The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 27, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1944
Page 8
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8 Wednesdoy, September 27, 1944 JEfre gafetrgfiflb Califomian AIR PROGRAMS WEDNESDAY fi:flfl tn 6::tfl p. tn. KIJU.V—Nc*vs; tj.l."). times by I.-'r.n r«> nc. KFl—Tnni* lo Sm'Ie wth TC-lHi** Cantor. KPMC—Gabrirl Hcatu-r; i-':iri. Screen Tests. (!::!!> to 7:00 p. m. KKRX—Spol! ; fht li.inijs. 6-..f.. Omnct Slory Tcllrr. KFl—Mr. DiMl-i.-t Allormy. Kl'MC—Firm NiBlitir. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KI:RX—T?mmol!il liam Su.lis; 7:i;,. Tort Mnl..1-0. KFl — K\«er Cni;..;.-o Musical Knov. !. dse. Marrme Phil Hair's. Ki'MC—t;r''at M'lmen!.* In Ppnvis; 7.07. To.jny'^ \Vnr Cnmmentj'. :y ; 7 \~,, l,o\vell TlH' 7:30 tn 8:00 p. in. K r.UN—Si-nimby Andy. Kl-'l—Kvsi-r Cr.llrvo MUM..-I! Knov, Irjicc. *'ni n:iir I'll:! Hii! ;• s. KI.MC—Loitu DaiiK'i. R:00 tn 8:30 p. in. Kl'.KX— Wiiti h Hie \V,. : ;j .;,., Ily; « 15. Linn and Ahnrr. KF1 — Th" Music S-h'; S:ir,. Hoy M-iypol". KI'MC — 1 in K!t-.c; S 1". \\':il!/ T:mo. R::iO to 0:00 p. in. — My l.!--t i- , ;. KFl—Cut-ton r,( I'horr-. KI'MC—Hill M,i B I'm mi., !i:flfl to 0:80 p. m. KKR.V —Dunn.ncer. KKI —Mr. Jin.I Mi--. N.,,th. KI'MC—.N'.'WH. 1.1.'.. <_.'..! Blown. 0::!(l In 10:110 p. in. Ki:U\— C.inimnn.-l I':,rlv !' 1" U...-f l.-illil IlaHn.oin: <l .,:,. ,\,,,vs. Kl'i — KKI l.iplit opera Scrips wilh KKI Slaff Oivhi-Mra. KI'.MC.—Full.m Lewis. Jr.: 9:45. NBIVR. 10:00 In 10:. r !fl p. in. KKP..V--Wr' Mli"u Mnt. !ni-. Kl-'l—The llrpoTt.-r. In I.",. KK KVP- xvllnefc*. KI'Mi - Units Over HIP \VPH| Coast. 1II:.'<0 to 11 :00 p. m. KI:RN—iiany uw.-i,s. Kl'i —Ins .Ic il.p N'pws; In IT.. M..1.i!» in Mus •-. KPMC—li.itwood Van's O: rheM i.-t. 11:00 to ll::il> p. m. KKIIV—ThK MOMIII: \V.,rl..i; 11 15. Henry K-nu'.w i n chf-st ra. KKI—Kiev-ruth Hour New.": I 1.1'. PfVt f'll !-:i<)<-; M' J'ntt.f ( \f, I,. rn;l KI'.MC—News; 11:0:;, Solid Spnrtin 1 . ll::tO to 1'!:00 Miilnicht Ki;r,N'—Ted \Vteiu iinil hii on-lipstra; H::. r .. N>wy. KFl —T-d Wcenis; irr.s. Musical r.n-orrs. KTMC—.Silver No.-turne. Tllt'HSDAY (1:00 to «:.'(() n. m. KMRN—Mii'ili mid Marines*; IMS. jNfilintm] l-'.-i rni ;uid llnnip Hour. 0:3(1 to 7:00 n. m. KKHN-—NminiiHl Kami and >inmp Hour •;•<.-), Musical Ktvfillo. KJ-'I—riiut kvviigftn Juinljoior; fi 45, NPWS. KI'.MU—Musical Clock; (!:,'i.1. On Hio Faun. 7:00 In 7:30 B. in. KKRN 1 —Np\vs-: 7:ir,. Martin Agmnsky. KKI—Today's Hprops; 7:15, T. V. HlnkiKlon. KPMC—News; 7 IT,. Jlrlnrlips nt Today. 7:30 tn H:0fl n. in. KlOriN'—,]:inms Ahlip Olisorvos; 7 45, Tl>p l.lslfnins I'nsl. KKI — Miii-'-h to Vii-Kiry; 7:45. Sain II;tycs. KPMr—Top TUIIP*. ".to, "Wciiry Newt>; 7:45, News, K:00 (n R:XO n. m. KKKN—1'lpolwood I,a\vlon; 8 IS. A' U.