The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 16
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-'• M". I- *-..'.'.'•;. t'-. .- - -• ** - .-.- - L i* > j ' f ^ i' . r 4 . "'• 1: •^ ** '•'!', «* '.; ".- ' ~* • 1 ' ,;.' ' • • • ' --- *V: - ' 1 _ ^ _ ^ i » *-fr ^- i - > r J^WX*^ V^:^;/^:;::;?^ ;i ""••"•: ".'•'•"•'''. •'••.'•"• V '"\ <V;':' "••''..'' " '"'• '•.•.'.•-';'•;..'-.- .-• ' '.v... -.''• ' L i- -' . •••.• ' •-...-'.••.. .'•-.••:•'•• •"•"••'..' ,' . . . - • '' • *tr, "••'/' •• -K-V ' f s. -,-'•;.- - j • • i - ' . » i 16 THE BAKEIISFIELD CAUPORNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 • ' i - »-' M- . • . . r (STANCE BETWEEN AND VIA CALIFORNIAN • •* Financial A— d^B_^h_ftM_^fe_^^K^b-^k.^H ^^I^^^^»^»^T^^*^™^^^'^ SALARY MON10Y Foil SCHOOL KXIMONSKS Confidential aorvlro f.o salaried pcopln and housewives. 8JG Haborfoldf! Uldg. Wanted—Femal* CHRISTMAS CARDS. ni«r commifl- For Rent—Houses FOtm-UOOM unfurnished house for IF VOU For Sale e— t For Sale—Automobiles e— IMP n\onn soiling 1 porsonal _.. cardM, Hlatlonery and 7 nenaatlonal .assortments. Hpecial low-priced humoroiiN personal rard«. Kxpurl- i . M mioo unnecessary. Free samples. FOU HEXT—Cabin, large enough for rent, T'honft 0088-.T, Inquire 100 neardkley avenue. Hivcrvlew. Call before 3 p, in. BUILD- SMITH \Vnllaco Brown, 22G-M, Fifth ave- nuo, New York. two. WANTICD—Kldr-Hy woman to rx»«fsl with housework in exchange for room and hoard. No rhl'dreu In family; v^ry goo/I horn* for rlffht party, Write P. O, Box 6fl2, D«lano. M-M-Mfm . - - m. -- H.'- "1... __^_-, . - Mm.M-~ w ., t -l^f- -M-.-J» J ^ I fcl j J If V -»— ^ •.iJ.P-'* J*^* "—' J* l»lfcl.--' ^«^f"'™« Jnwnlt Gas, lights and water fur$12.60 per month. 3718 »>fc <-_**»• *VT ~V 1 (en IMmna '>?00 WANTK.P> •O1M or woman for after- i Nona «*uv ||0on ho , 1MWork ftnd f;ftro r ,f t , h ||. dron. $10 month. Phnne 4770-.I. For Rent—Apartments APATlTMffiNT for rent. 2124 1!3 rr-fm -tfm 4 -* -l--ln» »_ •..L-X -»-~ -«. •*>•!• "• *-- J*—'—•' re e Must luivo „ Writ*, stnt.- nff pxpi*rlnn^fl and mil/try nxpcctprl, /« Mow 4ii, Tho fHllfornlan. TWO or thrco-roorn apartment. Wall furnished, reasonable. Also ramp- grounds. 434 Moarrtsloy avenue. INO A HOMW, 8KB H. ABOUT LOTS IN C AVRNUR PARK TRACT. H1ZE 60x150 KfCKT. SPECIAL PRICKS II' YOU WJIf.n AT ONCK. SKR THRftK) LOTS NOW. CALL H. F. SMITH, PHONE 118. 1725 CHESTER AV1SNUK. 34 |[| 'If Til ' "~iT •'•Ti "l~ "~'^~~iH^T¥ IT'I" ~ rip IH •! .^m i ir Jii t 'f at, ll*n* Pi • mi J^^ M^"^ !•**•!•••—^a^^H^ IGOO and up huyii a 60-foot lot In AHa ! Vl«tn, th*> moflt dealralile residence j '34 BUICK 40 S13DAN dlHtrlcl In BakorsflflUl. Rentrlcted a« 10 race, building coats, location) '30 BUICK 60 SK0AN of homea, pttf. We make tho price, | you rnakr the t«rm«. , Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Cheater Avo. Phono 712. 8*27-tf I '34 BUICK 60 COUPB $696 $745 ( 35 CHEV. SPT. SEt 4 '36 CHEVROLET COACH 1695 $645 '35 OLDSMOBILE TR, SED. $825 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SED $645 $205 '34 CHEVROLET COUPB $405 '35 OLDSMOBILE 8 COUPB $765 Wanted to Rent—Houses 4-14-tf •HKOI| la*!y who ran drlvo ''ar and (.olirlt. I'rrfor ono j WANT to rent modern furnished 2 or from OklfihoMin nr TGXUN. Apply ! 