The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 5
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'• - -. ,1- i '- r. .* ,1 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8,19S8 I F s. •_ , i h . ^ ^ •• i A., '.bl -t I -, ' ARE KINGS OHIO - 1 • -1 J;V,;.- - r ( ... Assist Control of Fire Hazard in Iricts • i *r**« JE/waerf » WASHINOTON, sept, a.—O help In determining the degree of fire hazard, plans for a cumulative humidity record have been adopted at Ordnd Teton National Park, Wyo- thing, the Interior department has announced. Tho Region Four Fire Control Manual of the United States Forest Service will form the basis of tho project. Dally humidity records were started on June 11, using 37 per cent relative humidity as the normal avor- 'age. Readings for an eight-day period thereafter indicated a slight ex. cess of moisture over normal years. Further conclusions will be announced from time to time. Two" CCO camps oro assigned to Grand Teton National Park and aro available, at the first reports of forest fires, to carry out the technique of suppression and fire control which are among the duties In which all enrollees are drilled. / Infra-red panoramic photographs, taken for forestry technicians of the National Park Service, also are help- ftil In early detection of forest fires, says the department. These photographs sharpen all outlines, clearly define the horizon, regardless of any ordinary haze present when the picture is taken, and provide a panoramic picture by use of which, checking with a map, the fire lookout man may quickly determine the location of suspicious smoke. Campaign Launched NEW HOMES FLORIDA KEY DEFY HURRICANE TtTRL-OCK. Sept. 8,—The body of an unidentified youth, about 16 years old, was fouhd decapitated on the Santa Fe tracks flvo miles eaat of here today. The youth apparently fell from the rods of a northbound freight and the heavy wheels severed his body In several sections. Coroner George Sovern ordered the body taken to the morgue here for fingerprinting in an effort to Identify the youth. — ..--. . . _ -^—^ •h«M«*M*Hii^p^ HOUSTON LEADS GAtAT38TON, Texas, Sept, 8. (IT, P.)—Houston regained Its position as the leading Texas port in the exporting of general cargo during the fiscal year ended July 31, according to a report Issued by II, S. Sfilegler, Incorporated. Gal vest on freight brokers. _ i 3 fRY£v'^-&SS»S Jfeitll : Itl lesw than a year after ft fierce, tropical storm ripped through the area, bringing death to nearly 700 and destroying many homes, inhabitants of Florida's Matecumbe Keys already are moving into hurricane-proof, five-room houses, as shown above, leaving behind their dread of the destructive seasonal gale.«< Pending construction of qtherH, 29 houses already completed will nerve as storm havens for the 90 families on the Keys. Hyilt 6y the Red Cross and \Vi'A to withstand the stoutest storm, the homes have 12-inch wails WEST ^ 8.—Aa long aa the Bailey Hneafre Ia*t« ( therell fe% trouble finding & postmaster 1 '- \ !• •'-.**' small town. s r;^: For* thp pant century, it's bexflB either & Cooney or a Bailey who htt£ held the position—% Cboney;during the ttomocratic admlnlBtraUon a Bailey during the Republican ' .7 . v h - .r. of concrete and atcel* anchored into coral. The first five feet above for both water supply and resistance to wind and wave pressure. encloses rain-water cisterns, This year 5flss Mary Cboney sue* ccedod Henry D. Bailey, who retired afler holding the office through Hardinff Coolldge and Hoover ministrations. Before Bailey's appointment office was held by Miss Cooney 1 * father, who at the time of his appointment supplanted Bailey's hxthen .{ i * An unusual scene, in a year of catastrophic drouth, is this, of two exultant farmers in lush cabbage fields. But, still more odd, the drouth itself is responsible for their glee. During one afternoon, Harold Davis, left, and William Smith, of West Liberty, Ohio, picked a wagonload of cabbages that brought them $300 cash at the farm gate. Other northwestern Ohio farmers, amazed at their luck, are getting as high as $600 an acre for cabbages, at prices forced up by the dry spell. Last year thev averaged $20 an acre. Latest Styles in Airplane Designs Shown at Air Race By LOTD II. DILBKCK I'rosi Btaff Correapondeiit DOfif Protection T OS ANGELES, Sept. 8.—The Na- a BO-passengrer plane with a cruising ^^^ ll. _ ^ • • b 4^^ r+ ft t h* *% -^f «m f*. ^^ ^ t& t\ P n ^._._ t\^.-* *^ _^ %._ ._ » » _* * (Astoofatcd Press Lcatcd Wire) •VJASHIXOTON, Sept. 8.