The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 8
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g Tuesday, September 26, 1944 Safetrrfttlb Califttllfam THIS CLRIOL'S WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON M /I KMMV *i;(Hi to fi::<0 P. m. Kf'HN — >c\vf«, (5 .]."., t ; imcfl by Payne. KKI— M>*triy Th«» ( 'rr. Kr.Mt'— O»hnc;.HraU.-i . f 15 ^ icon Trst. «:HO lo 7:no p. m. KKtt.V — ^T'"!lipSr. IU nri*-; i;.;,.". Cor^nrt Story T-Mlci KKI — \Yr-Miy at \\'»r. !»• rioi.-ra! K- CVmnmioe. 7:00 I u 7:;ui p. KKN -r.-OMmm' Cram Swing; 7.15, <.iro: en H M-I, s Hr porting;. KV'I Unh UnjH- KJ'Mi "• — (.!> - ;i t Mr inriif M in SPOT t «• : 7.07, '1 itil.i v's Wa r '"nrnr.i' 'HI at J . 7 .] ;,. i.o\\ "II T 7:S« to «:()() p. KKIIX — TV' Yitij)>i»u t ;.> KKI — U;i ;r «h Ilncn- \\ jt KS'MO -,1V' Ki).6. 7:-T., H li-loi.-;) rde. z Time. 8;15. toH;:tO p. in. IK.V-- \v •.(, i, it,,. \v,,iid GO By; .urn mi<1 AUii^'i KM — T/M' Afu.iii' Shi'i,; Hny Mn > pi'ir Count of Mr m If t"r iMn. 8:XO tn !»:(»« p. in. \-r \\ ; I',,HM i .-*MN ( ; i n?i>' > i ^,^ ( KT:I:.\ KJ — Kl'M' - K KKN Kl-'I — KTMC !»:«() to !l:3« Cluli r;r.,,r| I i . in. H<> K I 'I KIT- lo 1(1:00 p. rn. -- -]I. ui v J T;ivl»u-: ^ n.-inV i »rr licMUi , 0 il j, J »"u UNI iipr ( 'i-ntcr. — J-'iiltnn J,rwlH, Jr.. fM.1. NCWF. 10:00 In 10::tO p. m. — R'il Tatinrin On:noniiR. The Kcpurtcr. CJic.juc Ynur Kt'MC- -Rill 'H On-hciilrii; 10:15. 10::iO In 11:00 p. m. I'.UN- ~ 1 In i ry C^-.s t'ns' * >r' li'-M rn K !•'!— - liiMilc (In/ New*, jn 'M*:— Ji-n Mitrnala'a OrthrMrn. A;r Lvuif Trio 11:00 to 1I-.UO p. m. KKttN --(.'niitcrniirii-Hiy Ccmimstrs; 11.2,1. ''];i rrmor.t 1 Uilt'l. KKI — l-;i*vf>iuh Hi-Mr News; 11:15. NBC f'/jj'uk 1 ftf tin- .sf/tif-. Kl'MC— NI-WP; 11:0;,. Solid S.-Mdin'. 11: 4 30 in 12:00 Midnight K]-:ii\"--l'ltil-"ntntil Hnlrl- 11 .|,">, T(.i] Wr-riMN 1 Id ch'^irii ; 1 ! .'. 0 KKI- :,m: i-; (1 ;id<- <>r HIP si; Tod Weems: 1 j •:..".. .1 Kl'MC— Silvri ; Starts Next Monday! i Fifteen minutes of Melody and rhyme Spelling laugMer and t In Three Quarter Time! OCTOBER 2 10:15 A. A BWt N£7WORK PROGRAM White Collar Workers... Civil Service Employees! A direct message to YOU from Washington, D. C. Dean of Washington Civil Service Writers RILEY ^^ onight 6:30-6:45 P. Petrol Pete You take a guy who works for himself, whether he is running a shine stand or a string of shipyards and you have a man vvho is personally interested in doing a pood job The PDQ DEALER works for . r himself. He's not a gay, gas-happy super-salesman ; out to "become manager of a bigger station over in : ^b^rfv *^^f ' the next county. Maybe that's why PDQ gas and PDQ service are such great favorites whenever they're available. Those two to six extra miles a gallon in PDQ PETROL may have a lot to do with it, too. Your cousins- in LA know. PETE «:«0 to n. m. KI:K.V -M;iili and MfldnrnH; fii;., .National i-'srni Riirt Home Hour. fi;:iO to 7:(M> a. m. KKfiX — \:iihMKil t-'it i tn and Home Hour; »• *.">, MUSH H 1 HIM oilN 1 . KKI Chuck \V;.