3 bedroom house. Kellable, steady 84 ITJNANCrNCJ available, extra outMdn rentrlPt»id lot, wmall hou«e . *rmlnMlble. $325, $10 down, $2 1-iakerBfield Hcalty, 2r,15 K. 79t» 8-26-tf '35 STUDEBAKKR SEDAN $OSG 35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN '34 NASH SEDAN '34 HUDSON SEDAN $695 '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $635 '33 PLYMOUTH COUPB $496 '31 DE SOTO COUPE $395 $245 '34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $525 '32 FORD DLX FO&DOR $365 36 COUPE $745 '35 FORD V-8 COUPE $565 VR California av*»nu<*. . . . Will pay $50 to $05. Phono 40(1-1-W. Help Wanted—Salesmen +i*^*** l .f* l *+++*+ l *t*+**+++i*>+ i t***+**&^ HAf.KHMI- i ;N-"LarKft organization r«- KM fxpfirifilnn jirograJn linn i • • iMf+.M-fM,, RTFIAOY ron tor want ft two or more bedroom IIOIIHO before Hftpiember /I'jfprenncH. N*o children, r. »S70. 34 or Salary Vacation Fumln Available MONKY AT ONCIC NO HKf) TAPW NO KMIiAIUlASSING INVKHTIfMTrONS and Conndontlnl Hurnlriff HH fxpfinfilnn jirograMi linn i - — "pfnlnKA f«>r A f*»w nrat-apponrlntf ! UNFTJUNI8ITI5D hounn wanted, 2 or ntid uKRrfHBlvo ninri. An opportn- 3 bndrooniH. Southwent part of nliy to mnho r*»al numoy In tho (H- J"Wn preferred. Call 3039-W. Re- r^'l-to-thr'-ron^urnrr flnld. No In- ^Jla^L^MlL^J^^Il^Iii !L? vf.^tnifht rftfiulrMl. H«o Mr. Ulrry \vANTKI>---To I«H«O modern 3-h*rl- >»rfore 10 u. MI. Th« i.. H. J'rlro rflfl|I1 jiouso. I'hono 3«33. t,eavo rnc«- M»-rrnnille Corns»any. 330 Nlnelo«nth H»tro 33 BEAUTIFUL 240-acro mountain valley ranch, elevation 4000 foot, '35 PLYMOUTH PJ COUPB $645 '34 PORD V-8 SEDAN '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $495 '31 POIID A SEDAN $495 '34 NASH SEDAN $295 '31 BUICK SEI $695 $385 '31 PACKARD SEDAN all tho land tillable, water dovol opod. Part can bo irrigated. Land j '30 PACKARD SEDAN extremely fertile. Fine for fall potatoes. Close to school, on good roa<J. Over 100 large oak ; trees on tha property. Sixty miles "31 PONTIAC SEDAN $4S6 ' '35 PONTTAC SEDAN $6&5 '30 HUDSON '34 STUD KER SEDAN $545 '29 GRAHAM '29 LINCOLN SEDAN $395 '34 DODGE SEDAN $595 '29 GARDNER SEDAN . K* « *l- M— r. x^ + J Situations Wanted—Male WANTKD to ront 3 or 4-rooin partly modern IIOUHO in or near BakcrH- flftld, by Ur:tob«r 1. Will pay six rent In ndvanco. writ** YOl.'MO man wfMhcH work, farm In K nr imy kind work U»lfl Twotity- |»hftn« 2.'J?7..r. ffNANrrc rOM/'ANV 2HOO CMKHTKIt AVK. I'MONK 2f.20 7 10 30 tf > whit** inun with ninfl.ll fiitnily, rtH rnii'-h hnn-l, ilnlryman. trn^lt flrlvlnff, "r u'huf hnv/j you ''nl! nt 1010 riillfornln. nvcnuo, up- r, rr o ley k. Mt CAUI" am) ' yniniK man wntifH cfpliiK linrt 'ypl'H? with for ad MiffPitT-nt In or ucnr Mavn hml fnur I 'I i nun II tl U- W . -from BttkcrMfield. Total prlco $23 per aero. Seeing IB believing. Let Rogers with McManus, 15.11% Eighteenth Htreot, show you. Phono 570. 