralion of SludonlH FRATERNAL ! rLi> J,dll«r In Mccl Miikcrcflolfl lyoilifi- No i'; 1 !. !•' A A M.. "Ill ll"lil M K|>i-ll.'ll Ilieelliih' Thurwlin • vi nlni: nl 7 .1" ,. • I", li A MTimil i|-'|;i en v. Ill IM i ..iifri n li Id- /ri-nhni'-iiiii will In- s. 1-1 e<|. \\ A Sn.'ui'. \\ni-Nhlpful niiiHlei \\lll prr- r I'l.l.- , Singer Is Honored at Dinner Party ,MlK« Linn UiiHlnnl, Hiil(fr«fl<«ld rnlor.-itura soprami, wus i;'i<Mit of hniinr nl a illmu-r imrly n\v<-n by Mr. unit Mi'" .InMi-ph llnfifi/iifil "f t'nrllfi nvofiiH 1 . Alhurnhrii. mi Hun- dny Tin 1 pnrty wns In rfInliriillon of MlHf GnxInnl'H rnlitrili'l With Wnrii'-r Mnilbm i Htmllo. Thn nf.- i-»«|nn HUH Illl'll III llOIKir (if till) i-hrlM'-nlni* nf Hllvlu OiiHlnnl. Infant iliiii|.'IU'-r •'!' Mi "nil Mm. William nf Hiilii-rmli'lil Mr. Hiis lHf. iliiHtiinl'H In-iillii't. Mr. wns iciiilfiilliiu "I tlli» Imp- lliMiinl ncivli-1' Mini Minlnmi' Hyllvu Mnmu'i-l, lln- Kodiriiilh"r .wi-vnily f'u''HlM iihnri'il Ihn dlnnnr ji.niy ilmi follnwi'il MI MM' lti<n?.oril home- Mr mnl Mm H. Gaxtnnl, |,ni' nln n( tin' iihiK»r, u-i-i iiinoni; ihi Inriil KUi-Htx nl Hi" iil'iiilr Kotiirtilnuc from vnuatlon trips, Hifl mi'iTilii'iH 'of the faculty of tho ICern County Union High Hondo) n-nd H.M lininrlU'H at Hhaflnr find. Mu- Farlniifl, will tfathur at tho school tomorrow mornliiK at 10 o'clock for Ihn first gofinnil Hlnff meotlng of Iho ynur at tho call of H. A. Hplndl, principal. The lorn I high school faculty- iiiimborH M7, staff lit Hhaflnr, 13 and ut McFarlanrl, ». Tliu Hfhiiol principal will presldo and will outline general |'"Ht'l'-'H and admlnlnlnitliin. MI«H Griice Itlrd, drun of tho local Junior college, will spofik before the s on Ihn work of lh« Junior . rd'glHtrnUon of HtiidontH will begin on Thursday afternoon with this pi-rlod ri'Hi'rvi-d for tho sophomornM. 'Dii' rienhmon find tholr "hOHti-nstm," uppi'i- I'laHHiimn will register on Frl- day, All cither studciitH will bn rng- lnt«iri-d mi Haturday morning'. Offliers In I'rurlli'c I l| I j. , I * ,i| 'I. lull I ,1111 I \i, 11. ( l| -i|i T "! I III A lll.'ll .1 (I'll II III |l| in ll< .- l''rl(li,.\ nlKtit Ml * ii'i-liM-lt ul Mil- Mlllli lelllpl'i-. MCConllllg In nil- Ill, Illici-lllellt loiliiy hi Mir Carrie Mllli-i r"\'iil iiintroil I'AKTV IMIHTl'ONKI) ' A lilrthdny party of Hulh Circle nl l-'IrM <'lirli'iliin I'liiireb lm« heen IIIIH! |iniii-i| A n-ifiiliir iiu-Hlii|,' how. ' evi-r. will li" held at tin' limne nf Mrs. U II. i:iy. ;'!i;il Han Kinldlu Hll'eel, Thuniiluy afternoon at 2 | o'cl'icU with Mm. Corn, H. TowiiHnnd Women's Union to Convene Thursday Th" S\'nn)"n'H Cnlon of the I'Mrsl HaiitlHt Church will hold H* flrHt mei-tlriK since adjournment for mini- tner vnratlon, Thursday'. In tho rhnpi'l of thn church. 1'liinn for fiU netlve yeiir lire to be launched and nil women of the rhureh am urgi-d In lie pri-Hent. The following sessions will lie held Committee chulrmen confer- nice ul lO'HO, r.'XPGUtlvo board at 11 o'clock; Innrhi'iin HerveiJ by Cehtnil I I !' llVlnck, lltlHlllCHH HI'SSloll •l<"'k nnd u missionary pro- charge of Went I'urlt (,'lrrle •lor;U. Mrs. A. If. Johnston, ii of tho organization, will Townsend Club to Sponsor Barbecue Thn. economic Hltuallon of tho country wo« tho topic at llonry L. LaoklHor fit lust night's mooting of Towrmend Club No. I at City Hall I'urU. IJullolliiH from hottdauartorii were dlMiMiHHeil. Dan Crayne acted an master of oornmonloH, Introducing Wllllarn C'ahlll, who npoku on Hlneerlly inifl loyalty of member*; ho waH Invented hy Mr. Crayno with u ImcltfD cif hlH offl<!i! of wirfteant-at- urtntf. VlHltorn from out of town Included