«on Jamhorco: 6:<"i, \'r\' H. KJ'.MC- -MiiMK-ul Clmk. 6:,".,"), On the l-'m rn. 7:00 t« 7:30 n. m. KKKN" -N"i u«; T'.Ki, VHrlin ARntrv KI-'I — Rnveille Itoiindup; 7:45, Warn HHVOS. KI'.MC— Tup TUIIPS; 7;40. 7 .- 8:00 to 8:»0 H. m. KKIIN — KJiM-iwoo*! I-HWton; 8:15. Vic- tmy Ma 1 1 lu'H KKI— .liOiuny Murrny; 8:15, T. V. Hlaki.^ton. Kl'.MC- --Shmly -\-filIoy >'o|kM. H:;{() fn r>:00 n. m. KKRN— m-fiikfa»«t rinb, KI'.Mr— HRPPV Jo*> ;md Ralph, *• 1.",. K>'I— NPWM i'Tlort; S-4;-,, Duvirj Hnium. In Ynur In »:;i(l n. in. KM.V — N-WH <,f the World; fi:lil'Hl NVw>; 0 l.'i, TJi'/ \Vi.nn II'H Kl'I- Xru-s I'.-ruM; 1»;0r.. KMw.'ifd .I'lrK'-nHnn : f j ;),'., I,Hrrv Srniili K'I'MC- ••Hfiakf ('jii tcr: ;i ] ;,, in the \c\v^. <i J0:00 n. in. K RUN -— TtrfjikfaHl ;i ( SnnliV KKI— MJI.UT H. S. TIIMIIM ; !MO, -iy.j.'ic J'.-ijft 1 ; .*>:Ju, KI'.M' 1 M'dhind. V. S. A ; '.».<;,. Am-ri'/inK .h.'nniffj- Istu.i n. 10:00 lo 10:;iO n. ni. KKKN Tony .Morse; ]i) : ir,, Chimornun V'-f"i-d.iys in OM Ciilifoi ma; l «.':(>. M'l^ir. Kl-'l — Voirr- <»f a Niition; 10. IS. Peter de fh KI'.MC — NOWH; 10.1R. JtirU 10:30 Co 11:00 H. m. My Tnii. Hlnry: lU:;, A lllll ,lt •Ilillllil J^'llMW. Kl-'l Aiini M;u>: I'M.",, Ait — Tip* K...I,, Tihhrus; A M1L-I H ;ili \\'(ini;in'»-' .III! . J n KKICN- - -H;tukli;i»:c' Tu n. in. ; Jl:ir. KM — fJ hi ; 1 I .I.",. Today's K I'.MC- -i ni. is ; t nd KnrlH Krnrn 1 1 : :m in r^MMi >nnn K Kli\--t llaiunrjr M;ilinr. KKI--V\ 1 i.iri'-n in While; | ] ) r, llyntii.H. K I'.Mf 1 — .\nr <'lnt hii'l ; M .-(.">. !ii" Sr » to 12:30 p. m . KIi.V-Ncws of tho World; 1" Hi New*; K'rKi. liullywnt.d . KKI — Nnnii Knrni Hrporlcr; 12:15, .Ma. 1'rihniy. I'MfO (n 1:00 p. tn, KKKN — TM\vi- M ilu> Linen. i:.|;,. K If'i Dau'f t'ni nrr. Kl'M — I'I-PJKT Ynuiis'M FHniily; 13.45. IliKhl tn J l;L|i[)iiii>SH. K/', Me*— rou niry ' 'ommrntm ni ; JIM".. T" hr aMiHiiinrcil. 1:0(1 to 1:30 n. tn. Kr.IlN— Sarn Jljiycs; l;jr,, ({oh XL hula KK!- -llaukMLufeju Wife; i:10, Sttll.i ; 1:1.'.. ru Ji I War. KKRX— Tnni' John p. Dili NCVVH; T.r.O, KKI — LOITIUO Jones; JMTi, Young Wnldi-T llrown. Kl'MC — To l\o anmmnicil; 1:U*. Handy JMun. ^':00 (o 2:30 p. m. KHUN — When n (Jirl MUITU-H; ":J. r i, \Ve J,ovc and Lt.'ani. KV.MP — KJUT« niid I'hn-Of* MI MIP KCWB; ^:lf.. Mutiny on Ihn Hi K li Sraa. 2:»0 to 5:00 p. m. KKMtN— Wlmt'H Doln. Ladl Kl'MC— Kiitw Colo Trio; :'; Itliylhin. 3:00 to S:30 p. m. ; 3:10. Kl'MC.— Ccifflu Kinplrv. 