80-ACttK Improved rarioh; good cotton i and alfalfa land, with Kern Island \ Wfttop rlghtu; closo to .south city , *I-IIA\M-«I * 11.1^1 «. ~# .1 * ««... llmllM. SITU por aero, one-fourth ' "Ay'i.J"" 1 , 11 ," 1 " 1 ot p " f ' h « " p V <"*" roqiilr^d. n. If. daro. Profos- n.irl ffruifff liorn«« In Httkorsfleld 8 , on , 1)Ul i d (n ff , 34. Just IOMK fTtou«h to have yard :; " •n lld nin l * e ?onf" 1 d hounl" ' FOH SALE—80-ucro farm, in Weed , over ' $325 '35 CHEVROLET TRUCK $725 '31 FORD TUDOR '29 NASH SEDAN* '34 WILLYS 77 SEDAN 1105 '3-1 PORD V-8 TRUCK $525 '29 OAKLAND SEDAN $225 $245 $245 $285 $185 $325 '30 CHEVROLET TRUCK $150 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $196 BETWEEN 8 A. M. AND tf P. M. PHONE G300 FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS For Sale o To finlarlrd pnnpln on Jiiftt your i WMITKH. window trimmer flimm for rnfMi'n ftind«htfiKR '. M(irrl"d rnftn. HHIFI have Window man, JlKi llakcr l Iinm^dlatoly NO KMIlAnilASHINO INVKHTfCJATION thoroughly tnMuInlod, unvcr pot Htl ihlH Kunini^r, luiNciiifiit with unit lii'iulng nyHtom ; U largo bedrouniH, 01 m of whdih tn arratiK^cl for nmfd with Nhowr a?ul tolhft connoot IIIK. Main I -nth \\ttn tlln floor and all t !l« work. Com - r-\y rind unautlftdly I in- 1 tiding «rnnd ptamt. "-. lot. 00x105. In a vory Hutch dlHtrlct. Jfou^c. new pumping plant, Hplondld soil, oil rights go, for $125 per aero. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone USKD CAR DZSPT. 2112 Chester Avenue Phone 423 USKD CAR DEPT. i&th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phono 421 USED CAJR DEPT. Twenty-second and "Eye" Phone 420 I /i/)« iff l>U-tMy, ff urnlfdK'd. For Rent—Miscellaneous For Sale—Automobiles ra e— ^^ ^^r -^f ^^r —^^ At e— * S p e c i rnnrriod man, any hind. ' 1 fiTr-nrr-i. Wl'lln I'll'- (')ilifitrnlnn. <-r mil K'.'.n .1. u'rtnU high HJIKH dlMlrirl. IniMi' i ')tiit(! po.shOMHlon. Hou-jird N* '. Iiuv ft-R-tf !'",Xri-;it'r .hir>rnn>K» Knrd*-nrr wnntn u rirti I »n v. innnI Ii or *'<»nt rti'-t. UlWfi Is i-irr-f i- "I'hnnn I I.'.H ft4 rinod diipU-x, nmull rottn^p ron.r, (otal roiil JTiO m mi I h; flp(t nhapo. Snll H.'rtl STORK IIOOM at Iii03 Hlr^f-t, hrlok hulUllni?, U4xnr>; rousun- ahln rent. Apply 1717 .\F Htrpot. :n For Exchange—Property & $365 $485 $335 $335 Comrnunlt v A\n I Inrt Snl< iliiv n( rvi-rv Kr! KJ v your Tularr nui''hlni'i v. l'M,!fi n K"" flf <;<•'"! nucHim M-I-V 11 1 1 (I t '<-M ml \ »-i i l**-f| MII I* 1 In t hi v»ll.-\. S K Nulninl. nut t * Situations Wanted—Female 201 Iliihorfnlrlu ItiilldlliK. f»4fl , ' Tulnn Business Opportunities Miiai.<-« '.'. i :• 7 - \v Mlfiii'KriiplH-M 1 xviuit n .Illtm or K'Mtorul r.f- Wnithl Him t-» Irnrn In- Ht» u. ant Mitt** (Hi <ltM(»Iji.r v lit 1 n*-it < i 7 1 ' t 1 1> vii 1 liu r \ Knit U1--.NT '\'\\f Minn & WMi,. id l f 'l''. l'''.nr(f^nt h i,l i.-r (•'ipnlitr ft n ml it t t h<> ;i iin.iir\' iiiiili«T Tiivl'T 1 V lu I f ;i I niii' 7M1"U. Srn.