The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 10
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'If i " V n't? 'I' \. •" , ' - 10 THE IJAKERSFIELD CALIPOUNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1938 MAINS TO SEEK OLD NET SAFEGUARDS GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE WORKMEN Origin of Tlicbun Kings Is Object of Search; Key to Hiiin.s Sunj4lil i{,nitrd Vrrtt l,rantd \\'lrt) I.ON'DON, Sept. f. •••Exrhvatlon to bo underlHkcn ishortly In iipl>or lOKypt are expected tn reveal origins of ll>" Thohan I<|OK» who con- i »iurrfd I'isypl In the second century ! VI. ('. Hi'lditlHtM In ch.'ti-Ke "f Iho j expedition liellnve. j Tim, Kfjypt Kxploratlon Society IB i HpoiiHorliiK Ihr r xciiyntlon«. j A recent dli«r(ivery nmy prove thn ! l<ny td flndliiK rrmnlnn of an olov- . cntl) djiniMiy templi' nl Arniiuit, thn orlRl'ii''' hnnie of the Thchnn lilliRB. ; Work Jim! coniiilMecl liy n pnrly undor lerirlei-Hhlii nf Sir Hohcrt Mond In upper Hgypl reunited In the din- rnvi-ry "f wnlls, nnd l>nrt "f n nt(mn stfilrwny ncnr Cli-npntrn'H niicrcd lake liy Arrnanl. ' A pylon WIIH uncovered I" tho south nf Armani ImlH '" celehrntn tlui vlrtorleH of Thothiiipfi III. On | It IH cnrvcd whiil IH hclleveil Io ho ' the flrHt rcprpfC'iiiiitliiii uf n rhl- noccroH found In K.Kyi't Another undcrtnklnK "f the Hlr ; flohert Mond pnrly dlwrloMcil curved IlmoHlonn hlorkH of th" i-li-v"iilh rind ' t\v«<Ifih ilynnNlIeK foiind In M Oreok . or Uornnn temple Seek Response to Treasury OITering Tnlnl miHHtfpH are reduced to a minimum for workmen on the Golden Gale Bridge with installation of n great net lu'nrnth the Htrucliire to insure ll be I UK I lie "Kiifent job in the world." The net, first of ilH kind to he tiNcd on coiiHlnirtion John. IH HWUIIK HO foci below (he brldgt* nnd IH dPHigncd to keen workmen from falling to the wnlorH of Him KriHiciuro Hny shoul<l tlicy nuilfo a nilHHicp on the dlx/.y hiMghlH of the Hteel work. I'rrx l,rnnvt IIMrr ' TON Sept flsr-nl ex port M eoelied f'.overn an eye todny. rem-tion to u Jdid.non.noft Offering r,f trenHiir> p boiuln. Of Hie toinl. J4nn,(infi nrin ,,r new ?n fn yenr '.'\ per rent olill^ritlnnn were offered for pnblle NiiliHiTlptlon fo V 1 "! new monev In ttie trenmirv'w <»HHb box nnd up In $r'U,1«fi,fi'in were nfforoil In exrhiiiifrr. for I "p per rent liotew runt iivlnit Hepli-inber 15 After mile of the bonds, the pnblle debt u III ellnib $4n'l.fiOO,MOO to nboiit Jn3.7fift0nfl.onn The KTOKH debt will then be nhoul jnoo. 000, 000 under the hl(?h In June, when borrowing for th« bonus WIIH In full nwliiR Wltli Ibe rerent government bond inrirket rhiilkln<r HII frecpient new penkn, Serreturv MorKonthnu told n pro«H ronferenee that "We have overj' roufion to believe" tbn rnlrV Hoptember flniinclriK "In KolriK to be Btir'rpHBful." Nonstop Trip to Mexico City Fails I 4 HHiirititt'tl /'rr*« t,rtiitf'l U'Jiry I,(>H AN'IKI.KH, Kept H Hlopped Ifi'i rnllen idiort of bin i;onl on nn iilli'inpterl nomilop rei-nrd fllKbl from I.OH Aliffeli'H to Mexlrn City. Waller M. HONK, Alrernft Coinpnnv pilot, pliinned to eontlniii' on to Hie Mexl- enn eapllul today I MH whip In u Nlnifle motored nt- hick bomber eoiiMlnii'led by the Air- plnlie I lovelopinonl CorpnriiI Ion, Iiowtiey. With a ineebii nlc, be left here Hocretly yeNterdity Demonstrate Sun Motor to Third World Power Group Reports Show Steady Upturn in Economic Conditions for U. S. Islands (United Fret* tifdicd \Virt) HONOLULU, Sept. 8. — Value of Hawaii's 1930 production of raw sugar Is expected to n.