The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 25, 1996 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1996
Page 6
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AB FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1996 SCIENCE THE SAUNA JOURNAL BREAST CANCER Genetic test predicting breast cancer to be offered $2,400 test is latest to bring consumers rapid findings of disease; causing genes By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Even as evidence of discrimination based on individuals' genetic makeups arises, a company announced Thursday that it soon will sell the most comprehensive genetic test yet to predict breast cancer. The $2,400 test is the latest entry in a race to bring to consumers the rapid discoveries of disease-causing genes, even though patients are struggling with the ramifications of learning they have such genes when there's little they can do about it. A study published in today's edition of the journal Science found that some 47 percent of people asked on health insurance applications about genetic diseases were subsequently rejected for coverage. "This is what genetics is all about right now, this contrast between rapid and exciting scientific advances that carry enormous promise to alleviate suffering... and yet the potential for this information to be used in ways that injure people," warned Dr. Francis Collins, chief of the federal Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project, the government's massive effort to identify the body's 80,000 to 100,000 genes, is trying to bridge that gap, spending $8 million next year alone to study the ethical and social implications of genetics research. Scientists already have found genes that, when mutated, can cause everything from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. The government has not yet decided whether or how to regulate such tests. A task force funded by Collins' genome program now is writing rec- ommendations that could help decide the question by spring, as well as push for federal legislation to forbid genetic discrimination by insurance companies. But the market isn't waiting. On Oct. 30, doctors can begin ordering from Myriad Genetic Laboratories Inc. a $2,400 test that for the first time promises to detect every known mutation on two genes, called BRCA1 and BRCA2, that can cause inherited breast or ovarian cancer. Previous tests have detected only a handful of mutations. human gspes eiiwi&w be seed • dn the internet this map v/t pinpoints tht locations of . * 16,000 genes packed onto the body's chromosomes. v The Internet address is ...... http$wmnebi.nlm.nih,gOY/SCi y , ENC196/ , TNASA Astronaut wants a ballot NASA trying to e-mail ballot to Blaha, who is on Russian space station By The Associated Press CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA is scrambling to get a ballot up to the Russian space station for U.S. astronaut John Blaha, who won't be back on the planet until after Inauguration Day. The 54-year-old Texan, who arrived at Mir on Sept. 18, missed the opportunity to register for an absentee ballot for the presidential election because he was training in Russia, said NASA spokesman Rob Navias. NASA is working with local, state and federal voting officials in an attempt to e-mail a ballot to Blaha from Texas by way of Moscow. His response would come back the same way and would be encrypted to ensure a secret ballot. But it's still up in the air as to whether everything can be worked out by Nov. 5, said Phyllis Taylor, director of federal voting assistance. "I don't think I'll be able to vote, but I'll tell you this ... President Clinton has done a great job in the past four years," Blaha said Thursday in a space-to-ground news conference. "I didn't vote for him four years ago, but I think he's done a great job and I'm all for him. "I also think Bob Dole did a great job in the U.S. Senate. So both men are doing very well, and I hope we'll keep the spirit of everybody together and work to try and improve America." Blaha, the replacement on Mir for record-setting astronaut Shannon Lucid, is supposed to return to Earth in late January on space shuttle Atlantis. T SPACE Sewage tanks may hit limits Cargo ship scheduled to remove waste on Mir has been delayed By The Associated Press MOSCOW — Spacesuits with hose plugs? ; Unless engineers can figure out what to do with excess human waste on Russia's orbiting Mir ipace station, the Russian-Ameri- 'can crew may soon be living with fc pretty foul odor. \ Yuri Semyonov, chief designer for Russia's Energiya space engineering company, says sewage tanks on the Mir are reaching .their limits because a cargo ship that was to have removed them has been delayed, the Izvestia newspaper reported Thursday. The launch of the Progress M-33 cargo ship was delayed this month because of booster problems. 'Funding shortages have cut back •Russian rocket production, and 'cargo ships now visit the Mir less frequently. ] The next one isn't due until next month. ! The cargo ships dump Mir's 'sewage in space — something Mir 'isn't equipped to do. • Semyonov said engineers have 'come up with a possible tempo- :rary solution: having the crew stir the sewage. That would be smelly, tout would reduce its volume. • "Perhaps the only inconve- 'nience is the presence on the 'spaceship of an American astronaut, whose lifetime of experience ;has not prepared him for such ex- jfoeriments," Izvestia wrote. f The Mir's current three-person 'crew includes American astro- friaut John Blaha and Russian cosmonauts Valery Korzun and •'Alexander Kateri. ==2Sfc !' -V TODAY ONLY! 12 NOON TO 10PM! Warehouses are Overioadel.Stores are Packed.Jt's All Gotta Go! Friday Only get "Refrlgeratorsj Washer's! DiyeriCamcordefe, Big ScreefeIlTOAL|QNSAL& )lv!:> --V. 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