The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 1, 1950 iJLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS f, AGE TRMB Tlw tin** Stitf*r in U.S. — Disloyalty, Security Risks Are Not Alike By James SS-«rlow WASHINGTON, May 1. (ff) — There's a difference between a disloyal government worker and one who's considered a security risk. Disloyalty means )«st that. A se- jklty risk may be completely loyal W still be a danger to the nation's cafety. ' In some cases both are handled the same way by the government both are fired. In others, the security risk can keep a governmen Job. On disloyalty the lines are sharp and clear. Under the President' loyally program every person con filtered disloyal is lo be fired. He may be considered disloyal i he's a member of the Communls Party or if he belongs to organlza lions called subversive by the at n' the Commerce Department he might be moved to a non-sensitive ob. In the Agriculture Department where there's practically no security problem, he might not be considered a risk at tvH. A person whose agency wants to 'ire him because he's a security risk las no appeal outside the agency. Its decision Is final. It's different with a person considered disloyal. If his agency puts that label on him and fires him, he can appeal to the government's top group on loyalty: the President's loyalty review board. If that board thinks he's disloyal lie's finished. There's no other ap- tjcal. If the board clears him of disloyalty, he can be restored to hi job, or if his agency wishes, to a Ics. sensitive Job. torney general. IJnes Are Not siiirp But the lines are neither sharp nor simple on a security risk. There Is no single rule throughout the government for handling such a cane. In one agency a man miRht be classed ns a security risk. The same man In another government agency mftcht not he considered a risk at all. What happens to a man labeled a security risk depends on the kind of government agency hi which he works. For example: State Department officials say they act In the belief that everything which the dcoartment handles Involves national safety, or security. So in that 'agency, they say. every Job is considered "sensitive," more or less. That is: now, or sometime, It may Involve national safety, "•'s a little different In the com- ve department. Some, but not Elevators Run Again in New York Buildings NEW YORK, May 1. (/r>—Elevat- ors started running again today for weary apartment house dwellers as a four-day strike o' 12,000 service employes in 1.000 Manhattan buildings was called off. A wage-hour dispule between the AFL employes and the apartment landlords was sent to a fact-finding board late yesterday. Employes began returning to work immediately and ncvmal service was expected today in all the buildings. The strike affected some of the most fashionable'apartments In the city. L. Lindsejr, sewing machine dealer exks over the assorted "M* P|P«" he'll take to Athens, Tex., t* help rid that community of foyes. Lured out of hiding by his calls the foxes are then killed. Wilh this assortment ol horns, fashioned from cows' horns^ fountain pens and empty rifle cartridges, Lmdsey haj called "more than 500" foxes to their doom. ....... . f Slain Americans Buried in Java BANDOENG, Java, 'U.S.I., 1. (/!>)—The bodies of Yale all" of its work Involves national security. Some Jobs are "sensitive," some are "non-sensitive." Look at Jones Now look at what a security risk Is and what may happen to him. depending on the. agency where he works: 1. Jones, completely loyal, is n good worker, sober on the .lob. But at night, sometimes or often, he gets drunk and talks too much. In the non-sensitive agriculture department that might not innke much difference, as long as Jones did his work and kept out of trouble when drunk. In the Commerce Deportment, if Jones held a sensitive Job, he mipVit be considered a security risk: He mteht blab secrets when drunk. Tite Commerce Department could do one of two things: fire Jones on the grounds that he was "unsuitable" for government work; or transfer him to a non-sensitiv« job. But State Department officials i that if Jones worked there and U- considered » security risk, he'd May Uni- The icinporary settlement was announced by Arthur S. Meyers, chairman of the New York State Board of Mediation. The strike had cut off' elevator arid other essential services for more than 200,000 tenants. Telephone switchboard, heat, hot water garbage disposal and other facilities had been lacking since Thursday Meyer said cither side will be free to accept or reject the fact- finding board's recommendations. Demands made by local 32-B of the AFl. Building Service Employes International Union included a weekly pay increase of $2.75. x cut in the work week from 48 to 40 al)rt a pension-welfare plan. The union says present wages range from $43.50 to $50.32 a week. The landloards, represented by versity Professor Raymond Kennedy and Time and Life correspondent Robert Doyle, victims of an unidentified Indonesian murder gang, were buried here yesterday following simple funeral services. Several hundred Americans, in eluding u. S. embassy officials, and Indonesian and United Nations representatives, attended the graveside services in the European cemetery overlooking the city. The two Americans, police be lieve, were killed last Wednesday on a lonely stretch of highway b four assassins as they traveled un armed ill Kennedy's Jeep. the New York city Realty Advisory Board on' Labor Relations, hav contended that they cannot lake o any added expense as long as ren ceilings are in effect. • Ceilings continued as New Yo state today took over rent cbhtro from the federal government u a new state law. LET DREIFUS WATCH REPAIR EXPERTS FIX IT Don't put up wirt* o 1 thai it continually •** ping or running too ilo or loo fait. Ul oof )«« lory tiaTntd ««p»rt» p your watch ta good wot log oratf! but nev«r so fin« as this! priced so low with just 2 simple controls I.'crc's a low priced table model featuring a 10 inch, family- sue BROADVIEW piciure dim's sharper and steadier... thanks to Motorola's many exclusive new features. In a smart mahogany cabinet. 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Enjoy a demonstration 1<xlay - JiMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 301 East Main Phone 2487 nnEin.'s ltd) Bftifui . . . Wiar = 11, Al.'.i \i\l\ M rum m mum*, lutMnui M i NOW SEALY AND SCIENCE IRINQ YOU . (They say emnhatlcally they keep no known security risks or disloyal persons on the payroll, although Senator McCarthy, Republican of Wisconsin, says the place is full of them). " \ Smith Has Trouble J. Smith Is found to be a homosexual. He's completely loyal but because of his secret sex habits may some day run into an individual or group which would blackmail him. In the State Department, he'd be considered n security risk »nd let out. officials there sny. Officials of other government agencies, sensitive arid non-sensitive, told this writer they too would get rid of a homosexual on the .grounds that he was "unsuitable" for government employment, not Just because he was a security risk. \ Many other examples of security risks could be given. For Instance: Brown is loyal but his wife is related to a Communist. In the State Department that mi"ht class him as a security risk. IN HEALTHFUL COMFORT Sealy'i triumphant achievement... * scientifically designed mattress thai ii.correctly firm yet completely comfortable. •S-PRIVFNTS BACK STRAIN FIRM-O-REST ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESS THE HEW RHOUmONARY NO STOQPi&IG! NO with the exclusive OVEBi S AYE Yoar Temper aid b)lRstilliiftbeHll l/Ff-T/Mf Screen Frames je worr? tbo«l window KIM* • *rp!ng o«t oi •!**?» or filling to NCI BMd 70* br»«k yeni bftck Ithlni " . _.d. «f ALUMINUM. C««'l n"t. C.»"t warp. AIw>r« ht N»T*f a*«a p*S w.lgtl. S« •»• witlt •«••. Aad . . . w«ni)*rfnl m»w«t Alu«j«-rak h.E~ >r> prlcxl wllMi • ipllntar •! •^-[••lilon*d wood h«M**i But 70* g«4 •rcitoTD-mid*, c»ton-htt*tl f™n>*« OF AI.UMINUM1 rUin. 01 will" "• loi F»H 4.»o«ilt>tlo» . . . t*d.I Manufactured In Blytheville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. 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