The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 8
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iHB BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1036 Senior Represrntnlive to Supreme Temple Will Speak Wednesday Mr.i. K. n, Knllorh. fi'iilor rr-prf sontatlvc to Kuprr-inn Tempi" 1 . 1'yth- ; Ian HlBtri-n. In Detroit in AIIKIINI. will j present n report Wi'dnemlny nlKlit,! when inenilifi-K "f Siinwel T''in|>I'' convene in K of P. hull on Luke Htroet. Mrs. Hlanr.lifi Knloy, most <'X ccllont chief, will preside. Mr«. Kiilloch wnn joined In the enst l>y lier son. !•'. rinnijulph Knl- Inch, ,lr , nnd the I wci drovu hoim- via Vrlli>wnlf>n" Nall"intl I'nrk, ) \VaBhlnplon. ( ireffnn and 111" lied- ' woc«l lilfiliwny. I She unx HWII.V iliri«< weokn. j Mrs. Knlloeli will lirenent nil nffl- i cial report nt Ki'Miirl tempi' 1 In Mny ! at licafl'iutirii i.•• In I" Inter. ! Teachers' Club i Holds First Meet | on September 28 pO-OPEUATFON will he the ^ theme of llnkersflold Teachers Club for 1930-1037. the first mcct- IHK of which will be held September 28 nt 4 o'clock in. the auditor- luni of Kincrnon School.. MisH Vlr- Binia Gotehell will preHldc. Miss Evelyn Cnvnln. pro|{rnm rhnirmnn, will iirrnnue n miltahlu proRram nnd comniiltcoH will be nnnouncGcl for the punning term. The club meets monthly on the third Monday; a club council convene* the first Monday of every month. HACK FROM 15A8T Mr and Mr«. Arllmr Owen, 2211 K Mi-cot, nnd their daughter Laverm- nnd "on Arllmr, .Tr,. have returned from n throe-week motor trip uhli-h took tliPin to Kaunas <~'lty, MM , and in i-ltlcH In Kansas and the. middle we'll Thpy returned home liy way "f Moulder dam. Young Wasco Couple Weds in Beautiful Church Rites {Rpedal to The Caltfornlanl BETTYANN'S KNOCKABOUTS THE NEW SHOES THAT WILL "CLICK" ON THE CAMPUS $ 3.95 EXCLUSIVE WITH BROCK'S Stride into your cnm]His and sporl lifo with low heels that nrc not only important from n fnsli- ioii nntfU 1 , but tliut nrv roii|{h and ivndy In MO places. The kind of spurt shoos lluil tfive your wardrobr Ihft rifibl kind of "«wag- gor" . . . flivo your foci Iho tfraco of com fort, nnd give your purse a ploasanl surprise. • n • COLORS HI tic Gray lirown (Hack (irocn Html LEATHERS Smooth . . . Hough and Combinations BROCK'S STREET FLOOR SHOES J5SSScWWW»iS I Enroll Now and Save $25! Hiring Till* Ad \VHIi Ymi to del Urilui-lliiiil Among Ihc iiutny nirrcrs Unit nrc oprn Indny In nni- hitious women, few nrc more inlcivslinn, more prnl'il- nhlc, or offer n nivnler future Hum Unit of HI'.Al I'Y (',1 l,Tl HI 1 '.. The demiiud for skilled operators exceeds the supply. Our ^nuluiiles slep into perinimcnl, profitable jobs. Investigate uo\\. ,U/ ItrnnrlifH of t'liHiiH'tolitfiu Tnuultt I>U Skilled, Lifrnited Instrnrtom Our HI-HI Kccdmmcmltitiiin: Slnti< Itimril Final I'Aaminntlniis AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL Age of Admission, Place of j rU'tfislrution, Bus Service | ICxplaincd by Executive Information In i-esponso to numcr-! our Inquiries concerning ncliool open- i Ing wan compiled today by L. 13. i Chenowcih, i-lly superintendent of j scliooln HP mild that children may \ Miroll nt the school Iti the district i they wish to attend oven if j , In another section of the. city aii IKT- • ; tnlKBlon blankn will bo available ul all i tho buildings. Thin will permit principals lo grant HIIP.II permit)' slon, liiHl.nn.rt of | ho ro<|ucsln being ; filed ui ihn school liGiidtiuurtern. j | I'upllH will hi; admit led lo en.eli build- j : Ing's capacity und n redistribution I , of nltfindiinci! will bo triad'i only to I , inllcvr: rivr-ri.Towdod condllloiiH, It la! announced. : 1 From Outside City Any pupils residing oiilnlde of the I Bakcmflold city nchool district (.