The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 9, 1936
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; '-• . -I-. . . *•-> , • •'" rV. M f, . I ' L * : \*« -' - • '1 •" • • -. I r COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE THE HADING NIWSPAHR OP THE SOUTH!UN SAN JOAOUIN VALLEY r*.-- K^WMW^M&$;••-<-.<>;^mmkiml ^-••r;^^fev^!%8> J r - T.T -', - *. •• ,i * ' ' - - r- VL |~LJ •• V- -A '-,>• -W; i*nV' •;/"^'^ FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT VOL. XLVI 16 PAGES BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1936 TWO SECTIONS No. 34 * * * # MAKEUP Counter-Offensive Begun Ta i avera Area as New National Action Strategy mm Committee Is Hastening Report on Federal Government HE CAME HOME JUST IN TIME SWEEPING CHANGES \Vill Ask Congressional Aid to Effect New Plans, Report (Axtociatcd I*rc*x Leased 7VCEW YORK, Sept. 9.™ The New York Times Bald today In a dispatch from Washington that President Roosevelt is considering for submission to Congress, in event of his re-election, a far-reaching plan of governmental reorganization. The plan possibly would involve, the Times stated, the consolidation or abolition of some of the major departments and bureaus. "Whatever the President finally proposes/ 1 the Times said, "one may hoar in Informed quarters now that \ the regular cabinet posts might bo decreased in such an extensive plan as ho bos been considering." A possibility, tb*> Times stated, would bo consolidation or the army, navy and air corps In a department of national defense. .. The President's committee on ad- mlnistratlvo management, the dispatch continued, is rushing an exhaustive study of the federal establishment, but tletalled recommendations hardly will bo ready before December 1. Committee Hushing "The committee," the Times said, "already has evolved a Hufficient number of suggestions to allow the prediction among- Mr. Kooftevclt's friends that he will deal with his reorganization plans in one or more speeches toward tho latter part of his re-election campaign, '•The administration proposes to f 6l low a definite policy of curtailing or dismantling emergency units that have outrun their usefulness," the paper continued, "... until a comprehensive- plan is developed and adopted by Congress." "For the present, this policy is be Ing pursued largely through practice of falling to fill vacancies where they occur In these various establishments. Ask Congress 1 Aid "In some cases," the Times said, "workers actually arc being discharged, but for full fruition of his general plan, the President feels ho must have the action of Congress, either sanctioning the reductions he proposes to make by executive order 01* itself passing laws reducing, regrouping or deleting some of the government bureaus," The Times Bald the President has been considering a fthake-up in administrative establishment since last full, I Te is reported to have arrived already at tentative conclusion*, the paper stated, as to the form of a general reorganization should take and Included la a plan to rearrange many bureaus, both permanent and emergency, on a "functional" basis. Under such a plan, for example, all real estate lending agencies might be grouped in one department with a ftlnglo head. (.\ssoctatcd PrcA* Lcanrrl Wire) pINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. 9, v Joseph Rles had a grand vacation and a fine homecoming. Two traveling bags were stolen from his automobile in Cleveland. He came home and found: The house had been ransacked by thieves. A water main had burst and workmen were preparing to dig Op his front lawn. A water heater had exploded. LI AT MUU 0- By L.KSTRR ZfFFRRN (Copyright, IC&ft. by t&lltrt l'rM3> M ADRID. Sept. 0.