Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio on June 16, 1914 · Page 4
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Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio · Page 4

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1914
Page 4
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1 .--" .i'Lia,aara3Kti..i-.- PAGE FOUR. THE AKRON TIMES. TUESDAY, JUKE 16, 1914. THE TIMES PAGE FOR WOMEN CLUB NOTES SOCIAL NOTES --v"-J.V- - ir At .-V .-V i 11 I forded Life Helen HesroryC Fuesrle '$mSMIiiCH YOUNG MAN;Ji "y. . Marian dropped lnto;kench f acing Riverside Drive, and divided her attention betvt-een"' boo of.stort stories by Leonard Merrick, one of her newly: discovered fa'vorl tes among modern writers, and the procession of Motor cari' which slid silently, by on the smooth pavement. It wats a sunny, drowsy day, but her soul held a grey and restless mood... With envious eye she w atched the finely-groomed children of the rich strolling here and there with their governesses. It would not be an easy thing, she reflected moodily, to grow Into a childless middle age. In troubled restospection, she looked back upon the snarl of her own domestic circumstances which she had cut with the scissors of divorce. "' ' ' ' - "Ah, we meet : $gain," said a . pleasant voice, v ,. , Marian looked quickly up, to heboid a tall,-'graceful, well-dressed figure. If was Jack Meadows, the youth she had 'met at Mrs. Wal-ther's dinner. "How do you do? Won't you sit down?" she said, glad thut her depressing reflections had been cut off by the other's arrival. "If I may," responded Meadows, dropping to the bench. fMerrWk?" lie added, catching sight ' of her book. "We have a taste in common, thon. I consume Leonard Merrick with avidity. Takes me back to the old Montmartre. He Is a merry romancer, with a. style like pld wine." "Then you know Paris?" murmured Marian with interest. "The Latin Quarter, yes. My people sent me over to study art, but I renigged and became enslaved to the pen. It was the most absurd thing I ever did in my life. With smattering of art, I might have done commercial stuff with a certain degree of credit. A writer without genius is a mess. Without originality, he is impossible. That's me. I want to do the thing. It's in my blood, heart and mind, but I can't get it out ' Oh, I put things over now and then, but it's always the sort of thing I'm ashamed to sign my name to. There are some magazines here that will buy anything provided it's absurd and impossible. You write, they tell me?" he asked. " wouldn't call . ft writing," smiled Marian frankly "I can't even do the absurd, impossible things you speak of." "Ah, then you have genius," returned Meadows seriously. "I haven't even enough genius to find a iot," answered Marian, responding to that something in Meadows' personality which made her feet justified in discarding all pose, and being herself. One crosses the path of that sort of person sometimes. - .Accordingly, it is a delight to relax, to cease bluffing, to be naive and natural. "If you are In need of work, I envy you," sajd the peculiar young .Jetlow, ""Believe me, I'm not joking. I don't believe a man or woman can do anything that is decidedly worth while, unless he has to. If I were in actual need of the creature comforts of life, I honestly be-live ithat: that absent something in -ry'.iC6s)pav might" materialize. I made the' fatal mistake of being born comparatively rich," he continued drolly. "The infernal remittance that they send me from home with unfailing regularity has ;iv vm a The Home Beauty Parlor tfMW Dean II. A.: Tha quickest way to remove duMt and oil from hair la tiy hamio-Ins; om!onul!v with a leawtinful of ranthrox (whloh. Uk all tha aim- Eln ihliiKH I reooniineiiil. can be might at any o(t dr"K (llaaolved In a cup of hot walr. 1 hla mukn a thick, white Inthir that liiaiuntly atoiia Irritation and 'lia-..lv evrry particle