-IIM-.V M.I i > lien. KKI—Johnny Murmy; 8:15, T. V. Hlakislnn. KI'MC— .Shiidy Vallry Folks. 8:30 to 11:00 n. in. KKIlN—TlrciikfiiHt riiih. KKI—NPWS Period; S:45. Daviil llarum. KPMC—Happy Jne and Ralph; 8:&;>. In Tnur NplBhhoi-hootl; 8:55, Charlotte Depblp. 0:00 to 9:30 u. m. KKRN—NPWH of the World: 0:10. Local News; 9:16. Hl-L'-4 Ranch. KFl—New» Period; 9:05. Edward Jorcenson: 9:15, I.airy Sinlili. KPMC—Boakp Carter; 9:15. Names and Places in tho News. B:»fl to 10:00 n. m. Kl-;n.\"— at Sardi'K. KFl — M/i.1or H. S. Turner; !l:4n. MaKnr.ilip rage: 9:45, Konny Mansf irld. KI'MC—Midland, U. S. A.; 94;,, AtnaKing Jpnmfpv l.oKan. 10:110 tn lfl:.'lll a. m. KKR.V—Tuny M(lr^p; ln-15. jilnii ('on-pspondpnls Alu-ond. KKI — Vou-p of n N,-itinn; 10:15. Pptrr do I,IIIIH'« ''lospupK. KPMC—NPWK; in : |r,, j.,,^ ]!rrch. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TONIGHT, 9:30 KERN — HEAR — WILLIAM SCHNEIDERMAN Slate President, Communist Political Assn. — TOPIC — "Communists and the American Tradition" Tonight, 9:30, KERN POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HEAR Dr. Alexander M. Kidd Law Professor on WHY I Am Voting NO on No. 12 Tonight 10:00 KTKC or 9:30 P. M. KECA KERN After Wrestling Matches a* Blue Network ** 10::<n lo 11:00 a. m. KKRN—My Trim Slnry: 10:. r ,"i, The Aunt .loniimii hihmv. KFl —Aunt Mary: IIIH.I. Art HHkPr. KI'MC —Tips Krnm Tihh"tl.«; l":(i, Alnpi-iLan \\'(nn;in'H Jury. 11:00 la 11:30 n. in. KKIIN—n.iukhat-o Talking; 11:15, Icl.-ind Mo!, )c ],...... KFl—Clulilinir I^iKlit; 11:15. Totlay'M c.'hililn-n. KF'.MC—r«.irk' Focipr: 11:15, Waltz Time. ll:itO to T,':00 Nonn KF.RN— Clamour Manor. Kl'i—WnirK-n in Wh:t'-: 11:(.'i. Hyinns. Kl'MC—Miinhnllnn lliKlilielits: li:4o. Skyline Seronadr. 12:00 lo 12:80 p. m. KHRN — Now« of tho Worlil; IMO. Um-al .Now.«. Kl-'l—Noon Farm Rrporler; i: 15, Mil Tcrkinn. KI'.MC—News; 15.15. Xonn-Time .No'k (lut>. U:30 to 1:00 p. m. KKK.X— n-iw-Lii the Lines; i:.l.j. I\iernan'8 Cornel. KI-'I- Perm r YHUIIK'H Family; ll'.ITj. Kiffht tn llappin'-^^. KTM* —("nunlfv ('oinmcnlat'M ; 1^ <5, To I": a n nMiinccd. 1:00 In 1:30 n. m. KI:M.\ — S.-ini Iliiv.-.-: l:ir,, I'.nl, Nuhols. 1\I-'I—l!n<-kstijpe \Vif(?; l:l, ; i. SI "I I,-i I):illa;i. KI'MC—Think Hard Now; 1.15, I.Mamns of I.iff.. 1:30 In 'i:00 p. m. KKIIN —Timo Views tli« News; 1;45, Hlup ,\*'\vsrooni Hevir\v; 1 .".(I il'in-ral Kl-'l—I.DI-CIIZO .Jon'-s; 1 45, Tounu \V,'|[loi HniM-n. Kl'.\lc--Tn hi. annniini-i-d; 1 I.",, Handy Man. 2:00 lo :;::»> p. m. K Klt.