—boyulists have opened u strong countor-offenslvo j fri thn Tttlavera area southwest of L . - I "* * | Madrid RH ihe opening move In a now May Control BUtZC Next national campaign of action, it waa 1 rn disclosed today. Republican guards, slorm guards, loyal troops and militiamen «up- ported by an artillery and airplane barrage opened the attack on the robol right wing, with minor supporting attack on tho center and left welve Hours, Say Fire Fighters DEATH SCORES ONE Tn opening the offensive the gov- eminent gambled heavily. A rout i would leave the way open lo Madrid. 1 But H was learned that the attack was stop one In a far reaching program approved by the loyalist general staff and disclosed now for the first time, as follows: 1. Intensification of tho attacks laze Destroys Cabins and Homes in Path Through Hills SSIO HITLER DEMANDS ROCLAMATION HINTS URTH OF PACT None of Four Slntes in Primary Votes Show Hot Contests EDGE TO DEMOCRATS L Georgia Promises Wild Election as Hussell Opposes Talmmlgc T Vn i AT STATE S n I 'United Prct* Leaned Wire) OS ANGELES Sept 9. ocean fog which mof on the Alcazar In Toledo east of i brush In the path of a f>e raving Taiavera Do La Kelna and south of i In the Malibu hills today led fire Madrid; on Huosca, in tho northeast, ; fighters,to predict 'V bluzo nay on .Teruel south of tho Huescn- bo brought under control within Karagoza area, and on Ovledo near I tho next 12 hours, tho north roast. j Progress of the fire was slowed clown by tho fog and tho dying down of a high wind which for u /'IT** I..*ttted }\ {rr} VTOT10HS in the four Bin Jos whoro T.ATE IH.*l-USTTN GKVKVA. Sept. 9. (A. P.)~-l<eagiie of Nations officials said today tho return of Germany's rolnnton ran rome only a*» n result "f nejrotla* lions with tho mandate powers, mainly Great Britain and France. However, League circles generally viewed the new demand from Number^ as ft logical *et|uencfl lo Germany's rearmament. Ity RICHARD IIBUMS, United Tress Staff Correspondent HH3MBEUG, Sopt, 0.— Fuehrer Adolf Hitler today told the Nail party Germany could not yield in RH demand for colonies. Having rearmed and scrapped a largo part of the punitive Versailles treaty. Germany will demand Ita "colonial rights." Hitler indicated. Extensive possessions wero taken from the Helen after the World War. In a proclamation, Hitler announced a new four-year plan designed to make Germany independent of foreign nations both as regards food- Bluffs and raw mutertulB. HiUer4——— added: "Kntlrolv indopondent of this, regarding 2. Utilization of mm now inp these places to attack rebels In —the artillery nnd i i Tho proclamation indicated tho time threatened to sweep tho flainrm T\vo Destroyers S *.• Protective Measure in Chinese Incident Attract Crowds Todav at Sacramento othct airplanes to bo shifted to new eon- j toward1 Y&OOhome* In ilio >ormvood ) ters of attack. | uml Tupangn canyon districts. Tho ' , a - A » »oon "-H possible to attack ;n r<! | mi4 already swept ovor 7000 | tho robot northorn territory In CUB- acres of brush, DaV EveillS tO ! tl'<-—the BurgOH-VnUudolldiiroa, tho ; Because of tho wind tho SC>0 worU-i I Loyalist troopH to move down from } ers battling tho blaze were urmblo to j tho I,eon area in the northwest. j backfire during tho past 3<> hours! 4. To attack the rebels In the An- land made Httlo progress toward tret- ! i diihislan country in tho south, the • ting tho fins under control. ! 