The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 15
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i " • • ^•i'LV-'j'-' • - :• i ' vl , :---^--l .-•" F. ' *•*,->]•* ..?••"-' ••v-.-'i-1-.--, L V ^ • * — '..*- • ~ f -Vln-', 'L"'i r / "L - • -',-.,' ^ - - . '.- -,.-. **••,-' ., «,-\-- r" •*' ', >' l ,".*-"-*• ;-"•' • ,' : h ' - -• <; -\'f * t V^T - ' "•-•-it•-- •'• " h ' ' -•-,'- -^v,v f"* 1 ' u- •"- f ^- : $^V;' S: ^*:^--^:;'^^¥ ^'V^V^'n^^ . /^^^^M^'yA'-, ;r^\« 'f^Vr£-^ . V^V>->." ;,V." -.:; ^ ; ^^:- :•.--,' b . • .'/r- 1 .-:- — V'. 1 ''.^: ^>\,' :! '-- ,-,,-V- O:, ••:.''/' ^ -/ ,:>f-.; • <; •-••». - > *•-.* ' r v ..,> : : T / ,y ; .v ' > .• J V /.'- ; 'i .^,-,'" "-,••'-< .^v, '- • V,- "*-,•. '-->-•< -'; •'„-' ', ^:>V<V '^v ^ - -. • ,*:",•'•• *\- -,'. --, -/•-'.: ;\ -;r . ,y >.,- •> u , .- t - -.' ,--.•-•- - • • • • ' - • * • ' . V^'v- "-*>.-•. ' - .V- .:-*-,: .. -• V, : . •;!'/,•,;,/ — .- '^ •.,*•;. ;•••*'.•*„ I I T -I I I- 1 L ^ r ?.-'»- • ' • i • • • '-'. r • I ' - ' ' • I i l I '- --. 1. _' r ,r ' J ' l ' * .• • , 1 - 11 ^. 11 , - f • - J.-f ' • . .. • - • . ' . > - .- - . ' -..'--,. • - ' l •. I •. - . ' _ ^ , r . ' . L h ' ~ ~ . ' .•_^->^\-L' - I - L • r * •• I y J J T " I- ' • L j • _ ' J L -. ^ j • \ f it " ' _T n h > - ~ * •• * m •• '• > L ^ " ••A':' -1-* ,*-•.,* , • ,. • - . ^ '.'•/. • . : . . - * •---'.•- H '^ ; • ; .- . i , - ..: - . . , , . - , •• '. • - ., - * •••.,• --• -,- i -,. :->- ' • • ' - . -- • • • - • - • '. - - i • ' ' - . - • - • ' - ' .•:-.,' . , . - \t^.>..•*'. . s -.-'-'. \ - -' . • " <• ,.'.--.* .-,-.-- - - •• - . . ." < . ' • -- .1 "--,-•',--, - . , - ... - •:*..,..• . • • - - > - .- . .' -' - - • . -• - ' L •^ JJ -. ' .' ..-; ,, ? . -,-.-. 1 L ^ I : ;;- 1 ,,^ . U;:. ^. >/-j; -. ; >- -- .. : •f i -- -- f . • u - , * v -\. '..•>'• ±. •• i; .- -X-. f. .. - . \ -^ i ' » --,'-. .^it^'n f-'-.- -'i '. >. -. -',"'* ,-•'.-. 4'' -a - , • .^ ,: ,' ;„• '*•,'.-j- Jf-- • " ' '•';-, ^ - ' ... ,, - .'-.1,1 ••'.,.- t,'---., a . .- --A'?-'.;'.*!' j '•'- - ^ l ,"i f-' At-i, -.•' •. : :- L ^ * .'i .-''•• " '.!->,'• p ;Vs-! .;.• -*'" '. "-. : ' . - - • i ' . , ' ,1 - ' - './ n '. -,'- V - »•'. v ^ '"'- ' • - * . i ' j , -7' ' i' • - \--Ji - .T • - : - L' . - i ,- .'!•_•. >>..:*, ...;. V-.' - .;,--, r -'V L .,',---'-/'•:,• I /•.,-.. r -' x •v;-';'.y:'--'.••-•''"•• "'*' : - . • ' - J • '-'-.•'-.-[-'•>••',,• L * I • ^ • ' ''- ', V i^ ' . ' - , '* ' '. -- '• ' . V : •--,•,•*>,• - . * ; , . . •. - •:' -V' • -- ^ . '• / , - - . . ,'--- z ',-.,/- -^ j ..' - - + ' '• •' - • ; ; . • , -. . .-.-, -;•'•-'• • . • ,'-,-.•—'• W'-&™to& /vv.-'-- 11 ',:-' -•• ,. . j-'Vr- 1 ? ''t ;•- ' ".•".: ••-.','• ', .• - :, ,- V, -'. •>* '.4 1 '.O.^'s '.'5' ^i- 1 ''.•.• ',1\-'- . i' I - i^ ' '•*;. -' ?! . - ^. ;,.* .:>"•. Vv- ' • • • » 1 l I . . . I i r- i . I ••••• . "/• : :--:-^'::.- : i''--t ./"v,.'-,. . 1 \ . * ' h I L ' •. 3 . ' ^ --.' ^ * -, . a • i»-*T' TBB BAKER8F1ELD CALIFORNIA^, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 -- - - '• ' -- -H-,V,~-.. -, 'it 'J : *-'''-:''"-'- h --'-"* i ."'V>*t^**^'aT'^<MSMl , >- ^v,- h " r t\--^*- ^ .T, r f- <"•>,. -'-- ttf n:- 5A-?**irt55i*S? / -,- -v-^,\ s:>' '-<^-,: .'^'.;vi>^.\- r >- T.^^^^'^nSSSF • '.- . 'ii •- --\ * '^- ^',J/ J 3 V--*-*V: L r ^'P'l.^ >»iH^*| , - - - ' L '.''-'•*i " i *W-' j ' . ' - f i-j. ,. ; «K)ME • J -•• • • - ^ •' . r-•''*'-;'^^ j 'i^^wgH • ;V '^' ; ' • :••-' ;; ^'-'- : ' : -:i^'^al •^>V;-" : /';-.v^lo^^w -^^^.^•tf^Jij..^^!.^.'!--.. ^:^;-.-^^^^^?ta^i t »*• VESSEL TAftGET FOR SPNISH BOMBS Europe Watches Results as German Hostility Sliows in Nazi Meeting (Associated Press Leased Wire) MINSK, Russia, Sept. 8.