-ilJ ' hlUl fo i 1 ni mot ln-r'M i u i »• I un- I 'liorn* l\ hi \VJU - i MATTUKSM nnd W A I'nrhl I HI uhrl TnM nuf u* I ui 1 r Mjtl riuftl Mn- j i MM'' MtTI'Nrr I I ,1 t l«» i mil fir 1'Mi F* 1 .t HI -M am! ]K i hK ti* < ' It Tuft I' rn I'l IMll^SSM AK < mi if In •- MM i honu MM-iUM* I'hnnr ; M i« \VJ1I I T ru x I u n ' T I IN'r si; Ah liui-KiilM In a (>-rnom, \-]\ IU>MI«V ( ')'»»:o In. i imul lora- f hir*Iu fMnI flnnrn (hriiiig'hotlt.. H! nU, n tilninut It* h^n t tM" p larftn n^nl- Thin IH a r* i n| plarn a I u rfitl prln*. Ou'm-r l«*uvttifc thin uf***U uml will HIU rlfl< i- fur rpjlf'k sain STiOd i]f»\vn luiiMll**M Huy I!I|M r*ir Jiivc^i rn'Mit. h will pay Itftelf nuf Sr*M (hlH at nrrco. Prlco l**y, I TOO K' Ph'tnn |KO| - f- Ml 1 _ ^_ ( »K SAI.K HV nw HIT, n-ronin (uifftv fucnlMhpif; ^ UiOO, or u nf m nl'ihr-il. t hr*>n *" himl. J ifm « ::;urj .\nrtii UllIU trado 52x200 lot for cur or tilty or will H^ll, terms or rHsili. nvM?t fll l'o! BI5 Klxlcenth Hlroot ' upart - i 1936 PORD TOUR. SEDAN WITH A REAL GUARANTEE ?G95 FORD DLX. CF. ( RADIO $625 :——:—vrrm ln3G WKD DLX. CF. ( RADIO $625 0 WILL exchanffo twn 00-foot lotH, ror- t i O nr t^onn TntTrM- cinrr «"ftc nor location. Two minutes fromi jjfi " f uuu l«Ut,l\ »I-L,U ?'JO|TWE (own for lot close In or part down; J93f> FORD DLX. COUPE $595 . liliVLt^ntit f\t\ utnnll liriiiun T*l»»\i\jil-lfiO.i T>r^ t-» T** t-\t.i » tT-\.»ir« ^I^-ATTI-**^ 1931 Buick dlx sedan 6 ww 2933 Buick dlx sedan, 6 ^ 19IJ2 Ford sport coupe 1332 Ford standard coupo 3934 Ford dlx cpo, sin. whls. $485 $595 $795 1036 Chevrolet trunk sedan $795 TERMS AND TRADES Open Evenings and Sunday INTY-FOURTH and CHESTER ' 193G Ford de luxe coupe ; 193G Ford dlx tr. sed., latest HUDSON AND TERRAPLANK 1935 Hudson coupe $240 down 1935 Chev. coach, radio $185 down. 1931 Auburn conv. coupe $100 down 1929 De Soto sedan $65 down 1934 Willys sedan $115 down 1934 Ford coach $155 down 1930 Nash sedan, radio $125 down ^ )uyinont ot» ainall house. nuyino GOOfi-J. EXOHANGIC 10 aoroH Kiirden, good well wut«r, for property In op n«ar UaUt-pHfleld. Also Phonn ! 1934 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, ?!' RADIO $495 PlHmo. , 1934 FORD COUPFO $475 Phono 6828 52 nr^ nt v QT , n DLX. SED, o from f, fi-room hoiiao and Jot located ; 1934 TJCRRAPLANK COUPE $445! at Avonnl. would exchange for Hak- ; 1035 CHEV. MAS. TO. COACH $595 i rr*fliMf| property. (',. \V. (Jrayson, ; i(,')9 Trnnn f*PP T» wi^xvmi^ i'jo- 1008 Thirty-first Htroc-t. Unkersfleld. :„„" „ ii ' U1! ' IN ^ W1 -- u * d ^y 34 1931 FORD VICTORIA RNWD $295 ( I'OIM? PIANO, Vn w 111 'Mir MHHlnrii, r, t t u nlil * • I In M tad f MI r tun HI nhM! l h*im|, I > 1*^ 1'^ * hi v-. i*r hi MM I ll}Ml ruc-l IIMI \V til M* re- pi **\ t' MI:\ MTV" i Jnnjr.f. i illihi Ii I MI nlap. Si • M-JI nr inn Small four!20(M), tnrni:*. n Hot.'I f n*l Cl - \\V r 1 * 'lilirlnl I Prli-nl UK :i 1. 1 INVMSTlriATK !hn ln-nrfltn nf ruil Hal hi UK 1 | All \vn *• i M ma) A Imnhf l«lr Mlu w vour hi I * nt tun I iif '!»oa nf ult all lU 'It rfilnHt inor T lu>l*l r *, !uh n n<l tuv t IT run I if rn/Ml^ K i trii. t Tli« in* 1 il I « I If In Ihn Uu K (I tnlrsl 1 Mf-I'li- M x^ ell an nut ^ UM n M i H ( I ptl f i. ' T », *• t \ ' p| thiiri\ 1 1'iin, n hi hit in. U dln^ v <llh*Mif n Hint "Mir r M tin if hi H i f Np* »m| ^ M h Hnur/JhK r-t^ N!(H I-'. I" l b S ^allnin of put M w linn u a I i-f UMIM| I ^ HI ti u 'in f H !