The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 7
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''V;^'-'-', . v.... -. • •. • - H i J 1^" -'—-•''-_, n~ . » - . L V. t. ' .. . 4. - . _-...•,'. . 1 - - * -'^.-' ••, 1 J * ' - - ' ' ' - ' " • '• ..'-./- -3 - ' - lf^* l f4j"j ' r^-B-l.J bt • ^ I "-J ' J ' L ' * ^ ^ _ / ^ ' > I •• .. _^F^| >ll • , \ - A &• J , ' "'' • '• • - - " •• ' :• "i . I 1 ' h - , .n * • . '- ' ';*.V 'M'- 1 -* ^ >, "s"' -"'/•! : J '.V*-' , : - ** • ." ^ -.' •• - \.\ '•i -- . ' .., . i. - - ,!._ L^ j. -j THE BAK1&SF1ELD CALlPOftNTAN, TUESDAY, — -- i - * 11-^ -,- [ b _, -n ^-".4J -. T. K« i /-. Library, School Office to Close Admission Day Invent Saturday Night to Be Held at Memorial Hall; Is One of Series i , Ten tables woro filled Saturday night when Harold Brown Auxiliary No. 14«3, Vet to ran* of Foreign Wars Auxiliary entertained at Memorial hall, flans worq completed tor another party at 8 o'clock Saturday night at the same place. A bonus of 200 points will be presented those arriving In time to begin play promptly at the hour set. Prizes Saturday wero won by Mrs. Mary Mora ten, Mrs. L. H. Beckloy, Mrs. Daisy Kelly, B3. A. Jarrell, O, A. Bra<Jen and Walter Knmihslcy, Ijigh scores and Mrs, C. N. Potter and Frank Turoaki, special prizes. Mrs, Prances Willow won a draw prixe. Heveval of the awards at Satur* day night's function will bo handwork. 1 Tho rofroshments committee at the Inst affair Included Mesdameg Harvey Tlnrrelson, J. J. Froyley, W. C. T,indHay and R. I», Fowler. Tn charge next Saturday night will be Mrs. H. Rubiey, Mrs. Stevo Qekas and Mrs. T^eah Marsten. ^ Miss Bayles Ready to Enroll Pupils TN OBSERVANCE of Admission x day, the Kern County Free Public Library and all Us branches will be closed on Wednesday, It was announced today by John Henderson, Kern librarian. The office of Herbert L. Hcrilv, county superintendent of schools will also be closed on Wednesday it is announced. Teachers will be welcomed at the office the remainder of the week. RMERKERNGIRL SNOIEDWR Neill Piano Studio Reopens for Fall Florence Bayless and her mother Mr». Sum Bayless, 2310 Kino- teenth street, have returned from a two-month vacation spent iu Santa QarbaYu where they attended tho annual fiesta; In Los Angeles and Houthern beaches and at Ban Diego where they attended the exposition. Miss Baylesa, who Is a local piano instructor, Is reopening hor studio • this Week and is receiving tho enrollment of new and old pupils. Women of Trinity Church Plan Sale Women of Trinity Methodist Church are announcing a rummage aaUi In a building on the corner of Eighteenth and M streets all day "Wednesday. Mrs. John Brown IH chairman of arrangements. Proceeds will bo divided between the Indies' Aid Boclety and tho Missionary Society. 122, HUT STILL STRONG IVTALLPUH. India, Sept. 4. (U. P,) Although ho is now J2U years old, a -wandering Indian acrobat named Booracan still boasts of amazing: atrcngth. He can lift a 111-foot with his teeth. •\Vllliam It, Keill today announced the fall opening of her music studio at 301 O street where she IB receiving enrollment ot.both former and new, piano pupils. Mrs. Neill attended the stale convention of the California Muslo Teachers' Association hold nt tho Amba»nador hotel in T^os Angoles early In July. Immediately following tho convention, Hhe wan enrolled In tho normal classes of Bernard tVagnesa and ' John Thompson, noted piano pedagogues. Sho also attended a number of concerts at Hollywood Bowl, being present for tho opening ntffht conducted by tho noted Swiss conductor, Ernest Ansermet, Mrs. Neil! said early enrollment!) are desirable for those pupils who aro working for the certificates of merit from tho stnto board of the Music Teachers Association. Kalhcrinc McFarlane, Nicc<} of Mrs. Durnnl, Poet and Author of New Book YOU By OliUTS ROBERTS BARTON) ROSH HASH ANA TO Editor's Note—Parents' attitude toward school and teacher* play a most important role In the work their children will do in the classrooms. Ollvo Roberta Barton nationally known child training export, discusses thi» Important phase of family lifo in the loat of the *ertoa of articles on going to school, written for The Bakorsfleld CaHfornian and NEA Service. B. R. T, Auxiliary Begins New Term; First Meet Is Held - 'V I* •-.; Emily Simon month. R IO BRAVO, Sept. 8,— A program for the year wu» outlined at u recent meeting 1 of the Rio Bravo Parent-Teachers' Association at the local school, with Mrs. Clyde Zach- cry. president, presiding. Mm. Neva llaaff was appointed to talco charge of thu metubertihlp committee, An executive meeting will be held on Friday evening, September 38. Those Included on the committee are Mcsdume.s (Mara Sen re. Clyde Xuchery, llax.el Tlaay. Albert Lane, Neva Htuig and Mcltun J£ust. Mrs. Kust was appointed to havts charge of the refreshment committee. Mrs. J, A, Durnal, 1906 Ktght- eenth street, principal of tho Afcteo Grammar School, has Just returned from a vacation In Ixm Angeles where she was entertained by her nieces, Mrs. ti. W. Kingsbury of TJOS Angeles and Mrs. Kathcrine McFarlane Thompson of Honolulu. Poctrj* and Prose Mrs. Thompson who uses her maiden name. Katherlne McFarlnne a» her pen name, Is a well known modern poot, Her first prose work "Divide the Desolation," a story of route, Is being Issued by Schuster Compariy next The ~booU WUH accepted Inv by tho publishers by cable »nd they reported it the most beautiful book they have road sirt<ao Josephine Johnson's "Now in November" that won the Pulitzer prlws two years ago. The writer !» librarian at the Uni- vt-rsltv of IlA%\nll.' Sho l« the clauprh- ter of Mr. nnd Mr«. P. J. McKarlane of l^os Angeles, who nro fornior residents of Tehaohapl, whoro tin* poot spent her early years. She was graduated from tho University of California at Low Angolas. To Visit Hero Her book will be reloaded on September ifi nnd It has been chosen aH tho "book of the month" by tho Robinson book shop in Los Angeles. Mr*. Thompson 1 will como to Bak- ersfJeUl to visit hor sister before returning to Honolulu enrly next year. Lament Frost, Jr. to Vanderbilt U. Uunont Fro.«t, Jr.. son of Mr. and Mm. O. la. Fnmt, 3215 Oracona Htroet, loft Saturday for Nashville, Tenn.. to entor Vundf>rbUt University IIH a junior. Ho will enroll In pro-law and buslntwH Rtudicn. Kn route ho will visit grandparent H In TulHa. Oklu. H IH his plan to remain In Ten- until Into Fprinp. ST. PAU1/K To plan winter autivliiuM nicinbers of St. Paul's OulUl of St. i'aul'8 Episcopal Church will hold its firm fall meeting "\Vednesdny nfi«?rnoon at 1 o'clock nt the Ouild bull. I'HIZKI) (iI,A UlasH paporM't'lffhtH aro amon»*(he o\)Jt»cts prtr.Pi! by untlque collootors. Many of thum wero made by Iho orH HH Rifts for their 1-Vw of them aro over 100 1 yoars old. though glass pap^rwoiffhtH ; worn found In 12tfypt1an totnbs and in Groeli ruins. Most of Iho dated Viapi'rxv^ightH woro niado b»»l woon 1K47 and U50 at tho Hucrarat pUiHH tHctory ii» Franrr, the Now ICnglund factory in <?umbrldge, Mans., or ihe Snndu'irh plam* 1'aiHory on Cupcf-od. A CHILD can easily be turned -away from school by hearsay, or listening in on disparaging con- vernations of other people. It may be about the teacher or tho principal, or any of tho school per* sonnel. Tho teacher may bo now, or young or foolish, according: to tho goHnlpn. Or as one mother tfald, not bothering: to move out of range of her small Bon's ears, "I never thought I should live to see the day when one of that Smith crowd would be teaching my boy," Can you woo how this child's faith and rospoct for his teachor is wn- mined before ho even sees her? Miss Smith is as she may b<s and very likely a gtuxl toachor; but th6 harm done Is not to her as much a« to this boy hlm*oU. Critic I sin Harmful Then there are other matters that mny shako his faith in Hchool. For tntaanco. If ho hears older folk knocking tho whole system and nay- Ing what should bo dona and what not. U 1s a fatal mistake wo these duya to criticise methods in local schools and to compare them with what is being done somewhere else, or perhaps with new progressive or oxporlinnnlal schools. Once Johnny gets tho Idea that ho inn't being done right by. ho IH likely to lake one long look at tho building on that first day and vow to himself that ho Isn't going to try In a place that Is all wrong anyway. Maybe it IH. Maybe It is tho worst school on earth, where they only tcocli the 'three U'H and make the children mind; but that Isn't any reason why the boy should not got at least that much and get H well. Another