of u. flaiKlruff find enema oil. Klnai K UttWK aoalp and hair wonderfully iiiI and clean, tho hair will dry nilrkly and I'vmily. I llnd canthrox Htiampoo l noWiiidid tor corrantlnic Ho. dull. "Btiinitv." brittle condition of th hair mid indurlnK a luxuriant growth, which la brilliant and fluffy. A. I-: Your weak. InriBjuld ft'Tnna; .... ..........i l.v ttnnurti la . , .. aiiiDi.i.h ..r,,l 1 1 Ir.o of Irta orKBiia of elimination. In h-r t-aaa. a Ionic and body-builder will prove eff.Mtlve In reatorlllK full nenun inn rii.TKy. rt ...... . marie, by dlnn'ilvtnir 1 unr Warden in pirn aironoi i 1101 ,,,,.. then udilhiK Vi cupful auitar and hot water to maka a full quart. Take of thla I tahleapiHinful I times each day. The kiiriluiu. tonic imrlnra tha blood aiiin rrnuir'i neaiiii . ... .-..., I, alan aplenilld for rlddlUK til akin of,, pimplea, illet'oioraiioiia ami uiiow- ' Ada: 1 would " remove thoa wrlnlili.a and bring bal k lh youth tint to my completion by ualnK he followtnit Kfeaaeleaa rream-jeny : Into S pint rold water put 1 ounce alinniolu and i tabieapoonful Klwrrln. Irft atand over nlKhU Anplv thla cr.im-Jelty plentifully after elcauHlns and drying the akin. For wrlnkUa, put the cream thickly t .pon the rrenaea. Thla atlmulnte In a way th aiunted (inane of Ih creaaea and after a few trratinenla the furrow will hava entirely vanlnhed. Knr renewlnic the com plxlrn a Haht; rntiirv. moventetit ahould be mplttyed. nainff plenty or almoxolu cieam-Jelly. Tlila will baniah pimple, blackhearla, olllnena nnd other complexion upneta. nnd ieava the akin aoft, clear and velvety. . Jol. You will alwaya have a poor complexion an long a you line face powder. Make un thin formula at homa and your complexion trouble will be at an end. into w pint witcri CLIP Kisko Coupon Tukf Iwetity-five of tlinxn Cihijmiii to Tim Timea' offir mul gel Orlifientt!. OrfifirntfH arn gnui! in any grorrry ulnr-u in Akron for a iwi'iiiy-fivo cent packngfi of Kisko. 11 ESIMY, JI I "I made the fatal mistake of being born comparatively rich," he con. tinued drolly, been my undoing." "But why accept it?" inquired Marian with interest. . The other shrugged with blase, continental resignation. "Habit," he answered sadly. "It's a habit I haven't got the strength of pur pose to abandon. Those paternal checks have made a sort of ninny out of me. I admit it with shame, but It's 80." Meadows talked on, and Marian listened with an intensity of Inter est which few persons had ever aroused in her. The blase indiffer ence of her companion, alternating with his rebellious outbursts against the easy pathway into which fate bad thrust blm, conspired top resent a point of view which Marian had never, encountered .in a man. Tomorrow Regarding the Barrier of Sex.' DON'T LOSE SLEEP ' COUGHING AT NIGHT. Take Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. The very first dose surprises you. It glides down your throat and spreads a healing, soothing coating over the inflamed tickling surface.. That's immediate relief. Jt, loosens up the tightness in your ? chest, stops stuffy wheezy breathing, eases distressing, racking, tearing coughs, soothes the Irritated, Inflamed bronchial tubes and air passages. Children love It. It is mildly laxative as a cough medicine should be, and does not upset or distress the most sensitive stomach. Refuse any substitute. Contains no opiates. Day Drug Co., 12 stores. hnsel or hot water put 4 ounces purmax and tennponnfuln glycerine. Apply npurlnly and rub llnhtly until dry. Thla Impart a dainty tint and exqulalte lovellneaa to the akin and la actually Invlnlblo when on and aeema oart of the akin. Neither wind nor peraplratton will affect th apurntax lotion and one application in the morning will luat tnroUKnout tne ouv. Worried: You need not auffer with over-fatnea If thl almple, Imrmlea treatment la uaed: Into 1H pints hot water put 4 ounce parnotla. When It cooln, atraln. and take a