The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 27, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 10
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A. L REMAINS IN DEADLOCK TIE AS BOTH TIGERS AND BROWNS WIN HOW THEY STAND 1!y (.I.KN t Pi, -.- SI. NEW V«>r:K. Sept. L'7— The Detroit Ti.ceis and St. Louts Browns remained tied fur first place in the Ameriran i.faguo lor the si-ci'iid consecutive day today and .il" lit the only certainly in the red-hoi raep was thai the parlie.s in\ . .]•, ed l.n-, d fi\c n'ays of alinc>.-l m-\ ei -u rackmu tension. Ili'th club- \M.|I again yp.-'ti play, both ha\<- ideinii al \vnn and lust ]er,.|ils and both have li\'e hit; games kit lo pl.i>, a tryi'iL: situation for hiwhl v 1 raiii,-d anil ke- '•'! athletes. To raih ;il.i\i-r. Ill" ilil- ffrenic in winning and losing tlie pi'nnaiil nu'atts np\\ar')s o!' ^IMHI re- cardkss of how ihev linisli in the \\"or!'1 Si-rics. Tims, ' \*TV |'ia\' nir,ins sum, il'.ij.g ixn.i t-i thi- par- ti,-i|iant^ ani it is .it '.hi- sl.iue of t llP g.lMlP t ' MiolM ' pi.'I.Vi'l s, ' 1 lie fellows who dmi t git ranii-d v\ h.'ii tlie chips are down, aie worth tiieit weight in World Series cheeks. Tlie Tigeis t,io).; a siioi l-ln ed half game lead ycslcrda\' w h''ii I M/.xy Trout pilehcd them to a r, n s j\ |m shnlou! o\ er I hi' Plui oh lidna .\ I h- li'lk-s in an a I ti I noon game. The vietory, Tmut's tweni\ se\-cnlh and his se\'i'ti!h sliutotil, \vas supported by a KMiit ollcn.-e from lln' I'.en^als bat. The Tig, is' power, Dirk WakclieM and Kud\ Vo, u. ,„•. ! eountfi frir Ii\e of the six runs. Wakefield save Tumi an c.iily lead wlien lie hit his twelfth homer of the season, n 4^0-fnoi. inside-t he-park belt in the second inning, and Yoik '. drove in four runs •with two sitigk's ' and sroied the oth'-r himself. The Krowns cnme thicn^h in a night game lo lie for first plaee. beating ihe flumping Mosion Ked Sox. 1-1, in a pitching battle helween Siu PERKINS ff I '"I ; C:-l>'.,ll'i' ^it j.lakuckl and \ctfian Mike l:\ba. {.lakiicki jiili bed live.hit hall as ihe ' J'rowns ai hu.'ved their seveiilli siraiglit win and theii' tenth in their last U games. i:\ba allowed hut four hits, but two cami- In the first inning and brought about Ihe only I un ol t be game. The two singles, plus two walks lire.ught diet Laahs across the plate with tlie all-iniporant run and .la-. . kiicki look over from that point. On two oei asions he pitched out ol definite .tain.-, mn ••• with men on thst and thin! with two out ln t|,e sf \enlb. rind again with (he bases: loaded and two down m t|,,. eightli. ; The New- Vnrk Vankees. the only ones who lia\e not yet counted them- selvi'S mil of the rare, stayed within ' three games ol Ihe leaders iu' beat mi; the Chicago White Sox. :i ." The Vai,k.~ won in old-time Yankee lashion. '('railing 4-n going into tlie Inih. the Yanks tied the count on siieee.-sne hmners by Nick lOlten and Clinics and cased into a 7-4 lead an inning later. Hill Xubcr was i I edlled with file win. The last place Washington Senators delected the Cleveland Indians.; •*>•:). when they pounded live Cleve- i land lmrlci> for 1 ."i hits. Jor> Heving '• bioke ail Anieriean League record; when he appeared in his sixty-see- \ ond relief role for the Tribe Ibis season. Dutch Leonard was Ihe winner. In Ihe National League the ('in- i cinnatl Heds won two from the ! New York Ciants, V.