matter that comes up every now and then is the democracy of the classroom. As time goes on there IH a tendency to decry the different kinds, oreeds, rnccs and nationalities In districts. And to ndd that It IH a shame our dear little Johnny has to go dally among them. This iH one huge mistake. The public school !H for tho purpose of educating everybody and elevating the underprivileged. Mr. Big Taxpayer j may resent it and think II|H child should have u special room to him* s«*If. but it won't do for him to talk about It in tho child's hearing, be- cuuse In tlrnu this same youngMur won't feel that ho IH In the right place, and thoreToro won't work. Child NeedN Coiift<lcnre There* am HUH other matters of like kind thai will easily affoo.l the l pupIVs attitude toward school. But | one thing stands out—the more he \ hears agaltist the system, the building 1 , tho room or his teacher and fellow classmates tho less he will enjoy his school life. A secret conviction that things nre wrong will crumble his confidence, and without It he cannot be at bin b*»t. Confidence In Bchool life u* as important as confidence at home. Actually the child wants to like his associates, and will take the whole business philosophically If wo lot him alone. How uttfnlr It is to handicap him with «ur opinions and worries, oven though wo may bo entitled to air them. Tho child who goes to school supported by homo approval, well- rested, nourished, groomed and unfettered by private troubles, has tho best chance to succeed. (Copyright. l»30. NBA Smlo*. tn.-,,i Jewish Services Will Begin September 16; Yoni Kipper Later This Month Service in obnervntion of Hosh Hnshana, tho Jewish New Year of 5807, will open on the ovcnins: of Heptomber 10 with ceremonies In tho B'nal Mcob Temple. Habbl Benjamin Cohen will conduct tho rites, which will continue througli September 17 and 18. Yom Kipper, tho day of atonement, will bo obmirved September 26. Tho rubbl will combine the now yenra topic on Hosh Hoshnna with current subjects. HI* topic has not yet been announced. Httbbl Cohen and his family returned roccntlv from a five weeka' ntny nt t-onff tioach. Arthur Cohen, n senior at Stanford Tnlversity. will Wednesday to htft uludles. f QtL CENTER lodge No. 508, Ladie* Auxiliary to the Brother* hood of Railway Trainmen, held it» first autumn meeting Friday at Eagles hall at which time plana w*rc made for a social meeting September 18. The committee on arrange- ¥ ments, appointed by Mrs. Erma Higginu includes Mesdames Everett Sollidny, Walter Shultxand W. Curly, The session was the first for two months. 1 W1EEI IO -; :¥. • 1 I Sc\-cral From Here Expect to Celebrate German Day in Southland • M i i Council Announces Card Fete Tonight Hermann Slaters, auxiliary to Ari rnin Lodge, Order of Hermann Sons will hold Its flr*t meeting of fall at S o'clock lit the homo of Mr. and Mrs. K. \V, K&mpc In Virginia Cot- lony with Mrs. John Grauff presid* Ing. Tho men's organization convened lost week. Housing problem* of the organization will be considered. Announcement win bo made of the "German Day'* celebration In Ix>» Angele* Sunday in HLndenbur* Park, F, W, Council, Dogree of Poeahontaa, 1« announcing a curd party for thin evening at W, O. \V. hull nt R o'clock. Five hundred will bo played. Mrs, Mnrle Finn heads tho hostess committee. i Mrs. Louts Plebel. ^ _^k *- fcM**^«™™^^™^**^^^^^^P'^^^ TODAY'S FASHION TTP Long-sleeved dinner gowns made In lames and velvets for and winter wear. fall i 1 > T- youkwumttj Trade in your old furniture as part payment on new! Liberal allowance. \ i Kitchen Help (»r MAMY E. T HIS Russians have a name U—Slrnlkl. You mny well for ARROWHEAD WATER CARAFE A Surprise Gift to you without obligation I TMi magnificent «ry$tdt-el««r Caraft with « i«*l«d elosur*. containing ont quart of ganulh* Arrowhead Spring Water, U yours for th* ajkjng—dalivered to your door. This gift, prompted by our desire to have you sample the most famous of America's spring waters, should find welcome acceptance In your home. tt will conveniently replace- the open water pitcher on your table. It may be placed In your refrlgera If you want Ice-cold water. You'll went to take It motor trips. It provides the most sanitary receptacl for wafer from your water cooler. J * Simply mall this coupon RB9UIST FOR FRBI CARAPI ArrawhMd*Purltai Olitrlbuttng Co., Ltd. 603 Runner Strut. Phona 3201 GanHamem I With the lull understandlnv that no eipinia er J obligation U Incurred, plaata dtllvar to ma ene «f I your FKEi Arrewhaad cryit*l.