8 °.» ! V°, n ! ' hin r M " 4WIllP ™ 0<1<vy (U * un i Seville aroa, by way of the Estmmv- j Complete HmiUs ; offioiai in voNt ignition of tho dura country bordering Portugal. -A series of fire hreaktt wero com- 1 .'«,£». After aJI-; the- fore^n«^obJ«o*-rP) c tcd....last night *wi<^4JjQ., Vorkftrs i ^ . . TUK1 °- ' Sc>I>f (1eHt<>ycrH Rented 9,—Two Japanese at full speed Into {United 1'renti Lcatted Wire) SACRjUXKXTO, .»6«pt^i««8'. wan State 1 employes'and members "of the Call-'^lvcs have been obtained, to attack i prepared to Blurt backfiring opera t fornla State Orange converged upon i Ut° rebels In the Navarra area on the fair today for special programs tho Pyrenees, of which Pamlona is dedicated to the anniversary of California's admission to tho union. All state offices wero closed and employes urged to visit tho exposition which has drawn more crowds this year than over before. Grangers planned a luncheon and state employes a dinner on tho fair grounds. Fashion shows, continuation of the amateur stage contents, horse racing, vaudeville, fireworks display and tho nightly horse show were outstanding entertainment features. Visitors wero drawn to the educational building by the variety of elaborate displays of articles made by school children, and by a fashion show designed to exhibit tho types of clothing roods should and should not wear. Santa Koso High School students served as models. Horace K. Thomas, Marysvllle j the! Publisher and chairman of the cdu-1 cation division of the fair, said edu-1 colors had told him the school ex- j hlblts probably woro the best in tho history of the fair. Elimination contests to select participants for the grand finals of the amateur stage events drew more than JOOO spectators to a large tent north of tho main buildings. Winners of the first day's contest were Peggy Smith, Marysvflle, coloratura soprano; Heno Do La Hocho, San Francisco, "singing motorman"; Juel Sainbrot, Kan Francisco, blues the capital. This area Is regarded as tho ono which will bold out longest. tl. Finally to move against Mo- tions when . tho fog; rolled In. *Tho mist, however, prevented the start- "'The destroyer'*\Vukatuko was or- tiered to Pakhol with Instructions to protect the JapanoMo rnlmdon charged ;,«.7i\ 11 •« A. i V t i ,..*,i -.1 ' ,i . ^...,. .., Martin hold a JOOO lutwl over John couriicr-hlA«ea Ing of backfires by making the brush too dump to burn but slowed down the nuiiq blaao. The fog began dissipating Itself rocco and tho Spanish islands which " h ? r !^ . , the rebels possess. * P^ten. reporterl ^ would bo started soon. "If tho wind koops down for a fow more hours, wo should bo uhlo to chock tho flro beforo noon," As- Hlntnnt Flro Wanion George R. Tny- lor said. "Hut if a stiff wind comes up again, anything can happen." ! For Pick L. A. Central Political Groups with Investigating tho doath of | Jiinzo NnkiLiio, drug Ntore propt'iotor who dlod under mysterious clrcum- yosterday. -rs of tho mission, who ar ' I|B '*' rivod nt Canton aboard tho gunboat Snga, luillod their Journey to thi 1 arrival nf tho dt-Htroyoi s Tho Hannyo WHS to Inkn tho invontl- gutors ubnanl and rontinuo tho voy to prlniarlea wero hold Tuesday rolled up majorities for candidates of the parties that uH\tully dominate Germany cannot yield their politics, tabulations of ballots j Ha colonial rights." revealed today. In nolthor of the four fUnU*— Btlltr wouW fully H uporvliio and con- Arizona, Vermont. WanhinRlon nnditrol Indimtrial produnlon under tho. Colomda - wore IKSUOH of the mi- ! projected plan. If declared: j tlonal ontnpaipn clearly contested.; "Not tho freedom of a few Indus- 1 Such