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Wano Plain Dealer from Wano, Kansas • Page 4

Wano Plain Dealeri
Wano, Kansas
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BROTHERS Psalers in Geneeal COLLINS Merchandise, S0f4 Land Obsrlln, Kfn-np, Mv lit, 1W7. Notice li herebv nlvn that tbft fn! lev tnfr TOWN AND COUNTRY. y. B. Lockwood aud N.

'have become members of the WAND riAIS DSALKR GROCERIES, FLOUR, FEED progressing finely with Mrs. Van Pelt ns teacher. On Sabbath Just a hirjsfl audience was entertained and instructed 'in' religious matters' by Rev. Mr. Lambert, pf the at our sphoeil house.

Quite a sensi'tion was created on the Run last Sabbath, the cause of wbiph is about as fpllows! It seems that fi'Mr. Waters and Miss Corn Allcorn iyere to be married at the residence "of Mr. J. W. W'atkins.

do according toiln agreement of the contracting parties, Mr. Waters, fully equipped with the necessary papers, minister, ct. repaired to the appointed place 'to' participate in the cereniuny; biit to bis chagriii and astonishment he found Big Rediiction in the Price pf Flour. J- F- SCHILLING, JAQUA BROS. Wano and Guy, Cheyenne Co, Kansas.

LAND AND MONEY, B. I HAW ALT, Dealer in Mop, mm, Sash. Doors ana LjTie, Cement and Building Paper. Yards at Haigler, jsieband Kingston, Co) A. M.

COODRlfcH. LonHlManager, Haigler- HOWARD BROa Ki'ep on hand a full myij ol all kinds of Lumbar, Lath, Lhne jingles, OoaL Coinut, ria.ter, UullJing Paper, Tut arid Straw Boards, Sash, Door, and S. MOHLER, Manager. BLACKSMITH and WAGON SHOP i ROBERT WHITTET, Proprietor. who will do work to orcVr.

Hors, We have a first clnss fsrou muker shoeing spec'ifilty. Two doors east THE WANO PHARi! IDI Druga, Merllcinea, Oils, paints, Gifts, Stationery, Toilut Articles, Parfumer les, SnapB, Pure Whits Lead aud Liu-teed Oil, and Proposed Paiuta. Pure Druga and Chemicals are need la our pibpenuarj'. Physicians' Proscriptions and Fora-lly Kecipea curclnlly aud accurately Coiiipounded, OPEN PAV AND NIGHT. K.

PEACIIV, Proprietor. WATERMAW, aud Sureeoq. GROGERY TO -eltlerhHs filed nutice of her intention to' make dnnl proof in support ol her claim, ami thai, wild proof will be made before he Jit'ie ol' lh District Conrt. or In his abeiicn InToro the Clrrk tacrcdl at Hird Citv kansiis. on July 0, Jilf, vt: Mary C.

Mcrrlblt, Ij. K. f'Wl, for the irtitlhwest iltiarter of Dec. 4, Town 8, Ran 40 W. She names the following witneescn to V1(vu hor oon-tlnunus resldd lice upon and cultivation of said lHiid.

A. W. Chamberlln, Calvin J. Clark, f4eorge W. Myers, J.

V. Ii'ct-, nil oi'Lnwii Ifidge, Kansas. ys IJACON, lie lister. fioro Land Ofllce at Oberlln, KnnnaH, 1 'May lit, 17. Notice Is hereby plyen (h it the following liftm-ad settler hallK-u notice of his inteiiTionio make dual proof In rtipport of his claim, and thut said prool will bo made before the Judge of the District Codrt, or in his absence Hie Clerk Uio cof.

at Bird City, knusa-. on -Tuly 1SH7. viz; liom-as C. Junes, U. K.

for The iionhwesl riuurter Sec. M0, Town 4 8, SJiV. )Je uaihue llie followiiig to irovo his continuous residence upon and cultivation of srUI Inuri.vir; James It, Donoho, L'lvs-es iirrcll, John Crab-iree, I. Taylor, all ol Wano, kansns; 215 FRANk BACON, Register. 8063 Land Oflice at Oberlln, Kansas.

Mot 91 Noiiee is hercbr that the following mimed settler has filed uotic.e of hie intention lo make tin al proof In' sjipport of his claim, anil that said proof will ho made before tho Judge of ihe District Court, or In his absence before the Clerk hereof, ut lllrd City, Kansas, on Jul 9. 1887 viz; KdwardW, Foley, D. 8, 4088, for the southeast quarter of Sec, 11, Town 4 8., Range 10 W. Ho names the following wituesses to prove his continuous residence upon aud cultivation of Bald land, vfn; L. Fausey, U.

