The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 12
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12 Tuesdoy, September 26, 1944 ftabtrsffelb Calif or man ! for fal«—Lots For Sal Improved Property ' For fiale—Improved Property parf rf rlfy 15,500. JSSOO down. 3 hod roams and den. (4 So*—$«:>00, $1200 dnwn. Baker mrrt, 2 bedrooms. NT!*)— 15980, $^1SO flown, Jo\vpt: Lrn^, 3 * fwt rooms. '477 *—i ;IM> J 46SQ down, 1- Kishteotr n Mi p* t. 3 horirnnins* (4-3 M ?» o I *_ A. 1 ]' i;[:s^i r,i,n f HHMKSITKS- In nnri ' in l h** finest *liM pi i. : n i * j,. % , . . . I f-*-vr!;, 1 h/ nut i fill pi i '* r -i« n* A IT a V ?-i a i '[ i -it t. !'! H rs «?•-• i .aht nr^r to inv ! t"i- |j<tf*i n -i r hirMMif;, FJ - ;i 1 i \ *-\- i;n;! Hm^-i r l>n i id np. rooms ami r!rn. U :;: a k- PI r»'-ft, - $;:rnf» dr^v n. s: llM( t t ! M i n M . : f 4 " M :nn*» L p down. Bank slrrfM. T f u!»Sl», J2tl*0 dtiu-n. Kl t !• ' '•; ! -* r i^: :;i--. **-. ( I "i"|[\\ K>'l i>!' :•• !v f m i n :» • *i M! 3 r-1 !"> :i u-d tni a i,*- '• <. — $,"i";-o v.Mth r n in Me ost of I n' Mi!- h down and might down on this 1 ft fen' od l-ivra . Very cloise i;. 9- 19- if via 2 hod rooms. down, fmn*M»ort. bedrooms. (4iL!» Californ.a « veivre. ; ri) KA ST I - 2 l^drooms. f i r 1 ' 1 r-.l ; n * h. «h «><>TM i.iIi'H' 1 ! imfll ro an' ;(j " i n ' -iir i >•> t rtr^vn. utrert. - erooms. -1,^ — 1 o. ; ;,0. * r, ; rinwn. t,^.ils strr"'t. ^ I'eiJirnMns (411) $S(iOO, J^SOn iimvn. l.-i <"r.llma. 'J > 4oV* — Jfi^Tj. 5:r.rMi <Jr.-,\n. Lo:n;';i " bfdrooms. n."fO— M7i,n. ^n'lO down. TTllki;,.: Ftrect, 1' hortro-irns. J6!):5. Jr,;J7r. down. fi Way. !• hprtrooms. Ul 7> K;i Jsani, 3 bf-drpmnp n ii'i (Jen .10 I >— t rtg7. . M '< 75 rio\vn . A ! i -i :-;i s. . J70GO > i :• .\ 1.:'. I Tl' 'iitlf .* '•" '-; 1 h. I'. \ • , S' '( < fvn...! ! 1:;' n' J.,; l j-l.i s! r t - I . !•• il I H "• fi\ | .': ;. .J ' ull* ' I in I " 'II . M »•' ' , '• • •' ol I'l '.M a li I t>" ! : •'-.«. ."• ' L lovely home nnM inc 1 ;j. I -, f r - " r. u K" - . •- „ . S S : > * - 1 f k 1440 ACI7KS semi-mountain hog and c;itile much: 840 acres of farm J:ind, lialanre prn/inK. Very good iinjn ovomonts host ono-man hog nnd rattle sr-ttip Jn California. •IKi ACI1KS of ROCK! vptfolahle or potato land. Suhjert lo lease. Will p;ty }'2 pnr cent on investment. 16" ACRKS well improved ranch. good house nnd lots of water, best of nlfalfa. col ton or vegetable land. 7SO ACKKS near I.nst Hills. This land can be farmed to grain. a!?o prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. IP !t.r*t;;i. T-iMt-tf -^ ^' r- r 1 "' VO-O, 4 I m K.V A<'i:r;S ^Mh \\r-\\ .tn.l fiirm - : n,!€i D-tu'di fniin hmnf (.'iill IX thrce-hedrooin home only ., , , , T . , . , l;.\.:-!'l V i . ;; — 1 M. M ;.' i i-» l:t!i<li. seven ycnrs old. Located in south-; ,,,..,„ j,,.,,... in ._,„„) ,,„„],,„„,. M1|M ,. . l( . •west section in attractive neigh- I.'M. ii.f p...* .m<i <II..UMI fTM'- borhood. Three bpdrooir.s. two \. ! ;,",' ,%'',"" 'I' V ,, . . , r-i i 1 ! ! h ". c.'-t I 1. 1 <'*".. |n 11 | nnlll ]ifi!llf> c ]nSn 111 baths, two-car garage, patio, fur-, ,. M H. •.!•.,.11:0 i..-,.:.• m-ar < M. ..M.U.I , I.H-K.- nace and cooler. Thip home Is of 1 '" r i""-i-.,.t *•.>;,«„ ,i.,un better than averase quality con- , s<1 j;\V n yir.L." !;.' m^u.V,s < «" .^'VlV/n.. 1 ,'"'. .'.-i'tVnn'' J* , J"', A. FU- i "st.'v li"'i;t; !iM"t :i n lli i op *ci>;i f ;i i >• !i|"itl» 51 Mm Him n. run, limn! r. u Nil) M.I.I . i \ .UK nu.i!{ii!» ami pi.-niy o ion, built un pcrviMnn, nnd lias many attractive "••!;"- «.'»i m..»i m.nmr features. We will show by n,,. , '"/.',..!,' t^,!,^ l '"\'^ pointrnont If yon have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1S03 H street Phono L'-SfMH 3-14—tf : SAM-; — 70 Af'ClOS I,AXD ALL IX crLTIVATlOX \VJTM TU'K LIX!-;. 7 .MODERN IIOCSES. KAI! SCHOOL AXD STORE OX K< iSEDA LK I ! fCl f \VA Y. FOR HE Si'.M OF *:;.'!. 7f,0. .lOITX KL- dl. (IT. -1. BOX .'U.T. MAKERS- IELH, 111 UKSIPKNVI-: : K* STI:KI:T ;HTIIS nl nn ;, • >. -,4 t \\, ft Ml SAI.I-; 'I'-Ti in rt :itnl (tsvcll l:o:nl. j'l:i nl ;i iul i i nnnt l'-'NJS "'.ill l''r:ink on oli! pipct). Simon r of Pinn'MM I '] M'c J 7" ( Mi, wi:h K"i-llv A t n ' :*Mc-tnp :-t n\ i p p-jM n M* \v I,* \v i ^ .F I;- n liM-i * . :i r f r<"r <r! • h ^ h ' •! l' ;\ :• fru.i :if"! !iMt tM* ,. SlMtsrf f*;i! J- A 1 .t:» •I*.-*-' ^-ii • ;tt:*' i-r <^ r.O. i ' ' • j p' i •' * M : • i . :i n \>' - h.j i '1 t»!' \ r'/^ l r-n '• f \ Is. i nL,4 :sj if n -\v f I K (il< \i««. t -n n,i - i >- ;i il V ''J : t 'I : l: ihln-i Mj • f; isJii'ii. In* I-'illrniire ^ r i .M-I -A i|,i j, I 1 H M N ) MM tl" , \ i -T, i T .,i Of I V. O H'-ii 1 1 \ M.HM •* find \\ M h r '-I ' -LI*-! ,i i m H ;i IM i M 1 ln-r| ri M itu MUM, < iri ir j p,i^ i' .t i I *•' n--\\ :; *•»1 1 j ' 11' 1 s. i : j i ' i'; f ' M O i i ; it I na ' *• j ri I i , h^: I nuh). In! li M -^ '! " 0 i ;• prs. I i u r ;t M'l t hi*'K*-n «-*j>j,p . <M'I f tn t < f rn> I'l i rid li!-. A h H V 1*-! J! TVJH 1 ! A ? -1"" ' ! T '"'Ml I'fiMH , Fi >T-:iI'S nld. 111 l:p*-r!' ( MFnl iM^i. Mj^iil* n?i nut. l-,\: » :* r '( r^ r I"! n»-d dmil,"^ FH ! ;iCrv \'t;nf-t ..