The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 6
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* - n -, ••' f*- [ I I •'••,.'.'' I J \- •*- • .'L ' ' ' L ••-' - . • • . - - ,----, •-• :- -••- I - • > 1 - '.*- VJ \ V .* * " : fl r --> I -'.'"!-. ' ' f. ' i , • •, > , ' L . i \, '' ''.- ' I •' ', • > m * I « < 6 HIE HAKERSPJUW) CAMFORNTAN, TUESDAY,,SKPtBMBEn «,' S KNOWLES TO TEACH <*, •s. Bulldog Pupa Now Eating Regularly After Starvation t To Me Associnlecl With Ann Anderson's Studio; In Have Special C.luss Miss T/oifr Kii'twJoH, popular dum-or, will be nN*orlal« J d with thf Ann ArulrfNnn Studio of Dancing, u" an inntrwtor. u-hori it rf'tponn for lntniHon nf puplU on TlmrMdjiy. Ml«8 KmiwIrH \\t\n HtiKlioH with HelcluT and m'vrnil «>ih"r - known ti-nohorH of rlfin'Mng In gPloH. Tho pa«t. twr ( HUTIV «hn h«« Hp«»r»iill7od In Hpnnlwli uo, Htuilylnp with Dorlw In Hunta M/irhnni. Him up. itH oiu- of Mio Molnlflln in tin 1 - piiKnint n nd \VIIH uf|J received In many othor pnhll<- nppr»nr- nn»'i'« in 1hf of»a«t city In iifldltlon to nnt'l^tln« In Mi»- clnHHr-p of the nt urllo. MlKH w\\] conduct NprcUil I'|;INMCM in hclnnlitK uruJ mlvaiu-fd ft'nimtt t'rcftn l,>d Wlrrl CAN DIKCiO, Sept. 8^-After 11 ^ hungry niffl»* »nri u frnntic city-wide Honrch for "mothcr'n milk," nix wrinkle-nosed bulldog pup*, horn by n oacHiirlim oporn- tion, wtmt on full nitionn todny. The puplln arr tho offnprlnK of Lady Lyiton, pcdl^rccH hrindlc Kntflihh hultdoK owned by Kdf{nr Hcrvoy, iittoriury. Tlu- father, champion Kodoco Hodnnionte, WUH not preHpnl to worry about hi« family. After iho operation, in which nix of the He vim pupH horn wur- vived, Lady Lytton'N milk ttupply failed. She WIIH near dealh her«elf and Ilervey he^an telephoning hJN friends, do^ lioHpftalH and voterinurianh for a HiibNlitule mother. OSBORNS RETURN FROM FINE TRIP MmVANI'S SISTER WEDS AGAIN i Scenic Spots of Co no do and Unilorl Sidles Visilcd Vocation variiMon which took tlm world'M mowt und Mrn. Walter and thrlr HO?I \, Jr., haves turrifd (n thflr hoiri". 232* After n Homo of «pot«, Mr In r« i • -'— •- Hho linn mi Inli-rrHtliiff n.pi»rir»lr« of routlnr* and I'* nvtiilnhli- f»u* cluli mid i Sect Claims Land Is Owned by God Thi-y niutorffj to Mottldw darn, yrr, ran yon, X.lon rnnyon, Grand nmyon and <WI»r MrMihM, jfolntf on to 'IVlun In Wyoming, whor« Ihf-y cni'hnntpfl t>r .fenny Latin. Pliny Ntoppofl for ii Miort Llmo In YHIowHtow, inhlnK '*»*' HG-inllo drive In Ilio purk, MM! mnMmied to Nfittoiutl f'nrU. HI. Mary'n Mm CII.MI cnimnrw proved pfirtlciilnrly <llvi*rilnn. Hir> WatorBon litUi'.H In i.'unnda by high MMJimtuliiH provldnd nnlf KrruuI'Mir und 1 ho I*nrk, owned Jointly by tho I lulled HiaU'N nnd '.'niimlii WIIH atari 4 -—*- FRATERNAL Hnnff and •*> houimttt ClrrJp A r|«. "dedicated to tb*-in "f lh» « 'amp cult, n, MOO will ht- hrld t.iifilKhl at K n'.-lnr|( nt P.u»;hvM hall Mrn. V. M. Mtolu'M will ('. Tyler, owm'r of tio Mr thPlr and Mi H. KN.HIV VArATION und M rn !•:. A Talhot 1 .ln\ d a i itl Mr, in id Mr MOII rr-furii'il t)"lii" frnin n vlwlt to !