~> and li--l and i the SI. Louis Cardinals stretched ! their victory skein to .seven by edg- i ing Ihe Mrooklyn Dodgers S-7. Tbe , chicauo Cub:- clinched fourth spot by winning Ihe first of two lop- ; sided games from Philadelphia. . II'I . 7 7 PACIFIC COANT T.K.UiC'E T'.<I,I i.n^ San ic. r ........................ 4 i (."> A?,~i/ifs ................ ........ 4 J <).,k!,.n.| . " . ...... " '.' i' 4 . i Monihn Mchl'x l{i>«lilN I....- Ai. -.].•-, :;• I'riiil.inil. : i l.i.s Ar,Ki'Ii'» Win j-' 1 ! ,' .1. ( 1 1) .' I. Y<-«trr(lH<'« Kf'MlIU N'i K;I nit M hfiluk-ij. <>Hm«*!4 Tmiiuht (I'-inul IM;n. it'll I. 'is AllKi-i'-s .-11 ,^;in I- 1 ] IP i... ,,. AMIiKIC.VN I.K.U.I K SPORTS Californian Wednesday, September 27, 1944 ., ,n 3 4117 j | 17714 .|,;:: ir, '|II|:I.||'||I|IM . fix M .if.lriitt,in i; J .X 7 •Ciilui-.s h"liunl |. inl«'i > t".lrrilm 's Itt'MiltN IVlilil. fi; I'hll.'iilnllihlil. I). S' I.,. ins. 1 : Hi,..t,,n. il. .\<-iy Ymk. '.r. I'h.i-uuii. :,. \\ ;ishmKt''M. '; < 'Ipvi'Niiil. 2. (iiimt'v 7'iMlii.v I 11 ;!.!'!' Iji!li;i .11 1 I. I i nil ll'iM'.n ,1 M. I.,, ins N'-w y.i, k i,l I'll,' :,„•,, ' NATIONAL I.K.U.I f. T' .1111 - \\',H| |.,,M |'.| i l.'niis ... in;: -|i; ,K\I\ l.ll 111111 . Hi; i, ; ,;,77 17 1 'lii' "K" ................ 7.i ;« .4:111 :m N '"v Voi k ................. ii '. xt i :!f; ;;,s l:».-i"n .......... i;i sx . (I,., 4L . I ....... ........... nn MI .411:1 ,|;i rh huii'lplnn . ;,;i :MI ,;J!M; 44 •lliinif'H bdlintl I'Mltrl. Yrslpril:i> 'H KrsnllH '' in iniiiih. S-ii Now V"i k. .",-4. SI. I. IMPS. s ; r.i'iukl-.n 7 IMI-liill-Bh L: ll"M,.n! L'. • i 'liii-;iu(i, jf,. 1 : |'|II|MI|"||I|I.H. 0-10 4>>llllr* Ttxlil.v I'll., nun :il l'l,i];nl,.|phiu. I' Msliinizh in IliiMnti. SI. [."ins fit HiooklvH. l-'nu ,iili;it i !i t X*>u- V.,1 k. U TKKSS KII,i;s PAI'KHS UlS AXCKI.KS, Sfpt. L'7. l.fl— First fitixcnsliip pujirrs wcro I'ilnl \ I'Strnl.iy liy llpiitlior Ansel, o.'i, Hi'ilisli Ncreon ac'ti'css. She IMIM<! In I IIP I'nitcd stiilos in IMliL 1 . ' MOTOR CENTER Twenty-second and Chester Phone 9-9441 Presenting THE HOUSE OF CUSTOM TAILORING 'I'll' 1 in'\v i':ili|'ii-s fur l-'iill iiinl \\inlrr an: ri'iuly I'l^lii n, )W (',,,• > "'i In iiiiiUc viiiir sciiT- ti'His . . . iivt'i' .".IMP f.'ili- I'ii' >illll|i|l>s In I'lliinvr I'l'i'in . . . in,.' uf il,,. Mli.'irli'vl. ni(i>i mloi'fiil •-li'iuinys y,,u huvu I'M'i- s'-i-n. Ciiini' in ... ( 'x- clusivi; styles fur l.oili iix-ii aiifl woinoii. FINEST OF WOOLENS Gasper & Frankel MEN'S SHOP TAILORING • ALTERATIONS • ACCESSORIES for Men and Women of Discriminating' Taste 1421 Eighteenth Phone 2-1517 'Must Back of Tinv's" Business and Professional GUIDE Phone 7-763! for Monthly Rates ACCOyNTANTS JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT I'rulFMSliitiii: Building IMmni- n-l)SIM CHJNESEJHERBS T. LIM III lill M'KI IAI.ISI STOMACH TROUBLE SPECIALISTS Itrmeilifk for All AllimTitt KKKE C«»NSl'I.TA'll(IN rtirnipr llt'rh Inslrnplot 4'a..tnn C'ollt 1 !:^. Ciititoii t'hlnn Tnrnt.v-fniirlh ami K Klrcrt). I'hnnp 5-BAA1 LAUNDRIES LAUNDRY SERVICE l.aunlr.. Service