< IL hntiii:-. 5 MMifl, {• \ JHH a I r;ujL;c'I* ' i : \ r V !,!.,:> / I 1 1? r. f'A KK--l-'rvi- j onni L P -|M ill hi ^ 1 1 f -u h i ^h»-i| . IJM' h h:i \'i* [t M " j i* f r <n <'l :» Mil s. If rnL l>n*\ J J\ L ( fc ill the nt h'M . ? i;:,nn ( tn run 'i ' s 1 - '» h(» 1S« nn I.'i r ^ p n f nMM.M' In I ?\'uf ! h I !:i U t i HI i ri' 1 . :< \ * f •' n i' *• *0 - j mini ;t H .'- r nnm n\ '• r K-'i f ;i ^-\ NflKl 1 h'F nhM I i| n sht i H, ? .:0ni> dn\\ n. f mis on h;t l;i IP 'J'i ii M 'in -!Min hlof k . a n n ^ ) n 1 1<- i -I M i »*Min f n r 1 1 ;>-hrd hurntv u-- niid i ( initial , lur 7;*'*— Kivf -i ^ni Tu o t :!*.• . J '•*"!'* ! ^-r.n .'ig**, fi U;L ;ind (l ou so, roinidfl t-ly h nil \\ *-U t nun Double pa rng^, * vnrrd yn • *1. 1'H A IM>- nitnts Rhout. SC7 a month. |;iKOO—Five-i onjn ln*u**f- on Pn' 1 i" f- n^n r G^n^r'al Mo>piia L T^ n h-iji onm.s. o, f ruil. rim kr-n cou,)>nH ni, Small ^-l^rimorn 1m mf ' n lirn f*- ^t rlclcd clist i M t. lla * d\v M nd f l""i ^ , ^;t- rnj:n. lot J.Oxi'On. I,ut» of 11 u.l and rhirkrn cnMii'in' iiU SOUTHWKPT DJSTnrrT— R.rnom homo. tnrnt, Thm hou«ft IH not n^w but tn vrry eon*) r*nndit snn, AA'ii Ikin^ rtjM nii--o of downtown. tiubslaiUial dou n payment. E. C, Uffert* 001 Niles. Phnne 2-7152 ^ fl-l-if (487-1.)—J4500 J:r>00 down and mlphl consider I it lie H-is down on t blw rent- Jncomo proprrty. Incninr STL* [>0 por month. T^^ o IIOUFCS. ono lot. nne np\vi*r house, niher little older. 1'bone 2-(Mir>; nr I'-5S^fi M fc fn-;u ! v MI- -A' 1 hnh onin ^oM r t p. nit f ': r- n ishr •;, r'-ni 'NK 1 01 $11^ ;"i(» |MT nmM h. SIHMMI 1»'| IMS HO in irs — Kr n it v;r IP, T* n i*f*T PJ* m;n1p 2100 Sii ' Us si M hi 4 I h :« >""ii . I vvn K*HH| \vp| | ( ^. M ^ i' ,'* • i nr*ni Immr ph'iii v d| L fh n-)\**n r*'i ' Mpn»Mii i n 1! kinds oi' I ;i j ni i nu tonN. f M< Ind t ni; \\\n t j ,i' to I'M. J-'nr t r;nle IM ujH'i t \ p : n t nwn c»r nn t •*! HIH 10 ;i ' M -s - All in i 'ill iv;ii n*n, jnsl \\'*'Ht |-'fiii|v;iU* S< linn] Sru.'ill huUMi-. tun for M :: ...... nn I'- lie T*-M r :i n' e, T\vn I j u il. iili-n! y ot \ \\ i. k H-;:S!*;i or ^ U t i-t 'T\ m O £K\C! FOR SALK A IIOMK IX ST -;. COIJXKU j/vr. FA (.'(K'l:.SI.-:. T \VO-STni; V, SIX n'"»OMS, T\V(J HA'J'IIS, Avrm si;r:\-AXT s RCHIAI ATTACKED. HALcnXV DKCK AXD SCKEEXKO TKKRACK. \V ITI I BLOWER-TYPI-; l'Ti:XA«"K AXD C'nOLER. ROCK' WOOL JXSCLA- TIOX. A RKALLV KKArTIFrL 1-IOMIJ. l.M MEDIATE I'< >SSES- CAIJ, !•'< »K APPniNT- i-i"--. fin*' '.'- tii'd i in irn lintis«\ \\IMM' ll'if)l'>'. lii'W feint. ;t inn din- fi t'liptrl 111. u HP, )i;i jx'i i "I li.'irel >\ (mil t 11 nn s. n 11 on f-.imr 1 l<il. lint!) ;t j c cti-iti, \\ill li.'Hlo fi>f pi npi'! I v )n-i i 1 >• ;l ' - S( tl(Mti --N^-'tr \\'<-yi lli«li and nii-fin- bl i ' ' I. i in*- si N. i i) (I up h \, hni h '.H 1 ut n isln-tl. M l^o :i nni hci nt in i n ! i - • •. i.-. i 1 on s; 111 n • 1'"!. 1' l 11111 111 X <>n wi i J11 e lr I I c, ! . $ MHIII, t i" (MK J '!' <S\ t U i. ht-t HIM) :;L'<» AfUKS ituprnvorl nmrh in p:iich ;ii'fn. All under cult iviition. 1\Vfi PIMM! \vMis; I;IIL;O il-liodi ojini in cxrcllfMil co nd it inn. \-]\- alf;i!f;i, foMnn dp cnrn lantl. Pi i< <• .*'_'."•(• p<- r an r. 'j niincnil.s. t Ml"-'. A''IM-:s ( ]n,-r- In I'ixloy. fj» acre- in 'I'lininpsnn tirapr-H. J7 in allaH;i, li;il;itice ^'cnfral fa I'iniiig. I'M ne Sfjil. Ilircc pumping plantH. Ciond pliisl- *'i *M| h(Mi.«f. Vim can burrow $-('.(I'M) from an ojisicrn insuraiire coin- l»any on lliis rancli. J'rice ^-H'.unn. Tcrins. ,'J:'0 A('!M-;s choice soil, siiiiublf for jidtatocs. About 1" mib's south of llu i \\'*'C(] 1'atrh store. (Jund well. This land is open for 5-year lease. •Put aci os open for lease. l*'ind about II miles south of \Veed Patch stoM-, This land is pood potato laiul and has shallow water condition s. This land is open 1'or development lease. I 1IAVK several other fine ranches lor sale in Tulare roiinty. H interested come in and I will give you the details. 10 liner .Martin, l h -:t.: ( .M. JLMI Kabeiielde building. Oil and Mining rf^^^^»X*^iP^ip**^^-^^irf^*^*%^^^*'^^* FOR LEASK— 9000 fr-et HU-inch range 1 A. J'. i. full hole df 1 11 pipe, sood condition. P. II. Frank, Inc. Phone S-Stil>7. 48 IMHHM !', I-!v*'U i n^M \* - '•'' V*. r.n ^ E )('!'-v, ;i]i;t t i V lifdi"*-in |' ! U \ 1 'Ml flj f tl | t U I r. o\'t-r ^-ra r ta r;i HP. n ud on on*' |ni, I-IOM* in on f 1 J f n if' hfll \\ H tl MOf. M 1 »Mt\V N 1 > '• tM IllOn 1 ll MENT. J'JJUXE ^-7L'GO. OJ: S-S-tJ::. f| ^ 'VI '^r- t_\ x Ji, 1 1 1 o r , l h \\ o h* d i 0{>!M Imnu^ n TM! 1 • IH d t' i>n In i - *• l< -t , li tl v l ;, o . nil t? i *' I 1 ! •• <- $ 111 MIL: I H n< o ^s o In-ill imm tiunu* i»ri r ; hw nl - SI'J^MAL- Thi*^ ne.n iv I with h;< uiu i>ud i Incir ,s, t'uil bat \\ii h jilrnty nl ttlf. v.