3:3(1 to 4:00 p. m. KHUN— Kthol and Albert; 3:45. Slintl TrouluiUoiir. 'Mf,'— ThniK« M'orth While; 3'45, Jolinvuii I'mnlly. 4:00 to 4-.:i« p. in. K I IHN — To ho • annnnn'Til, KI-MC—l'-nllun l,rwlH. Jr.; 4:15. HI ni Liin SU)itu!.T, 4:30 (u A:00 p. ni. KKIIN— Andy and Virtrinia; 44," \r-u-M of Ihn -World: 41:55. L,nra| New*. «g«; 4:45. Ti:00 to A:30 pj. KUflX— Terry find the Plraten; B:Ui, 3>ick Trnry. MC— Chit-k Crirter; fi:iri, Bupcrmnn. lews Static at 9:00 RN lunc to the Blue Network for your favorite half hour of comedy, music, song?, and thrilling stories. IILIIN WILSON "Sweetest voice in radio** Of II CATIS his clarinet, and orchestra TOU HIED and his amazing true stories RAINIIR CHORUS with sopgb all America loves by Brewing Company San Franciico • Los CLUB GOOD CHEER ^ — .i- /^ -T^-r"J IT5 IMAAAE BY A OQU8i€ MISTAKE ON THE WHITE MAN'S PART/ THE INDI4W WAME TA-KO-BED DID NOT REFER SPECIFICALLY TO MOUNT RAINIER, AS WAS THOUGHT, BUT TO ANY SNOWY AAOUNTAl N IN SI6HT AND THE WHITES / •»» €CAA6R COPfi. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE. INC, ARE FROM ONE TO FOURTEEN PERCENT * BEO - SIDK (il.AMKS By (iALDUAITII COPR.1M4BVNFA SERVICE. (NC. T M. «EG. U. 9. PAT OFF. "The funniopii thinj; uliniil IhnKn r inn ten IK lln- little Kill rcndh ilu-m!" with \\hirli THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSlO "llt'H-'s u it ho to of Hunter going 20 tulle* an hour In our Model T. It (I ot'MI't He tin NO funny un.v more!" Ft'NXY BUSINESS \ By HERSCHBERGER "The mirror'* to keci* an r>e on the drummer b«hlml hlm—tho've luttl A NEW HANDY DICTIONARY .(UNI nff (he this new dictionary Is a^x'i'j hu-lica In si/.o. contain* more than 21,000 d«fin!t1onn, ntul la illunirmod. Jn ntldition thoi-e - — - -%^ ------rf-» ^ ~ 1 * • * *^r«1A* «« ^ for liunif, Bfhool or olTlce, Any student or Htennuruphcr should ha to have u copy. Ordr-r now. The nupply in lUnll.M, Only 25 cents, postpaid. rn his Coupon The BakeiHficld Californian Information liureau, 316 Kyc Wtitc-t, N. i;. ( \VuahinKton (11). D. (.'. 1 enclone herowith Ii5 cent* in coin (ciiivfuUv \vrapped In paper) fur ropy of the Dictionary. Name •••»•»*«••••****• Kireet or Jtyral '»»••*••*•»#» i lo 1>, OUT OLR WAX .^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^^•^•a^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ \MHV TH 1 HECK DO VOU CAfcCY THAT OLD EMPTY SPECTACLE CASE V01TH VOU WHEW 2 TO GET A PAPER^ By J. R. WILLIAMS , . , ALU TH' uTTLE KIDS OM T H' WAV EC ^E ^O *Kj CEADTM \CS ^O EM X Jl£» EM I'VE MV * !?S> F «H»- dea; " ^[' -^ T -*> 'v; € 3 ¥3&£l 7SJ3k«\j£* J S. ^JUK. "*. \ V v* en »l' '-*• ^ >;-i :.I •nugniil? ?/\ ;''4^^"^ ,v •»*•-' 1 :>«-'•' • ''"•+*•' •1;i* L ^ ^^%^ •<- X M N ii- iOPP 1U* •• *EA Sl»ViCl. THE SMART * M *IC v * *>*T ;,ft .