The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 3, 2001 · Page 4
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 4

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 2001
Page 4
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M THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2001 NEWS Wheat / Gluten price falling THE SALINA JOURNAli FROM PAGE A1 But the Russell plant manager said the move was unsuccessful, and the gluten price continued to drop. The European Union found ways around it, he said, by shipping gluten out of the region to Poland and then to the U.S., or going through Canada. He said the EU "wasn't totally cricket" with the rule. "There was always more gluten coming into the U.S. than the market could bear." The price for gluten was 70 cents a pound when Willits joined Heartland Wheat Growers three years ago. Farmland Industries owns 78 percent of the gluten plant in Russell. The rest is owned by Agco of Russell; Midland Marketing, Hays; Ellsworth Co-op, Ellsworth; Wallace County Coop, Sharon Springs; and Minneola Co-op, Minneola. The plant closing will have no immediate financial impact on Agco, said Bill Burton, general manager, but he admitted Wednesday was a depressing day "For the community, we hate to see a loss of jobs and a loss of another market for wheat," Burton said. "That will be our biggest impact." Willits said the owners are unsure about the plant's future. It processed about 4 million bushels of wheat a year, raised within 100 miles of Russell, and sold between 20 million and 23 million pounds of gluten a year. Ken Thomas, president of Heartland Wheat Growers, said in a press release Wendesday that options may include selling the plant, finding a partner or permanent closure. "The plant will continue to take in wheat until the end of the week, but it's not buying any new contracts, Willits said. Production will completely shut down over the next 60 days. T MURRAY STATE Threat closes campus By The Associated Press MURRAY, Ky — Murray State University, acting on anonymous threats Wednesday that a bomb had been planted in every building on cam- pvis, suspended classes and closed buildings until next week. Finals scheduled to begin Saturday were postponed. Classes were to resume Monday at the university of 9,000 students. The university said in a statement that "suspects have been detained and are being questioned. ... The release of further information at this time could jeopardize the investigation." The university appealed to fraternities and sororities as well as churches to help house students who were forced to leave their dormitories and could not go home. Church / Funds, volunteers needed FROM PAGE A1 That amount doesn't include any restoration expenses. Until .more money comes in, the church will sit on blocks behind the museum. Bob Smith Salvage, New Cambria, has donated some of its services in getting the church moved to Salina. "I think this thing is worth it," Smith said. Jack O'Neal said the church could be complete in three to five years if the work is done by volunteers. "If we are lucky enough to raise the funds ... then we are talking about only one year," he said. The church will sit next to a one-room school house that wa& opened to the public this past weekend. It took six years to get the Cox School District building onto a foundation after it was moved to the museum. Branches battered the top of the church a bit as it was escorted down the final stretch to the museum's back yard. As the truck pulled the church next to the spot that would be its final destination and before being swept off for a memorable photo in the cab of the truck that carried the church home, Jack O'Neal was asked how it feels to have the church at the museum. After a moment, he could only shake his head, smile and say, "Great. Great." FfopfoPri iiiiiiiiFiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTiii^^ m iiiniiTiir •— Sai • (785) 823-2285 •627 E. Crawford^ Located across from Central High School Consistent print advertising helps guarantee Pronto Print maintains their position as Sauna's leading quick/ commercial printer. PATIO Furniture MADE IN USA One-shot advertising does not workfor a business like Pronto Print. Over the last 26 years we have tested all the'jaltematives. The Salina Journal's TOMA program helped Pronto Print maintain its lead position as a quick/commercial printer, despite stiff competition. Advertising in the Salina lotirnal gets the customer in the door; product knowledge, service, quality and value keep oui customers satisfied. It's a one-f 1VO punch that's a knockout! '^"^ Salina Journal Connecting communities with injomaiion For more information contact a marketing representative at 785-823-6363. 1 Q&A everyday, in the Salina Journal. A NBiKB »er In Edncaiioi mm Page for Vbum Paapie e 2000 by VickiWhiling, Editor JeH Schinkel, Designor/lllustralor Vol.16 No. 23 This summer, everyone can come to Camp Kid Scoop. All you have to do is read! For the next 12 weeks, the Kid Scoop page will become your place for smart summer fun. Keep this page in your room, and fill it in as you read over the summer. Be sure to give yourself a big reward when you complete the page! 0 Archery - Hit a Bulls-Eye! Each time you read 10 column inches in the newspaper, color a ring on the target, .Stan with the outer ring. Read 100 column inches and you have a bull's eye! standards Link: Math: Counting by 10's. Language Arts; ReaHing Irom journals & periodicals to i Can You Canoe? Find 10 or more differences between the canoe and its reflection. StsndardB Link: Visual Disolmmation: Finding similarities and diflerences in common objocts a] m D I) ' Each time you complete a Kid Scoop page this summer, color in one letter! Who's at the Campfire? Chris, Lynn, Sam, Sean and Terry fire at the campllrc. Draw ^ . a line from each nameiag to \ «->"" its owner ' Terry is not wearing a hat, but is wearing shorts. Sam is hungry, but doesn't like roasting marshmallows. Chris does not have a hat and is next to an uninvited guest. Lynn bought batteries this morning, but not for a cassette player. Sean is not sitting down. standards Link: Math Problem solving, use ot logical reasoning CAMPFIRE Look through the newspaper for a picture of a person, a place and a thing. Cut them out and paste them on a piece of paper. Make up a story about the three pictures. Create a title for your story and then tell it to a friend. SUndinfaiUnk: Writing: WMte a brial narrative describing a (Iclional event. €MPr COTl'/tGE i MPERBAfi nm Kids at Camp Kid Scoop made some crafts. Look at all of their projects for one minute. Then cover the (able with your hand. Can you name all of tlie projects without peeking? standards Link: Oral Language: Use descriptive words, momoiy recall. ."""""nnunie Wonl Search CANOE REWARD TARGET Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. SUMMERTIME C w A T s H 0 R T S CAMP F A T N A M E H 0 A CRAFTS S U M M E R T I M E ROASTING R M C P T 0 0 K T I LINE K H A N D A S E N G BOOK HIKE L 1 N E C R A F T S NAME S B 0 0 K E N J 0 Y DRAW H R E W A R D RAW SHORTS 0 J R 0 A S T I N G HAND HAND ENJOY standards Unk; Utter sequencing. Rcc agmang ItJeniicnl woids Skim and scan r jadiE^. Mecall sp* ailing pattems. B E Y 0 N DV;\<ASCCO, Shop for a Character Think of a character from a book you have read. Look through the ads hi today's newspaper and find three things your character would like to buy. Tell why. Suindarda Unk; Beading Analysis. Critical Thinking: Delermine what characters a like by whal they say and do. From the Desk of Tom Bell. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? Salina Journal Connecting classrooms with a world of information WBekiyWming Comer Hey Kids! Would you like for your name and letter to be published in the Salina Journal! Every week Tom Bell, our Publisher will ask you a question or ask for your opinion in our Camp Kid Scoop section. Any kid from 5 -18 years or age is welcome to express their ideas. We will choose 4 or 5 of the letters we receive and will print them in Camp Kid Scoop. Tell your mom and dad, grandparents & friends to be watching for your letter to be printed in the Salina Journal! Please mail your letter to: The Salina Journal PO Box 740 Salina KS 67401 ATTN:SheUa Please include your age, your school name and what grade you will be in next fall. 'Salina Journal Newspaper In Education

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