P. Fox, eigiu, wui, i-iouginss, an oi wftno, linn. 5 FRANk RACON, Register. 76 Lend Oflice, at Oberlln. lt May 4, 1W7.

Notice Is hereby given that the folfowtbg nam settler ImsfllM notice of his intention to make final proof in of his claim, and the aid prool will lie made before Register aud Receiver, at Oberlln. on July J887, viz; Casslus Jaqtia, D. 8. No, 413f), for the 8. E.

quarter. nfS.E. uuartur. Bticttou 53, Range 43 West. lie names the followinrr witlnesses to nrnvn his coutinous upou, und cultivation of Ernnk Render, Jnshna Ohllrters, E.

Chafflo, iV, all ofGuy, itansas. 28 tfratik Racon, Register. Land Offlee" at Oberlln. K'in. May 20, 1887.

Notice Is hereby glvon that the following-uauied settler hns filed notice of his to make tlnnl prool in simport of his cluttri, and thai atd proof will bo made before Register and Receiver at Olierlin on August 3, lt87, David II. S. No. 41fi3, tor the S. W.

quarter, sectton Town 8 Range 40 W. He names tho follow I to tirove his joiilimioiin retddeuco upon, and cultlvatiou of. atd land, viit; Theodore n. Fitnston, Michael Swcany, William Gibbs; L. W.

Latirey all of Wano, ln, Fhank Racon, Land Ollico at Ohcrlin, 10. 1H8T. Notice is hereby given that the follow iiig-imiiied 'eltler has tllfad notice of his Mi'enllon lo make ilnal proorin fiippovt of his claim, and that troof will be made iKTon Judge of Cbey-Hine Kiinsns, at Bird Citv, on 1887, Oottleib Rmla, H. ii. No.

1((I5, for the quarter section Tow fi 9., Range 41 W. He names the followmg Itnetiso to prove hif-ontiiiuons residence upon, aud culuvatlon of, aid land, via; Chiiciiiin, Meljsger, Frearlck Motager, Abra-iam Tranter, FreariCTJ lielder, all ol Wuno, Kan, 5 FtiANK Haooh, Register. SOW Land Office Rt Oberlin, KanMfiy 1Q 1887. Notice is hereby giveu that the following-named 'ettler has tiled notice of his Intention to make Inal prool in support of his claim, and that, said proof will he qiude before Probate Judge of Cheyenne Co. at Bird Citv, on July il, 1887, vi: Michael lieaile, B.

No, 9111, for he E. half fi. quarter, sectlou 1, N. half, N. B.

quarter, section Town 3 Range 40 YV. lie names the following witnesses to prove his jontinuoii' residence upon, aud cultivation of, ald land, vin Fredrick Allen, Fr'rirk Mctepffr, John Giu-er. Gus Leibraud, all of Wano, Kun. 35 Fuank UXcon, Heglter. Laud Olllon.

atoberiln Kan. XT May 10, 18(17. Notlco is hereby elven Hial tii named settler bus flled notice of his mention make final proof in support fhU claim, and ioooi. wm ue mauo uetore rroinite ludge of Cheyenne at Biul City, July 9, iw, via: William II. La'rklns, 1).

H. Jo. 4107. for the S. W.

quarter, tt. V- quarter, eciton ai-i- 40, w. quvrter, w. quarier n. 1 ii at.

nimue tu w. He uanies the following witincsees to provt 'lis continuous residence upon, and cultivatloi if. said laud viz: timer Curtis, Mlehael H. ficannel, Pranclr munis, ijem jioiiiiiM, tin oi iniigier ftwb. 3 Frank Macon, W9 Land Otlice at Oberlin, Kau.

May 111, 1K87, Notice is heie' given that the following nam td settler has Hied notice uf hiB iumiitiun ti nake final proof In support or his claim, nud hat raid proof will be mode before I'rnhale of Cheyenne Co. at Bird Citv, Juiy 9, 187, vt; John W. Rrowu, No. inn, ior uie w. qudiier, section Town tj ilatiue 80.

W. 1 He names the following wltfnpsscs to prove lis cominous residence upon, and cultivation oi aid iiind, Arch McKInzle, A. E. Trowbridge. Charles uctDiuii, ail oi VytllllOOII, l.tlIlSaS, 85 Frank Bacon Register.

Laud Office ut Obeilln, Kau. May 19, 1887. Notice Is hernhv av an thnt thn lliiuiinr-nom jd settler filed notice of her intention tv nake dual proolin support of her claim, and hat said proof will be made before Probate fudge of Che-yeniie Co. at Bird Citv.Kan. mi August lt87, via; Kaille M.

Foote. V. 8. No syio, ior ine a. quarter, section Hfi, Tuwn 8 S.

R(1nge42W, Klnier E. bherwood who made I). No 81411, May 1, 18nf), on the same laud is here by nouiieu 10 appear ut the same lime aud plucj his D. 8. will be cancHllei).