tnole spoonful before each menl. Thl treatment gradually dlaaolvea fatty llaauia and rentoie the aytnmetricai line to the future without leavlnn; the Mean nanny or tna kuin wrinkled. When Ihe weight la aufflclently reduced, the tratmunt cut! be discontinued. Hi Me: 1 think aliiKelnaT the hair la work I in; at the wriuiK end, be-caune the trouble la at the roota. tonic: In pint nlcohnl put 1 ounce iiulutiiiii raet from druKulHt), then mi'i It O'liv WHirr, lee linn 4 or a time each week, pinanuiiTlna: well niio inn hihiii, nnif yuu v. 111 iiov uti further troubled with brittle, fallina; hair. The qtilnxoln hnlr tonic la ex eellent for overcomlntc dandruff and txrea otllnea and aoon puta the aralp and hair-roots In healthy condition. Mr, p, ('.: You nmy not require Rliinne. Try thie harmleaa eve tonic: In one pint clear water dlaaolve an ounce cryat.i. then put t or 9 drop In .Ihe offending eye a few time ench day and keep up until aorenena baa entirely vanlnhed. The cryatn eye-tonic la valuable for tired, anre rye or to relieve eye-atraln and la excellent for Inflamed or granulated lid. It alno give to dull, llatlen eye a delightful aparkla and luater. M. I. : Her I an litrxpenalve home-treatment for removing hair from chin. Hp or cheek: With water and powdered dclatonn mix enough pnnte to cover the objectionable halra. Apply and In about two minute remove, waah the akin and it will bo free from hntr or bletnlah. Bo aure you get delatone. Hilly lieuu'a Jleauty Hook, f!i. tAdtr.) THIS NE 10, 1011. L Miss Louise Matthews, Columbus, is the . guest pf relatives In the city. '' - ' Mrs; Frank MacKenzle, Massil-lon, who was the guest of Mrs. L. D. Kwing, Ewing court, has returned home.-' i . Mr. and Mrs. C. Frederick, Copley, spent Monday as the guests of Mr.- and Mrs. Henry Frederick, Maple Valley. ...Mr. V. Van Campfort, Glendale avenue, will leave this evening for New York, from which point he will eail on June 20 for an extended European trip. - Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Seiler,' and daughter. Miss Katherine, 161 East Market street, will leave Wednesday for Auborn and Elkhart, Indiana, where tliey ; will ; be 'the guests of relatives. Mr. J. M. H. Frederick, Cleveland, has returned home after a few days' visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Frederick, Maple Valley. Mrs. Elmer Roe and Miss Mildred Wesley of Elyria, who were the guests of Mrs. W. M. Sanford, South Union street, have returned home. Miss Marguerite Sanford accompanied them. Mrs. Hugh A. Clark and eon, Howard, East Palestine, are the guests of Mrs. Clark's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J; Wise, East Buchtel avenue. Mr. John Backe,' East Buchtel avenue, left Monday to attend the commencement exercises at St. Joseph's College. He will spend several days in Chicago on his way home. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schooy and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Galligher and son, Kenneth, and daughter. Miss Irene, have returned to Canton after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pfahl, 902 Dayton street. Mr. and Mrs. John Kerch, and family, Adolph avenue, have returned home after a trip east. While in the East, they attended the graduating exercises at Vassar College, Miss Frances Kerch being a member of the graduating class. Mrs. V. Emerson of Zanesville, and daughters, Mrs. Perry Dobson of Alpena, Mich., are the guests of Mrs. A. E. Heintselman, South Union street. They are here to attend the commencement exercises of the University of Akron and arrived in the city in time to attend the luncheon and unveiling exer cises held by the D. A. R. Monday. R6v. end Mrs. M; R.