a contONt WHS on today In Geor* i trlallsls IH tho point at IHHU«, but the u-horo HomocruiH cant their bal- { Hfo of the nnllro nation." ' ( ! The proclnmntlou Hnunuuced tlnif Dor Fuehrer hnil onleroil (hff ciirrj'^>K onl of a norond four-year plan ahnliiK io InorciiHo IndtiHtrlal nnd mnho Die Hclch ln- of forotnn raw matnrlaU "whcrovor German writ Is nblo lo prodiu-r (hem, 1 * AUInmch Uic del alls were no! nnnouiui'd, It \vii-s Indtrsted fur- t)i^r pffnrtR w-»»W be made lo In- cronsr Industrial exports In order to mnlvo po.Hhlblo Imports of ciitfurnt product 2f that word lots to d'MMdr- brtwoon the lotidernhlp of firry novornnr iCug'Mio Talmadgo, ronwrrvutlvo antl-now ih-wl ivinocrut, and Srnator Hl«'hard M. HUMMO!!. Jr., ili*ul hialwart , who ncoks re- of Drives Through Smoky Mountains, Then Goes lo Ashvillc, N. C. torlnl rtirirililaU'H nM'olvod an If a In v«»to of ni>priixlmut"iy thro<»" (n oni* ovor tho Hopublit-an total. With almost, half of tho ntatn'o proolncts ! utbulalod. Governor ^lar«nco P. — C. StnvohHon, hi« ntmi'J'st rival who onrnpalgnod on H platform of $100 H go pi'imUms aiuJ prtHluoflon for Fonnor (.iovr>rnor Roland 11, tt'nntinitftl nn Knot flames than fiO feet into wood \» tho now chutrnmn of tho ! Democratic county contral commit- ' too and I.oo B, Anderson. Pasadena attorney, IH chairman of the Republican county committee. Tlvy wero eh'Ctod at mootlngs of the two committees hero yesterday evening. was chosen ovor Irl D. Hrott -Angolos and Ronald M. Harof Jvontf Hoach. Or. 7,. T, Malahy on /'tiffc Ktf/htJ Tho PaU IK)I Incident «•»« rhantc- lxi'it "a «ravely nnfordintite affair for both China itnd ilapan 1 * by » foreign cifflrn ffpoUrnnuin in ToUlo. Courts Rapped by Power Delegates I'rr** Harvest Begins in Santa Maria Fields alnger; Bob, Elsa and Maxlne Miller of Richmond nnd San Francisco, In a novelty skating act. Sea Scouts Ship Will Dock Today of Pamulena and Assemblyman Volfft of Ixm Angeles were placed In nomination but withdrew. Anderson's selection to head tho Republican commitlee was unanimous, us was that of other commit- tec officers. They included: Mm. Ruth Buchanan, Glendalc, vice- chairman for women's activities: Mrs. Rena HrewHter. Beverly Hills, recording wo.cretary; Mrs. Anna Deal, corre«pondlnff secretary; Roy Adams. Compton. treasurer. Other, officers of tho Democratic committee elected were: Bernard J. Kelly, first vice-chairman; Inland J. FORK, Pnfmdena. second vice-chair- i man; Ronald M. Harris, I.OUK Beach. i third vice-chalrmnn; Jacob Mansion, fourlh-vice-chairman; J. Neville Baker, fifth vice-chairman. (A Morfrrfrrf Prc** Lratcd Wire) KAXTA MARIA, Sept. t*. -Harvest, of Ktinta Marln valley's tomato crop started today with tho adoption of a now wage sojilo aftor HPV- eral UB^'H' negotiatloiiH which held up tho harvest. The new scale provide* flfi con is an hour for rooelvprs. curloadom and Udders, do oonts for Noi'torn ami 6 cents a lug for At tho same tlmo, a Hj>ok*'sman for tho navy office doclarml the impor lal Japanono soa foreow \v*>t> rtot^r- mlnod anil-Jnjxux'Bo agitation In fhlmi "muwt b«- entirely oradl cated." riv flostroyors wore nont to South China for the "solo pur poem of pro tooting Japunono Uvos nnd property and wutchliiK further tlovolopmonts ; nmi WIDIum In tho situation." A party of Chluoso, which Inter- ruptod tho ovf-ning meul of Jun/o Nakano last Thursday, woj! responsible for tho doath of tho who had Jlvpd In ]*ahhoj for 20 _ *H*> re port n «ald today. Vukui\o Htabbed nlffht llrnes by tlio in- It wa« roportod. Wire* WAHHINUTOX. S«MU. tt. - ro)c of tho rtiurtH In fixing KOH and