The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 3
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. r 1 .1 r . T- L' . I-. F , * -' b. J - T-, '• H CALIFORNUN, MBER 9, 1836 ACIIVI1Y Five Wildcatters Drilling in Prospective Oil District North of Poso t_ _-y i *™ ^j ^ •. w -^ -^f -^f^ vr -^f Acquires Title t( Mojave Pronert The foothill country north of Poso creek, a favorite region for tho individual wildcatter at present bus five projects In various stages of development. This ia shallow territory where oil or showings of oil are struck In practically every hole, and there ahvayn is the contingency of discovering nn accumulation against a hidden fault. Bargol Oil Company is drilling No. 2 at 1160 feet on section 11, 27-27, one-half tnllo north of tho proven McVan area. . Bethlehem Oil Company in the next section west, has recemented tho 8%-incb casing at 1508 feet in Siemon Xo. 2, and will arrange another production test with bottom at 1570. ^ast of tho north end of Mt. Poso field, J. J. Chavalier is down COO feet In bis ft. P. No. 2 on section 3. 27-28. StabecU<& Gardner's Glide No. 1 on tho banks of Poso creek, section 31, 27-28, has started up again after a long idleness, and reportedly has got to 1760 feet under a new name — British-American Investment Company Xo. I. East of Round Mountain field on section 17. 27-28, Piute Holding Company is said to bo drilling at 1450 feet for the Vedder sand. Last Sites Spudded * by Two Companies What arc said to bo the last un- drUIed locations on tho Porter lease and the. Wharton lease of Mountain View field, have been spudded by Styell Oil Company and Hogan Petroleum respectively. These aro Porter No. 2-11. and Wharton No. 7, both on section 32, 30-29 in the southeast end of the field. (Special to The Califomian) TV/T<)JAVE, Sept. 9,—The Soledad ATX Mojave Mining Syndicate, with James E. Babcock, general manager, has acquired from E. S. Standridgc title to the Pearl, Ross E. San Marcos, Eagle, Oxide Nos. 1 to 4, Senator, Senator Extension, and Senator No. 1 claims which adjoin the Soledad Extension mine on the south and west. The acquisition of this ground materially increases its acreage in the Mojave district. Walter Schauss of Rosamond is the engineer in charge of the property. Wild Ab Poor showings in the Kern TUver zone Jn Bloemer No. 1, a wildcat west of Edison field, section IS, 30-29, has caused Fullerton Oil Company to abandon the hole. Previously tho company has explored tho Temblor formation down to 5354 feet and found H barren. As a last resort tho bole was plugged above the Kern River zone to 3470 feet and redrllled to 3750. Nothing: to Justify setting casing was uncovered. This is tho last of three wildcats drilled In the district to prospect a slight topographic high which parallels Mountain View field for a short distance. Tho first was drilled U mile south on section 17 by Sam Herndon, and later redrllled by Jim O'Donnel. Tho second was drilled by w. F. 'Iliggins one location farther south. Oil sand in the Herndon well, called Consolidated Crude Oil. Bloemer-Jeppl No. 1, appeared to be coated with saturated. oil but was not '^^^^^^^"^^"^^^"^^^^•^^^^^^^^^•^•^^^^'^^^^^•^^^•^^^^^^^^^^••••^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^•(([•^•(••^•^^•^^^^^^^•••l CROSSCUT RON mm VEIN Work ii\ Progress on Burton Gold Mining Properly Near Rosamond » Hy JOHN It. JACKSON MOJAVK. Sept. 9,—From tho drift on Die east end of the 500-foot level in the Tropico mine near Rosamond, a crosscut is being run Into tho hanging- wall. This work, according to Mine Superintendent Cecil Burton, Is being done to contact ore bodies which (ire Indicated by recent development work on tho ninth level, where a largo quantity of good mill ore is had on both faces of the drift. Tho 500-foot level has boon closed up for a number of years, indications being that *ho previous operators suspended work because of a lack of ore to justify further development. On the west end of tlio 500, n drift Is being run to connect with (he shaft