-an j i uttpiid thu city school only by ripply- I Ing for Milch pcrmlwHlon to llii'lr own Hchnol board of trustee*, '('hiinri up- ' plli-allon blanks can bo obtained lit I Iho ol'flco of Herbert L. llouly, county superintendent of schools. I'uplln cnlerlnK the fll'Mt Ki' iiuiHt have attained the, ago of 0 years by December II, the school HiipurlnU'iidont Hald. ThoHo <>nl«rlnK llm ItlndorffiirtPi) niimt linvo iittalned I IIP age or ."j yearn by llm nanio dnli.. HUH InuiHportiitlon \vlll be fur nlHhed to any rhlld who liven two or i more mlli'H from any i-lly Hchnol biilldliiK. | Kinei-HOi) Mea(I(|imrlcrM ! TblH year homo economic and | InduNlrlul in tH |>upllH, boyH und glrlw taking thi'so uuhji.'CtH In the OA Km dp will br: taiiKht ill the Kmer- BOII tpchool liiHlead of thidr homo building Miiii triinfiportallon will be- fiiriilNhcd to tlm MinerBon hoim; ocoiiomli! Inbornlorli-H nnd to tho In-. dUHlrlal art rooniH tlil« work In bolnij' conc'enlratcd I|||M yi'iir. In- Rtriietlon IneludeH Hewing, eooldnft wood worlt, eloi'lrli-liy and mci:han- h-al drawliiK and allied NubJeclH. Tho roiiriieln lii.nnun.'l ItlliK for bov.i will In i-iuil Inui-il al Ibe. lOmerHon and WiiNlilnitlon Hi-hooln for olghth (frndo boyn llciidr. Dopiirtmenl MI-HI 1'i-iiiii-en 1'Yinfnrn, a Kradualo llf Sun .lone Hlule. 'I'l-ll'•ll'TH' College, who will be biHid of (In 1 humo. ITCJ- 1 iiomli-H dr-purtinunl al llu,- ISinornon Sehiiol. arrlvi'il today and In piilllng her doparlmenl In Nhat>iv Her aii- uliiliint In Mlnii P'riinufH Haylor, a Kiadiialu of Kama Harbura Htatu 'I'l-iiL-lmrn' College. Thn now homo • ei-onmiik-ci bulldliiK ut I imorflun will be reads- for m-nupain-y about llu^ HI-MI nf tbe M|jrlnjj HemPNter. It IB an- TV/'AHCO, Sept. 8.—Tho Congroga- '^ tlonnl Church wan tho netting for the beautiful wedding ceremony which united MI»H Darin Clemens nnd Stnnton Hryson Saturday ovo- of Baltersfleld BJI bridesmaid wore a blue satin gown with laco tunic and carried TallBnmn I-OHCB. Mr. Bryaon wo« accompanied by Noul Mi;Callum of Heedley «ui boat man, while Krnest Heard of MclTar- nliiK. Heorca of fri»nd« w-ero pres- i land was groomsman. out at UKI wedding, nttontlng tho popularity 'if the young coupln In tho community. Ml«» Clemens IB the diuiRhler of Mr. and MrB. K. T'. CIcmeiiH ami received her education In the Wnwoo Hchooln and tho Bak- orBfleld Junior College. For tho paxt year M|H« Clotnens hiu« boon em- Iiloyod al. the Hank of America. In Uakersfleld. Mr. Jlryson IB Iho son of Mr. mill MrH. II. O. UryHon, prominent riinchera of ihn community, and IH an employe of Iho Union Oil Company. Meforo an altar, doconUod with biiHk'-tH of gladlolaH, candleB and Kreonnry. the bride waw given by her father, K. K. (,'lnmoiiB. MI«H Clem- cnH worn a long white Hatln gown and carried an arm bouquet of gar- di.-nliia and llllf-H-of-the-valley. A head-piece of oritnRi! blossomH waa worn with her wmldlng costume. Friend Maid of Honor MISH Ulalne Ulxon of nakersflold aH rnnld of honor won bocomlriftly jf owned In a salmon pink Hatln gown with u luce tunle and carried yellow roHoM and hluo delphinium In her boii(|tiol. MI«H Verona AfldB Grace CharlcH presided at tho organ and plnyed tho I/ohongrln Wedding March and Mendolnnohn Maruh for tho recewdonnl. During the evening, Mm. T. II. Katellffo sang "Alwayfl" (Irving Berlin) and "I Love You Truly." Keccpllon Follows Following the wedding, a reception waa held in tho uoc-Ial hall of the church lor Invited guc-Bla. A buffet supper wn« served and a beautiful wedding cake was cut by tho bride, Following a wedding trip to tho