today by twu American delrKHt,«»s to ttif third world power oonfcriMioiv A charffo thn* thr authority of puhllr sorviro ('<»mnil«w|ii)iH "In a majority ot" Ht.'itcH" ha« bor«n "pruc. unrinrinliitMl" by court H WHH by JiimcM «'. Mnnbrlffht, Ni i w York Htule powor authority truHtcr. Miw)>*>r of Hyracu/*(> Hitler, following Deputy Party Hudolph Ui*«8, who the "nionacp" of Uo|«*hevlnm hi lOuropo. dntaJJcd Mortnutiy'M progress under Na/l rub*. Mis proclamation wan read lo the rniiKroHM )>>* DIP Bavarian dlsirlct loader, Adolf. WHKIKM' Ml.s wordn chr«M*«*d repeatedly. on|\ecinlly ilPAilng with u^rmaiiy rugain- UN "honor and euallty." Detailing (Jermany's ImliiKtrlal vlval, T-IUl*»r'« pn»cJ«rn«tlon d<* "\Vhat would peoplo have mild In Pre** /.ri«r(f , Tenn. H*»pt.. Koosovelt arrived in vlllc at » u. m. <«'ST>. today and shortly aftorwurtl wn« on hie way on a 130-milo motor lour through tho Great .Smoky mountnlns \'la Knox- vlUe'ft btmlnows district. had breakf&at on hln private car. tho "Pioneer/ 1 bHore dPtrainlniGr In tho midst of a larKO crowd of applauding Tennessooana. Mo had wnrkod lat*> lust nljfht on tho Kpoec.h he will tltsllvpr at Charlotto. ,V. (*.. tomorn»w, at a southern "given |«i«tiii-c(i" rally. ad<*rt» wero out in fuU horn to KTeot th« Chlof Kxecu- tlve and accompany him on hi? drive through th« Sctsnic Hmoklon. Tho group Included ciovornor Hill Me- All-sU'r. Adjotant Concral J. H. Bal- U-w arul Senators Ilachman and Me- Kellar. After pin*udiH(? through crowded Thoy laid th«*lr <• Jlily men HIH\ puhllr iffflclftlM of ii? nations, Kalhorod fdr n u.-oh'H an- alysiw of powor clfxrlopmont and DOCTOR CflBHAM tWtURY (United /'rra* l,r<i*cd Wirrj L.OS ANGELES, Sept. 9,— The old windjammer Pacific Queen with 29 sea Bcouts aboard neared the coast today in tow of a coast Riiard cutter und was due to dock late this afternoon. RaUio dlHpatches from the cutter Shoshone, which picked up tho becalmed Balling whip 675 miles went of Han Pedro Sunday, did not indicate tho hour of arrival, the coaal guard base here eald, The Pacific Queen ha« been at Disclose Plans of 1937 Fleet Games <rnffrrf rrrjm f,rrt*ed Wire) WASHINOTOX, Sept. 9.—Planfl to hold the annual r. S, fleet maneuvers in 1937 In approximately the same nrea us the 1P35 maneuvers, In Hawaii/in and Korlh Pacific waters, wero announced today by Secretary of the Navy Claude A. ^^^^ • i Baseball Results NATIONAL LEAGUE rua*n*. it wa« reports. dnn(V (n jlK ,, r|aJ Tho < hlnOHo \frnlon donlod Na-i H lon rate ordnrs. wn« the victim of u mob nttrick and added )iln dewth mufff be laid i«> private grlnvanees. The fine »if hl« t'hinese wife and two children were not known. ttp.Mldtnfff of J'/ikhd w»»rn reported ncrvoim becaunn of Japan- action in Invetlt Nukann'a Honl»rlght u ml Mother oxpr^Hsoil tn ih'- tuUIng of now ovl- in judicial rovlrwH of cnmmlH- ' rind "tho tendency (»f utility rnntpanlc-M to Inistltuto In-< junction proceeding* in UK- foilaral ' would \w running full hhiKt ? That (tprmany'd railways again would proftiublo and running ihn tnilim In (ho world? That nou buildings would 1»» orocltnl. among tho larw*l In ihn world? "That thoatorH and musto wuuki nxporlonoc a ronalsnaiiro nnd nil that without a single J«*w in loadorHhlp"" ^f Thn l'"\ifhror'» nVcIarutlomt alH>ut (Jormnn pn»gro»« \v<?iv groi»ted with roarH of "Holl" «o loud arul t'roquont that ih«?y froqtionily nm<lc it necos- nary for tho rouilor t»i Htop >' and Tonnossee. Tho arranged a picnic lunch around C'llnKman's Dome, over rtOOO foot above 8t«a level. Mr .HtMinevelt will reach Ashevllle, N. i\ f late toilay and spend tho night ihtre. ette Davis Topic of New Injunction At Brooklyn— PUtaburarh Brooklyn Hatlerlen: hucnn, 1 R. 11. 