being sunk on the Kid claim for fhe purpose of providing a working outlet for tho west end of the mine. The Burtons have taken over all the operations on Tropico hill which were formerly held by J. S. Bagg. These include the Kid claim, the Homestake and the Antelope. As a result of the increased demands on their time, they have temporarily suspended operations on the Hematite on the Middles Buttes, and tho work has been shut down. Development work on the Bur- ton-BIanck lease on tho Middle Buttes is going ahead with «hlp- ments being made two or three times a week. ^^^^^"^^^^^^^^""^^^^"^^^^^•^^^^^^^^•^••^^^^^••••^P^^B^^^^^^^P^^^^B^B^BBPW^P^BIP^BWl^^^^^^B^^^^BWl^HP^^^^^^^^^B^BIH^^^^^^^^w^^^^ COMPLETE SURVEY F LAVA DM J ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T ' Geologists Complete First Comprehensive Study of National Lava Beds (By JOHN D. HENDERSON) NewD Hurts Ed (Associated Press Leased Wire) LAVA BKDS NATIONAL MON Sept. P.—J. Volney and Simmer M. Anderson, national t dlo? ln Nvnnl book, by what author? T III2 publicity department of one j of tho largo book firms recently ' dovlsed as an advertising stunt a questionnaire! based on volumes In n popular series published by the company, For readers that aro Interested in testing their literary knowledge wo give, some of the questions: How" did the following characters play, or poem, park service geologists, have Just completed the first really comprehensive geologic examination of the Uesdemuim; Sidney Carton; Cap- tnin Ni'ino; Mr. Hyde; Anna Karon- inn; Clylomnestni; Aehlllcfl; ncnaive geologic examination or ino , inn; Clyteinnonlni; Achilles; Hedvljj lava bods, compiling extensive dnta| EUu * a| ; Klwlne.; Tolonlus; Little ,U> on thta area's volcanic past. i "Toghcy"; Tow; l,u Ksniemlilu; Ban- A number of lava flows here oo- • Quo; Uttcas; Jtultro Jnffrev JVvncheon. In each of the following givo the name that Is not in keeping with tho other four, telling why: Aeschylus, Ibwen, Herodotus, Sophocles, Shnkespearc. Ulenrdo, Walton, Adam Smith, Marx. Mill. V'rtdn and Prejudice. ,lnne Emma, Mansfield Park, Porn Kingdom or Christ. Moby Hick. rtopia, Mnrhis the Kplcnrenn. MaHternmn Heady. Splnov.n, ]>esearlCB, Pluto. Knrlpl- , Kant. DoHtoloffsky, l.Mnnu*, Gil A numlx»r of lava flows here occurred as Httlo as 500 yours ngo, uncl u few of tho rhlmnoys or vents may be even younger. larger lava flowa arc oldor, going bnck u« far as nn ostlmatod 00,000 years. J.ava euve.s honeycombing tho monunionl particularly attracted the Kctondals* nttpntion. Only IflO of tho 300 caves In tho monument have been explored. Thwso are portions of lava t\ibefi which once car- Hod the molten rock In tho flows. Tho lava left behind ninny fantastic designs. Evidowo of human and anlmul Hfo have beon found In some of Die caves. Including tho teeth and bones of a young mastodon and the canlno tooth of sotno lar^c and now extinct carnivore, ncoordlng: to thn geologists., These bones aro tho best clues to the aRo of tho lava. F I quo; Uricas; Jtultfo Jaffr*;y J\vnchoon. Nnmo i ho author of each of the following: Laoooon; Tho Jdlot; Hnsselnn: Manfrod; To a Kky I-ark; Sartor Kveltnn; Kc-llx Holt; 1M1- liirs of Society; On tho Nature uf Things; i-:ric nnd Knid; Conauost of Granada. llnwthornr, Mv. Sroll. of tho Du«t. s^s.-uno hlllos. Tho 1 hit ion of M»n., of DruwinR. Tho Irving, nnd Kle- Aglali Colnvrb, Moth i i Tho tho Mr. Thwaokun; Omoo; Tho ci; (111 Klas: Abbr Farln; Machln- velli; VortcU; iVrogrino IMcklo; Tho Houyhnhnms; KvatiRolino; Mrs. Slipslop; Hnvrrend Mr. Dimmosclalo Tho Zincali; AaKiinl; Krewhon. Hook. Th ! Piper of LlppI, The King ami Juan, Pippa Pa«so8. erji will appear in this ! ment cobmm next week. In ih»> meantime, | If you aro curious to cluM'k on any j Items you are doubtful about, ref- ; i j "H nl (he Kern CVunty Library will help you. Press Leased f LITTLE nOCK, Ark., Sept. The Arkansas board of vocational education declared today now deal! Financial agencies had hampered agricultural • • Instruction during tho lust year by; draining Institutions of qualified; teachers. "Many no-called new doal agencies! drew teachers from our work by paying very much higher naiariep i than can he paid for teaching. 