The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 9
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CALIPORNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 -'- O, •n-in-Law Is Charged Intent to Murder Hari*y E/Byrum, Rail Man *'-..,• • V, (Aa&eiatcd Prw Ktabtd NQHWALK, Conn., Sept. 8. rHftrry B. Byram ( 72, retired railroad executive* and Don Burdlck, 36, aon-livlaw accused of assaulting Mm, were recovering today from the effects of shooting and automobile •accident. Dr. Harry H. PhllHps said By ram, retired president of the Chicago, Milwaukee, 8t. Paul and Pacific Rail road, who was shot in the head in his mansion in Westport, and Burdlck, New York broker charged with "in tent to murder" hta father-in-law, had made "rapid improvement." The physician said By ram prob ably would be able to leave tho.hos-- pltal Xvlthin a week while Burdick, held under $100,000 bail, probably will hive recovered sufficiently to leave his bed In two .Weeks. Prosecutor Earl H. Jagoe asserted the state was prepared to prosecute Burdlck. To reports that the former railroad president intended to refuse to prosecute hie son-in-law, Jagoo said; "Hd hasn't got anything to say about it." f Burdlck received a fractured skull in an automobile accident 12yiioijrs after hia father-in-law waa shot. Po'- lice withheld questioning him at tho advice of Doctor Phillips. Sergeant Irving T. Schubert of the state police declined to dlscUHs a possible motive and neither Mrs. Bur- dlck, nor her two small children, cduld throw any light on tho shooting, the authorities said. Sergeant Schubert said the shooting upset plans for By rain's marriage to Mrs. Frances Evans, 40, of New York, the couple had planned to go to New York Saturday and be married. FOX OMEDY PRINCIPALS FILMING OF NOVEL 10 BUM UP Federal Reserve Survey Is Encouraging; Total for Week Highest Yet -: t"-\ •K* n i T. ONE DAY ON MATINEE 2: T h 1 f 'ili^Li *v-'-: Fay Wray, Chester Morris and Raymond Walburn S HOWING at tho Fox through Wednesday Is a fast-moving comedy, "They 'Met in a Taxi/' with four of the gayest noniudy stars heading the cast such as Fay Wray. Cheater Morris, Raymond Walburn and Lionel Slander. The main attraction showing Is the historical authentic novel by Samuel Hopkins Adams, "The Gorgeous Tlufisy," which deals with such characters as Andrew Jackson, Doly Madison, Daniel Wob- ater, Henry Clay and other famous characters of 125 years ago. tlead- ing the cast is Jonn Crawford n« the fHHaUous Peggy O'Neal, Hob- crt Taylor as "Bow" Tlmborlake, Lionel Barrynioro as Andrew Jackson, Franchot Tone as John Katon and TMclvyn Douglas an John Randolph. Radio Programs Tonight KOO-KPO—National Breadcattlno Company—8uppll«» proprami to: KFI, KCCA, KfSD KGW. HEX. KOMO. KHQ. KJR. KQA. KOA, KOHL, KDYL, KQIR, KTAR, KFRC-CBB— Don Lee ntid Columbia—Suppltek program! to; KHJ, KOS. KDS. KMJ, KQW KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI. KSL. KOIN, KEPY. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. lloyal Texjins. WCXAT — Hecordln&s; 5:15, Mac Himself. KXX—Dick Trncy; 5:15, Maurice's Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KEKN and network—Camel Cara, van. W-OXAI—KerordiiiKH. KNX—Buddy and attiRer; 6:45, Jack Armstrong. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKRN and network—Camel Caravan. W6XAT—News Flashep; G:15. Dinner Concert to G:4r». KNX—Travel and Dramas; 6:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. K1CRN ami network— March of Tltno; CMS, Happy Unys. WGXAI—6:45. SkotrheH In Melody. KNX—Betty TJorden. Peter Kent; 6:45, Tanjaro Tlmr. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. K10RN and network — William Hard; 7:1B, Renfrew of Mounted. W6XAT—Lot's Danco; 7:15, World Dances. KNX — Klmcr Goes 1 lolly wood; 7:15, Maureen O'Connor. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KI311N and network—Laugh With Ken Murray. W6XAI—Kublnof f, Virginia Ron ; 7:45—Cecil and Sally. KNX — Nowlyweds; 7:45. King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKRN and network — Wiring's rennsylvuiilans. WGXAI—Hollywood on Parade; 8;in, Frank AVatanabe. KNX—-Echoes of Stage and Screen; 8;lD f Voico of Hollywood. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KERN and network—Dick Stabile Orchestra: 8:45, Corner Store Philosopher, WGXAI— Home Folks; 8:45. HI Hilarities. KNX—Musical; 8:45. to bo announced. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KKUN and network—Old-Ape He- volvlnif Kund; 9:15, Carl Schrel- ber UrchPKlrn. WfiXAl—Nnwx Plashes; 9:15. Pop Contort to 0:45. KNX —News; 0:15. Jay "\\ Orchestra to 0:45. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKRN ami network—Jftn SAN FRANCISCO, Sept, 8.—Bank loans to business Increased sharply in tho twelfth federal district during the week ending September 2, tho Federal Ueservc Bank ot San Fran- cluco (Hsclosed today. A statement issued by the bank showed loanrt made by reporting member banks in seven cities of tho district totaled $376,000,000 compared with $867,000,000 for tho AVeek ending August 26, nnd 1358,000,000 for the corresponding week last year, Demand deposits totaled $S39,000 ( 000 compared with $857,000.000 the preceding week, and time deposits to- I talcd $1,028,000,000 compared with $1,026,000,000. Payments of funds by twelfth district banks to other districts for their own and customers accounts totaled $20,100,000 morfl than all commercial and financial transfers of funds into the twelfth district during the week. Some offset to the commercial loss of funds by tho district banking structure during tho week resulted from payment into tho district by tho United States treasury of $8,200,000 more than was collected locally. . At the muno time, however, local j demand for currency increased, a factor which tended to reduce deposits as well as rowervo of banks. .Reserve balances of both members and nomnrmber hanks declined. Tho slate chamber of commerce reported chocks cashed during tho week in the nlnte'R 15 principal rlt- IPS totaled $522,017,000, a notable gain over tho corresponding week last year, when the total was $394,713,000. * 1IOMK MADE TISIJSSCOl'K TULAUI3, Sept. 8. (U. I 1 .)-—A. t., Pursoll of Tulnre has finished a $650 telescope at a cost of only $75 from dlficurded auto parts and tho glass from a Rhlp's porthole. The instrument. 7G Inches long, magnifies 240 times. ;- .3 V - L< THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE BE- TWBEN BOOK COVERS BECOMES THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT WITHIN THEATRE WALLS! AtL TUB GLO»fc*GlftDUNG ROMANCS. CotOK ANO tttfttuj PACKCO IN THB 1,224 PAGES OF t*m OtOANTio BBIT-SIU.EH. HAVB BRBN CAUGHT »v WAkNtft B*o*. IN 412 SCCNBI. ENACTED IY 2,64ft PLAYBM-AS UNPAKALLRLBO SCKEBN ACHIKVCMSNT THAT MATCHO THB TOWBWNG STATUAB or TMR BOOK, WARNER BROS. Pwent •• / ^ *" A " - • \ . ? \ FredHc March and Olivia dcllavtlland TjMiEDUlC March and Olivia do• Havllland at ihft Kilo theater tomorrow for one day only in the Warner Bros.* production of "Anthony Adverse,*' bustd on tho Hervoy Allen novel which has been road by more than three million pooplo. With a coat of more than players and taking two hours 2000 and 15 minutos to unreel, "Anthony Adverse" is said to bo the predominant screen achievement to date. Two performances will bo given tomorrow, a matinee starting promptly at 2:20 and an «vo- nlhg showing starting at 8:20. Tickets arc now on sale and may bo purchased or reserved at tho Nile theater box office. - 1 HERVE9 flLLEN Tw e res ooked by Rialt Starring, in tk9 Mr of Anthony A n I for M FREDRIC MflRCH SHE DANCES Two splendid features comprtno "The Cnne Affntnut Mrs. Amos," tho double bill oponinff a 3-day win I murder drama taken from n real-Hfo today at tho Ulalto theater. "Tho story, closes Its run at tho Uox thoa-i tor tonight on n doublo bill with | nnothor of "William Hoyd's popular' llopalong CnKRldy western plcturoH. Madeleine Carroll nnd George Brent havo the leads In thn ploturo of tho nuirtlor trial of Mrs, Amos, accused WGXA1 — 9:4 Ilhvtlim nnd Ro- KXX— 0:45, CrcK-ltet Family. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN— World lit Hoviow ; .Jimmy Doraey (^ruhQ^trn. WOXA1— All Hcquost T'rogram. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. W6XAI— All Uoquf-st Program. 10:10, Prrfeot Oontlomun'* Is nn M-G-M spoclul, starring Frank Morgan, in which ho glvea tho finest performance of his rareor. Thero Is a strong supp,ortlnft cast nnd an excellent story. "Bunker Bonn," second feature, is based on tho famous book by Harry J>on Wlltton and tho Htage play of the same name. Owen Davis, Jr. nnd T.oulso l.aUrnor havo tho lead- Ing roles In thin story of a youth Buffering from (nn) Inferiority complex who seeks ndvleo of a nrywtal gazer, to find from whom ho linn been incarnated. Tho rrysial trazor tolls him he wan Nnpoloon. Tho fun BtartH when Beun returns to tho office \vhoro ho Is employed MS a stenoKraphor and sets about to ro chilm himself with the complex, » John of killing her husband. I DOORS OPEN 6:46 KV/A OfArr vfttt CtMratfJ Cfun-efttra OLIVIA dc HAVILLAND ANITA LOUISE DONALD WOODS ..... EDMUND GWENN . , . CLAUDE RAINS .... Louis HAYWARD . . . Gale Sondcrgaard . . . Steffi Dunn , » Billy Matich ...» * Akim TamiroK « * . . Ralph Mnrtfon . . . , Henry O'Neill ............. DIRECTED BY MERVYN LERO\ >• * Y. •**. *t at Mar it asDonLtiit . . at \tlfta ft Tftt Bay Anttieny . «t Crtr/0 Ciho L I ? nvestigators to Turn Over Badges (United PrC*« Ltttfcd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8,—Edwin N. Alhftrton, chief police graft Investigator, and three of his assistants will turn back their "special police" badges tomorrow, he announced today, following revelation by Chief of Police William J, Qulnil that tho badges had been issued them. A therton expressed indignation when Informed of tho fact that he, Howard Phllbrick, David Hall and John Nicholas had been mac^e special policemen had become public knowledge. Ho said the move, which would have allowed tho men to vnako raids and arrests and carry guns, had no further value. WETTEST SPOT HONOLULU, Sept. 8. (U. P. Mount Waialealc, "wettest spot in the United States," located on the Island of Kaual, received 499. Inches of rain in 365 days. IN COMEDY I "^ » k • t *-,**, • IP /I. » • • - - \_' • - L • . ' » * " - Shirley r pMUKr-: grand attractions make J- up tho program now at tho Fox California theater. Tho first la Shirley Temple in hor durllnff- est picture "Tho Poor l.lttlo Rich Girl." There'* a dandy CHHI too, Including Gloria Stuart, Alice Fnyo, Michael Whalon. Jano I->ar- wcll and Tlcnry Armettu, Tho Bocond fpaturo Is the hilarious "Earthworm Tractom" starring Joe K. Brown with Junes TruviM, nnd Guy Klbboo. TuUon from tho Saturday Kvoning Post morion that mado millions laugh, the picture IH even funnier. The third attraction on the program IB tho Mickey Mouse cartoon in techni- color "On lee." Fox Movietone News completes the program. SOVIKT 1IONOHS MOSCOW, Sept. R, (IV P.>—The SovKM Rovornment has ronforrod upon 430 StHkhanovUm and oxeou- UVOH of tho Sovlot food Industi-y tho hlghont awards of the Soviet union -Ordorn of t.onhi. Red Uannor of l.*nbor nnA the "HadKo of Honor " NARROW KSCAPtt HUHLINC;TOK. Knn., Sept. s. (U. P.)--William Ulsblff lost lite balance and foil head first into a binder ho was running. A painful wound In his left hand Was Ills only Injury. BAKERSFIELD FRIDAY SEPT. TULARE AND KENTUCKY 6T8, RAW FORD JOAN ROBERT TAYLOR LIONEL BARRYMORE QLA EY ET TAX *-.f -,^ j*^? 1 ^?j* K'iri? f " v.u•* '*V^, . v . 