II. I.lppler of Arlington who luiwniiircd I hat tlOO ttiRmborH had IKIPII uilded to I hi) club of that oily lam month. A lin.rt«'i!iin will bo hnld October 11 (it Korn Hlvor Park with 10. J. MnrgcU, Btuto inanaKftr IIH thft Hpeakor. OonKreHHiniin llonry Hlubbii IIUH been invltod. Arrangement*! n.rn In tho hands of Prank Juckaon, J. U. Hogerfl, li*. A. Hhorry, Charles Wlmmer and Fred Wal«h. MI-H. I'hlla Vox IH chairman of progrrnm and members fn>m Taft fin- urranglnx for advortlMlng. Women of r'lubd 1 nnd 1! will convene ut tin- homo of Mm. J'hlla Kox, 172lt Orango street Tliurnday. Ho- freHhmonlH will be Horvod. Club No. 2 will meet Thursday at 8 o'clock at Jefferson Park. BY RELIEF Poem and Talk Are Heard ul Session; (lift Mnde to Inspector Knini li ut ~ n' pronld< preside 1 . Feline Miss Itiuiitm Miss Alice Kankin, who Is leaving for tho University of California at Los Angeles Wednesday to enter the Institution as a junior, was tho recipient of a surprise handkerchief shower In connection with a Chinese dinner of Slginn. Phi Gamma sorority at New China Gafo recently. Miss Hunkln attended Bak- orsfleld Junior College two yearn and worked in tbe physical education department one season. She will major In physical education. Her departure has been the ralson d'etre for several smart functions, another having boon sponsored last evening by friends ami relatives at tho Walker Hankln residence. Attending the sorority function were: TCrlo Johnsbn Kmmetl flmlth Alfred lierry Freeman Chambless Walter Wells Virginia Voorhies Hetty Graham Alice Bldnrt Theresa Kelly Eleanor Smith Clinton Fowler Howard Laster M. H. Almond George Carlson Freeman Hproyer Misses--' Yvetto Guoydan Martha Graham Alice Cobb Ttachanl Uankln Irnno IlouX Marietta Smith Martha Oundlach Those present at last evening's function were: Messrs, and Mosdamos— AGAIN! A YEAR AHEAD TELL-TALE CONTROLS . . TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF RADIO TUNING OVER £4SCORE OF BRILLIANT ' ' Ztnlth Modol IO-S-I5J 10 Tubes, $104.95 AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO ALWftVs A YEAR AHEAD Comrade O. M. I'cnd presented an original poem und Miss Maude Met- cnir, former net Ing adjutant for tho Grand Army of the, Republic presented n. tallc wlmti tho Woman's Belief Corps entertained at a not- luck dinner Tuesday at Memorial hall. Mrs. ifilia M. Heath, past president and pioneer member, spoke iilsn. Mrs. I'earl Cross, Han I'Yan- cIsco, depnrtment Inspector, visited the local I'orps officially In tho afternoon. Hho IH Comrade Pood's niece. Initiate Candidates On bi.ihalf of the corps, Mrs. J^i-na 2304 lliildwln, president, presented a gift to the department Inspector. follow- In),' her Inspection of the ritualistic I work. Mrs. Velma CJosplch and Mrs. VunesMu llnrr, Tafl. were Initiated. Klfty members nnd their families attended the potluck dlnnnr ut Me- tnorliil hull. Mrs. .1. Union .Rayno, chairman, WUH iiHHlHtorl hy ,Mrs. Mllo Mungun, Mrs. A nun Iliiggurrl, Mrs. Clara Kunt and Mm. Itosa King. To Present IHug Mrs. Lena Baldwin und Mrs. AVIn- ! Ifred Ivetchem, patriotic. Instructor, will present u flag to t,'nlon Avenue 1 School September C at 'i o'clock on i behalf of llurlbut WOIIHIII'M Ilellef \ Corps. L. n. Ran kin LeRoy Hankln Mesdames- - Loills Lernucchl Misses— Martha Gundlach Gerald) no Uan- kln Peggy Uough- ert y Messrs.