—The of fice of education today launched a -^tional Air Kaccs hero afforded a "stylo parade" that gave a composite picture of tho 1936 sky char- campaign to protect the nation's lot. Outwardly, It is simply a tubu- 18,000,000 pet dogs against reckless lar body crossed near one end with motorists. Sponsored by tho Noble Dog Foundation, the drive Is dedicated to ob» talntng countrywide legislation mak- it a criminal offense for a driver a wing. It had "cleaned." aro gone, in flight. been streamlined Wire bracing and struts So is tho landing gear Things that used to to leave the scene of an accident! "drag" In the wind have been ellm- without giving aid to an injured dog ] inated. Planes used to wUhs and and reporting to police, The-idea began a year ago with | slice. Engineers say practically the the death of Bamby, a five-year-old cocker spanle» owned by Morris D. Solow, of New York. Bamby was minimum in wind reached. drag has been Tho races also brought a renewed the constant companion of eolow's prediction that giant, BO-possenger two sons—Stuart and Herbert. Last planes in a few years will be flying September the spaniel ran across a street In Harrison, N. Y., and was struck by an automobile. across the continent through the sub-stratosphere, "above tho weather," In 0 hours. Jack Frye, president of Transcontinental Western Air, made the prediction. He said the Douglas Air- PROFIT IN BEES rsEAV LONDON, Conn., Sept. 8. (U. K)—House wreckers never know i craft Company of Santa Monica is from what source their profits on a ] working to develop such a ship. Job will come. Recently the F. * J. Wrecking Company, while tearing "It will fly at altitudes up to 30.000 feet," he said, "above all weather down a mansion in the Pequot sec- I conditions except a few scattered tlon, found six swarms of bees with storms. hives inside the veranda supporting columns. "As a result of the Douglas tests we expect to have within five years speed in excess of 250 miles an hour flying nonstop above 20.000 feet altitude, making the trip from Los Angeles to New York in nine hours under tho most comfortable transportation conditions ever developed. "Air conditions at thoso altitudes are perfectly smooth. Cabins are being designed to provide sea level conditions of comfort with oxygon. "The cruising range of this new piano will bo 6000 mUos, making] possible fast comfortable service from Loa Angeles to Alaska. Mexico, Central America and Hawaii, aa well as across the country." Within the next six months or so, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation will bring out a now H-passenger plane with a moro rounded fuselage, giving moro "head room" for passengers, but without sacrificing any flying efficiency, Hall I-.. JTibbard, vice-president and chief engineer, said. It will have drooping ailerons also, Bald Hibbard, * "Airplane developments now are mostly In the naturo of minute refinements," Hibbard said. "The bodies are about as near dynamically perfect as they can bo, it scorns. Power and technical refinements are about all there are left to develop." NN HOMESPUN 'Packed full of style . .-. full of wear! Hardy fabrics ... in beautiful plaids, Fall's favored mpdfcls checks, solids. Smart ,-».. sports and conservatives. shades and color combinations! Matching: Extra Trousers, If Desired . ' -i,,^v ,•-',_/vuk ffitiAXfcA^i* ii w *-;>-, )'* liirt^;-;^» mm-&;-^m \-.-' --*. * hL ^ i , r '- - I .' .* •v . -I , .' • ,f ' • - ''-' r ' r IT'S HERE... IT'S READY,., your ing without motor knocks. It produces independent dealer invites you to try California's FIRST super gasoline. W super mileage because a natural high octane delivers more ant i-knock miles to the gallon. Its super power will bring a new motoring thrill. And finally, the exclusive Stratford Cold-Treat method removes those acids and sticky gums that are so common among cracked motor fuels* ™ * * Process Cracking Refinery is responsible for this new standard in gasoline quality. This plant is acknowledged to be the largest; and most modern of its kind in the world. It is years ahead of other re- Try ECONOMY SUPER-OCTANE fineries and, therefore, the only one capable of producing ECONOMY SUPER. OCTANE quality. NEW WILSHIRE SUPER-OCTANE 6ASOLINE An outstanding anti-knock gasoline thai burs new life in your motor. Irs a premium gas- olin t such as ONL Y the n ECONOMY SU I VER W CT LS iY. It's tops in octane r^tiog for brilliant speed and hill climb* your car. The higher its compression ratio, the more you will be amazed at the smooth, flashing performance. You will feel and hear the difference. ECONOMY SUPER-OCTANE is sold exclusively by California independent dealers. Cracking Prwrw can product. ... For motorists who want thrifty but quality motor fuel ECONOMY QOARANTEEI FUST AIAIE is now better than ever. _^^_^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^ M _^^^ fc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^«^^^^_^_«« ^P^BIM^^^PWJIP^^^^^^^P^^B^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^"^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^™^™ WILSHIRE OIL CO., Inc. H55 EAST 27th STREET • JEffcnoo U81 "a- .VI J 1tew3)uJl& fiwceu Ciac/ied

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