—The Soviet high command assembled here— midway between Moscow and Berlin —today for annual war maneuvers. Coinciding with the Nazi conven* tlon for which Nurnberg, Germany, wan placarded with posters proclaim* ing "Wbrld Enemy No. 1—Bolshevism," made Russia no secret of Its bristled back. Marshal KtemenU E. VoroshMoff, commissar of war and navy, sounded a warning: to Germany preliminary to tho start of the practice military operations. "We have enemies within and outside our country," Vorshltoff declared, "We can deal with the numerically Bnmll Internal enemies. "But at the same time, tho Fascist enemy Is preparing to attack us from the outside. Let him prepare. We wero ready long ago to resist him." Tho Moscow newspapefs, meanwhile, hailed the Red army OB the strongest in the world and warned it was ready to meet any threat, Tho annual maneuvers were do- signed to work out problems of protecting White Russia, the buffer atrip on the Soviet's western frontier which adjoins Poland. Czechoslovakia, Britain and Franco sent military delegations to observe the maneuvers, which will be highly mechanized and which aro expected to disclose Communist strides this year in aviation. The Moscow government, tho newspaper Pravda reported, urged Tokyo, meanwhile, to agree on a mixed commission to survey the Sovlet-Manchurlan border disputes. Patrols have clashed periodically on the frontier and the tension was the basis of a recent warning Russo- Japanese pence In endangered. Election Is Held in Alaska Today t (United Prnte Leased Wire) JUNKAU. Alaska, Sept. 8.—Alauknj voters today seloot territorial nom- J Jneea In u general election which may prove a barometer of political trends in continental United States. Candidates, who carried on their campaigns by mule, airplane, train and radio and sought support not only In tho larger Alaska cities but In tho Isolated villages within the arctic circle, sought election on major American issues—tho new deal, bureaucracy, tho constitution, alleged governmental extravagances and silver. The closest race was anticipated In the battle for the congressional delegate post, with Democratic, incumbent Anthony J. DImond of Valdez opposed by Judge Lester Gore of Ketchlkan. Dtmond campaigned for a greater measure of homo rule for Alaska and abolition of fish traps, used by major fishing Interests In tho great Alaska salmon run. Gore opposed the proposal as ruinous to the industry. '* Body Is Found Beside Track Five Miles From Scene of Fatal Shooting The U. S. S. Kane, which became a target for bombs from an unidentified Spanish military piano off the coast of Spain. Six death-dealing missiles dropped from the plane failed to score a hit and the plane flaw away after the Kane returned the fire, Spanish factions were notified by Secretary of State Cordell Hull. ARE ANNOUNCE PWA ALLOIIN1S, Thomas SaysLemke Group May Win Dakotas in Fall ENID, Okla,, Sopt, 8.—The body of Harold I*lght, 35. sought by officers following the slaying of Dr. Samuel Tomnon, was found ioda>* twaldo the Rock Island rfttlnxitl tracks 6 mllca south of Knkl. Mo apparently was killed by a train. Doctor Tomson was fatally shot nt tho home of T.Jf?M'ft divorced \vlfc, Mrs. Dorothy .Light. Police Officers O, 8. Phunmer and Phil Hawynr maid MI»« Kthel Wilt, nurso altondtng Mrs. Light, told them Light had he.en talking to his former wife at tho homo. She untd ho suddenly entered n bathroom where Doctor Tomson AVIMI shaving, cloned the door and two nhots rang I out. Tho nurse said Light got In his car and drove away. SPY SYSTEM I AIM OF SEARCH Spanish Socialists Launch i Hunt for Methods Used by Enemy Spies Six Construction Projects in California Are Now Approved by Chiefs (United Prcus Leased ^Yirc) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. S.