— Randolph Kalloch Kill Holmqulst Hitrlun Summers Bob Hloddurd Henry Ciistru Powell Freeland Walter Hankln Charles Hankln Clyde Barbeau Lorena Daly Ann Whltaker Ifivalyn Pyles Hachael Kankin Barbara Martin Helen Curran Arthur Curran .Idok Lavors Georgo Vott Henry MoCullen Leslie Vice Keith Collins Hilly nankin Bob Barrett Frank Voorhlcs Jack Mulvana • « • Visiting tho WnnjfenliPlms Mr. and Mrs. A. L. AS'ungonhelm. H Direct, lire entertaining us their house guests over this week, Mrs. 3. T. Snow of Kendall Oreen, Mrms., and Mrs. Al McNaiighton of Oconno. They arrived last night. Mrs. McNuughton IH Mrs. Snow's mother. • • • Muck From Trip Mi. mid Mrs. W. A. Hlley and their won, Ulllle, 700 Chester avenue, and Mrs. C'leo 1'Yeeur have returned from an enjoyable trip by motor which look them north along tho Kedwood highway and through the Pacific northwest to Victoria. They were particularly Impressed with the 100- mile drive about Vancouver Island. They returned home by way of Portland, the Columbia Klvor highway und visited Crater lako. BODY SWOLLEN AND ACHING BAKERSFIELD QUAKER LADY FINDS PEACE IN VAN-TAGE lllll'liromi Wcddlnjr We'ddlnft ceremonies at Klrwt Con- grdgatlonal Church Saturday ove- nlngr at 8:30 o'clock wore followed by recaption at tho bridegroom'!) home, whon Miss Francos Hill, the daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. J2. Hill, 1031 Chester avenuo, became tho bride of Arthtjr Brown, the son of Mrs. K: li. Hill, 2010 !3uiwot av(?nue. Tho. ring ceremony was read by the Reverend A, 8. Donut. Tho bride was given In "marriage by Vlnce Uoberts and MI-M. Hoberts noted as matron of honor. Hobert Yoder of Jiurbank was the bent man. After the reception the couple departed for Long Beach, Ventura and Han la Barbara, expecting to return this uVcnlng, They will bo at homo at 1324-A K street. Mrs. J. O. Puthe. Ringing "I Love You Truly," was the soloist of tho evening', Mrs. Pearl M. Smith was at tho organ, Mrs. Bmllh also played the wedding music** The bride wus exquisite In a cream colored fishnet formal frock with cornaga of gardenias. Her attendant was gowned In n. printed formal. Those who attended tho service and reception were: Messrs, and Mcsdames— H. Hill U. B. Hill Vlneo Roberts G. P. Mlgglns J. O. Pathe Wilson Brlggs Jvers Calderwood Dr. and Mrs. II. M. Jones Mrs. Pearl Smith Miss Francos Smith (Burbank) Children— ' Melba Jones Roberta Jones Dorothy Jane Mill » » « Leaving for South Mr', and Mrs. Clyde Veal und tholr young son, Ernest Clyde left today for Olendale to Join Mr. and Mrs. DarlB Watson and their little daughter Arllne on an extended motor trip. They will first stop in San Diego to visit Mr. Veal's brother, Jack, and will then continue south and east by way of Arizona and Texas, visiting tho Texas Centennial exposition. Their ultimate destination Is.McCool, Mlas., where they will visit relatives. They will return home by way of Colorado, tho Grand Canyon, and Bryco and VSIon canyons. * • • Ending Visit Mrs. Bernard Uhalt, Jr., of Oakland who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Blakesleo at their summer homo at Frazler Park for the past month, Is returning to Oakland soon. She will bo tho guest thci-ij of Mrs. James Heeso ut her Redwood Canyon ranch. Shu will bo Jolnod In two weeks in Oakland by account of a three-month vacation at Lea- Walsh Wedding In the beautiful old mission in San Uuls Oblspo, Saturday, September 5, at 4 o'clock, Miss Astrld Margaret Lea becamo the brldo of John 8. Walshf Illumination engineer for tho San ,loa,quln X^lght and Power Corporation. The young people wore attended by Dr. and Mrs. Iflarl IJ. .King of Arroyo Grande; tboy loft Immediately for Han la Barbara and Los Angeles for n brief honeymoon. , Tho bride, an art teacher, at Waaeo High School, was graduated from Lawrence College, Appleton, Wls., und attended the University of California. Mr. Walsh is an alumnus of .Syracuse University, New York, und of tho University of California where he specialized In electrical engineering. Mr, Walsh returned last week from New York where ho visited an aunt, Miss Alary Cloonan of Rochester; Miss Cloonan was a guest of her nephew here when he made his homo at 1823 Myrtle uventio. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh are well known in Kern county, having made scores of friends during their relatively short residence hero. • * « Scenic Motor Trip Taking In somo of the most sconlo spots of tho Pacific northwest, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Clalland, 165R G street, and Mrs. Galland's mother, Mrs. F. M. Foster of Los Angeles, have returned from a two-week motor trip of 3600 miles, They enjoyed somo time fishing In Silver lake, Washington and stopped at points In Canada, Ml. Ranter, tho Oregon Caves and points along the Redwood highway. Tho Columbia River highway proved Interesting as did Tlic Dalles, Vancouver and Vancouver" Island. • Ma-Jwa-Gan Club Ma-Jwa-Gun Club will hold its first meeting of tho fall at the homo of Mrs. Fred T. Dean of Airport A crew, Thursday at 2 o'clock. Mrs. K. 10. ICakles will preside. » * t Gamma Kappa I'lil Gamma Kappa Phi sorority will moot tonight ut 8 o'clock In Land Company building to elect officers for Luxurious Coats and Wrapto Form $35,000 Collection for Local Patrons A complete showing of. fur coats Is being made this week at Wolll'B department store In connection -with a fur sale and local women are invited to examine the luxurious coata and wraps. Every Important typo of fur If represented in .the $35,600 collection It was reported today by Lawrence Welll, manager; Tho collection includes laplns, ermlnette, minks, wessels, ermine and squirrel furs. These fine pelts are from Iho recognized; fur sources of .the world and they represent the best in quality and beauty, tho local merchant said. Stylo trends reflect tho latest modes suitable for eauh fur. As an extra feature of this service, tho store has engaged a well-known, authority of furs, Jay Gammon, -\Vho will assist and advise patrons as to selection, in tho .collection are two genuine eastern mink coats insured for $1500 and $2500 respectively. In addition to coats, there is ttlflo a choice outlay of fur scarfs and neckpieces. The fur exposition will continue at the store for the remainder of the Week. the new season. will preside. Mrs. Clalr Marchlno Woodcraft Hears Vacation Report Mrs. Arthur Wcaber presented an Mr. Uhalt who has been playing base' bull in Milwaukee this Bummer. Mr. and Mrs. Uluill will leave from Oakland on uu extended fishing trip on Klumath river. • * • Wedded Tuesday Miss Virginia Stringer and Roy D. Norman were married at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning by the Rev- orond Hoy Ogan, pastor of the Pentecostal Church, ut his home, and arc now honeymooning In San Francisco. Tho bride returned recently from a Hummer's vacation In Mississippi. They will live In Fellows where the bridegroom is manager of a Safeway store. Mrs. Xorntun was attired for tho ceremony in a navy blUo suit with blue accessories and wore a gardenia corsage. Santa Barbara Santa Cruz und other cities when Sequoia Circle No. 300, Neighbors of Woodcraft, met Tuesday night- at Kugles hall. Mrs. Y. B. Ktokes, guardian neighbor, presided. Mrs. Dora Baker of United Circle, Visullu. Was u, visitor. Plans were completed for a public card party Tuesday nt Eagles' hull. Mrs. M. I'". McTCIbbcn Is chairman of urrangomenta. The past guardians' club will meet September 16 for a potluck luncheon at Beulo Park