- In h/t \ r n rM'ml' M m) I* n Inf ' r nn 1 n tim^M i:r A nit a l»« »u t our V 1 1 ;i i)i* M M Inn ;tl Th* i i M pv, Nn t UTrfl in* 1 1 h*H| nf i f hi in I hj; t h< MM! iniih v If 1 1 ifhN !*. I n* h r i >n il M *i i if u i IH - hunl \t ATM, fu i in |jnpl*Mnr nt H, Mr v n. ii -' ( '|f |l\ i rli-ft. M'- Wilt In • ' I <M K \\ h)r*h an mn n f *, to np Ifnalfl v J I I .unit uti t Ii fui * M ;i iut ' tf f n f(rf rif ii f r^'H ^f *ffM hff I ."nt; Iff* ^'* ;^ low i 'IMI I on i MI nt *u u hi I < |< hu I hi . J |t.u ni r| r^'IrhMlM, 1 IP v :il if Schools — Instruction ; H< MI.M .•'ti;M|i-, I'M \V'iM \N ni- r.M7 iv «t i'—( K\ IT.UlKS'i ' In nj r i 'ii it 11*. 1 -M; K i I (> r f 1111 DM (S77 \\' c la.I \' \\ il It! N ('Tin-. It n.iso, largo - (Hi v t'uii>rir '<*n, oulnlclo li-,1 J.s;,o. \Vr> oany Frank hay, 1G14 Klghl- ItltANP - r >.i;\\' fl\«i routn aturco homo, r*-j.<t rlrt »*f| tllst rt'-t, oiitA'UlM rll y, tnntir.M fnni int. I'll.-c l.'lfidd. Tt-nnM l''i n nl* 1 MIJ , IM I 1931 FORD CPK., RENEWED $285 Oil Lands i1931 F OHD. TUUOR, R'N-WD $285 ;1931 PLYMOUTH COACH $295 500 ACRES potential oil land near j Hi31 FORD TRUCK $295 Doylo Petroleum jvoll in Jusmfno 193 ° FOJlfi COUPE ?tha 1934 Hudson sedan $222 down 1932 Studebaker sedan $132 down 1931 Oakland sedan 1929 Hudson sedan 1929 Chrysler sedan 2220 CHESTER AVENUE Phone 3955 $95 down $75 down $75 down district. $25 per aero. U'B worth '1929 KOHL) TOURING tho prlco for farm land. Rogers 1929 FOIID COUPE with McManuH, 1511% Eighteenth ! 192 ° DE SOTO SEDAN Phone G7G. •« < •> fl ."» •T 1 — o O Where Cars Are Properly Reconditioned and Displayed LOOK FOR THE YELLOW FRONT !!®5 ! 1935 Do Soto Airflow sedan Z\*r ! 1935 Chevrolet Master 2-dr. *P I Ut> ; $1045 $025 hit ii lITi 'i \A.\ a \ • It SAI. I'M V( o, mrnrr it*i\\ ly painted t < 1 vll Sci -li<' | liiiiio l 'ullf..! hlti I'll, |f|. ;t r v -I lid v ' ''Mir i n- f i! iff o M< . t fa t nj; Holp Wanted— Male M NI'KSK. \\'MI|ii(' tn t;«i utiy -i. St ,I:intfH l>nt(>l Mil ti v \ < l ii i M In \ ulUI nf Ml 'I'l 1 1 nl n «.:*! I S A I ,K 34 e— fe_^_L^^ta_^h_^K *^^^^^^^TB^ NOW IS THE TIME to 1929 FORD TUDOR MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP '• r X ii n »n ViT. 'TIKIM, vi** riM»iu i 'iin Klvn \\'ll| «tvo trrinn K' fiin I htilt 34 tiic i 1934 Plymouth 2-dr. sedan * i 1932 Buick trunk sedan 1933 Chevrolet G w. sedan 1 1932 De Soto G w. sedan '1934 Willys 77 sedan ' 1932 Ford Model B sedau 11931 Ford Victoria 10th and Chester Opp. Courthouse m , Chevrolet coach $495 $475 Phono 701 Open Kvonlngs 52 <i|i hhnn ON A FINK USED CAR tit tho 1930 Oldsinobilo sedan 1930 Chevrolet coupo THE $395 $345 $345 $295 $295 $295 $245 REO SALES AND SERVICE 1936 Dodge touring sedan $845 1936 Plymouth touring aedan $835 1934 Buick 8-67 sedan $745 1932 Chevrolet coupe $295 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 52 1928 Buick Cpe., extra clean, only $126 1927 Cadillac cpe., looks, runs good $90 192fl Durant 4 sed., OK every way $75 1927 Nash couch, new rubber; steal $45 Will take diamonds In on cars DOUGLASS USED CARS Twenty-fourth and I. Phone 8377-J "T Handle My Own Paper" 52 For Sale—Miscellaneous V'.ll pi-p ' |1m f nr ft J r \ 'i»li Mm hi s I) |l tnl I^ainll Sinn- \VANTK1) A I rfr-i (ricluii; niiplnyinriit. Apply :*;t!7 Miitt»M\ ,'| I llnriiUiihl i ;ni K s II ASSA Yl\* i « M IV If I -a (MM utui v « r 41 ALL- AM r.Hli'A \ I, I urn I 'i fur .'iiifuritu \ Mint uf((>r n, | ..... i (nun S»M- lit ItitflM l| M I | (Mi K<-1 tl Hi I i<l 1 til UK'. i HI n H f (uut t> I:M t. WAN I'l '|> Man f,,, ' Ii h'lt ril'i II'!'