coast, the young couplo will bo established In their now homo north of Wnsro. Out-of-town guoslH prenent for the wedding w«ro MCHBI-B. and Mesdamos W. S. Llobondofer, Loon Rryaon, A. Alexander, Misses Marlani Mundell, Mary Dlxon, Kffle Ituascd, Genevlovo UoltH, Cecllo IJennon. Mr. Carl Bermele, William Foley, all of Bakors- fleld, and Walter Bergon und M!HB Venona Stonu of Hhafter. Tbn bride wan fotod at several Bhowors and parlies previous to her ] marrlngo, both In U'asco and in Bak- 1 oraflold. Placer Home II Reunion Setting; Four Generations Postal Employes Professor Plans Must Be Linguists Six Months Trip ft.'nllKil I'rrnt Lcnni'il Wire) BOMBAY, Hi-pt. S. —Indian postal authorities muHt deal with 31 different languages and -1- different HcrlptB, not counting tho scripts and languages of foreign counlrleH. Thin icqiilri'H a special staff of 200 employed supplied with exhaustive reformer libraries, working at Born- buy, Calcutta, Madras, LucUnow and Nugpiir. llexkleH these, Calcutta htt8 experlH In Chinese, languages and wcrlplH. and llombay In Ulfl'li-uHleH of tin- Indian pcmt office are lnc.Teatf<.>d by tho fact Hint a largo j nuinhpf of llm iiopiilutloii lead a ! nomiidlf life und many are spml- j Illeratp. Di.'Hpito all IlilH, only 0.54 per cent of all the mall handled I rt'iiehen the dead letter offleon. »AI.ANC'l':i) UOL'QfKTS To bo rniro thai flowprw are ar- rniiged gracMfully, draw an Imagln- ni-y Ilin- IbriiiiKb tho center of tho ' bomiiiPi. The inuMi) on sldi> of , tin' line .Mhotilil C'liuU thai on tlm illier h-lde. dm) Hldo may bo higher than lln other but thn bouquet I should look IIH though thoro wore an orjual numher of flowers on both NldeH. 'Lntlfil l'ri'*» I,rimed Wtra r.OS ANYIF.L15.S, rin|)t. 8.— t>r. Clifford M. Zlercr, awnoclato professor of geography at tho University of California. lmn just Hailed for a Mix months' efforl to find out "what Is tho matter with-Australia." Tho problem, according to Pro- fosfior SSlerer Is that Australia, a comparatively new country, with a population of about «lx and one- half millions, has about G'.' per cent of that number living- In cities and only the remaining 38 per cent In tho rural regions. He will make an especial study of urban planning, commercial development, and field mapping. « i » Miss LaBrier Back Prom Visit in L. B. Miss Martha LaBrlor, 1017 Brown street, liua returned from Long Beach, where sho has been spending the summer with her aunt and uncle. Mr. uhd Mrs. Henry Ludwlck. During her stay Miss LaBrlcr attended tho master piano classes of Abby Do Avlrett und studied counterpoint and piano technique with Mra. Do Avlrelt, and organ with John Garth. Conference at Greenhorn Is Successful Affair; Kern Units Represented One hundred delegates from eight churches In Kern county shared the annual fall conference of tho Kern County Christian ISndeavor Association over the week end and holiday on Qreenhorn. Varied Program In addition to speakers and visitors from Los Angeles, delegates were present from Follows, Taft, Marlcopa, Panama, Arvln, Rio Bravo, Bakersfleld and Falrfajc. In addition to devotions, there were business periods and recreation, the latter Including baseball, Hwlmmlng stunts and banqueting, j VerUl Wilson was In charge of tho evening Hocial hour. Miss Mayfrcd Dutton of Marlcopa presided. An executive board mooting • was conducted Sunday afternoon. Camp was closed at 3 o'clock j Monday. ! Speakers I Hpcakeru Included tho Hcv. L. I. I Chamlee, pastor of Fullerlon Chris- j tian Church; Miss Jane McCullough, ! Fresno; M!MH lOmma Ruth, Rcedley; i Mrs. T.ols Reid, LOB Angeles, and j tho Rev. Norman Crlder, county i pastor counselor. I Present from Los Angeles wero 1 Miss Ruth Seegar and Don Smith. i --- » > «. Admission Day Is by Governor T ABOR day was the occasion •^ for a family reunion of four generations at the J. R. Placer residence on the Edison highway, held in connection with a 2 o'clock dinner. Tho host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. J.