— PWA approprlationH for nix construction projects in California havo been approved, It wan announced hero today by A. .D. Wilder, state N EW Th< rrcti Leafed Wire) Pr«»* /-rased MADRID, Sept. S.—Hpnnteh So- clnUfitf* Imvo launched an energetic YORK, Sept. 8.— Norman i "Then there Is the unknown quan- 1 campaign affattmt «ple» following tho • _ - . . ^ r _ i . fe < t . ^ h director of the .PWA. They were: An appropriation of $G9,&45 for u gymnasium at the Jofforeon Union Hijrh School district, Duly City, San Muteo county. Total coat of the project will be $164,646. An appropriation of $9000 for a school addition at tho Greenfield Union Hiph School district. Greenfield, Monterey county, to cost $20,000. An appropriation of school auditorium at Contra Costa county. $18,000. An appropriation of $54.450 for a new high school.(it Oovlna. Los Angeles county; total cost $10t>,000. An appropriation of $3375 fur a school to. cost $7500 at Talmad&e, Mendocino county. An appropriation of $34,473 for a $76,607 sewer project at Jackson, Ainador county. Bay District Man hoimiH tho Socialist presidential candidate, wild "the l^emko movement strength Is greater than 1 would like to bcliovo" In an interview totluy preliminary to u Bevpn weeks' Htumping tour of the country, Thomas, Avho has challungcd Hep- reaontallve William Lemkc to n debate, Haul ho thought iho t'nion party candidate, might win Minnc- Hota, the: DilkotOH and Oregon on Ills own (strength but that cast of thc MtHsiHslppi river will bo dependent upon tho Hov. CharloH K. Coughlln und Dr. Francis Townsend. "If Coughlan and Townsend havo strength Iti thn oiiHt, Lemko muy deliver in tho election," nald tho tall, \vhlte haired candidate for tho profil- dency. Analyzing Iho political Bit nation, and interspersing hl« remarks with $R100 for u ! the views of hiM opponont^, Thomas San Pablo, ! »ald he "had a hunch" that Alfred | of a bang oven with *ho poopio who Total cost M - 1-^indon. tho KnpuhHran candl- halo Hoonevelt. Tho peopln »imp!> 4 tity—Lcmke," ho added. Jlo asserted the Union jmrty plat* form "In its most amiable aapec.t presents Congress in tho rohs of Santa Claus; In its loss amiable on* poets it too closely resembles Nassl theories, banleully, In Ita appeal to mlddlo class dlseontont." Thomas said ho would like to I earn In a debate with Lomke "whether It Is possible under tho Constitution and the capitalist system to carry out Lomko's program; plenty of profits for the farmers, plenty of wages for labor, plenty of buwinew for Httlo bUBlncamnon but If thoy get too much buslneeH they bocomo i dlscoyory of an Intricate system by which the Kasclst enemy wan kept informed of many official moves. l r or some timo thn governmont had known there wan n "lenk" but ! tho break camo at Valencia where * polico, searching the rcnldonco of a ', -i'^.'M f: - - -./V;H, .v'. j^-t? "77"( - ' - - 1 '- ^goffl W:ii L . El Paso Rancher Disappears After Closing 1516,000 Cattle Transaction /'re»* Leased PASO. Texas, Sept. 8. Anxiety of relatives increased today. as they renewed effort* to find John ^ D. Timberlake, 52, El Paso rancher I who disappeared August 25 from • Tlpion. Calif., after supposedly com' plfting n 116,000 cattle deal. I Mrs. Tlmberlake was worried par- j ttcularly because her husband failed 1 today, for tho first time In 25 years, \ to send her greetings on their wedding anniversary. Edgar Tlmberlako, a brother of tho miaaing man, aaked Sheriff Chris P. Fox of El Paso to seek the aid of California authorities In the