with Airs. D. J. Lightner und Mrs. Minnie Ooblo as cochairmen. •» , » ZENITH MODEL 10-S-1JO A bit I0-iiil>p rlimtli Intfrnloiitly Imlh nun > lulilv cabinet. Foreign i«i-eptlim ilUMrunicvil. lln* (h* Ht|i Oluck /»n!ili IV: Mini null licit (>'.unreii. £07 ge THE BIG BLACK DIAL WITH THE SQUARED CIRCLE" EVERYTHING SIMPLE AS A-B-C Never before have nny radios boon BO nimple to tune and operate. Toll-Talo Controls hnvo their nnmes written in them . . . plainly t<\ll you their UBO. Turn any control and a word telling you what happens flashes in the Tall-Talo slot. Operating a Zenith is nut only simple, it's funl OTHER MODELS $29.95 to $750 EASY TERMS "3 Years of Agonized Rheumatic Swelling From Clogged System —Could Hardly Move — Van-Tagc Brought Quick Relief!" Read This Amazing Experience of a Prominent Bakers Held Lady. Dooauno orores of local people who have been helped are willing tn let tholr experiences be printed and glvo their public endorsement to VAN- ITAOIO, thfc medicine has created a HonsiUlOM here. Mvery day well-known mon rfhd women—forn>or'.y Hick and suffering—toll llakornflolil druggists and neighbors about tho wonderful benefit N from VAN-TAG 1C! They udd their mimes to thn long list of local people who have been helped by tho action of tho 21 Natural Herbs and ] li St'kntlflr Medicaments In this medli'lntt und who publicly pral^o ami recommend VAN-TAUb! to suf- i iVitnK humanity. poopU'—nwiiy of whom you know piM-Donatly—htivfl found relief In lomf-HlniulliiK OIIM>H of unluful gna "I \\-iw tortured with Kns —until 1 found Vnn-Tngc," Mr». 0. L. Atnrtln, who Is of an old Cullfornla filmlly. tried many medlclncfl without any re«\ilt. VAN-TAOR gava mo quick action. Thn dwelling of my body has HiibBUU'd mul tho HUH palnn are now dlnpcllad. VAN-TAUh3 lift* Rlvon inn WITHAM & BOOTH 2015 H Street Sales RAD1U Service l-'ox Thenlcr lUilltllng Our Kxiivrlenee A»»uren Your Xntiefaetiun Phone 2384 " ami Is helping mo rid my body of poisons. 1 can't priilse this wonderful medicine 21 Herbs In Formula TUKtllO AHIC 21 HKPAKATH NATUHAL IIUKHH IN VAN-TAO13 us well us U Scientific Medicaments. „ .. That Is why It Is Mho taking several und Moat - sour stomach and count I- ' wonderful mudUMuus at ouee. Home of these herbs eleur the gas and din- Irons from your Stomach; others sweep right through your Bowels the old Guests of 1'ifers Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Pershlng street, entertained reaent house guesls, Mr. und Airs. Umest K. Holmes, Jr.. of Mlssoulu., Montana, who arrived Friday. The visit here la a purl of tholr honeymoon, the couple having been wedded August 4. Mr. 1'lfer, a graduate of AS'eet Point, bus the commission of flrat lieutenant at Randolph Field, Han Antonio, and will return there after a visit to Long Beach and LOB Angeles. « » • .Delta Theta Tnu Sigma Chapter of Delia Theta Tau sorority Is announcing a swimming party and dinner tonight at 7 o'clock at Motel Inn. Tho hostess committee includes Miss Mary HoUicrsall, Miss Thelma Lanclstrotn and Miss Betty Keays. CIRCLE TO MI5I3T Naomi Circle of First Christian Church will meet ut tho home of Mrs. Joe Alartln, IB31 Beale avenue, Thiiru- [ day afternoon at - o'clock ut which Plf inn- I t' mp Plans will bo made for u spelling ',..'