I nuivlu'il—Tlnit In Our Mniin — 'IV.. Different Si'rvlci'h unit /uric l»r.v Clrnnint CITIZENS LAUNDRY Sixteen!, iim' O Ktrrrtp Phone H-KIOI RECORDS TEAM-TAfi MATCH —Tlie Ocnlleman Danny McShain and Antone Leone are pairing olf against Wild Kcd Berry and (Jeorge Wagner In the main event at Slrclicli Stadium tonight, which means a carload of wrestling thrills are in store for fans. In the semi-windup contest the newcomer to the Strelich mat, Dandy Davis, will tangle with Leo Grable in a two-oul-ol'-three falls bout, with a 4."i-minute time limit. Starting tlie mat fest off on the right track will he Joe Ferona and Johnnie- Mclas when they meet in a two-oul-uf-thrce falls preliminary. St. John Out for Friday Night; Tilt Bruce St. John, star half back, will not be on the starting lineup Friday night when the While team from Bakersfield High School open the football season against the Blue team on Griffith Field. St. John injured his hand last week in scrimmage and it is even doubtful that he will see action against the Blades on October G. The Blues also suffered a first string injury when Art Adams, big- guard, broke bis arm in their scrimmage yesterday. Despite these two injuries both teams are right up to par, and Friday night's tilt Is one that promises plenty of pigskin thrills. JAP LEADER NAMED LONDON, Sept. 27. GP)—Lieutenant-General Heitaro Khnura has been appointed commander in chief of Japanese forces in Burma, according to a DNB dispatch from Tokyo intercepted by the Associated Press. Itndtr part*—sootht r«w. tmirting ikin, •nd quickly promott comfort, depend on RESINOL" 'AND SOAP Angels Meet Seals Tonight in Finals SAX FIIAXCISCO. Sepl. 27. (UR) Tlie J,u.s Angeles Angels, Pacific Const League pennant winners, will attempt to lift the Governor's Cup friini the San Francisco Seals when Ihe two loams meet in the seven- game final post-season playoffs, opening tonight at Seals' Stadium. Los Angeles also won the regular season championship last year, but was eliminated in the playoofs hy Seattle, San Francisco defeating the Rainiers in turn to take the cup. Both teams will play without their star outfielders. Cecil Garriott of j the Angels having been summoned by his draft hoard, and Xeill Sheridan of the Seals being ineligible because he was not with the team by August 1, deadline for playoff participation. Bob Joyce probably will start on the mound for San Francisco, and Kay Prim for .Los Angeles in tonight's opener. The teams will play again here tomorrow and Friday nights, then move to Los Angeles for a Sunday doubleheader. GAS Cl'T ORDERED WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. (UP)— A 50 per cent reduction in output of high-test gasoline for automobiles has been ordered to assure uninterrupted flow of aviation gasoline for military planes, according to Petroleum Administrator Harold L. ]cl\es. DISTANCE MEN CAUTIOLPUBLIC IJy IIIBKRT IXKII.L V!i'l>?rl J'r*;ss Stfir'f On respondent STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. L'T.