search. The missing rancher notified hta wlfo and brother on August I!5 that he had sold his brother's ranch neur Hachlta, X. M. It was learned that he had bnen a guest on August 22 at tho Palace hotel In San Franciftco. thon went to Tlpion, when? he called for several packages that had be»»n forwarded to him at the hotel. He left Tipton, suposedly to go to Ventura. but apparently never reached his destination. Timherlake was In the packing business for 1 7 years In the Republic of <'hIU», and returned to El from South America aero. l | ~ J Reward Posted in Muir Murder Case A SMART daytime frock (No, has a slitclied collar with < 88 M) with pleats across the front cuffs to match and charming shirring at the shoulders. This lends itself admirably to printed silk plain crepe, satin, jersey or lightweight wool. Patterns are sized 12 to 20 and 30 to 38 bust. Size 14 requires 4 3*8 yards of 39-inch material. big business men und It's h for them. Tho Socialist leader said ho would rather debate Lomko than Landon "bocause at the moment Lmnko is gottlng away with more murder." "I feel kind of sorry for poor Alf. Ho isn't going ucrosri with any kind prominent Riffhtlst. found n kn tho well orgnnir.«d cnplonsigp ring opnrntlnic In Madrid and li»»'c*»lona. The searchers, In a small book found cleverly concealed In the double bottom drawer of a chiffonier, discovered tho code tisod by spies and n llHt of imniPM ntul of "confldontial agents." The identities of some of thcno a K on If catiuod tho government u severe shock. Included In tho H;»t woro Individual* enjoying full eon- fldenco and oven norno holding: Important poets In vnrlotia mln In Madrid. One of inn moHt import n tit oniployod In tho war mlnlntry ho had UOOOHH tcv flloa S », PATTERN and STEP-BY-STEP SEWING IN, S ' ftl1 oul tho coupon below, being sure to MENTION THE NAME OF THIS NEWSPAPER. The FALL AND WINTER PATTERN HOOK, with n complete selection of late dress designs, now is ready. It's 15 cents when purchased separately. Or. if you want to orrfpr it with thf pattern above, send in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon date, holdH about the same proper- aren't \varmliiK up to Landon. lion of the popular vote thai Herbert some reanon he doonn't ap|ii>nl to Hoover had In the last election. tho ment of troop rnfculnttng inovomontH. Annthe JULIA BOW). 14fl Now Montgomery StrooL. SAN FRANCISCO IB 16 Couta for Putiorn No.. i •' Name Address Ctiy State **• / l rrj»,i Lcatfd tt'lrr t LA JOLLA, Sopt. 8.—-Howards to- talling $1500 for Information leading to arrcM anil conviction of th« slayer of Ruth Mutr. spinster V. \V. C. A. leaiiftr. wero offered today. Miss Muir. formerly of San An- tonlo. Texas, uus beaten and rav* l,<tluM| the night of August 31 In a moonlit Ht'iiMUo cove. Search for tho Mayor has produced no concrete results ttlthoutfh thr*»o persons *tlil niv lu'ld fur uuoftUoiiSnff. Mayor I- 1 . J. Benboush of San offered $;"iiiu of tho reward. .1. iHtmura nfforod $5uO and thft Council voted u $5uO contribution, ftubjec-t to iippruvul of the city attorney. Tho«*> sUU <|uestlone<i ;nx> Silas H«»ury Hef-d, N>gi>i translont from KanBan <"it>. Sam Isaacs, ht'ld at Tla Juana. Moxi(*»\ and f;*naro Robles, dlshwashfr in uu oxi'luftlve l& Jolla hotel. ThlH Coupon Kroin Tho Bukorftfielil Cultftirniun Citrus Marketing Pact Is Upheld in Judges Ruling /'rr*/» Leattcd Work on Army Air Base Inaugurated (I'nitcd I*™** Leaned Win-i SACRAM13NTO. S3epl. S. — A ground-breaking ceremony climaxed by a huge blast today inaugurated work on the United States army's new $7.000,000 air baec and supply depot for the Pacific coast. 