*nd Tla .luann. Th'-y panlftl honn hv M|HH Anna Mnrlf H{ir|*htcr who MUM IUMMI pr for tlir pant tlirco wrnltn Mr. and Mrn, Kr-niM-tli Ilnhn nf I lolly San rtitnt I'rr** l,ta*ttl \\'irr) t ot£M\ 11,1,1-;, Calif-, Hi'pt. H. - With a rlalm Hint Ihi- properly on whlohjtljft 1ravH«»vH t h*-y rt'Hd" bun ( In/1 Hful f !>' luiH to rTToitln," inomlMnH tin- SnlntM, n Hinall purrd tn .1 hv It propcrt y Hrot It'M JoM-ph. It'll dor of ninip Mm*- lh»» dr.?alh or MroUi'T Inlah. iHHiu'd a letter Hiving Iho n»a- whv *h*» ''iilt rofuwH to rnovo. Idler HJild In pnrt: "Now thin \VMH piilillrly dcdlriitfd < ioil on .laiinnry JM, IWHU. It WIIH put In our poHM'Hfdon hy I IIP Lord nnd u'i- luivf hern givnn onl«'rn him to hold It until < Jod movf'M UN nwiiy, W" ni'f i tu obey lh« InHtriif'ttofiM that have horn given to IIH by* our l,ord and M ± * not fo •, tho iho third for trip In Jlnnfr MPH. MNhorit A Htop u( Npokiuif) und Mount I (off nler preceded n trip down tho Mod wood htffhwn v nnd a Htop In Him Kranrlwo with Mr. and Mrfl. ' Hen Cunnlnwhiiin. Mr«. Cunning- l* |p hiiiii IH the daughter °f ^''"' " n( l MrH, Onhorn. M|HH Prim Ilia OH horn, liar pint at Hi. Calhftlnn'H llnt«l rntMllim, will arrive here noxl week for a vlult; M!HH I'rlHi'lllii IM nnot hnr i.if tin? hoiiHeluild. ^^^^^W"" •••-^^^•••»""^^-"^"WWW^-"^P"W^"^^^"^"^"^^«^^^^"^^"^"-^^»»™^--» 1 ^" I - • • • • ' CITY COUNCIL 10 CONVENE OCI. 6 **^Mt4t*4^^AMB^BMW ; P. T. A. Workers lo Line Up r • Activies; Welfare Duties * i Wimodaiisis i. . L i D Be^ih Seasdn Friday Aftefriooh Are Begun i Like her famnuH marrying brother**, Princess Nina Mdlvani scorns Hln;'le hle8S«dncHH. The divorced wife of Charles II. Huberich, Hhe iffiiH the niarriuKe re^i^tcr at London as the bride of Dennis Conan Doyle (left), HOII of the lute noveliNt and nHycluc inveHtigator. Their wedding attracted a crowd that nearly mobbed them. Work for the year will be lined up, a vice-proslclont elected to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation'of Mrs. Jack Whit<v and plans for membership enrollment will be made whon the first fall meeting of Bak* emfield Council of Parents and Teachers Is held at the Women's Rent Houaa-'on I street. The sesson hoe been sot for October 6 at 2 o'clock and will be presided ovor by Mrs. 8. A. McCormac. liundle Days Boforo cold weather arrives Mrs. Fred Lesser, studont welfare chairman, will arrango ono or more "bundle days" at which clothing will be collected. This will bo placed In a salvage room open to welfare chairmen of fill associations; women of the various units will be Invited to come to the room for sewing and otherwise reconditioning the apparel. For Frontier Days The meeting October 0 will bo for all pxorutlve board members, eleoted officers of the council, appointed chairmen and presidents of the various units. In the meantime a committee headed by Mrs. tvoula J. Blanch! and John Cornpton, president of Williams TjX)tt Ha first meeting of fall Wimodausis Club of Bakersfield Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, will convene Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. D. B. Newell, 1015 I street. f Tn the absence of Mrs. Agnes Montgomery Kaar, who is in Pasadena, Mrs. George E. Ramsey, vice-president, will preside. ,T Waistlines Higher; Hats Are "Going Up"; Full Circular Short Frocks Mode * J ^^^ J TIER SOCIET mand was augmented by heavy foreign buying. Trade houses also continued to make larpe purchases and unHoriatlon and recn-ation chairman. readl , absorbcd actlve hcdffO selUng( rrspectlvoly, will arrange the conn* . , iL Mr. nnd from \ On Honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Ualo Moore aro w \ SIT t \mvrr \ ported hoim* \VodneHdny from Her*/\^i,i .