Bbe names the following witlneBsoa to prove lier coutmuouB residence upon, and cultivation if, said laud, vis; John C. McPherson, Charles H. Ferris, Albert Kleftsuer, J. Nettletun, all of Rainier, Neb, Uarmuu Day who uiade l. H.

80.) 1 May 0, 1880, on ho same land i- hereby notified lo appear at the amo time and place or his D. S. will be cancelled. 85 Frank Bacon, Register. 3048 Laud OiUce at Oberlln, Kan- May 19, 1887.

Notice Is hereby given that the following settler has filed notice of his intention to nake final proof In support of his claim, and that ald proof will be niude before Judge of District Court or lu his absence before the Clerk therouf, it Bird City, on July 8, 1887, vi.j George (I. Hunt, D. ti. No. 4b(IO, for the 8.

W. quarter, 8. W. quarter, E. hall, H.

W. quarter, 8. quarter, A. h. quariiir, Kectln 1, Town Ruuhc 40 He names Ihe following wiiiuusses to prove his contiguous residence upon, and cultivation sidd lund.

viz; W. W. McKay. F. A.

Allen, Jacob Buck, 11. A. Carringer, ull of Wano, Ku. 25 Frank Racon, Register. 7166 Lund Office at Oberlln, April V'h, 1887.

Notice Is heeeby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof In support of his claim, and that said prool will be made, before Judge of the District Court or in his absence before the Clerk thereof, at Bird City, Kaneas, on June 110, 1887, J. L. Flnley, D. 8. 12V1, for the west half south-east quarter ctioii U4, Town 8 8., Range 40 W.

Ida ti. Payne, ho uiad: O. No. HMO. May 8, the same land, is hereby notitiod to appear at the same time and place, or bur I), ti.

will be cancelled. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upou and cultivation ol said land, M. Cover, F. C. Biidioid.

II U. Talley and Edwurd Goodall, all of Wano, Kati, 19 Frank Bacou, ru37 Laud OUlco, At Oberlln, Kansas Muy3, IH87. Notlco Is hereby given that the (oiiowjng-nam-ed settler has HUd notice ul'ufs luteullou to inuke dual prool lu support of his clHiiii. and tlmt said proof will bti made before Probate Judge of Chey-onii'i Kansas, at Bird City, Kausus, on, July 15, RVi7, vU; Samuel MeKee, 8. No.

454, for tho N. W. HUni'ler, Section Town 1 Range 41 West. Chas. W.

NigliBtnonger who made 8. Ho. 9.t-5, Mut-ch 9, lbbfl oji tint iuue. land Is hereby notified to appear Uie iumu Uiue and plaun or km 1. 8.

yvltl be cancelied. Ho mill. eu Uie following wltinessec to prove his continuous reslduucu upou, and oulllvaliod of, said laud, viz; Thomas uttycomb, 8anniel E. Guilllutas, John F. AUjii, 8ainuul Uutlis, Frank Bacon, Regijter, Dissolution Notice.

The firm of Carter 4 Deiifsou Is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. All debts and ull accounts of said firm will be eeltled by G. O. Carter, who will couiluuti the cusintss at the old stand. G.

1. Carter, C. K. UuuiHon. Wuno, kaiisas, Jttuo 8th, 1B87 Wano Cornet Band.

The boys are now securing the very best talent in the country, and Wano will soon have a band that will hot ashnm-e-d to play' in'any town in 'the 'state. Prof. Gihbs is now instructing the Haiglor Brass Band as "well aa the Wano Band. Tho boys have ordered four new horns and one new drum, and the 4th of July will see the boys in the best trim, they have-ever been The city should come to their rescue now and belli them financially, for nothing can do more for a town! as an enjoyment, than a good band. It draws crowds, makes trade belter; and it is an or namental as well us useful auxiliary that iio city can well do without.

We have been informed that Decatur and Rawlins counties ure sending de egations to Topeka to see the Rock Island people about their extension from St. Joe to Wano. They desire that we send down a delegation for' that purpose nud we think it a splendid and feasible' plan. The grade stakes are now completed on this line through Phillips county, and the grading is about done through Jewell "county. With the Rock Island, B.

the Benkelmaii branch of the B. and the Jules-burg, Wano Southeastern Wano, with her great water resources, conhty seat, with the splendid territory adjacent to her, she wil. be the brightest ami best town in the northwi st. Sq much so will she bp that all our small hamlets on the divides, far and near, will be in a very sjiort time transferred to this place. The Board of Directors pf tin Cheyenne Fair' Association met last Monday evening pursuant to the call of the President.

Members were all jfre'eut except J. Collins and Jacob Buck. C. F. Woodwarel was elected Secretary ot the Board, vice 'J.

F. Collins, refus iug'to act. The Committees on Grounds and Premium List reported prog, ess and further time was granted. The President, L. MeCart and the new Secretary, C.