1-od by Brlgadlyr Onnenil Henry H. Arnold, assistant chief of the air corps, representing,, tho Avar department. high ranking office™ took part in tho ceremony attended by 10,000 persons. In the air, four squadrons of bombing and pursuit planes from March Field circled tho air depot Bite as the ceremony was staged. In explaining- need of tho new uupply base. Congressman Frank Buck said: "We are not seeking war, but it behooves us to provide every necessary means of defense. It Is my hopo that Congress will provide funds for a ring of similar air depotB encircling the entire United States." State Will Aid in Brite Murder Case (United Press Leased Wire) TREKA, Sopt. 8.—Tho California attorney general's office how offered to co-operate with Slsklyou county authorities In tho prosecution of John and Court Brlto, accused trlplo- slaj'ers, and Robert Millnr Barr, RUB* pert !n another slaying now held In Ixw Angeles, Sheriff AV. G. Chandler said today, representatives of Attorney-General U. S. Webb conferred with Chandler ywsthrday. H was understood state authorities wore Invited here by cUUe.nn who resented thc announcement of District Attorney James Davis, who **aJU ho would prosecute tho Brltes on manslaughter, rather than murder charges. Meanwhile, Chandler sent ponse- men Into tho Horso Creek canyon area again, hoping to find trace of the fugitives. Ha believed he will auccecd In starving them out of their hiding placo within "a few days. 1 ' Guilty Pleas Are Entered by Pair Dies at Hospital (United Prvtt Leased Wire) T OS AXGKLKa. Sept, 8.—Federal power over commerce upwn tlio -^ District Judgo Leon It. Vankwich presumption that in HOIIIO indirect made pernmnont today an Injunction ' u " tt - v WIK ' n a control muy InUucy per- nff oltrus marketing provl- j HonH lo Incivuso prod notion volun- undcr tho Agricultural Adjust- twi'ily would, if oarrltnl to itH ultl ALAMKDA, Sept. S,—Alfred T^i- ment Act. The Injunrtlon, first Krantml on a temporary basl-s on April 4. IN in favor of the government agaltiHt Hugh David Kdwardw, Colton fruit shipper, and enjoins him from ship- ) morallzatlon of the orunge and frull ping oranges from California in vlo- j control." Intion of tho prorato qiiulitK ostah- wan able to -and (Men ul ter— ronfldentlnl meHsncofl. Immediately doxenn of n spies were arreuteil and th<* K ment <loeropd nummary court mur tial and d^ath, if convicted, to spy KUHpectt*. In the first official oxeeulltm Da vld Hodrlgo faeed a firing mqimi after a court martial cunviclod him of espionage. Life Term Result of Theft of Sugar AOtlro.HH your t»nv<*lop« to Jvilia Hoyd. Tho llnkernflolil Californiau nuroau. MU Now Montgomery Rtroot, Sun Kranrlaco. State Branches in Dismissal arrel International Peace Move Made by World Conference worlil tham, *ir>, vlre-prcsid(»nt of tho Rust Bay Mimk'lpnl Utility DlPtrlol nnd hf-ud of a San KruneiHt-o prlnthiR firm, died at Alamedu Saiuitarlum today after a **hort Ill Latham wan a forme of Alnmecla county and IH credited with tlio water ftyHtem which con- ntfCUi Alunieda und Oakland with tho hlffh .Sierra. SurvtvInK him are his widow. Cior- trudo, and a BOH. GoorKO, former football slar at the University of California. mate- ooncluHlun. cripple and destroy tho power," United States District AUonu-y 1'elrMon M, Mull termed the de.dKlon a move to "prevent the entire d<». ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^•^^^^^^•^^^^•••^^^•^^^^^•^^^•••^^•^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^™ GtASS APPEASED /»rc<* Lea*til Wire) LAKE CITY. Mich,, Sept. ft.