-ft. Placer represented the second generation and Mrs. Placer's mother, Mrs. Jennie Gray, headed the family group. In the third generation were three guests, James Placer, Mrs. C. N. Crow and Mrs. P. R. Corwin, the latter two from Altadena. Mrs. CorwlnVtwin sons, Clinton and Carlton Corwin, age 3 years, constituted the youngest* generation. Mr. Corwin also attended from the southland. Sumner Circle to Entertain at Public Event Here on Thursday Evening Sumner Circle No. 107, Order o< Druidesses, will sponsor a public card party Thursday night at Druids' hall. Five hundred will be played for high score; 200 points bonus will bo given to all players who begin at 8 o'clock. In pedro an extra point will also be added for prompt players. Thirteen prizes will be awarded. Refreshments will be served. Mrs. Fern Davis is the chairman, assisted by an able committee. Preceding the meeting, a business session will be held promptly at 7 • o'clock. Mrs. Marie Tess, arch Druldess, requests a full attendance. j (L'nltrd I'reia Leatcd Wire) i SACRAMENTO, Sent. S.— A pro- I clatnatlon setting aside September 9 | as Admission day In California was | Issued by Governor Frank F. Meri Ham. i "Heptember 9 is a day of unusual I significance In Iho history of Call- I fornla," said Iho proclamation. "On ! that day 86 years ago this state was Mrs. Armaund Strauss' Sister to Wed Robert Strauss at St. Paul, Minn. Family bonds will be strengthened Sunday when Miss Eleanor Shll- Itrout, sister of Mra. Armaund Strauss, 2220 Beuna Vista avenue, weds Robert Browne Strauss, brother of Armaund Strauss at a smartly appointed wedding service In St. Paul. Nathan Strauss, father of the bridegroom will fly back to St. Paul, leaving Bakersfleld Friday night and arriving in tho eastern city Saturday. Mrs. Armaund Strauss who was wedded In November of last year, will stand with tho bride as matron of honor. The attractive young women are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Shilkrout of 1524 Goodrich avenue, St. Paul. Mrs. Strauss lias already won a position of popularity for herself In Bakersfleld circles and her admitted to tho Union on an equal j footing with all tho other states of j friends are eagerly waiting to wol- 1 which this notion was then com- • come the new bride. prised. The resolution of admission Tho newlyweds will motor back | by the National Congress gavo to j through Chicago and Mr. Strauss residents of this territory all tho 1 rights and privileges provided by the • nallonal government. Such action carried with It tho acceptance on 1 our part of a unified program of political progress. j "Thus, our people Inherited the THE AGENT OF THE PEOPLE th& Bakersfleld Callfornlan pays a weekly salary to Frederic J. Haskln In the National capital to answer questions of fact for Its readers. Mr. Haskln will promptly secure and forward information with no charge other than return postage. There are many cases where more Information can be given In a leaflet, map or booklet than could be contained in a'" letter. In such cases a small cost and handling charge la the only expense. A good caso In point Is the booklet on "Money and Tts Uses," a 32-pago story which explains how money was Invented for the aake of convenience and the growth of tta Importance to mankind. You need this little booklet every day to