— tJiindiT lltiKR and Arm; Aiiderssnn, a two-man record wrecking team nf distance runners, expressed their pleasure today at their forthcoming trip to the United States hut cautioned that Americans should not ex- pei't "t'j much I'mm us." Iloth doubted that tliey would he able lu lower any of their records on the trip but they wore happy to accept the invitation of the 1'nited States treasury department, announced here yesterday, to mnke a cross-country tour to stimulate the sale of war bonds. Schoolmaster Andersson, Interviewed at (he Institution for Wayward Children, where he is an instructor, said he was "pessimistic over chances of doing well on indoor tracks." Andersson. holder of the world record of 4:M].n for the mile, said he believed the •1-rniuute distance for the event eventually would be achieved "but not thi.s season and not by me." UiiKK. who made an all-victorious, eight-race tour of the L'nited States last year, said he was not in peak form "after a most strenuous season, but we hope to make a Rood showing anyway when he meet American track stars." The (iavle Fireman, like Andersson, said he hoped they would be able to compete in outdoor races before the opening of the indoor season. Both were elated at the opportunity to run in Madison Square | Garden, New York. j Andersson was worried about his faltering' Knslish and said he hoped it would Ret him by. Champ Enters Second Tennis Finals Game S.\.V FRANCISCO, Sept. li". <•£>>— AYith a first-round victory to his credit. colorful little Francisco (I'ancho) SeK'ura of Kcuador plays (iroi'KO I/. .Knurrs, former Irish Mavis (..'up player, in his second match of the I'acific coast tennis ch.implonship t«day. Sesura, in his first-round singles match, smashed In victory over John Delantoni, San Francisco, ii-0, ti-'.'. Jle smotered his opponent with his vaunted two-handed attack, usitiK a spin drop shot and sneaking over several a.ces. The Kcuador star arrived Monday from I,os Angeles where he was eliminated in the semi-finals of the Pacific southwest championships. In another men's singles match yesterday, Tom Brown. Camp Campbell, Ky., former California slate champion, defeated Harry Roche, San Francisco, fi-1, (i-!i. Other results: Women's Singles Margaret Oshorne, San Francisco, defeated Phyllis Herron, San Fran- i Cisco, ti-0, 6-1. L.otiise P,rough. Los AnReles, defeated Louise. Cattermole, 6-". ti-0. Dorothy Head. A lame-da, defeated i Mary Hose. San Francisco, t',-j, H-1.J Dorothy Head, Alameda, defeated Gloria, Butler, Los Angeles, 6-2, 6-4. j Men's Doubles Nick Carter, San Francisco, and Jack Giirlcy, Sacramento, defeated Jack Jossi, Oakland, and George L. Rogers, ti-;!, C-I. John Ager and Tfarry Pemarest defeated Hduardo Kuse, Peru, and Kd Amark, ;i-(i, 7-"i. 6-u. In the .junior girls' singles, Barbara Scofield, San Francisco, went to the quarter finals by defeating Alva lancnnii, fi-ll, (i-fi. Cravath Dissatisfied With Troy's Play in Bruin Game By Unit LOS AXGKLKS, Sc|it. '-'7.