1 * the ; board reported. "Very few Inatltu-! lions could stand tho handicap. . . . and still maintain u good functional program." Tho board found tho programs of 22 out of 1MKI (It'pnrtmeiUM of vocn- Uoiutl agriculture in the stain had born nffretod by a change of teachers. A few departments were forced to close. The report, released by State Director I 1 '- H. Matthew, will bo s.-nl to tho national office of education. AViiHhlnKton. The works progress administration received credit In th»» for aiding thn work by sup- now buildings and equip- BELIEVE B MONEY ISP Experts Fail id Where Soldiers' Money Is Flowing ;*,*:. - \ - ver Wieldi Be Tried S ays Dairy dustry Misused :h Am AreD Big Mill I tall Skyline C \Virft AXCY. Kranoo. Sopt. 9 —six army flyors woro MHe<f to.Uiy In (ho tho Gasoline Portable and Steam UnHized Rotary Outfits for Rent public Res ew Well Di Wat r, Oil Trace Doyle Wild Casing and Drill Pipe Straightened PORTABLE PUMPING UNITS I6-B LORRANE GAS TRAPS New and used oil well supplies bought and rented. Atlas Supply Co L. B. ARMSTRONG, Manager 3700 Chester Avenue L Opposite Fairgrounds Phone 1598 After a lay-off. Republic Petroleum Company started drilling operations again in Kern Front field, and fn eight days after spudding, drilled Strossburger No. 11 to 2050 feet and cemented 10 &-Inch casing at 1760. A production test will be arranged as soon as tho cement has hardened. A. Limerick ia in charge of drilling. Big: Eleven Compan o Prospect Ahea Upon making a production test of the upper formations and obtaining mostly water, Big Eleven Oil Company has decided to prospect ahead In Its wildcat northeast of Kern River field on the Bakersfield Fuel Oil Company's land in section IS, 28-29. Test was made with 10^-lnch casing set at 1168 feet, and bottom at 1174. Water with truces of oil resulted from the first production test at Doyle Petroleum Company's wildcat on the Quinn ranch in the foothills east of Jasmine section 15, 25-27. Depth Is C8P2 feet and S%-inch casing is set ut 2892. The water ifl Judged to oomo from bottom nnd operators will plug back and make another test. Gold Crown Makes Rich Ore Shipment MOJAVE. Sept. 9.—Sacked oro from the Gold Crown mine :u Oold- stono was recently shipped to the Burton mill by William Elscy, truck operator ut Mojave. The shipment waa made by Michael Merrick, owner of the Gold Crown, and was the first of a series expected to be mado to the Burton mill. Values ran above $50 In gold and silver, accord- Ing to mill assays. Goldstono is located about 40 miles north of Barstow. MOJAVE. Sept. 9.—Designed for a capacity of f»0 tons u day. a mill is being installed by Benson and Pylo at the Skyline Mining Company's property In Pine Troo canyon. M. 11. Toll of L.OS Angeles, engineer In charge, recently arrived from tho south accompanied by his wife nnd has established permanent residence at the Kingston hotel. Gillis Would Put suddenly »|»i»ojirod to shako to pl«>oos phmgod hoatlltiim; to tho on.rth. i Dole Men t Prrn* I.rimrd NEWBL'nYPOKT. Mass., Sept. 9. Annoyed with men welfare recipients who "are drunk most of tho time and brln^ fight or ten kids Into the world for other people to support," Mayor Andrew J. "Bossy" Glllis would set them to work In a nearby silver mine. "I ought to got hard boiled about thcoo men who hang around half drunk week in nnd week out," Newburyport's red-hatred mayor told the City Council last night. AY hen tho council explained that $64,400 was necessary to maintain all public welfare departments for the remainder of'the year. Oillls exclaimed they "think I'm Santa Glaus." Under Glllis' plan, the welfare recipients who spend their money on liquor would work tho mine, idle 15 years, nnd llvo in tho buildings on the property. South Reporting i Associated Press Leased Wire} COKATO. Minn,, Sept. ft—Colonel Prank Kno.x. Republican