-~Mrv. Eleanor Cook, 35, and George Rely an, tho 27-year-old (arm hand aha married blgomoufily a month ago, pleaded guilty in Circuit Court to killing the woman 'a husband* William Cook, 40, of Detroit, Judge Fmd S. Lainb will hear further testimony Monday. , The court »tatemdnt« corroborated earlta* confeMiona to.. .gtatrift. Meat*. Burkett ttat H<tl?ea killed Cook with a ahotfun Friday nlffht wtyen Cooij p*td a>urprl*e visit lo the farm wan tMgfcv near Polphv Mien, Cook h<t4 lived Utcrt shici- in*t jfatJ. Rclyea wiid llshod by tlu* secretary of agriculture, January 2ti. Tho government contender) tlmt, although tho United State* Supremo Court invalidated portions of the A. A. A,, other parts of the measure, including 1 those under whloh the citrus quotas were made, wore mill in operation. "H in an economic truism that a •stable price structure affects production," said Judge Vankwlch In his decision. ?i'9 and particularly in he United States, tho efforts toward economic recovery havo been directed towards establishing a ! stable price structure that would encourage and thus restore the unbalanced economic life. "To deny to Congrenn lus plenary q wards was nccusorl by the government of Hhlpping ortingoH mid grapefruit oulMde. tho wlate in violation of an agreement entonMl into by more than 80 PIT cent of thn grower** In the California-Ari/ona i area. j Hull nuM Kdwards' actions threat- j enod iho entire citrus price ntruc- ; luro by flooding eastern Htaten with moro than the quota eHUtbllshed by tho secretary of agriculture. Tbo United State* attorney's office here »ald tlio CJIHO was the first of its kind lo reach a final rleclslon. Judge Vankwich, In upholding tho citrus agreement, ruled that iho Supreme Court decision In tho procenn- ing cases did not affect this portion of the act, which, hw said, wa« a valid exurcW of the pott'er of Con- ! to regulato commerce. I'rrtt Lcaitrd Wire) HURKKA, Sept. 8. Hccauso stole n pound of sugar, Jnspplt Nrl son, 61, itinerant und ex-convict, numt Rpend tho rent of hi» llfo in prison. A Jury found him guilty of thon yesterday and, under I ho habitual criminal law, Huporlor Judge Hnrry W. KiilU was t'on-ed to Henton<r«) him to a life torm. Nelson ImtJ a long criminal roc- ord. siartlng In 1^17. Polico arrOHtr-d him July ft when ho WHS found prowling In Uto grounds of tlio Kurclui l.iapti»t Chnivh. A womnn member of tho congregation Identified a bag of SURRP found In hla poHffo.ssloii an a packagrt nho hud forgotten to take homo. Hold Wife of Fox in Court Contempt boom Rt«ff TON, Sopt. 8. Thm» ml delf»u»te« to tho third power conler»»nc«? Joined H movn toward IntornatUmitl today by uulllng their fi3 *s In plaiiw for tin oconotnle through clertrlclty of Stale Cordon Hull SUCCEEDS OLSON jrnvo tho Uoynotn for tho when ho askod: "Shall the bruins of tho world ho HH<M] to Ughton tho nn of man; or nhall they \w for ilio grim purpowoH of war 11 " V'nllod KtatoH ifovornniotit r» point«>d out thnt wlillo Invent I vo ami enjfinoerinK ROnhiNOH furnlnh lururteii of lifo, "they a IHO nro oapuhl** of producing umc.litnen of dwttmotion—«nKtnen of war" "t'nfortunatoly." )io suld. "a vaatty oas t n i ! SA( HAMKXTO, Sept, 8.— tUvht of the stale personnel bt»ard to decide NUHponMon und tlisnilHj#a] cosen of : civil servlco employe* on i*ecommeu* i dation of only one member of the i-five-iuun board was challenged today by tho attorney general'* offlc«, foV reop«nintr of the Andrew Brady* aiw- superimendent of Camarlllo >HpitaI, Deputy Attorney Uayard Hhone of JXMJ AJI- und .less Hesftton of Sacra- charged that only Chairman Christian had the Iran- of HrHtly's hearing before a and that the other membem hud vmo<) uw i/hriatiiin rocomntended. With only OhrtaUan dU»entinff f«»ur momhiTH of tho board voted to grunt H rchearinK after Hesalon's I-3. U. norlpt •f. , -I -r I New Troubles in Twenty Arrested Lettuce Shipping in Italian City (Axitociuted I'refdt Leaned Wire} HALINAK. Sept. 8.