-nrt tn n M in<lp, t ; f>tio huiisi has MJ- e has^uifMit. j:a- a rid si 01 r rooms, a I! on la r ^ rHpeil 1m ( nra P- bus n n*! HIM ( KHH. in CHIP 11 ml hav*» J SO tn:int hi v ni- ^onie. A Meul at *7y,\n, t Itioo du\s n, $ti"i moiilhiy p or \vjll iiado iur HIM a 11 . t !o nii nc* w, on f en< -o*l nun^r hit, on] v 2« r iO. f /in down, j:'o munihly. Will take 8omc luuic ON THKSK rROr-KHTIES phone 5-uHl;t. H ii'l r*0- nrM*sr;. TTIINISKI-M) 01; l\\KL'IlNIi?!IKI*, Karaj;-. fri ..... I .M »KO k y;i n! \vjth f rii:i (i »-r.s arirl *:ai dm HIMII, ss tii^t TMI. l H JM| h< )MHI|. rur- ;/n P tint uruiHhcd $;;iuy ( $1 J^u, $ 40 inoni hlv. TWO TWO-JluU-M KntMSllKn <\\15]NS r»n one lot i ,iv^ jn uii*- a n*l i rnt t IM- for $'J7,un IH r njnrMlt, JJ*J(HJ, {SMO ha la ur** J^ INT DM hh . HOIX-; WITH simi* IN n \ cififl t'lnnr H I 111 fJU« hull t. J'Mt L' fiMU' f'M MIS, i^ IHM! r MM rn hnim- on Ttay si irf-t in H suli- la nil Pa r k ; In HIM- has hi rue i muns ;i inl JM in t;f"u| i uinhi UNI ; la i Hi* lui. I'j'jft 1 Jtl 1 Mi; laKos snhsta nl i;i I <ln\vn. *IMi r ••*• IMM] mom hnmr MM Sun l h < 'hrst or n VP- n m*, i nmplelHy I in rn.Hl)«-(J; ficnno in £<>od I'Ondll Mill. I'l M t 1 SoUl'O, 1 tM-tllK. A i»-tiiMlrunm In tine in ' 1 a lilurni;* A v«*inio Ti .H l, I jvint.: run in 1 -1 v "f>. ihn itiK nn>rn ] ; J \ I ;E in CM U id-hi'M, broa l< innm, 1 wo n M -<> si/.o I MM 11 otims. Ija I h with wlinu rr o\ »T i uh, SMI\ i< i 1 pnr- h. haHriiifMit. V **!»*•1 in ti lil i mis. \ \\'o J Innr fin riarrs, ! i i r- II!;P f\ i of k \r MM) inHillt'i I in ll P bf^ailT il ul > n nl. c -urn pi* 't H v I;HM!SI a |u-<l. Hf-a ul 11 "ul • \v;n- 1 uinunj P. all for $1 1 ,!*00, or i !l i rmsnlrr .^i i llintf lui I nrinHheii, A nn^ \ ou \vill ln\ ^ i a own. «b .::. (HE in odtn'inj; \vt'lN: IMK ; SO Jim's. S 1 Olj H. Th»- ("'jililonnsin. M«unl;im. t in fnr qiiuk por a* re. l!nx For HEADY Cash for Your Trailer. Ti;iik j r» sold on easy payment plan. We I' inn nee our own contract a. AIcLKAN TKAIU3K WART ____ 100 Union Avnuo 8-13-tf TRAILI-:K— sniMii n-whopi pickup, iill-stccl fi-anic, fitof-l ))ody, 1 pre- \v;ir tire, 1 pood roirr'ud in rxcol- fondit ion. Priceil for iinrno- sale. See 1'aul or Leon, I'OOi l\ street. Full .^AI.I-J ..... HniiNH trailer, factory built. Iro IMIX. 1\V(» HllU't.'H, llitH Ol' t)Ut1t-ilt.s, fi'i-Kallnn watfr tank, nh i "|)R four, i'ru-cd tn sell. I mi u no at Cl-4 (.Joodniiiii «ircei . H;i l(ct Hf icld .') IL'O or \\ ill take fa ON* THI->'K e\eninys 2 GLKNN -in s TALK IT t>vi:u M hois ;;>j: .K ! f \ OI 1.1 ». P'U'i h. rr ha t h, rornor lot, dnnhh* Inralion, SlITML SlllfiO Mrs, Warnoi Ul I-1»A I-I'l" S turn i. two bodrnovtiH, hani- \\ onri fiiini **, til* 1 dra in. dual I luor fur- nil' 1 **, HI t a i'h PI I plnsttTrd p;t niKr. uO h;i '1: y;i id I<-TH IM!. M*H»d I oral ion, in; J I^KO- I*huni* ^-644i. Mrs. \Varnu* U. L« n >K" nt nnl KM|M ; > nil in if Highland 1>J ivo from J nU hko It . Vi* Will show rot h«M' lOt With 1 00- flint in-Hiihl Ki ank l>a\\ 1 1* I - 49 N 1-;\V I'-hedi (Mini huim\ nciw vuraiit, ron* snr^ihly iu M ml Hoa iin fill hardwood f h xirs. Inl N of 1 1 1**, hU j ol vrnrt Ian blinds. ' "nlni^ du'^\ dua 1 1 lonr lurnnrp. Good a t MHK 1>> fiU'THT. I'lUUlP S - S S Ti 3 , 4 0 iO. Kirst MALL IIOUM-. lot Tfix Mri'i'L on w*-Bl nido n trpnrt. La no. Snn * ltMr ' f ' ' 1- ( Mt SA LK— L Hir^'t't , ' MMMM nnd a TIP S room house on liH from NhH'trn It vini n i •*• ItioldnK . I *inl Il-07!*fi. 1 ! h 'nft ..... P l"\^ n-ht*il t (Mini inodfr n »\i rv nhj. tun blnrks it(M I h r i f Nil'-* and i* T I nw, iliTd h«*nse south Mile of il. IM II. _ ^ _ ___ F.:t ^^-L)-- J41^fi \viih $i i :-su ih>\\n and mleht c mitt nli. 1 r ]I*H»< dfiwn on Hits :i * commercial ,,t r o, Inchly improved Two-hod room tuMf A I tli onrloned |>orrh, plpnly out- j i hi in ps, roi raK i hlrken yn rd, etc\ , f I-M i* r* iu] nui t r*v-H In \vn h shade, ff c-ir . , i r • > a rtl a Ii f^in-i'd. JMione L \v \sr I'M-** \ . M nt| pi 'h'' 1* \'* \ n,' >. 1 T IP t ;i nd ;' v ( hi* *) L' !',i ^:n \\ s pr r M M'J' ^. 1 in in*'^i i .t t ** ••*! i -w hT, HI*\ ^ a i' t »•>* r TWMN'TV n<it-> >\v lt.i. u^t I'M.|V In nil- :- **i^ ; l:u 1; L K . : *: in* hiti n : IL . \\ --1 1 I It i ^ 'K mund pju- , rmi Uf hf i n MUM! ini u i I ,1 !^ ; ^ i-l t-hu ' It f-lh>p, M *••! u i imM'ii I ; I i-arn . iin- rouiii r\ In'in*', * t m :t n a \\ 1 ul I v \\ i : ! 1 ,i 1\" 1, i 1 1 j < •• i . \\ n p i : . Mi*-n l , s, ] '* ,' ii 1J I . - •I TIIU - - \ l ;s " 507 3-8 yr*. t It'« imperative that hljr plrls— and lit- fie one*— look their preti if j ci m \ni r i -.» *! The very young' wjll !<>ve ihm l.itlc 1 1 ••» k with a bow at th<* midnlf and wide hlciti.. A great many (abrus wuuld be ud.ipiahl^ to thin charrniriff ntylp. . Pattern No. f.'.O? cuirt«-H in sizos S, 4, R. *, 7 «.ij(1 H yeaiB, r.'t-s.? -I injn.ipa 1 T » yttrdn nf 37-dU'h tnaifi tal. Cctlnr and waist UJmrniniF recjulita 1% yards uf The new fall and winter th«ue of lon 1 ' U now ready — :t2 paicfK. Jt's a ruin- jijeti? euido to vnur fall and winter wardrobe. Konrl for your copy. Price cen ^ For thlis attractive pattern, send 20 com* in colrm, with your nam*. addreh«. »>;JT. t«ro number and eiise to T/te Rnkti-nftetd Cvlifomian Today's Pattern s?trvicc t 700 ;M T i ^ nf - Jh M ! t H ] 1 'I M Mil 1 J TM I <M ill >' ' un i ,- ,n,j \v , 5 } ;L n<l pump. l i< t *-<* • • !i ^ 'i i * j . T\\ u an-1 ;t liiill 1 iuilt i s 1 1 mn !' • i% "!'