The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 14
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THE KM) CAUFORNTAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8,1936 :A^5iA *5 EDUCATIONAL s HUMOROUS^ CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON DEER DO NOT GROW ANTLERS AS A PROTECTION AGAINST OTHER ANIMALS, BUT SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF DUELJLINGr WITH RIVAL. STAGS DURJNG THE MATING SEASON LETTERS O^ THC ACPHABCT CAN BE ARRANGED IN 620,448,401,733,230,360,000 DIFFERENT WAVS. WITH A POPULATION OF €> /W/LUC>M t HAS HAD ONLV &VE DEATHS FROM IN A TEN-YEAR. PEJ3JOP. t ,, tlt , YMUt uyiet. - -- iji" •' linn- ini.»mj.-MtMegemaggaBCatfJimMJmjfc OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS INC. /WILL NOU /TIOHTEKJ UP I ALL THOSE 1 UlD2>, WHILE \ L GET 5UPPER V^READV ? OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE, I T'S BEEVi IW 6HT OP MOTHS UPOKJ MV SIFTTO •BELOVEP CLUB. MY pwze TROPVAY TWE AMD MOST TEKOGOUS OF UOK15 LOOK ATT BEVY OF MOTU .' V4E 'e-AGcSEP THACT SiTUFFEP MOUWTAIM- LONS rr WITH A STONE KILLED BV MV j^i OWM SIDE GLANCES CLAHK THE GUMPS , Strategy! out ono thnt'H worth the effort it lakes lo Ret tip on my feel, nnd I'll look nt It." NOW, OLP PAL— REMEMBER WHAT I TAUCiHT YOU — ,. &ACK AMV MINUTE mi|.if '•'• ••'< .iv 1 ,! 1 ! I'l LlrfW ; ,;' • :: tr.l 'iW'' -f^M HE MUSTN'T KNOW WE'RE FRIENDS, PO VOU UNDERSTAND ? SH- HERE HE COMES. NOW/ tf ^ .'« . L* THAT'S THJ5 STUFF, Re«. U. S. P.t. Off. I t»J«, bjr <Mojt» Tribim-N. Y.. NV 8jrnjj_e«j«. Int. •BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ferdy Has a Job By MARTIN THE TINYMITES By HAL COCIIKAN FKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Idea By BLOSSER I CAW'T GET OSSIE TO DO ATWIKK3,FRECK! HE FIGURES THAT AWVTWING HE MIGHT DO ~r£i*\ WOULD HELP US GET HOME QUICKER !. f (READ IMC HHIIIY. THEN COLON tilt: ril.IUIILI lit S»»rlin) I "l'l,I< lip (ll« Illllllllll I'f ll'll- II, luvir himw fltilii." «<•«• IIIMHI , rl, ,1 "I'll tllllC' lll-IHI' l'n|l|l\ \\lll, IIH-. nil,I fttlr Dotty <'nn ''I'lni', !••«, "Tin- dtlii-r ihri-i- • nn HUM -KHUI.,! FLAPPER FANNY SAYS; two. u. •. Mrorr (>NU -%^ You makr n nionUov of .v fur utU'iilion. !•• i ih \v«' \vill Ituxi u ini'ii v finH. •|l l,i I n, v\ III |ii- i uii-iirril nil " IT vllh hno«. lio(iifi« wn'rn Ihroinflv" "\S - cll. vi,u \vlll' Thill Ix riTl»ll\, nil. l''ni ymi It'n KnliiR lo lin luoi mil," liiiiHln'i'1 1'i'l'l'V "Hill l<>t'n U"'"'P I in U'lirkliiK until llui funn nrri doiuv i '•Thurc Mill IB pli'lilv vvnrl, In il", mill imrl "f II I" ill' I" >•>»' "fwlll < lull.- I,lit jutit u Illll" \\hllc, llllil llu'll wr'll Hturl nlir fun " • * w Hn Ihi'y ki'|i( \voililiiK >"r " uhlln mill thru tall' (luMv, vvllli u snillo n\. '•IlllliH'tl. "'rhiM'r'ri lii'lhlliir UHit'i' til ill'. Km II Tlnv lull,' Mi. pill, i 1 . " riii- i«;v)iinui iiiii inn vrii KI< rhiMi' uniiwtiiilln wo will Blurt l« throw. I hopn ymi UulK urr I'lirtiful tiiul tliMi't j ximii.'U inn III tin' (nee." j "You'll hnvn to tiilin Uuvt i liiuu-'V 1 i KHHBii," Hiilil Windy. "H will bo a: IIIMI, Au noi'ii UH you throw OMB 1 kiiowliull, duck iluwn rlghl uvit »(! S'IHI Npo, If tlint'P llnno \ rtl'y C|UloU, : II rciilly I" " I'h'vi'i' irli-lt ,lu»t throw uuil ilui'li ami Ihi'inv uinl iliu'lt mid I llimw wlili nil your inlKlil " Tliun i'iun« tfio liftltlr I'lvoryono wiin bound that ho would |IIIM> mal fun in Jii:.t iihinii n mlnuto nuuw Imlln Milhil 'rounil nvcrywhcro, "Mv l.loi»dn»'MH," ^rlod tho ^ f ?^lltluo. ' 1 "You yoiliiindpr* turn Uunw IIUH to i throw. I'vn novrr nn-n m> iniifh NIIUW ! al en"- tiu\i> up In thi' nl|- ' | It wiidn't \ ory IOIIK until utio of th» Tillies Moppfil Iho Until by hhouiln);, 1 "Hoy. Ict'n rest n whll". Then \v« • run . i >liii I tiuuin " AiH'thrr, rrnin tli<- uih' 1 ! 1 f»u'l vophoil, "'lluil'w full' oniiucli, Hi upon \Vl»'ii . you ivuui in riiiitliiuiy, j,,)^ n lu | , v)> will Hlurt imulii. ' AMD THE QUICKER WE GST HOME, THE SOOKIEP* HE'LL OST BACK TO SCHOOL! THE OMLV P'S HE'S 1 OSSIE, WEVER MAKE: OF IWTERESTCD IW RASSLIWQ, ROUGH -HOUSE AWD WOT? THREE R'S., OSSIE? AMouhrr TO SOMETHING |W LIFE? DOWT *rt>U M V/ANT TO MAKE A NAME FOP TO BE PUMMV? HUH ! MAKE: A NAME ) FOR MYSELF/ ItoU'RE A 1ALKIWC3 TO OSCAR +~ ALOVSIUS MOK/TMOPEWCV PLETZEWBAUM AW 1 M3U ASX A QUESTION LIKE THAT!! THE BUNGLE FAMILY Help By HARRY J. TUTHILL Hear that babu upstairs hammering on the pipes," bocause I have the " water running in the bathtub/ ^ ,o soak thfi dishes.) u i r»v Of (, Listen to him. Ah how fd love to break him ' of that habit. Right here.Doodla, is where you. can do uour sturf in a big way. Throw a few hundred olts up through He's still hammering. Try again. Put all you've apt into a real ^' ' >' ''•

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