***$ J"t?AfiLL' *7-^^ r«- OLR BOARDING HOUSE PLEASE ACCEPT *IOO 6»LL. DEVOTED TO US AS MOTHER TO HER BROOD OF AROU5 riOT SECLUDE With MAJOR HOOPLtt OOGSOI4E? AM6TAU 606RSH EF TO PAT. T ^^^— • » - •— ^^ -^-- ewe CNTCH so rtu J4AB THE BUSTED OE/XU *EA\TO UERI SMALL SOOTH;] IMG DOSES/ ? l\\ A v & 7-26 .-NO , 1L A 8DCK FOR VOURSELF, —._ .^^B ^b. A * 1*M IV HI GL'MPS Hack Home and Broke By GUS EDSON T^fc BACK HCMEr/VUD PLEASURES ANP PALACES, THERE'S HO y VT dliSTMEANS PLACE LIKE HCWE M «^ *, ./SWAPPING ONE * ^ KfTCHEN FOR ANOTHER - WHCW.' LOOK AT TH»S PILE OP M AIL- ALL BILLS. TH6 POST/AAN AAUST HAVE TOSSEP THESE HOT ONES INOHAFnCV SOONER OR LATER, WUR CREDITORS ARE <SOIN6- TO FtNP VOUOUT- rr WORRIES ME ONLY WHEN THEY FWPME IN.' OOPS! THAT REWNPS ME* 1 WAS PUE AT UNCLE SIM'S LAWVBR'3 OFFICE HALF AN HOUR • i 'I it m\ GASOLINE ALLEY \Velcome "On the Mat B KING SWELL! VOU THING IP LIKE 7 WOULP VOU WICE WITH SOME MOKE. DON'T CE£, VVS MAKtPLV SPOKED TO A t Ct\KL IW WO V£AS5. >W9 A00UT FOf?COTTHM HOW PANC& MAVBE ITS THESE SHOES. j VOU VOU t?ON'T KNOW HOW MUCM GOOP THIS HAS ME.' *• I WAS LONESOME. I (76ALLV FEEU AS IP I'D KNOWN vou A LONG TIME. 0£T UJMES0ME. NOTMING ii<e V piece OF CA<£ AMD SOM£ MUSIC ,TO »CNOC< IT OUT. «E1 f,\, ^^^ /' *.. '^.1 •.•-•. •:*:,-/ >- 'i *,^ L , . • '\ \v BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Who? By EDGAR MARTIN COM. 1*44 BV Mr* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Sounds Like Fun By MERRILL BLOSSER DECIDED ATMLETICS / DIGNIFIED TO AKJ OFFICE / OF BUfWMAT IF we DRAFT YOU? .*.' ... MAYBE BUT WHAT APe TME DUTIES OF HAS COMMISSIONER J TO OF ATHLETICS ? / SUPERVISE ALL SCHOOL ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES a V < I ^' ;i i SUPPOS OO WASH TUBBS Going Down By LESLIE TURNER iVEN HflLJRS LATER, OVER PIVILACAN BAY: LUZON COMIW<3 UP, CAPTAIWi WE'LL CLIMB FAST WOW TO CLEAR THE MAPRE — ' ^— ^^^ ^^-^ ^^^ • ^B^ • » ^^ P • THREE MIVtUTES MORE, DEAD AHEAD, IS THE SPOT YOU WANTED OFF. UK* ( PAL! THANKS FOR THE RIDE. 1 HERE V .-V 'A. " ' RKP RYDER ME MORE &EITE.R LIKE CATCH- UN FiSH TKArt IMDIAf^ LOAD SEE RED ATTRACT H ER£. SHERiF OKS RTY CAME VE5TERPAT No Use Guessing By FRED HARMAN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THERE. e NOW VJONOER WHAT SHE'S ' V)I1H A LOADED PACK TO FI66ER IF RED OUT V)OMErO.O> KOT TOO. r / I ALLEY OOP An Ancient Sherlock By V. T. HAMLIN BUT WAS UNUSUAL THEV 5TDN WHE SOR JUMPED AXES? :ONOITICIM BOTHER ME A PATROL MENTAL TBA EWT PATI WHV SUCH ARM WITH PEO OUT INiG AXES MAV HAVE KARIM6 IP9MT PERHAPS SLAVE THE MAN GIRL STORY WASN FAR WRONG AFTER ALL L*. SI • *

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