• 'V, "t . \ * ' i; rs '** t.* In nd uinl'T * u ll I v.*i I inn , " 'd v, * 1 1 \\ Mt pn n i p, d T - )t tv :i I *M' :\ I so ' v, t ' *•• ( ^:i»s ;t !>d I'>:lj1 -. VH ! irt V of K i i : * • *• in j • IT-* and K i n pi'-^. ( i i : 'j ;« f -i <i"i t IMM M 'H^-4 nnd farm fM|i r" ' l , |j,* l nd :ii« l*^n yayuliiu? t anU n -'in.p. I I is li-i uurn litiMUr \\ i ' li ku I u"' n i>. f "nili '«• t;a T a*-'* 1 . ^ 1 n Foil SAI.K — Tiaik-r Imimo. rnoN-r. S-p!y I ui's. hydraulic Itrakes. Slyrpn fuur. Slid 1 .Trwt'lt n Vfiiuc, FOR LK— S. hull linn i anm 1 . ice ; Koorl lircs. hnv "Fuil and lots of -k-e $1000 For Sale— Automobiles ____ ATTOMOBIMS AD COPY must, contain license number: If out of Blat« license, must he Included in copy. SEI.MOR OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car'.' If so. Just phone or drop by the ACME FINANCE COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. .Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential service. \V. ,1. "Bill" Bervman. manager. Phone _ 6_-fi7_l»6. _ 1-12-tf 194 1 -Packard six convertible. A-l tiros. A beauty. Only $lli!»D. (!K:tT4G). MANY MORE GOOD CARS AT 50 For: SALK — ions TRUCK (CJOtiuti), prewar rubber cxvopt one grade 1 tire; truck in A-l shape. AVill sell or trade for car. I'hone 2-7141. 1C14 or si root. 03 clr:in lilUIt 1'lyinoinh conpe fur .snle.. 11 nod tirt'H, rndio; nootl vhape. Cftsh. <SK4L 1 U)). rail nt 4I':9 Jewell avi-iitin. llobert O. Urown. 0 \V1LI, TKAOM lyJM *i-ion <'hf»vrolet truck. A-l condit inn, stork rark, <14f»il','0 Mo.), us IHI it jijiyiiirnt on ht i me or older cur. Call If;nns. Criiwn <'ity Auto Oou r, miles nuiih on )'. it"*ri :'!'>>. '»>-' 1!»M KOKD 1'i-ton, fine yard dump truck. ,\'t \v inoior, iii-w 8. L'. : > 1 ires, perfect con(I n inn l hi otiKhont . Trurk is on a Rood iK-i Ime joti. \\'ill t;iko cnr HM trade-in. |:K4M'.t». :> WtCJC i 4 r -5 M Offors a l;n-£p solocllon of good cars pnriMl ;it or bflow coiling. '-11 Mt'rcury ('luh Coupo Ml DiulKc Husiiicss Coupo '•II hincdhi Xophyr Sedan '•II Chrysler Koynl Sedan '•I't I'arkard Snp'T S« l dan ','il* Lhu'dln Xt'phyr Sedan MS Huick Special Sedan MS 1 'diit iae Sedan 'I!S Oldsintil.ile (I Sedan '.!" J'oiil iae ( Vinpe M7 IMymnuth Sedan '.'7 La Salle Sedan ':tii f)e Sum Sed;m *::»; Plvniuinh Sedan ';!."> Minium Setlan TI;AI>I-:S TKUMS KJTl'IIKN-HOVO MOTOU CU. 7lH " "" Wanted to Buy—Automobiles i Wanted to Buy—Automobilea P^ real ^,?3l 1 ,\ FOR USED CARS FOR SA DRIVE YOUR CAR TO Twcntj § YOUR CHEV T-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf BUY ALL MAKES OF CARS \- u> ID) iae jit ID) "t- IP 1U> o 7\\'r^ CPt BAKEU-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 270C Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf For Sale—Automobiles Wanted to Buy—Automobiles N Five to "ive Buicks 19:'IT tn 3!MO models Four Pontiars lictfi to 1!M1 mniii-ls Four TMymoullis 1!»:J5 to l!i-U niodols Five Tjincoln Xephyra ll»ofi to UCtS models Over 70 Cars in stork nt or liclnw ceiling pi-ires CLIFF GKKUXU-;AF We Buy Curs Twentieth and "Kye" streets Bakersfield 1'lmne 7-71*77 AVIF.I, PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. XO RKD TAPE. CASH IX H MINUTES. 8-11-tf \V.\XT to buy. 19-11-194;; privately own«-tl »•!! r. in A-l condil inn. Must have good rnhher anil low mileiiRr. Will pay top price in private transjiction. No hrok- . fall Hotel Kl Tejnn. room 301. AlRPLAM-;~.l-2 Cub trainor. .^PP it and fly it. Will trailt- for tar, or KaO cash. « ' ii IL' - 8 4 8 7 . FOUD— 85-horsepowor tudor de luxe, Xe\v rubber, motor overhauled, upholstery new. Call Shaf- 47:15. (^:i747vansas.) XSI6NMEKT FOR SALK— Clpnn Ii»:t4 Plymouth rlelnve . reH.sonahlp. (Calif. ^Ml(i. r i!l. > 11U ifky, Apartment. 5. 1'nvate owner. 1USL l\t.\'2 fMKVROLKT. rah over (BK48961, i:-sppp(l nxle: 1U41 Kord truck (BI«;4fi»S). lit: seen tit Sl!I* Broadway, Wasuo. Calif. If you wish to sell your car ft>r top price but can't properly show It, consign It with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. T\VO-TUX luisiness truck for sale. (Y4560). U'-TON- pickup (!iB!»81l). ruhs nnd looks «•' t «»l.soocl t i l c.s L' 1*-9;i II 7 . M) ONK 103S tJ-clinfU-r J-Iudson coupe for salo. cheap. <;U;<i;M). Can bn seen at iloL' 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf ON1-: 19:i!» Chevrolet "-floor roach for snip. Will consider t radius:. (L'L'^OST Ol<!:i.). <";<n he set-'H at 35J,'J .\I atruei, or for moat clean cars CF.IFF GRIOXLKAF Twentieth and "Kye'' streets Bakersfield. IMiune 7-7!»77 Automotive Service, Parts AVR CAN* PAINT Your Car Immedintply. G.MAC Budget Plan Call for A. Curler FRKD C SCHWKIT/RR 0 1 , 1 JS .\K)B I L K D K A 1 . KH Phone 5-riU97 Kighteenlh and 50 CO.M^LICTB body and fender repairing, also fron: wheel alignment. Charles Vieatrom's Garage. 1520 Twenty-eighth Phone 2-7937. 