The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1949
Page 3
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HAT ION TODAY— i'(ARKJ COURIER NEWS Correspondent Recalls How Jawdharlal Nehru Once Sovecf tiVes of Five Men in India By Jowph C. Goodwin ,.,^ (For Jam « Marlon) WASHINGTON, Oct. 12-<fl- indias Prime Minister, the Pandit •ijraharlal Nehru, says one of the Principal reasons for his visit to .we United States is to learn about Americans. Perhaps American also may learn tomething about Nehru and the "•ay he ticks. Back In 1945 Nehru have the lives >o four of his Congress Parly colleagues and one Associated Press correspondent. 1 was the correspondent. ^ Nehru may have forgotten it. I jpiiibt that he even considered that •anything unusual Had • occurred except an annoying delay to a three- Bay political speaking tour. But because I felt closer to death that day than before or since, I retain some pretty sharp menial Pictures of Nehru, now the political and spiritual leader of some 300.000.000 people. We were late for a meeting at Hie Punjab town of Lyallpur. A quarter of a million people had waited two hours on a 'sun-baked plain outside the town when we arrived in n station wagon with an Indian driver. Lath-packing Party troops—illega) in those days of British rule—held open a lane. Crowd Excited The crowd was still while Nehru tpoke. when we climbed down from the platform, he shooed Ihe rest "f Us off through Ihe straining lane or laths and men. He hung back. Turning, I saw that the lane was breaking up back of him and the crowd was pouring In. We ran to the station wagon. Nehru due along ahead of the adoring mob like a crisp little chip on the bead of a powerful wave. He screamed to the driver to get Roing. The he', ran (he last few steps . ind leaped in. The human wall tlosed about the car. The motor died. Men were crushed against the •^? r ' Tne Pressure of thousands '^raining nearer lifted it off its wheels. The 'wa]Is began to strain fcnd, crack. . "What a stupid way to die;" I thought, "crushed inside an automobile by x scrambling mass of men fighting to see or touch another man." .; : Then, a lean white fury, Nehru pounced his head first through the window ton to the shoulders of .the crowd. He pounded backs and heads with his silver-headed can He shouted and—I think—swore. Wild-eyed people fell back before his: violence. The car bumped back on its wheels. The-motor caught. The crowd tried to push back.-The. ear was' in . gear and' crawjing through falling men. We spurted «ut:0f the teeming mass. Nehru followed on foot. We got *way from there, fast. In 1 three days I got to know and like the man Nchm more and more. 4way from crowds he was relaxed «nd quiet, browsing through books aJirt newspapers, chatting easily joking about his days in English schools and English jails and talking earnestly about freedom and liberty. fie was trying at the time to Bive up smoking. Often he would take a cigarette and then put it |tck. After R bit he would take it K and cut in half with scissors he carried, for that purpose. Catching my eye during this op- tiation, he winked and smiled. But the moment the car stopped at a village he went liilo action. After a speech he «-as' so tense "e couldn't eat or sit still. At another village we were stopped by a crowd at the tomb of an ancient ho)y man. The villagers showered Nehru with flowers. Men. women and children dropped to llielr knees and reached out to touch him. He didn't even glance at them. But he turned aside to a feeble - old beggar, patted her on the head and spoke a few words to her. K. f. McRae, Memphis Cotton Broker, Dies MEMPHIS, Oct. 12. W-Kenneth Edwin McRae, 52, treasurer of Newburger Cotton Company, died yesterday at Melhodist Hospital here. McHae was widely, known as » lay leader in the Melhodist Church He was secretary of Ihe Memphis Conference Board of lay activities for several years. He had been associated with the cotton firm for 30 years. His. widow and four sons survive. Gives Easy Method For Taking off Paunch DENVER. Oct. 12-«V- W anl" to leduce. your waistline without dieting ,fella? Wear suspenders, says an ex- Pert attending the American Dietetic Association. The slim advisor ?"}? *"*"'' want to be named said the secret Is this: „ B?lt ,i rL ea " ng men unconsciously expand their stomachs to keep thei'r trousers from slipping. He said 26 pot be|!Ied men switched to braces and reduced their waistlines !U1 average' of one of five-, eighths Inches. It's Like He Says SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 12—UP)— fire inspector' Richard Knox. giving a fire prevention week talk last night on the evils of care|e.s.i cigarette throwing, was interrupted by sirens and bells. . ~.. Outside the desert hotel where he was speaking, three fire wagons pulled to a halt and crews began setting up ' equipment to fight a blaze. There was ]oLs of .smoke but little damage. Firemen found the fire in • basement ventilating fan and placed the b 1 a m e-on a • carelessly thrown cigarette. . Upstairs, Knox completed his talk. Thousands' of bottles bearing the likeness ot eGorge Washington we're made during slave trade days, filled with spirits and used, by American traders throughout the world. I T/Uff IT 'CAVSC t LIMIT "HMS SCRAP STEEL"-"woiking"~in~ his* bMk'va'Td Zi' puts the finishing touches on the hoVemade s^nadn* m\ His son, Roy, gives advice as dad works on the 16-foot vcsse ' has worked 14 months on the sub, and expecls ti he e England, Frank Russell DS to submerge lOno feet! Baloney for Birthday FRANKFURT.