The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 4, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 6
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i w v Jl Thursday, AprU 4, 1961 Briefs Ottawa Lions Club will sponsor a Ladies Night on Friday, April 5. A dinner meeting will be at the North American Hotel at ( 6:30. Reservations may be made with the club secretary, Julius Raffelock. T. A. Bischoff will show, pictures of the Lions Club International Convention in Nice, France, and his tour of Europe. Alterations, draperies, slipcovers. Mrs. Roberts CH 2-1071. Adv. Sheldon Bowers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bowers, Ottawa, has been elected to the city council at Mission, his father said today. He is a brother of William Bowers, state seantor from this district. Sheldon Bowers is an attorney for the Kansas City Title Insurance Co. He is a Washburn law school graduate. Rummage Sale, Job's Daughters Mem. Aud. Base. April 5 & 6. Adv. The Franklin County commissioners will sit as a board of equalization on Monday, May 6, and will discuss and examine any complaints citizens may have about tax assessments. The commissioners constitute the board of equalization on the county level. Free Kite with every fill of gas. Crites Conoco. Adv. Dean Zook, 515 E. 5th, will be an adjudicator at the Southeast Kansas District Music Festival tomorrow and Saturday at Kansas State College of Pittsburg. Bake Sale; Faith Lutheran Guild, Fri. Apr. 5, Gas Office. Adv. Raymond Collins, Pomona, received 36 votes for the post of city councilman in Pomona's city election Tuesday rather than 77 votes as reported in yesterday's Herald. Collins was defeated in his bid for the post. Baby class, 3-5 yrs., enroll now. Bernhardt's CH 2-3696. Adv. An appeal of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and reckless driving charges have been dismissed in the Franklin County District Court by Virgil R. Gumm. Gumm had been previously found guilty of the charges in police court and fined $135 and given a 30-day suspended sentence. Rummage Sale Saturday April 6th, 131 S. Main, Ottawa A.C.E. Adv. The "Gospel Tones" a team from Central Bible Institute, Springfield, Mo., will be at the First Assembly of God Church on Saturday evening, April 6, at 7:30, and also at the Sunday morning service at 11. The gospel team consists of a women's trio and accompanist and a student evangelist speaker. Ellis Piano Tuning. Phone CH 2-4431. Adv Franklin County men inducted into the US Army Tuesday were Charles Everett McCurdy, Wil- Hamsburg; Kenneth Alvin Dodds, Ottawa, and Marvin Joseph Gretencord, Richmond. Cal Ewing, manager of the Ottawa employment office, and Jim Richardson, interviewer, have been in Topeka since Tuesday attending an employe relations training session at the state office. Campbell-Reese Revival! Calvary Baptist Church, 7:30 p.m Adv. den Hardesty, 1214 Willow, fcss entered the VA Hospital, 4891 Linwood, Kansas City 28, 3fe. r for leg surgery. He is in room SE 803. Local Markets Soybeans .. 2.41 2.09 eeen 1-09 eara 1.14 1.78 Burfey 1.08 81 too „ 47. .42 20c %* .„. (Scadit • 29. 25, 20 KG MarfceH (SIWT (.itPt — Cattle iiasws 3SV bulk at supply * &Hf ayofioa: slaughter yeaayi- *o& Iwltess untasMd, cows slow, <!iaarty to. weait, vealera iit- Bltt annagBd;, cows 14.30-n.OC, TOali*r» MO&j/tUto;- peitoe JAM. and gilt* A SCHOOL BOARD PROBLEM - This is part of piles of junk, trash and building materials on proposed new high school site that is worrying Ottawa's board of education. This week the board told owner Orral Staneart he had until April 15 to move it or the board would cean it up. Late yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out in an old house on the property. It burned to the ground along with building materials stored inside. Fire Chief Harry Gilliland said cause of the fire was not determined, but he suspected "boys