4-12-tf 1941 Chrysler Royal sedan, fluid drive, overdrive, prewar tires. A real buy at ceiling price (1114465). fluffi GRANT piston rings last longer. Motor tuned up, greasing and oiling; car B tor- ace. Blup Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. I-15-tf 22nd a 50 O SKT'I'LIO est'iie. 1W39 Packard «edan (ll-(.Mi»3li. pood tires, cloiiri and in good flhnpe. fi. "\V. Benz. Route 6, Box 173. P ho ne 2-70 4 1 . Til TC K ftte:i;UiH» and woml-irnilpr < BKl!"44fi), also brown li^lit tran.mnisstnn n nd Ohpvi-olot roar end. See nt 4oU East Twppty-first utrw-t. 61) 1042 2-door tonrlngr sedan («) 1037 4-door touring' sedan CLIFF GREKXLEAF Twentieth and "Eye streets no FOIl SALK. lo clrar rslalp-- One 1940 Hudson dft luxe ti sedan (4"»A7]!)1; nne :t,"i pnd«« foup« 6 (fiBI4(i): one 1^:tR illyH 4 sedan (!l!tY721); nne 1037 Willys upon coupe (9Ai:.')77>. I'hone 2-!t^lO, Mr. f i If, or 7-7 ti l,rm'onf r's of 1' ice. fiO WILL TU-VDR 1I»:M inolrl A (41X602) for I!»:i5 to llilt? model Hodnn. Pay cash difforence. SOO Lincoln. Oildale. A pan- 50 COMPLKTR LUBRICATION SKRVICK, IS THE BEST \VAY TO KKKP THAT CAR PERFORM- INTr AT ITS BEST. FOR THK Dl-RATIOX. G2 Bicycles TWO RICVrLKS for sale. 24 and 26-inrh. Good condition. 240S Nineteenth street, APH rtinent -. 60 For Sale— Furniture, Fixtures USED FURNITURE wanted. W* call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Fu rn i ture Phone 7-7021. _ 6-12-tf SEWING MACHINES and vacuum clean- era repaired. W« also buy machines. 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 53 FOR SALE — New and used mattresses; all kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded nnd. repaired. First clasb workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Tart Highway. IVi miles west of Greenf iHd . 6 8 1 MEROL'KY 4-D scdnn. radio, pood t ii'ew. This car i« In per f pel condil inn throughout. Would liko t<> trade fnr older model car. i;tC'U4P. 1024 Forrp^l st n'* j l, bet wi'fii I] and Oleander. ;10 FOR SALE — Prewar mohair Cheslerfield. spring 1 construction, clean and in good condition. 110& Sixth street liliftf flilt.UJl ^ KOK SALK — 1934 master C'lK-vrnh't rnnpp. wood condition, i:i!!."» <S7M7'.!4». S.-e .liitiK's Hone. 1 mile south 'a mile \vt-st of Hui- 1otnvilli)\v_po^( of fu p. __ "j t FOK SALK— 1940 Chevrolet pictnip (Tnllf. "*J4 O. with body. T'l'icfd rcriHonablc. Sec T. .1. Riinkin, from II to (i p. in.. _at 70.T_ Woodro\v,__Ojldat('. _ ____ _ RO l!»:ll L A Kord sedan, pood nmtor, ovi-i hnul'-tl. i*;i it at' li-r ti p. in. , FOR SALK — lltSl model A do luxe sednn. 1 T-int Ii win -I- Is, o cooil 1 1 IT'S. :i t'ii Kradi. 1 . '2 wood third ^rndc. ni'\\' itip pinnt :ind motor m nood t -oiidn inn. - —~ j_ ,- , 4 . ' l-. r . ^IL. SA1.1-; liy OWIH-I-. iy;i:i Hio pi-d wit h ;t power wnn»-h and n own I mill i ran H miss ion, \vitli nll-nM 1 ! M-nn-ifUilfr < IU-;rS4!i:il, D'-j ton wilh S.L'.'i (MI--* on i ruck. l'.;'fi on liaiU-r; $1MIOU ^v!l! luiiitllt'. J'Jioue 4-4<;i7. ll' no anwu'^r. « ;ill L'-t'Tl:. 1 . 61 Ori SALK— 1J»40 !»:i-hors».pow.T K.7-mrh NH l-'ord closed cab, rlia^sis, tMinippcd wiih six S.:';,\L'I) m- piy tii HS. iiio\\no type t ransmisHiun ; -'tM) scric.s I^aton a\l-.-; ul ility ;t(t-foot. scnii-t i a ilt'i-. diiii I ;i \1»', I'.iHlxL'O IM-piy tn I'M. U-Mh'h bin. u brakes. X'ai'iititn and resfi'Vf* lank, f.-fnnt snlul bod>' iratiiM. IIMM! !Ml da\s. (i\vin'r 0.11111 IHU biisiiifss. ( ';tb ( \\'\ OL' O, 1 1 ;i il.'r UV.UM). Phono D-ti-11'4. U. A. Dannix. l-'OR SALI-:— l!«.".y In id-national 1 >i-tnn Irtirk (4S^--lJu Te\»s>. L'-sp.'ed tear i-nd, exl ra tatikn, fifth \vhrel. lar^p i -ublier, iifw motor. fan be M-on at 103 K;IM Ca lifoniia. Roekcrs with springs, ?27.50. Baby buggies, ull-steel prewar construction, $14.95 and up. Blankets. A real buy nt $r>.9y, Our living' room sets have full spring 1 eonsiriH'tion nnd beautiful covers, $lfi4.50 and up. 27x">4-ineh throw rugs, nil-wool pile. Formerly $10.95, now $«.i»5. Just reeeived a large shipment of beautiful hassocks and plias rugs. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS KUUXITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue, just one block sou th_of_ court house. J&--MJ-44 U\K iis*-«l nit;, dusty rose colur, 11x14. Full SA1.K— Clnrk-Jpwel Kas kitclien uince, hJKh oven, heat resulntor. In Rood condition. Call after fi p. m. l,;isL hoiiBP on south side of Gulf street. with A' G-plerp walnut hod room set innnrsprinif nmttress and sprines; dining room set. 1617 Alia Drive. 6 1 For Sal Furniture, Fixtures SAT,K— An IS-pie portable oven. rail 2-31: T \VO-PIErrc prewar living room R-niero dining rnom *€t, 5-piere bedroom POT, table model nncl ronsolc radios. ndd ds, dressfM'3 and mis* ellHnPOUfl. Aft^r P. m,. n531 ChpBtpr RVPHIJ*. 