F. Woodward, will spare no pains nor leave a stone unturned to niuke tho coming fair a grand success. Everybody is invjted to become members of this association nnd take stock in the same sliures one dollar each. The Board ot Directors have leased the old fair grounds of last year for fiftj dollars for thts season. The Boiirii Jso voted that three hundred dollars be the maximum prizes for the speed ring nnd two hundred dollars be the maximum for all either prizes From 4r38.

We were nt the Hunt trial in Biro City ut the last term of the District Court and after hearing the evidence and cilice that time we. are now con vinced that Bird City is in the wrong and Wancj is for the right The people who are for the right nni, justice will uever forget how manfully and brave pur noble Couuti Attorney, II. G. Thurmon, foughi in this gopd fight to prosecute offen lers and bring them to justice, The Judgo upon the bench 'was satisfieu that 612 votes were falsely cast Bird City unfl now the peopl i know it better than ever, If Bird Cit) was in the right why did Sheriii )e well colleague in with the scoundrels us nn officer of justice ane dared not subpoena a uuin that the Judge ordered him to br'ng forth from the western part of the county; not a man diet he gp after wes. of tho center of the county.

This shows the yileness of the whole affair and every man connected with this vile fraud in Bird City will un doubtedly be consigned to a back seat in the future just where thej should be, We ure now for Want for the County Soat and will so vote at the next election, Such a Jewell us we have now upon our bunds will jhine a great deal better in the dark where he will not be seen than in open daylight. This is in hannony with their first act of stealing one range from Rawlins county to make -itrangers believe that Bird City was nearer the center than Wuno. Cleveland Run. Affer quite an absence I appear again with a few items for your val uable paper, uooet growing weatherwe have hud plenty of rain lately. All crops that are up ure looking fine.

Some of our fariue.s are still planting seeds, and all appear cheertul and with then lot. Thos. Owen, goes to Bird City, June Oth, to proove up on bis claim. Joe Moody is down over 10(; feet in the well he is digging on his claim in Section 12, 2-40. T.

N. El ledge nuel lady, of Haigler, were ph asaut callers on the Jtnu. Sunday last. no. Watliins hud had the misfortune to loose a valuable young mule lately, it broke its neck while playing on a biriat rope by trying to turn too short.

Miss Annie Gross, nn accomplished young ludy of Haigler, Neb has been visiting nt Judge Dohi'id's the fore part of this week. F. J. Oeurheart has finished the well he was digging on his cluiin, and has an abundance of water ut the dspth of 22 feet. The school in this district, No.

16, is IIoii. W. B. Lockwood of tho "Citizen," visited Haigler pnbanday. Lawn Ridgo people are happy now, they had a nice rnin last week.

Win- McCqllom and wife made a pleasant call ut this office last'week. F. C. Bridg'ford was yt Bird City Wednesday on business of importance. J.

C. MeCort purchased a team of nice large mules of H. C. F.wing this 'p eek. Tlmt estimable lady.

Miss Lillian J. Stockton, was a pleasant caller at this office on Saturday last. R. M. Jaqua struck the road for Guy this morning.

Ho will be absent lor several days on laud business, Tho Junior Base Ball Club of this city will play the Juniors of Bird City on Saturday, June 18th, in this Mr. Berry of 5-IQ has a wind mill and pump; no more hauling water four and five miles in barre.s. He purchased the mill 'from Fackler Co. II. C.

Ewing's barn disappeared on the' night of the 5th. If yon think it Is lost, strayed or litolen, call on the- Wano Banking Company for reward. County Attorney, II. G. Thui-inan, was called to (Jnlbcrtson, yesterday, to attend aii important land trial in which Lee Bright is interested.

R. O. ICindig and L. E. Kindig.

the former from tho State Bank of Oberljn, the latter from Kanona, were pleasant callers al these Democratic headquarters on yesterday. Simpson, mannger of th. Oberljn Loan, Trust and Bunking fur this district, accompanied ry his wife nud son Frost, started for Sherman county this morning. Elmer Saddler bus purchased very fine team ot grays, nnd the alluvial soil on Cherry Creek will now lie subjected to that ordeal which if the hope of till homesteaders broken. John W.

Brown, the former proprietor -of the Commercial Hotel at this place, took charge of the same house oil last Wednesday, His many old customers will be glad to welcome him back to the old stand. 0. M. Jjiqua, R. M.

Jaqua, A. I Lucas, A. D. Lucas, L. A.

Walker. Wm. Mahan, E. Mc-It ride and the-writer, made flving trip to Guv md the Colorado country, taking in Kingston, on the return trip. on Friday nnd Saturday last.

There will be a fo(jt race between Gus, Rohder of Wano. nnd John Q. Ilrunieister of Plattsmouth, in June 21 th, in this city, stakes 50 a side. This will in all proba bility be one of the greatest foot races of the season. Elisha J.