7 14 .,.,.« 13 Hlrkhofor and ' f Move to Dismiss Mail Fraud Case Arrest Japanese at Iowa Arsenal School Trustees Close Convention f United I'rttt l*tn*rd Wirf) DAVKNPOKT. Iowa. Srpt Two JapanoHo woro tnknn Into ru»* ( Hand nt r<l /'rfl«* I.fn*r<i Wirfl VKNTUriA. Sept. 9.-- <;aHfnrnIa hftol tru«te«M emlod ihvlr convention here by demanding that "all Hubverslve influences nnd mlHleari- in« propuRHndn found In schools" should be expowed In the samo man- nor as "narcotics and other Inv Paddon; Hrandt and Pholps. —M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^ J ' * TT-™ «Ar- ^*^r -hr r - ^HV^^^h^ ^» (First game) At New York- H, Cincinnati 2 Now York 4 FTlrs: HolUngHWorth. and I^ombardl; and MancUBo, t tody by (eiienil authurltlfH today j ™ orH! «<'h«»»l afler it w u j* reportwi they had uiken { ^ l *° Ht ^nd wax taken by tho con- H. 13. X 0 12 0 Stlnn. f nea since July 4 on a cruise with i Kwaneon. At N>w York— U Cincinnati 3 York . .... n 10 7 southern California »ea scouts, most J Swaneon made this announcement of them from Ran Pedro. Tho uhlp i at tho firm pro MR conference he him' BatterleR. Krcy, l>uvlw nnd (* waH taken In tow by the Shoshonol hold In recent months. The navy i l>ell: Schumacher. Gumlw«rt and Man for tho third time U ran low f secretary ban juut returned to hU j CUMO> . ___ IdeHk after a protracted IllncuB. (} " ! The tnmipuvera. officially deslg- Al i. hna doihlu- H ; tinted "Kloot Problem No. 18." will i ohicaici 10 1 be held during May and early June, | Philadelphia - -:..'.':'.'.'.'.'.'.' wvtt«i v\ «<^.«^\ u*kl<4 | i Hattertea: French and 0 0 ANOKM5H. Sept. 9. -Motlonn to dimnlBH mall fraud lnillt:tnu-al« In tho Halo Potrpleurn f'nr]iorittlon <?HIH», and for a nevernm^ of trial n» to certain defendant.!*, wer* 1 utnl**r advlne- ment today b*-foro Tnlto*! St«t* H DU- trtct Judge Ueorgo CoM^nivtv Attorney* for eight <lef«mlantn. orlglnatly convicted hut granted now trlaU by tho ('IrruU Court of Appealn, made tho inotloiiH. Arguments for n now trial wore baaed on tho contention that t)i« in dlctmentH wen* faulty. Tho mall of thr Mock Inland urHennl. They deNorll^d themiielvei* »w N<»l- huxjiim TMumura. ?!). uml M!**H Ton- lyo Yunarl. L':.', PluttMvillo, mlo. InvoHtiKating u t otophone rvport, povi*/ipi>rt police found tho rotiplo tm H hill on the lowu Hid* of the Mlrt«|R- f*lpi»l rlv«»r. Thoy ui-n- brought to fji'^Mttone/) by I'. S. Tom- Alln-rt K Hlor|<. The cfuucra WHM turiifd over to HUth«rlMi'«. The be developed and If the ; nhow n«i plctureH c»f the arncnul th* after an addrortH by As* nemblymiin John P. Phllllpr* of lilvei-Hlde. who pxpronned hojM) Co?n- muniwnj would !«• taught In a HI might forward munnor In BUite . with protfcilon against I nut ruction. John Alton, Jr.. of (mkland wa« re-elerte«l pn*Hld«*iit; fJ 1*. Ayncti- worth. Krennti. Nr^uid vfce-proHldent. and Mr». 1 K. Porti-r. Hakf*r>*f|cld, oxecullvf Rocrotary. < ieorgo filled t)»o vuranry nf firm prenldent. f*.U*or«qfrtf Prrnt Lcated U:>N1>0\. Sept. 9.