45 F' in SAM*:— Thrt-o-piere bedroom net, roni- pli-dr* with afinnffA and mattress. Phnnp 1NS:.4:», 123 WhBhlngton, XK\V ii-f^t from '"^p walnut waterfall bedroom sri, nxtja l;n-ffn mirror 1139.95 ir* P lime rink herlroom flet, very JMTUII t. niodPi n design $ Hfl. !»,"> \vn In lit d ininv r onm *pt $ 94,1*5 hlc-iirhcd mahnpany dining paptprn oak dinpltP snt $ 69.95 VPT v hot! in ifnl win*?, ha i rpl and rhnir*. unusual rov^ra $ 59.95 ustom made living room Ppi ing-filled bpd divanH $ F»r>.00 "A Small Stun- RiiUlnir with Values" AT/-SMITH FI'RNrrrRK FliRh teen ih and L* JMinne 2-6277 SALK — Bassinpitp Unit is hnllt on * so H «an be mnvnd around. Also * pads. Excellent condition. 119 Kast Seventh . roekor, library table, 2-piere bed- set, 3-plpr«? breakfast set. 100 Oh. __ box, typewriter. _ lJf*2_FIo\vrr. 51 FOK SAhK—Prinvnr Rludio courh, $2fi. ,\|HH lartfe round dining table, six loaves. four leather- 1 »oltnm chairs; all in Rood it ion, BL 1 > North Cheater a von UP. FOR SAM-;-- Overstuffed ftpt . like new. J«n. 105 Hughes street, Oildale. Phone 2 - 1 Sfi ri, 5 BARY HKP. steel spring* and mattress, in vpry pood condition, S12,f>fl. Also wooden baby rail. 423^ Xiles. Mrs. Dyer. _ fiO O\K sterilized matfrws, full size: nne h^d. <;m bf* user] as rotlrh. Prirpd low, 1720 Sixteenth st re A-H 4-hurner gas ranse, cream color, $60. rail 207 Truxtun avenue, _ For Sale— Lumber Will ].\4 2 IT LASTS Ixfi 2 3x4 a,\c 3x12 Firewood Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERX WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O, BOX 883 USED LUMBER— 2x6, 2x8. 2x10, 2x12 and heavier timber*. Winvland Lumber Co. Phone 9-9108. 600 Norris Rnad. 9-11-tf IT'S HARD TO BELIEVR but we do have quite a large suppl of Ixfi and Ixll! sheeting at $4!*. a 1000 and a whole gang of S-foot 2x4s at $44.75 a 1000 (no priority) — and it's Oregon pine, too. MR. FARMER! This is just the stuff for that shed you have been wanting. We also have a nice stock of paints. Outside White from $1,49 a gallon up. Shingle Stain, Paste, Boiled Oil, Cement, Roofing Paper. Mouldings, Doors and Windows, etc. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOl'TS & BOX Cut-Unle Lumber Yard 1!1M>0 Edison Highway 9-26-tf THK OFFICE OF PRICK ADMINSTRA- TION lias sol dolliirs-and-ctMits ccilinK liriros on iu«orl refriKerators, wash ins in;H'h:nee. VHCiium cleaners, li^d springs. < iimei'as and equipment. These maximum pricen iipply to pvfry sellt'r, even to an indiviHnat ppllmg: his personal household rffecln. For informntitm c-onre ruins these and all otlipr eeiliiiK priros. < i all the BukerB- f io Id \Va r )'i ice and Ra Honing Roa rd. !l-'J 1 !». 5-1 3-1 f GOOD COOLER, portable. Sea Breeze electric evaporative air cooler. Almost ne\\\65. Nles GO NEW WILSON badminton eel. including 4 racquets and shuttlerocks. Swell Christmas present. $SO. Phone 2-828S. __ 49 ALL-WOOL black dretiB Hiiit, only worn .several times. Phone 2-4 U09. _ 49 VACUUM CLEANER, irona. clocks and all •mall appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company, 913 Baker. Phone 2-9L>78. _ 9-8-tf FOR SALE — Saxophone, vacuum cleanen. fractional horsepower motors, left-hand _milB. Ptr. _ Ca 11 7-77.^2. 60 FOR SALE — Lady's long blank fur coat, size 40, $50. 1304 Twenty-fourth street, __ 49 FOR SALE— 15 tons alfalfa hay. contain- in*? some grass, priced right. Phone 3 - L' 2 S\ 4 9 GIRL'S COAT, size 12: man's gray suit. size 38. Phone 6-692fi. 60 LARGE COOLER, blower type, ISO. Phone 60 AIRPLANE— J-2 Cub trainer. See it and fly it; will trade for car or $750 cash, _ ( :all 2-S4S7. __ 49 FOR SALE— Gray coat, worn twire, size 44. A dark hliie dress, excellent condition. «i7.e 42, Cirr-ii luting KRH heater and an antique. 322 Frances street, Highland Park. _ _ 49 INLAID LINOLEUM CONGOLEUM CONGOLEUM RUGS Lnr^re selertlon at low prices DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue 53 JOS Hot Wate:* Heaten $35 Laundry Trays $10 Fruit Jar 75c doz. Platfirm Scalt* Show Csies Stools Ice Crtam Maker Beverage Cooler "Wooden Bowls Dlshei Stock Pot.. Steam Table* Brooms Mops Coolers Hundreds of other Items. Oswald's Reatauran 1 Supply 716 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9317 EO Flying and balsa model plane kits, jeeps, trucks, tanks, ship? fittings, balsa wood carving knives dope and cement. Come In nnd look around Edward's Camera Exchange. 160!) Nineteenth street. , 8-22-tf RECAPPING Bring your old tires to us for recapping. \Ve use Grade A rubber; 24-hour service. BENXINO'S SERVICE Twentieth and K Streets 8-5-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Tourielt BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway S3 3 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf LUK tailored nuit, size fur collar; silverware, windows, miscellaneous street. Phone 2-T.194. 16; black coat, glassware, two articles. 2 1j 50 - . i.i' IH ( K KO<;i;itS, 25T1I CEXTl'KY, A. I). _ A TERR! \ WAV FOR A OF MY REPUTATION \TOD\E / — AT A HANDS OF MV OWN CREATION > r - • '•-1 WONDER _ i - • •- - . - . . Cool Customer ^^^^^•^•^^•^••i"*^"^^^^^^**^^^^^a^^^^^^B^M__ WMV DON'T YOU MOVE / THERE'S SOM THING STRANGE ABOUT THE CREATl -STRANGE- INDEED/ By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS .-- . * .-.-.»' l .<:• i . . .','. '•; : i. i,-: i.i i . • -- * -'. - v r - b * H v » •— ~ • I V ^™-»» ^*^ nv SPECS . -V ... nv PUASTIC) ( PRODIGY ~ n ^^ ^^^— AN ICE CUBE. - •_*. H • I ' • .