smoking cigarets." Firemen stood by until 10 p.m. to keep blaze confined to old house. Face Trial For Larceny The arraignment of Shirley and Betty Green, Kansas City, both charged on four counts of petty larceny were continued for 24 hours in police court this morning. Both women have been cited to appear in court and their bond of $200 each will be forfeited if they fail to appear tomorrow. Daniel Berger, was fined $125 today on charges of being drunk in public, resisting arrest and permitting an unauthorized person to drive. He pleaded guilty to all three counts. Kenneth Bishop, 1238 S. Sycamore, pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk in public today and was fined $50. Robert Stanford, Humboldt, also charged with being drunk in public, forfeited $50 bond. Robert Whalen, Lawrence, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and was fined $100 and given a 30- day suspended sentence. Eddie Smith, was fined $50 on a charge of being drunk in public after entering a plea of guilty. A charge of leaving the scene of an accident was dismissed against Chester Woodrum, 619 N. Hickory. The following persons forfeited bond upon failing to appear: Charles Armes, Leavenworth, drunk in public and driving with an open bottle accessible to the driver, bond $100; Val Finney, Ottawa University, running a stop sign, bond $10; Donald Lunger, running a red traffic signal, bond $10; Stephen Harris, 1231 Hickory, speeding, bond $10; Delbert Fisher, lola, speeding, bond $15; Robert Frost, Ottawa University, speeding, bond $30; Harold Crane, Kansas City, Mo., speeding, bond $12; Leslie Angel, Hutchinson, speeding, bond $14; Ott Hrenchir, Wellsville, speeding, bond $13; Maurice Strawn, Valley Falls, speeding, bond $15; Ernest Hobbs, 1004 S. Walnut, speeding, bond $11. Ottawan On Radio Lowell Gish, 613 S, Poplar, will discuss the history and program of the Osawatomie State Hospital on the Jean Glenn WDAF-ra- dio program from 9:05 to 10 a.m., Friday, AprU 5. Listeners will be invited join in the hospital's annual observance of National Mental Health Week by attending open house on April 28 and Community - Hospital Night at the Osawatomie City Auditorium on April 29. Gish will be master of ceremonies for Community-Hospital Night which involves the entire 22-county area which the hospital serves. Cars Damaged In Collisions Police investigated two accidents yesterday in the 1600 block on South Main. Cars driven by Albert Odell, Hiattville, and Mrs. Betty Kimball, Princeton, collided about 11:30. Both were headed north prior to the accident. Damage to Odell's car was estimated at $34 and damage to other car at $108. Cars driven by Bob D. Cook, 320 S. Cedar, and William Doug- steady uv seeoar, *»»* jwady, las, 409 S. Sycamore, were in- rf ghtt t UM-2.W U> at- sow* Bfc I3.0ft.aii ** 3MMHW Ib 11.78 13.36. Stixxfr Itt: not enough off«r«d fcjr «a*k«t- ti»8tv eJlolcfl to j»rtm« limb* steady * W.*J***** *&£ feeder taobs on- volved in accident about 12:30 Both were headed south prior to the mishap. ; Damage to Douglas' car was I estimated at $264 and damage |to Cook's car at *59. Septic Tank Problem May Lead To City Annexation Several Dolls And A Few Lucky Guys Fourteen of the 19 Miss Ottawa candidates, and a few lucky guys, were at an informal "Pepsi Party" last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Harvey, 437 E. 12th. The girls were introduced to each other and to people who'll be helping stage the pageant, scheduled May 3-4. Among the men were Dr. Don McKelvey, general chairman of the Lions-sponsored event, and Jack Day, Jack Ruter and Russell Crites who will landle staging and lighting. Also present were Mrs. David Laury, official hostess for the pageant: the present Miss Ottawa, Doris Ann Freshour, and Elizabeth Hinton, Miss Congen- ality of last year. McKelvey discussed the pro;ram for the pageant. A tea for :he contestants will