-ach |76,000,- 06o, based on current price averages, busliu-HH exports report. Haw Biigur shipments for the first Six inontlm of thn your totaled u.p- rroxlnmtely 500,000 nhort tons. Other bunlnosH IIOWM from the territory Indicate u highly prosperous yonr. Thn Hummer pineapple packing icason IH expected to glvo steady employment for three months or more to some 30,000 persons, above regular staffs In canneries and fields. Tho pay roll for these extra employes Is expected to roach $6,000,000. Pineapple packers In Honolulu recently Increased workers', wages C cents an hour. Territorial taxns collected In tho first half of the year exceeded those collected In tho corrr-Hpnnrllng half, or 1!);tr> by approximately $500,000. Unemployment relief lax oollec- tlons for the entire period In the unmo period Indicated an Increase of Homo $5,000,000 In wages, salaries find dividends, Now building In Honolulu In tho first six months of thn ye.ur was estimated to havo totaled $2,044,240. against $1,352,522 In tho corresponding period last year. Hrml ostato trnnnarlloriH In tho fli-Ht. six innnthH Involved land val- und at $4,2&4,340, compared with $2.447.35.") In thn like period of 1936. Origins of Slang Told in New American Dictionary (Annotated Pre»» tctuet Wire) \V/AMIIN<iT(iN. Sopl. ** Inr tniilnr." drlvlriK » tiinrtnlrit 1'rrnn I,noitnl Wire) K A "HO- llny HK.'iim Iml Ihe Kun'n NO OKCINION YKT NAN qi.'KNTlN, H«-p». 8. (A Prlwjn <pfflr|nlH hurt not di'dil '(lay whether to rulnni HrhrorU from Pi'triilt, where l n'Mcl'Tt'll Mllll Nllld I If Illlll V ! Illn lilirnlo. Hi Ill-tick, 41t, cntcr I prlflou .liniilfi.ry It, Mi.'l!!, (in 11 •rluirgo from I.HM AnRfl'ii, I MI M^vcn-yoiir term Mr MU 1 Hcplornlirr IS, lH.'Ifi. I'tiKlin- with iiu fiiH rnyH. wmi Imlli'd turtny liy drli-KUlcH In I lie third world power ronfi<riMinn IIM Ilin Key to nil nliiKiHl tinlhiill cd ll'eiiHlire liiMIH'i of energy. I >p|ii(>MHtnil«d lodiiy for the flrnl lime, Hie HUM iiiarhlri" WIIH developed dnrlMK n llfellin" rew.'iirrh by l»r. i'. II. Alibolt, Hi'eri'lnry of l.h(i Hnilllinonliiri liiMlltutli.n. It u'ltii cxii mined with Intt'fiHd In- Icri-Hl by eabliiei mlnlMl'TM. Helen- llnlH mid IndiiNl rliillMlii iiliinni; IIMHI) (leli'H'ili'H from !>'.'. IMlll'iliri. wllll : ripened tbelr WHM|OIIH y»nlen|iiy wllli u blnnl wiiriilnw llnil Hie end of Home oilier power renoureeH--pnr- llruliirly peliolenni IH nlrendy In NOIU in lli« limo to replace worn-out or Inferior qunlltr llrei with fmnntu Goodrich Safety Sllvertowni. Don't wait until you have n blowout to twitch to Silvertnwni. Act now—Jnrlou otir rmtlon.wlile cnmpnlgn auiilnnt uiiNiifc III ci. NO MONEY DOWN BOYS! LOOK ONLY Hcre'i doniflhlng crrry rt«l boy will w»nl. A rral Hounil-iir Uim, »lxnil 2$ frrt long — all •mtoneil and ready to twirl. They're jtiil like tlia regulation con'boy ropei Miul roiy to me. EVERY BOY WILL WANT ONE GOODRICH SEAT COVERS IS EASIEST ^CREDIT TOWN on guaranteed Goodrich Sllvertown Tires Y«i lirj Rverruite calx equip ltd mr "llh llime liinunni, (imi-tpinlllv lirci without pnvlnil n ulntflc penny iluwn nml wllhoui any i-rnllt ilc(»ll. Quick, nervice tn cvrryouc. MAKE YOUR OWN EASY TERMS No Red Tape • No Delay* C»«p» Wtll UlUrW ami «*tf t* t •Ull. N.»t, ((MftrUM* i l«at-n»rlnr. fl.fl * ROUND-UP SPECIALS WOK Pi»p CUanM 4} c Touch-Up Enamel 4i c Sun GoagUi. J9 e Flaihllghli 4Sc Light Bulb i<)c WTptf Blod>i 4 KLAXON AUTO HORNS At low I'.mrlul 4jntml« • I • * 111« htrni Uil |lr< •Itictlr* w»in- Inf iliml M all tImM. Goodrich Silverto\vn ores Twenty-flr»t and K L. J. BEN2INO pHICAOO, Sept. 8.—Thomas Jof- ^f ergon was cited today as the originator ot that oft-borrowed phraao— "holding the bag." The new "dctioniiry of American Kngllsh" credited him with first using It In a letter In 1793. Jotfcraoh, too, WM named the coiner of the word " Americanism," buck In 1797—the wamo year that John Jay contributed "AmerlcatjliSo" to thrt language. Oeorgo Washington was mentioned as tho first to u»o the noun "aver- ago" as a verb In tho volume, do- scribed as tho most comprehensive of HH kind and devoted to words or phrases which* apparently originated or gained usage In tho United HtatcH. Work on the dictionary has been In progress since 1920 under direction of tho lexicographer, Sir Willlam Cralgle. Words from "a" to "baggage" were Included In the first section of 110 pages, published today by tho University of Chicago press. Nineteen more sections were. sched- uled to follow within the next five years. Slang was excluded except whore It was par.t,of the accepted language of a period. The book WHS : restricted to words In U8o before 1900. Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Siowo were listed as "prolific founts of American words." The word detectives delved Into the books of obscure authors, old magazines, hallowed newspapers. .They concluded Americans "played fast and loose" with some of tho king's English. "Awful" was twisted from Its original sense of awe- Inspiring to such meaning'an "unpleasant" and "ugly" and employed OB tho equivalent of "very." "Around" was substlted for "approximately" In "around 3 o'clock" and for "revive" In " to come around," Frontier life was reflected In many uses of "back" In compound words such as "backwoods," "backlog," "back pay" and "backfire." The editors dug out 'ain't," studied It for a while, then tossed It back Into tho laps of the English. $10 LKADS TO JAIL, I.O.S ANOUM3S, Sept. 8. (A. P.)— Ton dollars which Mrs. Mary Jane Hunter, 75, said she paid to find a movie job today had landed Charles Wlll'lnms, 27. of Upland, In tho county jail, convicted of petty theft, lie was sentenced to 180 days. , » i » OOLU STHIKTC MANOUM, Okla., Kept. 8. (U. P.) Gold nnd Iron ore, graphite and fine deposits of gravel and sand have boon found In western Oklahoma in recent mineral surveys. I,AKE TEEMS WITH TROUT SALT LAKH CITY, Sept. 8. (U. P.)—Fisherman's paradise of this region Is Fish lake In Sevler county, 8DOO feet up In fo'resl covered mountains. It literally teems with six varieties of trout. 4 « > OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS TWICE TOLEDO, Sept. 8. (U. P.)—Mario Kusan wasn't present the first time her name was called at a local theater's bank night. A few weeks later she won |325 at tho same theater. Texas Drivers Show High io License Grading; 70 Out of 1500,000; Lose , (United P'rett LeateiWire) AUSTIN, Texas, •' Sept. 8.—First five months operation of the Texas drivers' license law has resulted In suspension of driving rights of only 70 of the 1,500,000 persons Issued driving cards on April .1. , Cards were Issued to all driver* without tests. Tho licenses are suspended for- three violations of specified traffic rules within a year..Suspensions or license revocations also follow negligent homicide while driving; conviction of an offense made a .felony In. the motor laws; driving while Intoxicated; failure to stop aYid ,ald after an accident; two convictions of striking a person while driving. " Two hundred drivers have had u. third of the license turned into the state safety department under the provision that three minor traffic law violations cause suspension. To fa»'.litato the record of such offenses, the licenses were Issued in throe sections with perforations between them. A convicting Judge or Justice of tho peace tears off one section 'and sends it to the .safety department. When the three have been sent in tho driver has no license. One Justice of the peace made quick work of the case of one offender. Ho convicted tho driver on each of three separate counts, tore of a section of tho license for each,' mailing all at once to tho state office. Doctor Abbot's demonstration machine, turned an enptlno of only one-bnlf horHepower, ho do- rl/ired tho Maine principle could ca«- lly bo usod on n. vast scale. If nil and ronl HUppllr-w fall, bo predicted, HUH motorH rnlKlit llwht (bo world's liomeH and drive lt« factorleH. li'nr more Ihnn a century HclontlHtH bnvfi been tryltiK to harnoss sun bcHinH, but Ur Abhol'H device In said to bo tho flrHt to oporato with an efficiency comparablo to other motors. Thn basic. deMlp;ii of Iho solar heater won relatively