- Sheldon, 295 South Arlington street, will leave today for Boston, where they will attend the Northern Baptist convention, in session at Boston, Mass., June 17 to 25. Before returning home. Rev. and Mrs. Shel don will spend some time in Springfield, Mass. '' Marriage Licenses William James Kelley, 23, Ak ron, and Laura Williams, 23, Ak ron; Charles W. Dlckerson, Justice of the Peace. rlet Bust ice Hurn, 24, Crafton, Pa., and Josephine McBarnes, 22, Akron: RevrW.'R. Polhamus. Robert Nelson Forsythe, 27, Washington, Pa., and Gertrude Sa-villa Wise, 24, Akron; Rev. Charles N. St. John. William O. Haines, 25, Akron, and Luceil May Sherbondy, 26, Ak ron; Frank G. Marsh, Justice of the Peace. Frederick A. Manning, 24, Ak ron, and Bertha M. Blyler, 23, Akron; Charles W. Dlckerson, Justice of the Peace. John H. Haag, 21, Akron, and Mary E. Shoemaker, 21, Akron; Rev. Claudius Freseman. ItKHICAKSAI, FOR WEDDING The rehearsal for the wedding of Miss Thnlma Leavltt and Mr. Harold Henderson, which will be solemnized at 7:30 Wednesday eve. nlng in St. Paul's Episcopal church, will be held this evening. Following the rehearsal Miss Leavltt will entertain her attendants at her home and Mr. Henderson will give his bachelor dinner at the Portage Country club. Pink peonies will form the decorations for the dinner to he given by Miss Leavltt to her attendants. At this dinner In ad' dillott to the bride and her attendant will be seated the mother of the groom, Mrs. M. Henderson end Mrs. Han ford Henderson, of Mont-clalr and Mrs. Percy Leavltt, mother of the bride. o KXTKKTAIXKI N.KAS.tXTI.Y. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L, Cardin. 137 East Vorls street, who were recently married, were host and hostess to a party of guests at their botne Saturday evening. The lawn and porch were prettily decorated with Japanese lantern. Mr.- and Mrs, Cardin were presented with a beautiful leather rhuir by the guonts, the presentation being made by Mrs. llaotr. Refreshment were served. Mrs. Cardin before her marriage was Miss Gertrude Hug-gins of this city. o ' IlKIIMiK PARTY. Mrs. C. E. Shaw, North Portage Path. Is entertaining a small party of guests at bridge at her home this afternoon In compliment to Ml Tlielma Leavltt, whose wed- MTHtll.AI I C IT It n I, A X! C.ITROLAX ! First get the name down pat then Diiy it or your druggist. Just the very best thing for constipation, sick headaches, sour stomach, lazy liver, sluggish constipated bowels. The pleaaantest, surest, nicest latttlve you ever used. Tastes good like lemonade. Acts bromnt ly, without pain or nausea. Gives you the most satisfactory flushing you have ever had. Day Drug Co., 13 stores. PERSONA SOCIETY NEWS MOTHER LOVE (NO. 4) Dressing Queen Kiddie By ELEANOR SCIIOItER. ding will occur Wednesday. The rooms are prettily decorated in roses and peonies in pink and white and in sweet Williams. The dining room where the guests will be served following the bridge is decorated in pond lilies. o TEA AT CLUB. , Mrs. Arthur Willis, Park street, is entertaining at a prettily appointed tea at the Country club, Tuesday afternoon. Easter' lilies and palms were used profusely in decorating, all the appointments being- in green and .white. Music Is , being : furnished by Francisco's orchestra', of Cleveland. Assisting Mrs. Wills' are Mrs. F. H. Mason, Mrs. H. K. Raymond, Mrs. W. O. Rutherford, Mrs. C. I. Bruner, Mrs. W. G. Allen, Mrs. Francis Seiber-ling, Mrs. C. Cobb, Mrs. William Laubacb and Mrs. Chas. J. Miller. o JCNIOR HOP. The Junior Hop given last evening at Crouse Gymnasium was charmingly decorated in the colors of the Junior and Senior classes, a lattice celling of green with pur ple and white clematis being arranged. Palms were used pro tusely In decorating. On the re ceiving line were Pres. and Mrs. Parke Kolbe and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Simmons for the faculty, Miss Ruth Wilhelm and Mr. George Bruner for the Junior class, and Miss Juliette Allen and Mr.. Robert Wilson for the Senior class. The members of the faculty and thoir wives were the patrons and patronesses. Souvenir dunce programs in green and purple were given. A buffet lunch was served throughout the evening. o WILL HONOR REV. Mil. A XI) MRS. Kl.NDIXL. Mrs. Martha Seymour, Eber avenue, will entertain a party of guests at dinner at her home Thursday evening in compliment to Rev. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rundell, who will leave soon for the East, where Rev. Mr. Rundell has accepted a charge. o . HIIOKMAKKR-HAAU. The wedding of Miss Mary Shoemaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shoemaker, Woodland avenue, and Mr. John Haag was solemnized at 8 o'clock Monday afternoon in the St. John's Lutheran church, the service being read by Rev. ( Freseman. Only the immediate relatives were in attendance. ' Mr. and Mrs. Haag left on a western trip and upon their return will make their home with the bride's parents on Woodland avenue until the completion of their new home. I. A. R. LI XCHEOX. Luncheon was served in the First Universallst church Monday, at noon, to the members of the U. A. R., with covers laid for 165. The tables were prettily decorated in the nation's colors, small silk flags being given as favors. The Regent of Cuyahoga Portage Chapter, Miss Sister and Mrs. A, L. Conger, with the guests of honor, Mrs. Kent Hamilton of Toledo, state regent; Mrs. A. C. Brandt of Canton, vice state regent; Mrs. Debee, regent of the Northwest Chapter of Ravenna; Mrs. Wilhelm, regent of Canton Chapter, and Dr. F. A. Gray, were seated at the center table. The hostesses of the tables were Mrs. A. K. Heintselman, Mrs. C. M. Knight, Mrs. M. J. Allen, Mr. J. Keplogle, Mrs. M. Grant, Mrs. A. Allen, Mrs. C. Franz, Mr. L. D. Ewing. Mrs. R. Burnett, Mrs. H. Parshall, Mrs. Lawsnn, Mrs. J. Fobes, and Miss Sadie Hart. The luncheon preceded the unveiling of the marker presented to the city by tho Cuyahoga-Portage Chapter of the D. A. R. I CLUB ' PLANNING LAWN FETE. ' A lawn fete will be given by the ladies' auxiliary to the A. O. H. Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. James Hamlin, 183. Bartges street. All members are asked to be present. - ., WILL HOLD SOCIAL. The Otterbein Guild of the First U. B. church will hold a social at the church Tuesday evening at 7:30. A splendid program has been prepared ; and refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome. o QUEEN ESTHER CIRCLE MEET- 1X6. " The members of the Queen Esther circle of the First M. E. church will meet at the home of Miss Margaret Fergusson at the county jail, Tuesday evening. The mite boxes will be opened and new officers will be elected. o P. H. C. SOCIAL. The members of the Protected Home Circle enjoyed a social and entertainment in Reindeer hall, last evening. A literary program was enjoyed and an ice cream social followed. ' o WILL EXTERTAIX AUXILIARY. The members of the Burns auxiliary will be entertained at the home of Mrs. A. Guthrie, 40 North Balch street, Thursday afternoon, by Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. John Pat-tie. o WILL COXFER DEGREE. Akron Lodge, No. 547, 1. O. O. F.. will confer the second degree upon a class of two candidates at the meeting Wednesday evening. BUBIXEHSMEKTIXG. Canton Akron, No. 2. P. M., I. O. O. V., will meet Thursday evening In I. O. O. F. Temple, in regular busiuess session. The team will drill. o ROVAL PURPLE DEGREE. Akron Encampment, No. 18, I. O. O. F., will-confer the Royal Purple degree on one candidate of Akron Encampment and three can didates from Summit Encampment, No. 319, of Barberton, Friday evening. o LAWX FETE. A lawn fete will be given Wednesday evening for the benefit of the Church of Annunciation, cor- r Kent and Broad streets, under the auspices of the C. M. B. A., Branch No. 102. o CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY. The Men's Club of the Concordia Lutheran church will give a supper In honor of the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Ladles' Aid Society, Thursday evening. HKI,n"7lEETIXJ. The member of Busy