\ — Whi-n n liirl Mill ill's: - lit. A\> ].u\-n nnil I.i.arn. Kl'i — When a c;lrl Marries; 2:15, Wt 1 I.ove arid Lparn. KI'MC — FiM-.'s iinil 1'lni-pji In the N'ewn: ~ I .".. Miiliny on Hi.- Hiuh Si-as •;::tll lii :t:l)0 n. in. KKRN—Whiil'n Diiin' I^iih'".? KI'MC—Klnir Colo Trio; '^:t:,, lO.-iHy ]th,\ ttipi. J.Jy MRS. ANNI5 CAnOT It'a a per foci ly (InrlinK little Jacket— mil do like an olrl-fuHtiinned "flacqup." Cro- hctcd in circular t'anhion, it'» done all in >no iijrce. Tn form I he sleeves you JUKI hue up tho undnr-nrnis with aalln rlbhtm and tlo in a nejit how. Tiny roHelnid M>rnVH urc embroidered on tbo completed inrket In imslrl BtlU t'luss In printul Rhadea. This ''iH'-Hpain'' Jfif'U' i t hn.a Itcpn so popu- Inr thru I'm now having jt lipd-Jorket f<»r hriden n nd j OUIIK tm»t hi-ts nmde in rnatrh it It \\\}} apprar In thm column In eix wprka (M 1 HO, To oht ;i in conip'ple crorhet iiifr Inpt rue* h(inn fnt (lit- rirculitr Crnrhelpd Ha hy -Iiirkcl U'aticin No. fiVfiO), color clmrt for *»mhi '(tidoritik ronehud**, m-nd lf> rpnts in com. pliifl J cpnl pMHttigo. your name, art- «ss iLtid tJin pw tin n n umber, lo Anne Cnbot. Tho HnUeral'irld f'aMtornian, 703 MiflHlon H( IN>P( , Sn n KninriHco. A radio quiz wit ha brand-new wrinkle STOP THAT VILLAIN HE'S A CONTESTANT CONFUSER HE'S A HECKLER HE'SAQUIZ-KIDDER 8:30 P.M. THURSDAY Presented by Dubonnet KPMC DON LEE MUTUAL I860 on Your Dial HEY KIDS! NEW TIME NEXT MONDAY 4:45 P. For thrilling epiiodei in the life of an Army Air Corps pilot, tune in ftopfjamqa. IN THE SEONEE DISTRICT OF INDIA KILLED OVER SOO - TIE THE JOINTS OF" A WALL BY BREAKING THEM," THOMAS KROU5E, SSf ARE NOT ONLY A MINORITY RACE IN THE *WC?/.£ WORLD, BUT IN THE. WORLD AS WELL,. 9-27 SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITI-I * " /\* \ ^ ^ J N \'n' ^ \ W*t a * / ^ I* ^fRx-KJ^A^, COPB. 1944 BY HE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "JiiHt bccaiiho he IIIIN a Jontr i»'*Ucrro i* uu ^iun ho fan't eut like tlio rent of u*!" THESE WOMEN! I!y d'ALESSIO c — yi~ "I'm «wfully sorry—I ««em to have left my money tn my other nhocs!" FUNNY BUSINESS By HERSCHBERGER II 'H tliHl rooklp tr>lit£ In culm (lip orrmiV POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HEAR Tom Dewey's Fig h ting A nswer to F.D.R. Thursday, 4 P. M., KERN (A re-broadcast of EJewey's speech made in * Oklahoma City Monday night) OUT OUR WAY «y J. R. WILLIAMS THEDE WAV BE TRAMPS SO VOU STAV WEAR ME, BUT LOOK IN ALUTH' OXTTUE CACS—THEY'RE GOlW VJEST AM' HE THINKS HE IS/ H\S COWBOY HAT AM' THINGS ACE MISSIMG FROM HIS ROOM/ IT THAT FAK lc.Qfn.At4* IY m* ttnVicc. INC THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOW OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB [\MELL.rJO\MTrAr\T FOUNiO E6A.O/ HUFAOR. COMVJOLSES S^6ESRUSM TME PLAV SUIT YOKELS SHOULD \NMV OOr^'T TO POT YOUR. BRAND ONi COUPLE OP CrXKH- LOSE, UVCE HOrV\|rOG * PlGEONiS T COULO ROPE A PIELD MOUSE / FILLED UP-me \MIOE OPENi SPACES Gt'MPS Andy Comes Through YOU MEAN- XYES-WHILE HE WAS HH<SAVEAWA/ A STILL-ER.ALNfB- ^ MOPEST -TRUST FUW VyTHATdWANTIC I COLLKOBS, ORPHAN A3E ^ FOR HIS WIFE AtW?CHlLB/\ FORTUNE?! ~/ UBRARtES, ETC I KNOW ANP ANOTHER FOR YOU, HE \^ «r1V YOU MUSt BE RATHER. AH. YES.I SUPPOSE HE APPOINTEPME OUTSIDE OF A MR.TORT; JM HERE \ YES, MR.<SUMPAT THE REQUEST V >T CONCERNS OF MY UNCLE BWV- X YOUR UNCLE'S AS YOU PROBABLY KNOWA ER-AH HE WROTE ME A FEW I FINANCES. PAYS BEFORE HIS-ER PI5APPEARANCE. LEFT NO ESTATE AT ALL By GUS EDSON GASOLINE ALLEY Four Is a Gang By KING wee joe, CHUCK AH Bill •4NP WE'VE APOfTSP VOLl. ANY ONE US THAT MAKES A FKESH C(?AC< GETS HIS KNUCKLES |f AMC3 IF AMY OTHER CUV P06S, JUST LeT ALL FOI? ON6 ANP ONE FOI? ALL. 1 COME-ON i OVER TO "MS » PIANO. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now What? By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS /x -> YOU CAN'T POSSIBLV / NATORALLV LOSE, LARD.' YOU'RE / IT WILL BE GRATIFYING THE ONLY CANDIDATE TO BE eLBCTED COM- RUNWIMG FOR. THE" ./ MlSSlONER. OF . OFFICE / Wish Granfrd By MERRILL BLOSSER BUT IT WILL Be A HOLLOW VICTORY/ . I WANT COMPETITION! I'D LIKE ANOTHER CANDIDATE TO TOSS , MIS HAT (M THE RIN<3/ COPR. 19*4 BY NEA MBVICE, INC. T. M. DEO.U I. NT. WASH TUBBS T9MN HIDES "THE'CHUTES AMDCRATE OF SUPPLIES The Quest Begins By LESLIE TURNER SHOULDN'T 86 FAB TO THE VILLAGE WHERE YOUN6 TITO LIVED TWO YEARS A6O HE, OR OTHER FILIPINOS X, MET THEM, WILL KtfOW OF SER6EAMT LIMK... ANYWAY, IT'S MV BEST BET TO FIND HIS 6UERBILLA ^ 6AMD MAYBE ONE O 1 THESE NATIVES M THE RICE TERRACES CAUPIRECTMB TO TITO 'tf£iiiMm%*. RED RYDER Selecting a Victim By FRED BARMAN EA5Y TO FOOL TH 5HERIFF.' NOW I'LL LOW UNTIL I FIND OUT WOLLY2S ANGLE fOR 'TH' £EErt5 QUIET, BUT ITS J REAL ESTATE- BOUND TO GROW.' /THINKIN' OF 016 STRIKE Or* TH' ) SETW UP RE5ERVATIONVAREAL ESTATE THAT'S TOUf? v^l OFFICE HERE-' LINE.» BUT THERE'S NOW TO PREVENT ME fROrt TRll^VV A FE\0 SUCKERS WHILE J 1VMT.' THAT PUNCHER HAS A NICE HORSE-i, HE ttUST HAVE A ROLL,/ ALLEY OOP Interview By V. T. HAMLIN NCXT TIME I FEEL LIKE RAZZ ^ , , ,IMS HIM ABOUT BEING, HW*PH.' A FINE V FEEBLE-MIWPEP, I'P NO POLJBT-- MERE, CATCH.' MAS THt V-AULirY WITH WHICH "/OU HANDLE THAT WEAPON INDICATES VOUR STORY WAS TRUE, WHAT THERE WAS OF IT-NOW HAVE ALL OF IT/ WELL, PHYSICIAN. I'VE BEEN EXPECTING VOU 1 THINS-I START . MP TD RESClf ALLEY. JTHE BUST WE A ffisS^A A ^APECfWS/ CRUMMY OLP TOWEB' BETTET2. RECALI

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