understand tho news about taxes, the varying worth of tho dollar and budget values. A copy of this booklet can be obtained for 10 cents postage prepaid. Address Frederic J. Haskin. Director, Washington, D. C. Uso This Coupon will fly home. It is understood the wedding will! bo a homo service attended by tho I families and a few friends. ' * « * ; Tho Bakersfleld Callforntan Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith 10 cents in coin (carefully wrapped) for a copy of the now booklet on "Money." i practical Ideals of constitutional gov- eminent. Accordingly we enjoy the : rich heritage of today because of j the wise judgment and sacrificial I efforts of the authorities who added this Pacific seaport state to the al- I ready successful group then elated." TO MKET FRIDAY Preliminary to the first regular meeting of the new study group of the Business and Professional Women's Club In October, a session will be held Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Effie Fart-la, president, 733 osso- i Jefferson street. Miss Jessie Topper will preside. Name.. Street- City State _/. '. (Mall to Washington, D. C.) FOR DIGESTION'S SAKE... SMOKE CAMELS \.. AT HARVEY'S famous restaurant in Washington, D. C., you enjoy the same dishes that delighted Mark Twain, Emerson, Booth, Taft, and other famous men. What cigarette is preferred here? Most emphatically, Camels. Julius Lullcy, host at Harvey's, says: "Our diners agree on Camels. Those who prefer quality food appreciate Camel's costlier tobaccos." ,X J\ r r\ \ A CASHIER has to be alert—accurate—pleasant. Miss T. Luiuler, shown it the ticket •witulow ol H New York movie, sayss "Camel. 1 * help my digestion — cheer me up. They luivo a man-clous taste." 1513 Kin 111 IT n tli Struct Mr. mill Mm. \V. T. Anston, Owner* tAWSON LITTLE won both DriiUli and American Amutcur Titles for two years in n row. "Camels set me right," he say*. "And at mealtimes, Camels make food taste better—help my digestion — give me a cheery •lift, 1 " Camels'add zest to meals—• aid digestion —increase alkalinity R JSH and mental strain impede digestion by slowing down the flow of the digestive fluids so necessary to proper, smooth digestion. Smoking Camels assists digestion by increasing the flow of the alkaline digestive fluids in a pleasant and natural way. It is thus that Science explains the sense of well-being that you experience after you dino and smoke Camels. Make Cauicl your cigarette. They set you right. TROUBLE SHOOTER. John A. Fury, telephone linesman, says; "I'm a hearty cater—like my food and like it to agree with me. Camels help digestion, and sura make for a sense of well, being after meals. Camels set me right 1" Cwrritfct. »». R. }• tUnwMi T.W. OmMw. Wln,toii.8«l«i. N. 0. Studio Houi'o Tlila Week: 9:30 to 12 Noon, 2 to 4 p. Ml MISS MARTIN'S SCHOOL of the DANCE Private lonuons In all plia»e» of the Dance, Drama and Pantomime. Ballet and Tap Claues licoln next week tor little folk, thllclren and .ulultn SECOND FLOOR. TAYLOH BUILDING Phone 087-J Th; School With an Eulubllulifd Reputation "I'M FOR CAMELS." 5uy» Al Mingalouc, Paramount News ncw&rccl cameraman. "M y experience proves that Camels are it big ulil to digcttiun." Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS-Turkish and Domestic —thanany other popular brand. NEW FULL HOUR RADIO DIRECT FROM HOLLYWOOD. Camel dftrette* bring you a new Camel Curtvtn tfith Btoor Goodman., J4»t SKUktci... Rupert Hucbo, Milter of Certmoalci...Hollrwood Gucit St«r>. Tuc4d*r — 8i30 pm B.S.T. (9i30 pm V. D. S. T.). 7:30 pm C S. T.. <S:30 pm M. S. T., 5:30 pw P. S.T. WABC-Columbla Network.

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