Bee Hive, No. 35, L. O. T. M.. met for a bus iness session, Monday afternoon. TO KEEP WELL llils summer, make the digestion busy; don't allow it to become I lazv or the liver and bowula to' become Irregular. Tbe daily ' use of I HOSTETTER'S j Stomach Bitters promotes health and prevent Enps, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, lache, and . Biliousness. I Arrangements for the union picnic to be held at Cleveland in Luna park, Saturday, by tbe Maccabees of Northern Ohio are completed and all members of the Hive desiring tickets can secure them from Mrs. C. Doerler, chairman of the committee. Extra cars will leave at 7 and 8 o'clock, Saturday morning, and the tickets are good to return the next day. REGULAR MEETING. ' The members of the American Insurance Union met In regular ses-' sion Monday evening. Plans for the outing at Put-In Bay to be held by the A. I. U. of Michiga and Ohio were discussed. Class initiation will be held the third Monday in July. At the next regular meeting to be held, June 29, the officers for the coming year will be. elected. FLOWER MISSION DAY. - Flower Mission Day was observed by the members of the Central branch of the W. C.-T. U. at their meeting Monday afternoon. Bouquets of flowers were sent to the various institutions of the city and to the sick and shut-ins. Flowers were received by the City hospital, the jails, the Mary Day Nursery, the Children's Home, . the Crittenton Home, the Sumner Home and North Neighborhood House. BATH GRAXGe" MEETING. Bath grange will hold an interesting meeting Saturday afternoon, June 20. The program, which has been prepared, will be helpful to all members. The program: "A Lesson in Grange Ritualism." "The Obligation" L. E. ,. An. drew. , : "The Lectures of the Officers" Frank Porter. , "The Unwritten Work" George Reintz. : Drill in grange work conducted by master for all members. A large attendance is desired. BROTHERHOOD MEETING. The members of the Men's Brotherhood of the Grace M. E. church met at the church Monday evening and enjoyed a very splendid meeting. Mr. C. O. Kerstetter delivered an address, taking for, his subject, "The Church and the Civic Welfare." . o ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Miss Edna Anderson, Dixor place, delightfully entertained th members of her Sunday, schoo class of the Grace M E. church a' her home Monday evening at a din ner of 26 covers. White carna tlons were used in decorating, the appointments being carried out ir green and white. The evening fol lowing dinner, was spent socially with music as the feature. Mrs H. H. Scott Is the teacher, of tht class.' ' ' ' WILL LAY "CORNERSTONE. The cornerstone of the Williart Reformed Sunday school' on John ston street will be laid Sunday af moon. July 12. at 2:30. A dee Interest is being manifested by the.', residents in the vicinity of the cnurcn in tne Sunday school and the prospects for the future are KING OF BISCUITS HYDROX . Special Sale this week at 35c a pound Regular I'rice 50c DIEHM'S DELICATESSEN 10 EAST MARKET 8T . Men's White Rubber Poled Outing Oxfords, $2.00. Regular $3.00 values. - '.' Women's finest quality pumps In all leathers and all heels and toes. Two straps In all toe and lesthors. Just the thing to keep cool In. A full line of White Shoes, Pumps and two straps In Nu-buck end Sea Island, at $2.50. Regular $3.60 value. .Women's Pat. Colonial Pumps In half Louis heel, at $9.00., Regular $4,60 values. . " i Women's Rubber Sole, Pat. Tango for these hot days. A full line of Ladles' Hosiery from 2Sc to $1.00. . Take Elevator and save money at WEIDEMAN AIRLOFI SHOE STORE WILL PAY By GWENDOLYN WRIGHT. THE REWARD OF THRIFT. By GWENDOLYN WRIGHT. United States is far ahead of the rest of the world's nat tions iri perfecting the mechanism by which motion pictures are shown. But not only in the making of the pictures has this country been ahead of other countries, but in the- finding of