be from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 25, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Laury, 328 E. llth. Legate Septic tanks are posing something of a problem in and near Ottawa, it was brought out at the meeting of the city commissioners last night. This difficulty is a prime factor in a recommendation of the Ottawa zoning commission that an area just south of the city limits be annexed to the city and that it be served with proper sewer facilities. The zoning commission, following a meeting Tuesday night, has recommended that the city take steps to annex an area 300 feet in width along the east side of Highway US59, the area to run from the present south city limits south to the next section line road, which is known as the Hood School road. It also is recommended that the same annexation move shall include the area west of US59 to the Santa Fe right-of-way, and extending south to the Hood School road, the same as the area on the east side of the highway. Among property owners of the area in question there appears to be a difference of opinion relative to coming into the city. Some property owners want to be an-, nexed while others do not, it was said. If the property owners platted the area with a view to coming into the city, setting aside easements for streets and utilities in the normal way of being annexed at the request of the property owners, the approval would have to be 100 per cent on the part of the property owners, it was ex- j plained. Since there is not 100 per cent agreement among property owners, and since there has been difficulty and complaints con- JFK Talks Of Ike, Cuba And Lie Test WASHINGTON (AP) - President Kennedy says 9,000 Soviet troops and technical experts have left Cuba since November—about 4,000 of them within the past six weeks. Expressing hope of further withdrawals, Kennedy told his news conference Wednesday that a rough calculation indicates about 12,000 to 13,000 Soviet citizens remain in Cuba. In the domestic area, the President obviously was primed for a question about former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's recent suggestion that Kennedy's record $98.9-billion budget could be cut by about $13 billion. Eisenhower was particularly critical of the costly space program. Noting that Eisenhower "referred us to Maurice Stans, his budget director, for guidance," Kennedy jibed that during Stans' tenure the country had its largest peacetime deficit, its largest loss of gold, its highest peacetime unemployment plus two recessions. "That is not a record that we plan to duplicate if we can help it," said Kennedy. As for the space program, Kennedy suggested that Eisenhower long has opposed an effective effort to put the United States ahead of the Soviet Union in space. "It is a matter on which we disagree," he said. At the start of the session, Ken- Conner's; CIIAI'KI. DEPENDABLE OTTAWA. Get Our Prices Before You Buy STEWART MEMORIALS Across from south water tower 118 W. 15th CH 2-3325 nedy was asked about the abruptly abandoned Pentagon program to ask key officials to take lie detector tests, if necessary, to determine who "leaked" a memorandum critical of the Senate's investigation of the TFX fighter plane contract. "I think it was a mistake to suggest a polygraph," Kennedy replied. "I don't think we need concern ourselves in the future about it," Hospital Notes Admissions William John Gilliland, Williamsburg; Owen Gottschall, 214 W. 2nd; Greg Holm, 540 Birch, Wednesday. Mrs. Lee Smith, 615 N. Oak, Thursday. Births Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Burch, 515 Willow Lane, daughter Wednesday, weight, 7 Ib., 12 oz. Dismissals Mrs. Mary Swallow, Pomona; Jess Heilman, Cedar House, Wednesday. Mrs. Clarence Me- Fadden, 735 Cleveland; Clyde Nichols, 618 Linwood; Walter Latson, 906 N. King; Mrs. Hibbard Taul, Baldwin; Dick Petty, Kansas City; Mrs. Harry