Evans, a resident of this county, called at this office on Tues day, lie giyes very lavorable report of the north part of the county is to settlement nnd crops, lie ap pears to be a very pleasant gentle-ma''. G. Carter has purchased C. E. Denison's interest in the Postollice Grocery Store.

George is stocking up with everything uny one could wish for in the grocery line, and he will be pleased to receive all who may eull, Geo. Carter, our popular Post master, returned from Chicago on Saturday evening. During his trip he purchased an entire new postotnee outfit. Not many months will roll by before his office will don the curb of a Presidential appointment. A very severe rain, hail and wind storm, of a cyclonic nature, visited this county on Tuesday of this week.

Dark clouds began to torm in the west and northwest about 6 o'clock in the evening and high winds prevailed until o'clock, the cyclonic pressure assuming its greatest velocity between 8 and 0 o'clock and its location was on a parallel line from to west about three miles south of Wano. Hail fell the size of walnuts, many windows being broken md stock was injured to some extent. The damage done fur learned is as fo lows: Per.cockV house in 4-iJO blown away; Carpenter's bouse in 4-80 blown down; Oavis' wind mill in 1-30 budlj wrecked; Ma ey's wind mill in-4-39 partially demolished J. W. Millei in 3 ii'J had all of his pigs killed; Baxter's house in 3-30 was totalh demolished, Mrs.

Baxter and tt siste'i ot Mr. Palter were vtiy severely injured. A report given out as reliable says a barn was demolished near Guv, and the owner, a German, was killed. Thuvwlny, una ti, 1887. Uny implements of 1'auscy Oivsolinfi for sale fit Collins Pros Good Tiniler Chums; Inquire of Jnqua liros.

tor farm losna go to tlio Citizens Bny fcvm wugona ot Fansey i'nrn. Fat cuttle wanted at the Wano meat market. lfead alters fur turpi wagons at Fansey aril's. Dry Salt, and SmoW Meats, nt Burr and Boyd's, Fausey Garn aro selling some line Buggies, Buckwheat $1.23 per bushel at Midgley Moore's: Homestead reliniiuishinent? a bar- gain. See Jaqua Bros.

Fausev Garn sell the Milburn follow Axle wugoil. Money at lowest, rates nt the Citizens Bank, of Wano, Kan. Sweet potatoe plants, of F. 0. BKinQf ORD Largo stock of implements at phase Son's, Huigler.

"Neb. Chattel or farm loans made at the lowest rates at th'fe Citizens Bank, i 4. D. Iiuoaa tiiysall Ins goods on trust and sblls' orViisti. Please call, i hjV Goods received daily nt the Grocery Rouse of Carter St DennUoii.

Reho'k Upai-d has clear crysta ice; and will deliver jh any quantity Wind mill and pump house. 1 FirsEy Gakn. i i (Jo Heuid's restaurant for a gqiiir dyenty five cents, Cunningliam the Flour gi'liiS fstoclt by the car i. M. phase Sop, Haigler.

NeT); pep the best farm implements iiiude'. 1 A Timber Claim relinquishment for sale cheap. Inquire at this office, Fansey Garn are now pushing the Mowing Machine Horse Hake trade. When you are in Haiglor call on M. M.

Chase Sqn dry goooV and groceries, 810,000 worth of farm implements for sale by Chase Son, iluigier. Neb. Fresh Lettuce, Onions, Iladishes. Asparagus, Lemons and Oranges, nt John Cunningham's. Th Plaiw Dkaieh and Cincinnati eekly Enquirer one year for pnly $2.15 in a.ivance.

Call ut A. D. Lucas Furniture House and he will trade Bedsteads lor Lots. A car load of Harrison Wngom-just received ut the Hardware Store pf Jus. A.

Fackler. Remember, we do our own freighting and will not he undersold by any body. Bakb Bovd. The mammoth double store of M. M.

Chase Son, Huigler, ib lie place to buy goods. We do our own freighting and we pan sell you Flour and Feed cheaper r.hun any other firm in town. Baku Boyd. Remember that Chae SouV, Haigler, is the best place and the only place to buy goods cheap for ca di, Before locating see Justin Badge-row, vhq is well supplied with plats pi Cheyenne county, Kansas and pastern Colorado. John Cunningham has received a carload of all kinds ot feed, flour uiul grain.

Call and examine it for yourself, Chase Son, Haigler, do not advertise to undersell any reliable house that is doing business, but ill sell the best goods as cheap as any one. Lost or Strayed. From the undersigned on Sec. 13, 2-41, on June 0th, one spotted cow led and while una one auric rea cow, both ers clipped. Lioth cows are fresh' $5 reward will be given for the return of the above, Jacob Ungkr.

Take Notice. Our pasture, con taining 210 acres of irood land i-i now ready for any one wishing to put in their stock lor the season Plenty of living water and plenty oi BiiaJe. J.i-rnis reasonable. McCarty Bros', Sec, Twenty-seven, T-2, 1140, Watson P. Cowden was in town lu'it week from 2-8D.