16-22 Suff m Arthrit THE FAMOUS ENGLISH FORMULA -.' Ginuinu Irving Cobb and Jano Withers Is Now Available In the United States 1 "' ^ ri • Imported dfrectlyfrom thA pr|vtte laboratory of aphy$ic(an In Belfast, lr<Und, Genuine RO-MARl U widely uied with fine success in Great Britain. ' • MR. LIONEL BARRYMORE, beloved screen ttar t writes;' in my «*J>«rfence h« been so amazingly hel^/u(." t MR. HUGH WALPOLE. world-f»mou$ novelist, writes; "Within q month I u/oi fllmolt entirely well. The Arthritis ju//crm of the United States are to be congratulated that you are making RO-MARI avail» able in America." j h • Pretcribtd by eminent phyildftni of the British Empire, Genuine RO-MARI U deilgned is in ilk|linc solution to strike at over-add condition*, so often the cause of Arthritis and allied painful crippling ailment*. You owe It to youtulf to Investigate. P EPPER," Jane Withers' newest comedy now playing at tho Nile theater, promises to ho tl.o greatest hit in the mischievous miss* succession of triumphs. Irving S. Cobb and Slim SummervUle, two of filmland's most popular fun- Hteru, aro featured with Jane, with the cast also Including Dean Jagger, Muriel Robert, Ivan Lcbeduff and many others. In "Popper" Jano plays a wln- (low-buHtlnK, Hhln-klcklng, tomato- throwing half-pint Robin Hood of lower New York whose pranks have tho entire neighborhood In a constant uproar. The companion feature on tho name program l« "Yellowstone, 0 a drnniatJc mystery romance pro(hired by Universal pictures In tho TarnouB National Park bearing- tht> same namo, with ft cast of notable favorites Including Uaymond Matton. Andy Dovlne, Henry Hunter, Htar of "Parolo." Judith ."RarroU. lialph Morgun and Alan Hair. IF YOU SUFFER Gtfiit/nt HQ-MAKI NOT c Exaus/my KIMBALL & STONE "> - \ Nineteenth and Chester '•I* Special 50c Dinner ALSO Be Lpe 75c Dinner Boat Meats j Fresh Garden Vegetables Charcoal Broiler BakenMcld's Finest Cafe t. Francis C 1717 Cbeiicr Avcooc (Altft 3fte to nth, I LYD BEAIfY LOW EXPENSE STREET PARADE TWICE LAST TJMK8 TONIGHT 2 ACE FEATURES CONTINUOUS TODAY AFTER 7 and 9 P. M. ^ • ACK ACAIH u PLUS "YELLOW8TONI RAYMOND HATTON ANDY OtVINE RALPH MORGAN For NOW ^ -r f I I IB I T — ^^^™ HURRYI TICKETS NOW ON SALE Conv«nlenc«i R«$trv«d Tickets Mutt Be Picked Up S Before Performance* AT THE COOL Hour* TOMORROW NIAR •- •- ^ — — — 947 YOUR FAMILY THEATRE Ynuf GRAND HITS ft«tervad and Adm!»tl6n Tickets on Saltt Clrcut Day at Klmball & Stont, Drugs, Iflth and ChMter Shirley TEMPLE '-POOR LITTLE RICH OJRL" Joe E. BRO "EARTHWORM TRACTORS" Gold. Medal Quality EMMETT HAYES. Distributor 1920 " Street FREE DELIVERY Phtni That Superior Beer F-'. GUITARS 7 Small TayinenU PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY \ t MnMfenHi Ht. N DIGEST I ON "doesrit live here any more I take 1 Carter;* UttJe liver PUI before t »fl«r tOtaU and get rfliet. C*-.M.C«. Penney Company Invite* akersfleld Boy* and Qlrlft to Attend Their BACK OOL ph»$t« VIE 01. PAINLESS BARKER ^i j - ^.i^* ft ^* Saturday 10 a. m. Sipt. 12 thi Fox Thiatir j _ ' ! "' i t _- A C<>inpU»»«tarr **\ -i -.* i r i. * '..r i< i^fU^ff^f^f^t^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^*^z^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^w GRANADA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ TttMPUC ^CAPTAIH JANUARY 1 * nd ZAN« ORRY Woi«r« "OtStRT QOLD" Alio N*w» *nd Cartoon PA1NL DENTIST 20th and CHESTER AVENUt BAKIRSFIELD L f : ' » ' ' , * ' ' ' f f . PRINCIPAL PACIFIC COAST ClfUl * --' , ^ • •i. ^ - • '• • ' V ' .'.,. , ..... .,--•' • '•-, V- 'v ; -- '-: L '' L: ; -.-cV • •-. - 'i - i ^ "">'•'>'-4V- w '-'"' V" * » 1 •- , -. , . . J 4 ', • r- ' -, . • : - i';^> ,->^-. --'••' 1 ^ >"'--'•• . --*-:\ '•"•-/- /'< ":* ' . -- "-• r^**. * <l - 4~ i^ . I -• - I f m |t- X-'- • - h : * ' - i "-- -•'•-.'. • -" ^ V /' * < ' - - - /'" " .'. • * , i' > '\,^'.-\.) *..Vjf*Ai* *'•>,- -5.^, •:••;;• , . :•'\;\-'•'•'.--} •,"•';•,':-'= _>-' -',,.' -''VS-*tf ' *•.;,* ; -'-.'-;,--^-'^l ; %',; -/, ..' .'••• >.. '*•:•£ r - -V-^i\-^/^^ * i 'i^"','^-^4., 'V' ^'^^•V^ l ^^^ ^^:;^&'s&ltf_^ 4 - : -.' .1 ' '•'• ' • - • . -i •\ 1/ >*~--- .-, :•-- . .^-^ 1l ^v'^ "XV- -•'-•'"" Vi.:n-r^ r /^^-^vt^V.':;:X -^'>- -feA/'.i.f'VJjt * •-tf^rJ-S*.i^ s- *> t *^ t *--*?-*\v^Wi&i&&£w-&'*'-:>*'\^^

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