<Iaar Carafai filled I with tanotne Arrevhaad Spring drinking Water. I Name_ \ I AddreiL Clry, ,Pri6ne. Only one coupon aceeptad from each ily. Offer li limited io territory we serve. OUR SUPPLY OF ARROWHEAD WATER CARAFES IS LIMITED, SO WE URGE YOU 70 SEND COUPON IMMEDIATELY BE FORE STOCKS ARE EXHAUSTED. ^ CAM ft 15 ACTUALLY the nnmo If you've never tinted lllllo round patties nwda of t mixed with egg. a llttlo sugar flavoring, dlppcU Into flour and fried in buttor to a golden brown. Slrnikl 1s an excellent dessert to serve after a light meal. The consistency Is particularly good because tho lltllo cakes are light and thoroughly (ligestibio, unlike many desserts made of cottage cheese. With them you can servo cold, thick sour cream or crushed or stewed fruit. iSlrnlkl for Five or Six Two cups cottage cheese, 1 egrf, 1 tablespoon augar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. 1 pinch of salt, 3 tablespoons flour, butter for frying, sour cream or fruit. \ Get the drioHt cottage cheese you can find or make your own out of sour milk. Proas tho cheese through a fine slevo, removing all lumps. To tho cheese, add the slightly beaten egg, sugar, vanilla, salt and enough flour to bind. About 2 tablespoons is enough. Don't add too much flour, or the little cakes be heavy. Form this mixture into 12 or more small rounds, putting them Into shape. Place In tho refrigerator to chill If you have tho time. Tho cakes should bo quite small, about 3 inches across. Hervo 2 to tach person. Just before serving time, fry the kl In butter until golden brown werve at once. ro cold sour cream or crushed or Htfwt'd fruit as n sauce. Tho little cokes may bo mado In Die morning, left in tho refrigerator and browned Just before serving. September means continued hot weather for most of us and ufUT customary snlad meal, Blrnlkl i« perfect rtfr«*t«rt. A pood family dirjner based on Sir- j nlkl for desert would t»o rroam of j celery soup, stuffed, baked eggplant, aud vegetable naiad \\ ith n French dressing. ! If you eat light ltwhcon« you j find Hirnlki Just filling onm»gh and i< ploasanl chango from ftundwiche« or salads. It U also a good dftitftcrt for a \ Sunday night supper. • Menu | Breakfast—8)ic«l oranges* cooked j cereal with date* and cream, toast, 1 xmin room dern eav Tertns $3.85 Month No Interest You will bo entranced by UHJ big clrclo mirror ou tho vanity, a nmsslvo piece in French »tylo. Groups nlwo Include tho bod. chest of drawora of ample girth, all in selected walnut veneers. Priced $20 under the market! Terms $1.00 Weekly No Interest O aro tho lino heavy deep-piled Axmtnntcra you aro uccuatomed to pay much moro lor. In u brand new utfHortmcnt of patterns and colors. You'll not look nny further if you want a .real rug value! Another icroup of Axminitora at fS!U5 are Just UH Konftatianal In quality aud value! i ; I^unohcon—Pineapple Juice, ham 1 omelette, popover*. fruit tapioca, tea. Dinner—Cream of calery soup, i stuffed eggplant, vegetable naiad with French dressing, Sirnlkl, Ootfeft. immon nniv &tft''fumt JfaMttoM of ARROWHEAD Spring Water ttr ary . rV ou ivm Week and built especially fur this great mauufftcturer's sixty-fifth anniversary . . . Simmons* appreciation value, and naturally a sensation I CURLED SISAL TOP AND BOTTOM, famous PRE-BUILT edge, a feature of the Bcaulyresl, and Nt Inttriit other features. See this deal FIRST! many oom for NE\V! And priced many dollars under tho mnrk«t! Smart new ettecta with solid tone a nun and pa turned cushions, modern fabrics* good and heavy, In choice of colors! The sofa and chair for 149,50 on CONVENIENT PAYMENTS! Terms: $4.35 Month! No Interest HISH DAILY riOM FAMOUS AUOWHIAD SfRINOS 0ILIVIMD TO YOUR HOMI IN I^OAUON IOUUS AMOWHtAO-PURITAt DISTRIBUTING CO,, LTD, 191 Jufflpir )»rf«t Phooi 3201 L ' Phone - J n h ^ - I --r ' i * T-'- t- ' 1 -'r L 1 7 _ 1 r • • ' f- . -> --••- j j. -f j r i 1 -,. * •'• ,,1 tr < t' •'If- v -- .!'. .f :;• > .ft - . t,. I . -' '- xn * J u ' I . I - -i .' I • r-. .i -..-

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