He is one ot the best farmers from Guthrie Co Iowa, Mr. 1. N. Simpson examined ins Julia unu informed us that Mr. Cjwden had one of the most valua ble farms in that locality.

He will provo up soon. We we'eome nil such enterprising men in our midst. upon bis arrival that the young ludy had bepn sudde nly called east to see her mother, who was not expected to live. As the younglady's friends were eppoed to her marriage, some people believe the summons only ruse to allure the would be bride away, hoping thereby to break up the marriage. Kan.

jiQW ISTHII Atchison, Kan. June 8. Brenneman: Case dismissed this afternoon J. D. Hayes.

Methodist quarterly meeting on Saturday and Sabbath. NOTICE8 OF FINAL PROOF. TBU LandOmceat Obi-rllii. June 0, 1KS7. NniicciB biMtfity plvon that the foliuwhiu-itiinud Kt-I LIi-r hu filed liotlro of his tiiteiKloii nako final pii)tl tn euppmt t)f his Chlim, mid Ihn Bid proof will lie niuilu bpfore uduc oi UiMtr'lc: Jourt or In hi fthainito before iho CUtIc ihcrool Hird City, Htuitai, on July SJ, viz: C'yi'iit SiJlult 11.

K. for- thu fotuhweil inarler Hocliou 21, Town 8 Untvje 4t W. lie Dumt4 the iollowiug to provt tie conthiiioti residence upou, and cuulvaltu if, miid hind, Whllin SlcCulhim, N. 3. Murvln, G.

O. Tapp Mr. Tap all of Wiiiio. Kjniciifl. 27 Frank Bacon, easier.

r818 Laud Oftlco At Ohcrlin, Run. tJiiou fi, 18R7. Nottra Is her1iy given that tlio tins (lied notice o( hin Inientlort lu kt final proof In Support of his clatm. and thn aid proof will ho made before. Judge of Itmtric L'eiurt or In his alminicu bofoiu the Clerk ti Jilrd Oily, on IS, 1HS7, viz: Jticob Wall, H.

E. iHHO lor the borlheae tinitur Srctlon 18, Town 2 Knngo 41 VV. Jin mimes Ihf l'oilovln wUnepff to prove tab re dune '3 npun, and cultivation ol nld laud, viz Jucob Kiiih, Christian Hnri-h, Chriotlao Medt-ivr and Juliu Warner, all of W'mio, Khiihih. ST Frank Bucon. It cut "It.

7(0 LandOillcu at Obtrliu. Ku. Notice la hereby alven that the f.ulowini; named ectller hic flifd notice of hor lntenllon nnki! fli'Rl prool In support of bei obilni, and ihn aid proof will lie nmde before Itetlgler nnd at Olierlln, Kaneim. on Aumiat 9, 18M7, vl Theodore II. Fun-ton Ti.

8. 44-14 forthu 8. jtinrler Si ction Tnwn 2S-, Kunge 40 W. He inimcB ibe followlni; witneffwi to provebei rccldeuee upon, and cultivation of -md lai it, David William ORlefhee, Mlcbae1 -weiiney and G. Itobertt', all ol' Whjo, Kun.

2T Fiai-k lncon. UrRibter. Laud Office at OherTin, 1W. Notice Is bi'reby plvcn thai tho following milled neUler lian 11 led notice ol'hlf intentlun nuke final proof iu t-upport of his r.laim, and that tiid (irool will be made before Judye of the Die rii Court or In nhneiice before the Oleifc hereof, at Bird City, KaiihR-, on Aug. 1MH7 viz; Joi.hs CuBt.ner.

1). j3-i7 for tlie mnihuam liiHi tor Socifon 20, I'owu a Uungu 41 He n-iraei the ffdlowln" witne-seo to prove hit MmihiuoiiK residence npon, and cultlviitlon oi. nidlnnd, viy; J., A. A- Smith, William McCalml! md M.

M. Matnowd, all of Wano, Kaiinat. 2tJ Fmuk B-icon, lieglater. S023 Laud Ofllce at Oberlln, S1h' 0 1B87. Notice hereby given that the followiuii turned fetiler li-n fl ea notice or hii intention ti nake iinal nroot siii'port of his claim, and thai aid proof will be made before Jinlffe of the Die-rid Court or In his ubflonce before the Olert.

hereof, at Bird CItv. Kkiicuk, on July 31. 1887, vtir J. A. Welt-, D.

8. WW), for the northeast quar-er Section 45, Town 3 8., Hauge Stl lle nameB the following lylmeHi-et to prove hU recldence upon, and cultlvutiou of. atd land, viz; John D. Thcrp, Patrick Malln. Ella Smith and D.