- Germany, Oct. 12 — Ifl'i —The West German Communist party called on its members today to prepare handmade presents to be sent to Premier Stalin on his 70th birthday on Dec. 21. "We German . Communists have a specia] obligation to express our thankfulness to comrade Stalin," tt>e Communist statement said.- Slightly Confused LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn., Oct 12 (^Pj—H. A. Cunningham, a busy man, walked to a mail. box here yesterday, a letter in one hand NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the application of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company! for a general :ncrea<e and adjustment of Its rates in all the municipalities served by Hie Company In.the Slate oi Arkansas, anil which application Is now [lending before tire Arkansas Public Service Commission has been set for public hearing before the Arkansas Public Service Commission In Its offices • in the State Capitol Building in Little Rock, Arkansas, beginning oh< November 7, 1349, at 10:CO a.m. The hearing on Ihis date will be limited to direct testimony of lh» applicant company, the introduction of its exhibits in support be limited lo questions for clarlfi- calion of exhibits anil direct testimony, at the conclusion of which the hearing will be adjourned lo a later date to be fixed by the Commission. Any person, corporation or association authorized to , complain to the commission may Intervene and be heard as an original party at Hie time and place specified in (his notice. ARKANSAS PUBLIC SPJiVICF. COUfMISSION Elizbeth D. Hcndry, Secretary 10,12-19 •flmusanrts of World War !! mine detectors are being sold to jails and prisons to detect metals smuggled Young Soldier Collects $5 Bet by Making Aerial Escape the dol|ar. He waited at the postoffice and got his dollar back—then mailed the letter. NASHVILLE, Ark,, Oct. 12, <jl>)_ A oaring young soldier named Pvt. Howard A. Shlmieman may own the dubious dislincUon of being the first military prisoner to parachute Irom a plane. Kecords of (his sort of thing virtually are nil. The 23-year-old Clinlon, III., war veteran dived out'of a C-82—commonly known as a "flying boxcar"— Rl about 3.000 feet "ver southwestern Arkansas yesterday afternoon. Tie plane was carrying a crew and 10 military prisoners from Forbes An- Fore" Base at Topeka, Kas. to Clatksdallc Air Force Base, Shrcve- I'oi'l, La. The speclacnlnr break was engineered, Shinneman said, to win a $5 bet he doesn't expect to collect -and for a thrill. He snld he didn't plan to escape; but had planned to report to Barksdnle on his own. H nlso (1) earned Shlmiemnn brief freedom—five hours of trudging five miles over 'unfamiliar and muddy country n hunted man, and <y> created, quite a commotion in parts. Sheriff Arthur K. Hicks of Howard County and n "courthouse friend." ns he was identified, captured (he young fugitive by following ri'mors of a man In uniform cutting across field' and roads The catch was made In R'ick Range Community, five and one-half mj] cs soul- cast of here. Shinneman was brought lo the county jail here to await military authorities. The sheriff's wife described him as "nice looking." Slilnncinim said his fnst-, downward irip was "smooth us silk." He suffered only a scratched fing er 0 ffl«r Bar iH Sd « e PUb " c lnr °">">ll'<m officer said the plane llyhiK about Ihree miles east of Nasl'vili! when Shinneman suddenly rushed Past one of the guards, pushed out The pilot alerted the Civil Aero n»«" - Admlnlstrntlon office at Tcxarkana. which In turn notified local and state police. A posse was organized here and struck out to beat the thickets. O'ficers at Forbes Air Force Base salt! Shinneman fa.cs a court martial for theft of a government 45 pistol and for going AWOI, The soldier Is separated from his' W |f» now at Fort Laurierdale, Fia. Shinneman said lie made the bet with a buddy two weeks ago, alter he learned of the projecied aerial transfer. Hut he doesn't expect to collect because the buddy now Is In ptfion Jn Ltivenworth, KM 6hlnn«m»n said he served twr. year* with the Navy In the Pacific during the recent w "Skrric« CeUln E » In aviation terms, "«rvic« cell- Ing" is that altitude at which » Planes maximum .rat* of climb ? !v? , Ve 1 we ' Bht and I» 100 feet a minute NO WONDER THOUSANDS PREFER THIS LAXATIVE For welcome relief Jro Irl.Mrtlv dirwlci5 ' NOTICE the offic* of DR. W. TRAIN WATER Will Be Closed October 10-15 -fin* SHINING SHOES EXTRA BRIGHT ilhlfrustwiq Nol&bbinq SENSATIONAL GRIFFIN LIQUID WAX SHlMg. trseif! Just ipply-Iet dry., that's all! You'll havt » bright, sparkling dress-up" shine in » jiffy. Specia I Griffin cat- ton serves as non-tip boctl* holder. SPECIAL! "t a special October •savlngl sterling silver candle holders. Modern silver- plated gravy boat $11.00 Classic dish in rich sllvcrpiate. lh Ihe Buy Of The Year at HUBBARD'S! Hove you seen that beautiful blond poster'bed suite in Hubbard', window? 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