—Coach Jeff Cravath today gave his ['. S. C. charges a chalktalk on "the T-formation and how to slop it' 1 and told them he was "dissatisfied with many tilings'' lie had spotted In their game last Saturday with the U. C. L. A. lirulns." John 1'ehag. -S.'i-pound tackle, played center in practice, replacing Kuss Antli s, MH CravHth sought to build a solid forward wall for the game against College of Pacific on Sal urday. While Captain Jim Hardy sat on I he sidelines with stomach trouble, flashy 17-year-old Don Rugnside, Sacranieto, Calif., quarterback, conferred with Cravath and Gus Shaver, baekfield coach, on Trojan plays. KHMNS I'KKI'AKKI) I-OU TKII' TO MKKT RIVALS LOS AXGKLKS, Sept. Ii7. <UE>— The 1'nivcrsity of California at Los Angeles Bruins, lit! of 'em, today were packed and ready lo "shove off" for the University of California game at Berkeley this Saturday. Coach Kahe Horrell said that if George Phillips, veteran quarterback is eligible he will be in a suit Saturday. IIKiK CROUD KXPKCTKI) TO SKK BKUIN-KKAR TILT BERKELEY,, Se|)t L'7. <UR> — Ticket M^anagcr Harry Da\ls predicted today a crowd of 05,000 will see the University of California Rears and University of California at Los Angeles Bruins in their conferences gridiron clash here Saturday. Coach Stub Allison, pulling the Bears through a workout against the Bruin "Q-T" formation, shifted John Baker, 1!>fi-ponnder back in cd Trews I school as a Navy V-12 student after 17 months with the fleet, to tackft?, replacing the injured Bill Duncan. WASHINGTON HLSKIKS 1)KILLKI> ON KICKING SEATTLE. Wash., Sept. 27. (UR) Coach Pest Welch drilled his Washington Huskies on kicking today, chagrined by poor limiting and place kicking last Saturday despite a 71-0 win over Willamette. The Huskies meet Whitman Saturday. j FOOTBALL TILT CANCELED BECAISK OF P. C. PLAYOFFS SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27. (UP.» — President J. Rufus Klawans of the Pacific Coast Professional Football League announced today that Oakland and Los Angeles will not be able to play their opener Sunday, because tlie Los Angeles field will be the scene of the Pacific Coast League baseball playoffs. The circuit, challenged this year by the newly formed American Professional League, will offer two other games this Sunday, the San Francisco Packers journeying to San Jose and the Hollywood Wolves playing the San Diego Bombers. -JARRY MWi Sitmn I*T! Comoanr. Ltd. 93 PfMf Exclailvr Dlntrthutor*. California. * Arizona. Everything For The Smoker MPWTKO ui4 DOMESTIC BMAJR • PIPES 'ETERSON'b CUSTOMBILT EMPEROR KAYWOODIE YELLO-BOLE rOBACCOS PIPE RACKS HUMIDORS HOLDERS ASH TRAYS LIGHTERS P IPE CLEANERS PIPE REPAIRING TOBACCONIST 1111 PULTON STREET FRESNO __ Op.n ETeainii 'Til »— guiferi 'TU « ONE OF AMERICA'S FINE SHOES FOE MEN JOH Today, as always, only the finest leathers available... the most expert craftsmanship.. go into J & M shoes. That's what makes them keep their good looks and comfort long after ordinary shoes have worn out. HURT COFFEE Model illustrated.. . The Envoy in black w brown talf..^. $14.50 FRESNO BUCK ROGERS. 25TII CENTIKY, A. D. ROBOT CAN MY PLASTIC PRODIGY },,,p »IS FROZEN STIFF/ \ BUT MOW COME ? & ( THE! PLASTIC — ~ i I MADE IT IS LTO BOTH HCAT-ANR MAKE N MY FORMULA? Racing Time fn GET IT/ IT'S NOT THE *•*—• & PLASTIC TMAT'<3 FreOVPN / By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS THAT'e FROZEN / i \T'6 THE L\FE-G»VING FLUID) VTUAT i POURED »NTO MY ROBOT'S VEINS.' / IF I CAN INSTALL 1 7»E CONTROL BRAIN, IN TrA»<3 CREATURE'S MEAD - BEFORE THE «, SUN TWAVS M\M OUT-? ( TWE \IN - iN*^

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