>IU.>M,\ qnolu whoro (hoy Imvo hoen hoiu-y- MI-H, H. A. MororiiuLr. , mooning idneo Hutnrday. Mrn, Moore a von IIP, have roiurnod WIIH MIHH .Marrcarel Mornan hoforo Hiintn Monlrn whom they • her marrlnffo. They will live, at 12JI III*- hnllday week end. 'sixti-i-olh street. .-H n 1 WE nu Maker $ field'$ Favorite Millinery Department •FINK IMPORTKl) FKI/FS •CIKE SATINS IMPOHTKI) ANTKLOI'KS •AUSTRALIAN VKLOUUS FUR TRIMMED HATS •KVERY FALL COLOR Qualily is llu* rule. Tall crowns \ isor IU»rols, Honored ut Shower PartloH of recent dayw Included a layette Hhowcr ooinpUmcntlng 1 Mr«. Jack Kanawyer, at the home of Mrw. Carl llendrleka on Wullaco Htreet given by Mrs. UendrlckH and MTH. T. 10. McndrlckH. Rooms were appointed In a color combination of pink and white. The afternoon panned with opening of Klt'lH, plajlng of games, awarding of a prixo to M rn. U. Mayoa, and of (lelectahlo refreshments. n — Sharing tho afternoon were: McnduinoB— James Dunham \Vawh Young Howard Mobus C. C. Noyer Sam OIUetiplG Kenneth Fenwick U. IMnxon M, 1*. Mayea H. NT ayes 1 Hoy nova Clark Robert l>a«tor \v. n. OUCH od Molivm Murion P. Kanihornon Mayea Lola Dunn Walter Uons MlflHOH Vivian Htrehfleld Ruth MobiiH Pblldron - nnn f'JtlloHpl Hotly Joan Funwlck Donna Marl* OilloHple ThtoHHen Raymonpr Young Bryan Mobus J'lnzon ell's part In Frontier Days celebration October H and 4. Chairmen Busy Strong departments of organization and welfare and home service and education have been appointed by Mrs. McCormac. Tho two departments aro headed by Mrs. T. \V. Vlnnell and Mrs. \V. L. Uradshaw, directors, respectively. Chairmen of tho former department Include: Magazine, Mrs. Price Kdwnrds: milk supervision, Mrs. C. A. Burton; finance and budget, Mrs. A. H. Johnston; health, Mrs. D. C. McCnnn; association standards, j Mrs. William Patrick; emblems, MrH. Plnnell: welfare, Mrs. Prod .Leaner; Founders day, Mrs. H. K. Dloksort and telephone. Mrs. Jack White, Mrs. T. W. Plnnell and Mrs. Bradshaw. Other Workers Chairmen In the department of homo service and education include: Juvenile protection, Claude M. Johnson; citizenship and legislation, Mrs. K TS. Watts; motion pictures, Mrs. T. J. Clanln; recreation, John Compton; school education, TJ. E. Cheno- wcth; character education, Mrs. W. | R. Dletzo; homo reading 1 , Mrs. H. P. Bender; publicity and art. Mrs. K. T*. Galyan; Principals' Club, Mrs. j Carolina Harris; board of education, i Mrs. J. W. Voorhles; mental hy- ffleno, Mrs. I. K, Porter; study group, Mrs. Keith S. McKco; pro- Kram. Mrs. C. A. Henfro and safety, Mrs. Don Sutton. By UOBEKT B. 1IARGROVB Anociated Prtu BUff Writer HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 8,—Maybe It's tho modern day Influence of aviation—but tho fact remains that everything Is "going up" In . trends of feminine