—Demands of union boxmakcrs today confronted lettuoo shlpperB of tho Salinnn- AVatsonvllle area, whoso Hhe been tl«U up wlricrj Friday t'rc*« Lta$ed TI3HNI, Italy. Sopt. 8.—Approxl . ?0 pemons, It wn« learned I todny, have been arreRted in thin h^j rontnr of war material* manufur- to (1() „„ u|||| roporlH hy a , tuns following* tho. UlBCovery of Mmall «ho wan phyrirally able. Mr«, l p ox Ifaflebi, ported on the wall* of fne- contended nh« M f iw too lit to totUify. lory rcHtrooniH. which pralftnd Iho | Under th« Inu. Judge Avis may action of H pan 1* h Communist**. j conduct H Mcpamto hearing on Press Leaned Wirtl \ ! ATI-ANTIC CITY. N. J,. Kept. 8. j | Federal Hefaree Uoit«rt 10. *Stoedle j S formally reported to Federal JudK« ; | John Boyd Avlw today that Mr«, [ W|IUa,m Kox, wlf« of the motion pic ! turo magnate. \va* in contempt of I court for falling recently lo towtify i In her hunband'a voluntary bankruptcy action. The refer*'« reported tho \vlfr hod rofUMod dovornl tlmo« to apponr fin I the wltnejw wtnnd. In wplto of ordern dlHiiroporlloriHle nharo of iho skill i charge thai the board's previous and energy of Jtrionttatu and ntat<*i»- men alike l« being devoted now tn mnny partn of tlin uorld lo tho Of destruction. ".Shall \v« allow thin application tlon had t.-iiletl to mo«t civil service iilramentft which, he said, each im*mhor of the board read UIM vr.inacrlpt. Brudy wan Hu*n>emied for fowr months without pay on char gas of engaging tn a Uumoro circulated in Homo wild i contempt 2SO CJonnnunUtH hud boen at Ternl, but a careful ln\ Indicated this wan an exaggeration. Tho arranti occurred about a fort- I night ago. It wa« wald. i'oilco off!-; trimmern* and packers' fttrlho. The hoxmnkcrn, who are employed by tho *hnd ownorH to makr nhlp- i ping crate*, demanded a clom>d «hop and Incrcaised pay in a strike notice. I'lchotM of tho Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union, nu-unwhllo continued po.'ieofnl watch at tho 70 sheds, which employ from 3000 to 4000 worker** during tho thr*M*-crop ! i-ial« admit toil woven or season. i wore In The HtrlUo WJIH called, union of- Httld, in protoMt axaiiiHt con- offered hy t-inployerH which rofused prfferonco t*j union members. Hhutdown of tho i*bf«<i* cumo j about a week before* harvemtlnf; was i expected to etart on the third and j final crop of tho reason. A POWKIt for yeani in liberal and radical rounnUv of the north went. Ueprewntativo Kriiofl TAiiMli^n, above, will IH» th«> Farm* cr-I*abor party'n Candida to for I'nitcd Stut^M senator frnm Mln- nrsota, rui rtMtult of the drath of Uovwrnor FU»yrl H. O!HOM, wlui had b«»*»n rhoften an tho tiomlnw. hun* IH M'TVlnjr htH third torm In of H«'p»'CHf*nutttvufl. of genius and energy to Ixt paled In Iho n«rony of unnod filet or Muill ww inctlst with all the delrrminntlon at our command that Ihoy he nniployftl objectively In the purvullH of peace?" tlon by pooling their t- i;e to plan tnusler for tho world throtiKh atr I'ondltioninp for tho averuire nmn'K horn*', electrification »»f unllKhto«l i furniM, hltfhwny illumination to pro ! vent HcridfiitN. and t-lertrlflrnUoi) of i Industry to WIVD labor. : A n A m»*rl<tu it prof owior. I Ky«n ^" Btmh. of Masmn'hunotts Itmtltute of Tochimlog.v. explained tin* dtffloul : ties In brlnjrlnv the«e Inventions to • low-l^rnnif* fnmllli*». • Th*" rohferencft lionrd ll;irlo\v S I Pornon, NMW York I'Mty ocoiiimiliti and consultant for the now doaltt mriil elwtrlflctttlon ud?nlnlrttration. nuilliio no'Mal «ltfnlflcaiH'0 of pom-r "hU'uiH in Amvrtca. He held lh»3 country's main - [ fight at the hospital. Kissing Teachers Subject of Fight Trc** l.ftited Wire, I :i 1 1 c A( JU Sept. S.