Stern, 1031 N. Poplar; Mrs. Jim McGaugh and baby daughter, 903 S. Sycamore; Mrs. Mike Newmaster and baby son, 805 Princeton, Thursday. cerning improper functioning of septic tanks in the area, the zoning commission has recommended that the city commission initiate the move for annexation of the area. The procedure under this plan would be for the city officials to file with the county commissioners a petition seeking a public hearing on the matter. It would then be the responsibility of the county commissioners, after holding such a hearing, to determine the advisability of annexing the area to the city. If the county commissioners determined that such a move was advisable, the city officials could then enact an ordinance annexing the area. The city commissioners have taken the matter under advisement. Another area where septic tanks are causing complaint is along the south side of 15th Street, east of the Santa Fe bracks and west of Willow Acres Addition to the city. The area has several homes which use spetic tanks and there has been an overflow problem from the septic tanks onto the surface of the ground for some time. City Engineer Robert Lister was instructed by the city commissioners to proceed with plans for installation of proper sanitary sewer facilities for the area. He said he had talked with property owners of the area and they realized that a problem exists and that it should be remedied. J. R. Cheney, who was elected city commissioner of finance and revenue at the city election Tuesday of this week, attended the meeting last night as an observer. He is scheduled to assume his office at the close of the commission meeting next Wednesday night. No Dues to Pay to Belong "Free Quotation on Rates" Blanche Lamb-Bob Robert* Lamb Funeral Home . Kansas, Franklin County, «s- the Probate Court of «ald County and State. n the Matter of the Estate of James T. Magrath, deceased. . NOTICE OF HEARING Phe State of Kansas to all "•ersons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a pe- Itlon has been filed in said court by sugh A. Magrath, as brother, heir at aw, legatee and devisee of James T. Magrath, deceased, and as executor named In the will of said decedent, praying for the admission to probate of the will of James T. Magrath dated November 35, 1M7, which is filed with said petition, and for the appointment of Hugh A. Magrath as executor of laid will, without bond, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the Itth day of April, 1963, at ten o'clock a.m. of said day, in said court, in the city of Ottawa, in Franklin County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you tall therein. Judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon said petition. Eugh A. McOrath, Petitioner Bowers & Bowers Attorneys SALE DATES NATE AND LEONA GIBBONS Melvern 549-3474 Open dates on farm and household Bales. Harold Stewart ft Charles Beatty Harold - CH 2-4836 Charles - Lyndon Kansas April 8 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Lawrence Livestock Sale Co., East llth St. Lawrence, Kas. April 8 — Ray Barnhart, Farm Sale, 5% miles northwest of Ottawa, Kas. April 10 — H, C. Thomas Household Goods and Misc. Antiques, 2 miles East on Logan St., Ottawa, Kas. April 18 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Neosho Livestock Commission Co., Neosho, Mo. Print} and Son Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 Community auction every metan> night i p.m., 113« N. Main. Community sal* every Tanridai April 6 — White Elephant Sale, Richmond ball park, Richmond, Kas. April 26 — Lincoln School Cub Seoul Sale — Printy's Auction House, 1136 N. Main, 7 p.m. Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude— 91? Howard— « Ottawa RFD i * rankll" Count? Salr Company fi»er> Saturday. North Ottawa on Highway 59. April 5 — Charles Herschel, 3 acr* . Suburb, 7 Room House ft Furniture 710 West 5th Street, Lawrence, Kans April 18 - Lieut li Helm, Farm Sale 4 miles West of Baldwin Jet. on Highway 60, 11 a.m. April 9 — Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnhart ' closing out Farm Sale, 6 mllei northwest of Ottawa 1 p.m. April 19 — Cecil Morrow, closing ou Farm Sale, 5 miles Bast; 4 North of Overbrook, Kans. Jack Neison Phone 566-3530, Pomona, Kas. Overbrcos Livestock tale, O*«rbrook Kansas B**ry Wednesday livery fncUt - »l"-o Crunty U»» uoc» 4.|c"ni i»« Oifr Kansas April 4 — Oakland School House It Contents, • »lles northwest of Ottawa. Nnrserfes — Seeds — Plants ,--16 VE ARE not operating, have NOTHING for Sale. Church Fruit Farm. MARRIED MEN presently employed, age to 45. Who will work 3 or 4 hours Evenings and Saturdays at $2.00 per hour. Call CH 2-1511 Evening 6 to 9. Saturdays 9 to 12:00. WASHINGS 2.00 bushel. Ironings 13.00 bushel. CH 2-3954, 943 Cypress. Published March M, (First Published April 4, 1(63) (Last Published April 11, It63) STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION OF KANSAS NOTICE OP CONTBCTOES Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for the construction of road work in Franklin County, Kansas, will be received at the office of the Division Engineer, K.S.H.C. in Chanute, Kansas, until 8:00 a.m. April 23, 1863 and then publicity opened, as follows: 33-30-4660(5) — 6.720 miles Bituminous sealing, beginning at the jet. of K-33 & K-68; thence north on K-33. Further information regarding the work may be had by an examination of the plans and specifications on file in the office of the Franklin County Clerk or at the offices of the State Highway Commission. BY ORDER OF THE STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION, Addison H. Meschke, Director. Want Ads Phone CH 2-4700 Save 10% - Pay Cash 10 per cent Discount on Local ads paid by 5 p m following day. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 5 p.m. Day Before Publication — 5 line Ads accepted up to 9:30 a.m. day of publication WANT AD PER WORD RATES 1 insertion per word 6c 3 insertions per word 15c 6 insertions per word . .... 24c 12 insertions per word . .... 45c 26 insertions per word 90c Cash minimum 48c Card of Thanks 4c per word - 70c min. Local 14c per tine (subject to Frequency Discounts) National 14c per line (Not subject to Frequency Discounts) 1 inch Lodge Notices set with emblem fl.OO 2 insertions no change .. $1 DO Special Discount Contract Out of trade territory, 6c per word per insertion, no discount Blind Ads - 50c extra Notices —9 Tancred Commandry No. 11 K.T Stated Conclave Thursday, April 4th, 7:30 p.m. Wear uniforms. Fred A. Gardner - E. C. Gerald B Harford — Rec. Ottawa White Shrine No. 19. of White Shrine of Jerusalem f Open installation of officers Friday, April 5th, 8:00 p.m. Friends Wei- Reg come Lola Sellers—W. Scribe pro-tern Calista Roth-W.H.P. Lawn, Garden Equip. —15 USED 21" 4-cycle, 3 horsepower Engine Rotary Mower, $3.00 down $1.50 ea. wk. Firestone Stores, 127 S. Main. Nurseries — Seeds — Plants —16 TROPICANA Roses — Bravo Dianthus, Cascade Petunias Large flowering Clematis, Roc ket Snaps, Pansies, Big Boy- Tomatoes-Hardu Lilies; Many others. Seeds, Bulbs, Supplies Easter Hams. Davis Orchard & Greenhouse, Baldwin, Kansas. Male Help Wanted —19 MEN 21-45 — Married. For full time work. Guaranteed $85.00 per week or if presently employed but will work evenings and Saturday: Call CH 2-1511 for interview appointment. FOR SALE: 3 Door Pie or Pizzi Oven; 12 ft Plywood fishing boat, 3% HP Firestone Out* board Motor, boat trailer; In quire at Crowell's Cafe, CH 2 9792, CH 2-1979 General Services —29 LIVE BAIT SHOP - 1130 Underwood. VILL DO Washings and Ironings, CH 2-1492 3EMENT, Carpenter work — Reasonable prices. CH 2-2633. JIVE IDEALS for Easter. Wigglesworth Magazine Agency. CH 2-3003. DRESS making, alterations. CH 2-1200, 831 King. STEAMING, PAPERING. Paint ing. - Conrad's