vice-presidential nominee, declared today tho dairy Industry "baa been klckvd > cra8h of ;i bomlu-r In a field ut about like a football for three and a vilhig,- of Moncourt. near Lerouvllle half years. ,, . , . In an nddroHS at Cokalo, the first „'7,T ^1 "* In thn fioM point In his -wing through tho north- tl10 |l|imp ' llyi " K amon * lmv west, he said fanners throughout the nation were forced u> find a new UHO for land loft idle by tho AAA. "Thoy derided the dairy IniMi wan a pretty pood buslnoNH to into," he added. "The effect of the AAA was to force upon estubllwhed Industries llkn yours a now and sub- sidised competition. "On top of that camo the drought. At this point tho present administration decided to make it n. little harder for you by going into tho reciprocal treaty business and encouraging the Importation of products that directly with yourH." Monday for trial Andrew McMnhon, alarming King Ed- hranUlHhing a revol- military parade July LONDON, Sept. 9. --Next was sot today us tho da to of Uoorgo charged with ward VIII by ver during a 10. Tho liiito WI\H sot by tho presiding Justice of Old Bailoy Court whoro tho proceeding* will Uo held. Two tlefonso attorneys woro as- nittiunl yesterday and woro to cunfor u-ith xhrlr ollonl Jn Brixton prison today. (Attociated Trc** Leaded AVASHINOTOX. Sept. 9.— With current business statistics failing to reveal definitely what has become of tho soldiers' cash bonus, financial circles believer) today th»t a con- sidornblr part still is renting In the veterans' nm-kots. ni<M-,i! Tvsorvo hoard *?stl- matofl that about luilf of tho $1.204.- OOO.OOh palil out in cash on bond ro rlomptl"fi.« stfJI in in rinrtilatlon. This mentis that abom $«00.000.000 Im.s not fl«)\r.Ml back Into brinks , and thus cither is hoing- hold by the veterans or 1* being kept In circulation by general demands for currency. With vacation trades in tho forefront, many business barometers abandoned soasonaF trends lo ropis- tor pains after the- bonus payments stnrtiM In Juno. Theso xipturns, \\hlch won? theinpflven widely at- tribnt<-fl In part to bonus outlays, holpod to keep money circulating. Iletontlun of cash by the veterans. hmvovrr. also is considered a factor. Statistics of postal savings deposits indlrntn a relatively small chunk of tho bonus money has been salted away in those accounts. About :ti per rent of the veterans still ar»* ivtalnlnj? adjusted service oonu>or\sntion bonds totaling- about S.'iOo.uoo.oou. instead of turning them in for cash. These bonds bear 3 por cent inU-n-st until 1945 If they aro not ' i TKKTH KAST VlARTKORD. Conn., Sept* tl". V.t~-A new reconl was es- lishoii Jioro when 12-montbs*old Juno Maturn cut her sixteenth tooth. been koUinq O ian Leaders ay Visit At i i _,— [ ' Atstwtatrtl Prfss Leased ]\'tre> UnMK, Sept. 9 .--Tho prospects that Premier Mussolini and the king* emperor, Victor Kmmunuoi. j will vinii llaly'n new African BloiiH. aroHe today when it \MIR an nounec-d tho njIbouM-AddlH Ababa railway In Kthloplu had ordered hpc- clul cars built for them and for Viceroy Rodolfo Griizfanl. The orders wore placed with Italian companies. Advices from Abnbii Indicated 11 Uuce mlRht the now empire after tho first uf the year, following the Hcbeduled r^eon- Rtruction of tho Ethiopian capital. Some inonthH ago l^isctst offlclnlH wild plaiiH won* being «ttidied for pORHlble coronation of King Victor j Kmmannel ith emperor nl tho sacred city of Aknum. i M ^ or over a month now, M'c've been shipping out the best whfekoy Ihnl ever More the Crab Orchard label. Riper, smoother, older Crab Orchard —and we didn't dare say a word. You see, Crab Orchard is so popular that every dealer and bar needs to be supplicd-and it takes lime to cover them all. FOR THE ker Shortag Get >'* ettt fcXi • & GIVE THIS GIFT OF LASTING HAPPINESS *>_ If -•--J 1**<K* W& B. Trip!