- The Union School ftilli'd to open for the full term Unlay and while 500 *lt> montRry »tudenu« in suburban Nor- wtmd township enjoyeil an extended vacation, their parvntn battled over tbo Hubjeci of "ki»aing teachers,'* The complaint was over the re&tv pointiiuMit of Principal Charles 0'Hea.rn, accused In a "poison pen" lot tt*r of hecomintf too atf ecitoiuUft \v i i)i h IH i eye h ins staff of i hre« Nol>lo J. Puffer. Cook (Chicago) county superintendent of schools* declined to certify OH earn as principal \vheivupon Herman Heuw*ow. of th« township school board, 10 certify th*» three leach* In xir-adying of Uu> «'oai industry, era, Mary Hammond. I'larubeile L4nd- 1 »*ay und Jwirinda t'leary. unvlithl^ by UH wy«l»»in of labor. un»l prvwervaiion of re by the oil and natu lii'lueti l.-r*. DiHint«r<**«ti*d townwpeopjo wero Inclined tu iiilnimiKo tht? linportunco j the arresu*. Tho Kent-nil con- S <\ was that ovit of the UO.OUO workmen employed hero, thoro wer« \ bound it) be u !>w f Education Must Be Changed, Asserted f Anointed press Leased Wire) English Jobless Lowest in Years (A Press Lensed t *- Leaving the White House jrfter a "poUti&i fence mending" uewiion with President ROOK ere It, Senator Carter Glass of Virrlnia look* a of the new * tSSSitii^w f .', s«pt. ^ . ^ " Di Kepl ' fit "" r>r ' ! Jn <*rfcBt Hrttaln J« at lu lowest point' Frank w. rhomiu). president of j in »lx yeur«. labor «Utljitlc* Uinclo^U and a trade revival haw industrial troll* to the hlffh(*«t peak In thf> nutlon's hl«tory. The number of unemployed fell during tho four w**k» *nd*d AuguDt 24 by 4f v l9t to 1,«13,»40 or 334,0*4 p«raon« than a. ytwr of o. record InduBtrial army totaled • I ••- *.-- Froano 6 College, told 2400 nigh today, school teachers and principal* today that *'w!condarr education muat bo changed to fit tin? newl* of tho individual student." He upoko at tho opening, of the Teacher*' Institute at Hollywood High School, A chpn^e from formalized aca* ttfuciulon *o a program K! to the individual haa and ratwt oontlJiup, h*. BUILD $1,400,000 AUTO TRACK Order Insurance Company Probed < i**i>ftatrd /*rr*4 J.t*rt«"*i Wire* iUX!K ISUANU. III., Sept. S.—ln- i-iflcUxlH of nint> states bd- a convention oxainlnaUon today of the MtHlern \Voi>din«n of Amerk'ti. fraternal lurfuruneo orff&n* who«« main office is located he examination was ordered & month Hg\> by t»iAie buuruno** i>t- r»ciur Krneat Pahn«r of Illinois "to bring: in u rt»in>rt which will Die' truo condition or tha Woodmen." Th«; \Voodm«u baa b^en under iiKiuli*y by the InsimtJiCc Uepuatiuent slnc« March. •r \ wa cni Improvemtmt in tie-uterfar; u> a -- i .' -- t to und, pa r boom- A 2-mll« jwved flat track, from 70 to 90 fwt wide, will lure thft greatest automobile race drivers in America tud Kurop* to^Lo* Angeba for Uu first content to be run Nov. 21 on the stretch, now being built at a emit of lUOOAWO, Arc U aa arti»t*f conception of the track, which aJao in designed for tlrpUne speed racing. InoUi aro Kuno^s. Oklahoma.. P«m- HylvanUi. \Vaahtngtou. Jiouth Uft- Uota. \Vl»oon«ln. Minnesota. an<I Y*r* glntn. OKKW UATKU IKSi KILKO FiXDLiAY, Ohto, Si»pt, &. (U. !>->-* A patent dcHMl b^ariutf tho data t and pouring the signature <rf Jacksvm, w«» pr*tr)tuc\l to I namhilU aneocK i*ounty for flUnir, Tlui deed, printed ivirchiaoni. eomeyud 10 UUe to a i&rcel of Ott *s / ' , • •-- * - "'"

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