Krienifllmeyur, all of Itiid Citv, Kan wan. Frank liaqon, Kegistor. 0087 Land Office at Oberlln, May 8Q, 1887. Notice hereby given that the following-oained settler line tiled notice of his Intention tv final proof Iu support ol his claim, mid thai ii id proof will bo made before Judi-e of the Ditt- iHct Court or iu his almence before the clerk hereof, at Bird City, Kansas, on ill 94, 1887, vi: Godfrey C. filyhofT, U.

8. 4731 for the nortUoaHl piarter Socifon (i. Towp fi 8., Ratifre Sit Ho namoft the following witiienrjea to pravo hit-tiontlnuout residence upon, and cultivation of. -aid laud, vti: A. T.

Alkincon, J. II. Rash, P. A. AborcombU md David Wateou, all of Wuno, kautuis.

SO Frank Bucou, KegUter. 001 (i laud Ollico ut Oberlln, Kansas. May 80, lB8r. Nolle la hereby given that the following nam-ad set lur Ime filed tiotitie of his intention ti uke final proof in up port of his claim, and ihat said proof will be made before Probave Jndt if Cheyenne county. Kn'iHaa, at Ulid City, on Julv IflHT, vU: bteiiheii Vtlier, IX ft.

8'88 for ihe northwos' jimr'or Section 3, Town 8 8., Uuuge 41 W. He names the folio wing witdesBcs to prove hit joutimtotiH residence upon and cultivation oi uid In nd, via; J. W. Cox, J. J.

Artn-trong, Ire II. Murphy ted Hichaid JJoluingui, nil of Wuno, kam-as. 2d Frank lid con, Kuuisior. ttu35 Laud Office at Oberlln, Kantias, May 80, 1887. Notlco It.

hereby given that the following nam-A aeliler luta filed notice of his inlentiou nake final pi oof In cupport of hU claWn. ane hut smd proof will he iuad before Probate Judm Cheyenne cnin-tv. kaneae, Ht Utrd City, kuusut Juiy 18U7, via; Jacob H. Hwopu, D. N.

4i34 for tho northwest juarter yeciion 21. Town 9 lfunge 89 W. lie uatues the fiillowiuti whnennoj to prove hti loiiTliiuous reuidence upon and cuUivailuu i aid lund, viz; Hobert 8. illlams, Th.mae R. Williams, Wm P.

Kirkpattlck and ii. Hanson, nil ano, kau. SI Frank Uncon. ttogUier. it)84 Laud OrHco at Oberlln, May 21, 187.

Notice hoieiy riveu that the following-uumed elder has Hied notice of hi iiituntii to maki lual pri ol in support of his claim, and Hint suit: jrool will bo miitiu bufoie Jtnlgo of the DUlrlct Joui-f, or iu hiw iibtencu bvioru the Clerk thereof, it bhd City, on July 0, via; Andre I. CiHin, U.K. for the bouihwuat quartei Sec, 18, Town ltiinnu 40 W. He nntner be following wiUieitmfl to prove his coimmtout-i-el dence upon, and cultivation of, do id mud, viz Van l't-lt, c. Julutsou, Alt, biewait, Vin.

Iouh, all of Wuu, knn. 2fl Fit a Bacon, b057 Land Office at Oborliu, Kan, Muy 1ft, 1887. Notice Is herobv given that the following mini-ju Kcttler bus liled uoilce ol Id iuleiniui -o nuike hial proof lu tupnort of hlw chdui, nnd that fain prool will he nimiu hofvo-u thu Judge of the Dlw-rici. Court, or lu bis a "ei.ce before the Chirk hiireof, ai Bird Kansas, on July 11,1887, viz; thiisllan Miter. 11.

K. 78 li, (jitiirtur foec. Town 8 8,, Uauge 40 lie iiiiu the foliowlnir wltue-nos to piove hi upon and cultivation of said and, vlx; Abraham Truster. John Bander would, lieorge Kndor, Cht'lBttau Harfh, all of Wano, KttUSas. 15 FiiAtiK UACOJI liugliter.

You can see the finest and freshest of Groceries in Cheyenne County, at the New Grocery House, GLIO. JD. GARTER WANO, KANSAS, Where everybody gets the freshest goods for the least money. of Plai'x Dealer office, Wano. Kan ACY O.

E. iSSOS, Prices Before Buying. CONTEST NOTICES. ttjotj U. S.

Land Office, Oberlln Kansas Slay 7, 1887. Complaint hnvlnff been entered ftt th's offlcq by CJeorae W. binith, ngint Bnnyan Hoy, Ion abandoning his boun-Btotid entry No, 10774. Ute4 (let, 23. liri, upon tiio 8.