Hlmple. Three curved metal mlrroi-H foeuHed tho Him'H rays on K|IIHH tuben contillnlnB a black liquid of Npi>elul cbemlcul compoHltlon. lleateil to 400 ilogronA falirenlielt by the conc'i'iilraled beams, the fluid pn.NNed tbroiiKb a boiler which Ken- ernled enoii|,'b wteum to run Ibe Hliinll eiiKlue. l>r. Abbot foreniiw nporlal imofiib j MOHH for hlH Invention In arid ro- | gloiiH, where. Hiiiuililne would l)n "on j lap" at virtually all HCIVHOIIH. tnex I poiiHlvo HUH motorH mlKhtjhn imcd, | ln< Hiild, for piimptnK IrrlKiitltm j water. ri'frlKerallon, air condition- IIIK and cuiddng. Ilia KiioHlH at tho demonstration mentioned the poHHlblllty of Kliuit. hiHtiillnlIOHH In dOHortH, converting thn HUH'H enerny Into electricity to HITVO dlHliinl dllefl. Owner of 50-Room | Beach Home Dead! I.Adl.'NA IIKACII, Sept. 8. —Mrs. ' I.ucri^lii A. I'yno, whuHc fiO-room ] llODIC \VHH U Hll(l\VplllC(l llf IillKUIIH '• Ilciich, IH deiid lit the iiftd of UU. A former of V(<rmllllon j rounty, llllnolH, and Sioux City, lowii. Mi'H. I'yne cnmo Io <'iillfornla ,'l.'i yciirH HKO. Her nuiDHlon lioro wnn prenented In lii'r on Mnthnr'H iluy, I'.KIfi, by her son, VVnltor K. Pyno. li'iincnil Hcrvlci'H will he condiictod Krldny at Satiln Ann. I PeaceI'ul Solution j of Labor Aims Seen {Aitnrlatril /'ITU l,cair<t \\'irr > NI'!\V YOUK, Sopl. R.- -Miitlbow j \\'oll, vlc.n pro.sldent of tho Aniorl- i can Kodcriillon of Labor, prcdletod u : peaceful Hell lenient of lubor'H tn- . ternal problenin, and called for a i haute unllv aiming \iurlilnniueii to acbleve (bill peace " "I tor one rofiiMo to bellovo I ba-t 'the retiourccs of the labor community have been e,\handled and thai It ; In hupo.MMlblc to find a formula for I oimMliiK. (Burnout and hlnccrc men on liotb fililoM In worU out tbo prnldemn i of labor luctlcH within tho IIOUMO- ! hold of labor,"^ho said. : \Vnll exprcHHed rcjfret that tbo '(incfitlon belwoen craft unlonlHin, IIM I upheld by I'reHldent \Vllllitm (Ireen. hind IniluMt I'lal unlonlMin. advocated i li> .Inliii I.. I.ewlH ami bis ('unimli. i leu for IndiiHlrlal < iruitnlKiilIon, "|IMM nl no (line lieen a H|mpli>. clear cut : IMHUO," but IIIIH "iilwuyH IH-OII over- j ubiidowed hy other and immowhat | more doubtful IMMIOM," Beautiful EFFICIENT • Dependable Phono 723 BUY or RENT Lowest Term* Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H $35,000 Worth of Magnificent Furs m Selected Coats On Sale Wednesday September 9 Through Saturday September 12 Only the Finest of Pelts from the rceogni/ed Inir Spots pi' the World have gone into the making of these coals. They have been made by skilled Curriers who understand the true art of hand crafting. Hudson Seal $259.50 Minks $199.50 Ermincttc $89.50 to $1.29.50 Pony $229.50 Alaska Seal $550.00 Persian Lamb $329.50 to $525.00 Jap Weasel Coats $275.00 to $425.00 Dyed Ermines $425.00 to $550.00 Golden Ermines $425.00 to $450.00 Lapins $59.50 to $99.50 Indian Kids $99.50 to $159.50 Black Lamb Caraculs.. . .$299.50 to $595.00 KafTa, Eel Gray and Black Chinese Kid Caraculs .. v $79.50 to $399,50 Silvertonc Muskrats $299.50 Natural Muskrats $149.50 Squirrel Lockes $129.50 to $159.50 National Seals $69.50 Mink Gills and Ermine Sides $279.50 Platinum Broadtails with Squirrel and Wolf Collars ,$129.50 Black Persians $379.50 to $675.00 Natural Squirrels $249.50 i «*»., Without Charge Scarfs and Neck Pieces Silver Fox Scarfs $99.5Q to $199.50 Red Foxes $29.50 to §79.50 Kolinsky Scurfs $39.50 to $99.50 Natural Gray Kid Caraculs $249.50 to $329.50 Fcutherlitc Beavers $525.00 liaum Martens $89.50 to $165.00 Stone Martens $109.50 Summer Storage Yearly for Any Fur Coat Bought from Us—for* as Many Summers as You Wish ON DISPLAY TWO GENUINE EASTERN MINK COATS INSURED FOR $1500-$2500 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE IT IS THE STORE BEHIND THE SALE THAT MAKES THAT POSSIBLE

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