fashions for fall and winter, say leading Hollywood designers. Higher Cut Shoes "Skirts will be worn shorter than they have been in years," says Omar Klam, famous designer for film celebrities. "WUh these short skirts, shoes will be of a much higher cut. And hats aro literally reaching for tho skies." Hoyer, another of tho designers for stars and leading women, Is* not ,BO sure about sklrta being shorter, but he is emphatic about higher waistlines. Higher Waistline The waistline will be actually raised In many instances and In orders flowed through Wall street most show height indicated by wide, commission houses as domestic do- i inserted belta, crossed drapery and the like," lie says. "I doubt if skirls for daytime will grow much shorter. I find a length that is around 14 inches more becoming to most women. For evening, most women still prefer skirts that are long, or at least ankle length." . Clot lies this fall, says Kiam, will be more lavish than previous years. "Materials aro gorgeous and fur is being used on everything," he says. "Many things have fur from head to hem." Full Skirts Cotton Prices in Upward Tendency (A**aclatcd rre** Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 8.— Cotton prices soared 75 points or $3.75 a bale today following the government's estimate of a crop yield of 11,121,000 bales, or 1,360,000 _ less than the August forecast. Buying 1 orders poured into the fu- tureH market sending the entire list above the level of 1« cents a pound. The October delivery reached 12.22 cents a pound; December, 12.25; March, 12.31, and May, 12.35. The trade considered the estimate as nothing short of sensational and D. of V. Plans Pothick Dinner Friday Evening: rjAUGHTERS of Union Civil War Veterans will hold a potluck dinner Friday night at 6:30 o'clock at Memorial hall, corner of Nineteenth and F street for members und their families. Mrs. Mary B. Smith is president of the local tent. The organization will provide coffee and rolls and the participants will bring a covered dish each. Entertainment is being planned. Mllo Anderson, who designs costumes for many of the leading figures of films, casts a vote In favor of full gathered skirts. He saya bouffant skirts, enormously full, are always picturesque and particularly flattering In formal styles. Another of the designers, Ban ton, says dresses for daytime will be short with full skirts, fitted waistlines and In many cases sleeves which are wide at the shoulder line and terminate halfway between the elbow and the wrist. ATovinj; to KniiHii.s Mr. und Mrs. Htnnlcy HlnK'loton hud an their KiioatH over tho holiday wowk end MTH. Hex Cunningham and <H lOli'itiuir IluffhoR of Ventura and John Cok-tlM of Oxnard. MrH. Cunningham IM leaving In a few days for Topeka, KIIIIHIIH to join Mr. Cun- nln^hnin who IIUH been tranHferred to that olty an post office Inspec* tor. Mr. i'unnlnKhain is \ve,U known In BakomfUdd hiivliiff visited hero often with hiB HlHtp.r. MrH. Hlngloton und nlHo bocauHo of hl.n activities with Iho 20-30 flub. Ho wan governor of iho Houth coa»t dlHtrlct. a poHi ho roHlKned upon hl« removal from thin nroa. • « * Itctimm From Visit MrH. Orvul Adams. 