E. qimrler, Section Townahiii 8, 8., Kaiipe 39 W8t, In Cboyennq CotuHy, Km.Ba, with a view to the cancellation of raid entry i alieinK that no houno 1b built, land broken or losiiicnce entftbHuhed by tho Bald liunyau Bov tdnce niakiiiK ft'd entry, the Buld. fui ties are litmrbv aumiuoned to appear at. ihtu mice on the 0S dy of July, 1887, nt 10 o'clock a. to riispond and furnish toil i many concern lug Maid alleged abandomont.

Frank Bacon, Register, Booclaa March, Atty. alias Nonuii. 7etH S. Loud Offlco, Oberlin. xt ni, Mny 1887.

Complaint having entered at thin tfliee 1 Wi.irtler ntfti'iift J). itarlow, for uiai do.ili;! hia Uomefteud Kntry, wo. 7ayi, dated ov 3t, Irri upon th-. n. VV.

qittti ter, 8eo 41, Towuahip lt itic 41 in Cheyenne County, Kiviisnt. a view to the caueellatlon ol' uid entry, the mid piiriies ure Inireby Biiiiiinoui'd to npjeiir at tni- Olhce Jit the aS id day of July, 1HS7, at 10 clock to respond and furuiah teailiuony concern, lug (mid alleged abandonment. Jf'rank Baoon, Itegleter. May Jfc Mc Klroy. MUH4 Laud Officu at Oberlln, Mayai, lt7.

Notice ii heraJiy given that tho following num. ed Mettler has Hied uotieu of his tntentioii 10 mnku dual proof In nupport of his claim, aud tlmt mid pioof wilt he nuule l)efore IheJiiile of the 11 a trlet Oourtorln hip aimonce the CkiS thoreiif Bird City, knnBHu. on Julv 83, 1W)7, Bernard M. Heho, lJ. 8.

4ftS.U, for the foulii liHit1 northwoti Quaitfci' Bee. 36, Town 8 8., It mitre 40 W. lie naiutia the followln witneaoes to prtvo hie contlnuoua reuldeuee upon aud cuitivatluu of Baid land, via; M. W. Beuaon, F.

M. I' bier, W. Moulor, j. A. Uotl'man, all of Wano, an sua.

Hi tlUNk UACOW, UeftiBter. -DEALER I MA rir mini ii. wm Call and Get Our 7B4fl. Land Oillca OhorMn, Kan. April 16, 1HH7.

Notice In hereby qlvon thnt tho foikiwine-nam-cd oettler has tiled notica of hie intention to make final proof in rMipport of his claim, and li nt Ftitd proof will lo iruule hofori! JuU-je of the District (Umrt or in in nbnence lofore tho Olerk thereof, at Hird tMtv. KunfUB. Juno Ifl. 187, viz: P. O.

VnlKht, No. fot the W. half N. quarter N. W.

quarter H. li. i7, 8. W. quarter ti.

K. quarter Buciiou Town a.HHiitifitu 4 lie oaines the following witnesses to prove hlft coiitiiuioun rueldouce upon, and cultivation of, said lRiid, vin CliurK'8 C. DonaM, L-nipfrd W. MrCarty, Hionme Oweu John T. AlcC'uriy, all ot Wiuio, Kan Mia, 21 Frank B.icon, Kesiater.

Land Office, at Oberlin KanaaB April 811. 18S7. Notice la hereby plven that thi loilowlnu'warn-cd ift'ttlor hns til ltd nuiiee of hia lnteiitluu to nu ke tlunl proof In eupportof hia claim, and that said prool will bo inadu btiforc dudno uf tho Dint' ic Court or in Inn abaunce bwioru tho cleik thereof, at Ulro Oiw, Kaunas, on June Ut. viz: btiiniiol li. UuiUnim-, I).

8. No. tor the N. hi. quarti N.

hail' 8. W. quuner, flection fit. Town 1 S. Uirnre 41 W.

He nainefl Hie followiiiK witnecBen to prove his coutiiumii 1'unidenue upon, and (iUitivatlou of, uuld lnd, vin; Saumc-l McKie, Thomas J. McKee, Goo. Clark, Thoimm Niittrcomb, fill of llntler, Nb. Frank Hiiccn, HKlBttT. 8tW8 Land OiUce at Oberlin, KaucftB, AJay 21, 1H7.

Notice la hereby Eiven tltnt the following nam-ed Betiler has Hied nbtico of hig intention to mHke IIdhI proof lu Biipporr qf his claim, and that oaid (iruof will he made before tho Prolmto Jtulfre of fheyeoue county, at Bird City, kaiiHas.on uly tt, 18H7, via; Krcd. W. IlnHeuyasier, U. 750S, for Hit tsoutliwoBt (itiftrter Sec. Town Itaugo 41 He nme tlie following to prove bl continuous reHldeuce upon and cultivation of a.iid land, via; W.

U. ltathburn, Cbarlea lieiud-tifiiali, Henry Slander, John P. 8Urader, ail of Wano, kauaaa. 5 JFHANk BACON, Eogiiter..

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