- • - . . t • .•:•. - - L FT r i - t • • • - * .' . I . - • • *•• f 1 ^ ¥ fc" ' -• t • IT. . 44 • h r r r b I . ^. L -^ •.'.- h '.- 1 - - r . . .'i' - . ' . ' - .i;;;H!^= i '. ,* • . i- - I.. ... i... - ., " . • -•-••• ••',••• .',-•! •:•••;>• •:;--- '. .'' I L • I h i*_brij^, . L -d •*•-•* h ' • L h • r i h • j pV P b- _ ^ b out- 1 For Sal Miftc«ll*n«ou» WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-6069 2-29-tf "Paris Liberated" and "Yanks Capture Guam" and other newereela. 8-mm and lfi-mm srenlc. adventure and epnrts pictures. New cartoons. Little Kinu. Donald Durk, Mickey Mouse, etc. Ed- ward'a Canr.era Exchange 1609 Nine* GET YOUR rubber siamps from Bakers- fleld'a only rubber stamp company. You will be flatliffed with Its prompt aervlre. Pads. inks, daters of alt makes. 1SOS "Kye" street. Phone 8-8102. 69 Xtw and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN. PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-14S8 70 NOTICE J. * J. Klectric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have heating elements lo fit your Iron. Cords antt a few motors for sale. ___ 6 9 BABY Bl'GaY— Deluxe. beautiful, almost ii*?w,& 3u. 6 - 11 *er street . 5 0 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian rorn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Cnm- CATliKPlULAK. irucior thirty for sale. l*"OIl SALE — Man's Sohwinn hiryt-le: cahi- n?(. r. 'litr. box PJHMIIKS a iul niHttresw, find nitsrellaneous articles. Call 3-"(»i;7 alinr 6 . in. 4t) FOR SA LE— Prewar Phone 2-4575. twin baby buegy. 49 We have in stock and ready for immediate delivery a large seler-tion of hydraulin sera i era. h yd run lie pumps, vuh'ea and tractor adaptors— 6. 8 ANn l«-|«-OOT BE GE SCRAPERS 3 of BE GK HYDRAULIC PUMPS BE G^ CONTROL VAI.VRR FOR JOHN DEERE TRACTORS COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth Street I'hone 6-67U 50 VACUUM CI>EANER3. irons, toaaters. heating pada. motore, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Wat*? street. Phone 2-4570. 64 NOW IS THE TIME to fertilize before the rains begin: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized; (6 jier lo.»d, delivered. Phone Rusk'8 Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9351. 5_4 ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring. 2-89?0. Electrolux Corporation. 1831 O ra n ge_ street. 66 UUAYBAR ironcr for snle. Call at 2612 O Htre-et. Telephone 3-07JIG. 49 FOR PALK— Black Saline fur jacket. size 16-18. good condition. Walnut or- fnsional talilp, brand new stiode pumps, nixe 6, t riple A ; if id's pink IH f feia forma ), r-hild's »ixe 11^: man'M l>lue suit. \VILIj SELL Keystone roping saddle. Hound skirt, blark. Phone 2-5141. (i ONE PAIR of skirts for Ford. Good condition. Call S-OK82 or 2-Q7K3. 49 PIANO and complete welder's suit, worn few times. Call after 4 p. m. or Satui'dav. 2 U2:t E ail-pel . 4 FOR SALE— Spark lid-top hish-nven gas range. Lnraine heat control, white _ e namel. >;"iO. Phono 4-4934. _ 49 DINING ROOM table, six rhalrs. small rorlier. almost new sas heatnr. bathroom healer, small end table, English riding boots, size 11; rubber boots, «i7.e 11 ; woman'H fur trimmed coat, size 38. _ P h nne 2-4 '-".i 9. 809 K 1 Te.i« » 4 9 FOR SALE — Fan-type cooler. $35; two end tables, like new, J5 both. Phone 2-4330. __ 4 9 FOR SALE — Helnrich Bavarian china, gold and whito service for eight. J100 cash. Call before 5 p. m. 219 Lincoln, East _Bakersfield. _ 49 DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialize in morrors for man tele, walls and doors. Bakersfield Glass Company. 1715 Nineteenth street. _ 1-10-tf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock r f leather and accessor lea for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23- tf GOOD clean oat hay. $22.50 long *s it lasts. Phone 3-2078. ton. 54 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons bavins: old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts an 1 , servire. Call Welll'a aervice department. 5-6851. 7-5-tf My VACOLITE Is fitted to correct my own individual hearing loss. Clement Her- nhey, 273fi Center itreet. Phon« 2-0571. 9-15-tf 801 ONE-DAT SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S Kilea Phone 3-1402 68 FERTILIZER AUTUMN'S HERE— SUMMER'S GONE PURCHASE NOW FOR FIELD OR LAWN Dairy and stable, $6 per load. Ed L. Akers. 920 Twenty-fifth street. Phone 2-3841. __ 53 BABY BUGflY, very sood condition; hathl- n^lte, prewar. $;l, TiO ; army officer's top coat, like now, size 40. Phone 2-8854. FOR SALE— Knotty pine building. 30x40. redwood sills and tongue and proove floor; frame buildinsr, can he moved. Shown by appointment. Phone between 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. 