. . . ,. bee Friday evening tit the church. Mrs. Garrard Is Receiving Pupils Mrs. Mary Garrard. well- known local piano and volco Instructor, today announced that she la again receiving enrollments from both old and new pupils for fall Instruction in piano technique, voice, harmony and public school music methods. » During tho past summer Mrs. Oar- rurd attended tho California Music Teachers' Association at the Ambassador Hotel In Los Angeles, where she heard many Interesting lectures und concerts given by somo of tho foremost musicians of California. She also attended classes of Bernard Wugness and John Thompson, noted composers and musical pedagogues, und the muster class of Arch Bailey, baritone and vocal teacher, who Is well known In musical circles for his concert, oratorio and radio engagements throughout the United States. Mrs. Garrurd attended several concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and an. opera production. Karly enrollments tiro advisable, ,especially fbr students who aro In- 'leresied In obtaining' the certificates of merit from the -California state board of the Music Teachers' Association, she said. These students must receive 36 consecutive weeks of music Instruction for these certificates. Mrs. Garrurd can be reached at her homo at 1701 B street, apartment 1, or by telephone. •» « * MEETING TONIGHT A meeting of the North of the River Association will be hold tonight at 7:30 o'clock ut tho Olldalo clubhouse. Outline of fall activities will be made. CIRCLE TO MEET Esther Circle of First OhrlHtian Church will convene Thursday at~l! o'clock at Bethany hall with Mrs. A. Hutchison presiding. FIRST-AID RELIEF FOR MINOR BURNS.5CALDS.CUT5 ROUGH HAMDS | SOOTHES QUICKLY-HELPS MALIM For s'mple burns"and cuts, Cuticura Ointment is a wonderfully soothing dressing. Excludes air from sensitive spoM|i relieves irritation, promotes quick healing. Also helps prevent red, rough handi, promoting a smooth, velvety whiteness. Use together with fragrant, mildly medicated Cuticura Soip. EachZSc. Write "Cuticura" Dept. 22, Maiden, Mlsi. for FREE Eampl*. CUTIEURA OINTMENT rheumatlo Hvem and kidney*— and u multitude of almllnr ailments. Here In a typical letter from a lady Mr». i'. away the old decayed und still others flush your , . ... ,i i kidneys—gently, soothingly — giving very i-romlnent In this community— you new enorjty an ,i new vigor! I.. Murtln, 710 Bernard Direct. She ta a long-atandlng •a member of th« Friends' Chviroh (Quaker) — und her huibaml Is a rcBpfctiHl buslneiM man and a Mason, Head this remarkable latter of gratitude she hnu written—and neo for yourgplf what VAN-TAUK has At New Low Price PHOVKD for Itself: 8 Years' Suffering "I «m certainly grateful that I gave VAN-TAOK a trlhl. 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No Pressure Barl LIMIT 3 SETS TO A CUSTOMER Transparent Barrel —You See the Ink This Pen holds 200% more Ink than any ordinary Fountain Pen on the market! It has a hard, unbreakable barrel. Latest and modern colors. Every pen tested and guaranteedl A five-year guarantee certificate given with every pen. The Ideal Pen for School Use. This certificate good only while advertising sale Is on. GET YOURS NOW! This'pen given free If yog can buy one of this QUALITY for less than THREE DOLLARS! Pen point Is "Durlgold" tipped, and guaranteed for lasting smoothness In writing. ' -" ggC This Certificate Is Worth $2.81 GOOD THURSDAY ONLY—9 A. M. TO 9 P. M. This Certificate and 69o Entitles Bearer to One Genuine $3.50 Indestructible SELF-FILLING COMBINATION FOUNTAIN PEN AND PENCIL—Extra Large Size Mall Orders Accepted. Add 12c Extra. No Personal Cheeks. THESE PENS WILL BE $3.50 AFTER THIS SALE! EVERY PEN TESTED AND GUARANTEED. Limit 3 to a customer. Bring this Certificate. Guaranteed for five years. A Guarantee Certificate with each pen, GLOBE DRUG STORE NINETEENTH AND "EYE" also lortuivd with KU« J»ftiu» iu\d I J VAN-TAOHJ MKTHOU.

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