uses other than purely recreational for the motion picture has she forged ahead. Recently the American Bankers' Association has shown! a film, "The Reward of Thrift," in the various cities, and if present plans succeed, this will be shown in most of the cities' of. the country during the coming year. The film is really a sermon against improvidence, and it is hoped that through' its agency many who are inclined to spend more than they; rightfully should upon the pleasures of today, forgetting tho necessities .of tomorrow, will come to a full realization of, the need for retrenchment, and will act accordingly. Of course, the bankers' primary object in snowing by means of this film the reward of thrift, is the securing of increased deposits, but any thing which will cause even a part of the people of a country, where almost all its citizens spend a far greater percentage of their income than they save, ta see the value of a saving account, is a good thing, and if it succeeds in securing for the bankers added deposits it will be for" the good of the country, for when banks have money at their disposal, enterprise is stimulated and civilization advances. very bright. Verj. Interesting services were held Sundav mnrnlnz at which time Children's Day was ob- 'erved. The attendance was 128, filling, the house to Capacity. . A very splendid program was givep, consisting of Rones and rpflrnHnna by the younger .members, of the scnooi ana solos by Miss Henry and a reading by Miss Cramer of the Grace Reformed Sunday school. The pastor, Rev. S. H. Isenberg, made a short address, using "Our Flag" for his BUbject, .''. 1 5 o ' ; '"'",; ' '.' WELCOME HOME PARTI'. Mrs. C. N. Beldon, 421 Crosby street, Will be hostess to the members of the Conundrum club at her home all day Thursday. The affair will be in the nature of a welcome home party for Mrs. Park Alexander, who has recently returned home from a trip abroad. WILL HOLD CONVENTION. The Portage Township Patter-;on-Boxwell commencement, will be held in the Trinity Reformed :hurch Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock. There are 24 members in '.he class and the ; fbllowi'ng program will be rendered:'"" ' ' Greeting Song. 'nvocation. ...Rev. R. H. Rockwell 'Tig, "In Mercy Hear Us.". rt T InnAln A14hJ Tl 1. . , "The Hard-Worked Plan" For Wednesday Ladies Tan Oxfords, Butt. & Blu., full round toe, good sizes tlji aa Values $3.50 & $4.00 ...... .. Ladies' White Butt. Ox- $1 Hft fords $3.00 value Jl.UU. Ladies' Black Oxfords Butt. & Blu., $3.00 & $3.50 i AC values ....l'D J. J. SRflOTH 17 SOUTH MAIN ST. COME UP To oat new location In I. O. O. F. TEMPLE and are the finest line of $2.50 end $3.00 Hhoea for men and women. -. We have just the style you have been looking for these hot days. Room 16, Fourth Floor, I. O. O. F. Temple ASK ELEVATOR MAX DIVIDENDS. John McDowell "Unawares" ... Marlon Bates "Tommy's Prayer". Mildred Bartell Selected. . . . . . . MeKlnley Markera "A Complaint" . . . . . Warcf Keller "Our School at the Movies" Rosie Kraus "Somebody's Mother" ....... . .. . . . ,v. . . ", . . Hilda Samuels Solo, "Springtime": . . Esther Llbis "It Can Be Done". Grant Sherbondy Selected Andrew Sanyo "Excelsior" ...... Edna McGinnis "Paddy's Version" .. Mary Johnson "The Old Schoolhouse", .William Enderlein "Nancy".. Joseph Courtney "The Little Brown Curl". Bernice Robinson "Changing Colors". .Lucile Keller "How Merrily the Mill Goes".. Schools "The Wise Guy and the Simpleton" Clyde Maxim "The Builders" ..... John Billow "Where Is Heaven?" Ruth Minder "The Volunteer .Organist". ... . Margaret Turner "Little Phil".,.... Celia Zurbuch "TlejTwo , Glasses" ' V. v. . . , i William 'Knapman "The Owl Critic". .Paul Estworthy "The King's Daughter" Josephine Arms Class Address. ......... .;. . ... . . . . . Supt. C. A. Flickinger "America" Everybody MITH'S MART HOES 0Q i llll

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