3-0873 50 For Ml»c>ilan>ou« I -3 FKNCK TO SAVK YOU UP TO AT \VAHnS FARM STORE. IN AIJ, 3TATKS. STORM JMIOOK CASK. rONTROLTjED SHOCK. SAKH BtTT Sl*RI5. BAT- TKHY OK 110 VOl/r TYPE. AS LO\V AS $HJ.!W» AT AVAltDS KAR.M STORE CHKSTKR AYE. PI10XK 7-7871 51 «OI''T UOI.LS—RATTLKS WASIIARF.F; ANIMALS TOYS FOM ALL, AGIOS BAKTCIISFIKLT) HARDWARE L'Uir, CHKSTKR AVENUE CO. l^-.IKWKL Wnlthnm railroad watch, TWO WOOL droHsc.i, wool suit, short fur jacket, silk dresn, sixe 16. cheap. Phono er Nurse GARDRM Don't iVHit any loiiK^r. IMtint now for full M nd winti/r vt-KotalileH. On inns, ra l)b;i ue. lol t ut-i\ ra u 1 i f lowrr a n«l celery Hi ")Uc por liundi Hfl; icannnMhlp prr rlfixcii. Fi'c**h rtit 1 lowrra available nt all limp^ Phone -1-1871, Open Sun- clays. 1 III 1 U *i i<"M. t:orri';*r of Four- tpcnl h arul O st r»-»'! s. Sewinp Kxrhange Sinper and Whitf s and IT- WOOL twill Itl'ST mat. fox eoH.'ir. $20: navy coat, $1), s\7.G 10. I'hone 2-4Ii7:t. _____ _ __ 50 AIISCKI.LANKOI'S limiHphnld arliirlea and ornvlior«e plow, hand plow, cotton Hcales. FOR SALK — A ht'aiillfiil blark skunk fur jarkft. Hix.e Ifi. NPVPI* linen worn/ RCJI- snii!ihr. !iotiix. Plionn 2-4 MAN'S d on hln-h raster! blup aprce unit with i>tn si ripe, ;!(>, $ 1 fi, IMiune U-534S. __ T^O F-IMI MALL. fill ruhbt-r; «nod H|I:»P» cult ivaiur. A biJ rgain. I'hoiua Foil SALK — n.-Hn drill prew, siitlrU fnr K*ar:ige or mat hnio shnp. Inquire iil in. FORMAL, f'ssfs, si-/.^ Iti. Also lint; other articlop. Ca 11 WARDS HAVE A COMPLETE LTXK OK SI T PPL1KS KOR THE FARMER I'STXd HORSE DRAAVX KQTIPMEXT. A FEW OF THESE ITE.MS ARE, HORSE COLLARS, HARNESS. SIXOLE-TRKKS AXD DOUBLE - TREES COMPLETE, ALL SELL AT WARDS USUAL LOW PRICE. AVARDS FARM STORE CHKSTKR AYE. P ( IOXK 7-7873 51 You w f T T DO yorn OWN ran en wily bpromc an efficient \vp1der ilh a O-R el#H'trin \vohlcr, Mnny sixes •nm 100 lo 500 ainporpa cnpacity. Simp const ruction nnd low operating rost. hps** are nor toyn. hut hpnvy duty Aiders, HU it a hie for lnn*r and rnnt in- ma opcrft t inn. Sec* 1 hem a t CousinH r ;u-tur Company, 424 Twenty-fourth ropt- S3 FAST, 17-foot inlmard hnat with V^S. horsepower mi>tdr. This hn;tt IK vrry nn\v iiiul in first claws rondil ion : t wu corkpit.* wilh reel Irn t lu j r upholstery ; with Irnller nnrj ti.OOxlti lirrn. 1 4-funt boo with 1 tt-horsopriwor nuthou rd motor. This boat is nl! mahogany. 17-ffH>t boat . 6- Tout 10- inch beam, good fa mily boat, double planking* safe for o» -pa n. Ira MPT with fi.OOxl A tirpa. Row anil ^Hilbnfits. PtiHhionR and paddles, Oi'pfisfl for nutbnard motors. rnstnm-bniH 1 S-fot>i x fi-foot 1 0-inr h in* tmn rd Rnpodlion t f Chrysler ^Ia ri no ' motor, n II maBlumnny and mnst hpaiit il'nl boat In tow:-,. "Jlas very in?ai all-steel trailer with rt.r»n\n: 4 -I* KKRN st this p\t i a NiIt-H In i uc and w«Ml made. ret i. in i e;*r. Mis. Dy- WKUM FKRM nl liK'O Cherry , siiKgpsts ytni t;iko advanf ngo f>f grand f ishinic w^athor. II y f i«h ^ would tempt any fish. FOR SALK — 4 no amp. pur I H bio wrldinc B*.*nenitnr f A-l rnnililion. VPHiJy tn mount on trnrk or trailer. J'lione 3*1 377 fur H iipnini niPtit . We now have for snle the wry choicest strawberry plants, by cloxen t ]00 f or 1000, Varieties, Xe\v Oregon, Blakemoro, Filmore and Corvalte. ^r. P. Flickingei\ Kishtennth. Phone 2-3451. FOR SAI.K— .30-0-6 rifle. Hrabbard; 2% powor tolescupe sight, two boxes of $75. 2715 Snn TCmidio. ••k Radios, Musical Instruments ers FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf Quirk 313 RADIO REPAIRS serivce. General Service Baker. Phone 2-9278 Company. 4-24-tt TOP PRICES paid for late model Poston Radio Service, corner of 9!* Hiffhwny. Phone 3-0498. radios. K and 2-1-tf We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio o Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12*2»tf price* Phone 9-12-tf NO WANTED—Highest paid for new and used pianos. 8-8981. CAR AERIALS for any make of car, $4.95 and up. Poston Radio corner of K ntreet and 9fl Highway. 9-1-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radios. Bakerafteld Radio Pupply, 2808 Chester avenue. Phone 2-5150. _ 8-11-tt WILI, PAY highest cash prlct for your piano. Call 8-8673. 1-26-tf DIPLOMAT Aiinw*r to Prevlou* MM WJliUW \ HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured diplomat, Laurence A. 9 Peruse 10 Lively 11 South Carolina (ab.) 13 Instrumentalities 15 Jumbled type". 17 Light touch .19 Auricle 20 South Dakota (ab.) 21 Golf term 22 Roaring 24 Frighten 26 Road shoulder 27 God of war 28 Symbol for 1 tellurium 29 Pint (ab.) 30 Stove part 32 Ireland 35 Animal 37 Burst 38 Is (Latin) 39 Symbol for calcium 41 Sailor 43Sainte (ab.) 44 Symbol for niton 45 Demigod- detse* 47 Electrical term 48Penian fairy 49 Matgrass S. to Turkey VERTICAL 1 Senior (ab.] 2 Beverage 3 Excited 4 Notion 5 Genus of bees 6 Bamboolike grasses 7 Doctors (ab.) 8 Size of'Shot Pierce with a dagger 12 Solicitude 14 Near (ab.) 15 Peel 16 Angers ICLAND If t -M MHI-] ^ ff )W T. K 18 Forewarning 21 Social events 23 Rectify 25 Antic 30 Not closed 31 Huge 33 Ratio 34 Pieces out 36 Harsh to the taste 37 Staff of life 40 Operatic eolo 41 Palm lily 42 Girl's name 45 Dress edge 46 Standing room only (ab.) 48 Parent 50 Doctor (ab.)

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