! oilil • * I'M IH'Mr I.AI'NlillV Wurli rullnil for. <|r)|\ iT««iJ Spci I ill Ml I ' M lit f |l lull If .1. M*-nillTin ft.M '.""•;. K M i li-i'lo mi llli;li\Miy ',»'.' I 1 M For Rent—Rooms room, hoi IMC hiith; i> on- ftrrntnl i t »i/niM arut w*rv* I«'M |u»rrh MOM ri-stalrM, \\ Invnly !n*il - runiiiN a ml ?i)M**|)iuK p*in'li upHtrilrn. IttMiutlfiil \ \\v\\ 1'riri' fViiOO 00 If lirr lijnlc I MI; fcir a ronl hnnm IM H I 'nr nppotntninnt mil KiiMfl^. Tho HnMiiFHMi Atfoiif*>\ r JM tnnnndluto i?;e i t\i L'SBD CAR LOT Just West of Fox Thouier SKLLING FOR LESS THAN $100 All goot: transportation. If you want a good used car for loss money, HCO our solortion. UAKKIIHKIKLO USED CAR PHONE 6S22 52 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common I 'h Inifjn J '••'' I' ' " t rcc r\ ;t 1 imi M K'rrti Kntintaln l.un.'h <H-(3 U' IM V "IT * L o s t ~St r a y Ot'TSinK MAN WITH ('Alt 'H hi'iiartiiirnf Sion*. ,MM!M ilftpartintMit. Hi'o Mr. I Mil I lll'NT XI.M, front h in! ,'nlil \va( IT. i-nti •iHfJiH'ii |i| clfn I'll , M-'n, KHi'dur l I in in IM! hit i' pi>H,'uT.MUm. I I«H-«M.| lionm, S & $ US" ese Prices u ' UH " I $: ( oo win 11 A' 'K I*o*lm*t7ti it VH) IdN-h/'n Tot ftutlMlilc* fur party rtnpluy»M|. 1SS lii'fiin- ti II tM ! I.OVKf.V t'lirlt. Hoautirul '• LOKT Pair huh '-* ^ hH*- v\<*\ all T u"in i-r I '.ulr r hi it c] r In T i Tuft in I fi (Ii lit It* I ItMiirn » A MiK Mrtll l* tMU 1 \ \Vt-M*- T I 1 * 'I UMMK fMll t rn'O l\ tul \ l^f *'\ t'l I VIM- fur «li v i Iran I f 1 M«M t v P i.f f*M In t l|:!il nlnn. 11n\ ff r\|it-l I tf <l»*!ilio»i i with l.«(h, Tt'.'.'t A K'Miliirk.v partv. t hoi t ui fn y nv-utuH tinned. Ia\vn and Hlnulo trnrn. uii TorniH to ronpnn- 1-;i!iior F. Karpo, |M7 H-fl-tf M rnodolH now on display from u 1U28 Victory coupo nt" $85,00 to a 1936 touring sdilnn at $78o. TWENTIRTH AND A! Phono 2GH M ut- 1 I-AHUf*. nil \ « illlHKi IMMHU- V04I \\ h hfIrrt twin '/Til! MH^ f <'Ti i ult- pup, 1» n nnl h't • * \vhlf o TrinrUhiK \ nf '^ur* 1 u ' 1 tou n i i * MlU St t f i»f i t MM IM v II!(,;IT lit <\ I UU r, UU<! ' 'M f 11 IUI MM 1 ;i II .1 n\ 1 IM\I • MM' 'i;? ;u T' T< > en i i y tnni ,. prfhc»iLu1 n 1 \il MlllM f n>n r rtMil*' I ,i»h \ M HIM! WANTKM pi I \ U PR IM* n Mil flhiul v plftnt In furtnt \ Inilll Irallor Priviito IMliMlP miip, nonr lioHr-clnln, RUM. u-at"r. oli-otrli-My. Full ritfMi Mill. C'onvoittont (fmin nr taUt* i-lly lotH. Mo Now, IMiono Bovorul uttnxctlvo coupes now on hand. A li)3l model nt $265. Fords FOR HEAL VALUES 30;»5 Plymouth touring sedan $695 1035 Kord do luxo coupe 1031 Kurd sport roadster $ SAVE AT LOU HARRISON'S '3G Lincoln Zephyr sedan $1205 '36 Buick til sedan $1095 'i*G Bulek -11 coupo i '3G Pontlac touring sodan '30 Cliov. town sedan ; '36 Dodge trunk sedan | '36 Ford sedan, latest series i '30 Plymouth coupo JIEDWOOD SIDING @ $20 1x4 to 1x10, S4S Finish. |42 1x4 FLOORING. $29 1x4 "E" Kiln Drlfcd T. & G $19.00 House Paint, rill colors, sal 1.25 2-0x3-0 Sash, I It. Glazed, Redwood Posts, 3x4-6' ea, SHINGLES, BUNDLE 75o LESS 5% CASH DISC. Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 95o 18o $800 $805 , $665 $345 $765 $695 2100 E. 38th St, 2100 APama 1571. 87 •- -- * — Personals \V A NT KM a ml i hnt r* , \V i M *it •* ! V t mint fur w/t[; ( , tirnl i-i C.ilif 1'luMM »lt Ul : ;NT--l,iirn^. airy room. Tbr-o from lniMnpsn illptrli t, Suit n for nnn nr Mvn ynnl trnuMV Vnry 1011 Ti us t \iti. JVKN-KOOM hnino Inrntffii Jiint ou(i iMly HtniiM (n Kuiith^'^Mt purl nil n lot, with 1m <*ly nhndo AKTKU thin <ludv S* U 111 tl^'t I'l I * F-,|M MU f < •! 1^ i m l-rr i", »t, - i \ * 1 n f * • i I »':r U 1 1 V M t . .1 ti.-i tluin U ANT \VdltKT \KKIi Miilr MI- f fitlUlr ' 'alt .nm.-M A UttMM f,,r H iMtf fcll'i i rut I Mi $1000 rnfth. I'liirr. at Ji">?'iO on Itifina of mi-** monthly. 10. I{. hullillnc. 1'hunr Modol AH and VSfi. For oxuinplo u do luxe 1931 conpo with chroinu air wheels at only $'175. A 1931 model A ooupo for $250, Kord coach $165 192G Ohovrolot coach $32.50 1100 EIOHTKENTH STREET Phone 831 52 $585 I >aG ^odgo 2-dr, trk. sod., radio $695 j |o 6B i '29 Buick sport coupo $145 | Slfifi '"$ Chevrolet 2-dr. sedan ?95 lADY'S muskrat Jacket, practically new; very reasonable. 1820 D, apartment No. 1. I '29 Chevrolet 2-dr. sedan Open Evenings and Sunday o 3437-U or ITOOffl ale Prices t I A t J ^ L b liun- 1 ^ KI n;\ i H . partnrnOi!i» \\ \\\ imt IH 14-* fin uu\ I'lll?- • <-nl i in'i * -1 I Help Wanted—Female ^^M m ^jJ^^m M ^^M m —^ M t^M l ^^^i^ =M^^^m^0^^m M^^m, MfMm— .MMm—^^^^m— m-M^^m — - — .- ^^^ . . '•!!•.! titan inyxtf. (Sl*;uo'l» Chris Kll»\r \S' A N't Hi 1 11 1 1 M Ml Hill ^ pi * ) ! *m l'"U KI:NT •.IrtM luMlr-r, inhllll Appl\ ( \\ o UK Oil Hl'lNT MM,Mil, >HN lino I'm. of ithiine tU 71 7 r nnmi HI 1IH1H srluiol tlUtrltM ; (liroo bn<Ifo<iiu on IIM-MIH $nOO oitnh, tniliinfo 1'hotu' U't^iV ;u A 1!)32 mulun at $350. ysla l!»:iu T'lynioutli do luxo Hotlan ISI14 Oruhtiru nix 1HJ14 Kord «M»UPO. radio i!):ts 1110 EIGHTEENTH STREET 52 UAKEHSKIKLD MOTOR CO. o -^ h \ Financial I Vl'l I U 1 !> j;hl, n\or For Rent—Rooms With Board iiiul l.iwrd. }".. month, Ji» 00 !•'<'U SAI.!•'. Uuv fr»Mii i>\vn»M, ttiroo ("'drtHittt fh"i>'M* nt L'll.'i <:tu*h(cr l-ari^. K'M>0 H luiriThtod. phono lliJrt-W ur fittl «t 1*1*"t Truxtuii, iipartmcnl 4 tornis. Holla \' Aynr. A 1H29 model tin hcdan. newly d, unly $225; nlao u clean inculol 72 HeUuti for ?17;». touring ftodnn, $395 furs Arc Ulko Xow. TAR MA«K Kir<H>t M ;n>t A in to \K- o i i - • *i r, ui r ti 1 - i . \V ANTKI* I,\|M-I l.-ih «H| l''aniii\ ;•• salon. 1 Si», ( t 'tillfnrtiin uvrnun. J'hnnr ii!)ii4. ~'--'n»,. r _ U«»i»M niul N>iinl at * a\ i-iiuo rallforntu You 100 I'lnn: \\'hy 1'uy l»«y itirnin tiic-hiil*' A 1 1 \« V"u r,,\ M $)U ;,!