* y (Associated Press Leaned Wire) , Memphis. Tenn., Hept 0. — A shortage of cotton pickers plagued mldflouth planterH today. Wages for pIckerH soared to tho highest level since 1929 and still there were not enough field hands to harvest a rapidly maturing crop. t A 66 per cent Increase WH» given the past week in parts- of tho Mississippi delta, from 80 cents por 100 pounds to $1.25. Farmers, fearing early maturing- crops would deteriorate before they could bo harvested, searched frantically for additional labor. In rmrthoast Arkansas, some farmero paid a« high a« $1.15 pe,r 100 pounds to pickers. A few days ago tho standard wage scalo was. 75 I cents. The prevailing scale ranged from 90 cents to $1.00 per 100 pounds. C (Atsfieinted Prr-n* Leased \\tre} HOM.VWOOD, Sept. 0. _. 12,10 Cantor lias announced ho has up with Twentieth Century Ku\ l-'llniH for two pictures a year start- Ing February 1. lie dl.l not (lisolowe The financial terms but naid it Is a better donl than he had with Hum Oohhvyn, with whom he broke relations a month HCO. v-i >,< i »• i • - * :•:*. .1 •-• • •.'. -• •_+ ' _m • 4 ' • - r-r ,Vi' •.*.'_•. :-i,v- .«:*: Alt'.' MfM- tV. w« 'w »-_•.+ .rri r • • " -:*- ; ; : : i': : : ; : ( p% .-•_j m$ • • »,*-:';v. • * - * 'ti&f •:>W :*» * ^:--t-'--'•-'* VV .. ' • 4 •*y.. «•»* • .•:•:•: >: : fe^ftwa H%V-.: *-i - - * n .*.< .-_' * ->,»; . j • . T '-**•*% •.' - '>'..-.y *..:*. .f.-r.t. -'-- j',--- 1 •*•.**•.**' t •V-"* -/?•.: A •, --'-VJ iff M, *-.J*. I r Diti SUndtrd t Howard, Air ilot, Imp vmg *- r & • 'f' WEEK >4 j f £ m :-»5-: - H & - J L*. _- » •:<. -:• •'.'. *- --- r OtTt an RCA Victor radio! A gtfi (hat will b« •nioytd on many an annl- T«rtaiy lo comet A ftw c«nU a wwlc and you gal America's finest quallly radio, richly styled In ibe modem manner. At jusl ^U4.95 we present Ihis ailraclive console model -buili- RCA Vlclor quality throughout. Model 6K2 . t ^ • •' *' I —™^^^^^^^*^^^P^^^"^^^^"^^BM Mod* by th« mak«ri MAGIC BRAIN MAOIC EYE MAGIC VOICE APPLIANCE DBPT,. LO .*,' ••- h n GLASS Automobilee, trucks, school busses, «tc. Installed while you wait. Shatter Proof, plato and crystal sheet—tho most compl«t« auto fl*6s shop in Bakersfi*id with an •Xpert gUsH man in charge. No Job too large, none too small. Let ua estimate your next job. Valley Auto and Truck Company Mwnc 0366 i(h;S*rcct,J :•:.,:., i n A Friend Indeed is this institution of beautiful funeral services and courteous attendants. Tue Flickinger-Digier Chapel tries to prevont over-purcbaeing In tboao bours of darkness. your time of need for ambulancb service or any help that can give h ^ phone 97 \ - FRANK DICIER '- - CHESTER AVKKUE - r -"i ^ - ^ . (Associated Prcttit Leased CROWN POINT, N. M.. Sept. 9, Benny O. Howard, 1U35 Bendlx race winner, seriously Injured in this year'H dash whon hiu racing plane crashed near here continued "to bold his own*' today, physicians reported. Howard Buffered fractures of both legs, u broken arm nnd ft multiple bend Injury in the crack up Friday after his ship threw a propeller blade. His wife, Maxino. accompany- Ing him on tho New York to bo» j Angeles flight, suffered IPJ? frac- | tares. Indian service. hoHphal where Howard »nd bis wlfo nre j bring treated paid they plnnncd today to set Howard's rl«fbt !CK. nl- mo«t severed above the ankle when the whip's motor was thrown onto him In th<s crasii. •m Police Arrest Man After Gun Combat t'Vnittd Pre»» Leased Wire) BERKELEY. Sept. ^.—Charles, Simmers, &C. retired soldier, wa« I captured by Berkeley police today after ho shot and wounded hU wife and then engaged four officers In a gun battle. The officers escaped injury, while Simmers was wounded In the »hould«r. Mrs. Simmer*' wound was superficial. Police said Simmcri* himself In a shed next door after be vltot bin wife. AVbcn they arrived on the 1 scene Bimrnerji commenced fjrlnir, narrowly miuHlng Off leer* Ernest Terry. Police returned' the fire and within a short time Sltnmera towed o«t UU» empty fun and walked out after U, ^ '- ' - * - *_~,.-1*- now we can trac PR YOUR QUI THE A. M. S. DIVISION OP NATIONAL DISTILLER PKODUCTS COnPOHATION. LOUISVILLE, HV. AND CHCAPCR •V THE QUART ONSUMERS C M24 I7lh STftll _ i

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