Painters. CH 2-3268. WANT TO spray paint houses, barns. CH 2-4251. LAWN MOWER and Small Engine Repair, Guaranteed Work. 704 N. Sycamore. DEAL ANIMALS removed, Standard Rendering Co. Call collect Ottawa CH 2-1064 LET US help your business bv advertising your service in the Ottawa Herald General Service.' section CUSTOM sheep shearing at the farm. Ewes, 60 cents. Bucks, 1.00. Will furnish twine at cost. Albert Cast, Route 1, Waverly. Pershing 3-2668. Call for appointment. McCRACKEN ELECTRIC CH 2-3254 WIRING CH 2-4930 Livestock —34 FOR SALE—Two registered milking Shorthorn springers and Two yearling milking Shorthorn heifers. Call after 4:30 — CH 2-4923. FOR SALE — Holstein Heifer calves and Bull Holsteins; — 2 John Deere Corn Planters. One 3-point hookup, plants good. — Paul Edgecomb, 1 North and 4 West of Sandcreek Road, then 1 North, first house back West. Farm Equipment —35 FOR SALE — Bolen Garden Tractor. Plow, disk and cultivator. 2 seasons. — Phone 5663462, Pomona, Kansas. FOR SALE—Tractor. Minneapolis Moline. Model "R". Side mounted Mower with hydraulic lift. $400.00. - TU 3-6174. William Bourgeois. PLANTER SALE USED—RECONDITIONED— GUARANTEED J.D. 494 - 4-Row, Fert, Insect Att., Furrow Openers, Cover Knives, Rubber Press Tires. J.D. 490 4-row, Furrow Openers, Cover Disk, Insect Att. Hyd Lift. J.D. 490 4-row, Furrow Openers Cover Knives, Hyd. Lift. J.D. 246 2-row, Fert., Furrow Openers, Mtd. IHC No. 250 2-row, Fert., Furrow Openers, Cover Disk, Insect Att., Rubber Press Tires. IHC No. 44 4-row, Fert., Furrow Openers. IHC Mounted 2-row for H-M, Fert fflC Mounted 2-row for C, Fert Blackhawk 4-row, Fert., Furrow Opener. Ferguson Mounted 2-row, Furrow Openers. Blackhawk 2-rcw Mechanical lift, Several Others to Choose From. MOWS THE TIME The Price is Right The Selection is Best. Don't Wait - Buy Today Ottawa Trac. & Imp. 119 E. 2nd CH 2-4400 Seeds, Feeds, Fert. —36 BALED ALFALFA HAY in barn —2'/ a Southwes Pomona. K. B Richardson. FOR SALE - Minihaser oats 1.20 Bushel. Sweet Clover 18c Ib. Lespedeza 15c Ib. Alf alfa Hay 85c bale. CH 2-1828 READY FOR IMMEDIATE Pick up — Pioneer seed corn am , milo, John Berger, MO 5-3436 Overbrook. Vn North, y a West Appanoose High School Misc. For Sale —40 FORMAL — Light green. Size 12, CH 2-4186. TOPEKA Daily Capitol, Delivered Daily CH 2-4607 USED CLOTHING - Rummage Prices - 1207 N. Hickory. FOR SALE - Worms and Cane Poles, Brown's Hardware, 1540 S. Main. Misc. For Sato FOR SALE Black top irtl df 1 1306. 100 ft. 3/8 ROPE $1.49 OK Bargain Store Long Stem ARTIFICIAL Roses Ohhh So real Even your Florist has to take a Second look! All Colors Compare at 2.49 doz. Only 49c doze* THE SMALL STORE WITH THE BIG DEAL White': FURNITURE & APPLIANCES Opposite Court House Sporting Goods —42 1960 14' Glastron boat, motor. CH 2-1306. FOR SALE — Minnows, Worms and Cane Poles. — Brown's Hardware, 1540 S. Main. STARCRAFT BOATS - (8 ft. to 22 ft.) and Mercury Motors (8 models). Also: Dreamer and Huntsman Campers. — Ottawa Boats and Motors, 2 miles north Ottawa. Harold Bones, CH 23495. Home Furnishings —47 2 Hollywood Beds — 9 months old — Like new condition—Inner Spring mattresses and Box Springs — Priced for clearance $38.88. Gambles, 128 S. Main Headquarters for Motorola TV & Stereo and Kroehler Furniture Used Furniture 5 DINING ROOM SUITES $14.95 up 6 DINETTES TWO 2-Pc. SECTIONALS 2 SIMMONS METAL BED SPRINGS full size 3 LAWN CHAIRS Colby's 226 S. Main USED DINETTE SETS GALORE! Several to ehoow from — 5 per : and 7 pc. Sets — Wooden or formica — Chrome and Bronze — Prices run from $14.95 up. Gambles, 128 S. Main Headquarters for Motorola TV & Stereo and Kroehler Furniture Home Furnishings —47 Like New Swivel Rockers Limed Oak Trim Naugahyde and Nylon Cover Sold for $49.95 — Buy Now 38.88 GAMBLES 128 S Main Headquarters for Motorola TV & Stere & Kroehler Furnitun

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