> fnr .1 Hi K',i f.. t 300 $2(1 .HI f..i \ ^ • l nHioriH)nat«* ritU'n fur Miiti-rin •It' f'onfldiMitlHl' N" < " H NO HA1.AHY AKNI(!NMr\ LUILMH ur i'untrui:tn irfhuuu 'III h'H 'l i ;' ii - room MMKlorn laullftil rhnil.n. tn»i»n. flno IIM-H- lion. Jl'OOO. n.M.1 tluwii. J25 month. i" 1 f»»r MimUrr pt»i'r- HaUriN Hcally, ufti5 K ,- y Other USKD TRACTORS Kor Sale or Rent All Reconditioned. Guarautecd BARNKTT TRACTOR CO. 2KIO ChoBter Avo. 7-30-tf 1930 Dodge trunk sedan 1930 Ford nodan Plymouth trunk sedan Chevrolet sedan $745 . T' Open Evenings and Sunday CORNER 20TH AND "EYE" Phono 1724 $530 used btcyclo, condition, $10.00. Call 1324 K street, ^^^^^m—^^^M—^M^^^^^^M^^Mm^^^M^MM^^—^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^mM^^MU^^^^^^^^^^^^f ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H No. 1 USED grain bags for mllo, each In lota of 1000 or more. Alfalfa sped. Cane molasses In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Joaquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phono 386. 9-6-tf FRUIT jam, while they last, washed. quarts 24u and 34o dozen; pints 19a and 2flc dozen; glasses, lOc dozen. 717 Sumner street 6-12-tf FOU SAL.K—Small 4-wheeI cotton trailer, good rubber, $25. phone S705-K-13. FOU SALE—Very reasonable, several outgrown dresses. Sl«o 14 to IR. Also «hocs. narrow widths, 329 J3 85 52 H, Pontliu'H, Do Sotos. otc. OARACJK 9^'S Pontiflf fodan, i ^-lil-tl'.'H WIMve. hodau, low mil«*« ,» , ,, . . ,, f . - ,, r «i . Vord 1-trm irui-k. Huck»|f*l!, only Lsod Car Lot, West of Fox Theulor ,/. r UOI:ULASH. sorii AND L. $115 193S ChpvroU»t Master ooupo, privately * L Hood rubber, mechanic;* 1 condition, nl 31 A vtrcct. First class Sco owner 20-GAUG15. douhlo barrel shotgrun. Cheap. Call 1996-U or Sfie Roy Copn nt Terraco Vfoy and Stephens avenue. 85 tl,h <>i,t hi GASOLINE ALLUY Page Mister Wallet By KING IBB1C p 11 1424 Scvunteunth Kreo Marking 1C1 l'hun« ANY AMOUNT JLOANKD ON YOUtt HOUS131IOLD il \ R15PAY IN BBMf-MONTHLY CM MONTHLY PAYMENTS UB o 201 UAHJSRFIBLDK BUILDING 1'IIONIS 540 S 7-tf VO ARD ANJ UPP WAN ST WH LE TH WAS EVER UT THE OR CT OKIE TAK LE CARS LKS TW OF SICK CALF KERE NOW you can buy Standard computing: sea!**, moat grinders at 10% down, $10 a month. Freezer ca*«»; counters. barH, etoola, stoam U.ble«. glassware, dishes and ctlverware. Wo carry complete line store, restaurant and beer fixtures. 3019 Chester avenue. 55 *"**^* J "^^^*****"*^"^"^^^^J»»UlBJfci^»<»^^«M^^^^^^*»***-^ USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1912 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC. 64 FOR RENT — One-sack concrete mixer. Meart Lumber Co. Phffnt* 8810. samples. Fur coatu, Jackets, foxes, collars. Augo stock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur Bargains.*' Dow's Whole- Bale Funs. 138 Kearney, San Fran- Cisco. S-10«tf FRUIT JARS—Quarta, 34c: pints, „„ We aiao buy rags, bottle*. Junk of all Hinds. Phone 1786 for pick-up wagon. 133 Eaat Twenty.flrat street. t— ••M^tf^M^ ^ ^^r^^ff^^f BtSAUTlKUL $00 walnut vanity, |40: walnut chest, cedar lined, 46 inches j long hy 16^ Inches deep. 120; 8- pane! fras hoatlnff stove for living rortm, antique brass ftntsh. Phone. IS6J-W after < p, m. *« * V

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