32B I »troel, returned hint ovonlnK from Richmond where film vlMted with her parontH, Mr. and Mr». W. W. Hoar- let t, MI-H. AdaniH returned fn>m tho north with Mr. and Mr«. O. lu. ller- rlcU of Napa who are (fuoHts at tho A damn homo. Tho UerrlckH aro en route to Moulder Uam and Salt Lako i 'Ity on a vuratlon trip Visit Uonlder Dam A motor parly of lorul rettiilcnlM i who vtftltod !*>»•» Vegas and Uotilder dnrn over Iho holttlay week end were. Mr nnd Mr«. Jerry ThomtiM. Mr, nnd MrH. MoorK" llanmiond. Mr. and Mrn. \Vnldo Hart and MeHnrn. Kenneth HaiuiiKunl und ICddle Klelwurt. • * * HAAT5N8 FOR BIRDS Hphlnxllke K^yptlnn headdressea aro used to cover tho head of Lnn- vln. Indoor.s, the headdress Is Rllppod over tho. hoad like a cape. WHITENS LAUNDRY Ask Your Grocer Tom Sawyer, DlBtrlbutor MODERN WOMEN No*S»fftrmonthlypfcin onddMay due to co till, ncrvouj * train, cxpoiurtt or nimilor c«uaei. Cw-chea-tenDlftmondBrandPiUawrocffeoUv*. rtl»blo knd va Qvlek R*ll«f. Sold by , Atkfor CHICHESTERS PILLS THI PIAMOMO •HAM cheek* COLDS FEVER flrtt day g .i.';. u "'>i MT ."'o?;..H»dich«, 30 minute*. Try "Rvib.Ny.Tlim"—World'i B»it LlnlmiM nnouncing TOMORR BLA BEA STU nislung Street netrcss llontn I'l'inu IhinthiKton KuUe Mi. a ml Mrs. t', Hall Montgomery anil iholr son Curtln havo n»- turnoil from llnnUnffton lako. Tboy had IIH thoir wook ojul gucnta Mr, Mr*. Unwronco 1. AVolll. AND HAIR LOSS CHECKED ITCHING RELIEVED OY — USING SOAP and OINTMENT «ALf A MinUT£ MAKCflALf A GALLOn More ENJOYMENT From Your Snapshots > I • •. The YomiK, Slirk Look is llu* llu-nu a la Paris . . . Prolilt 'iins, Airplane Turbans, l ; am-s . . . air onlv a IV\v of Iho new modes you may look forward seeing in our lovely fall rolledion. It will I. \VKIU;S solccliuns worth your while fur your Vull Huts . . . host values, lu shop at r I 1 f I" 111 lit !1 i !l tint II! ! * 'I \ * ! : I i I tt; j I \ !! t i I i ADE h At /es$ ttan 1/2 tfie cost of ot/ter beverages \ Exporionco has taught us the "Ins and outs" of photo finishing. Snapshots must be carefully developed and printed to look their best. When you leave exposed films here, you can depend_jm ua to get all that your pictures offer In the way of clear, prints. KIMBALL & STONE ^ The Particular Druggitt* Phone 53 Phone 64 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakerefltld, Calif, kc«kk* 1 c«p B«tv<?rf of Imitations! It'i qvick, t»iy M*J cK*«p to K«vt pure, L)m«*Ltfliont<U. Htr«*i kaw you nuke Ht Ml« l-»i, CM M.C.P. Purt Lemon Jvtce, , 2 N«ipoofti M. C. P. Urn t -Lemon "Atd"; rtk w«H la diiielvc iuf*f. TKli tyrup miy be ilwtd In reMftrttor tn c»rtr«d flut Jif M«d im»lt •mount und In « |!MI 9! Ice w*Uf f ei deitred, or wKole tmouM *ddtd to 8 cup* ce44 wrter to m*ke Wt*f*llon pure, i •' *' ife C.P « M \ LEmon j u icc uITIE*Lemon AID at all good aro cert IV -. Ii' ANN ANDERSON Announces the Fall Opening of Her STUDIO OF DANQNG •* on Thursday,.September 10 Registration of all pupils on September 10' 1 through 17 from 9 &, to 6 p. m. ^arly enrollment U adviaed a* claaaea will be scheduled starting September 19, STUDIO i WOMAN'S 1339 II Street L tad D. Phone 2996 i i 9*4-JX r t f . ' - I I V ' 1 H L

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