— Warner Bro- thorH today obtained a temporary Injunction restraining Uotte Davis, now In England, from appearing In aUtffv or film productlonrt without their conttenl. while h^rv. Attorney* IndlcaKxl tho question of damans might he Involved when tho case reaches a high court, but refused to disclose the amount. A representative of Tocplitz Pro- ductlona, Ltd.. stated Miss Davis ro cenily had signed a contract to nioku the Liritlsh film. "Til Take the Urn- Ituad/* tho company retaining un option on nor further service. "W« consider the mutter of the writ entirely om> between Mlna Davis and the Warners." thn'Hritteh f»rn spokesman vaUt. "There \s no question of enticement on our part. We intend to ffo riK»t ahead with the film/* \K\V MKX1CO QIAKK WEUQl't-:, N. M., Sept. s. {A. P.) Two Nliyhi earth ^hockb were t>U ht»n» rtt b:&f» a. m. iM. S. T.) and 6:^1? a. tn., ltxia> \Vmdows atui cll»h**8 rallied and somo reside n la were awakened, but uo damage on food. French Cash Goes Into Switzerland Hwanson mtld. H. K. 17 0 R' fraud mdlcln.em wa* brought after j couple will l,e tvlcttH<*<\. Hlock mild Hie collapse five yearn ago of the ( A f^.u-ml Blalute prohlblU any un $25.000.000 corporation. | H utbori'M-d per*or, from taking pli lures of the ar«efiai Icflund or govern i IK-nl bulldtitRH. (A**<M3fated }'re*» Lratfd TUUIN. Italy, Sept. 9.—Bankers ! here reported a rush today by, French cltla^na to put their wealth j In wafe-keeplng In Italy and Switzet- land. They said many had rented safe deposit boxes and bad deposited bonds. Jewels and other valuables Fortune Found in Pair ofMd Shoes O'Uea nge, KeUeher. Jorgenn and At Wljaon. behnlf Ihe ;no- tlons wer« offered were Horace J . Brown, Fred Bhlntfle. William J. Cavanaugh. Maurice C. Myern, Hob- erl McKeon. John MtiKeon. K. Byron and Alfred O, \Vilk*«. Stanford Senio r Leaps to Death AMERICAN LEAGUE U>B AXC2KUES. Sept. •A fiinall At H i In them, both h^r^ and In Hwltter land, French buyers alao. they said, | day, are acquiring villas along tho Italian Riviera* Tourist bureaus reported a influx of French tourists to but attributed the unuhiml numbers at lea*t in part, to inability to trivol 1 po»lt In tonh«. *aJf*ly«n civil M'ar-tprn 8p%ln, J .^ira to fortune waa yielded by a pair of old ^_ — • m^ f - - — -, >-»-. ^r- f m ^,- -^f VT*rf ^f • tho late Mrs. Ellzath Rattray, who died July ^6 at the age of 64 years, public administrator reported lo- New York 31 (First game) H. 12 shoes among the personal effect* of j CJ * veI *nJ 3 S \ BaUerkea: Pearson and Dickey; Harder, L*e, Blaeholder and Bulil- van. . Jealousy Blamed for Fatal Shots Man Is Detained m t rou«, (United Prrtt Lf<i*rd SACRAMKNTO, Sept. 9 loday blamed jealousy over & bar- muld for the fatal shooting of Frank /'r«?« //romrtj OAKI-ANU, Hept. » Hlichle, DO. won detained fur Uonlng by police loday afler the u At I>eirot I Unidentified woman wan found In a bed in Kli- homo here. Grant Miller ordered an to delwtnme lhc cauvt of There H re no known t Philadelphia at St rain. post ~ bamink!, wline«cK»d ^o and deniwl ahc wa« tiio c« • . -. > ••^I'-.-r--- "••• t .'"> tlw uoman'H death. Police reported I,OB ANOKLK.S. Kept 9.—While the dance orchestra pluycd a melody thai haunted him wllh the memory of hli «w««theart. William Pophum, • 24->»*^r-old Hlunford University senior, leaped to bin death from the high j balcony of the Caul no HI Aval on. Cat-} allna island, arcordtng to a report to ; the sheriff's office today. ; Gene Krne«t of l>08 Angeles, who I had Veen rooming wVth Popham at tho Cawino, told authorities, tho report said, that he went to tho dance alone after his sweetheart refused lo lUiohio ^ iold them he met her fcep- (attend with him, and Jumped off the 5 and took her to hi* home* balcony when the orchestra « truck up tho tune thut had been UU "favorite,* 1 Poliajn UvM in He mid Ho ilia not know, her name. poUco \vhon he uoitcoil r «ie raputu. * • • * i v; • • i - Lo« ncy day boa Frank r*ey ouel who ked fter ved •ervlno upcrin- Iflht ndont named four* was lary year annua •.-' * • -1. - -^ . .1-

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